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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 20, 2015 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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the president's own state department has said keystone's construction could support thousands of jobs and pump billions into our economy and do it with minimal environmental impact. we worked with democrats to pass this bill through the house. we're doing the same now in the senate. president obama will soon have a decision to make: will he sign the bill or block good american jobs? there's a lot we can achieve if we work together. let's tear down trade barriers in places like europe and the pacific. let's sell more of what we make and grow in america over there so we can boost manufacturing, wages and jobs right here at home. let's simplify america's outdated and loophole-ridden tax
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code. republicans think tax filing should be easier for you, not just the well-connected. so let's iron out loopholes to lower rates and create jobs, not pay for more government spending. the president has already expressed some support for these kinds of ideas. we're calling on him now to cooperate to pass them. you'll see a lot of serious workf in this new congress. some of it will occur where i stand tonight, in the armed services committee room. this is where i'll join committee colleagues-- republicans and democrats-- to discuss ways to support our exceptional military and its mission. this is where we'll debate strategies to confront terrorism and the threats posed by al qaeda, isil and those radicalized by them.
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we know threats like these can't just be wished away. we've been reminded of terrorism's reach both at home and abroad-- most recently in france and nigeria, but also in places like canada and australia. our hearts go out to all the innocent victims of terrorism and their loved ones. we can only imagine the depth of their grief. for two decades, i've proudly worn our nation's uniform-- today, as a lieutenant colonel in the iowa army national guard. while deployed overseas with some of america's finest men and women, i've seen just how dangerous these kinds of threats can be. the forces of violence and oppression don't care about the innocent. we need a comprehensive plan to defeat them.
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we must also honor america's veterans. these men and women have sacrificed so much in defense of our freedoms and our way of life. they deserve nothing less than the benefits they were promised and a quality of care we can all all be proud of. these are important issues the new congress plans to address. we'll also keep fighting to repeal and replace a health care law that's hurt so many hardworking families. we'll work to correct executive over-reach. we'll propose ideas that aim to cut wasteful spending and balance the budget with meaningful reforms, not higher taxes like the president has proposed. we'll advance solutions to prevent the kind of cyberattacks we've seen recently. we'll work to confront iran's nuclear ambitions.
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and we'll defend life, because protecting our most vulnerable is an important measure of any society. congress is back to work on your behalf, ready to make washington focus on your concerns again. we know america faces big challenges, but history has shown there's nothing our nation and our people can't accomplish. just look at my parents and grandparents. they had very little to call their own except the sweat on their brow and the dirt on their hands. but they worked, they sacrificed, and they dreamed big dreams for their children and grandchildren. and because they did, an ordinary iowan like me has had some truly extraordinary opportunities because they showed me that you don't need to come from wealth or privilege to
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make a difference. you just need the freedom to dream big and a whole lot of hard work. the new republican congress you elected is working to make washington understand that, too. and with a little cooperation from the president, we can get washington working again. thank you for allowing me to speak with you tonight. may god bless this great country of ours, the brave a of ours, the brave americans serving in uniform on our behalf, and you, the hardworking men and women who make the united states of america the greatest nation the world has ever known. >> pelley: joni ernst the new senator from the state of iowa, a soldier a mom a woman who rides a harley, and teaches sunday school. bob schieffer the republicans and the president both speaking to the aspirations of the middle
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class tonight. >> schieffer: well, i thought it was interesting that the republicans would pick senator ernst, because republicans know they've got a problem. they don't want people tong they're just a bunch of old white guys. and here you had this very articulate woman smart-- as you say, has all this resume. but they're trying to send a signal, too. and i thought her speech was very much-- it was really not very political. she made some very nice points, but i thought she strike a very nice tone. >> pelley: thank you bob very much. there will be more about the state of the union on your late local news, on this cbs station first thing tomorrow, of course, on "cbs this morning." vice president joe biden will be a guest. and there's more coverage our 24-hour digital news network cbs"n." it's available on all devices on with thanks to the jones day law firm for this view of the capitol, i'm scott pelley, and i'll see you tomorrow on the cbs
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i'm veronica de la cruz. you've been watching cbs coverage of president obama's state of the good evening and welcome to a special edition of kpix news. you have been watching cbs coverage of the state of the union address. tonight the president said america is turning the page after years of war and recession. he used his state of the union address to our fwu for a $3 -- argue for a $320 million tax
