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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 23, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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e among parents and parishioners! in fact, the priest admits some parishioners have even left this church. >> disturbing! and it's troubling! >> they were allowing girls now they're not then they are definitely taking a step in the wrong collection. >> reporter: a new practice is making waves at the star of the sea. since the '70s they have used altar boys and girls for mass. the priest took over five months ago and decided to train only boys. >> the specifics of serving at the altar is a priestley function and the catholic church does not ordain women. >> reporter: people criticize it saying it sends the wrong message. >> it just kind of makes me feel like i'm not good enough. because i'm a girl. >> i think that it's going backwards and i think that women should be holding more positions in the church. >> reporter: some have left this church. others are threatening to leave. >> i feel offended because i'm a woman. >> reporter: you're offended?
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>> yes. i'm offended. but i cannot do anything. >> reporter: father says there's a lack of priests. the new practice will promote priesthood and he says some people have left but he thinks this decision will actually bring in more parishioners. >> we have seen an overall increase in numbers i must say and the income is up in the church. >> if that's their argument it's shallow. >> reporter: some say discriminatory. >> i feel kind of, um, insulted just because it shouldn't matter what you're like. >> reporter: i asked father joseph if this new practice will set the church back about 20, 30 years. he says, no. he says given how low the attendance is here, he says there's only one direction and that's going up. live in the richmond district in san francisco, i'm da lin, kpix 5. father joseph says he did get permission from the san francisco archbishop to train
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only boys to be altar boys. we made some calls and so far it policy only applies to the star of the sea church. other catholic parishes are not affected. it's not often that a big name republican makes a keynote address in san francisco but possible presidential candidate jeb bush paid a visit today. kpix 5's devin feastly on how feeley on how mr. bush was testing it the waters. welcome to the family. >> reporter: this year it was jeb bush. he was smoking to the national automotive dealership association and potentially setting the stage for a showdown between two political dynasties. >> it is time to challenge every aspect of how government works how it taxes, how it regulates, how it spins. >> reporter: although he is yet to officially declare he is running for president, former florida governor jeb bush sounded like candidate bush at the national automotive dealers association in san francisco. >> a great country like america needs to make sure that people have the skills and the drive
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and the determination to rise up. >> reporter: in what could become potential campaign themes, bush outlined plans for reforming the country's education system as well as its energy and immigration policies. >> come legally to our country, embrace our values, learn english, work, and you can be as american as anyone else. >> reporter: while the traditional democratic stronghold of san francisco might seem like an unlikely launching pad for a republican bid for the white house, political analysts say that bush will mine the golden state for what fuels campaigns, money. bush embraced today what could be a potential double-edged sword politically, that being part of a political dynasty. he would be the third bush potentially to run for president. but today, he praised his father's character and his brother's record as president. and he says he will leave it up to voters to decide if they want familiar names or fresh faces in 2016. in san francisco, devin feeley
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for kpix 5. >> while several politicians have shown interest in running for president none has officially entered the race florida senator marco rubio is the latest to join the list of possible republican entries. he has hired a new fundraiser and is planning a trip to california. an announcement could come soon. a recent cbs poll of republicans has mitt romney and jeb bush on top. san francisco mayor ed lee is among 30 mayors going to court to sport president's executive action on immigration filing a friend of the court brief in a lawsuit that would try to block the president. lee says the mayors have a duty to stand up. >> we have been very detailed observers along with all the other mayors here of the conversation in this entire country about the need for comprehensive immigration reform. and without that reform, we could not wait when we're looking at the eyes of thousands of our immigrants who might be standing in the shadows. >> ed lee is in washington for
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the winter meetings at the u.s. conference of mayors. emeryville may soon have the highest minimum wage in the bay area. city council is pushing to raise it to $14.03 by the end of the year. that would surge past oakland and berkeley. by the way the council came up with the in up because that's currently emeryville's living wage, which is how they came up with the number. if they can't get it through this year, they will try to get it through in 2016. fed up with complaints about homeless people and their behavior at a local park the mayor says shut it down. it's happening at boyd memorial park in san rafael so we stopped by to take a closer look. [ drumming ] >> it's almost like a home base here right you know and there's nothing wrong with it you know where we take care of each other you know where we bring our pets right? >> reporter: for san rafael's homeless boyd memorial park is the preferred spot to spend the day, benches, bathroom and it is a public space.
