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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 26, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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a freeway and admittedly it's out in the middle of nowhere. but nonetheless the richmond san rafael bridge is on track to get a bike path and walkway all the way across its 5-and-a-half-mile span. >> we're proposing a pilot project with cal trans that would exist for three to five years. >> reporter: the plan is to install a movable barrier to create a bike lane on the shoulder of the bridge. whether it's for three years or forever it's definitely going to cost. >> about $30 million. >> reporter: and they don't even know how many people will use it. it may well prove that it makes good sense on weekends and not at all during weekdays. >> the issue is accessibility. the issue of the cost that we say is part of the program. >> reporter: oddly enough, there's already a bike lane on the freeway leading up to the bridge. it doesn't really go anywhere or get much traffic. >> do you have any idea how many people a day will use the bike lane? >> i don't know. i don't want to speckiality. -- to speculate. >> reporter:
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>> there's lots of advocates. it's estimated 1 .5% of the bay area commutes by bike and that includes those people who bike to b.a.r.t.. when it comes to transportation money they're at the front of the line. >> it's part of the quality of life we like here in the bay area. getting bikes back on to our major transportation facility is a good thing to do and we should do it wherever we can. >> reporter: there's another political angle here as well. some people think that by putting a bike lane, which is very eclogically friendly on one side then you can also get the other lane they're going to be planning for traffic and cars coming the other way. ken, always in transportation there's a bit of politics, a lot more than we think. >> and always a lot of money involved. things are never cheap. >> let's not forget they're also thinking about putting a bike lane on the bridge from
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treasure island in to san francisco and just studying that costs $10 million. >> phil matier. thank you. they hope to have that bike path open within the next two years. we're continuing to follow the developing story we first brought you on our 5:00 newscast. neighbors say it's a stretch of road notorious for high speed accidents. and tonight san jose police are checking whether drag racing, racing on that road led to the death of a woman a pedestrian. kpix 5's is live where a pedestrian was struck and killed. >> san jose police say these two cars were definitely speeding and several neighbors in this neighborhood say they were in fact racing. you can see part of the damage they left behind there. they hit that guard rail before they eventually hit this pedestrian, killing her. this all happened just after noon today. police have arrested the two drivers of the nissan and the bmw.
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they careened toward the sidewalk and pinned this woman up against the tree. police believe she was jogging at the time of this crash. she was pronounced dead here on the scene and police have yet to release this woman's name. several neighbors i've spoke to today say they heard a loud boom from their home at the time of the crash. >> i was actually working from home and i heard the collision and i came running out and saw the vehicles and spoke to the kids. making sure they were okay and that there weren't any other kids in the vehicle and asking them if they needed to make phone calls to call their mom, et cetera. >> she's referring to those kids as the two young men of those two cars, she described them both as in a total state of shock. moments after this crash. san jose police tell us they've been booked on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter.
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i want to share one photo with you that a neighbor took of the scene. this also happened moments after the crash this afternoon. the neighbor tells us that the man you see with the baseball cap is the driver of the bmw and the other man in the white t-shirt sitting on the curb there he was behind the wheel of the nissan. several people also tell us that this stretch of yerba buena road, especially right here at edenwood drive is notorious for speeding. i just spoke to a san jose police investigator. he told us several neighbors have made complaints, especially recently. he's contacted the mayor's office about the problem. they're now aware of it and city officials plan to be out here tomorrow. for now live in san jose. a new warning about measles in the south bay. health officials are scrambling to track the movements of a patient who has been diagnosed with that disease. len ramirez says that patient visited a couple of big box stores and a restaurant,
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very popular with kids and families. >> reporter: dave and buster's at the great ball in milpitas is a popular place. hundreds visit every day. all it took was one customer who was infectious with theseles for -- with the measles to post an advisory at the door, warning period of time -- warning people could have been exposed if they were there between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. >> it's important to let the community know about and that families get their children immunized. >> reporter: santa clara county health officials say there have been only two reported cases of measles and the person infectious visited a gilroy costco and gilroy walmart prompting the same kind of notices there. >> if you've been vaccinated, nothing further to do. >> reporter: vaccination rates in santa clara county are more than 95%. >> this is just for that small set of people who aren't protected. we wanted them to
