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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 21, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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of response when their property gets stolen there was a noticeable increase in police presence in almaden. several marked cruisers patroled the street. >> i'm just in the area talking to residents. >> reporter: uniformed officers got out on foot to meet with neighbors because one of their own officers became the latest burglary victim last night. >> it's scary. it can happen to anybody. i think what's particularly scary is it's happening when people are home. >> reporter: kpix 5 has learned that burglars broke into a san jose police officer's house while he was on duty and while his wife and children were home. the family was unharmed. the same burglars broke into a second house next door. neighbors described an overwhelming response of officers to the cop's house including a helicopter and tactical team. >> they were wearing s.w.a.t. police, um, uniforms. >> when one of their own gets impacted by the crime in almaden, all of a sudden all
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gates are open, everybody is available. and they do it all night. >> reporter: maryellen says the officer got the kind of response all neighbors have been begging for since burglaries started spiking in almaden in november. >> when it's some poor person down the street who doesn't have a san jose police badge, you know, they don't even take fingerprints. >> reporter: slow or no police response to burglaries forced the neighbors to hire their own private security patrols at a cost of $40 a month each. >> as of today, we have seen a lot more activity from a police perspective on the streets. they have been driving around. they have been looking at things. maybe with a different eye. >> reporter: last night's burglary at a police officer's house was one of actually six burglaries that happened all in the almaden area last night. veronica, there's been about a 400% increase in burglaries here in almaden over the last three months. >> all right, len ramirez there live for us in almaden, len, thank you. and len did try several times to get a comment from the
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san jose police department. his calls were not returned. it's an unprecedented plea from a politician to parents. turn in your kids to police if you think they're up to no good. phil matier is live in san francisco with what sounds like a last resort and, phil it sounds like it has a whiff of desperation about it. >> reporter: desperation or firmness. i'm telling ya, london breed, the new supervisor from the districts, where for years the word was don't snitch on your neighbors, don't snitch on your family and don't go to the cops and she says it's time for a change. >> we have to take responsibility for our own community. >> reporter: even if it means mothers calling the cops and turning in their own sons. >> it's not a popular thing to say. and we have -- we grew up with this culture of, you don't snitch and you don't tell on one another. but these are kids. these are young people whose lives are taken and they will never come back. >> reporter: breed, who grew up in the projects of san francisco, said the recent killings of four young black
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men on this street corner combined with the vocal "black lives matter" protests sweeping the country prompted her to speak out. >> i don't stand up for justice. if i don't say not just "black lives matter" but all lives matter. if i don't do that, then who will? we have to look within our own homes, our own communities, and we have to turn these kids in not just to save another life, but to save their own lives because they're walking and our communities with a target on their backs. >> reporter: what's the biggest challenge to this? >> people love their kids. they love their kids and they don't want to believe that their kids could be involved in something like this. some people might even be scared of their kids. >> lost my little brother right around the corner on webster and grove 1995. and then four years later my second little brother was shot and killed right over here. some of the issues are these kids are out here hustling and selling drugs and they are paying their parents rent, pg&e bills, phone bill, and stuff like that. so then that way the parents kind of like hush up and be quiet about it. >> reporter: but will parents
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really turn in their own children? >> that's a hard thing to do. i mean, that's very hard for a parent to turn their kid in and knowing the possibility that their child possibly spend the rest of their life in jail. so i doubt it. >> reporter: scott whose own family has seen the violence firsthand, however, says tough as the thought of jail may be -- >> their child is still alive. they still -- they're still here. these mothers, they don't have that option. >> reporter: many of those mothers have been gathering at meetings here in the last couple of days as a result of those shootings saying enough is enough. whether it is desperate, whether it is firmness, it is definitely a new message being heard here on the streets of the fillmore. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. >> police by the way are still searching for suspects in the four shootings. cal fire has fired two firefighters and another has resigned. it stems from a sordid misconduct case. the investigation was launched after a former battalion chief was arrested for killing his
