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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 19, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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slow going. kpix -- andrea is where she's seen drivers turn around. >>reporter: it was reopened. and take a look. it's completely open here at this point. the protest again just before 5:00. the westbound lanes on the san mateo bridge at the high rise. protestors got out of their cars and they stopped traffic. that's what they did. the chp was prepared for the protestors. they closed the toll plaza plus the highway 92 -- that jammed traffic up. drivers were stuck here for quite some time. half an hour not moving. many tried to turn around. many were very annoyed to have their evening commute disrupted. >> they're not an accomplishing anything because all it does is anger people. i'm trying to get home like everybody else is on
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this bridge. it's pointless in my opinion. >> there were 63 students involved in this protest according to an account called valley shut down. they used the hashtag, shut it down and reclaim mlk. they designed what they wanted their protest to be about. at this point we're not seeing anymore traffic. the protest has been off the bridge. we're waiting to hear from the chp to see how many arrest there were. live on san mateo bridge. >> it looked like the protestors had a flag. we'll see what that was about. bart station was closed down. bart trains were running before 5:00, but the holdup caused a headache for hundreds of warrior fans getting out of ore cal arena. people took pictures of the back up. they
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were mixed with the commuters. this was the combination of a protest that started earlier today. demonstrators say they're taking a stand against poverty and violence. this is what the crowd looked like at the fruit veil bart station where officer grant was killed in 2009. they were marched to reclaim king's solidarity. today's march is apart of 96 hours of demonstrations during king. they said the war on black people need to end. those had a wake up call for the oakland's mayor. kpix matir shows us that she gets the message, right, phil. >>reporter: here's the story. they arrived at the new mayor's doorstep at 5:00 in the morning armed with banners and a large
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dream sign and signs of "wake up wake up." >> we said it loudy so -- we said it cloudy-- we said it loudly. >> we thought it was imperative for us to wake her up and have a people's inauguration. >> protestors were particularly upset over mayor shaft touring the city with police. >> she'll hear blacks. >> shaft who is apart of the art's community while touring around the community puts her -- she made her way through various martin luther king jr. celebrations. >> the demonstration was
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disrespectful and thankfully my children slept through it. >> isn't it noisy for the neighbors. i do apologize to my neighbors. there's cost to living near a public figure. >> by afternoon the signs were on the streets and fear still many the neighbor's mind. none who wanted to go on camera. >> they're disrespectful to crenshaw neighborhood at 5:00 in the morning for things that happen in missouri. >> i don't think it was personal. i think i'm seeing as a representative. >> were you surprised? >> i was not expecting the protestors. >> are you going to be back at her house again? >> only time will tell. >> her job doesn't stop or start here at city hall. they're going to be watching her
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everywhere she go. in oakland back to you. you. kpix kit is talking about why the annual event is coming to an end. >> at the train station it's history within history. after 30 years the freedom train is making its last run in the bay area and in country. what's going through your heart? >> sad. this shouldn't be the last one. >> with all the killings going on. they should be on this train protesting what's going on not tearing up the community that people work on. >> with word getting out that this is it, the train sold out. it was one last time to teach the kids about history. >> we get a sense of community
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and love and to be appreciative of those who has gone before them. >> scott king launched trains to commemorate the 1965 selma march. mrs. king chose the san francisco route because the distance is the same on -- they demanded voting rights for african rights. >> what he stood for is lifelong. it's not something that transpires and happens. >> you don't think this is going to go away? >> absolutely not. >> the hope today with enough attention, passion will reignite and the train may one day ride again. in san jose, kit kpix 5. . san francisco police are investigating a smash and grab.
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the suspects knew what they were doing. joe joins us. >>reporter: police are looking for two suspects. they say they were wearing mask and gloves and they barbed through the front entrance of the store on north point. this happened around 3:30 this morning. police say burglars were in a u-hall and they drove through the front of the store. there was at least one other accomplice maybe more. police say they stole jackets and shirts. jackets could cost as much as $600 and operation lasted less than a minute. free lance brian says he was on his way to shoot video of this scene when he spotted the u-hall driving recklessly. >> basically through every red light. they lost me because they were going to fast.
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they were going i would say 80 miles-an-hour. comedy called the police and followed for a short while as the driver went the wrong way. the police spotted the u-haul but they called off the chase because it was too dangerous. the suspects are out there some wherement. police are asking for help. witnesses got a partial license plate, ag 135. it may be an arizona license plate. we're learning about a bomb threat. it landed safely at jfk. the plane is at a remote part of the airport. passengers have been escorted off of that plane. they've been put on bus and their bags will be rescreened. the flight left at 11:41 from sfo this morning.
