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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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it is just about 5:00 in the morning, we're taking a live look at the bay bridge, not too bad, the toll plaza, it is still early. good morning everyone. >> frank is off, but roberta is here to look at our weather, elizabeth too. >> we have pressure in the center of it that contributed to the near record-breaking temperatures across the bay area. it is now shifting east and as it does so, it will allow cloud cover to filter in to the bay area, at the 50s along the peninsula, and 42 degrees in san ramone, also in concord. 37 degrees in santa rosa, clear start to your day. there you have the cloud cover. it is all associated with tropical moisture bringing actually rain across the southern portion of the state of california. it is trying to lift up the bay area, falling part at the seams, but we'll be the recipient of cloud cover today, especially by tonight, mostly cloudyconditions. temperature wise, still above
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average for the time of year, into the 60s, 70 degrees in oakland. outside number around 71, 72 degrees. boy, look at the way the month of january is ending. elizabeth? >> okay. out the door in the last few minutes we're getting word of a couple new accidents, the first one is already really jamming up in tracy, if you're traveling on 205, there was an accident an 11th street, you can see it slow, really jamming up this time of the morning, then we're getting word of a new crash, eastbound lanes of 580 approaching that exit. a couple cars and a big rig, everything is on the right hand shoulder, already seeing slowing. michelle, just showed you the bay bridge toll plaza. and so far people are getting a little bit of a jump start on the morning commute, we have not seen any delays in san francisco, there is no over night road work. all of that is wrapped up as
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well to harrison street. thanks elizabeth. happening today the start of a nine-month closure, nine months at a busy san jose intersection because of a construction project on the bart extension. we're live to explain exactly what's happening. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of the most complex sections of this project. so finishing it is going to take some time, starting today it will be closed for nine months. this intersection will be closed off to all vehicles and pedestrians. the vta which is in charge of the project says neighbors opted for a bit more inconvenience now, save time later. >> we did work with the community to see if they were more willing to go a longer period of time in construction
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and keep the roadway open, or do a full closure for nine months, we heard a resounding, let's close it, get it done. >> this is the largest transportation project in santa clara, bart service is expected to be offed as early as fall of 2017. we're live in north san jose. kpix5. people worried about trains carrying crude oil from north carolina gathered at san jose city hall today. the san jose city council is concerned about plans to build an oil train off loading facility in san lewis county. richmond and berkeley are also concerned about the facility, that would involve trains moving through the bay area. >> not benefiting us, not creating many jobs. >> a train could derail, so there is always an element of a danger there. >> 47 people were killed when a
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train carrying crude exploded in canada. county planners have a meeting. and letting people know about a possible measles exposure. we're tell you where the posted fliers to let the public know. >> there are two fliers posted out front of the gilroy costco, many more inside the store. they say an infected person came in last sunday leaving hundreds of shoppers vulnerable to this highly- infectious disease. they cam from the health department, it is another step to stop the spread of the out break in california, we have 80 confirmed cases. and shoppers we talked to were caught off guard. >> we didn't think it was going to come to gilroy. the people who visited the
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costco was infectious at the time, people who were at the store at that time may have been exposed. they say it is now safe to be at the costco, and are urging people to get vaccinated. and shutting down a city park because of reoccurring problems with trash, vandalism and drug use. boyd memorial park will start closing today, city leaders say it needs a major make over and a clean-up. there is not only an excess of garbage but also drug paraphernalia. they plan to hear plans on february second. happening today, opening statements are scheduled in a negligence lawsuit against the boy scouts. a 20-year-old man claims he was molested by a boy scout volunteer in 2007. his suit says the scouts failed to warn parents and volunteers
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about the dangers of sex abuse. undisclosed scout documents known as the perversion files might be open throughout the trials. and a man expected of murders is scheduled to be arraigned today. rodny is charged with killing two women in 1976. he had already been a person of interest when a dna link was with another case in reno. he was recently extradited from a state prison in oregon. governor brown plans to meet with the university of california president, the two were hoping to iron out theirdifferences. they'll serve as a two-person committee that will bring its proposal to the board of regents in march. the board recently approved the plans for tuition increases. over the objections from governor brown says the uc system simply needs to cut costs. new this morning, a lock down around the perimeter of the white house has now been
