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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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neighborhood tonight. armed officers perched on roof tops searching for a dangerous man on the loose in one san francisco neighborhood tonight. good evening. the the police are stationed at steward and 19th street right now where they set up a perimeter around a park. kpix5 is live at the location with the latest on the search, christian? >> reporter: the perimeter is set up for a little over an hour. you can still see some officers on the outside here. a lot of the police cars, very active situation we got going on right now. 19th here. we know it extends all around the neighborhood. they believe the person are is at a nearby park and they are in the process of searching that this park. this all started in the mission
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district on 19th when the suspect pulled out a gun and tried to rob someone on the street. as he ran off the police were able to track him down and they chased him into the kite hill park area over this way. that is when the police set up the perimeter and plotted their next move while telling neighbors to stay inside and out of the area. >> we are obviously concerned about the public's safety. so that is why we are keeping all residents behind our crime scene perimeter. the police say they are in the process of searching the park right now. they have k-9 units and their team going through that. we are looking to -- we are searching it for more information and trying to get more information on the search. we will let you know when we know. back to you. >> just to clarify for people in their homes right now are told to stay there, nobody else allowed in or are people evacuated? >> people who are in their homes right now they are allowed to stay there. they have been asked to stay in
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there. i know one person or a couple of people have been popping out trying to see what is going on. they tell them to getted in. there are other people tried to get to their home. officers are telling them to be patient, problem he another 30 minutes or so if all goes well. >> all right, thank you very much. sap -- san francisco police are investigating a shooting. the police responding to a shot spotter alert found a 26-year- old man in the street. he died later at the hospital. the shooter is still on the loose. in san francisco a partial deck collapse sent three people to the hospital tonight. it happened just before 6:00 on vienna street. the responders say all three people were seriously hurt and building inspector has been called in to assess the damage. there was a community meeting in the castro today to talk about the arson problem in the san francisco neighborhood. the investigators made one
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arrest last week but they say they are looking at all 20 or so fires independently to determine if anyone else may be responsible. the fires began in december. parked cars, they will be the main target. the police say they need the community's help to crash this case. >> getting calls from neighbors in the areas. people with surveillance cameras, all of that has enabled us to look at clues that we normally would not have. >> the police say they add extra patrols to the area and are asking the community to stay vigilant if they see anything suspicious. if you have driven through oakland lately chances are the police know exactly where you went. that is because two opd cruisers are equipped with automatic license plate readers. a san francisco based company released a map showing the tatta the readers covered in eight days, 63,000 points covering 90% of the city.
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the readers are intended to track vehicles linked to crimes. the oakland city council held a day long community meeting this weekend aimed at finding improved relationships with the police. research from stanford presented at yesterday's meeting shows 63% of people stopped by opd are african- american. even though they make up just 28% of the city's population. oakland police chief shawn went told the koupbs thrill is definitely a problem. >> the opd historically -- told the council definitely has a problem. >> the opd historically have had prosecute problemmed and it contributed -- been part of the problem. >> wel be at the streets until folks are ready to confront --
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we will ba on the streets until folks are ready to confront the war on black folks. one thing you don't want a case of at costco. shoppers at one bay area store are warned tonight about possible measles exposure. >> right before shoppers came into the store they can see two flyers posted out in front as well as many more posted inside. the flyers are saying an infected person was inside of the store last sunday leaving shoppers vulnerable to the disease. the posted warning comes from santa clara county public health department. it is another step to contain the spread of the measles outbreak in california that hit about 80 confirmed cases including 9 in the bay area. a person who is one of the two confirmed cases in santa clara county visited the gilroy costco last sunday, that person
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was infectious at the time. anyone from 4:00 until 6:00 p.m. on the 18th may have been exposed. shoppers were caught off guard. >> we go there every sunday. it was shocking because i mean we heard about the out break hopefully everyone will be okay. >> reporter: anyone at the store during that two hour period to check their vaccination status for measles and watch closely for symptoms until february 8th. they want to make sure it is clear it is now safe to go inside of that costco. they want anyone who was there during that 2 hour window last week to be aware of the situation. >> back to you. the health department also says the infected person may of visited a nearby walmart but so far that store has not put up notices. the police are investigating a shooting near premium outlets that happened near nut tree road and orange drive before 5:00 this evening.
