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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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out there, right? >> i will refer to roberta. >> she is the expert. >> i greatly appreciate that. >> i think you have some news for me in a second here. >> all righty. i know it. i'm surrounded by experts. >> it is monday, january 26th. >> and 4:30 right now, here is, that lady we're talking about with the weather. patchy fog, clarity and notice increasing clouds as the day progresses today. current air temperatures, you see just switch. 37 degrees in santa rosa, 32 in san francisco. numbers still averaging well above normal for this time of the year. all the way up to about 72 degrees in the warmest location, we'll feature your seven day forecast still ahead. we have been watching an
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accident in the east bay but it is clear. we have dense fog advisory in effect for the antioch bridge. we'll have the rest of your morning commute, it is all just a few minutes away. sounds good. starting today a san jose intersection will be closed for nine months to allow work on the extension the valley. it will be completely closed to all vehicles and pedestrians. the closure will allow heavy equipment to begin digging a massive trench so the rail line could go below the intersection. they say it is the most complex phases of construction for the bart extinction to san jose's area. >> we did work with the community to see if they were more willing to go a longer period of time in construction, and then keep the roadway open. or do a full closure for nine months and we heard a
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resounding, let's close it, let's get it done. >> bart service is expected to begin as early as fall of 2017. future extensions will bring services to downtown san jose and santa clara. three people treated for injuries after a deck partially collapsed in san francisco. happened before 6:00 on vinea street. a building inspector will look over the damage, that building 115 years old. shoppers in the south bay being warned about another possible measles exposure. the health department has posted fliers at a gilroy costco. >> shoppers can see two fliers posted out right in front as well as many more posted inside, saying infected person was inside this story last sunday leaving hundreds of shoppers vulnerable to the disease. the warnings come from the
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santa clara county health department, another step to contain the measles out break in california which has hit about 80 confirmed cases, 9 in the bay area. a person who was one of the confirmed cases visited the cost co january 18th. the public health department says that person was infectious and anyone at 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on the 18th may have been exposed. >> we always go there every sunday, it was very shocking we heard about the measle out break, but we department think it was going to come down here to gilroy. >> hopefully the problem calms down and the situation goes away. the public health department is urging anyone at the store during that two-hour period to check vaccination status for measles. >> the public health department wants to make sure it is clear it is now safe to go inside cost co, they want to make sure
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people are aware of the situation. in gilroy, kpix 5. the health department says the infected person may have visited a near by wal-mart but that store has not put up any notices. all right it is now 4:34, i guess the chance for rain tomorrow doesn't look promising. >> it is very discouraging. i've been anxious to talk about you on sunday, when we woke up and shrouded with fog, that was never foreseen in any of the computer models at all. i think they are lousy in handling fog. >> we road our bike towards tracy, it was cold. it was 43 degrees, with the wind chill felt like it was 30s, windy, it was not the forecasted upper 70s and near 80 degrees. good morning everybody. as you were heading out the door these are the numbers you can anticipate temperatures, 51
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degrees, partly cloudy conditions. currently at 43 degrees in san jose. 37 degrees in santa rosa. and not checking at in moment, 39 degrees in fair field. here come the clouds, all associated with tropical moisture to the south. we do have some light rain showers now occurring around the san diego county area right there, all this continues to lift up in a northernly direction we'll become mostly cloudy over night with a chance of some of that precipitation. today's numbers with the partly cloudy conditions in the 60s 62, and for the most part towards santa cruz, otherwise 71 in the inland areas, cloud cover, a chance of the showers on wednesday, just an outside chance. otherwise extremely mild conditions through sunday. good morning elizabeth. how was your weekend? >> the weekend was great, it was gorgeous weather. if you're heading back to work this morning, fortunately no
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major issues, over night we've been watching this accident in berkeley, it seemed like it was a bad accident with several cars, they cleared everything before we got on the air, so everything is good right now on 24, interstate 80. 580 and 880, all these approaches in the mcarthur maze is quiet to the bay bridge. the livermore valley. still okay in the westbound lanes. the drive time is 15 minutes across that corridor heading out to the dublin interchange. southbound 880 and 98, and you will still hit those crews still out there still blocking lanes, northbound traffic looks okay towards downtown. chp issued a dense fog advisory around 3:30. a fog advisory for the antioch bridge. still looks great though on highway 4, clear through antioch, all the way into