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lifted. this follows the discovery by the secret service what it calls a device, early indications are that it does not pose a threat to anyone inside the building, pass holders were allowed in about three hours ago. president and ms. obama are currently over seas in india. a number of flights had to be checked because of security concerns. two of the flights ended up in seattle, evacuated and searched after landing. >> i fly all the time, all over the world, never really been bothered by bomb threats and things like that. after 9/11, you have to take it seriously. >> also, a delta flight from los angeles to orlando was searched after an unscheduled landing in dallas yesterday. and saturday, two planes were escorted to atlanta because of online bomb threats. it is now 7 minutes after 5:00, the price of gas across the nation is on a steady
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decline. details why paying less at the pump could soon come to an end. a potentially historic snowstorm zeroing in on the northeast, the travel nightmare this could cause if you're planning to fly out of the bay area. that's right there is a blizzard, we're hoping for measurable precipitation here. we'll share that seven day forecast straight ahead. a new motorcycle wreck now in a hot spot anyway, there was some fog reported in antioch, happening westbound approaching summersville. what drives you crazy during your commute? ask a
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. good morning you're watching kpix morning news on this monday. yesterday, we had four record- breaking temperatures around our region including84 degrees. you're looking out at dublin. the winds are calm, the big change of the forecast is still straight ahead. people in parts of southern california are cleaning up after a powerful windstorm over the weekend. here's a look at san bernardino
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county where a large tree tumbled over, those winds reached gusts at 90 miles per hour at one point. in the los angeles area, power was knocked out for homes andbusinesses. the winter is about to change drastically for people on the east coast. susan mcguiness has the report. >> reporter: forecasters are telling millions of people to get ready for one of the worst winter storms in years. blizzard warnings are posted from new england down to the jersey shore. >> meaning you'll have winds at 30 miles per hour, visibility less than a quarter a mile. new york city mayor says the storm could be among the biggest hit the city has ever seen. >> projections for this storm that it would easily be as much
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as two feet of snow, potentially pushing on closer to 3 feet of snow. >> many people spent the weekend stocking up and boarding up. >> i'd much rather be doing it now than tomorrow afternoon when i think it may have been a good idea. >> with all this snow and the wind in the forecast, this storm is expected to paralyze travel. despite efforts to pre-treat roads and get plows ready. crews in washington d.c. and maryland have thousands of pounds of salt standing by and extra tow trucks. >> we're prepared for anything that hits us. >> air travel is also expected to be snowed in, at least 2,000 flights have already been canceled and many more could follow when the heavy snow arrives. susan mcguiness, maryland. the price of gasoline continues to drop and it may be bottoming out. aaa says the national average for a gallon of regular is now $2.03. that's the lowers since april of 2009. but the price many whole salers
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paid actually rose in the past 10 days. the price at the pump in san francisco, is $2.66. time now, for a look at the road ahead for that we have elizabeth. hey. we have quite a few accidents for 5:14 on a monday. this is the one causing probably the biggest back-up out the door, highway 4 which tends to slow down anyway around 515. so westbound commute if you're heading towards summersville, there's been a motorcycle accident, it is jammed up all the way to hillcrest, speeds averaging 15 miles per hour. there was a dense fog advisory and they issued that a couple
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hours ago. >> 880 in oakland, and about 15 minutes ago between 98. your other east bay drive times are also fine through the livermore valley, the east shore freeway, everything is clear to the maze. i mentioned a couple other accidents here they are. there's mass transit. 205 out of tracy at eleventh street, that accident is still there still possibly blocking one lane. and then this one is counter commute now, and pushing at the foothill road, the eastbound lanes of 580 you can see the slow down approaching dublin interchange. westbound still looks okay, but if you're going counter commute, that accident is still there and it is not even blocking lanes but a couple other cars mostly a visual distraction at this point. here is a live look at bay bridge, many of the cash lanes,
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pretty quiet start to the bay bridge commute into san francisco. that's your latest traffic. let's get another update on your back to work forecast. good morning everybody. after record warmth right here in the bay area, these temperatures are now going down. but still averaging as much as 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year. outdoors right now we have partly cloudy skies, otherwise san francisco 51, 10 degrees cooler than that in san jose to the south, to the north we have visibility down to a quarter of a mile, it is now 42 in concord, we'll keep you posted about the airport delays, right now a live look at sfo where we're not seeing any delays. hints of fog out the door, light winds, partly cloudy today and mild and we do still have that possibility of rainmaking tracks towards the bay area, we have light scattered showers around braly and blithe, this is also