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our sister station in new york tells us the threat came in at some point while the flight was in the air. according to the delta website flight 468 start at sfo. the -- the second is on another plane but it's the same flight number. if we get more information, we'll pass it onto you. a woman's body wash ashore. jag jogger s-- joggers spotted the body. they believe she may have floated for a long time. police says there's no obvious signs of death. a big pile of debris was leftover from one of the fires that burned a pickup truck. this one was started around 4:00 a.m. near 19th and castro street. a few blocks later and 30 minutes later fires were set
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out on two houses across the street from each other. one home has $20,000 worth of damage and no one was injured. they're looking to see if it -- local air quality officials are considering a crack down on smoking. it's not cigarettes they're worried about. kpix mike sugarman shows us it's that grille you're standing in front of. mike. >>reporter: we're in my backyard, this is my weekend hon hobby. i like to smoke meat and a cigar. sometimes just a simple chicken it's a beer can chicken, i get fancy sometimes. i'm smoking a pa trom mee. you can see there's a lot of smoke in the air. i can do this any day of the year, even spare the air days, smoke a cigar too. some of that might be changing though. >> on a spare of the day area, you're not supposed to have a
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fire in the fireplace. it's a $400 fine, but firewood burning grille burn on. >> you can smell the odor and it's releasing a part cal's unhealthy. >> my throat starts burning. >> robin is tired of it and she blames backyard wood smoking. >> i'm here at 2:00 in the morning breathing smokes. >> even with the windows closed? >> even with smoke. >> wood burn is okay with a fireplace is your own source of heat unless it has to do with heat. they're hearing that thing could change. >> we're going to have more public engagement and reexam the
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rule in that way. >> there's barbecues are fisher. >> we can make our own choices but we can be responsible without someone telling us how to live. >> hearing wills be held over the next couple of months. >> here thing about smoking meat. it takes ten hours sometimes to smoke a good pastami and these hearings will start in the next few weeks. >> you got to love them. >> we're not invited for dinner. >> come on, mike. still ahead the new rules in place to keep the flu out. black ice sends driver slipping and sliding. thousands of accidents because of this and one caught on camera. . kind of like summer.
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temperatures in the 60s. we'll have a record what? the answer coming up. we're keeping an eye on the san mateo bridge. as ♪ at kaiser permanente
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>> governor brown and uc president janet want to work together to study us finances. they plan to ask for a two-person committee. they want to look for ways to save money and help students complete their studies quickly. the governor came up with the plan after raying the tuition. something the governor objects to. pope francis -- on his three city visit later this year.
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the pope will cannize during the washington leg of his trip. father sarah founded the first seven of 21 missions and found the state's first winery. in you're sick, don't bother seeing anyone laid up in the hospital because they won't let you in. lynn ramirez tells us why tough restrictions are going into effect at many bay area hospitals. lynn. >>reporter: the through is hitting people in the bay area pretty hard and that's forcing hospitals into tough decisions who to let in and who to keep out. four hospitals here in the south bay are restricting children under the age of 16 from visiting patients in their room unless -- kids are the likely carriers of the virus. this year's flu vaccine is 23 percent effective but doctors say it is still the best thing to avoid getting the flu. >> so, step 1 get your flu shot
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even though the strain this year is different than the vaccine has shown it will reduce your symptoms and it's the best defense we have for influenza. >> beside the vaccine and hand sanitizer is a must. avoid crowded spaces and wear a mask if you go out. flu season was slow to get here on west coast but it's here now and expected to last until april. lynn ramirez, kpix 5. >> those cases are going to be kept in space. >> bay area kids are not getting their children vaccinated. nearly 23% of kids in valleo don't have a vaccination. it's lower in northern san francisco county and southern marin along
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with is an sanoma. they say people parents are hesitant to vaccinate their children because of health effects. this is during an outbreak of measles. >> this is a vaccination that should be given to every child. >> it involved 51 patients and most of the cases have been linked to disney theme park in anaheim. there's birds being killed in the bay. dying birds have been washing up along the east bay shoreline in recent days. they're all coded in some sort of thick goo. its not oil and it didn't float. diving birds are getting the wort. many effected birds are being treated
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at the bird rescue center in fairfield. >> they're getting treated. >> nearly 30 dead birds were recovered and there's a sample of the mystery substance but they're saying it could take up to two weeks to identify. a semi-almost crashed into his car and he caught it on tape. the driver was pulled over on interstate 95 near new run wick. the semi-truck comes from behind, swerves misses the car, but flies over the median. missed him by a few feet. more than 5,000 accidents were reported in several different states, most of this trouble is because of black ice. apparently it was raining and freezing immediately when it hit the ground. all have i to say we're lucky we're on the east coast. >> that's crazy and i-95 is not a lightly traveled road.
