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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 22, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, these paw prints on police cruiser are part of a blood thirsty rampage. >> it started in san mateo. christin ayers say the dogs made it all the way to poplar avenue before their reign of terror ended. >> reporter: this san mateo neighborhood can get noisy, but never did neighbors expect to hear the sounds of a dog fight. >> two big pit bulls coming from the gate. >> reporter: 50 to 70 pounds each. margarita bravo scrambled to bring her puppy inside. sammy watched the pit bulls charge a landscaper. >> they kept attacking him,
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attacking him. >> reporter: this is what was left of the landscaper's leaf blower after fending the animals off. >> they wanted to kill. they are going for the kill. >> reporter: san mateo police say the dogs had escaped their owner's yard shortly before going on a blood thirsty rampage. they had gone several blocks, bitten one person and attacked several others. they hurled themselves at an officer's car. scratching, biting, and pawing until the door of the police cruiser looked like this. >> i have never seen two dogs let alone one, but two dogs attack a patrol vehicle the way it did. >> reporter: officers used air horns and their voices to stop the dogs, but in the tend. >> he used his vehicle and struck the two dogs. one of them was killed instantly. one of them was knocked to the ground, regained its balance and retreated to the resident. >> reporter: the an animal who
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lived has been turned over to animal control. the dog's owners are cooperating. in san mateo, christin ayers, kpix5. >> there is no word on whether the owner could face charges. a new kpix5 poll tonight shows most people in the bay area think californians should have the right to die on their own terms. only on five, our survey usa poll shows overwhelming support for the death with dignity law. 68%. it would allow the doctors to prescribe the ms a resident would need to take their life. >> reporter: you might remember brittany maynard. she moved to a right to die state. now her family and widower say it is time to be like oregon, washington, and montana. >> she lived in this state and
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would have been able to pass away peacefully in this state. she recognized to stay here in california meant she potentially would face a horrific death. >> reporter: last year, doctors diagnosed brittany with brain cancer. in oregon, a doctor could legally prescribe medication to end her life. that is what brittany did, her mom at her side. >> brittany and i felt appreciative of her legal right in oregon that she could decide when enough was enough. >> reporter: brittany's story resparked the right to die debate across the country and with california lawmakers. >> to have the power of autonomy and choice to manage that death sentence at the end of life. >> reporter: the bill is modeled off oregon's law, only for those with less than six months to live and a doctor must prescribe the lethal medicine. >> she took great comfort in the assurance that she was the sole decision maker about how
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much pain she was going to endure. >> i'm not so sure this is what our society wants doctors doing. >> reporter: dr. william andereck says any ill person can take their own life. but he agrees that as healers, doctors should not be involved. >> you should have the right to end your life. that doesn't necessarily give you the right to ask someone else to do it for you. >> reporter: well the maynard family not shy to the media. brittany released a video before her death. plus, two appearances on people magazine in two months. brittany's husband hits store shelves this week just days before the launch of california's right to die legislation. that is no coincident. it shows how savvy these right to die organizers truly are. >> they have to be. the people opposed to the legislation, there is no gray area. it is black or white.
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we are talking fundamentals of the religion and what doctors are here for. >> absolutely. once you bring religion into the picture, they definitely have a stand to take. >> thanks mark. we have video tonight of a san francisco police officer shoving a man in a wheelchair off a curb. we are going to show it to you. and then joe vasquez will show you what happened right before. >> the sfpd is crooked. they all need to be investigated. >> reporter: beau friarson is paralyzed from the waste down. he says a police officer tried to knock him out of his wheelchair and it was caught on camera. >> reporter: were you buckled in? >> that is the only thing that saved me. >> beau. don't go over there. beau? >> reporter: it begins with police making an arrest. beau wheels across the street to confront them. he apparently wheels into his leg.