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the police say it was a drive by shooting and two cars were involved. one of the cars has been located. but the second car, a black mercedes is out this somewhere. we are told one man was shot several times and he is in surgery. it is unclear if anyone else was hit. vandals trashed a city park so badly that the city is going to shut it down for 30 days. void memorial park on b street will close starting tomorrow. city leaders say it needs a major makeover and cleanup. not only excess of garbage but drug paraphernalia littered around. the city council is expected to hear plans for the meeting on february 2nd. and drivers who have to deal with one of the bay area's most congested commutes can get relief. a bill has been proposed to add a third eastbound lane on the rich phopd bridge. that could ease the bottleneck during the evening commute back to the north bay.
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the assemblyman says s it should not be a big problem because the bridge was designed for 3 lanes in each strebgz any -- in each direction any way. a movement on stopping crude trains rolling through their neighborhood. mark kelly was there as people took concerns to city leaders. >> people here is a they chose to live near the train lines for the transportation but the same lines, well, that is another story for this family- friendly part of town. >> well, because if something goes wrong what happens? it happens all of the time. >> this train carrying crude oil in north dakota did exphroed, killing upon 47 people in canada. >> why are we going out of our way to help these oil companies transport this -- exploded killing 47 people in canada. >> why are we going out of our
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way to help these oil companies transport this crude? we are not getting any money not benefiting us, not creating many jobs. >> reporter: this real estate agent worries these trains could take a dent to a booming real estate market in san jose. >> a train can derail. so this is always an element of -- a danger there. >> reporter: the center for by lolliccal diversity transporting crude untrained has jumped 4,000% in seven years. all it takes is one accident to change a neighborhood. >> something could happen. a little spark, you know. >> in san jose, mark kelly, kpix5. still to come, passengers taken off and bomb-sniffs dogs brought out. >> my message to all new
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yorkerss is prepare for something worst than we ever seen before. a monster storm in the northeast. what it might mean for you if you are headed out of town. >> another beautiful day headed on tap. patchy fog, after that, the clouds and the plot thickens. we will have the forecast,
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passengers on a flight out
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of l.a.x. had to change their plans. the. >> it was scary. >> reporter: passengers traveling out of l.a.x. disturbed by three planes were grounded, evacuated and searched because of what are called security concerns. two of the planes were headed to seattle. one a jet blue flight from long beach, tiffany, a passenger on one of the planes tweeted out this picture along with the caption "bomb-sniffing dogs at work. the kphres be seen looking at luggage laid out on the tar -- the -- the police were seen looking at luggage laid out on the tarmac. >> reporter: the airline says everyone got off of the plane so the authorities can search it. >> my reaction to that is concern, quite honestly, fear.
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>> reporter: for travelers here on l.a.x. it comes on the heels of on- line bomb threats. the southwest and delta flights had to be escorted by f-16 fighter jets. >> it says more about the world we live in. people are scanning twitter for bomb threats and people are looking for them. you are going to get this situation. >> the fbi says it is aware of the threats and is working with the airlines and the police to assess them. they are still cleaning up in southern california tonight after a destructive windstorm, gusts as high as 89 miles an hour hit the san fernando valley hard. the power companies say 54,000 cust meres lost electricity at the height of the storm. and in the northeast, millions of people are preparing for a monster winter storm. therese duncan reports new york's mayor is warning it could be one of the worst the city has seen. >> and as many as 60 million americans along the east coast
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are preparing for what could be one of the worst snowstorms ever recorded. a new york city mayor -- >> we are facing most likely one of the largest snowstorms in the history of the city. projections for this storm that it would easily be as much as 2 feet of snow. poe terpblly pushing on closer to 3 feet of snow. so, my message to all new yorkerss is prepare for something worse than we have seen before. -- potentially pushing on closer to 3 feet of snow. so, my message to all new yorkers is prepare for something worse than we have seen before. >> reporter: hurricane wind gusts could bring down trees and power lines. dozens of airports in the path of the storm have delayed or canceled flights. the port authority in new york and new jersey have more than 2pieces of snow equipment at its airports including melters and thousands of tons of salt
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and sand for airports, roads and parking lots. from baltimore to maine, people are stocking up on supplies. this was the scene at a costco in new york city today. and at this stu leonardss, this man found exactly what he needed. >> big snowstorm. >> reporter: bread and eggs not so easy to come by. this round of weather comes on the heels of the first snowfall of the year that dumped as much asa 9 inches of snow on saturday on the same area expected to get pounded once again. >> if you are headed out of town be sure to check with your airline first. more than 1700 flights are expected to be canceled tomorrow because of that storm. tomorrow morning the bay around 8:00, 49 degrees, inland, 47, patchy fogs. by the shoreline, sunny start to the morning, and the temperatures in the millel --