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concord, and a mass transit check, nothing really to note, everything is so far on time, no delays, that's your latest drive to work on monday, back to you guys. a civil liberties group says that oakland police covered 90% of the city with 2 cruiser equipped with automatic license plate leaders. the electronic frontier foundation released a map showing data collected over an eight-day period, there are 63,000 data points. a public relationship with oakland police was the focus of a meeting held by the city council. research from sanford university was presented at saturday's meeting, it shows 60% of people stopped by opd are african american even though they make up 28% of the city's population. >> the opd historicically has had obviously strained relationship with the community
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that it serves. long standing, and that the tactics employed by the oakland police department have absolutely contributed to that strained relationship. >> we are going to be in the streets until folks are ready to confront the issue around the war on black folks. >> also, as at the woman congresswoman called an end to grand jury with the shootings with police officers. and a 20-year-old man claims he was molested by a boy scout volunteer in 2007. his suit says the scouts failed to warn parents and volunteers about the dangers of sex abuse. undisclosed documents known as the perversion files might be known throughout the trial. police are trying to find
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an armed man on the streets. police set up a perimeter around 19th and seward street. police say the would be robber ran off and officers chased him in the area of kite hill park, that's when police set up the perimeter and urged neighbors to stay indoors. police did not find the suspect and took down the perimeter last night. police are investigating a shooting near the city's premium outlets, just before 5:00 yesterday afternoon. it was a drive-by shooting, two cars were involved. one of the cars had been located but a second car, a black mercedes is still missing. it is unclear whether anyone else was hit. a movement is spreading to san jose. police say they don't want trains with crude oil rolling through their neighborhoods. mark kelly was there as they
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took their concerns to city leaders. >> people here say they choose to live near the train lines for the public transportation. but those same lines possibly carrying highly-explosive crude oil, that's another story for this family friendly part of town. >> because something goes wrong and what happens? i mean, it happens all the time. >> this train carrying crude oil from north dakota did explode, killing 47 people in canada. >> why are we going out of our way to help these oil companies transport this dirty sludge- like crude? >> council member doesn't want to see crude oil wind its way through bay area neighborhoods. on its way to it's final destination. >> not benefiting us, not creating many jobs. >> real estate agent worries these trains could take a dent to a booming real estate market in san jose. >> a train could derail, so there is always an element of
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adanger there. >> philips 66 is behind the project. all it takes is one accident to change a neighborhood. >> something can happen, something can explode, a little spark, you know what i mean. very dangerous. >> in san jose, mark kelly, kpix 5. and passengers taking off and bomb-sniffing dogs brought on. the security threats that ground a pair of west coast flights. what is cool about your school, you can e-mail your nomination to
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. new this morning, secret service agents discovered a device on the grounds of executive mansion, early indications are that it does not pose a threat to anybody in the building, president and ms. obama are currently over seas in india, it is not clear if their two teenage daughters are home. the white house grounds were on lock down until about 90 minutes ago. passengers on a flight out of lax had a change of their plans yesterday when a security
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concern grounded their plane. bobby reports, that wasn't the only plane rising alarms over the weekend. >> it was pretty scary. >> passengers traveling out of lax disturbed to find out three grounds were evacuated and searched because of what are being called security concerns. two of the planes were headed to seattle. one a jetblue flight from long beach. one passenger tweeted out this picture with the caption, bomb sniffing dogs at work. police can be seen examing luggage on the tarmac. >> i fly all the time, all over the world, never really been bothered by bomb threats and things like that. but after 9/11, you have to take it seriously. in addition to the seattle aircraft, the delta spokesperson says one of their flights from lax to orlando was diverted to dallas for another security concern. the airlines says everybody got off the 737 so authorities could search it.
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>> my reaction to that is concern quite honestly, fear. >> for travelers here at lax it comes on the heals on online bomb threats against two planes going to atlanta yesterday. those southwest and delta flights had to be escorted by f- 16 fighter jets. >> it shows about the world we live in, people are obviously scanning twitter for bomb threats and people are obviously looking for them. so eventually you're going to get this very situation. >> kpix 5. the fbi says it is aware of the threats and working with the airlines and the police to assess them. people are cleaning up after a windstorm, large trees toppled in montana, those nasty santa anna winds, reaching 89 miles per hour at one point. the los angeles area, power was knocked out.