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know that they may have been exposed so that they would know what symptoms to watch for. so that if they develop symptoms, they can alert their physician. >> reporter: cody is concerned about the people who may have had direct contact with the contagious person. several healthcare workers are taking on the role of medical detective. >> interview the case and find out where were they during that infectious period? who might have been their contacts? and then we follow up with those contacts to see if they've been vaccinated. >> reporter: contacts who were not vaccinated would then be quarantined to watch for symptoms. >> on the latest warnings of where measles has spread, you can go to a man suspected of starting a string of fires made his first court appearance today. >> diaz' victim and partner was
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in court today. he made it clear to the court that despite his history and the current crimes he's accused of that he's not afraid of the 25-year-old. >> reporter: less than six months after he was convicted for strangling a man and setting his body on fire, david diaz was back in a san francisco courtroom, this time to face arson charges. >> i can't get in to the details but it's very concerning, very disturbing behavior and we're taking all precautions at this time. >> reporter: diaz is accused of torching his partner's pickup truck in december and then setting his home on fire a month later. in court today the victim declined a protective order from the district attorney's office. >> his partner spoke to me and to the attorney and indicated he was not frightened of mr. diaz and did not want a criminal protective order. >> reporter: diaz was convicted last august of involuntary manslaughter and arson for the death of the 23-year-old.
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he claimed he killed the 23-year-old during sex and burned the body because he panicked. police are investigating diaz for a string of arsons in the castro. this surveillance video taken by one of the victims shows a man with a strong resemblance to diaz though he's not been officially charged with starting the fire. prosecutors say they believe diaz got off light in the case. >> the judge said he was extremely unlikely that this defendant would commit another arson. >> the judge set bond today at half a million dollars an amount that will virtually guarantee that diaz remains behind bars until his trial. >> the mayor of san rafael said it was coming. and today officials closed the downtown park to everyone. some say it's because a homeless situation had gotten out of control. new at 6:00 cate cauguiran shows us
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even homeless advocates admit things have gotten a little out of hand. >> we've got to be respectful of our community and our structures. then we need to make a change. >> reporter: today as promised, the mayor of san rafael dispatched police and a team of city workers to boyd memorial park. no longer closed sunset to sunrise this park is now closed until further notice. >> quite frankly if they're going to start destroying our property they're not welcome. >> i'm 62 years old and i've never in my whole life in my own experience ever heard of a park being closed. >> reporter: peter does homeless outreach in san rafael and even he admits there's a problem. before they locked up, workers collected the evidence of that problem all over the park. >> the families don't want to bring their young kids in. it's a nasty situation. >> reporter: when we were here on friday, the homeless blamed a small number of troublemakers. >> people that make us look bad
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like the fire here. >> reporter: everyone abreeze -- agrees there's been a sudden and unmistakenable homeless boom. >> they're coming from all over. make a distinction between those that are down on their luck, mental challenges, even drug and addiction. we have services in our city and we're proud of those services that help had individuals in need. >> reporter: then there are those who cause trouble and the mayor says he won't allow a city park to be overrun by vandals and addicts. >> therefore it's closure of the park, break that cycle. the welcome mat is now rolled up. we're changing the use of the park. >> cate cauguiran kpix 5. >> the park will be closed for at least 30 days, maybe a little longer. last week we spoke with some of the people who called that park home. if you want to hear what they had to say go to still ahead a pizza shop goes up in flames. how being
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late for work paid off big the one employee. >> closed for months. the pain now to prevent nasty delays at this south bay intersection. >> we've got the clouds. we've got the cooler weather. we've got the winds. there's just one thing missing that we'll cover when we have the forecast in a minute. >> a little bit later a splash landing off maui. the amazing story of how the pilot managed to survive.