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girlfriend. his wife tipped off investigators to all sorts of bad behavior including firefighters allegedly having sex on a truck. that allegation didn't hold up. but 13 other firefighters face punishments ranging from suspensions to demotions and paycuts. a new push today for a "right to die" law in california. it's being led by the family of a cancer patient who had to move to oregon to end her life. juan fernandez with how brittany maynard's story could convince lawmakers. >> please help me carry out my daughter's legacy. please help me assure that other terminally ill patients don't face what we had to face. >> reporter: deborah ziegler spoke of the sacrifices her daughter had to make after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and not wanting to suffer through the final stages of the disease. >> we have left friends, we have left our supportive network, and yet brittany and i
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felt appreciative of her legal right in oregon that she could decide when enough was enough. >> reporter: today lawmakers in sacramento introduced the end of life options act to give californians the right to end their lives with the aid of legally prescribed drugs. it's an option maynard didn't have and had to move to oregon where it's been legal since 1997. >> everybody should have the ability at the end of their life to have as much say-so over what they want to happen as possible. >> reporter: also speaking out, dan diaz, maynard's husband married less than two years before she received the diagnosis. >> we lived in this state. and she would have preferred to have been able to pass away peacefully in this state. >> reporter: the california coalition against assisted suicide is against the end of life options act. it's made up of religious, medical, civil rights and organizations that deal with the disabled. >> we don't believe that legislators in sacramento would pass it because if they really represent the interests of
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their constituents, their constituents would be against it. >> reporter: the last time a death with dignity bill was introduced in california was bag in 2007. it failed after intense lobbying from opponents. i'm juan fernandez, kpix 5. no charges for a richmond police officer involved in a fatal shooting last september. the district attorney's office says it was self-defense. the officer was responding to a call at a liquor store on cutting boulevard. that's when he got into a fight with a suspect 24-year-old richmond perez. perez allegedly tried to grab the officer's gun and was shot. the d.a. says perez was also drunk. his blood alcohol level was 3 times the legal limit. today a judge sentenced a former pinole cop to two months of jail time in an elder abuse case. matthew messier will also serve five years' probation. the 38-year-old was arrested in 2012. prosecutors say he talked his neighbor jean jones into making him the sole heir of her $1.5
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million estate. charges of grand theft and elder abuse were dismissed after he pleaded guilty to felony forgery. as we reported earlier this month, it was neighbors who became concerned messier was using his power of authority to gain jones' trust. they even noticed he was driving her to the bank. eventually prosecutors found messier was listed as her trustee as was set to inherit her home. those neighbors tonight say they are satisfied that he didn't get away with it. jones died this year leaving her estate to the city of pleasanton. people in parts of san mateo had quite a scare this morning. around 9:30 a man called police to say he was attacked by two large pits bulls. officers chased the dogs as they ran on a front lawn and attacked a landscaper. he was forced to use his leaf- blower to defend himself. you can see the bite marks in that leaf-blower. then the dogs turned their attention to a patrol car clawing and biting at the door. an officer eventually used his
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patrol car to hit the dogs one of them killed instantly, the other picked up by animal control. a tribute to a bart police officer killed one year ago today. they retired the badge of sergeant tommy smith. he served more than two decades on the force and died in the line of duty. his wife kelly opened up to our juliette goodrich shortly after smith was accidentally shot by his partner. kelly recently spoke to juliette again about what she is going to tell her daughter when the time comes. >> it's definitely been a very difficult year. >> reporter: kelly smith doesn't like to be called a widow but, rather a survivor. she and i sat on the bench dedicated to her husband detective sergeant tommy smith. at chapel of the chimes in hayward. >> i think it's pretty amazing tribute to my husband. >> reporter: her biggest challenge this year raising their 7-year-old daughter summer without tommy. >> now we're a family of two. there's one less plate at the dinner table, one less
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christmas present you under the tree. >> reporter: kelly a k-9 bart training officer says even though she and her husband knew the dangers of their careers, she said nothing can prepare you. >> and my worst fears were realized when i got to the hospital. listening to the ambulance doors open, i knew my life was changed forever. >> reporter: was there anger? >> yeah. sadness. you know, when i see the heartache and the tears in my daughter's eyes, that just breaks my heart. >> reporter: she didn't want to talk about michael maes, the partner who fired the fatal shot. but she is preparing herself for the day her daughter wants to talk about who killed her father. >> when i told her there was an accident at work, that's kind of how i explained it to her, um, she didn't ask, um, did a police officer kill daddy. i said, yes, baby girl, it was a really bad accident. she asked that. she has never asked me who.
