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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 22, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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church. ronald cain was on the case from day one. >> i worked four months 16 hours a day 7 days a week. i lost 51 pounds. >> reporter: after halbower was convicted he escaped prison stole a car and went to oregon before he was arrested for stabbing a woman there. he was sent back to a nevada prison. in 2003 nevada began to allow dna samples from inmates. with you not everyone. >> they -- but not for everyone. it can't go backwards. this individual was already in custody. in nevada. >> reporter: but in 2030 halbower is paroled to oregon where his dna is immediately collected. a year later halbower's dna is linked to backster and casillo. >> very serious violent what we call in our office sociopathic serial killers as i define this man. >> reporter: in his manifesto halbower says he was set up to take the fall for the rape in
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reno by corrupt forces in nevada. as for the gypsy hill murders he says he doesn't quote know anything about them except what people are telling him. i'll have more on this exclusive communication tonight at 6:00. in the newsroom, andria borba, kpix 5. >> halbower will be arraigned on monday. coming up at 6:00, where he says he was during the time of the murders. new at 5:00 he was convicted in one of san francisco's most bizarre crimes. now the same man is under arrest. tied to at least one recent arson case in the castro. kpix 5's da lin on the arrest and the suspect's lurid past. da? >> reporter: david diaz was arrested in the castro here in the castro last night. they believe he set a fire behind a second-story salon on saturday. investigators say his current boyfriend actually owns a bar on the first floor right below that salon. so far, diaz is not connected
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to other recent arsons in the castro and noe valley. san francisco police say diaz does not match the suspect descriptions in the other cases so right now he is only facing charges for one arson case. the suspect david diaz was released from jail not too long ago. he was acquitted of murder but convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the death of his partner back in 2011. his public defender says diaz accidentally killed his partner during a sex "game" by choking him. prosecutors say diaz set the man's body on fire to try to cover it up. the public defender who represented diaz in the murder case will now represent him in the arson case. >> i'm sad and disappointed that he is arrested so soon. he is really is a sweet kid who i got to know over the period of several years while representing him. i find it hard to fathom that he would light a fire in a
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situation like this. i just -- i can't see it. >> it's always good to get a criminal off of the street in jail where he belongs and definitely you can -- we can breathe a sigh of relief that this particular case has been solved. >> reporter: the murder case only wrapped up last summer. but because it was only an involuntary manslaughter conviction, the judge basically sentenced him to time served. so diaz was actually released last september. live in the castro, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> david diaz is facing three felony charges related to the saturday arson. bart wants protestors to pay the price for bringing trains to a halt back in november. and right now demonstrators are pushing back. bart's school board about to have a meeting and protestors say they are going to crash it. they are demanding the board give up the $70,000 in restitution from the arrested group. 14 people chained themselves to a train at the west oakland station. it is all part of a protest
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over the ferguson police shooting. bart wants the group to pay that $70,000 for the disruption r the general manager has said it can be done in the form of community service. the alameda county prosecutor has the final word on restitution. a san francisco police officer is convicted of illegal searches. he and other officers went into rooms at the henry hotel without a search warrant. this is video of one of the illegal entries in 2010. the searches were part of a drug investigation. he was found guilty on four counts including two civil rights violations. another officer on trial with him was acquitted. new at 5:00, the death of a powerful u.s. ally. king abdullah of saudi arabia. he was one of the leaders who joined washington's fight against al qaeda. he also sought to modernize the ultraconservative kingdom with reforms. among them, some new opportunities for women. he is expected to be succeeded
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by his 79-year-old brother. he was 90. patriots quarterback tom brady flat out denies that he had anything to do with deflating footballs. he and his coach answered questions today in the "deflate- gate" scandal. and reporter omar villafranca has the story. >> i didn't alter the ball in any way. >> reporter: quarterback tom brady is the latest new england patriot to weigh in on "deflate- gate" saying the footballs were fine when he approved them before sunday's afc championship game. >> i don't know what happened. i mean, i -- i -- i -- have no explanation for it. i don't know what happened between the time that i touched it and, you know, really until monday morning i have no idea what happened with the balls. >> reporter: the comments come after his coach bill belichick denied any involvement in the controversy basically passing the ball to the quarterback. >> i think we all know that quarterbacks kickers specialists have certain premises on footballs. they know a lot more about it than i do. they are a lot more sensitive to it than i am.
