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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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ready died. between middle class economics and trickledown economics. >> the white house says president obama will unveil plans to reform the nation's tax code during tomorrow's state of the union address. the proposal is expected to include new taxes on the wealthiest americans and on the middle class tax credits. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. good morning everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:00 and new this morning, a brazen act of destruction and burglary at a clothing store in san francisco's fishermen's wharf area. happened the monday around 3:30. -- morning around 3:30. they drove a u-haul at hyde and north point streets and allegedly grabbed racks of clothes and drove off. not clear yet how many suspects are involved but they are still at large at this hour. new this morning, a new study shows very high concentrations of unvaccinated
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children in northern california. kpix 5's ryan takeo shows us where the most undervaccinated areas are. >> reporter: michelle, the north bay tops the list. but this issue actually spans a large part of the bay area. the study says the main reason for the quote extremely high numbers is parents' hesitancy or sometimes refusal to vaccinate their kids -- it's about the same percentage in sonoma and napa counties. outside the hot shots by the way the average is about 11%. the kaiser study was released today in the journal of pediatrics and warns the hot spots may pose as public health risks. this comes at a time when state officials state health officials are worried about the spread of measles which started at disneyland last month. the outbreak is up to 51 cases and many of those cases are now in children who did not go to the theme park.
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>> we're on the lookout if you will for it. but remember, just one of those folks, one of those folks with the disease, has the capacity to spread it to 90% of those who are not immune and a direct presence. >> reporter: health officials warn the outbreak is serious and should be a wakeup call for the parents who are against vaccinating their kids. and say vaccine is safe. live in the newsroom, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> up to 13% of parents those not to give their kids any vaccinations at all. kaiser says the search number is about -- average number is about 2.5%. a cracked windshield is the reason passengers didn't get to hawaii on airline. it left oakland yesterday morning but within two hours it was back on the ground at mineta san jose airport. the windshield on the boeing 767 had a crack and the airplane let the passengers off and gave them meal vouchers but it took another 12 hours before they could get on board another plane and take off. it took off for honolulu shortly after midnight this
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morning. and imagine the sleepy people in hawaii this morning. >> very sleepy but ready for those mai-tais. all right. 6:03. gianna are you ready for a mai-tai? >> i will be in about three hours. all right, checking the roadways right now. it's been an easy day today so far. in fact this accident is now in the clearing stages and everything is over to the right shoulder. some slight spectator slowing as you pass the scene but again things are moving along much better than they were earlier. in fact northbound 680 also not showing any delays right now. 24 looking good also if you're headed westbound into the caldecott tunnel. east shore freeway easy ride to the bay bridge. no metering lights this morning. in fact no delays at the bay bridge. really the only thing you want to look out for is some foggy conditions throughout the bay area. we had reports of central valley as well and also in santa clara and a fog advisory in effect for the bay bridge. so be careful if you work your way across the span and again a few brake lights through the altamonte pass. but nothing like a normal monday commute. so should be a pretty nice ride if you're going out the door. that's a look at traffic. we have visibility down to
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about three quarters of a mile in the moffett field area. half a mile currently in santa rosa but very mild temperatures will greet you out the door. good morning everyone. currently 56 degrees in half- moon bay. also sfo. hey across the bay, good morning fremont at 57 degrees through hayward. up stream it's 51 in santa rosa. the numbers generally banking between 51 and 57 degrees. with partly to mostly cloudy skies our daytime highs topping off from 60 in pacifica through month row beaches through -- month row beaches through walnut creek. buy take a rook at this -- boy take a look at this forecast. what we don't have is any rain. we have hazy conditions on wednesday through friday with the possibility of spare the air days and we will be flirting with near or record highs over the weekend. we'll talk more about the king tides next time around. michelle? all right roberta thank you. happening today, protesters plan a fourth strait day of -- straight day of demonstrations in oakland. it's scheduled to coincide with the martin luther king jr. holiday. set to begin at 11:00 this
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morning at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. four people were arrested last night in connection with protests in oakland. police say the arrests were for a variety of crimes including assaults on police officers. in addition, 17 other people were issued citations. for the last time, if freedom train will roll from san jose to san francisco today. >> kpix 5 cease kiet do joins us live in san jose with the reason the annual event is now coming to an end. >> reporter: yeah, this is the last freedom train ever here in the bay area because ridership is down. and it's also been very difficult to find a sponsor. also this is the last freedom train that is running in the country. after 30 years it will make its final trip today from san jose to san francisco. coretta scott king launched more than two dozen of the freedom trains nationwide to commemorate the 1965 selma march. she chose this route because the distance between the two cities is roughly the same