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>> that's trucks and car. when we have a ridge of high pressure on this coast someone is paying the price downstream and that's [inaudible]. about 20 million people. big outdoors here, it's the coolest day of the week. look at this. 60s and it will be chilliest day of the week. mind you january. concord, san jose daily city, you hit 60 today. gill roy 65. oakland you were the exception, not the rule. 6 -- 69 degrees. we'll have high tides tomorrow morning between 9:00 and 1 1:00 when the king tides go out that's when we have a high rip current. the weather will be enticing but watch out for increasing danger when it comes to rip currents. coming up tomorrow and wednesday in the afternoon at low tide. it's a ridge of high pressure. where is that ridge right now? i'm here to answer it for you. sending off the southern california coast and that's why tomorrow we'll have high cloud
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cover rolling over the ridge into the bay area. that's also why we'll have another morning with some fog out there but watch what happens as we move through the week. the ridge plops to the -- it will be bigger and stronger and very warm very dry. record highs are possible this weekend. how warm do we have to get for the record? 75 degrees. you may get there on sunday. concord, 6 -- 62. here we go. wednesday, thursday, upper 60s. friday low 70s. look at the weekend. there goes the beach. 70. want to hang out inland and doing shopping at walnut creek 74. there's a chance of a wind pattern the way it is. santa cruz may hit 80. in santa cruz on the boardwalk.
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>> it's not funny. >> this is why we live on this coast. >> we need bounds. >> yeah, we're out of bounds. >> thank you. now hiring. facebook looks to fill -- the social media giant ex-pants. forget about running
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-- facebook is hanging out help wanted signs. many are in advertising sells but they're looking to move facebook into different areas such as using drones to expand internet access. a bay area -- it's wheels. kpix garen on the new sport skateboard created by a new york
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college student. >> it's like any piece of wood on wheel but take a closer look. 20 miles per hour fast. no pushing required. it's called the z-board, a one of kind electronic skateboard. it has weight sensing foot pads to you lean forward to go and lean back to stop or reverse. >> you don't hold a hand controller when you're surfing or skateboarding or snow boarding. we feel that the control scheme is more like normal board skating. >> it has head lights and taillights and goes 16 miles on a single charge and ben forman said in a city with over crowding transit it makes it a cruise. the stshgs-board started out as a college project. >> we were looking for a way to
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get to class. >> he was a major at usc and he was a lazy one. >> we wanted to get there as quickly as possible and we didn't want to spoke. >> it caught people's attention. >> people would take their head phones off and say where can i buy the. >> his new career took off and so did the z-board popular. thousands have been sold in dozen of countries. >> we'll see people riding it on the street and when you see it in real life, it a totally different thing. >> just to think it started because he wanted to find a better way to get to class. >> the z-board released its second generation board after raises four times its crowd funding goal. sometimes it pays to be lazy. >> i'm ready to invest in that or buy one. one or the other.
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>> i can see allen on that board. >> in my suit and tie. coming up, a look at martin luther king jr. last speech in the bay area. >> his message more than 40 year
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>> it has been more than 40 year since his last bay area speech. dr. martin luther king jr. message still rings true. >> as long as justice is postponed, along as these problems are there, we are on verge of social disruption. >> martin luther king jr. was an insightful man in predicting the few >> his last visit was one year to the date before he was killed. kpix angelo talks about how king's message is important then as it is today. >> it's a reflection on the whole nation. we wouldn't have
6:31 pm
had that violence if the nation had moved forth right honestly. >> martin luther king jr. in san francisco, july 1966 in the mist of the civil rights movement. but if you didn't know better, you might think he was talking about current events. >> this day would apply especially what's happening in ferguson and in cleveland and in new york. >> martin luther king was an insightful man in predicting the future. >> the question was where did we go from here, but some wonder how far we've come. >> i feel like we've taken steps backwards and that's what makes me sad. >> listen to his speech in '66 and '67 it's like time has stood still. >> we can't sit on our stools and not do nothing and not try
6:32 pm
to solve these problems. >> his call to action in february of 1967, now picked up by a generation who march with a slogan black lives matter. king challenged our government to do more to provide opportunities. billions were being spent on military and the moon --. >> our government can pull --. >> that sounds like the war in iraq in afghanistan. >> we continue outside of our boundaries in the united states. we don't care of our own. >> it's in the eyes of beholder if kings words still relevant today are sobering. >> why are we repeating all the hard work that the workers did in those day. we're moving forward. we have a black president. we have blacks in
6:33 pm
every major business in america. >> why does king's words continue to inspire those today? one explanation the truth is timeless. ann, kpix 5. >> to see a list of local connections to martin luther king jr. as well as possible historical photos, go to joe biden spoke at an event today. he used quotes from the leader as an inspiration to close the gap between police and minority communities. >> we have to bridge that separation, particularly society as a whole but particularly between police and the community. >> the first family was amongst thousands of volunteers would took part in service today. they worked along senior wine house officials at the boys and girls club in washington dc.