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tropical moisture that continues to lift up in a northernly direction, we'll notice increase in clouds today as the core of high pressure goes to the east. so more clouds later, that chance of rain on tuesday but this is falling apart at the seams. right now we have foggy conditions and all the way into fresno, once the fog does lift we'll have temperatures into the 60s and currently 23 degrees going into a high of 46 degrees, down from a record- breaking 84, to the mid-60s. temperatures here in the mid- 60s. out for the average high, 66, 70 degrees in oakland, record- breaking event yesterday of richmond at 69, temperatures falling into the low 60s. we'll see the chance of rain showers wednesday partly to
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mostly cloudy conditions, sunshines brightly beginning on thursday all the way through the weekend, and yes, temperatures are still mild and above average back into the 70s over the weekend, you want to get your weather on the go, i have to tell you, it is so easy, get to cbs bay area app. you can check conditions in your own backyard and get realtime weather. search kpix and download the weather app it is now available on iphone and androids. you can set your own preferences, i have mine on earthquake mode and received an alert last week when we had that earthquake in monterey county. i received that alert before i received it on my laptop. >> you have a blog on there too. >> you have a blog on the weather app? >> i do. another reason to download. the american academy of pediatrics says when it comes to kids, medical marijuana should only be used for those who are severely ill and have
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no other treatment options. the group says there is no hard proof that medical marijuana benefits sick children, but there is evidence it could harm developing brains. the group also recommends that marijuana, be removed from the government's most restrictive drug category to help develop treatments. expect to dig deep if you plan on buying a home in the bay area, more at 5:30, where the median price is about to hit 7 figures. coming up, and could. what's cool about your school in we put that for you. e-mail your recommendations, and we'll recommend who needs a little visit to the principle's offi
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. good morning, a check on your drive to work, it is quieter than normal through thepass, traffic slow on tracy. that traffic is on eleventh street. it is at least in the clearing stages, but it is all messed
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up. you can see those sensors from mcarthur, then clearing once you hit the livermore valley. we'll keep you posted on your drive to work, it is all coming up. good morning everyone, clay thompson made history friday night with a 37 point quarter. how would he do for an encore? boston celtics, clay thompson keeping his hot, shooting routine going. and nothing but the bottom of the net, warriors by 7 at the eight. and that is a dunk. he doesn't do that very often. so just loving it, court side. taking on ucla, crazy play, he got stuck under the score's table. clay resumes, boyd can't get
5:24 am
her foot out. the bears win it 72 to 57, right place, right time. and taking on usc all american lily thompson uses a couple of screens, she finishes 21, stanford wins at 71 and let me tell you, clay thompson did not have 52 points, he settled for 31. he can't quite stay that hot. super bowl, super hype. it all begins we'll have the patriots arrival tonight in our 6:00 news, have a great day everybody. play of the day from the nfl pro bowl. detroit quarterback, and the new york giants odell beckam junior, and 32-28. >> a nice catch. >> the play of the day.
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>> 5:24. construction on the silicon valley bart extension marks a major milestone, how it will impact your commute for the next nine months. a flight headed to florida from lax makes an emergency landing. the major scare that kept passengers on the ground for hours. a possible measles exposure at a bay area big box store. we'll tell
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! . live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. one person is injured aftershots rang out at a popular shopping outlet. police are on the hunt for whoever pulled the trigger. and the silicon valley
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bartextension, how this will impact you for the next nine months. we have a few delays for cash payers at the bay bridge toll plaza, major problems in tracy. and after record-breaking warmth the chances of rain is back in the seven day outlook. we'll feature that straight ahead. good morning even, it is monday, january 26th. a new health warning in the south bay. >> kpix five reporter tells us shoppers are being warned about a possible measles exposure, good morning. >> that's right. it is in gilroy at the gilroy costco, right before shoppers walk into the store, they can see fliers posted out front and inside, they said someone was inside the store leaving shoppers vulnerable. they come from the health department, it is another step to contain the spread of the
5:30 am
the measles out break in california which has had about 80 confirmed cases, at least 9 in the bay area. a person who is one of the two confirmed cases in santa clara county visited the gilroy costco on january 18th. they say the person was infectious and anyone who was at the store from 4:00 to 6:00 on the 18th may have been exposed. shoppers were caught off guard. >> we always go there every sunday, it was very shocking because we heard about the measle outbreak but we didn't think it was going to come down here to gilroy. >> hopefully the problem calms down and the situation goes away, we all wise up. >> the public health department is urging anyone at the store during that two-hour period to check their status for measles and watch closely for any symptoms until february 8th. the public health department also says the infected person may have visited a near by wal-mart. so far there are no noticed there.