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distance traveled by the original marchers who demanded voting rights for afteran americans. -- african-americans. "selma," the filmmakers and entire cast of the movie "selma" joined the mayor for a march at city hall. oprah produced and appeared in the movie and she was also among the thousands to commemorate the 50th anniversary of that moment in our nation's history. cast members talked about coming back to the edmund pettus bridge where police beat and tear gassed the marchers back in 1965. >> you could feel the spirit of hope. you could feel the spirit of brokenness. as well. and you know, i just felt taken up with the -- with the feeling of just wanting to pray that we will see a better day. >> reporter: and back in san jose. the freedom train is set to depart at 9:45. all the tickets are sold out. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. president obama will call for increasing taxes on the wealthiest part of tomorrow night's state of the union
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address. senior white house officials disclosed some details of the plan over the weekend. they include raising the capital gains rate. the revenue would be then used to fund new tax credits and other cost saving measures for the middle class. >> how to build on our momentum with raising beiges, growing incomes and a stronger middle class. >> the state of the union address can be seen live tomorrow evening at 6:00 right here on kpix 5. governor jerry brown and uc president napolitano have agreed to sit down together to iron out the differences over university finances. to find ways to cut costs to minimize tuition increases. the board of regents approved her five year rate hike plan in november by a majority vote. over governor brown's objections. the two plan now to deliver their new proposals to the board this coming march. a woman walking along a cliff in san francisco slipped and fell nearly five stories. it happened near the legion of
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honor yesterday afternoon. for thes say -- firefighters say the woman fell on to some rocks below and rescuers had to get to her from the water in a rescue boat and personal water that have. they pulled her to -- craft. they pulled her to safety. there was also a rescue in the far southern end of the bay. a small fishing boat with two people on it became stuck in the mud near the marina in san jose. the boaters used cell phones to guide firefighters to them. they were brought back to shore three hours later and rescuers say boats get stuck in the area on a weekly basis. on this monday the investigation into suspected terror cells in europe is expanding. the community taking extra precautions now ahead of the next potential attack. >> bill cosby performs in northern california in the midst of a controversy that isn't going anywhere. how the embattled comedian was received. >> is you have that earth -- so you have the everyday the sun and moon and it's all in perfect alignment. how all thatlyfect your holiday still straight ahead. >> and some foggy conditions on the roadway also a new trouble
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spot to report along the peninsul
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] good morning, welcome back to stationation this morning -- kpix 5 news this morning. news on this monday, january 19th. it's a holiday and that is why metering lights are not on but gianna knows more about that. she has the traffic it is traffic and weather together as the news continues. parts of the northeast are getting hit with a strong winter storm. the weather is linked to a few deadly traffic accidents. icy conditions are blamed for this pileup on interstate 476 in king of prussia, pennsylvania. two people were killed in that accident. new this morning, now an expanding investigation into suspected terror cells in europe has many people on edge. heavily armed guards walking the streets of brussels, antwerp belgium after attacks in france and reports of
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possible terror cells all across europe. members of the jewish community in particular fear they could be the target of the next attack. >> dangerous to walk on the streets. people afraid to come to synagogues and afraid to send their kids to jewish schools. >> last week police raided a suspected terror cell in belgium. a western intelligence source says as many as 20 sleepers cells could be ready to strike in bell yum, germany, france and the netherlands. bill cross by performed before a packed house in the central valley last night. the show in turlock went on with no problems despite allegations of sexual assault from numerous women. more now from reporter lemor abrams. >> reporter: no trouble tonight for bill cosby from the turlock community theater. even the people from this small town were surprised to see the amount of support he received after months of uproar over sexual assault allegations. [ applause ] bill cosby, greeted inside the turlock community theater with applause and cheers coming from a packed
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auditorium. >> because my oven said did you do what i told you to do? >> reporter: our cell phone camera rolled on the jokes and laughs but outside it was no laughing matter. >> i knew this would happen. i told people i will be the only person that comes out here today. >> reporter: suzette simms was the only protester to show up and remained undeterred with a sign reading -- i believe the women. >> i believe very strongly that this whole situation is a testament to how women have been treated. [ chanting ] >> reporter: at a cosby performance in denver saturday night a large crowd of protesters chanted rape is not a joke and no means no. >> no. not at all. >> reporter: but fans in turlock heard none of it and like hampton back up their favorite comedian as long as he hasn't been charged or proven guilty of anything. >> it hasn't changed my view at all. >> reporter: the performance
