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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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this is kpix 5 news. hundreds of people gathering outside the bart station in oakland for a family, friendly march. the peace full demonstration promoting more jobs as a celebration for doctor martin luther king on this holiday.
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>> hi everyone, i am frank medically. . >> a massive march right now over martin luther king weekend. they're marching to reclaim king's legacy and solidarity. and they'll end in east oakland. protesters are demanding an immediate end to what they say is a war being waived on black people. dozens of activists channelling outside the home in a storm the mayor protest. >> turn her down. >> the activists read martin luther king's speeches and held ceremony to remember black
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lives lost and police violent. hundreds of people joined the entire cast of the movie "selma" this weekend. >> it is an emotional atmosphere and it is very loving. >> this is a great life experiences. >> it was a remembrance of the biggest chapter, they marched together honoring doctor martin luther king. high school students can see the movie for free today about the event of leading up to selma. head to our website to find out which theaters offering the free viewing. click on the links and the numbers there. the last time, the freedom train is rolling from san jose to san francisco. >> kpix reports from san jose on the reason the annual
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event is coming to an end. >> freedom trainor is sold out. >> reporter: at the train station in san jose, it is history within history. >> after 30 years the freedom train is making its last run many the bay area. the last one in the country. >> what's going through your heart and mind right now? >> it is sadness. this is the last one. it should not be that way . >> organizers blame low ridership and a lack of sponsors. >> with word getting out this is it, the event did something it has not done for quite sometimes. it is sold out. for stephanie hamilton's family, it was one last time teaching the kids about history. >> hopefully we'll get a sense of community and love and to be appreciative of those gone before.
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>> commemorating the 1965 selma march. the distance between the two cities is roughly the same distance traveled for marchers who demanded for african-american rights. >> what he fought for and stood for is lifelong, it is not something that transpired and happen. >> you don't think this is going to go away. >> the hope today with enough attention, sponsors will come forward and the train may one day ride again. in san jose, kpix 5. vice president joe biden spoke in delaware today. >> we have to bridge that separation protect our society as a whole but particularly
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today between police and the community. >> mr. biden says americans have to agree police need to go home at night and all the minorities needed to be treated with respect and dignity. before dawn today there was a burglary. around 3:30 a.m. two masked suspects using the u-haul truck to smash in the front door at patagonia store. it is not clear how many suspects are involved and they are sill at large. police are looking for three fires today in the castros if it is connected. the first fire broke out near 19th and castro street. >> half an hour about two blocks away fires burning two
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houses across from one another. investigators are looking into whether today's fires may be related to the same case in just a few months. a large sink hole opened up at about 6 last night sending water rushing down the streets. today, there is no sign of any work happening there. just large amount of dirk. crews will be back to work after the holiday tomorrow. police are circulating videos of a woman counterfeiting hundred dollar bills. this is on december the 20th, the suspect is latina and about 40 years of age. paradis delayed. the flight from honolulu turned back yesterday and made an unscheduled landing
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in san jose. the passengers spent waiting for four hours. the airline let p passengers off and gave them meals. they nienlly made it to hawaii many hours after they were due. a crash car it was flipped over last night. an officer was chasing the car after seeing it weaving on highway 101. it was discovered stolen as well. two 14-year-old boys ran out of the car when the car overturned. chp thinks alcohol was a factor in that crash. which area of northern california has a highest concentration of unvaccinated kids. kids in vallejo don't
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have any vaccinations. about 18% of kids are not vaccinated in northern san francisc southern marin county as well as sonoma. this comes at a time when state health officials are worried about the spread of measles. >> this is a preventable illness. the vaccine is safe and this is a vaccination that should be given to every child. >> the measles outbreak involves 51 patients and most of them linked to disney theme park in anaheim. the city is purchasing new fire department balance plans to train more paramedic is. the mayor says balance delayed are new to an authority atlanta tech edge. to a shortage.
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president obama an address our state of the state of the union. they including raising the capital's break. revenue will be used to fund tax credits for the middle class. >> how to build on our momentum with rising wages and growing income and a stronger middle class. >> the state of the union address can be seen live at 6:00 right here on kpix 5. >> the mysterious mammals, where they swim to. >> up next, the rumors claiming new england may have cheated yesterday >> oh yeah, cheaters cheaters. >> good afternoon everybody take a look at this, we are not cheat you any sunshine right now and we got plenty of it in the area.
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gas prices in the u.s. remaining low thanks to more crude oil. gasoline locally here are the average prices for a gallon regular is $2. 53 in san jose. 52 in oakland and a bit more in san francisco. at this time of the year, during breeding season, they pack the beaches in se owe
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county. the males spending most of their time in the northern pacific of the coast of alaska. well, it is seattle playing new england in arizona for super bowl 79. the first two teams went into championship yesterday. a little post drama yesterday. rumors the patriots deflated some of their football to make them a little easier to handle in the wet weather. brady by the way is san mateo 's native and one of several super bowl players that have the tie. the seahawks includes richard sherman and marshawn lynch.