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ooooh... i can hear that sizzle. getting louder! and louder! philly cheesesteak and egg sizzling with prime rib and gooey cheese. i better (just) silence this sizzle! the new philly cheesesteak and egg skillet. denny's. welcome to america's diner. a fast moving fire destroyed more than a dozen boats in a marina in sacramento county overnight. some neighbors awoke to the sound of propane tanks exploding. took firefighters several hours to put out that fire. no one was injured and the cause of the fire is under investigation. police say a teenaged driver caused quite the scene in san bruno. they say she'd blew through stop signs and fled from police and smashed in to a pizza
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parlor. that car went straight in to the gas meter with explosive results. kpix 5's john john -- john ramos. >> the gas line is lit torching the building. it was terrible. it's a total loss. >> reporter: he used to own seniore's, a pizza parlor popular with san bruno locals. but it's gone now. >> one of the firemen who came in came and gave us hugs. he's a cust omer. it's pretty sad. i was pretty hurt. >> reporter: it all began around 10:20 this morning when a car driven by a 16-year-old girl slammed in to the gas meter. the girl had allegedly been fleeing police when she sped in to the parking lot. >> as soon as the gas line was hit it started the fire which started very rapidly. >> reporter: somehow the girl escaped the car unharmed.
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santos who usually opens the shop, picked a good day to be late for work. >> last week i was here at 10:30. but this week i come late today. >> does that make you feel a little shaky now? >> yeah, for sure. >> reporter: the tattoo parlor next door was saved. but its owner is also on edge. he lives close to the neighborhood that was destroyed in the gas pipeline explosion five years ago. he sums up the feelings of the people in this town today. >> it was pretty much deja vu. we lived through it once already where we lived. pretty scary seeing all this stuff out here again. >> reporter: in san bruno john ramos, kpix 5. >> one woman posted this picture and says she loves seniore's and hopes everybody is okay. this photo was also snapped from the scene and posted with a caption "hoping everyone made it out safe." the deputy fire chief says it's rare for a gas meter to
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burst in to flames like that but when it did it took almost an hour for the gas to be shut off. nearly 100 people in pacifica had to rush out of their homes earlier this morning as a grass fire burned nearly dozens of condos. but kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo tells us fire crews managed to keep flames from destroying homes. >> feels like a nightmare. it's 4:30 in the morning. you're dead slipe -- asleep. >> reporter: that's when firefighters pounded on veronica's door. she was just up the hill from the six-alarm gas fire. as the fire started to grow, her husband and a neighbor used their own garden hoses to try to wet the dry brush around their condos and keep the blaze at bay. the fire threatened between 80 and 90 homes. all of those were evacuated, including kevin. >> they said you've got about 20 minutes. you wouldn't expect that in january in pacifica. >> if you have enough wind blowing on it and it's dry enough it's going to burn.
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>> reporter: firefighters say the drought's dry conditions create a potential fire risk year-round, even with six inches of rain hitting pacifica last month. the long brush was dry enough to fuel the fire with the help of 15-mile-per-hour winds. firefighters eventually contained it hours later by the time the sun came up. >> i've been looking outgoing ugh, it's so dry. but it's the last thing i'd ever imagined. >> reporter: the evacuation order was lifted earlier this morning. we heard several firefighters had to be treated for poison oak. ryan takeo kpix 5. state water officials say they may have to dam parts of the barriers. they'd be built near oakley, sutter, and steamboat near cortland. they'd be needed to prevent sea water from creeping inland from the bay, contaminating drinking water for 25 million people. we're talking about this a second ago where you said really it's fire season year-round now
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in california because of this drought. >> it's crazy. the fact we haven't gotten any rain in january is at this point unprecedented. we've never gotten zero rain fall in january. doesn't look like much coming up. we'll show you. you be the judge. let's go outside and look at the foot of the broadway street pier. we're looking at numbers in the upper 50s and low 60s. san francisco the warm spot. that's unusual too. 62 degrees. in san jose it's 59. santa rosa 58. out and about tonight, things will be cool. not that bad. cloudy skies. temperatures by 8 :00 tonight mostly in the mid 50s. out the door tomorrow morning we've got a mix of clouds and fog inland. especially out by concord walnut creek and pittsburg. but closer to the coast a little bit warmer and molts cloudy skies. low pressure in southern california and in advance of that these high clouds are streaming up from baja. they need energy and moisture.