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was scheduled before the spate after allegations -- of allegations against cosby became public. and the theater refused to return tickets to those who changed their minds. and cosby returns to the central valley next month performing in bakersfield and at last check that will go on as planned. in turlock, lemor abrams, kpix 5. >> cosby is set to perform at flint center in cupertino on june 7th. got a look at what happened to a man involved in a wrecks this up in oregon, that's a pickup truck sand wined between two -- sandwiched between two tractor-trailers, you can see 27 kaleb whitby tracked in the wreckage. there he is and he's alife. he was part of a 26 vehicle part-timeup on i-84 caused by black ice over the weekend. his pickup flipped over when it smacked into the -- smacked into the -- smashed into the back of the big rig in front of him. he had just scratches. >> he is very lucky and these pictures almost look fake. wow. almost likes he was in a capsule -- looks like he was in
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capsule of some sort. >> as long as he's all right. you know we're doing really well on the freeways. it's very light out there just really one accident to report the morning. northbound 101 at woodside. nine minutes that's all it took to get this over on to the the right shoulder. the green on the sensors means you are flee flowing along -- free flowing along 101. foggy spots may slow you down but overall easy ride. 280 is good as well. no delays to report through there. all right teching the bay bridge no metering lights. they have not turned them on and they probably won't. in fact traffic is very light as you work your way off the east shore freeway into the bay bridge there over across the span into san francisco. it is foggy as well. through here, we have a dense fog advisory in effect across the span. 20 minutes though carquinez bridge to the maze. now we did have a few brake lights through the altamonte pass but that cleared out really quickly. traffic is very light. as you york wow way coming away from 205 into the livermore valley. in fact no brake lights all the we towards the dublin
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interchange. and easy ride through there on 680 as well. mass transit, because of the martin luther king jr. day, we do have a holiday schedule. saturday schedule for b.a.r.t. as well as golden gate ferries. caltrain will be operating on a normal schedule. a.c.e. train number 7 and a.c.e. train number 10 will not be operating today but everything else will be on time. and checking 880 northbound, easy ride into oakland southbound no delays out of oakland into hayward. and if you are cutting across the san mateo bridge, westbound towards the peninsula, easy ride. no delays. eastbound not seeing any trouble spots and the golden gate bridge, looks good out of marin county into san francisco. that's a look at your morning drive. here's roberta. on this monday, january 17th. it is a holiday. good morning everybody. taking a look out towards the bay bridge. we could not see the tiptop of it just about an hour ago. we now have a little bit better visibility as the fog begins to lift. right now we have temperatures in the 50s across the board. the visibilities down to about a half a mile in the santa rosa
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area. three quarters of a mile in moffett field all due to patchy dense fog. that's pretty widespread. looking at sfo right now i'm going to keep you posted on that situation because i can see the fog developing there. so far no reports of any local airport delays and arrivals. but if that's going to change with that fog that's now sweeping over the airport. partly to mostly cloudy skies today. king tides. wow. it's the second round. that's when you have the earth, the sun and the moon all in perfect alignment. it causes some of the highest tides of the season. high tide this morning after 9:00 it's 6.87 and then about 4:30 we have the low tides. and this is that going to cause some very strong rip currents in the santa cruz waters and harbors are going to have some really large breakers. the swells 4 to 7 feet. be very mindful of the possibility of coastal flooding at least minor coastal flooding in the low lying areas. meanwhile, we have a swath of clouds let me show you the big picture here. you see the clouds right here? that's -- over the ridge of high pressure. kind of undercutting it a
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little bit here and moving into the area. thus the cloud cover for this holiday. meanwhile statewide, we're socked in with the truly fog into fresno. visibility anywhere from a quarter to half a mile. 49 on the south shore. 32 currently in truckee on the north shore going up to near 50. it's springtime skiing and boarding. our highs above average. 60 in pacifica and 61 san francisco. normally we should be about 567 degrees but instead low 60s. typically we should be in the upper 50s in san jose. but instead today 64 degrees. northwest wind at 10 kind of clearing out the atmosphere but wait. on wednesday, we should see the possibility of spare the air day through friday. near or record warmth over the weekend. and that's your holiday forecast. and we thank you roberta. coming up next a mysterious substance that's turned the bay into a deadly trap for birds. we're going to have the very latest on the efforts to save the animals and figure out what is killing them. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell, coming up, andrew luck and tom
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brady face off in the afc championship. which bay area connected quarterback is going to the super bowl? and the seahawks and packers going overtime in an instant classic in the nfc championship. kickoff
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♪♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance?