6:34 pm
the president is talking about his his new proposal will strengthen the class. see sdanuzanne has a beginning --. >> he was working with his speech. >> these are the americans i'm working for each day. >> we got a preview of what's to come. >> how to build on our momentum with growing incomes and a stronger middle-class. >> senior wine house officials disclosed details saying the president will raise the capital gains rate on the wealthiest americans and -- the loophole and imposing new fees on wall street. >> the government would use the money generated over 10 years to fund college tuition for students and tax credits. >> i think we should have a debate between economics and see
6:35 pm
if we can come to an agreement. >> it's clear many of the president's proposals will be dead on arrival here on capital hill with republicans now controlling both houses of congress. >> raising taxes on people who are successful are not going to make those successful. washington. >> you can watch the presidenteastate of the union address at 6:00 right here - you can watch the president's state of the union address right here at 6:00. tens of thousands of people may have to look elsewhere for health care. >>reporter: sutter house networks of doctors and 33 -- blue shields says if it can't
6:36 pm
reach an agreement many will have to find more doctor. one hundred thousand will get word they have to pay higher rates. the irs has a warning tonight as well. millions of tax payers refunds could be delayed this year. the warning comes as congress threaten to cut the irs funding. the agency has already said there's a possibility of a short term shut down. it's eliminating overtime. the head of the agency said the irs budget cut is really a tax cut. we're looking closely at returns. eventually they'll probably take a look. whether you're rooting for the seahawks or the patriots, i think the super bowl is going to cost you big. the average ticket for the big game, 3,950ed. the3
6:37 pm
thousand 9 hundred 5 owe -- if you're willing to wait two weeks before the big game, you can save big. but the $3900 may be a bargain considering that the highest priced ticket are listing for $18,000? really. >> makes it seem cheap. >> if you have to be there have you to be there. >> thanks, joy. letters and numbers and symbols to life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups.
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you can find a new frontier. there's nothing stopping you and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise. it's never been better to wander because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can. your face or your heart beat could actually be the key to a future without all those passwords and pin numbers. >> tech companies are looking for ways to use your body to
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sign into accounts to make payments. they use facial recognition to unlock your device. it then automatically fills in your password, so you don't have to remember them. mini band gets to know you through your heart beat. >> it's the unique characteristics within your ekg. that's how we create the digital signature. >> they're working with master card. >> what happens if they hack your mini van then you're in big trouble. people ahead to tahoe to enjoy the snow, and now businesses are hoping to attract customers. >> coming up, we'll look at the weather. >> look at the fog on san jose. it stuck around, but finally you got some sunshine. wait million
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you see how warm it's going to be. coming up, the warriors go for their fastest start ever. and the super bowl is set and in the seahawks are all right. not all right. the new
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are you feeling under the weather? well you're not alone. in fact, so many people are sick these day cold medicine is in short supply. tonight, the cough syrup crisis. i'll have that at 10:00 on our sister station. 44 cable 12. a new business is getting ready to open. we see the new $6 million hard rock casino is banking on it. >> 40 years ago elvis presley had a hotel room up there but that was before this hotel was a hard rock casino and now $60 million in the making.
6:45 pm
it's almost ready for opening day. >> contractors are putting the final touches on hard rock casino and hotel. >> everyone is familiar with the hard rock. >> we're talking about 550 rooms complete with an 1800 elvis room. the hotel plans to bank on its famous rock and roll edge. >> the environment that we're going to create with the memorable is just cruel. >> reservations for opening weekend are nearly sold out. >> the more the merrier but for older people who live here would like to keep it low key. >> they're teaming up offering ski packages but non ski parties like the unbuckle party. tahoe
6:46 pm
is becoming less dependent on the snow. >> it's so much going on. >> the resort is also sending millions to spruce up its image. the hard rock is creating all the buzz shs less than two weeks from its grand opening. >> the hard work is going to open on january 28th. lots to do in the sierra. we're sitting at 63% of average when it comes to the snow pack. not in the cards for this week. what is in the cards? a lot of warm weather. peek outdoors and pyramid from our roof top. what a great look. oakland, you're done to 59 and you nearly hit 79 today. great shot here of the sunsetting. from the explore yum looking over san francisco bay toward oakland and not a cloud in the sky this afternoon. but we did have a lot of cloud cover on the ground.