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there's not much energy. there's not much moisture. they've gotten a few showers in los angeles and san diego. for us we get this. mostly cloudy conditions and mostly dry. overnight lows tonight we'll see low 40s for the bay area. 46 at mountain view. tomorrow mostly cloudy for the bay area. more clouds down south than up north. in fremont 64 degrees. 68 for oakland and 64 for san ramon. santa rosa, 62. novato 61. as we look ahead we'll see clouds for the next few days. maybe a drop or two favoring the south bay. wednesday and thursday, partly cloudy skies give way to building high pressure and not a drop of rain in sight between now and the beginning of february. >> as you take your hubble space telescope, a look in to the next solar system, is there anything coming? >> at the beginning of january the three-month outlook was for above normal rain and we're
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getting below normal rain in what's supposed to be the wettest month of the year. >> i'm going to send them an e-mail. get on it. a busy san jose intersection will be closed for months. kpix 5's kit do reports it's all part of a construction project in the silicon valley b.a.r.t. extension. >> this is one of the most complex sections of the project. finishing it is going to take some time. starting today it will be closed till october. that's nine months from now. the section of sierra road and lindy avenue will be completely closed off to all vehicles and even pedestrians. this part of the project also involves digging a tunnel so the rail line can go below the intersection. the vta which is in charge of the project says neighbors opted for a bit more inconvenience now to save time later. >> we did work with the community to see if they were more willing to go a longer period of time in construction and then keep the roadway open or do a full closure for nine
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months and we heard let's close it let's get it done. >> reporter: this is the largest transportation project in the history of santa clara county. it's past the halfway mark and ahead of schedule. b.a.r.t. service to milpitas and berryessa is scheduled for 2017. still ahead a new northern california place to help adults with autism. >> plus some new research that shows the genetics of the conditions are more complicated than previously thought.
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the new results of an autism study are surprising a lot of doctors tonight. contrary to what was previously believed, siblings with autism often don't share the same autism linked genes. this means the genetics of the diagnosis are a lot more complicated than
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doctors first thought. the genome study found about 70% of siblings with autism have little or no overlap in genes known to contribute to autism. two fairfield women have a unique idea to help adults with autism. give them work. marianne mccleary chains -- explains the plan. >> reporter: he thinks it's cool he's the inspiration for what's to be created here on this 10-acre piece of ranch. it will be named after walker. the 19th century farm will be rehabbed and eventually employ adults with autism like ben. his mom jenine envisions the concept. >> he's worked hard in his therapies and he's come to a place now where he's not sure what's here for his adult life. >> reporter: jenine and co-founder mitchell say they're
6:25 pm
worried about the increasing number of american children diagnosed on the autism-spectrum these days. it's 1 in 68. at age 22 they age out of the public education system. >> programming is so limited. it's more like a glorified baby sitting service in a lot of them but the need is so great. parents are getting panicked. what's going to happen to my child when i die? what's my child going to do when i get older? >> reporter: they say the farm is the perfect place for adults with autism to work through their different behaviors. >> they might be in the nutrition program. they might go to behavorial. they might go to education with the computers. they might go out in to the field and pick. they might process. they might go in to the commercial kitchen. >> reporter: the farm was donate today -- donated to the cause. they need more donors to get the ranch up and running hopefully in a year. they're already getting calls from parents who want to bring their adult children here. >> we're going to employ as many as will be employable.
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they won't have many employable skills but we'll find a place for them and give them purpose. >> reporter: ben will no doubt work here. he's already got his jobs picked out. >> drive a tractor feed the animals. >> that was marianne mccleary reporting. the group is looking for donations to help with the renovations. we've posted more information on our website coming up in our next half hour tricky landing. right on the water. a pilot finds himself out of gas and in a very tough spot. >> and bracing for what could be a monster snowstorm. people on the east coast get ready to hunker down and travelers across the country have no choice but to wait.
