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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 21, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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in the weeks leading up to her death, brittany maynard became if anyone wants to hand me, like, a magical cure and save my life, you know, i will take them up on it. >> in the weeks leading up to
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her suicide, she became the face of the nation's "right to die" debate. she had to leave california to end her life. today the "right to die" with dignity debate heads to the state capital. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. it's a life-or-death decision that some california lawmakers want you to be able to make. anne makovec has more from the newsroom. >> reporter: it would allow california doctors to prescribe a lethal dose of medication to their patients. the lawmakers proposing it will be joined by the woman who inspired it. debra ziegler was with there with her daughter when she died. it happened in november less than a year after the 29-year- old was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer just weeks before her death, brittney speaking to cbs news about her decision.
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>> i wouldn't want to suffer for weeks or be unconscious or lose the ability to speak or all these terrible things that could happen. >> reporter: she went to oregon where they have legally assisted suicide. >> so we went from sheer agonizing terror to having a plan. >> reporter: today ziegler will join two state senators as california becomes the 14th state to take steps toward "right to die" legislation. >> i think brittany maynard galvanized, um, public opinion, it's a conversation that needs to happen across the country and in california and that's what this is about. >> what we're really looking at doing is creating a compassionate option for end of life choices. >> reporter: his bill is modeled off oregon's law. it would be limited to those with less than six months to live and requires patients take deadly medication themselves
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without help from a doctor. religious groups have condemned aid in dying legislation as against god's will. and the california medical association says it conflicts with the doctor's role as a healer. >> financial and emotional pressures can also make people choose death when it's not really their choice. it's in a sense a phony sense of freedom. >> reporter: for brittany maynard, she took her prescribed medication surrounded by the people she loved. >> objectively you look back and you say, thank heavens she went just so quickly so sweet. >> reporter: in case this new bill does not pass the legislature, a group of supporters is already discussing placing it before voters in 2016. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> right to the die legislation failed in california in 2005 and 2006 over objection from
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catholic and medical groups. a bird rescue center may have identified that mysterious goo that killed birds in the area. they think it's called polyice so butaline. it's used as a synthetic rubber or fuel additive. chemical prevents birds from keeping warm. wildlife officials say the goo is limited to the east bay. investigators closed a major intersection near levi's stadium in santa clara for most of the morning because of a fatal crash. just before 5:00 this morning, two cars collided head on, on tasman drive and great america parkway. the driver of the honda died at the scene. police placed evidence markers throughout the street hoping to piece together what happened. >> we are asking for if there's any persons out there who saw this crash early this morning, please give us a call. we're checking right now local businesses and so forth to see if anyone did see the collision. >> authorities are not releasing the name of the
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victim. the intersection reopened about 10:30. san francisco is saying good-bye to one of its giants world series trophies but just for a little while. kpix 5's keit do report. >> reporter: it's just before sunrise and we are boarding a virgin america flight from sfo to new york city even before the pilots gets on. when you're the world champions, you just a few minutes fly first class, you fly trophy class. >> all buckled up. >> reporter: if you are wondering, the 2014 world series trophies gets buckled and and has its own boarding pass. >> avoid the trophy wife jokes. >> reporter: it's all part of the pomp and circumstance of the month long trophy tour. this weekend, it's headed to one particular bar in new york city called finnerty's and here's why. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: when the giants won, the fans at finnerty's screamed for two minutes straight. it has become a home away from home for giants fans. ceo larry baer says going into
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new york can get political. what do you say to folks who think that this might be rubbing their noses in it taking it to the east coast? >> we were sensitive to that so we called the yankees and the mets. and certainly it's their area. they said we welcome the tradition and the ode to heritage of the giants. >> reporter: so why all the fanfare with virgin america airlines? it just inked a four-year deal with the giants that will keep them on as a sponsor until 2019. did you think there might be another championship in the pipeline? >> so far the momentum is every two years but we signed the agreement hoping it will be every year. that's the goal. >> reporter: sitting in the front of the plane on white leather seats with live tv and in-flight wi-fi, the 30-pound gold-plated trophy will get treated better than most of the passengers. >> i think it's going to be great but i love that first class seat the trophy has. >> reporter: you have to fly coach? >> exit row. >> reporter: so it's off to the
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big apple where twitter user joseph haas says the yankees couldn't buy it and the mets couldn't afford to compete for it. at sfo, kiet do, kpix 5. state attorneys general's office is hosting a forum in san francisco today on the use of surveillance technology by law enforcement. dozens of authorities and other experts discussed how law enforcement will use drones, stingrays and other technologies that could be considered invasive. one point was facial recognition technology. it allows officers to compare pictures to people to a database which would then identify that individual. >> face recognition images, photographs, can be collected from a distance without a person's knowledge. and then the person could be identified without his knowledge. >> so, for example, people involved in protests would not do so anonymously anymore with the use of this kind of technology. a former pinole police commander faces sentencing