5:31 am
a public health department says it is safe to go inside that costco, health officials have urged people to get vaccinated. time for a look at the weather. record breaking temperatures saturday and sunday, 84 degrees, four record- breakers, and today the temperatures are coming down. still averaging a good 10 degrees above normal. right now out the door, visibility hampering problems, causing problems in the santa rosa area. the visibility there is about a quarter of a mile. also into the 30s, low 40s in livermore, 52 in san francisco. we need the rain, we have not seen any measurable precipitation for the entire month of january. let's see if we have a chance, well, we do have a chance, i'll be it, a slim chance, this is tropical moisture bringing rainfall right now around the area, it continues to lift up in a northernly direction,
5:32 am
we'll see an increase in clouds today, but the chances of rain for wednesday, just that, a chance. temperatures meanwhile today, 65 san francisco, average high 57 degrees, mid-60s across the bay, east throughout the valley. 69 in san jose, when the average is 59 degrees, the winds will be pretty much light out of the northeast. here is your extended forecast, the high pressure begins to travers in the easternly direction allowing the cloud cover, i'll refer to it as a mostly cloudy day on tuesday, wednesday the clouds again to lessen. >> how was your weekend? >> got to sleep in, now time to get back to work. starting to get crowded in some spots, because of early morning accidents, that accident tracy is still there, really causing a back-up. mobile units going through that
5:33 am
area through the livermore valley. backed up for miles, clear to the right hand shoulder, unfortunately it is up to almost i-5, really slow from mcarthur, you'll find the slow downs beyond that. we'll likely see clearings coming from the pass arealivermore valley. 15 minutes ago, clear, we've got backups at least to the over crossing. no delays from san francisco into oakland. highway 4 that motorcycle accident, all lanes are now open. this is on the right hand shoulder. approaching summersville. also a lot of fog in that area, antioch bridge fog advisory issued early this morning, so very slow right now from 160. that is traffic, back to you guys. thank you. happening today, the beginning of a nine month closure for
5:34 am
commuters with a promise of something good down the road. kpix joins us where the bart and silicon valley project will cause some disruption. >> reporter: good morning, they asked neighbors if they wanted a partial shut down of this intersection with a longer construction time, or shut it down completely and get it done faster. they resoundedly said, get it done faster. so the intersection of sierra road, lundy avenue will be closed off until october. this part of the project involves digging a tunnel so the rail line can go below the intersection. the vta which is in charge of the project says when it's done traffic will slow again like normal. and there will be several air vents installed for ventilation. the 10-mile bart extension is fully grade separated which means the bart track and
5:35 am
vehicle and pedestrian traffic are completely separated, that allows the bart system to run more efficiently and safely through san jose. this is the largest transportation project in the history of santa clara county. in the past the half way mark and ahead of schedule. it is expected to begin as early as fall of 201. kpix 5. three people are being treated for injuries after a deck partially collapsed in san francisco. happened before 6:00 yesterday afternoon on i viena street. the building is 115 years old. police are trying to find an armed man who tried to rob someone on a san francisco street. police set up a perimeter for several hours near 19th and seward street. investigators say the would be robber ran off and officers chased him into the area of kite hill park.
5:36 am
that's when police set up the perimeter and urged neighbors to stay indoors, police did not find the suspect and took down the perimeter. police are investigating a shooting near the city's premium outlets. happened near nut tree road and orange drive. police say it was a drive-by shooting and two cars were involved. one of the cars has been located, but the second car, a black mercedes is still missing. one man was wounded in the shooting he is expected to survive but isn't clear whether anyone else was hit. if you're hoping to buy a home in marin, be prepared to pay seven figures, the price is about to hit a million dollars, according to the assessor's office. $999,000 is if new going rate for the average property, that amounts to a 13% jump from just a year ago. but realtors say, still a good time to buy.