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>> if we have a roof whether we do not have a roof it's the same rights as -- as -- as people who come here with their children. >> just like anybody else sitting down having something to eat or reading or just, you know, enjoying the sunshine. >> reporter: but not every person who uses this park treats it like their own home. >> people that make fires here. >> reporter: that fire was in this building which the city tries to keep locked. and the problems don't end with the fire. >> exchange of narcotics. use of narcotics. and folks doing things that are just not allowed in public parks. >> reporter: there have also been broken windows at the park's closest neighbor the marin history museum. >> it seems to be, i don't know if the -- perhaps more populated is the word i'm looking for. >> reporter: so next week, at the direction of the mayor, this park will be closed, fenced off for at least 30 days. >> i think it is a really good start in cleaning up the park.
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>> reporter: with plenty of minor vandalism and a derelict tennis court the park could use work but to some, shutting everyone out seems a little heavy-handed. >> unless you're breaking the rules or the law i can't see why you can't use it. >> reporter: that will mean finding a new flies go. >> it ain't going to stop the cycle, mr. mayor, no. there's too many of us. >> we reached out to the mayor of san rafael for more on his decision to close the park and he was not available for comment. we're monitoring a major accident right now in san francisco between a muni light rail and a car. it happened about 4:30 but the scene at 14th and ulloa is not clear. the driver of the mercedes and 9-year-old child were seriously injured both being treated at the hospital. no muni passengers were injured. but officials have set up shuttle service for the area although it could be a while before light rail is back in
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service. we have video of a serial robber who has been holding up bay area drugstores. mountain view police say this is from a walgreens back in early december. he walked in and demanded some high-powered painkillers threatening the pharmacist with what he said was a bomb. they say the same guy has struck two more times in morgan hill. police say he has worn the same outfit in each robbery and flees on a motorcycle. police are looking for vandals who are targeting two livermore churches. the holy cross lutheran church and the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints are neighbors on mow choe street. both churches have had to cover up derogatory comments that were spray-painted on their buildings and on the ground. a white patch covered the anti- religious slurs. police are stepping up patrols in the area and investigating the incident as hate crimes. oakland police trying to track down the driver who ran over an 84-year-old woman and then sped off. it happened at the intersection
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of 18th avenue and 15th street just after 8 a.m. police say the woman was found in the street unconscious and bleeding. authorities think she may have been disabled because a cane was found nearby. they say a green honda may have been involved. we're learning new details in the overdose death of a google executive on his yacht. it involves the case of forrest hayes who died after injecting drugs with internet call girl alix tichelman. she is now facing manslaughter charges. 48 hours correspondent maureen mayor says surveillance video will be key evidence in her trial. >> reporter: not so ironically the high-tech exec had installed hi-def video equipment all over his yacht. what happened that night was recorded by the boat's videocameras. this camera in particular caught the last moment of his life in chilling detail. >> that video was shocking to me. >> reporter: police say that video shows hayes with a young
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exotic dark hayward woman covered with very distinctive tatoos. >> at that point we realized that's our person. that's who we're going after. >> reporter: the investigators dug into hayes' digital live and the trail led to a dating website and that tattooed woman. her name, alix tichelman a 26- year-old aspiring model. do you think alix tichelman knew that forrest hayes was dying right there in front of her? >> i don't see how she didn't know. >> reporter: and investigators would soon learn that this was not the first person tichelman was involved with who died of a drug overdose. >> is this woman a cold-blooded killer? >> she is a killer. and she certainly was cold. >> reporter: that is not how tichelman's defense team see it is. >> alix tichelman did nothing that mr. hayes did not want mer to do. two adults engaged in mutual and cooperative drug usage. and it went wrong. but it was an accident. >> earlier today we had the