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hike. including free community college tuition, and more generous tax credits and benefit for working families. >> things like child care and sick leave and equal pay things like lore mortgage premiums and a highier men muj wage. these -- higher minimum wage. these ideas will make a big difference in many families. that's a fact. that's what all of us, republicans and democrats alike [ indiscernible ] >> the president also asked congress for a new war aught riization to -- aught ryizationization to fight isis. -- authorization to fight isis. >> we see the hurt caused by canceled health care plans and higher monthly insurance bills. we see too many moms and dads
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put their own dreams on hold while growing more fear full about the kind of future they will be able to leave to their children. america's have -- americans have been hurting. when we demanded solutions too often washington responded with the same steal mind set that led -- stale mind set that led to fail policies like obama care. it's a mind set that gave police talking poe -- political talking points not serious solutions. >> we have the entire text of the address posted online at contra costa supts formally with -- superintendents formally with drew. they are facing a lawsuit from some city employees. >> it as clear violation of our rights. >> he says the lawsuit his union
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filed in federal court stem from a series of threats by two county superintendents that led the effort to -- supervoice ors to -- vooup vice ors to vote them -- supervice ors to vote themselves. >> they were trying to keep them from going through with their pay raise. according to the lay suit the board member say the deputies association made bad deskigs and it is not going -- decision and it is not going to end well with you guys. >> they are not in negotiations right now. according to the lawsuit the they made it clear because of the support of the petition things would end badly and that they would be coming after the association. >> this is the exactly type of behavior that citizens don't want to see. if they have a problem with their local government officials they should be able to speak up. they should be able to address
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the situation without fear of retaliation. >> the lawsuit also claims she threatened chuck reed type pension reform. there as reference to changes to the pension plan in san jose. >> i think at this point the best approach according to the county counsel is not to comment on the lawsuit. >> is it true? these things said? >> let me say i can tell you personally as a member of this board we deal very fairly with our labor union. >> back to you. >> joe tells us even though the board voted, they did order county staffer to keep looking for way -- staff to keep looking for ways to raise their salary. they are working to repair a high pressure gas line that was ruptured today. construction workers hit the 4 inch line. chopper 5 was overhead as crews
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sprayed soapy water opt street to pinpoint -- on the street to pinpoint that leak. a dozen businesses were evacuated. they are investigating a bizarre and deadly crash. a woman standing on a sidewalk was killed when an suv overturned on top of her. police say the suv collided with another car this afternoon. the force of the impact sending the suv rolling on to the sidewalk. the woman what was crashed died at a nearby hospital. within the past 30 minutes police reopened that intersection power is back onto all customers who lost it this afternoon in the east bay. 29,0 # 0 customer -- 29,000 kus mers sh customers lost power -- customers long power all
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together in berkeley. trains were running but didn't stop at the station. firefighters were called to berkeley city hall after reports that someone was stuck in an elevator there. they are still working to figure out what caused the outage. a mystery gunk is covering by area birds and killing them. the problem might be spreading. mike on the birds that are now turning up in new places around the bay. >> the humans here have been devoting their energy to the east bay shores. that's where all of the 400 birds have been found until today. >> just this morning we had a report that there were three animals shg only three birds found -- only three birds found there. which is not good but it's also not the end of the world. >> it was to them, they died. rescuers didn't find this odd. it doesn't seem to have spread.
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>> it disables them from being water proof. it gets in the for thors and the water gets to the skin. normally the water stays on the outside and doesn't get in. >> mark has been able to live up to his group's name mostly. so far one hundred have died. >> they are the lucky ducks. they have been found and are being taken care of. the feeding is only one suspect of this operation. the other is a deep and dark mystery. >> this case gets more complicated as we go along. our first priority is find out what it is. second priority is where it came from. third is someone responsible? >> sit from a ship or land is it being done deliberately? that's what investigator are looking into it. while rest cures are going about the business of -- rest cures are going about the -- rescuers are going about the business of rescuing. >> they are asking for
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volunteering to find other distressed birds. they are asking people to veg terrorism fird. you can go to -- register first. you can go to to register. coming up soon it will be all about the heat. find out how
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so you can. just a year away from super bowl 50 here in the area. they are heading to arizona next week for a little crash course on how to be a host city. >> santa clara has been designated in all of america city. in a year from now all of america will be coming here. >> super bowl is the biggest event worldwide on an an yell basis. there is a -- an yell basis.