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now at 6:30, a fuel problem off the coast of maui. pilot coming from it had bay area has no choice but to turn to plan b. welcome back. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook in for veronica de la cruz. we're learning new details about the pilot and the plane that took off from tracy headed for hawaii. kpix 5's ann notrarangelo on the maernls
6:30 pm
parachute that led to a water landing in the pacific. >> reporter: the pilot and plane were here yesterday. the plane was being retrofitted for a long range fuel tank. it's how the flight ended that is just amazing. coast guard video of the cirrus sr22 northeast of maui shows the propellers stall and a parachute deploy. it looks a bit unnerving with the plane's nose heading for the water, but you'll see the plane levels out. getting to this point was hours in the making. the pilot realized he was going to be out of fuel before reaching land and hours spent trying to trouble shoot left only one plan. divert to a nearby cruise ship. the plan worked as intended. and there is how the plane landed in the water. the pilot pops out deploys a raft, and waits to be rescued. he was in the water about 40 minutes when the cruise ship showed up. the pilot is 25-year-old lou morton out of
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seattle. >> everything has been more than impressive, the work from holland america everything worked when everything started to go south. the u.s. coast guard and coordination was more than impressive. so they worked with a team getting me out of the boat. medical team was great. >> reporter: just yesterday richard or10ten heim -- ortenheim was putting in the fuel. >> when youopethen valve the fluid moves from top to bottom. that's how the system is designed. >> reporter: hours of preparation led to just 3 minutes between when the pilot pulled his chute and when he landed in the water. this flight was ultimately headed to australia and needed the extra fuel tank to make the long flights. in tracy ann
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notrarangelo kpix 5. >> the cirrus owners and pilot's association says there are about 6,000 of these specially designed parachute planes. they reportedly saved at least 51 lives. the national weather service says an east coast blizzard set to hit tonight could be, quote life-threatening and historic. from new jersey to maine people are bracing for an epic storm. you can see some of the wind kicking up there as well. up to three feet of snow expected in some areas with those hurricane force winds. matt kozar. >> crews filled up the salt trucks the salt spreaders coming by. take a look at this, the yard here completely empty. that's because all the trucks are out on the roads right now salting the main route. it was only about an inch on the ground
6:33 pm
so far but everyone is waiting for what might happen in just a few hours. >> we're ready to go and now it's going to be a battle. once this blizzard comes in and snow comes down in rapid rates we have to keep up with it as much as we can. that's what the challenge is going to be. >> reporter: rocklin county executive says crews are salting all the main roads. and the emergency operations center has been activated. like the governor he's urging resident to stay home. that hasn't stopped some from making that last minute run to the grocery store. and believe it or not there's still food on the shelves. county officials say they're also concerned about power outages especially in rural areas. >> the positive thing is unlike some of the storms we had in the fall where there were leaves in the trees and heavy winds we have heavy winds but no leaves in the trees and leave with powdery snow. so there should not be a lot of adherence to trees. we're hopeful that will work for us. >> reporter: suburbs north of new york city typically get slammed. colder temperatures, higher elevations. residents here just waiting for whatever
6:34 pm
mother nature might bring. >> got a live look at times square tonight. you can see mostly empty streets where just a couple weeks ago they were watching the ball at midnight. people avoiding the snowy weather getting inside. the city's subways are set to close at 11 p.m. tonight local time. authorities have banned all travel on streets and highways in new york city. and on long island. the fine for heading out, $300. and no, that's not snow. that's a massive mound of salt. 5,000 tons of salt to be exact. that's in preparation for this blizzard to cover to roads in yonkers new york. >> that blizzard is having a pretty big travel impact here on the west coast. >> the domino effect of airports canceling flights has finally made its way across the country to california. sfo, 53 flights total canceled.
6:35 pm
41 were headed to the airports where the snow is bearing down tonight. 12 inbound flights from the east coast had to be canceled. the airport duty manager expects those numbers to only go up. in addition to sfo oakland airport has one cancellation they've told us about. both those flights were connected to new york's jfk. passengers at l.a.x. have been experiencing the same frustrations. one family from boston says they were just trying to get back home. >> no flights are not only going anywhere today tomorrow. we're not leaving here till wednesday at 9:50 p.m. i'm really upset. but there's nothing they can do, right? >> it's warm down in l.a. once the powerful storm hits, it could shut down the nation's busiest airport hubs completely. if you're traveling in the next couple days, make sure you check your flight before you go to the airport. the travel impact probably going to get worse than what we're seeing tonight.