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i know that question will come someday. um, and i just hope that i'm ready for it when the question comes. that's probably the most difficult conversation i ever had with my little girl thinking i have to explain to her how her hero was not coming home. >> reporter: in hayward, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> sergeant smith was the first bart police officer killed in the line of duty. still ahead, san francisco police investigating the actions of one of their own. >> cell phone video shows a confrontation between officers and a man in a wheelchair. what led up to it and how the man says the cops went too far. it's shiny and new but there's a serious problem with this revamped bay area sidewalk and it could be painful. >> rolling home months after his terrifying fall from a cliff. we were the only station there as this little survivor left the hospital. >> and our weather is headed into record territory this weekend. i wish i could tell you it was rain.
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a serious problem with glistening new sidewalks in palo alto. and to think it was all part of a city beautification project! new at 6:00 mike sugerman reports what was supposed to be a sharp idea actually cuts. >> reporter: the new sidewalks in palo alto shimmer like diamonds in the noon day sun but there's a problem. and it's a clear as glass. the problem is disease glass in the sidewalk. >> reporter: yes, but it's supposed to be there. >> glass is designed for decorative sidewalk use. it's essentially pieces of glass that have been tumbled and polished. >> reporter: the centerpiece of the $7 million california avenue streetscape project. the some people here think those who design it belong in the nut house. >> they say shop california
6:15 pm
avenue. they misspelled it, it should be chop california avenue. >> reporter: he owned the nut house for 42 years and didn't think much about the project even before they found pieces of the glass that were too sharp. >> this is foolish. >> reporter: this is a palo alto native who points out there's a farmer's market held on these sidewalks on a regular basis. not everybody wears shoes during them. >> children come here and the old folks come here. they want to dance along on farmer's market days and they want to dance on the sidewalk, who the hell came up with this?! put the camera on me. tack your shoes off and run down here. all right, well, i guess, all right. >> i wouldn't do this if i was you. >> reporter: ow, it hurts! it was a painful message for the city to hear but they did. and they are going to fix it. >> so we are in the process of, um, looking at some of the inconsistencies where the glass has not been poured right with the concrete and we are having the contractor redo those areas. >> reporter: with no additional costs, she says, to fix.