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today in an elder abuse case. matthew messier was arrested in 2012 after pleasanton neighbors became suspicious he was trying to defraud an 84-year-old woman and get her estate. he was charged with grand theft, elder abuse and fraud. he struck a plea deal and pleaded guilty to a forgery charge. developing news. indonesia's top accident investigator says there are no signs of foul play in last month's crash of an airasia jetliner. 162 people were on board when the flight crashed into the java sea. authorities say the plane did climb at an abnormally high rate before plunging into the ocean. minutes before that, the pilots were denied permission to go to a higher altitude in order to avoid a storm. today kicks off the first of two days of negotiations between a state department delegation and cuban officials. u.s. delegation is traveling to havana to discuss migration issues and the restoration of full diplomatic ties with the
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country. it marks the highest level talks between cuba and the u.s. in 35 years. today's talks will cover everything from charter flights to havana to partnering on potential search-and-rescue missions. new details about the palestinian man accused of stabbing 11 people on a bus in tel aviv yesterday. police say the suspect is a man from the west bank and illegally entered the country. he was seen running from the bus. officers chased little down shot him in the leg. the stabbing is the latest lone wolf attack that has hit israel in recent months. today president obama travels to idaho and kansas to promote his programs to help the middle class. the president laid out his plans during last night's state of the union address. the plan includes raisings taxes on wealthy to fund middle class tax breaks. he said the improving economy is proof his policies have been good for america. >> all the president is saying is, don't stop the momentum now. you're acknowledging there's real momentum. now let's keep it going. let's get the middle class a
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better deal. >> republicans say their focus is also on the middle class but they disagree with how the president plans to pay for it. free speech groups are protesting across country today. they are holding what's being called a memorial for the first amendment. they say free speech died five years ago when the supreme court ruled in favor of unlimited campaign contributions by corporations and unions. protestors will hold a march starting in san francisco's financial district later this afternoon. there is so little snow, several sierra ski resorts have been forced to shut down. why forecasters are not optimistic about conditions in february. >> it's a very relationship- oriented show. >> yes. >> and i think that that has a lot to do with it. >> it's the bold and the beautiful. and it's been on the air for 25 years now. today we hear from two of the stars about what it's like to work on one of the most popular soap operas. >> we have the king tides. we have record warmth. and we have rain back in the
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forecast. the complete outlook as the news continues on kpix 5.
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taking a look at the big board now, the dow is up about 6 points. or 7 now. the university of california's governing board will be meeting in san francisco today taking a hard look at the uc's finances. governor jerry brown and the uc president plan to form a two- person committee in hopes of agreeing on how much state funding the uc system should receive. the 10-campus system says it needs more money from sacramento to avoid tuition hikes. two resorts have had to shut down.
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warm weather has forced badger pass and yosemite dodge ridge near sonora to close. and there are more above-normal temperatures in february causing the drought to worsen. your favorite pino is about to get pricier. demand and improving economy will drive up wine prices. after surveying 600 west coast wine rest, fine wine sales go up between 14 and 18%. so perhaps it's time to pour a nice cold ipa. >> or stock up. >> we have a rain-snow mix in the greater lake tahoe next tuesday. but we'll talk about that with the seven-day forecast. good afternoon, everybody. hits head out. we're actually taking a look at oakland right now and everybody is out and about doing whatever they need to do. under lots of sunshine. current air temperatures spans in the 50s across the board. the winds were fluctuating out of the east and the north up to
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5 miles per hour but we still have a little bit of haze right there peeking out from dublin, inspiration drive towards mount diablo in the danville area. some hazy sunshine. but seasonal high temperatures. the weekend, here's what you need to know. it's going to warm up to near or record warmth. and then, yes, we have rain returning to the bay area. at least a good possibility of it by tuesday into wednesday from subtropical moisture lifting south. right now we are dealing with the king tides it's the third and final day of the season. right now, that high tide at 7 feet, we do expect some strong rip currents by 6:30 tonight on the coast as well so be very mindful of that. today 68 degrees in santa cruz. all right, first off, this is the tule fog. gradually dissipating around the sacramento, stockton, merced and modesto areas. this is the leading edge of a weak disturbance. that's going to blow through tomorrow so we'll call it partly cloudy. this is a ridge of high pressure that is strengthening and as it does so that's going
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to bring us 70s through the weekend through monday. that's near record warmt. 67 in mendocino today. 45 degrees in truckee right now with the high of 51. we have skiing and boarding conditions for you: >> each day gradual warming after partly cloudy skies tomorrow. and then, yes, 75 degrees. again, what is that, from a inning? >> it's just wrong! >> it should not be that warm this time of the year, frank. rain hope for rain on tuesday. >> it's good on the weekend.
