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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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fremont park. tonight a witness tells us she looked in the live, from. >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> police shoot and kill a man at a fremont park and tonight, a witness tells us she looked in the suspect's eyes and saw something very scary. >> the shooting happened at 2:00 this afternoon near harvey park. betty yu has new information tonight. betty? >> reporter: liz, police say there was a confrontation between two people and the suspect. they don't know how it started. but it happened right here on this street and the suspect eventually ended up in that car behind me. this investigation closed down this part of the neighborhood for seven hours today. moments before this man died at harvey park, witnesses told police he was threatening two people in the neighborhood.
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>> they saw a male walking on the street, he had a large knife in his hand and he was pointing it at some younger kids. >> reporter: tonight, police said the kids may have been young adults. joanne allison lives across the street. she says she saw the suspect approach two young contractors working on the house. >> so one of the workers was backing away from the man supposedly brandishing the weapon. i, myself, didn't see the weapon, but i heard him say, call the police. he's got a knife. >> reporter: by the time police showed up, the man with the knife was on the edge of the park. >> during that encounter, one officer used a tazer. one officer used a duty weapon and shot the suspect at the scene. >> reporter: police say the suspect was in his mid 40s . joanne got a glimpse of him. >> i looked at his face and he looked angry and his eyes were
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like glassy like he wanted to do something. >> this kind of stuff doesn't happen around here. the majority of it is just parties, kids playing around in the park. nothing like this. >> reporter: and tonight, police are talking to those two people who were reportedly harassed by the suspect trying to get some answers. no officers or residents were injured in the shooting and police have not yet released the name of the suspect. liz? >> betty, do police think the suspect actually knew the two contractors he went after? >> reporter: well, at this time, police say they have no reason to believe that they knew each other. the woman you heard from, she said she heard one of the contractors repeatedly say i'm not david, i'm not david, suggesting that the suspect has the wrong guy. he eventually did back off before he ended up confronting police in the park behind me. liz? >> thank you betty. well this is the second police shooting in the bay area in as many days.
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yesterday, an officer critically wounded a 20-year- old man who pulled a gun on him in richmond. tonight, san jose police are looking for this person. surveillance video from holy trinity school shows a man walking into a classroom. he wanders around a bit before grabbing a bag from behind the teacher's desk and running out. this is the suspect's get away car. it looks like a white or silver coupe. people out for a nice dinner in the mission district heard more than just the nightly specials tonight. protesters barged into several restaurants holding signs that said racist police enforce gentryification. this is in farina. the protesters shouted at customers as well and asked them if they thought black lives matter. earlier today, san francisco police hauled this protester up
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an escalator after he banged on a bart train with a metal spoon and disrupted service. christin ayers says the bart protests are far from over. >> reporter: protesters promised 96 hours of action over this weekend from friday to morning. they started with disrupting the trains as you saw in the video this morning. and they will take their next action tomorrow morning right here at fruitvale station. this was the sound of civil disobedience. protesters kicked off the first of four solid days of protests against police brutality at san francisco bart station clanging metal spoons on pillars an train cars during the morning commute. the disturbance caused delays and closures of bart stations. >> certainly, it means lost revenue for us because fewer people were riding and paying for tickets. >> reporter: and left some commuters in the lurch. >> they are forced to consider the comparison of a two-hour
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delay to the murder of black and brown people. >> reporter: in downtown oakland, chopper 5 captured these images of another group of demonstrators who chained themselves to the federal building downtown. this was just the beginning. in celebration of the dr. martin luther king jr. holiday, several more protests are planned over the weekend. mayor libby schaaf asked as a community we honor the memory of martin luther king jr. but demonstrating peacefully like he did. but just in case they aren't, there will be extra police on control this weekend and no oakland officers will be allowed to take time off. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. tonight, we are getting a rare look of what happens after a pretty typical car chase. we were able to see it because the chase ended right next to a tv station. >> put your hands up in the air. stop right there. stop right there. get down on the ground. we don't want you hurt.
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just get down on the ground. get down on the ground. >> there he goes. tackled by a police dog. the chp in sacramento says it happened after the man refused to pull over for a traffic stop. he sat in his car for an hour holding a gun to his head. his family says he has mental issues and he was treated for dog bites. tonight, cases of the flu are spikes. four people in the bay area have died from the flu. two in san mateo county, one in san francisco county, one in sonoma county. the mild flu season we have seen so far is going to get worse. though this year's vaccine does not protect against the dominant virus, you should still get yourself a flu shot to protect you against the other dangerous strains. >> we like to get it because my son has a heart condition and we want to protect him from getting the flu. >> now the vaccine is recommended for anyone over the age of six months.