5:37 am
>> investors know they can step into that house and get a higher return. >> according to the marie independent journal, the most expensive homes was $207,000, on the low end was fairfax where the average price was 800,000. can't really call it the low end. >> yeah, petty cash. winds maxing out at about 90 miles per hour, rip through parts of southern california, look at the mess that residents had to clean up. a scare in the air forced an l.a. flight to make a landing. the security threat that kept the plane on the ground for hours. we'll review the approach on the bay
5:38 am
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continue to come out. jill wagner joins us live, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it is a really big week here on wall street. tech companies like facebook, will all be reporting their earnings. the federal reserve meets for the first time. investigators will be watching for any clues about when that could raise interest rates there. on friday the government will be releasing the last quarter. last friday the dow fell about 141 points the nasdaq jumped about 7. good year is recalling tires, it is forcing general motors to stop sales until the tires can be replaced. president obama wants to stop oil production in alaska. he is asking congress to
5:41 am
designate a protected wilderness area. lawmakers say that could damage their state's economy. jill this year's super bowl already setting the records at least when it comes to the ads, what's the latest? >> yeah, 30 second tv commercials going for $4.5 million each, that's actually half a million dollars more than last year. you can expect bud wiser, back again, and some companies like ford, they did not buy ads. some smaller tech companies trying to make their mark. thanks, jill. on the news this morning plenty of clean-up work after a powerful windstorm over the weekend. here is a look at san bernardino county where large trees toppled. those winds reaching gusts of 89 miles per hour. in the los angeles area, the wind knocked out power to homes and businesses in the valley. peel in the northeast bracing
5:42 am
for a powerful winter storm. the nor'easter could dump two feet or more of snow, boy, we could use that in the sierra, they'll get that in new york. boston, philadelphia, and new york are among the cities expected to be hardest hit. amtrack says it plans to keep running trains on schedule but conditions could force changes over the next couple of days. and it is going to cause a mess for air travel, 3500 flights nationwide have already been canceled. 59 flights have already been canceled two flights canceled, so far no flights have been canceled at oakland. passengers had to change their plans yesterday when a security concern grounded their plane. bobby reports it wasn't the only claim raising alarms over the weekend. >> passengers traveling out of lax disturbed to find out three planes were grounded evacuated and searched because of what are being called security concerns. two of those planes headed to
5:43 am
seattle, one a jetblue flight from long beach. tiffany, a passenger on one of those planes tweeted out this picture along with the caption, bomb-sniffing dogs at work. multiple pictures police can be seen examing luggage laid out on the tarmac. >> i've never really been bothered by things like that, but after 9/11 you have to take it seriously. >> in addition to the seattle aircraft a spokesperson says another flight was diverted to dallas for another security concern. they say everyone got off the 737 so authorities could search it. >> my reaction to that is concern, quite honestly, here. >> for travelers here at lax it comes on the heals of online bomb threats against two planes going to atlanta yesterday. those southwest and delta flights had to be escorted by fighter jets. it says a lot about the world
5:44 am
we live in, people are obviously scanning twitter for bomb threats and people looking forso you'll get this very situation. the fbi says it is working with the airlines and police to assess the threat. now 16 minutes before 6:00, monday morning how are you by the way? >> i'm going good. breezy when we came into work a few hours ago, this is an early morning accident, this is tracy straight on into the altimont pass. the accident is cleared to theright hand shoulder, even passed the accident scene, very heavy traffic through the
5:45 am
livermore valley. and and driving around and especially in that area, but it looks like the fog is moving in to our dublin cam. also our sensors picking up a few slow downs in valejo. that is cleared to the right hand shoulder. a few minor delays. and again all lanes are back open. you can see it beginning to fill in the cash lanes, that's a pretty good sign they've activated the lights, we were seeing the backup in the cash lanes for the last half hour, so now it looks like it is clear passed the 880 over crossing, looks okay on the bridge itself. the approach on the east shore freeway is also fine. highway 4 westbound that earlier crash is now completely gone. you can see all the slow downs
5:46 am
in antioch, this is pretty typical. i know that accident didn't help. >> and that is still in effect there. mass transit wise, we've had no issues at all this morning, this is the way to go. bart system on time, golden gate and caltrain, good to go. remember 106.9 fm. that is your latest drive to work, let's get your forecast. i've been peeking in on your traffic camera so i can get some great observations as far as the weather is concerned. the fog is pretty dense in some pockets. good morning everybody, the golden gate bridge looking like it is okay, we have a hint of it there, and 41 degrees, 10 degrees cooler in san jose. and we have visibility at a quarter of a mile due to a
5:47 am