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there as lot of details that need be the taken care of. >> so a group of about 20 city workers will travel to next month's game in arizona to learn as much as they can. >> the event is overwhelming. it's huge is spectacular. we expect to find a lot of things that we are going to need to plan for over the next 11 months. >> for exam testimony fire departments will take -- example the fire department will take notes. building inspectors will examine structures. police will study security measures. >> it ace target for a to -- it's a target for a potential terrorist event. we want to do everything we can to protect people. >> they will be studying power needs so this is no repeat of the embarrassing black out during the super bowl two years ago. there as lot to learn and oh not a lot of time to horse around. >> we're there to train learn and bring back.
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not to watch the game. >> when the final whistle blows in arizona the clock will begin running for santa clara to see how it performs in the biggest of the games. back to you. >> the city says the cost for the game will be paid bitorrent super bowl committee. a -- by the super bowl committee. this is time lapse video from our roof cam. don showses us how the tide -- shows us how the tides are affecting boaters and driver's. >> these tides are bringing some of the biggest tides he with see all year. >> almost several tone eight foot. that's -- seven to eight foot. >> an eight foot difference between high and low tide creates dramatic changes. four hours later low tide. this peer, high tide, now dry --
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pear high tide, now dry -- the golden gait bridge and move -- gate bridge and move it does. big tides create strong currents. water can sweep some boat office course. >> -- boats off course. >> you are floating towards the flats you don't want to go. fits getting dark then -- if it's getting dark then you could be in trouble. >> the high tide also flooded low streets. here cars drove past water over a foot deep. this is ocean salt water. the kind that corrodes steel and leaves salt deposits on paint. >> it's a very temporary situation. it's kind of fun to go see it. >> don ford tells us the king tide will make another appearance tomorrow. it will be a few inches shy of
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the 8 foot different we saw today. >> i have a friend that parked there twice and got flooded. the second time you should know better. well don't park there tomorrow. king tide is usually three or four day i event -- event. we're also going to get another day of sunshine. today was the coolest day of the week and it wasn't that chilly. san francisco you hit 62. widespread morning fog but lots of afternoon sunshine. san jose is one of the cooler spots at 60. oakland hit 63 today. radar, it's looking it's been looking all month long. coming up dry once again. for the next several days we will be rain free. we have a ridge of high pressure to our south. sit getting big xr -- it is getting bigger and stronger. it is going to be moving towards
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us the next several days. once it hits it's strongest will be saturday, sunday and monday. it will be warming up the atmosphere and warming us up into the 70s. likely if you are anywhere throughout the bay area you will be near 70 degrees for three straight days starting saturday. thankfully the ridge is going to move. a storm will pass by to our south and bring in some rainfall as soon as next tuesday. it's a long way out but at least we have a january rain chance. we will likely see some rain towards the middle of next week. it will be a foggy start tomorrow. a very sunny and warm weekend. we are going the get warmer first. oakland tomorrow, 66. san jose 63. union city 63. 61 in san francisco. clear lake 63 degrees. there was a lot of sunshine on this extented forecast. mid 7 -- extended forecast.
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mid 70s coming up on sunday.
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there are more cases of measles tied to disney land. tonight we found out some of the themies themselvess are -- employees are getting infected. we will have that story tonight at 10:00. we will see you then. now three puppys are going to need new homes that -- puppys are going to need new homes. that'sing after being stuffed in the -- that's after being thrown in the trash. they opened up the tied up bag and found these three puppies. after cleaning them up and feeding them they brought them to the animal shelter. they are going to be put up for adoption in the next few days. they will find homes. >> oh absolutely.
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