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>> we can have rain during the week, warm temperatures on the weekend. >> thanks. the bold and the beautiful has been on the air over 25 years and viewers are tuning in more than ever. >> they are. earlier today i chatted with stars heather tom and don diamante about their characters. >> i like to leave everything at the studio. you know, i love coming into the studio and putting katie's clothes on and kind of slipping into her shoes literally -- >> sometimes i look forward to putting katie's clothes on but that's another story. >> they will celebrate the 7,000th episode on friday with a look at the special moments throughout the decades. they film two shows a day and they say that's good. >> and it's very fast. but the nice thing is that you don't have time to second-guess yourself. you have to jump in and make big choices and, um, i find that to be very exciting as an
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actor. i think sometimes the first take is really the best take. >> and you can catch the special 7,000th episode here on kpix 5 friday after the noon news at 12:30. rideshare company lyft is ditching its signature pink moustache for something more suddenle. they are rolling out the glow stash in the next few weeks, something more subtle. it will float on the driver dashboards using magnets. lyft is trying to get funding to catch up to its rival uber. more and more often bay area jobs are offering flexible work hours and unconventional offices. coming up in today's jobs report, we look at the biggest risk of working from home. >> and a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, call us at at 888-5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now. we'll be right back.
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if you are looking for a sweet pick me up today, how about a melon? tony tantillo has the perfect honeydew. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is honeydew. right now they are being imported. they are not locally grown obviously. it's wintertime. but these offshore melons they are called because they come from the off shore, are coming in with good quality for this time of year. but selection and storage is very important or otherwise they takes like a cucumber. creammy color the better they will be. heavy for the size a small cavity inside there. when you bring them home, simply store them on the
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counter. now, honeydew, when you store them on the counter, unlike cantaloupe, they continue to sweeten. they are ready to enjoy when they are sticky. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. again, remember at the top a little bit of stickiness, they're beautiful. before we head to break, it's time for today's jobs report. jill schlesinger has tips on finding the job that lets you work from home. reporter: you have seen the ads and been tantalized by the concept but is working from home for you? the first hurdle is to find legitimate well paid positions because work at home scams abound. check companies with the better business bureau of the san francisco bay area to weed out the bad actors. you may also want to consider paying $15 a month for that site identifies jobs for flexible work and
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about checking the legitimacy of its listings before posting. flex jobs has a variety of categories but one that seems to be exploding is computer and information technology. these jobs can range from computer repair to website maintenance to internet security positions. and they are from a variety of industries. flex jobs also has the ability to search based on location. so you can review jobs available to anyone specifically located in california. according to the site,, dignity health and mckesson corporation are among the top 100 companies headquartered in the bay area for flexible jobs. and despite the fear of some employers that those who work from home are eating bonbons in their pjs, the biggest risk of working from home may be logging more hours than you would at a physical office. your best bet is to create daily work hours, stick with them, and be sure to turn everything off, shut the door and close up shop. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5
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coming up tonight at 5:00 a man fed up with his home decides to bulldoze it. only problem, his wife had no idea. why he tore it down without telling anyone. that story and much tonight at 5:00. i think i will tune in to watch that! >> i bet he is in a lot of
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trouble with his wife. >> hello. >> he bulldozed the home. >> could have just cleaned it. didn't have to bulldoze it. i was working on my tahoe report and something i really want to share with you one more time here. this is extraordinary because we are entering a weather pattern change in which we are going to be to see near to record warmth here in the bay area. friday high pressure builds in. extremely dry conditions the potential of high fire danger over the weekend through monday and near and record warmt
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>> rick: are you serious right now? >> liam: rick, you were out of line, and you know it. >> rick: you don't want to take me on. >> liam: of course i don't. but if i hear you yelling at them again, i will. >> rick: this is my company, my employees. i will speak to them however i need to. >> liam: no, no, no. not them. no, caroline is my cousin. ivy is my girlfriend. and if you disrespect them rick, you go through me. >> katie: forgotten how much i like that view. >> bill: want this office? i'll build out a new one. >> katie: wow. you're really working hard. >> bill: whatever it takes to get you back. >> katie: including bestowing me with a vice presidency? >> bill: i'm not gonna lie. sweetens the pot. but it is good business. you are exceptional in the


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