6:47 pm
some measurable rainfall. a few of you e-mailed towards mountain view and puddles on the road. and officially one one hundredth of an inch in san jose. drippy that's it. it may be the only rain we get. oakland, 48 degrees. let's look at the rainfall because this is all we have received for the entire month. san jose, 2 one hundredth of an inch. nothing? san francisco and in san jose. we have receive d about 1 percent of that so far. that number is going to go down because if anything it's going to get dryer. it's going to be warmer as we head toward the weekend. the ridge of high pressure is to our west. you see the pressure going east to west at the top of the ridge. that will gifsh give-- this will give us filtered sunshine.
6:48 pm
beginning thursday you'll notice the difference. no fog in the morning. it will feel warm outside. that the beginning. friday it's going to be warmer and sart it's going -- and saturday it's going to be warmer. warm and dry and we see record highs will fall weekend. foggy start tomorrow, but temperatures will warm up each day all week long. up to the point where we get near the record highs weekend. the cooler weather to start tomorrow is average. you'll be three degrees better than that. fremont, 62. very foggy up and down 680 as you trop the kids off to school. san ramon 63. alameda, 63. you get some sunshine in the afternoon a high of 61 degrees. you think this was an april forecast. this is january. look at the weekend. 70 degrees even at the beach. mid-70s inland. it's not going to get wetter. it's going to
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>> a quick update before we get to sports. traffic on the san mateo bridge is back to normal. this is after protestors caused
6:52 pm
a shut down on the westbound side of that bridge. i have no idea what it's like in kansas city much the warriors have -- going for their 16th straight at home which hasn't happened since eisenhower was in office. denver scored 15 points into the fourth quarter and defense all over the plays. look at the pass. clay thompson to curry. warriors get up by 27 points in the half time. they kept the pedal to the metal. he's scored 11 straight. scott, steve and put in james who just got called up from santa cruz yesterday. he had 11 points and all 13 warriors scored. they beat denver. they tie a franchise record for 16 consecutive home wins.
6:53 pm
>> was it an obvious thing when you were a player coming here and maybe knowing that golden state wasn't -- the defense wasn't a staple here? >> yeah, its pretty obvious. >> you were [inaudible]. how was it against harris? >> why would i answer that? >> next question. >> all right. we have breaking news out of raider head quarters. bill has been named the new offensive quarter. he was a quarterback for the 49ers in the 90s and coached the eagle's quarterback last season. he had a better day than aaron roger. >> we had missed opportunities we'll probably think about the rest of my career. >> no doubt the packers quarterback -- when he woke up this morning. seattle scored 21 points in five minutes. capped by jermaine game winner in overtime. a lock up for the trip in overtime.
6:54 pm
the former stanford -- he had a settle message for the media. >> they were espn affiliates again. come on, man. we ain't going to lose sleep over these guy. we're going to show our [bleep]. >> yeah, we're all right. we're going to go to the super bowl again being all right. how many of you all doubted us? if you don't want to believe in us, that's okay. we're going to believe in our self. >> the nfl opened up an investigation. the league is trying to find out whether new england deflated football. it's supposed to be easier to grip with a deflated football. new england could lose a draft pick in found guilty.
6:55 pm
if you took your car in for an oil change and spent $700, this is what you missed. tiger woods had a tooth knocked out when a camera man bumped into him. the higher you fly, the harder you're going to fall. oh! looks like that hurt. a couple of touchdown in both games yesterday. first in seattle. a fake field goal executed perfectly by joel ryan. another big guy touchdown in new england. and nate, the big man's first career touchdown. look at there. golf warrior mcilroy hole in run from 177 yards. he finished one shot at a first. only warrior could turn -- curry fumbles the ball
6:56 pm
and floats a nolan pass to hair son. they had 48 wins when they won their nba championship in 1975 in the regular season. right now they're 33-6. >> they're rocking. >> can i tell you -- he lost to -- 1984 when ronald reagan was president. >> thank you very much. 700 bucks for an oil change. >> i bring the car and minding my own business and everything else is -- $700. >> you're lucky. they'll see you i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! ["family feud" theme playing] give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: good job. thank you very much. appreciate you now. thank you very much. i appreciate y'all. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their fifth and final day, with a total 21,475 bucks, from the boogie-down bronx it's the rosado family! audience: [cheering] steve: and from marietta georgia, it's the neubert family! audience: [cheering] steve: well, everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash, and remember today, folks, if the rosado family wins today's game
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