pocket of fog in that particular location. no delays at any of our local airports, we have a bit of fog, light winds, however, northeast breeze at 13 and napa making the wind chill feel like 36 degrees, partly cloudy skies today, very mild temperatures cooler than yesterday, and cooler than what it was on saturday. we had record-breaking temperatures all weekend long right here in the bay area, now we have the possibility of rain and boy do we ever need it. here is your january drought report. we have a big fat zero, as far as measurable precipitation is concerned. driest ever for san francisco and san jose where we've seen .02 of an inch of rain. that's going to be in the top five as far as driest months of january ever, we do have precipitation right now to the south of bay area, rainfall, also all this is lifting up in a northernly direction increasing clouds as the center of area of high pressure begins
5:48 am
to travers in an easternly fashion. more clouds today, only a slim chance of rain for your tuesday, we wrap up the month of january with extremely mild temperatures averaging above normal for this time of the year. 65 down from 84, record- breaking yesterday, 62 right now we're fogged in to stockton to fresno, that fog will lift and have sunshine, 46 degrees on the south shore, set up this morning at 7:19 the sun goes down at 5:25. and between 60s, bay side, to 70 degrees in oakland. mid-60s, mountain view also in livermore. average high. here is the extended forecast a chance of rain tomorrow, less clouds by thursday and very mild temperatures over the weekend. hey you want to track that tropical moisture to the south in you can do so but first what you have to do is download the
5:49 am
cbs bay area weather app. you can check realtime radar. you have to search kpix and download the weather app, it is now available for android as well as iphone. thank you. we're following some breaking news right now. a grass fire is burning this morning in pacifica. firefighters arrived on the scene about 3:30 this morning, the response has been upgraded to 4 alarms, this fire is burning in a residential area roughly a mile east of pacifica state beach. and some young people are finding ways to make connections in cuba. they've built their own version of the internet called s-net. it links thousands of computers across havana. it doesn't link them to the rest of the world, but does allow them to chat with friends, play online games and
5:50 am
download movies. time is 5:49. the nation's sheriff wants google to change its waze. how they
5:51 am
5:52 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] . welcome back to kpix morning news, we have record-
5:53 am
breaking temperatures this weekend including 83 degrees in santa cruz, see all those clouds, they'll be making a huge impact on your forecast. we lad a string of early morning accidents, one of these in tracy. come into the altamont pass. a fender-bender in antioch in westbound highway 4. we'll give you drive times and traffic it is all coming up. family of a missing san francisco tech worker has now received a grim confirmation, the medical examiner positively identified a body as a 26-year- old stanford grad. took more than two months to get dna confirmation, he was last seen on halloween night, shortly after he went missing his family and friends started posting fliers around the city, cause of death is still being investigated. a series of arson fires in castro district brought
5:54 am
neighbors together in a meeting over the weekend. they made one arrest last week but looking at all 20 or so fires independently to determine whether anyone else may be responsible. the fires began in december, parked cars seemed to be the most frequent targets. police said yesterday they need the community's help to crack this case. getting phone calls from neighbors in the areas, people with surveillance cameras, all of that has enabled us to look at clues that we normally would not have. police say they've added extra patrols to the area and are asking the community to let them know if they see anything suspicious. the nation's sheriffs are trying to persuade google to turn off a feature on waze software. they say it puts law enforcement in danger. waze is a combination of gps navigation and social networking. if users can mark police
5:55 am
presence on maps with a distinction between visible and hidden. sheriffs say it is only a matter of time before someone uses this to stalk officers. jury selection could be completed the trial of hernandez. they have settled on potential jurors who made it through a screening process. if a 12 member jury is seated with six alternates, opening statements could begin tomorrow. 5:55. a bay area big box store warns customers of a possible measles exposure. we'll tell you where those warnings are. and the bart construction project to san jose entered one of its most complex phases, i'll have a live report with how
5:56 am
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. heard about the measle out break, but didn't think it was going to come down here. health officials are warning hundreds of shoppers at a south bay costco about potential exposure to measles. there are 80 cases in california, at least 9 in the bay area. prepare for something worst than we have seen before. >> millions of americans on the east coast are going to have a historic snowstorm, three feet of snow could fall in new york and new england with sustained winds over 35 miles per hour. there was a threat with this plane. >> online threats force the evacuation of two planes in seattle. a flight out of long beach was the first one targeted, followedminutes later with one from phoenix. nothing was found, investigators are trying to determine if thethreats are connected. from across the bay to around the world.
6:00 am
the stories that matter on kxix 5 news this morning. good morning everyone. we're following some breaking news right now, live pictures of a five-acre grass fire burning right now in pacifica. firefighters arrived on the scene at about 3:30 this morning, both of those roads are now closed to traffic. and the response of the fire has now been upgraded to five- alarm. this is burning near a residential area roughly a mile east of pacifica state beach. and happening today, the start of a nine-month closure at a busy san jose intersection is all because of construction on the bart extension to silicon valley. we're live at lundy avenue and sierra road. >> reporter: a will the of confusion out here at this intersection as it is closed down for the first time beginning this morning and so we're seeing a lot of


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