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a pain in the glass. in palo alto, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> it is going to take a couple of weeks to fix those sidewalks. >> oh, wow. well, after a 23-story tumbled and 2.5 months in the hospital a boy left children's hospital observations today. only on 5 reporter ryan takeo shows us the happy ending to this survival story. >> reporter: he has superhero shoes. but make no mistake, 4-year-old sebastien johnson is also a rock star at children's hospital oakland. he is used to cameras as he makes sure to look back and smile and wave. >> bye! >> reporter: he is saying good- bye to what's been his home for over two months. listen to his mom thank hospital staff. it's almost as if she finally realizes the day is actually here. >> they saved my son's life. without them i wouldn't have my son. so we can all as a family get together and heal. >> reporter: it's remarkable
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when you consider all that's happened since he fell 230 feet off bodega head cliff in early november. here's what he look like two weeks after the fall. he wasn't able to walk or talk then. last week he shocked his rescuers and left them in tears as he walked out of his wheelchair and gave them a big hug. he is pretty much back to normal. >> he is put in time-out and other things of a kid his age. >> reporter: the 4-year-old was ready to go home. >> let's get out of here, bye! >> reporter: as the family made it to their car, their emotions overflowed. >> we did it! >> reporter: and the stay was finally over. the family hopes for junction six months of rehabilitation starting next week. in oakland, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> sebastien's family is continuing to raise money for his care with a "go fund me"
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account. it will cost the money for his medical equipment and the drive from santa rosa to oakland. quick action by hayward firefighters saved this cat's life this morning. the cat had smoke inhalation and minor burns. police say the fire started accidentally by a resident of the building. he was arrested for public intoxication. >> in the bay area tonight we are on the verge of a fairly significant warming trend. for us, by the weekend, we'll be near record highs. we have also got high surf on the way. it's already on the north shore of oahu. 30 to 40-foot waves expected by sunset hawaiian time tonight. those waves will subside for them by tomorrow afternoon down to 20 to 30 feet.
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back here numbers in the 50s on this evening. concord 54 for this wednesday. oakland 55. livermore54. san francisco 58. santa rosa 54. high surf advisories in effect beginning tomorrow morning. until 6 a.m. sunday for all coastal beaches 15-foot surf anemic by hawaii standards. it's up there for us. sneaker waves are possible on the weekend and local beach erosion. so if you are near the shore have a care. tonight out and about, motorsly clear skies and temperatures from the mid-50s at the coast, low 50s inland. tomorrow morning some high clouds are going to be coming in right around sunrise and temperatures still cool 40 degrees at 8:00 tomorrow morning and about 46 degrees mid-40s around the bay. futurecast shows -- see this big patch of high clouds floating in over the bay area? that sunrise is there but, off they go. by the end of the day we have plenty of sun on the way for the bay and temperatures will be rising as well as high pressure begins to build in
6:20 pm
over the west coast. numbers will be near 70 degrees inland by saturday and sunday. it's going to be even warmer at the coast. if you look at the extended forecast, we're seeing nothing but sunshine as we head into friday, saturday, sunday and monday. by tuesday and wednesday, there's a hint of a little wrinkle in the atmosphere coming in that may give us -- it's going to increase clouds for sure tuesday and wednesday, and there could be a chance of showers. at the moment we're keeping it dry. but stay tuned that could change by tuesday, wednesday. meantime, enjoy the weekend. look at that. >> wow. but where's the explain it. >> it's up in the pacific northwest. [ laughter ] >> you can drive there. >> thank you. still ahead, privacy concerns as people apply for healthcare online. who may be getting your personal information when you click. >> plus, ebay is cutting thousands of jobs and that's just the beginning of big changes.
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ebay is getting ready do
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reduce its workforce by 7%. the san jose company says it will cut 2400 jobs in the 1st quarter. it's being done to simplify the company's structure and boost profits. ebay also says it will spin off or sell its enterprise unit and its paypal business at some point this year. the federal health care website is at the center of a new controversy. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains may be sharing personal information everybody time somebody logs on. >> reporter: we are talking zip codes, income level, smoking status, even if you're pregnant all being passed on to third party analytic sites according to the "associated press." they can't see your name, birth date or social security number but since they are already tracking you they may be able to use that data to determine a person's actual identity and that's the concern. while there's no evidence that health information is being misused yet, privacy experts say third parties shouldn't