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>> reporter: the nfl is investigating reports that the patriots deflated 11 of the 12 balls used in sunday's play-off win over the colts. some say deflating the balls makes them easier to throw and catch. in 2007, the patriots were fined for videotaping the new york jets hand signals in what was dubbed "spygate." belichick says the current controversy shouldn't overshadow the game. >> it's unfortunate that this is a story coming off of two great play-off victories by our football team and players. >> reporter: the patriots say they are cooperating with the nfl's investigation while they prepare for super bowl xlix. omar villafranca, cbs news. >> the nfl says its investigation into "deflate- gate" will take a few more days. one of the men who beat bryan stow outside dodger stadium has pleaded guilty to a federal weapons charge. marvin norwood is facing 10 more years in prison as a result. the charge stems from a search of his home before he was
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arrested for the beating. his co-defendant louie sanchez is set to plead guilty to the same charge next week. concern is growing as the measles outbreak spreads here in california. there are now 7 reported cases in the bay area including san mateo, alameda and santa clara counties. at least one of the cases has been traced back to disneyland. 70 people in six states and mexico who have the virus have been linked back to the park. medical experts say the bay area is particularly susceptible to an outbreak. >> the one reason it impacts the bay area is there are many people who haven't been vaccinated so there's a risk of a wildfire outbreak. >> in an unvaccinated population, anyone can infect up to 20 others. still ahead a 1200-pound cow in need of a risk, how northern california vets got
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creative to solve this cow crisis. >> something stinks in san jose. hundreds of people complained. tonight, we track down the source. >> it's not the weather. a beautiful day in the bay area. record setting changes possible by the weekend. the forecast is coming up. >> and the unintended result of a golden gate bridge's new median barrier. drivers feeling a little too safe.
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this 1200-pound cow is back on solid ground after falling 30 feet down a mine shaft in tuolumne county. she was stuck for 4 days. how the cow survived the dangerous ordeal. >> reporter: the cow is now freed. amazingly, uninjured. not a single broken bone after spending four days in a 30-foot mine shaft. her name is molly. she is 1200 pounds and someone's pet. her owner fed her crackers and
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bananas in tuolumne animal control assembled a team of uc- davis vets, a three-hour operation. dr. madigan and his residents were fitted with harnesses and lowered down. they sedated her and tied a rope around her and pulled her out with a tow truck. her owner is very emotional and relieved, of course. also very thankful for the community's support. by the way, animal control tells me it is footing the bill. >> san jose firefighters had a different kind of rescue this morning. they were called out to free a man who was run over by his own car. he was pinned underneath. and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. investigators on the scene think the man was working on his car but he didn't put it in park. a lead foot crackdown on the golden gate bridge with the new median barrier in place. chp says that more drivers are speeding. we took mobile5 for a drive to see for ourselves and sure enough, cars were passing us one after the other on the
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bridge. we were going the 45-mile-an- hour speed limit. believe me, nobody he is does. just yesterday, officers issued 14 speeding tickets saying drivers were going as fast as 70 miles an hour! >> whoo. something is rotten in the south bay. >> we feel like we need to move out of the area. it's "superbad." >> the unbearable odor that is turning heads. tonight we track down what's stinking up the neighborhood. >> a free speech fight over frosting. a baker holds her ground. the message that she
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well a south bay stench has people holding their nose. kpix 5's len ramirez drew the lucky assignment of trying to sniff out big stink. >> reporter: milpitas neighbors have long complained about the smell from the landfill. >> it's like a rotten kitchen stuff. >> reporter: but this winter has been worse than ever practically unbear ability. >> six months ago was not bad. now every day all the time and we feel like we need to move out. it's "superbad." "superbad." >> reporter: she lives less than two miles from the landfill but in the past month, the smelly air drifted into
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places that have never complained before. like the alum rock foothills in san jose, 10-plus miles away. >> it is noticeable especially when you're walking and running. it's probably not healthy. >> reporter: other neighbors say it smells like overcooked compost and may be a protective custody of december rain and january sunshine. the landfill's parent company republic services would not speak on camera but they did give us this statement denying any blame saying that there are multiple sources of air emissions in the area and that it uses advanced odor management technology. but the landfill has been the target of an unusually high number of complaints to the bay area air quality management district. >> we have had a roughly around 600 complaints at the start of the year. >> reporter: that's about 30 a day. neighbors are now organizing a social media campaign against a proposed expansion of newbie island. >> you don't feel like coming out of the house. when you come out, you don't feel good. >> reporter: they say they have two choices. fight or move. in milpitas, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> san jose planning commission