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me too... we're practically twins!
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good morning everyone. very few teams go into seattle and win a football game. well, yesterday aaron rodgers and the packers appeared to be on their way to the super bowl. seahawks' owner paul allen riling up the 12th man in the pacific northwest. the -- seattle trailed 19-7 less than three minutes left. it was 19-14 when they got the onside kick. off that recovery marshawn lynch weaves his way to the 24- yard touchdown run. the seahawks got a 2-point conversion and scored 15 points in 44 seconds to take a three point lead. but, aaron rodgers got them into field goal range and
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there's mason crosby. 48 yards out. game tied at 20 and we go to overtime. seahawks got the football in ot. they ended it on the 35-yard touchdown pass from russell wilson to jermaine kearse. and they won it 28-22 in ot. going on to the super bowl for the second straight year. looking for that lombardi trophy. in the afc championship, tears were flowing for the colts before and during the game. andy was run over by that man. legarrette blount rushed for 148 yards and three touchdowns as the patriots blow out the colts 45-7. here's the super bowl match-up folks. new england and seattle. in super bowl xlvix in two weeks in glendale, arizona. and you know where super bowl 50 is? right here in levi's stadium and kpix 5's special on that will begin two weeks from tonight. going to be a long couple of weeks in glendale. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. >> the nfl announces it's extending its thursday night
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football contract with cbs for another year. next season cbs will again broadcast the first eight thursday night games. they will be simulcast on the nfl network which will exclusively televise the remaining thursday night contests. >> the reason to stay up late. hey play of day. we got some hockey for you. detroit's zetterberg from behind the net. an impossible angle to score a goal but you know what's going to happen. he's going to find the net. there he is. it bounces off the predators' goalie pads there and in she goes. bada bing. top shelf very nice and the wings went on to beat the predators 5-2. your play of the day. >> bada bing huh? 6:25. new travel rules mark the biggest change in u.s. relations with cuba in half a century. the bay area congresswoman poised to take center stage during the historic transition. >> and i'm kiet do live at the station in san jose where the last freedom train in the country is set to depart in just a couple of hours.
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thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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a fitness model and cable tv star hit and killed by a train in southern california. why police believe he made in attempt to get out of the way of that train. wildlife experts are helping birds contaminated in the bay. the mysterious threat putting them at risk. the earth, the sun and the moon all perfectly aligned. the effect that will have on your holiday. the freeways have been pretty perfect this morning. i'll have more good news coming up. all right gianna thank you.
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it's monday everyone, a holiday. january 19th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. and new this morning, a brazen smash and grab burglary at a high end clothing store in san francisco's wharf area. police say around 3:30, suspects wearing masks and gloves drove a u-haul into the front doors of the patagonia store at hyde and north point streets and grabbed racks of clothes and then drove off. it's not clear yet how many suspects are and they are still at -- are involved and they are still at large. in oakland, it's scheduled to coincide with the martin luther king jr. holiday today. it's set to begin at 1:00 this morning at the -- 11:00 this morning at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. four people were arrested last night all in connection with proo tests in oakland. they were for a variety of different crimes including ail salts on police officers. in addition 17 other people were issued citations. and today the nation is remembering the civil rights leader dr. martin luther king jr. >> part of the observance in
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the bay area is the freedom train from the south bay to san francisco. kpix 5's kiet do is in san jose and reports it will be the last run for that train. kiet? >> reporter: good morning, if you got a ticket for the freedom train this morning, consider yourself lucky. because after 30 years, this is it. this is the last freedom trains that running in the bay area and the last freedom train running in the country for that matter. organizers blame low ridership and also been very difficult to find a sponsor. it will make its final trip today from san jose to san francisco. coretta scott king launched more than two dozen of the trains nationwide to commemorate the 1965 selma march. she chose this particular route because it's the similar distance -- same distance the original marchers traveled when they demanded voting rights for african-americans. dr. king made many visits to the bay area. this particular visit was taken by kpix 5 back in 1967 as the nation was engrossed with the
6:32 am
apollo moon program. it was april 4th, 1967 when dr. wing was in san francisco to talk about investing in america's youth. >> we have resources, the question is, whether our nation has the will and i submit that if we can spend $35 billion a year to fight an ill con considered war in vietnam. and $20 billion to put a man on the moon, our nation can spend billions of dollars to put god's children on their own two feet. [ applause ] right here on earth. >> reporter: and one year to the day after he spoke those words, he was gunned down in memphis, tennessee. he was 39 years old. here in san jose, the freedom train departs at 9:45 and all tickets are sold out. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> well all right. it's a holiday and a lot of folks probably have the kids at home. and how we doing weather-wise? >> we're going to be able to let the kids out.