6:24 pm
have access to it at all. the electronic frontier foundation says it has independently confirmed at least 14 third party domains were accessing the information including google, yahoo, twitter even youtube. says no personally identifiable information is collected. the white house stresses third parties are prohibited from using the information for their own purposes and says it's to be used to help improve consumer experience. this is the website used in 37 other states. "covered california" doesn't share personal information. if you want to prevent tracking though, you can install add ons like the electronic frontier foundation's privacy badger app and find a link to that at at "links and numbers." >> so this has nothing to do with "covered california"? >> no. if you have lived in another state and enrolled in insurance in another state then you could
6:25 pm
be impacted but if you are only enrolling via "covered california"'s website here, not affected. >> thank you. if you aren't vaccinated against the measles, state health officials say you should avoid going to disneyland. 42 cases have been connected to the theme parks in southern california. the outbreak started right around christmas and even spread to park workers. where it came from is a mystery. the measles we eradicated in the u.s. in 2000. coming up in the next half- hour, cell phone cameras are rolling as a man in a wheelchair has a confrontation with police. how he says they went too far. >> a mystery substance is killing bay area birds. tonight, the theory officials are ruling out. >> plus, gas for less than $2 a gallon? the northern california stations that have dropped that low. and where's the bottom? stay
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what's killing bay area birds? the gooey substance found in their feathers is still a
6:29 pm
mystery. kpix 5's da lin is in hayward and says investigators are now bringing in the big guns. da. >> reporter: that's right, brian. the feds are sending in help. epa scientists took water samples from the bay and samples from the dead birds this afternoon. so far they have ruled out one prime suspect but the question remains, what is the substance? >> we're not going to speculate. there's no -- we're not doing it. it's -- we'll find out what it is when we do. >> reporter: for now, they only know what it isn't. some have suspected a fuel additive known as polyisobutaline. but scientists say nope. it's definitely not that. >> television, csi, you know, we can't wrap this up in 48 minutes. >> reporter: the deepening mystery is driving volunteers and animal lovers nuts. >> it's a very sad thing to see this happen when now it's a manmade cause. if we could find out what it is so we can address it. >> reporter: right now, all
6:30 pm
they can do is look for the affected birds. game wardens scooped up more dead birds today and they say the number will continue to climb. >> their feathers are being coated with this material that we don't know what it is yet and the birds are becoming hypothermic. >> reporter: they say the birds are freezing to death. about five days in, they believe the operation will go from rescue to recovery. >> they are not separating. >> reporter: this is one of a half dozen birds rescued this morning. >> we'll have them looked at. if he looks okay we'll let him go. >> reporter: a game warden spotted the injured duck at the san leandro marina. the other good news is game wardens say the substance for the most part has dissipated. game wardens say diving birds are the ones most affected by this because the gooey substance is not floating on the surface. instead, it's lingering below surface. live in hayward, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the department of fish & wildlife says that they don't know how long it's going to
6:31 pm
take to identify the substance. a san francisco police officer caught on camera pushing a man in a wheelchair off a curb. the heated confrontation now sparking an investigation. kpix 5's joe vazquez talked with the disabled man who says, the video doesn't tell the full story. >> the sfpd is crooked. they all need to be investigated. >> reporter: bo is paralyzed from the waist down. he is angry because he says a police officer tried to push him out of his wheelchair. it was caught on camera. were you buckled in? >> seatbelt. >> bo, don't go over there, bo. bo! >> reporter: the video begins with police making an arrest. bo decides to ride across the street to confront the officers. he appears to run his wheelchair into a police officer's leg. [ cursing and yelling ] >> reporter: at that point, the officer picks up the wheelchair and nearly tips the man over into the street.