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chance to speak with the 48 hours reporter. she described what some of the surveillance video shows. >> we do see forrest hayes a willing participant take his cell phone, turn the light on and show alix tichelman, you know, to help her find the best vein. she injects the heroin. and according to prosecutors, he slumps over and then she very casually and very calculated and controlled manner walks around the boat for a full 7 minutes, kind of wiping off her glass and trying to pick up her paraphernalia. if you have defense attorneys, they will spin it and say that, no, this is a woman who is clearly in panic. it's not obvious that forrest hayes is in distress but this is a woman who is trying to, you know, get off the boat. >> you can watch the full 48 hours story kiss of death and the google exec tomorrow night at 10:00 on kpix 5. expensive wine stolen in a bay area heist. now found on the other side of the country. but police are still trying to find out how it got there and
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who is behind it. a new case of the measles in the bay area. now health officials are sounding the alarm for parents to protect their kids. >> and high surf warning big waves this weekend around the bay area. and they could get very dangerous very fast. >> surf's up, so are temperatures. record territory this weekend. but change on the way for next week. do stay tuned for the forecast as we look toward sf
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unemployment rate in california is at a level it hasn't reached in more than 6 years at 7% for december. the employment development department says it hasn't been that low since june of 2008. bay area job market leads the way. marin county at 3.4% followed by san mateo and san francisco counties. shares in the silicon
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valley online storage company box soared more than 70% in their wall street debut today. box which is building new facilities in redwood city sold 12.5 million shares raising $175 million. the shares were hot despite the fact that box lost almost half billion dollars since every in the last decade dreamworks with had success with animated films is cutting 500 jobs and reducing the number of films it produces each year from 3 to 2. it's being done to increase profits. variety reports dreamworks will also close its studio in redwood city. workers there will be begin a chance to move to the glendale headquarters. uber fired back today at the california dmv over commercial plates. the dmv says it might require rideshare drivers to have them since they make a profit but uber says it thinks drivers are
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find with personal plates because the california law allows them to use personal vehicles. uber thinks the dmv isn't recognizing the law or there was a miscommunication. an urgent appeal from public health officials. they are telling people to get vaccinated against measles. kpix 5's christian hartnett is in san jose and he is finding that's not so easy when some parents don't cooperate. right, christian? >> reporter: that's right, liz. doctors say it is a nasty and potentially deadly disease. but it is all preventable just with a couple of shots. >> because the risk seems distant, people may think, well, you know, maybe it's not really that important. >> reporter: santa clara county health officer dr. sarah cody says that while the county's measles vaccination rate is high about 95%, convincing that final 5% to vaccinate is a challenge especially when dealing with a nearly eradicated disease that pretty much hasn't been an issue for more than half century. >> it's hard for us now in 2015 to remember the time when
6:17 pm
people were dying of measles. >> reporter: children under one are especially vulnerable because they can't be vaccinated yet. more than 30 babies in alameda county are being kept in isolation during the outbreak because they might have come close to one measles patient. others can't be vaccinated for medical reasons. then there's the group that chooses to obtain what's called personal belief exemptions which allows them to legally keep their child unvaccinated. that handcuffs schools and public health agencies who want everyone vaccinated. >> i like to think of people who live in santa clara county as community-minded, right? i get vaccinated because i am protecting my family. i'm protecting my neighbors. i'm protecting my community. >> reporter: today the santa clara county office of education and public health department sent a letter asking parents to check theirs and their children's immunity. that's the best they can do, they say. christian hartnett, kpix 5. >> for advice on adult and
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child vaccinations, go to our website, the beaches could be packed because of the warm weather this weekend. but that has rescue crews concerned. kpix 5's len ramirez on the high surf warning for the entire bay area. >> reporter: just about perfect conditions out on the coast today but as the weekend progresses, things could get a little more dangerous for people coming out to the beach. a high surf advisory is in effect for the bay area with 12- foot waves expected. so far surfers are taking full advantage of the warmer weather an waves. this is what it looks like here at pillar point on the san mateo coast. lots of surfers in the water and near perfect conditions. big crowds are expected at ocean beach in san francisco and over in santa cruz big waves and big crowds will be drawn to steamers lane and all along the santa cruz county coast. >> i think it's mostly a danger on the roads. it's going to be packed out here. it was last weekend. you know, instead of going to the slopes, people are coming out to the coast with this
6:19 pm