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nfl announced the one year extension on thursday night with cbs. they'll broadcast the first eight thursday night games right here on channel 5. >> i think it is funny about brady. >> yeah. >> [ laughter ] >> had they killed it. it was a 45-7. >> i am a big andrew luck fan. i was rooting for the colts. >> he had a tough day. >> come on home, we'll show you some love. good afternoon everybody let's step outside. the clouds we started with some areas of patchy dense fog out of here. we have mid and high level clouds. take a look at the flag there on the pier. you see it is blowing. right now we are in the 50s. santa rosa jumps up to 60 degrees at this lunchtime.
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here is a look at our seashore right now over the ocean beach we have partly cloudy skies. mild temperature and good air quality. we do have the king tides . we already had high tides today. tomorrow, 10:46 a possibility of more coastal flooding and strong rip currents for the low tides. a 68 degrees at the beach. wow, that's approaching 70 degrees on the seashore. we have clouds continuing drift a to drift ahead over the area. this is not going anywhere very quickly. wait until you see the seven-day forecast . we do not have a rain drop in sight. meanwhile, it is currently 54 going up to 56 in sacramento. 62 degrees in monterey bay.
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the sun goes down at 5:18, i am happy about that that we are getting a couple of runs in the afternoon. over night lows 39 to 47 degrees. that's our highs today. 64 in san jose. our average high temperature there this time of the year is in the upper 50s. all right this is what i was promoting the seven-day forecast and boy we are talking about near or record warmth by saturday and sunday. we'll start to see the air back into play by wednesday and friday. >> what you said this morning is all wrong. >> it is wrong. >> we are supposed to be in the 50s. we need rain. i adopt see anything coming up don't see anything coming up. >> see if you can fix that. people in boston are matching on this mlk day calling attentions that's affecting
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african-americans. they are protesting in police brutality and economic situations. it is ending at the african meeting house there. the length is to symbolize the four and a half hours that michael brown was left on the ground after being shot in ferguson last august. . >> in the midwest it is an annual tradition orgas are hoping to -- investigation continues into a drive by shooting on saturday night outside the home of vice president joe biden. >> craig boswell has the latest. he talked about the divide between police and minority communities and the dangers both sides face.
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>> authorities are checking to see if any bullets hit his home in delaware after shots rang out on friday night. shots came from a vehicle on the public road outside the security perimeter. the agent stationed at the top of biden's drive way sa vehicle speeding away. the vice president and his wife was out eating. police are still looking for that vehicle. the shooting highlights the need for greater security at the vice president's residence. >> they really are not prepared for a major attack using heavy equipment or explosives. >> they have gone through an a
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few shake ups last september. craig boswell, cbs news washington. >> police also reported fires being shot around the area. it is unknown if there is any connection. there is nothing better than a big bowl of soup to warm you up on this chilly holiday. we want to invite you pet lovers to send us questions of
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well everyday is a good day for some soups. >> absolutely, on this holiday. we have a bowl here that you cannot just put down. >> we are going to do something healthy this time of the year. >> what we have is a wheat berry soup. we are using pinto beans. they're healthy and they're really good. we start off with the onions and garlic and we carmelize them decided with the whaet wheat berries and the beans. >> you are not using any stalk,
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right? >> yes you come back around when you plate it. right on top just like that. and a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. i am done. i may have a little bit there. >> thank you it is beautiful. look at that soup, it is boufl. beautiful. fantasy football is not considered as illegal gambling. players paid to give in with the potential of winning big. they're not considered gambling because they are still involved in picking a team. one fantasy player says he spends about $30 a week to play but he says that's mild. >> i know a lot of people spending a lot of money and some people are addicted to it. i know a guy that spends about $200 or $300 a day on it.
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>> that's a lot. fantasy football players spend an average of 20 hours a week researching their teams. >> they only play once a week though. >> if you have any questions of
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coming up tonight at 5:00. the scary side effects of pizzas. the damage that's doing to kids. that story and more coming up tonight at 5:00. >> all right that's going to do it for our kpix 5 at noon. >> it is a beautiful weather outside. >> do you
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>> bill: i have an important announcement to make. two, actually. well, don't all jump up and down at once. >> katie: everything you say you think is important. >> bill: and anybody on my payroll better think so, too. >> jarrett: are we all fired? >> bill: jarrett. >> jarrett: just me? >> ivy: hey. sorry i'm late. parking, traffic. i'm not used to l.a. yet. >> liam: hey, so, we're actually in the middle of a meeting right now. >> ivy: oh, no, i know. your dad called me yesterday. >> bill: from san diego. when i took a break from hobnobbing with all the military magazine brass. just thought ivy might like to be here when i named liam as president of spencer publications. >> liam: what? >> katie: that's why we're here. congratulations. >> justin: nice. >> liam: [ laughs ] [ birds chirping ]


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