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if i can't change the weather make it rain then just go on outside and enjoy it. i give up. >> spun around. >> i give up. good morning everybody. out the door this morning, we do have some areas of patchy dense fog and the santa rosa area. visibility is down to about a half a mile there. and otherwise it's moffett field visibility is down to about a quarter of a mile. so we have some clouds and we have some fog and we have some very mild temperatures currently 55 in hayward. oakland and also in fremont. it is now 54 degrees apiece in san rafael novato and in berkeley. the winds are nonexistent and will blow today out of the northwest up to 10 miles per hour. that's a good thing because it's going to keep our atmosphere clean. numbers normally we should be right around 57 in san francisco. instead 61. about 64 in san jose. and typically we should be about 59 degrees so those numbers are averaging above normal for this time of the year but take a look at this. by the weekend we're talking about near or record warmth. and not a rain drop in sight. you know we do have king tides coming into play today.
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i'll address that and talk more about that later on but first things first. hi gianna. it's been a pretty easy at bay bridge. they never turned the metering lights on. and even better chp has just canceled that fog advisory for the bay bridge. so if you are headed to work today, it's an easy ride into san francisco out of oakland. no delays on the lower deck of the bay bridge. we had a few yellow spots which indicated speeds less than 45 miles per hour on our sensors. through the altamonte pass but look at this. it's totally clear westbound 580 no delays tall way coming away from 205 through the valley and towards the dublin interchange. checking mass transit, though, just a heads-up. b.a.r.t. is on a saturday schedule. as well as golden gate ferries, cal drain is on a regular scheduled to and a.c.e. trains number 7 and 10 will not be running today because of the holiday. frank? thanks gianna. new this morning two boys from san jose are in custody after they stole a car and then they crashed it. the car flipped over in morgan hill last night. an officer was chasing the car
6:35 am
after seeing it weave on the highway. two 14-year-old boys inside ran away from the car that have it overturned but they were eventually caught. chp thinks alcohol was a factor in that crash. police are investigating the death of a fitness model who was hit by a train in southern california. greg plitt appeared on more than 200 magazine covers during his career and also appeared in commercials as well as tv shows like "days of our lives" and the bravo cable series "workout." burbank police say he and two other men were shooting a workout video in a restricted area when he was struck by a mote row link train -- metro link train on saturday. investigators ruled out suicide saying the 37-year-old may have believed the train was on a parallel track. places in san jose don't think alcohol was a factor in a crash that killed a man in a whole chair. officers say the vim was trying to cross the road near white road when he was hit on sunday morning. he died at the scene shortly after the police arrived. driver stayed on the site of the accident and police say he is cooperating with their
6:36 am
investigation. a mysterious gunk in the bay is stilling kids -- killing birds. 20 birds have already died and as mark kelly tells us, wildlife experts have no idea what the gunk is or where it came from. >> really is mimicking something similar to an oil spill. >> reporter: every one of these little guys and girls covered in the same gunk. it's clear, sticky and has no smell. but what exactly it is and where it's coming from remain a mystery. to julie and her team. >> the product that these birds are being contaminated with, we don't know what it is. >> reporter: this spill was found at hayward regional park friday and all weekend rescuers have been scooping the birds up to safety and bringing them back to the lab where they are fed and given a warm bed. >> there's not a whole lot of options for these animals. >> reporter: but as far as cleaning the mystery goo off their feathers, soap, baking soda, vinegar, nothing has worked. >> there's a near that we won't
6:37 am
be able to get it all off. >> reporter: as hard as silicone, it gets deep in their feathers. the birds stop eating and soon dehydration and hypothermia set in. >> this whole process is stressful for them. >> reporter: rescuers think a couple hundred birds could be covered by whatever this is. and they have a stern message for whomever put this gunk in the bay. >> not only is it just environmentally irresponsible, but you know for it to affect this many -- this number of animals would be very upsetting. >> reporter: in fairfield, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> because this is not an oil spill, international bird rescue says it won't get any state money. the group is asking for private donations to help save the birds. and if you'd like to help, you can find the link on our website. new this morning, now a daly city man under arrest for an attack in the parking lot of a sonoma county casino. the victim sleeping in the passenger seat of her car while her boyfriend was in the grayton casino around 3:00
6:38 am
yesterday morning. a man got into the driver's seat and attacked the woman with a wrench. and then rocked her -- robbed her. security guards heard the woman screaming and the victim taken to a hospital and expected to be okay. the suspect was later arrested when he returned to get his car from the parking lot. several hours after that attack. there's extra security this morning at the home of vice president joe biden in delaware. someone fired several gunshots outside the home saturday night. the shots came from a car speeding past biden's property. the bidens were out for the evening when it happened and their home is not visible from the highway. no one was hurt and there are no suspects. well, a bay area congresswoman may soon be part of a significant moment in history. east bay democrat barbara lee appears to be in line to become america's first ambassador to cuba in more than radioyears. kpix 5 -- 50 years. phil matier reports lee has a gentleman's agreement with the president to be named the new ambassador. phil's sources tell him restoring relations with cuba has been lee's life work.