strange january we're having. so super dry, spring-like conditions and, you know, ther is first will love it because usually -- surfers will love it because usually they are freezing. >> reporter: the national weather service says beaches from sonoma to monterey will have large swells and riptides cautioning people to stay off the rocks due to the possibility of sneaker waves which could come up fast and sweep people into the water. air temperatures are expected to be about 75 to 80 degrees on the coast warmer than many summer days. at pillar point, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> good reminder. be careful when you're in the water especially this weekend because it is you know -- [ simultaneous speakers ] >> like hawaii. >> the weather is going to be nice. it's not going to be look tropical conditions. >> not like hawaii. >> it's great for january but i still don't know if you want to go in your skivvies down to the beach. we're wimps when it comes to cold weather as we know all being in california. outside now mostly clear skies. the numbers not bad, mostly in the 60s. as we look at sfo, now about an hour after sunset. highs today all the way up to
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71 degrees in santa rosa, man, oakland 69. in morgan hill 67. san francisco hit 66 today. hey! looking for something to do this weekend? there's the ama supercross from 6:30 p.m. tomorrow night at the coliseum, that will be fun. and we have a ridge building into the west coast have been for the past couple of days and numbers are going to be coming up as the pressure builds. surf is going to come up, as well. numbers will be in record territory for saturday and sunday and in the last week of january, all you need are readings in the 70s and you will break some of those records. so that's what we're looking forward to. heading out of the bay area, the bigfoot print of fog in the central valley will make for slow going on interstate 5 or highway 99. so if you are headed down to los angeles that way, give yourself some extra time. that fog can be treacherous. out here it will be sunny. 75 degrees in santa rosa. 72 at napa. tomorrow at fairfield 67 degrees. san jose 71. and 65 degrees at pacifica is nice, i mean, i don't know if you are going to go out for a
6:21 pm
suntan there but a stroll along the beach certainly sounds nice all weekend long. mid-70s for some inland locations saturday and sunday. right around the bay we'll be near 70 degrees. monday is nice, too. tuesday and wednesday, there's the potential for -- we're certainly going to cloud up and there's the potential that we could get a little bit of rain but nothing that's going to open the door to something that's coming in after this. so it's just a -- it's anemic. january has been a huge disappointment. >> more in december. >> this was supposed to be historically the rainiest month of the year and didn't happen. s we'll see. we are in the middle of winter and across the country boat shows are going on. >> yeah, including san francisco. coming up, why more people may be
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san francisco will be hosting its second annual boat
6:24 pm
show at mcvie mccovey cove and they will be expanding. more people will be willing to buy a boat. reporter alison harmelin says really it's all tied to the falling price of gas. >> reporter: the new york boat show offers boats of all sizes from jet skis to grand yachts. >> dvd player or no? >> yes. that's a blu-ray player. >> reporter: the multi-billion- dollar boating industry is seeing a resurgence after sailing through some choppy waters because of the recession. powerboat sales why $9 billion in 2006 and by 2010 were down 50%. now the tide is starting to turn. >> what we have seen the last couple of years is there's been a lot of pent-up demand. boat sales are on the rise. last year we saw an increase of 5 to 7%. >> reporter: the industry is expecting another positive year. one reason why, americans have more money to spend thanks to
6:25 pm
lower gas prices. >> people do have more money. you don't spend on luxury items unless you have excess cash. >> i think it will be more business for the marinas and boat companies. >> reporter: this boat dealer says he has seen a pickup in business since prices at the pump dropped. >> now we have more people coming into boating. >> what's happening you're seeing that? >> we are seeing that. we are seeing that this particular product is brand- new. we have more interest in the first day than last year. >> reporter: he believes sales are stay strong even if gas prices creep back up. alison harmelin for cbs news, new york. >> it would be fun. >> looks very pretty. coming up in our next half- hour, expensive wine stolen from napa now found. what led investigators to north carolina to get the bottles back. >> "deflate-gate" distracting players. what tom brady's teammates are saying about the nfl controversy involving underinflated footballs. >> plus, why soon you won't be
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seeing these in