6:32 pm
here's the video from a different angle. you can see the officer tries to push the wheelchair over the curb several times. [ screaming and cursing ] >> reporter: we caught up with bo here at laguna honda hospital. he lives here following a previous spinal cord injury from a fall. bo says the police incident started when his family members were horse playing on sunday but when officers threw the cuffs on his cousin, he decided to get if the middle of it. >> [ censored ] ran my foot over. >> come on, bo, come on, bo, let's go. >> you need to go. >> you don't run my foot over. [ cursing and yelling ] >> you don't do a handicapped person like that. >> reporter: you weren't trying to get in the police officers' way? >> no. >> reporter: he says you ran over his foot. >> no. >> reporter: and you were in his way? >> he didn't say that until he knew he was being filmed. >> reporter: he hired and attorney is deciding what to do next. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> san francisco police will only say the officers handed out citations to several people
6:33 pm
because of a, quote, heated verbal altercation. since the internal affairs division is investigating, they say that they can't discuss the details. another choppy day on wall street. stocks were up a bit. the reason of the day is the sharp rise in oil prices and hope that the european economy picks up. dow up 39, nasdaq up 12.5, s&p up 9.5. you can now get gas for less than 2 a gallon in northern california. the station in fairfield selling gas for $1.97. not to be outdone a station up the road plans to do the same next week. it's the middle of of the ski season and three northern california ski resorts are shutting down their lifts. unseasonably warm weather is to blame. the dodge ridge ski resort east of sonora, badger pass in yosemite national park and donner ski ranch near lake tahoe, all closing for now. the resorts say they need another storm to open back up.
6:34 pm
are you listening? >> i'm paying attention. we found these twitter photos showing how little snow there is but it looks like a beautiful spring day not one in fact middle of january. morgan manning tweeting, no snow in tahoe, but it's still beautiful. >> enjoy it while you can. san francisco said good-bye it a world series trophies for the giants but just for a little white. kpix 5's keit do on where the trophy is going and how it's traveling in style for a little while. >> reporter: it's just before sunrise and boarding a flight from sfo to new york city even before the pilot gets on. when you're the world champions you don't just fly first class. you fly trophy class. >> there go you. >> reporter: if you are wondering the 2014 trophy gets buckled in and has its own boarding pass. >> avoid all the trophy wife jokes, okay? [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's all part of the pomp and circumstance of the month long trophy tour. this weekend it's headed to one particular bar in new york city called finnerty's and here's
6:35 pm
why. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: when the giants won, the fans at finnerty screamed for two minutes straight. it's a home away from home for giants fans. ceo larry baer says going into new york can get political. what do you say to folks who think that this might be rubbing their noses in it by taking the trophy to the east coast? >> we were sensitive so we called the yankees and the mets the teams there and certainly their area and they said come on we welcome the tradition. we welcome the sort of ode to heritage of the giants. >> reporter: so why all the fanfare with virgin airlines? they just signed for four years as a sponson until 2019. did you sign the deal thinking there might be another championship in the pipeline? >> so far the momentum has been every two years but we signed the agreement in hopes it will be every year so, um, that's ou -- that's our goal. >> reporter: sitting on the front of the plane with live of
6:36 pm
it and in flight wi-fi the 30 found gold-plated catastrophe if i will be treated better than the passengers. >> i think it will be great but i love that first class seat the trophy has. >> reporter: at sfo, kiet do, kpix 5. he saved lives back in the loma prieta earthquake and never stopped lending a hand. this man's efforts to rebuild the damaged freeway and help people rebuild their lives, as well. >> and up close and personal with some very cute pups. their rescue after being dumped in the trash. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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6:39 pm
they will be available for adoption in a month no problems at all. still ahead, teaching job skills and life skills. this man's mission to help others and how it was born out of a bay area disaster. >> speaking of disaster, you know, no matter how far ahead we look into the future, there's only a drop or two of rain in sight! will it never end? this weekend it's going quite the opposite direction. we'll talk about the forecast after a break. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, charles barkley's glaring omission stirs controversy. >> i think those are the three best teams in the western conference. >> jim harbaugh left a big name off his list. we'll tell you who that was. and when have you ever heard someone say this? >> hopefully it will be a tumor issue they can get rid of that. >> who