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allen martin. kpix 5. a bay area community is coming together to help support the family of a man murdered in an attempted robbery last week. a go fund me account has been set up for the family of wu. he was shot by robbers in san francisco while trying to protect his mother. he leaves behind a wife and two kids. police are still searching for suspects. we're still waiting for details on what sparked this ravine rescue. it happened late this afternoon in the oakland hills. chopper 5 overhead as fire crews brought up a person who was at least 30 feet down a steep hillside along centennial drive. no word yet on how that person got in to trouble. still ahead, a potential sticker shock when you book your next hotel stay. coming up in tonight's consumer watch getting money back as you file your taxes. the refund coming to some. and no,
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could cost a lot more than you probably expecting. >> hotel room rates may be about to skyrocket significantly. >> skyrocket significantly for sure. keep your reward point handy and be prepared for sticker shock when you book the next vac. the average price of a hotel room in the hotel may be about to jump between 5% to 10%. occupancy rates are expected to set new records in 2015. san francisco, oakland and santa cruz are among the cities that could see the biggest jumps in rates. denver and nashville are close behind. in to it, the maker of turbo tax is apologizing to upset customers and offering a $25 rebate. we told you last week turbo tax was being flooded with one-star reviews on amazon, accusing a software maker of price gouging. it doesn't allow users to automatically file
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certain tax schedules this year, impacting those with capital gains and home businesses and a slew of others. many had to upgrade to the home business version. they can now apply for a rebate until april 20th. are you ready for some football? the advertisers sure are. the cost to air a 30-second ad during the big game is a whopping 4 $4 and a half million. that's half a more million than last year. we're already getting sneak previews from those spending the most bucks such as victoria's secret, budweiser offering a life size packman game, and a pretty racy carl's jr. commercial. of course budweiser clydesdales will be back. ibm says it's not planning to lay off more than 100,000 people. the giant technology
6:41 pm
company says in a statement reorganization will affect several thousand people. that's in contrast to a report last week that said 1 in 4 employees would lose their jobs. still ahead dramatically lowering the cost of cancer treatment. >> california scientists make a breakthrough. find out what boiled eggs have to do with it. >> we've got rain on the way. it's just probably not going to make it all the way here. we've got a few changes in store for the forecast. first let's check in
6:42 pm
okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all?
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hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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candlestick park is about to be demolished but what's going to happen to the park's patron saint? tonight we ask the mayor about the fate of the statue of st. francis. that story on night beat tonight. scientists have figured out how to unboil egg whites. not something you need to incorporate in to your cooking. why it's an important discovery
6:45 pm
for cancer research. >> reporter: for the first time ever uc irvine chemistry students along with australian collaborators have succeeded in unboiling egg whites. >> what we want to do is use this to try to develop new therapies and new diagnostics against cancer using this approach. >> reporter: the egg whites were boiled in to a solid state that mimicked cancer. by then showing that these egg whites could be unboiled or returned to their original healthy state this gives hope for developing therapies to fight the disease. more than a culinary magic trick, it's big news for cancer research and treatment. uci professor greg weiss experimented with eggs because he says they're complicated mixtures of proteins similar to many anti-cancer therapies. he hopes to use the same unboiling of eggs approach in order to
6:46 pm
develop less expensive anti-cancer treatments. >> when we boil eggs, proteins get unwind and tangle together. when proteins get tangled together they're difficult to pull apart. we need ways to pull apart proteins because then we can apply those methods to producing proteins that are useful for anti-cancer purposes. >> reporter: the research has been published in a noted journal. what happens here can open doors. the university has filed for a patent on the work. we need some rain. hopefully in the next month or so. this month did not bring us anything. >> san diego l.a. >> we're not generating much of anything. doesn't look like there's much on the way for the bay area. not in the next 24 hours. not until the end of the month. we don't see anything on the way. let's just set it out