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middle 50s. most he clear, clouds come up from the southern half of the area. and by sunset tomorrow night we will be fairly cloudy in the bay area. that will lead to a chance of something that we have not heard in quite awhile. that much of a chance of rain. here is what is happening. high pressure in command of the west coast, keeping it sunny and it will tomorrow morning. for the patchy fog. the low pressure will be moving up from southern california. it will introduce a chance of rain in southern california. we will be on the edge of it. probably get clouds out of it. it will not a amount to each, one way or the other. partly cloudy skies, then through the weekend, january it will end with mild temperatures and if we don't pull rain out of that, bad news, high pressure over the west coast, it means spare the air day tonight. tomorrow morning we have no spare the air day posted. the january drought, though, that goes through san
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francisco, dryet dry -- driest for san francisco. 2013 in the top 5 driest januaries ever. we are continuing that trend overnight tonight. in the 50s for the most part. 52 in livermore, forecasted highs above average for this time of the year. 67 at sunny valley tomorrow. 63. and we are looking for 58 at brentwood tomorrow. sunshine after the patchy fog in pleasant hill. 62 degrees. getting towards the north bay, middle 60s will do it for the most part. until tomorrow afternoon when we increase the high clouds and the far north bay all day tomorrow, it should be mostly sunny and warm, 74 degrees. partly cloudy, patchy fog, tuesday, a chance of rain, not amounting to much. wednesday, partly including, same for thursday, again, late
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next week we will build in the high pressure again and that is it for a chance of wraeupb sunshine and middle 60s. that is next weekend. in the meantime, monday looks good. enjoy it. still to come, a feeding frenzy along the bay area coast. herring turns up right on time. a newborn baby boy is going to owe his big sister big time. what the quick-thinking 4-year- old girl did that likely saved two lives. i'm dennis o'donell coming up next on "gameday." can the warriors make it 19 straight wins at home? and how did thompson follow up his 52-point performance. >> i don't answer preschool questions. the super bowl hype going with sherman's insult to the media and how al davis almost had a new stadium deal in los angeles but he blue it. >> al changed the terms. 30 minutes before the press conference. >> a trek down memory lane with
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>> reporter: today there were
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a few more visitors than usual, make that a lot more visitors. thousands of gulls came to the community for the annual herring run. reach -- each year millions come here to lay their eggs. >> it is a fedding frenzy. >> there it is. >> reporter: sea lions and pelicans feasted on the fish, today it was the gulls enjoying the eggs for breakfast. >> they do it for two to three days. that is what it looked like to me. it was really wild. >> reporter: but most people do not seem to be wild about the taste. at today's third annual herring festival the fish was served smoked, pickled and deep fried. this food writer says she is not sure why americans only like fish that does not taste like, well, fish. >> i have no idea. i really don't know.
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but somewhere we lost the taste for seafood, right? we only like it that tastes like meat, a different texture. >> i think it has an anchovy, fishy taste to it. >> is that a good thing? >> it is a wonderful thing to me. >> reporter: she may have a harder time visiting her parents visiting. >> it is beautiful out there. despite the crowds there is not much of a demand for herring in in the u.s. most of the fish here collected here are sent to japan where it is considered a delicacy. we'll be right back. ♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect
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can't say thank you enough. you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers!
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glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything for all your help. through all life's milestones our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement. you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can. seahawks landed this afternoon in phoenix. the patriots say they are confident they will be in the air before the big snowstorm hits. a mother in michigan two things to be proud of tonight,
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a new baby boy and her 4-year- old daughter who may of saved his life. since she is epileptic and last week at nine months pregnant she had a seizure. the only one home with her was her daughter. but the four-year-old girl knew what to do. jumped into action and called 911. >> she is shaking. and she is having a baby. >> my mom is really pregnant and she thinks she is having a boy. >> okay. she really needs help. >> how old are you, honey? >> four. >> >> you are four? >> yes, but i am getting bigger. >> that is a capable little girl. she was take tone the hospital where she delivered her healthy baby boy. she taught her daughter how to call 911
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