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now that the 49ers cut ray mcdonald the former defensive end is selling his san jose home. tonight we'll take you inside the $3 million home on the market. that story on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our
6:43 pm
sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. the loma prieta earthquake changed lives in 1989. elizabeth cook joins us with how it's still changing lives 25 years later. >> reporter: it wouldn't be possible without the creativity and hard work of this week's jefferson award winner. he was caught in that earthquake back in 1989 and he never left that very spot where the quake hit so hard. reporter: october 17, 1989, art shanks had just driven over the cypress freeway like he did every day when he felt the earthquake. >> that was a double-decker freeway back in the day, and it was down. so i immediately went back over to see if i could offer my services. >> reporter: art and his brother both work in construction and were certified in search-and-rescue. right away, they started crawling through the fallen
6:44 pm
girders looking for survivors. they saved 6 lives that day. and out of that tragedy, art created the cypress mandela project to train people in construction to rebuild the cypress freeway. >> they wanted the training program here for those community people to go to work back on this project if it was going to be rebuilt. >> reporter: the freeway was never rebuilt. but with art's guidance, the program grew. >> we were into pg&e. we are into environmental protection agency. we're also integrated into the building trades and all the different components that go with construction. >> reporter: the 16-week program takes men and women from all walks of life, veterans, recent high school graduates, even criminals, and trains them so they can work on almost any construction job. rachel bryan graduated in 1996. >> i was looking for opportunity. i was someone who had recently been released from jail after
6:45 pm
spending 40 days there. my lawyer gave me a crushing shock that i could no longer pursue a career in nursing, that i would have to think outside of the box. >> reporter: rachel now works for the international brotherhhood of electrical workers as a journeyman electrician. this is one of the classrooms for the cypress mandela training centers. you can see this is a carpentry class. but the students who graduate from this program don't just graduate with great job skills. they come out of here with life skills. vince martinez will graduate january 22nd. he wakes up every morning at 3 a.m. to beat the traffic from turlock to oakland to attend the program. >> the money management skills, the, um, the training, the physical training, carrying rebar around this block twice, you know, shoveling dirt, running around with wheelbarrows, you know, it prepares you for something more. >> all right. >> reporter: from saving lives in the wake of loma prieta to changing lives 25 years later, this week's jefferson award in
6:46 pm
the bay area goes to art shanks. when students finish their training at cypress mandela, they get help finding a job and mentoring once they start work. the placement rate for graduates is 85 to 90%. unbelievable. >> amazing program. what about students who also want to attend college and earn degrees? could their training count, as well? >> that's a great question. they can earn college credits through the peralta community college district or the uc system after they complete their training. so they can get the full thing. >> thank you. if you are a business looking to hire a well trained graduate or you are interested in applying for courses at cypress mandela, you can connect with the project losing the link on our website, brian? at least there was something good to come out of the collapse of the cypress structure back during loma prieta, which, you know, that cypress structure failed right where it went from land to fill
6:47 pm
and that's, you know, fill is very unstable. so it's always a good idea to have a look around make sure you're ready for the next one. we are ready for tonight temperatures in the 50s. 57 san francisco. 54 concord. 55 oakland. just about the same livermore. the golden gate bridge, high surf advisories is post in the bay area. all coastal beaches in northern california expecting high surf by friday morning with 15-foot surf by the weekend. when surf's up that high there's always the chance for local beach erosion. surfers probably loving it. and for us, we are going to be looking for high clouds tomorrow. high pressure is in full command over the idaho panhandle but low pressure approaches the pacific northwest but again, most of the moisture in that is just heading up around the olympic peninsula, the puget sound and for us we'll get a few high clouds tomorrow. these high clouds that are offshore now will be working their way in overnight and then
6:48 pm
we'll have, yeah, fair start to the day. which means we'll get some hazy sunshine through these high clouds but you can see that all brushes through by the afternoon leading to increasing sunshine after midday and mostly clear tomorrow night. between now and then, a cloud sand wish, sun, clouds, sun. we have high clouds then sunshine, in the offing for tomorrow. temperatures are going to climb. but in the headlines high surf is building. temperatures rising and modest rain chances on tuesday. doesn't look i -- doesn't look like it will amount to much.