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at that point, the officer picks up the wheelchair and nearly tips the man over into the street. here is the video from a different angle. you can see the officer tries to push the wheelchair over the curb several times. we caught up with beau here at laguna honda hospital. he lives here following a previous spinal cord injury from a fall. beau says the police incident started when his family members were horseplaying on sunday. but when officers threw the cuffs on his cousin, he decided to get in the middle of it. >> come on beau. >> you don't do a handicap person that way. >> reporter: you weren't trying to get in the police officer's way. he says you ran over his foot. you were in his way essentially. >> not the case. he didn't say that until he knew he was being filmed. >> reporter: beau says he has hired an attorney and is trying to decide what to do next.
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joe vasquez, kpix5. >> police are not talking about what happened because an internal affairs investigation is underway. looks like the feds won't charge the ferguson, missouri police officer who shot and killed michael brown. the fbi has been investigating darren wilson since the august shooting. brown's death and the decision not to indict wilson sparked weeks of protest. there were over 200 witnesses and they pored over cell phone video and say wilson did not break any federal civil rights law. meanwhile, saint louis county police released this video from one store looted during violence back in november. they are trying to identify nearly 200 suspects seen breaking in and carrying things out. the measles outbreak that started at disneyland is spreading and spreading quickly. at least 66 people in five states have gotten sick. most of them in california. there are now seven cases here in the bay area. cate caugurian found out even people who have been vaccinated
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are getting infected. >> reporter: disney land is offering to test all employees for measles and if needed provide them with the vaccine. >> it is scary thinking that the happiest place on earth is infected with measles now. >> reporter: this disney employee asked not to be identified but knowing her coworkers have been infected is a reason to worry. >> all the kids that don't get vaccinated could easily come meet princesses or characters and come up and hug us. >> reporter: measles is highly contagious. one person with the virus will infect nine out of ten people around them two have not been vaccinated. measles had largely been eradicated in the u.s. by the year 2000 but it is back because parents are not vaccinating their kids fearing side effects. >> these vaccines have been used for decades and have been proven to be safe. >> reporter: dr. debra leeman
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is an epidemiologist. >> for people saying there is more risk to the vaccine than there is to the measles, what do you say? >> they are wrong and they are putting their own children's lives at risk. one in a thousand children who contract measles will die. >> reporter: most children born after 1971 received a measles mumps rubella vaccine that requires two doses to be 97% effective. those born before 1957 likely have been exposed to the virus and are immune. those born between 57 and 71 when vaccines weren't as reliable should check with their doctors to see if they have been properly vaccinated. the centers for disease control is a remind tore get two doses of the measles vaccine. a simple blood test can check your immunity. as an adult, you can get the full vaccination in a month. i'm cate caugurian, kpix5. a little boy who survived a 23 story tumble down a cliff is home from the hospital tonight.
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>> let's get out of here. >> that's the spirit. four-year-old sebastian johnson of santa rosa wheeled himself out of children's hospital oakland after a two-and-a-half month stay. he was all smiles. the bow fell at bodega head in early november and he was not able to walk or talk for weeks, but now ... >> he has made enormous progress and is getting to be a normal little kid. he gets put in time-out and all other little things. >> he still needs months of rehabilitation. it may be the most scandalous house in the bay area. tonight, this san jose home is up for sale. we find out what the neighbors think. >> now, drug smugglers are using drones? tonight, this one crashed near the california border loaded with meth. >> tonight, a reunion eight years in the making. what is in that box? let
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>> firefighters are still battling this huge apartment complex fire in edgewater new jersey. it stretches three city blocks. it is so big, the flames and smoke can be seen across the hudson river in new york about ten miles away. no word on what caused it. a for sale sign is up tonight outside the home of a bay area athlete. betty yu is outside the home in