6:39 am
u.s. hasn't had an ambassador in havana now since 1960. the supreme court is taking up the issue of same sex marriage once again. why this decision will have a much bigger impact than previous cases and the role california will play. >> as a measles outbreak spans the state, a new study just released overnight shows possibilities of the bay area -- possibilities of particular -- pockets of the bay area where children
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good morning and welcome back to kpix 5 morning news. it is monday, it is a holiday. it's january 9th and -- 19th and forecast high for today 60 degrees in burlingame and in san mateo. from mountain view through sunnyvale into the santa clara valley. keep in mind these numbers are slightly above normal for this time of year.
6:43 am
east bay should easily be n into the mid and -- into the mid and high 50s but instead 64- degrees in pleasanton. winds today in walnut creek out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. it will remain partly to mostly cloudy all the way into the north bay. good morning novato. 62 degrees your forecast high. and in and around san francisco at 61 degrees. thanks roberta. new this morning, police in san francisco investigating a suspicious car fire. this is in the noe valley area overnight. it happened in the section of 19th and castro streets, remains of the burned out car now visible at the scene. police and arson investigators are now on that case. now this morning, a new study shows high concentrations of children without vaccinations in the bay area. kpix 5's ryan takeo shows us where the most undervaccinated areas are. >> reporter: well, there are possibilities in the north bay but undervaccination really spans a large part of the prayer. kaiser released the study today
6:44 am
in the journal of pediatrics and warns they may pose public health risks. in vallejo almost 23% of children don't have all their vaccinations. in the east bay from richmond to san leandro, that number is almost 19%. about 18% of kids are not vaccinated in parts of san francisco and marin counties. also in sonoma and napa counties. outside the hot spots, the average is about 11%. kaiser says the main reason for the numbers is parents' hesitancy or sometimes refusal to vaccinate their kids. this new study comes at time when state health officials are worried about the spread of the measles. doctors warn the outbreak is serious and should be a wakeup call for those parents who are against vaccinating their kids. >> this is a uniquely preventable illness. the vaccine's exceedingly safe and this is a vaccination that should be given to every child. >> reporter: the measles outbreak started in disneyland last month and now up to 51 cases. many of those cases are now in children who did not go to the
6:45 am
theme park. michelle? >> lion, how many parents choose not to vaccinate at all? >> reporter: in some of the hot spots, between 5% and 13% of parents choose not to give their kids any vaccinations. kaiser says the average number is about 2.5%. live in the newsroom, ryan takeo, kpix 5. remain at five year low for gas prices thanks to the falling price of crude oil. aaa says prices are loaner parts of the country near refineries. makes sense. locally, here are the average prices by metro area for a gallon of regular unleaded according to gas buddy -- but if you shop around, i you this you can beat all three of those. >> you can. but $2.72? i'll take that. >> in san francisco. are you kidding me? >> i know it. >> could be like $4.50. how about traffic gianna? >> it's been easy. you're not wasting any gas on the freeways this morning.