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and middle east, the nor'easter could dump two feet or more of snow on areas, blizzard areas are expected. boston and new york are among the cities to be hardest hit. >> projections for this storm that it would easily be as much as two feet of snow potentially pushing on closer to 3 feet of snow. >> amtrack says it plans to keep running trains on schedule but conditions could force changes over the next couple of days. this will cause a mess for air travels, flights have already been canceled, and likely have a domino affect even reaching the bay area's three major airports. if you plan to fly early, it would be wise to call your airline before leaving home. so what's a little fog out at concord compare today that? i know. i was reading that also they are allowing people to change their flights with no
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penalties, so that's good news. what is a little fog out there. i had a friend call me and said, let's get on a motorcycle, where should we go? but she heads towards tracy. good morning everybody, we have a partly cloudy skies, and fog looking out towards golden gate bridge. currently napa has a breeze with aurotemperatures in the 40s, 37 degrees in santa rosa. here is a look at sfo. we'll keep you posted on the possibility of airport delays there. we have that gentle breeze, partly cloudy. very mild curs, we have that rain possible tomorrow. we have light precipitation at
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that time. lifting up towards the dessert, we'll be heading towards las vegas, this is tropical moisture lifting south from the bay area, we'll notice incrussing clouds, but tropical moisture really falling apart but we'll only forecasting a chance of a few rain drops around the bay area on tuesday. very mild temperatures, 65 temperatures, low 60s throughout the central valley, a near record warmth over the weekend, our temperatures average high 57 in san francisco, should be 59 in san jose, forecasting 10 degrees above average with increasing cloud cover today, now here you go, this is a look at the extended forecast, we'll call it mostly cloudy on tuesday, partly cloudy on wednesday, we just have a string of shanachie days feeding into the weekend,
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you want to track that tropical moisture, you have to get the area weather app. you can check conditions in your area if we were ever to get ready again you can check at realtime radar. search kpix, that down loads the weather app now, available for iphone and android, elizabeth have you done it yet. >> you're right, i know. i just need to remember my password first, then i can download apps. i want to show you this truck before it leaves the camera. it's across the golden gate bridge, the flashing lights trying to open another southbound lane in the commute direction, everything is really light so far, relatively clear so far, coming, all green on our sensors int san francisco. and checking some of your
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bridges here is a live look at westbound 92. this is a san mateo bridge. the right side, that is a commute direction, the drive time is 13, 14 minutes. the real only over night road work is southbound 880 between 98, those headlights, that's the southbound traffic. the northbound, 16 minutes between 238 and the maze is actually about a 16, 15 minute drive time in either direction, across that stretch. we have this dense fog advisory in effect, chp issued one around 3:30 this morning, they say it is still pretty foggy out there. coming through antioch, we haven't seen any delays in the sensors yet, you know if you commute this every day, this is one of our first hot spots to really backup. so far you're in the clear path. other east bay drive times also look good, including westbound 580. in the east shore freeway, now
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that they cleared that wreck in berkeley, you're fine. mass transit off to a great start, no delays. and once you hit the road, dune to 106.9fm. the price of gasoline keeps falling but it might be bottoming out. aaa says the national average for a gallon of regular is now $2.03. that's the lowest since april of 2009. the price that many whole salers paid actually rose in the last 10 days, price at the pump in san francisco is $2.66, the highest in the nation. it's $2.48 in oakland. the universe has a top beauty queen. columbia! >> she was crowned ms.
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universe, ms. usa, mia sanchez. internet access is hard to come by in cuba, they've built their own version of the internet called s-net. it links thousands of computers across havana, it does not link them to the rest of the world, though. it does allow them to chat with friends, play online games, and download movies. now 8 minutes before 5:00, an ongoing arson problem in one san francisco neighborhood has community members on high alert. how police are stepping
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. a series of arson fires in
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san francisco's castro district brought neighbors together for a meeting over the weekend, they are looking at 20 or so fires independently. the fires began in december, parked cars, seem to be the most frequent targets. police said yesterday they need the community's help to crack the case. getting phone calls from neighbors in the areas, people with surveillance cameras, all of that has enabled us to look at clues that we normally would not have. >> police say they've added extra patrols to the area, they are asking the community to let them know if they see anything suspicious. the nation's -- is trying to get google to turn off waze software. it is a combination of gps. they can mark police presence
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they say it is only a matter of time before they use this tostalk officers. and they settled on a pool of 53 jurors who made it through a screening process, they can excuse 18 people but may usefewer challenges. >> 4:56. the measles out break has people on high alert. the drastic measures one store is taking after shoppers may have been exposed. and the bart to san jose construction project has entered one of its most complex
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. we heard about the measle
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out break, we didn't think it was going to come down here. >> health officials are warning hundreds of shoppers at a south bay costco. there are now about 80 confirmed cases in california, at least 9 in the bay area. prepare for something worse than we have seen before. >> millions of americans along the east coast are seeing the beginning of a historic snowstorm. up to 3 feet of snow could fall in new york and new england with sustained winds over 35 miles per hour. there was a threat to planes. >> online threats force the evacuation of two planes in seattle. a flight out of long beach was the first one targeted followed minutes later by one from phoenix. nothing was found and investigators are trying to determine if the threats are connected. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this
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morning. it is just about 5:00 in the morning, we're taking a live look at the bay bridge, not too bad, the toll plaza, it is still early. good morning everyone. >> frank is off, but roberta is here to look at our weather, elizabeth too. >> we have pressure in the center of it that contributed to the near record-breaking temperatures across the bay area. it is now shifting east and as it does so, it will allow cloud cover to filter in to the bay area, at the 50s along the peninsula, and 42 degrees in san ramone, also in concord. 37 degrees in santa rosa, clear start to your day. there you have the cloud cover. it is all associated with tropical moisture bringing actually rain across the southern portion of the state of california. it is trying to lift up the bay area, falling part at the seams, but we'll be the recipient of cloud cover today, especially by tonight, mostly cloudyconditions. temperature wise


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