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san jose's silver creek neighborhood. now betty, that house has been at the center of quite a few police investigations lately. >> reporter: ray mac donald has only lived here two-and-a-half years. san jose police have become very familiar with this house. they have been called out a number of times since this summer and now it is going for a million more than he bought it for. >> hey ray, how are you doing? how do you feel about leaving the neighborhood? >> feeling great. >> you feel great? >> reporter: ray mcdonald won't be calling his bentley ridge drive house home much longer. >> it is now priced at over $3 million. >> reporter: if you wonder how he lived, here is a peek inside. the listing for the 4800 square foot house has a pool, a swimup bar, home theater and custom finishes. it is perfect for executive
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entertaining which the 30-year- old seemed to enjoy. in august, he celebrated his birthday and his renovated backyard with teammates. that night, he was arrested for beating his pregnant fiance, but charges were never filed. most recently, cops came out to investigate him for an alleged sex assault. the woman says she fell by the pool, hit her head and doesn't remember what happened next. his direct neighbors didn't want to go on camera, but said music from his parties were so loud, it shook his windows. >> we feel because of the media, it has sparked some attention to our neighborhood and there has been a rise in burglaries. >> reporter: darlene lives up the street. she blames his troubles on the media for attracting criminals because thieves hit his house a few months ago. >> we will all continue to
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watch over the neighborhood and watch over each other. >> reporter: tonight, i spoke to ray's home over the phone in florida. that is where he is from. she says he has no immediate plans to return to his hometown. since he was returned to the team last month, he is focused on training, working out, hoping that another team will pick him up. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. >> ray mcdonald has been cleared of all allegations against him. the epa is involved in figuring out what that goo is killing the hundreds of birds in the bay. it was synthetic rubber. birds coated in this goo started showing up all over the bay this past weekend and at least 200 have died. 320 have been rescued, but what the substance is, they are coated in and where it came from, remains a mystery. and hayward firefighters used oxygen to save this cat this morning. they found the cat inside a
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burning apartment. a resident accidentally started a fire and they arrested him for public intoxication. a bay area man is finally able to lay his dad to rest. ben sanger told us how he recovered his dad's urn years after it went missing. >> reporter: this is the reunion eight years in the making. earl johnson iii holding the ashes of his father, earl johnson jr. >> it is amazing. i'm speech lest because this was a chapter that was lost. finally we got them back. >> reporter: it is the end of a case they have been trying to solve for a long time. when she was unpacking on a move to south dakota, she found it. >> i had people say why don't you just scatter it or toss it? i couldn't do it. i don't know. if it were my loved one, what
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would i want? i don't know. it just deny feel right. >> reporter: documents inside the box had a maryland address, so after trying several other things, she e-mailed news stations in dc. the fox affiliate ran the story. >> a day later, the very next day after it aired, i got a call saying they had heard from earl. >> reporter: earl's east coast relatives called him and he arrived in the bay area after planning a seemingly unlikely reunion. >> bring my mom and dad together and we can figure out as a family how to make sure they stay together. so for me, it completes the chapter and starts a new one. >> well kate says she sent pictures to the moving company to find the owner and never heard back from them. well, a lot of us never thought we would see this again. gas for less than $2 a gallon. at this gas station in fairfield, they just dropped the price to 1.97 even though
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it just said 2.03. the oracle up the road plans to do the same thing to stay competitive. drivers are enjoying the extra money in their pocket for now. >> we go out, we have a baby on the way so it helps to save for that, too. >> for 118 days because of falling oil prices. drug dealers are taking it to a whole new level. here is a drug drone. whoever set it into the sky loaded it up with six pounds of meth. didn't quite get where it was going, though. the drone fell out of the air and landed in a parking lot of a tiajuana supermarket just a few miles from the border. whoa, those drones, there will be a thousand things we haven't thought of about an application, some good, some bad. i'm old fashioned. i like a camera on a tripod on treasure island looking back to san francisco. when you do that, you get video