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hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of expensive wine stolen in the bay area found in north carolina but tonight there are a lot of questions about how it got there. welcome back, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. that cross-country trip has stumped investigators. they say an oblivious buyer has the wine but as kpix 5's ryan takeo reports some people who know the ins and outs of the industry seriously doubt that the buyer is actually in the dark. >> sounds disingenuous put it that way. >> reporter: that's because of all the media attention over the $300,000 french laundry heist. >> that amount of wine of that particular producer would raise a lot of eyebrows. >> reporter: a tip led investigators to greensboro, north carolina, about 2800 miles away from yountville's famed restaurant. investigators recovered most of the wine there. one wine dealer says it is conceivable the buyer put their face in a shade -- faith in a shady middleman but seems odd the broker would give the one
6:30 pm
buyer so much of the stolen wine. yesterday kpix 5 broke the news of a half dozen other similar high-end heists in the bay area the past couple of years like at prima in walnut creek. napa county investigators confirmed they are working with other jurisdictions on a possible connection. while the other victims hope for a similar outcome. >> we would like to get our wine back. i wonder if any of our wines that we lost in our robbery wonder where they went. >> reporter: ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> investigators have not made any arrests in that case by the way. bird rescue teams are working with volunteers to find birds coated with goo all around the bay. bird recovery will continue at least for the next couple of weeks. so far, officials say, 322 birds have been taken in by the international bird rescue. 275 are still alive. 151 have died. officials still do not know
6:31 pm
what that mystery substance is. the nfl says it will get to the bottom of what's being called "deflate-gate." the use of underinflated footballs by the new england patriots in their afc championship win. omar villafranca reports players call it a distraction. >> reporter: the national football league says it has conducted nearly 40 interviews over the past few days trying to get to the bottom of "deflate-gate." the new england patriots are accused of cheating during sunday's afc championship game after 11 of 12 patriots game balls were found to be two pounds under the nfl's required air pressure. the nfl said while the evidence thus far supports the conclusion that footballs that were underinflated were used by the patriots in the first half, the footballs were properly inflated for the second half and confirmed at the conclusion of the game to have remained properly inflated. >> i didn't alter the ball in any way. >> reporter: tom brady and bill
6:32 pm
belichick said thursday they had no explanation. a defensive lineman said it's a distraction leading up to the super bowl. >> everybody in the locker room is excited to play this game. we need to be. we're be. so, um, we are not going to take that away from us. you can't take our joy away from us. >> reporter: the colts who lost to the pats had little to say about it. >> it's obviously like i told all you guys where the league stands that's where that's at. >> reporter: the league has still more interviews to do and evidence to examine before it wraps up the investigation. the super bowl is just nine days away. omar villafranca, cbs news. >> the meanwhile, there's trouble for tom brady's high school football team. serra high in san mateo has been banned from the play-offs for two years because the team decided not to play in a consolation game last month. the head coach said he was worried about putting players at risk of injury. but the ccs commissioner says the team failed to fulfill its commitment to an opponent.
6:33 pm
vice president joe biden is in california pitching the president's free community college plan. he stopped for a roundtable with some dental students in culver city. that plan would provide up to 2 years of free tuition if students met certain requirements. the vice president quoted his wife who teaches at a community college in northern virginia. >> keeps telling everybody the best kept secret in america is the community college system and, um, the other expression she's used is that any country that out-educates us will out- compete us. >> as many as 9 million students nationwide could benefit from the president's plan. it's estimated it would cost $60 billion over 10 years. the obama administration is backtracking after an outcry over consumer privacy on the administration made changes to the website to scale back the release of personal consumer information to private companies. third party analytic sites were receiving personal data like
6:34 pm
age, income, zip code, smoking status, and whether a woman pregnant. the white house defended the practice saying it was to improve the consumer experience. the stock market snapped a four-day winning streak today. the dow dropped 141 points. the s&p fell 11 on the flip side though the nasdaq was up about 7. the next time you're on a plane, you're not going to find the sky mall catalog in your seat back pocket. they went bankrupt. seems with other things available in the air like wi-fi and seat back tvs, passengers are no longer shopping while they fly. sky mall has been a mainstay on airplanes since 1989. >> a classic. >> you never knew what were you going to find in the sky mall or come home with. >> maybe i want that. still ahead marathon mission flushed. an update on the man running seven mara female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models!