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will take up the newbie island expansion proposal in february. college students barged in on a uc regents meeting in san francisco today wanting to make their voices heard against a tuition hike. [ yelling ] >> students didn't get as far as they wished stopped by security after jumping a barrier to deliver a letter to the uc president janet napolitano. the governing board is meeting in san francisco today. they are taking a look at the uc funding and reviewing a recently approved 5% annual tuition hike. the future of doctors medical center in san pablo looks a little brighter. there are now four proposals to buy the financially troubled hospital. one of them from the city. doctors medical center is the only public hospital in west contra costa county. mineta san jose is about to get nonstop service to china. they expect to get approval to start five week service from
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san jose to beijing beginning in june. the airline says all that standing in the way is approval from the u.s. department of transportation. right now sfo is the only bay area airport offering nonstop daily service to china. the stock market soared today. theoretically because of an economic stimulus plan in europe. the dow shot up 260 points. investors applauding the news that europe's version of the fed will take aggressive action to prevent a deep recession. the nasdaq up 82. the s&p jumped 31. tonight, a cake is at the center of a battle over gay rights and free speech. a man filed a complaint after a bakery in denver refused to write an anti-gay message on the cake. owner marjorie silva says she had no problem making the bible shaped cake but she drew the line when the man asked for a drawing of two men with a big x over them along with anti-gay bible passages. silva told the customers she would give him the frosting to
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write the messages himself. >> we did feel that it was not right for us to write hateful words or pictures against human beings. >> the customer filed a civil rights complaint against the bakery claiming religious discrimination. thousands of people have shown support for the bakery. now, this isn't the first cake controversy. another denver bakery came under fire for refusing to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple. a judge ruled that was discrimination. the first of its kind all halal fast food joint is opening in milpitas today. [ non-english language ] was looking to open a fast-food restaurant that his family who adheres to an all halal diet could enjoy. the islamic dietary guideline is how meat and poultry should be prepared. way back burgers was willing to give his idea a try. it's the company's first halal chain. >> i want to be able to feed them. i help to feed the customer. to them it was a new thing,
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right. a lot of people they haven't heard about halal, right? >> he says halal food isn't just for muslims and that he is marketing to the community. i just got hungry, brian. that looked good. >> i did, too, actually. i was thinking dinnertime coming up. looking toward the bay bridge and sunset, just in a couple of minutes, we had a nice day in the bay area today. high clouds earlier this morning gave way to sunshine late in the afternoon. it looks like it's nothing but sunshine through monday. right now 56 degrees in san bruno. oakland 59. livermore 50. san francisco 57. san jose 53. overnight lows tonight, we'll get down to 41 degrees in santa rosa. 40 at fairfield. it will be chilly but not going to be catastrophically cold. its par for the course for this time of the year. sunrise tomorrow morning 7:20 a.m. days get increasingly longer. high pressure is building. that's going to begin to warm things up in the bay area over the next couple of days. temperatures didn't come up today but they will tomorrow. we'll remain dry and warming
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right through the weekend to near record highs by the time we hit sunday when a lot of readings will be in the 70s and for the last week of january that's saying something. so look for warm weather to come in. but if you are heading to the beach and it will be pretty good beach weather, be aware of the surf advisory up along the entire coast beginning on friday. waves will be building 10 to 12 feet, 18 second intervals, long period waves sneaker waves a possibility, too. so if you are heading to the beach, be careful. mostly clear night, patchy fog, sunshine friday. this weekend a pattern change is coming in next week when we look for increasing clouds in the bay area leading to a chance of not much by tuesday and wednesday. you will see that in the extended forecast. first we'll see this. forecast highs for tomorrow shows temperatures in some cases exceeding 10 degrees above average. mid-60s for up in fact bay area. upper 60s south bay. 68 tomorrow. 68 ending the week in milpitas.
