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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  January 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> glor: tonight, blizzard warnings. a potentially historic nor easter is expected to drop three feet in spots. what's expected with eric fisher, and jericka duncan. >> this could be at a storm the likes of which we have never seen before. >> glor: president obama, in india. says he's reached a breakthrough understanding on nuclear power and development. major garrett is in new delhi. a radical left party wins in greece, promising to rewrite terms of a massive bailout. charlie d'agata on what this means for the rest of the world. and there are a million dogs a year adopted in the u.s. don dahler asks, where do they come from? u.s >> almost two-thirds of our dogs are from out of state. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."
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>> glor: hi everyone i'm jeff glor. this is our western edition of the broadcast. winter in the northeast has not been bad this season. that is set to change quickly. the national weather service calls an approaching storm crippling and potentially historic expected snowfall totals, that is not reporting blizzard conditions. the storm will start tomorrow st morning and last throughing wednesday morning. we have two reports, starting with the forecast. eric fisher is chief meteorologist at wbz in boston. a lot of lofty talk around this one. what is ahead? >> this is going to be the biggest storm in at least the a couple of years jeff. we haven't had to deal with this animal so far this winter. all the states of rhode island connecticut, down through new york and towards the jersey shore.
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35 miles an hour winds, in short white out conditions reported. storm we are tracking laying down snow in the midwest, byted. st tomorrow, this is where things really start to ramp up. s you can see the storm blossom as it intensifies, it's a really slow mover, chugging north and east and doesn't depart for parts of new england until tomorrow.t f strong widespread winds, 30 mile per hour or 30 plus down towards connecticut, 50 plus to the boston area, towards the cape or the islands we can see hurricane c force winds, up to 70 even 80, and one to two foot snows 30 inches new york to boston and jeff in some spots we could even exceed that. tuesday is a snow day and wednesday as well. >> glor: eric fisher, thank you d very much. because of the weather people have stocked up on food and supplies. here is jericka duncan. >> up to 60 million americans
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along the east coast are preparing for what could be one of the worst snow storms ever recorded. t new york city mayor bill deblasio. >> we are facing most likely one of the largest snow storms in history of this city. the projections for this snow storm is that it would easily be as much as two feet of snow potentially pushing on to closer to three feet of snow. a so my message to all new yorkers is prepare for something worse than we have seen before. >> reporter: along cape cod, homeowners are boarding up windows, hoping this impending storm doesn't reach historic levels. the snow isn't this only concern. hurricane force wind gusts could bring down power lines. the port authority of new yorkower lin and new jersey have more than 200 pieces of snow equipment atpm its airports including meltersnc and thousands of tons of saltof s and sand for airport parking
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lots. from baltimore to bangor, maine, people are stocking up on supplies. this was a scene at a costco in new york city today and at stu leonards in yonkers, new york >> bread and eggs aren't too easy to come by. it comes on the heels of first significant snowfall this year dumped as much as nine inches of snow on saturday, the same area expected to get pounded once again. new york's governor issued a statement telling drivers tote expect their commute to be disrupted on monday and tuesday and jeff, right now, some airlines have waived fees for people to change and cancel flights. >> glor: jericka duncan, thank you. high winds caused damage in southern california this jeri weekend, 54,000 lost power.rnia this trees and billboards were knocked down. gusts reached 90 miles per hour part of the santa ana winds.
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president obama is now the first president to visit india twice while in office. today he announced what he called "a breakthrough understanding" on investment in nuclear energy in india. major garrett is traveling with the president in new dehli tonight. india >> president obama arrived in dehli for the second visit to india in his presidency. eager to deepen ties with the world's largest democracy and its $2 trillion economy. in the biggest break through in understanding between the white house and indian prime minister narendra modi on future us sales of civilian nuclear material and powerpoints here from financial liability in case of anm accident. but events in ukraine and yemen largely overshadowed the symbolism of the state visit. on ukraine, where renewed attacks and bloodshed by russian-backed separatists sparked fresh alarm in united states and europe, the u.s. willrked continue applying economic pressure. in un >> i will look at all additional
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options that are available to us short of military confrontation and try to address this issue. >> glor: regarding yemen with the pro-western government collapsed last week, mr. obama said the u.s. would continue covert military operations u.s against the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula which is basedi there. >> it is a long, arduous process. it is not neat and not simple but it is the best option that we have. >> reporter: the president laid a wreath at the monument to mahatma gandhi and watched a dance performance with the first lady. on the streets of new dehli, organizers finished preparations under historically huge security for a parade in celebration of india's constitution. consti the agreement could be a boon to u.s. companies and aid india's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. they say they are closer than ever on the twin issues of
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economic development and environmental protection. >> glor: major garrett, thank you very much. greece elected a leader from the far left today, alex tsipras. he promised to rewrite terms of the international bailout. his victory could impact economies across the globe. here is charlie d'agata. >> reporter: it's been a whiley coul since the greeks have had anything to celebrate. but the voters have spoken and their message is: enough is enough with the austerity a measures. "people are fed up" says georgios cosmos. they're hungry, literally hungry. i'm 72 years old and all i have in my pocket is seven euros. is in victory, leftist leader alexis tsipras says greece leaves behind austerity and humiliation. the 40-year-old won firebrand won by tapping into this, pure fury.