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a bay area dry-cleaning busiedly shut down and tonight customers wonder where are my clothes after suddenly shutting down. that's on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. well, a bay area man's ready for a little rest after completing 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents. tim durbin posted this picture to his instagram today excited to announce the accomplishment. he said he finished his last marathon in sydney in less than five hours. durbin was the only american taking part in the world marathon challenge. earlier this week he ran the 26.2-mile race in antarctica, chile, spain, florida and dubai. production on hollywood's latest attempt to tell steve jobs' life story was back in full force today. chopper 5 flew over berkeley this morning as crews set up
6:38 pm
for filming. most of the berkeley filming will be done at night. last week the cast and crew took over a neighborhood in los altos. still ahead, the hits just keep on coming for a bay area teenager. >> the challenges that stacked up and how she overcame them all to get on the path to college. >> well, the surf is up and will be a near record territory but there are changes ahead for next week. we'll have the forecast coming up. we also got vern glenn coming up. >> hey, sports is about to settle in. as we learn the fate of one giants pitcher today. a heavyweight nba baller saying bye-bye to 2015. and an unparalleled up and down resurrection for this particular program. stories you can't miss! in 10 minute
6:39 pm
life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups.
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6:41 pm
a peninsula teenager found herself and family homeless then a devastating diagnosis for her mom added to those challenges. coming up in a few minutes how she overcame it all and is now
6:42 pm
getting on the road to college. >> the story of miles scott to grabbed the nation's attention when he became batkid for a day will be told on the big screen. five-year-old leukemia patient got his wish back in november of 2013 to become a superhero when san francisco was turned into gotham city. now oscar winner julia roberts is set to star in and produce a feature film about miles called, batkid begins. >> that was such an incredible day. it was amazing. >> everybody was so happy and so overjoyed for this little guy. >> people like good news. >> good stories. >> fantastic. >> we have good news for the weather. if you like nice and mild weather. i'm not talking about the good news vis-a-vis rain but there is a chance of that coming in a little bit. first let's get to the numbers as we look over the golden gate bridge. everything looks like it's moving smoothly tonight and the temperatures are in the upper 50s right now around the bay
6:43 pm
area. by the time all is said and done we'll dip out in the low 40s in some of the valleys and some fog will form overnight. that's about it. surf is up as you have probably heard. along the coast this week waves build to 12 feet every 18 seconds. sneaker waves possible so use extreme caution at the shoreline. and just be vigilant out there. 47 degrees for an overnight low in santa rosa with some fog up there before sunrise tomorrow. 44 at livermore and 40 degrees at fairfield. this ridge is building in strongly as the axis of the ridge will pass over the bay area this weekend and when it does, we are going to be looking for the temperatures to come up to near record levels and in the last week of january that just takes readings in the 70s and we will be there by sunday. we'll be in the 70s in a few spots, too, on saturday. so beautiful weekend on tap and if we can't have the rain, might as well enjoy the nice weather. we have gradual warming on tap and here's how we'll set it out for this weekend. a mostly clear night tonight. there will be some patchy valley fog again and then
6:44 pm
weekend sunshine for all. very democratic weather solution. unseasonably warm too, as we get toward the sunday monday regime. tomorrow we're 10 degrees above average in san francisco. concord 6 8 average the mid-50s so this is a significant heat spell for the bay area. it will be as warm as 70 degrees at half moon bay. 70 at milpitas. 71 for san jose. morgan hill 70 degrees. and over at beautiful los gatos 71. cupertino 69. over in the east bay tomorrow, a little cooler actually than it will be near the coast. 6 8 concord. antioch 66. danville 66. pleasant hill 67. it's going to get warm the farther north you go up into sonoma county and beyond. santa rosa 75 degrees tomorrow. even at bodega bay the perpetually freezing bodega bay which we love 67 degrees. way up at ukiah we'll see 77, 78 degrees at cloverdale so nice and warm there around healdsburg.