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56 union city, 61 pacifica. over in the east bay numbers being in the mid-60s at brentwood 62. san ramon 65. 64 at danville. 65 at vallejo as you approach the carquinez strait. gets cooler up in the north bay nice. mid-60s for the most part. 70 santa rosa. 66 san rafael. and way up in the far north bay, the numbers are going to be downright warm. low 70s, ukiah 72. clearlake 72. and st. helena 73. mild weather for the bay area through the weekend. but for january, it's a heat wave with numbers inland look at saturday and sunday mid-70s. >> wow. >> until we cool it down next week and we'll increase clouds. doesn't look like much rain next week and not much more after that. >> enjoy the sunshine while we have. >> that's all we can do. some people dream of running just one marathon. one bay area man is trying for seven.
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on seven continents. tonight, he is clos
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former raiders head coach tony sparano is switching bay area teams. the 49ers have hired him as an assistant coach. soprano was looking for a job after the raiders hired jack del rio last week. sparano will be a position coach with the niners. you can be part of the countdown to super bowl 50 at the home of the 49ers levi's stadium. the host committee is launching a fan powered clock. it will start at 350 days and then count down to kickoff in february 2016. pretty easy to be part of it. creativity is definitely welcomed. >> take a photo of yourself, your -- as a couple, we're looking for individuals. we love children. we love babies. we love pets. and just wear a number 0 through 9. and then we'll actually showcase you on our fan countdown clock. >> the pictures can be submitted through the host
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committee's website and remember, you will be able to watch super bowl 50 right here on kpix 5. snow, rain and serious jet lag are not stopping one san francisco man. he is running, get this, 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents. five hours and 40 minutes one to go in sydney -- > that's tim durban. posted that video to instagram today. he is one race away from completing the world marathon challenge. he also happens to be the only american in the competition. 31-year-old has already completed 26.2 miles in antarctica, chile, miami, madrid, morocco and dubai. and at one point, this week, he had run 3 marathons with just nine hours of sleep. >> he is 31. how does he get the money for that? that's the first thing i think. >> why would you want to do
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that? it's quite the goal. >> maybe he boosted his salary and learned something new. >> probably. >> in tonight's jobs report, jill schlesinger on how even the busiest of workers can sharpen their skills or marathon runners. reporter: if you are working in a full time career and don't have the time or lifestyle that would accommodate returning to graduate school, you might want to consider a certificate program that would boost your skills and potentially your earning power. the appeal of these programs is catching on. between 2005 and 2011, the number of graduate certificates awarded has increased at an average of nearly 19% per year according to a survey by the council of graduates schools. there are various certificate programs in fields like human resources, business and education. check with your employer, colleagues or trade publications to determine which would be most valuable in your career. the certificate programs offer online or evening classes that are easy to fit into your busy
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schedule. and because they're targeted to your specific job and professional development, many employers may partially or fully cover your costs including fees and books. you should also check the state of california employment development department website for information on the occupational training programs that are eligible for funding through the workforce investment act. time spent earning a certificate in your area will likely pay dividends. in many cases, thousands of dollars a year in salary increases.
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coming up tonight at 6:00 high-end wine stolen from french laundry in napa. but that's not the only place. now only on 5, we learned it could be part of a bigger crime ring targeting rare and expensive bottles. and google becoming a game changer in the wireless phone industry. how its new service could affects what you pay even if you don't sign up with them. that and more at 6:00. and we'll have a look at the weekend weather. >> it looks like we are going to be in record setting territory by the time we get into saturday and sunday which is the good news. readings inland will be in the mid-70s and around the bay and even at the beach plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures really unusual for january. and we probably will hit records but at the same time, there are high surf advisories and there's always the potential for riptides with the high surf so if you are going to the beach, again, we can't emphasize enough just to be careful with the kids and dog and all that sort of thing.
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>> thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption color >> pelley: tonight, caught in a pressure cooker. >> is tom brady a cheater? >> pelley: quarterback tom brady responds to reports that the patriots used deflated footballs in the a.f.c. championship game. >> you know, i didn't alter the ball in any way.ff >> pelley: officials now say folks who visited disneyland bee well into january may have been exposed to measles. ben tracy has that. dr. jon lapook on how to know if you're at risk. the first joint interview with the new g.o.p. leadership, boehner and mcconnell on the president's agenda. >> make community college freere of charge. dead or alive? and chip reid with chef j.r. once homeless, now he's teaching kids his recipe for success. >> when i grow up, i want to be that kind of leader. captioning sponsored by cbs


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