6:46 am
period of time it's a live right -- in fact it's a light ride out of marin county. towards the golden gate bridge. and here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. things easy into san francisco. looks like a 14, 15 minute ride to go from 580 into san francisco on 101. also checking your drive across the san mateo bridge. you know a few extra cars westbound but you know typically right around this time of the morning, we'll see more brake lights headed westbound 92. but right now it's only 15 minutes to go between 880 and 101. also checking your drive at the bay bridge. now some pretty foggy this morning. the good news though chp listed a fog advisory for the bay bridge. in fact clear into san francisco. no metering lights. 19 minutes to go westbound east shore freeway all the way into the maze. if you're coming aqua from the carquinez bridge. 880 northbound easy ride into oakland and southbound no delays oakland into hayward. altamonte pass is has eased up nice lie. 16 minutes from the altamonte pass over to the dublin interchange. and checking your drive through
6:47 am
antioch a little bit of yellow there on the sensors but again really not a problem this morning. very easy westbound antioch coming off the bridge. all the way towards the east shore freeway. and checking your ride in silicon valley. westbound 237 connector to 880, very light traffic conditions and most of the south bay very quiet. north 101 not seeing any brake lights guadalupe parkway. 280 in fact 28 is good northbound all the way into the peninsula. if you're headed from 380 over to the james lick freeway. three minute ride. 201-0101 in 92 to the 80 split. good as well. coming out of half-moon bay headed to 101. easy ride also. but just remember mass transit b.a.r.t. is on a saturday schedule as well as the golden gate ferries, caltrain regular schedule and a.c.e. train has some changes and make sure to check that as you head out the door. and don't forget to check your forecast roberta? thanks and you were mentioning fog. so i'm going to stay on that theme because we do have widespread areas of fog this morning. more dense in some areas than others but it has been improving right here in the
6:48 am
city by the bay. the city of san francisco as we take a sneak peek out towards oakland. we could not see the tiptop of the bay bridge earlier this morning. so the ceiling is lifting somewhat. temperature-wise, very mild. 51 degrees in santa rosa and 52 throughout the tri-valley. now 53-degrees in concord and mid 50s in oakland. swinging on around to emery vail. visibility is down to a half mile in some portions of san to rosy but take a look at this. looks just black right? this is actually our weather camera looking out towards sfo. we can see afflicts on the bottom of the -- a few lights on the bottom of the television screen here. we have delays at one hour 15 minutes and some arriving flights all due to the fog. it will become partly to mostly cloudy today. pig city in santa cruz, 56 degrees. however we have the king tides. you have the sun, your earth and your moon all in perfect alignment. high tide today 9:09 and 6.87 feet and anticipate minor
6:49 am
coastal flooding in low lying areas and also towards low tide. which is at 4:30. we will have some very strong rip currents and in addition to that looking up at the sky, a swath of cloudiness that is just all associated with this back here. nothing to write home about as far as precipitation. just basically clouds over the ridge of high pressure. allowing it to reveal a partly to mostly cloudy sky. we do have tule fog limiting visibility anywhere from sacramento to fresno this morning. it's foggy in monterey with partly cloudy conditions and 62. upper 40s today in the high sierra. okay, your sunup 7:23. not going to see much of it. and then we will have our sundown at 5:58 and in-between now and then, we will have realized high temperatures slightly above normal. for this time of the year. this 19th day of month. we should be at 57 but instead 61 san francisco. 60s will be common in the bay area. 66 will be the outside number in gilroy this monday. and then this week, looking
6:50 am
ahead near or record warmth by the weekend. wow. with 70s that's your holiday forecast. all right roberta thank you. the supreme court decided to take up the issue of same sex marriage. >> again political analyst melissa griffin caen here to tell us what to expect and explain's california's role in the case. >> it seems like it. last week the supreme court has decided that they're going to take up same sex marriage. this time the justices are not going to be to able to escape a real decision on the issue. last year the supreme court issued two rulings that were in favor of same sex marriage but those cases focused on technicalities. they weren't a complete yes or no on the subject. you kind of got the sense of the justices just didn't want to rule on same sex marriage. and that's why last week's announcement was so important. the justices didn't just say, hey we're going to review some marriage cases. they actually told us what questions they're going to try to answer. number one, does the 14th amendment require a state to license a marriage between two
6:51 am
people of the shame sex? just a reminder the 14th amendment says basically that state law can't impinge on people's rights. them the second question is does the 14th amendment require a state to recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex when their marriage was lawfully licensed and performed out of state? so the court is telling us they're going to rule on the core of the same sex marriage issue. no more technicalities. that's why it's very important. >> all right and how will this ruling affect california? >> people watching at home might say we're californians we have the right to marry already. this doesn't actually apply to us but there's still the issue of what happens when you leave california. do other states have to recognize california's same sex marriage? in fact in the actual cases the supreme court just announced they're going to consider, there are three couples. three sets of plaintiffs who were married in california and then went outside the state and were denied their rights. so california is actually front and center in these cases and the decision will impact couples who get married here and then go somewhere else. >> is this a priority?