6:49 pm
>> extended forecast after high clouds tomorrow morning, we get plenty of sun all the way through monday. temperatures rise into the low 70s by sunday. and then we introduce a chance of rain but not much by tuesday and wednesday. so forecast looks a little cloudy but to make sports perfectly clear, dennis o'donnell is standing by.
6:50 pm
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how about a little hoops? golden state hosts houston tonight trying to make it 17 straight home wins. they beat the rockets by 25 saturday night in houston. before that game, their star player james harden told his teammates that, golden state wasn't that good. >> they're not that good, men. >> harden isn't the only one who is not sold on the warriors despite their league best 33-6
6:53 pm
record. tnt analyst charles barkley is the best team in the western conference. >> memphis got jeff green portland trailblazers and the dallas mavericks. i think those are the three best teams in the western conference. >> one more time? >> no warriors? >> the memphis -- >> no warriors. >> now, here's some facts for sir charles and james harden. not only do the warriors have the best record they are the highest scoring team, best shooting team. they are holding opponents to a league low 42% shootin barkley is the minority not the majority. jayston tarver is going back to the 49ers as a linebackers coach. he spent six seasons as a 49er assistant before handing it over to oakland. jim harbaugh has been keeping track of all this coaching news in the off season. he tweeted out congratulations
6:54 pm
to the bears raiders and bills on their hires of fangio, sealy and greg roman. he didn't acknowledge another former assistants jim tomsula, replaced him. >> good night, that is a huge fish! >> that is dean ready of south africa showing off the 196- pound guitar fish that took him two hours to reel in. hackney, you got something for that? but it's not his biggest catch. he hauled in a 273-pound fish a few years ago. send me your big catch to my at which time handle at kpix 5 sports. the rigors of being a cross- country at at least is a challenge for any high school athlete but santa rosa's steve adams is overcoming a lot more than just runners fatigue. >> one of our things we say about each other is, it takes a special kind of crazy to be a runner. one of the best parts of it is i can just get away from everything. it helps me work hard in life.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: cardinal newman field runner steve adams took an unlikely road to the cross- country championships last november. the 17-year-old found out that he had juvenile onset epilepsy after attending a national boy scout jamboree in 2013. >> it was just after breakfast and i was going back up in the elevator, then i fell back toward the -- it wasn't that far. just like, whoa, what happened? >> reporter: when steve returned home for tests, doctors told him he either had a tumor or epilepsy. >> at that point i was kind of like, hopefully it will be a tumor because they can get rid of that. epilepsy, i have no clue about really hadn't much of a problem any more. >> reporter: 19 months later, the santa rosa native has overcome a period of depression, learning how to live with epilepsy. >> steve adams was not going to
6:56 pm
go to the state meet. um, that was not in the script that anybody else had written other than steve. and he stated from day one that's what he wanted to do. >> it felt really good. i hadn't been there since freshman year. >> reporter: steve is not allowed to swim anymore. he can't rock climb or drive a vehicle. >> i used to do this stuff i'm not supposed to do when there are other people around. so it's semi safe. there's not much that's going to stop me. i'm going out there and doing crazy things. >> reporter: but more importantly he has been living seizure-free for over 8 months now. >> as long as put your mind to it, you can overcome your problems. >> great story there. come up with a regime i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: let's go. how's everybody? i appreciate it. thank y'all. heh heh heh. thank you much now. i appreciate you. yeah, i do. i appreciate it, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and boy, we got good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day, already with a grand total of 20,000, from anniston, alabama it's the duncan family. and from port st. lucie, florida, it's the kranker family. yeah, they different.
7:00 pm
everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility driving out of here in a brand-new, head- turning ford fusion hybrid everybody. let's go. let's play "feud." give me lucy. give me cedric. guys, here we go. top 7 answers on the board. if santa were back in the dating scene, what would he need to update? cedric. >> sled. steve: his sled. >> his outfit. steve: h-his outfit. pass or play? >> play. play, play. steve: play. ok. thank you, lucy. hey, what's


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