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for the past four years, greecer has been in the grips of violent protests against deep cutting austerity measures. tens of thousands of jobs lost pensions slashed and an unemployment rate of more than 25%, double that for young people.t most of that anger was aimed at german germany, the driving force of a europe european union bailout deal that forced greece to clean up its act, however painful. some protestors went so far as to compare german prime minister angela merkel and her countrymen to nazis. now, tsipras promises to tear up that 269 million bailout deal. but it's a risky game, greece could face bankruptcy and it raises the prospect once again of greece dumping out of the european currency, the euro. >> the last time greece is the last time greece was on verge of default or dropping out of the euro zone back in 2010, european and u.s. markets got hammered and that battered u.s.
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retirement plans too. the euro is down in asian markets amid fears of a showdown between greece and its creditors. a >> glor: and charlie, that means a showdown with german chancellor angela merkel, what can we expect from that? >> there is a big difference between campaign rhetoric and reality, yes.y, tsipras wants to rip up the deal, but he's softened his tone to use $300 billion debt, just yesterday chancellor merkel said she wanted greece to remain partd of the european story and greece has begun to make progress. both sides have a lot to lose if greece drops out now. >> glor: charlie d'agata, thank you very much. protesters gathered in tokyo after the apparend execution of a japanese hostage by i.s.i.s.s the crowds blamed prime minister shinnzo abe and his foreign policy. at least one other japanese man, kenji goto, is being held by i.s.i.s.
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ke the arrivals are beginning for the superbowl. seattle seahawks landed one week ahead of the game, the new england patriots head west tomorrow and face more allegations they illegally under-inflated footballs. anna werner has more on the sometimes blurred line in sports between gamesmanship and cheating. >> reporter: coach bill belichick and his team insisted they did not deflate any t footballs. >> at no time was there any intent whatsoever to try to compromise the integrity of the game or to gain of an advantage.hatsoever >> reporter: but if someone did take air out of the footballs on purpose is that cheating or simply gamesmanship?r sports has a long history of straddling the moral line. flopping in soccer is a ploy to run time off the clock. loud grunting on the tennis court is not illegal but can annoy heck out of the opponent. during the home run-crazy 1990's many baseball fans suspected some players were artificially
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pumped up but chose to look the other way and simply enjoy the show. to listen to patriots players such as quarterback jimmy garofalo, manipulating a football is something they could not even imagine. >> reporter: do you talk aboutthey haven how many pounds of pressure are in these balls? >> to be honest, after all this came up i didn't know how many >> were in there.p between 12.5 and 13.5 right? >> reporter: but you didn't know that before this week? >> not three days ago i couldn't tell that you. >> reporter: at least some golf fans say they can rely on their athletes. j.p. hayes turned himself in after playing two shots with an unapproved golf ball. he lost a hear on the tour. >> i have been taught to play by the rules. >> reporter: something bill belichick insists the patriots are doing the question is whether the nfl and fans will agree anna warner, foxbororo massachusetts. government regulators will start
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open your nose up to 38% more than cold medicines alone so you can breathe and sleep shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. >> glor: it is a $46 billion a year business and about 12 million people a year take out payday loans.ay loa those high-interest loans against your next paycheck. in some cases, the lenders pay re charge 500% interest but now federal regulators are going to be cracking down. business analyst jill schlesinger has more. so, jill, first, background on what payday loans really are. >> short term loans, usually for a small amount, less than $500. supposed to be until you get paid next so about a two week loan. two big problems with theseoblems loans. number one, they are awfully expensive. there is a fixed fee based on no matter how much you borrow ord little you borrow, that interest rate can get up to 500%. another thing they're marketed t as temporary but according to the consumer protection bureau
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only 15% pay on that schedule, 64% renew them for eight more times and the rest default. >> glor: i know we spoke to the bureau this week.poke to the b what sort of new rules are we talking about here? >> well, remember the cfpd w cannot put a cap on interest rate, that happens at the state level, but when you think what interest they've done in the mortgage industry i think what they're going to say they want more i disclosure about the fees and wan they are going to make sure the lenders can repay the loans, that has been a cornerstone. >> glor: so much has been made on behalf of the lenders which means one would think they are pu going to push back.y >> they are definitely going tog to push back and they are pushing back, a critical part of theg back a economy who doesn't make a lot most of these people who take out these loans are making less than $40,000 a year but the demand is so high even with such a high cost, we see that payday loan store fronts two for every starbucks.