6:45 pm
extended forecast we are going to see sunshine on saturday and sunday. monday we have more sun. tuesday and wednesday we see a chance of rain coming into the bay area. we'll cloud it up but if there's any rain falling it's not going to be much. we'll go the other direction thursday and friday. in the meantime, plenty of sunshine. the odds were stacked up against her. family health problems and homelessness. but a bay area is finding a way to overcome and thrive. wendy tokuda has her story. >> reporter: watching her in journalism class you would never guess she was homeless not that long ago but she was. it was her first year of high school. >> i think our first reaction was we have nowhere to go because you know, we didn't. >> reporter: yet she managed not just to stay in school but
6:46 pm
in the rigorous international baccalaureate program which requires college level work. >> i think she knows to just keep doing the next right thing. she's dealt with obstacles nonstop but the next one comes and she takes a deep breath, she thinks i can handle this. >> reporter: her teacher was shocked when sabrina finally told her what was happening. her hard working mom was laid off from two jobs during the recession then the eviction. >> so we went from motels to shelters, um, i went to friend's houses where me and my mom were separated for months. >> reporter: then the tremors started. her mom was diagnosed with parkinson's. >> it was hard to focus on what was important because everything was important and everything you know was so big. >> the most extreme challenge anybody can go through to not have a stable home to not have parent who take care of you when things go wrong. students make a lot of mistakes and usually there are lots of people to help you get back up
6:47 pm
on your feet. i think sabrina got back up on her feet and carried someone else on her own. >> reporter: the same day they finally got a housing voucher her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> i don't know what i would do if i lost her. but every day she just kept saying, you know, you're not going to lose me. i'm going to be fine. i'm going to beat this. the fact that someone is able to say that after everything that's going on is just kind of amazing. >> college, journalism. >> reporter: sabrina's mother was the one who told her to focus on her education. the one ticket out. >> i could do so many great things and why let, you know, this downfall ruin everything that i could be and i don't -- i don't want to be that failure, um, i want to do something great. >> reporter: her mom is in remission now. and this fall, sabrina will be the first in her family to go to college. wendy tokuda, kpix 5. >> sabrina will need financial help to make it to college. you can donate and also buy
6:48 pm
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this makes animal house look tame. three university of michigan fraternities are accused of trashing two ski resorts last weekend. tonight, an inside look at the wild parties that caused tens
6:51 pm
of thousands of dollars in damage. >> we had a trinity that was visiting and had an excessive amount of partying and way too much fun and created quite a disturbance and quite a bit of damage here for the resort. food, beer, alcohol, all over the floor and the walls, carpet damage, a lot of receiving tiles broken down, some furniture damage. >> reporter: crews are still cleaning up a path of destruction left at treetops resort from the sigma alpha mu fraternity. they say police had to escort the students out after they wreaked havoc in these rooms and hallways. like here, the ceiling tiles were ripped down and destroyed. >> they had a series of rooms a couple of floors of rooms and obviously things got out of hand. we estimate the amount of clean- up and damages probably in the $50,000 range. >> reporter: and another had damage from two more u. of m. frats and up to 12 separate private condos throughout the resort. >> we are the stuarts of the property and the people that own them are our partners so
6:52 pm
that's why it's very disturbing to us and we have to protect their investments and we have following up with the university, and they promised us swift action. >> the university of michigan said it plans to hold those students involved accountable. the sigma alpha mu chapter is suspended indefinitely. the fraternity is working with the presort to pay for all the damage and cleaning costs. vern glenn is saying there's nothing like that happening around my house. my boys get out of line -- >> absolutely not. crack that whip, baby. >> not your boys. >> great. we got nfl news for you up top. for once we're not talking about a player in trouble. we're talking about a ball. this "deflate-gate" patriots story not going away. oklahoma city the super bowl is a week from sunday. just saying. the investigation the patsed use