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tonight, the supreme court has agreed to decide once and for all on gay marriage. the justices refused to take up the issue for years and that has a lot of people wondering, why now? here is cbs reporter jan crawford. >> reporter: an ohio based federal appeals court all but forced their hand. it ruled in november that same sex couples had no constitutional right to marry. this was in direct conflict to other appeals court rulings allowing same sex marriage. just as ruth baiter last year signaled the justices would only take up the issue once a lower court upheld a marriage ban. >> but when all the courts of appeals are in agreement, there is no need for us to step in. >> reporter: many say the justices have already paveed the way for this when they ruled two years ago that the federal government must recognize legal same marriages.
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justin antonin scolia said they made it easy for the lower court to take the same step and strike down bans against same sex marriage, but it is not inevitable that the supreme court will take the step and the stakes are high. if the justices rule there is no constitutional right to same sex marriage, that would throw into question all of the marriages in the states that were legalized by those lower courts. jan crawford, cbs news, the supreme court. >> 36 states now allow same sex marriage covering 70% of the u.s. population. the case will be argued in late april and will be decided before the end of the current term in june. the british prime minister is telling silicon valley help us fight terrorism. cameron wrapped up meetings at the white house today. he wants google, facebook, and
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apple to help root out spies. all this after the terror attacks in paris. meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry visited france today and he wants the country to know that they have a friend. ♪ you just call out my name and you know wherever i am, i will come running ♪ >> you know the voice, he brought james taylor along to sing the popular classic, you've got a friend to the people of france after a somewhat awkward embrace with the french president. he said he wanted to share a hug with all french citizens. we are going to start tearing down candlestick soon. tonight, the new demolition plan that will take 100 times longer and neighbors are thrilled. >> the new steve jobs movie being shot in the bay area right now. tonight, we will show you what
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it took to make this garage where apple was born look the part. >> plus, a space x rocket crashe
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both. so i'm an east bay guy. and i have always been an east bay guy. >> coming up in sports, vern glenn's one on one interview with coach del rio. and the 49ers old home is about the come to the ground. but not like this. [ explosion ] >> yeah, developers reversed course now saying they won't demolish candlestick all at one time. joe vasquez tells us candlestick's neighbors couldn't be happier. >> reporter: two things about implosion. first, they are spectacular. and, they also kick up a heck of a lot of dust. that is why the new plan to demolish candlestick spark is settling some nerves in nearby neighborhoods. >> i mean, it just shows community sticking together and
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you know, coming together and showing us that we do care about what we live. >> reporter: lenar urban, the developer, was planning an implosion and even considering a fireworks show to go along with it but neighbors fought hard against it insisting that the dust plume would cause asthma and over problems. they were determined to stop it and they did. >> that is a good sign about the move. before, it was like people's health was an aver thought. >> reporter: they will demolish by mechanical means using excavators that will tear the stadium down section by section. >> i'm so, so excited. i just couldn't believe that we finally won. >> reporter: shirley moore lives right next to the stick. she led community meetings and got big wigs like willy brown to help her. >> i was never for blowing
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anything up. you built it piece by piece. you ought to take it down piece by piece. >> reporter: now a demolition that was going to last about 20 seconds will now take about two months starting later this month. in san francisco, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> well, some people tell joe in the neighborhood that they will lobby for a share of the jobs related to that demolition. a northern california man took dumpster diving to a whole new level and nearly ended up dead. nick james on the harrowing ordeal and how the manmade it out with barely a scratch. >> reporter: this is youtube video showing what 2,000 pounds of pressure per inch can do. you can understand why firefighters say ... >> the people in the industry have a hard time believing he survived. this is really kind of a miracle that he didn't die. >> reporter: to survive in the back of a garbage truck, the man told first responders he used wooden planks creating a pocket around him so he
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wouldn't get crushed. >> he described the area he built around him as a coffin. so those were his words. we are fortunate it didn't turn out to be a coffin. >> reporter: he said he was digging in the dumpster for his lost wallet. the truck came along and scooped him up in the north highlands area. get this. he was stuck in the truck for three-and-a-half hours before he was finally dumped at the yolo county landfill tuesday afternoon. imagine the truck drivers surprise when he saw the guy fly out of his truck along with the trash and it's a good thing the driver spotted him. rushing out to stop the bulldozer that was about to flatten everything in its path. >> in all reality, probably saved the guys life. he would have been crushed by the dozer. >> reporter: one lucky guy and one more piece of good fortune that saved him, too. that truck was only half full to begin with. had it been completely full, he almost certainly wouldn't have made it out alive. >> well nick says the man was taken to the hospital with only
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minor injuries. well tonight was movie night at the white house. onto night's bill, the civil rights film selma. >> stand up and say enough is enough. >> the president invited the cast and crew to watch. it was nominated for best picture and best original song, but the director and the cast were not recognized. oprah winfrey who produced and acted on the film was on the guest list. so did the actor who played dr. martin luther king. here in the bay area, a crew is in work as we speak. >> they are filming another movie about steam jobs. andria borba is on the look-out post tonight. >> reporter: hollywood has over
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taken thrift streets. the life and times of steve jobs is going to be a movie. >> it sounds really interesting. >> reporter: for maybes, it is a movie all over again. >> twice in a lifetime but this one is much bigger. so a lot more equipment and trucks and the kids are having fun checking all that out. >> reporter: the house apple was born in is always a silicon valley draw. >> every given day you will see people taking pictures in front of the house. >> reporter: for the big streak 2.0 version, the heart of the movie is the garage. complete with 70s surfaces, and old mother board. >> how much stuff they bring for one scene is pretty amazing. >> reporter: getting from screen play to lights on a boom lift was tricky. with sony pulling out and the role of jobs bounced him from actor to actor before finally landing on michael fassbender. the real draw, not jobs and his
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famous black turtle neck, but the man playing royce. the permit to film here ends 6:00 a.m. saturday morning but they will be around the bay area shooting the movie through april. in los altos, andria borba, kpix5. >> and they are looking for locals to play vintage techies in the film. >> they are looking for guys with flexible schedules and combable length hair. >> it would be pretty easy to spot them. >> you want to be in the movies? >> here is your chance. >> the old school thermos. the one with the cup on top. >> absolutely. you had to have one. it rained today. i have not been able to say that since christmas eve. it rained mid january 16th. first rainfall of the month. perhaps the last rainfall of the month. what is going on?