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put that in perspective andt th realize there are a lots of people using these loans. >> glor: jill schlesinger, thank you very much so much. the producers guild named its best film and the winner was "birdman," the dark comedy starring michael keaton as an action movie star trying to prove his chops at the theater. bit of an upset against richard linklater's "boyhood." the award winner has gone on to win the oscar seven years in akl row. a up next here the supply shortageupply in a dog adoption industry. [guy] i know what you're thinking- you're thinking beneful. [announcer]beneful has wholesome grains,real beef,even accents of spinach,carrots and peas. [guy] you love it so much. yes you do.
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medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> glor: the humane society says 1.2 million dogs were adopted in the u.s. last year. in some states, demand for rescue dogs exceeds supplies. and it raises concerns over where some dogs are coming from. here is don dahler. >> reporter: these dogs just got off the red eye from l.a. just got the northeast animal shelter in salem, massachusetts is their new temporary home. shelter director laurie mccannon says flying them in from out ofelte
6:21 pm
state is the only way to deal with demand. >> started small, trips once or twice a month, four or five dogs with here or there but our program has grown hugely since then. >> reporter: give me an idea how much has it grown? >> i would say almost two-thirds idea of our dogs are from out of state now and that can be youo- know 2,300, 2,500 dogs a year that we take from across the united states. >> reporter: that's thousands ofates dogs each year not being killed. >> the shelter that we work with down in alabama they have like a 90% kill rate and they are euthanizing hundreds of dogs a week. >> reporter: last year, 7.6 million animals entered sheltersr and three million were animals entered euthanized, down from 50 million w killed in 1970. there are no federal laws regulating the state to state transport of animals forof adoption. some a some animal welfare advocates worry that could lead to pet trafficking and the spread of spread
6:22 pm
o diseases. dr. martha smith blackmoore of the american veterinary medical association. vet >> there are some organizations bringing in truckloads of puppies, even a mutt could be sold for four, five, $600. >> the northeast animal shelter says they get their animals fromandful of only a handful of known suppliers. >> there's a way to do it right. to it's not just randomly going to find a random rescue group and say, let me take all these dogs. we build a relationship with particular rescue groups in particular, states so that we part know what their situation is. >> hi sweetie. who's this? sweetie. >> reporter: that appears to be that andy. he was just neutered. >> the next shipment of dogs arrives at the shelter next week. arrives there are already families waiting to adopt them.g to ado don dahler, cbs news, salem,n massachusetts. >> glor: another milestone win for duke basketball coach mikeer sheshefski. this was victory number 1,000.
6:23 pm
he beat st. johns as duke surged to a 77-60 win. he was already the winningest coach in division one college basketball. up next, the changes already taking place in havana, cuba. winner. up place in havana, cuba.
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>> we close tonight in cuba where last week u.s. and cuban cuban officials held the highest-level talks in decades. there were no major breakthroughs, but manuel bojorques found these signs of progress on the streets. >> reporter: in a country accustomed to keeping old models count running and older buildings standing, we discovered computers are different. manuel, in this shop in havana parts of one broken computer are used to fix another. what is your hope with diplomatic talks? "i think it will be friendlier relationship," he says. easing restrictions from exports from the u.s. to cuba could easing allow him to get the parts he needs. i was frankly surprised to see a number of private businesses here.
6:27 pm
for the first time, we're hearing many young cubans noring longer feel they have to leave the island in order to make a living. i'm willing to stake my future here, he says, and i think i can succeed. this caught our eye, cuba'smy future state run newspaper had this headline on friday. "cuba and the united states, the beginning of a new chapter." in havana, assistant secretary of state roberta jacobson called this weeks historic talks constructive, but there is a long road ahead. that raises many concerns about human life. she and her husband showed us a boat they are secretly building in their living room hoping it boat will take them and their four secretl children to the united she says their problems started when she joined a dissident group in 2008.
6:28 pm
"what do we do," she says "how do we support our children. my daughter can't work, my son h can't work either because thisdren country doesn't have jobs fork, them." it's slow going but they say they'll keep building the boat even as the tide appears to be turning between former enemies. manuel bojorques, cbs news havana. >> glor: that is the cbs evening news. don't forget our new digital network cbsn. i'm jeff glor in new york, scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night. pe captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh sponsor s
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than they bargained for on their last visit. a case of measles. plus: the city of oakland makes an unprecedented push to improve relations between its people -- and its police force. and a feeding frenzy along the bay area coast.. as hoards of herring turn up just in time. kpix 5 news is next. it's one thing you don't want a
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being warned about possible measles exposure. good evening, i'm brian hackney. one thing you don't want a case of at costco. shoppers are warned about possible measles exposure. good evening. kpix christian heartland is in gilmore where the store posted a flyer to let shoppers know.


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