6:52 am
when are they going to finally make a ruling on this case? >> well as we learned from prior instances, the court can kind of do whatever it wants right? kind of hard to predict. they can take as long as they need to but experts are predicting that oral argument will be scheduled for april of this year. and we should see a ruling by june of this year. so stay tuned. >> all right we will. thanks melissa. thanks. time now is 6:52. a plane leaving oakland forced to make an emergency landing almost immediately after it took off from the bay area. the reason for the unplanned stop coming up. >> and i'm kiet do live at the station in san jose. the country and the bay area's last freedom train departs in just a couple of hours. ♪ ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count.
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five things to know now at the :55 now. president obama gearing up to deliver his state of the union address tomorrow night. president will lay out his administration's priorities for the upcoming year among them a proposal for new taxes on the wealthiest americans to fund new tax credits to help out the middle class. pope francis is back at the vatican after a week long trip to asia. the pope's visit culminated yesterday with an outdoor mass in asia's largest catholic nation the philippines. a record six million people attended. pope francis challenged the crowd to protect children from a life of harm and poverty. freezing rain is leading to treacherous driving conditions in the northeast. at least five people died in car crashes over the weekend. four of those in the philadelphia area. the same system is expected to bring snow to upstate new york and new england later today. a super bowl match-up is set. the seattle seahawks will take on the new england patriots in glendale, arizona. the seahawks beat the green bay packers yesterday after an
6:57 am
incredible comeback to force overtime. roberta is booing. we all are. the patriots dominated the colts winning 45-7. a big plane full of passengers has finally made it to hawaii this morning after an unplanned detour to san jose. why an airline flight was headed to honolulu yesterday morning. a cracked win shield forced it to turn around and come back and land in san jose. the passengers made it to their destination early this morning finally. and i'm kiet do live at diridon station in san jose. if you got yourself a ticket to ride the freedom train this morning, consider yourself lucky. because after 30 years, this is it. this is the last freedom train for the bay area. the last one in the country for that matter. organizers blame low ridership and also it's been very difficult to find a sponsor. it will make its final trip today from san jose to san francisco. coretta scott king launched more than two dozen of the trains nationwide to commemorate the 1965 selma
6:58 am
march and chose the route here because the distance between the two cities is roughly the same distance traveled by the original marchers who demanded dr. king made many visits to the bay area and this particular footage was shot by kpix 5 back in 1967. as the nation was engrossed with the pay poll low moon program, the civil rights movement was beginning to pick up and becoming more violent. the date was april 4th, 1967. dr. king with uz in san francisco. one year to the day after that visit, dr. king was gunned down in memphis, tennessee. the freedom train departs at 9:45 this morning. all the tickets are sold out. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. well, good morning, we've got a hot spot brewing out there on the roadways northbound 880 at davis and san leandro. an accident blocking lanes and some delays as you approach the scene past though there traffic is moving pretty nicely along 880 into oakland. no delays southbound 880 showing some nice speeds right
6:59 am
now. metering lights were never turned on at the bay bridge. very light conditions as you work your way towards the toll plaza. no delays across the span and only a 20 minute ride from the carquinez bridge to the maze. don't forget it's a saturday schedule for b.a.r.t. and golden gate ferries and some changes for ace. keep those in mind as you head out the door. a look at the cloud cover and some of your views there. we have mostly cloudy skies and looking from san francisco to the bay bridge. good morning everybody. look how mild it is. into the 50s. at this very early hour. it will be partly to mostly cloudy today. number wise in the 60s outside number 66. but you really got to take a look at this. on wednesday through friday, i suspect spare the air days. over the weekend, i suspect near or record warmth as our bay and end land high temperatures top off in the 70s even talking near 70 at beaches by sunday. and that's wrong, wrong, wrong. >> yeah. >> we need rain and 50s. >> if it has -- don't be mad about it. >> hey if it's not going to rain it might as well be nice
7:00 am
right? the unintended consequences of legalized marijuana. plus a championship game for the ages in seattle. and legend is heading back to the super bowl. we break it down with james brown. we begin with a look at today's "eye-opener." your world in 90 seconds. look out, look out! >> frozen roads. >> thousands of accidents. >> this morning another dangerous day. >> a deadly ice storm slams


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