6:53 pm
included 40 interviews tom brady not one of them. the controversy has made it to the u.s. highest office. but not from president obama. instead, it was the white house press secretary taking ashot at tom brady's thursday press conference. >> i have not actually spoken to him about this specific issue. i can -- the one thing i can tell you is that for years it's been clear that there is no risk that i was going to take tom brady's job as quarterback of the new england patriots? [ laughter ] >> um, but i can tell you that as of today there's no risk of him taking my job, either. >> oh!! >> whoa! love that. ryan vogelsong welcome back! the man they call vogey has signed a one-year $4 million deal to stay in the giants rotation. vogelsong's grinded it out in 8- 13 regular season record last year reportedly he had one foot in the houston astro clubhouse
6:54 pm
nearly signed there. earlier this week. listen to this. lakers star kobe bryant is out for the rest of the season! with a torn rotator cuff. according to reports, bryant suffered the injury in wednesday's game against new orleans but he returned to the game. if he is out the remainder of the season it's the third year in a row the 36-year-old has suffered a significant injury. not to test your greek mythology but new know the story of the fabled phoenix rising from the ashes, what a comeback story we have of a long-time once flatlined college program. >> he is absolutely beautiful on this event. >> reporter: it just doesn't get any better for unbeaten cal women's gymnastics. >> lots of power and another great landing. >> reporter: a top 15 program. the bears have voted into the
6:55 pm
national power discussion. it wasn't always like this. 5 years ago this program was dead in the water. women's gymnastics september 2010 cut. furious funding company it alive. but two head coaches left the program. then in 2012 the husband/wife can dem of justin howell and liz crandall howell rolled in. >> in slow batches we really got them to really want to come in and work hard every day. >> reporter: strong coaching and recruiting gave it stability. a 33 spot jump in the rankings gave it identity. >> at the end of my senior year they got reinstated. it's my dream school. i'm going here no matter where we're starting we started fresh from the bottom. but, you know, here we are. >> started from the bottom. >> actually. [ laughter ] >> we have to go back and remind ourselves, look at where we were.
6:56 pm
can you believe this is the same team when we actually put ourselves in three years ago to now, it's crazy and maybe possibly overwhelming to think about it that way. and so we don't. >> one two three, go bears! >> reporter: the bears recently turned some heads but with the norcal classic at uc-davis a five team event which including topping tenth ranked stanford for the first time in 34 meets. >> confidence level is very high. you know, they know that they have been putting in the work in the gym every day and i think that's where they draw their confidence from. and we go into every, single meet we're prepared. >> you got to go out and see these girls. they are 7-0. they have their home opener this sunday at 2 . >> fantastic program. >> good deal. thanks, vern. captions by: caption colorado co i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: y'all have some money... come on now. hey, folks. how y'all doing? how's everybody? [cheering and applause] thank you. appreciate it. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. we got a family here returning for their third day with a total of 20,900 bucks. from charleston, south carolina, it's the kirkpatrick family. yeah. and from chi-town, chicago, illinois, it's the warren family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility driving out of here in a brand-new head-turning, fuel-efficient ford fusion hybrid. [cheering and applause]
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hey, let's play "feud." give me john, give me michelle. guys, here we go. we got the top 7 answers on the board. name something you'd hate to fall off of you in the middle of a hot date. michelle. >> pants. steve: pants. >> whoo! >> play! >> we gonna play, steve. steve: yeah. now, 'chelle... >> play! play! steve: you do all that jumping you gonna jump out your clothes. okay? got you--put you some sparkles on your eyes? >> just for you. steve: girl, shut your mouth. i see you. what you know-- but it's on there right, though. >> that's right. i had to get it right for you. you sharp. i got to be sharp. steve: you sharp. 'chelle. 'chelle, you sharp. >> thank you. that's right. i ca


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