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let's see how much rain actually fell. up toward ukiah, it was rather significant. one-third of an inch of rain. a sixth of an inch for you in heelsburg. then we get close tore san francisco and it really tapers off. a couple of drips in brentwood and napa. that is it. and san francisco is still 0 for january. where is the rain tonight? the answer is way up by the california oregon border. that is where it will stay coming up tomorrow. overnight tonight, we will keep the cloud cover that will keep things mild. vallejo, oakland staying in the 50s . concord, 47. san jose, 47. maybe you are heading to marin for the great view of the golden gate bridge or sausalito to get lunch. we are looking at a nice weekend to get outside, but once again, no rainfall. sun and clouds tomorrow, 61 degrees. 59 with mostly cloudy skies. a little drizzle coming up sunday. ridge of high pressure gone down to the south. still close enough that we receive the cloud cover. a couple of sprinkles in the
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north bay. the rain is once again going to be a near miss. another wave of low pressure. another one that will miss us just to the north. a little bit of drizzle and mist. and that is it. next week, forget about any chance of rainfall. we have a better chance of record breaking high temperatures. how about highs near 70 if not hitting the low 70s by this time next week? if anything, the bridge is getting closer and stronger and things will get really out of whack by this time next week. a lot of cloud cover this weekend. some north bay showers. sunshine all week long next week. record highs a definite possibility. concord tomorrow, cloudy, 65. 10 degrees above average. how about 68 in morgan hill? fremont 65. san ramon, 65. pittsburgh, 62. 63 alameda. petaluma 63. and 65 the high in ukiah. the extended forecast, here we go. a chance of a shower sunday in the north bay. otherwise, we are pretty cloudy
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>> close, but no cigar. >> that is what the space x found elon musk is saying about this. it shows a rocket crashing while trying to land on a moving barge in the atlantic ocean. musk called it a success saying the engineers are a step close tore creating a reusable rocket. what is on the night of the head coach? there was thunder in oklahoma city. >> they need a
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>> all right, climb aboard. here we go. the raiders brought in hayward high school product jack del rio as the new head coach. he was a raider fan as a kid. and now this? >> it is still setting in man. honestly. it is overwhelming the love the raider nation has poured out. i appreciate the heck out of that. i can't believe i'm home. >> well, as much as the guys
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would want to text you and hang out and tell stories, you got a football team to rebuild, huh? >> amen to that. i got a lot of work to do. so it is not a reunion. it is a job. and there is a big job in front of us, but i'm fired up for it. to come back and do it in this setting. east bay, i'm an east bay guy, i love it. to come back here and not try to restore the pride, really excited about that. >> all right, nba, no iguodala, no bogut, no inside presence at oklahoma city and the thunder made it. one of 14 turnovers. oh, westbrook behind the back number setting up reggie jackson. they led most of the first half thanks to klay thompson, but with no inside help, the thunder was in attack mode.
11:30 pm
scoring 17 points. triple double. but the warriors didn't go away quietly. thompson. warriors down six. but it was the thunder's night. on the break here. westbrook finds serge ibaka. thunderstorm indeed. warriors first loss of 2015. stopped an eight-game win streak tonight. womens ball with cal, lindsay gotly. they are hosting 14 number 14, they were banging inside. rashon with 17. asu as promised. yeah. promise. that is a real name. two over 20 right there. sun devils remain unbeaten in the pack 12 and 16-1 overall. stanford women. how about 25 straight wins over arizona and the cardinals tore
11:31 pm
them apart. amber orange. bucket open. cardinals led 21-24 at the half. watch erica mccall inside. nope. nope. yeah. stanford rose 77-47. they are unbeaten in the pack
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