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that looks like this. our photographers out live tonight with a beautiful view of the skyline of san francisco. isn't that pretty? we have mostly clear skies. temperatures cooling off into the low 40s along santa rosa. right now, we head across the bay to the golden gate bridge showing you everything is going along smoothly there. 44 at concord. 48 oakland. 43 livermore. surf is up or it will be. a high surf advisory beginning at 6:00 a.m. on friday morning through 6:00 a.m. sunday. big storm in the north pacific has created a long period swell that will translate into a 15- foot surf by the weekend with breakers possible. sneaker waves as well. local beach erosion. so be careful. this weekend, high pressure will be building in over the next few days over the west coast. after we get rid of a few clouds coming in tomorrow morning. so we warm it up this week into near record levels. by tuesday, we get a chance of showers in the by area, but it is just that much of a chance
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for that many showers. it is really not going to amount to much. after that, high pressure builds in. even if we get a little bit wet tuesday, wednesday, not going to help much. but we will take what we can. mostly cloudy skies to start out the door tomorrow morning. temperatures 40 degrees inland. 50 along the coast. future cast shows high clouds beginning to overspread the bay area late tonight. as we head on through thursday afternoon, it all clears and we have a mostly clear night. tomorrow night, but again, you will probably start out with a few high clouds tomorrow. so to sum it up, high surf building offshore. temperatures rising and modest rain chances are coming in on tuesday in the extended forecast, everybody is in the mid 60s tomorrow. we are going to be looking at clouds to start thursday morning. then friday, we are going to go to northeastly sunny skies. temperatures will be near 70 by the end of the weekend as we get into tuesday and wednesday, though, a chance of showers coming into the bay area. so stay tuned. we will see. >> fingers crossed.
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all right, thank you brian. big night for warriors. >> yeah, it was. as a matter of fact, a record night for the warriors and we are getting ready. something called the superbowl is coming up here. and usually, you have to wait for superbowl media way to get the trash talking started but it started today. and as liz mentioned, big nights, tempers flared at the
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>> warriors were going for their first season sweep over the houston rockets since 1973. >> say again please? >> houston, we have a problem. >> oh it seemed like curry had a problem when trevor ariza bumped him. draymond green had to play bodyguard. five guards, nine points 23 minutes. held dwight howard to 27 points. didn't seem like anyone wanted to play deep. curry flips it up and goes down. they led by 20 at the break. check out the pass from klay thompson. 27 for klay.
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warriors win 126-113. their 17th straight home victory. that is a franchise record. metallica opened. game tied at one, sharks and kings. logan couture fires one at the net. patrick marleau tips it in. san jose wins 4-2 behind two goals from logan couture. the king's only trip to the tank this season. jason carver is headed back across the bay to rejoin the 49ers as the linebackerrers coach. he began his professional coaching career in san francisco. now before richard sherman was ranting on national tv, the seahawks quarterback was harassing quarterbacks on social media. the last time seattle played new england in 2012, sherman posted this picture of himself yelling at tom brady with a caption, are you mad bro? sherman wanted everyone to know he had a case. >> i think people somehow would
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get a skewed view of tom brady. he is clean cut. we know him to be otherwise. he was saying we were nobodies and we should come up to them after think got the win. we should take that pretty well. can i get your autograph sir? [ laughter ]
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>> many athletes go onto be tv analysts after their playing days are over. it is safe to say the clippers center deandre jordan won't be one of them. here's the top five. >> what was the key to getting you going? >> uh ... we did it. i don't know what the question was. but yeah. yeah. all right. >> a combat sport in thailand. down he goes. i usually have to wait after the game to take a shower. nuggets guard randy foye had another plan. that is $35. wizards and thunder. kevin durant, no two more emphatic. c wins in overtime. number one, junior hockey, the mom is screaming at the ref. the dad pounds the glass. watch what happens.
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seriously? did you hear the lady? get the wheels on the bus! these are junior kids playing a little bit of hockey and the parents get out of control. and you know,
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>> david letterman is next. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning with frank mallicoat, and michelle
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