6:47 pm
according to what's happening. see the circulation that's off of imperial county right now way down in southern california. you move in a little bit and see there are triggering showers just south of the channel islands right now. orange county and los angeles and moving up in to ventura and santa barbara county. they'll get some rain tonight. it's just not holding together as it gets far enough north. we'll continue with the clouds that we saw late in the day today. in terms of the rain it wouldn't be a surprise to get a sprinkle or two. 62 degrees in san francisco right now as we look at the bay the perimeter of the broadway street pier. in concord, 58 degrees. tomorrow morning we'll have mostly cloudy skies and temperatures will be in the upper 40s inland and mid 50s along the coast. not much in the rain of any rain tomorrow. futurecast bears that out. late in the day you can see a few little cells popping over the diablo range. the farther south you go the better chance you get. it all falls apart. by the evening we'll get a few peeks at the sun. in
6:48 pm
general what's happening is that low pressure moves north. as it moves north the rain turns the showers. showers favor the east and the south. we'll get mostly cloudy skies. then in the latter half of the week, low is out of here. high pressure replaces it. we're looking for building high pressure again so by the end of the week we get another warming trend and a pretty clear weekend. increasing clouds but no rain. january 2015 will go down as the driest on record in san jose. going to warm up toward the weekend. overnight lows tonight, we'll see them mostly in the low 40s to low 50s. 43 degrees in santa rosa. 44 in fairfield. san francisco tomorrow is still well above average. 6 degrees above average. concord, about the same. san jose, oakland all in the 60s and that includes sunnyvale. mid 60s there. 66 degrees. half moon bay. 65. over the east bay numbers will be in the low to mid 60s with plenty of clouds around tomorrow and a little bit of fog to start out tomorrow morning in the
6:49 pm
trivalley area. in the north bay, 62 in santa rosa. 60 in richmond. in the far north it will still be fairly warm with 67 degrees at yuke -- at ukiah. we'll clear up toward the weekend. the numbers approach the mid 60s. no dice in terms of rain. but on the subject of dice and sports and all of that sort of thing, dennis has his
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the 49ers organization has been among the nfl's biggest supporters in the fight against breast cancer. yesterday they lost the leader of that fight. >> it's important for me to tell my story and hopefully inspire everyone to get mammograms so that we can prevent this disease from taking another life like it did with my mom. >> reporter: just six months after losing her mother to breast cancer in 2011, 49ers cheerleader melissa galvanwas diagnosed with the samedesis. -- with the same disease. >> i remember watching her interact with fans and thinking i've got to hire her. >> reporter: he did hire galvan as the cohost of the tv
6:53 pm
show. >> after she had her baby daughter she self-diagnosed herself and knew exactly what to do. >> reporter: galvin beat the disease the first time and became a face of the pink campaign. >> the nfl slogan for october breast cancer awareness month is a crucial catch saves lives. early detection saves lives. and it's true. >> reporter: round 2 of the disease ended her life at the age of 34. she leaves behind two families. her own along with the fans inside and out of the 49ers organization. >> she's not going to be gone in vain because people are going to know her story and they're going to get themselves checked. >> melissa is survived by her husband patrick dobson and two young children. serena williams still dominates the sport. her sister has faded out of the picture facing injury and an autoimmune disease. could this be the beginning of her comeback story at age 34? serena says she uses
6:54 pm
an entire bottle of conditioner during one shower. after getting blown out in the second set, venus stormed back in the third. venus hammers the cross court volley to go up 4-1. match point. she finished off in style with an ace. she moves on to the quarterfinals where she'll face 19-year-old madison keyes whose inspiration was the williams sisters. >> apparently she started playing because she saw serena and i. she started watching me when she was in diapers. >> you started playing tennis when you saw venus play and you liked to dress. how old were you? >> i was 4. [ laughter ] so clearly it wasn't really the tennis part of it, it was more the outfit. >> there you go. fashion. nfl. patriots touched down this afternoon. fox sports reported the nfl has surveillance video of a locker room attendant taking the
6:55 pm
deflated footballs in to a room before bringing them out to tom brady before the afc championship. kraft did a double down on any wrongdoing. >> i would expect and hope that the league would apologize to our entire team and in particular coach belichick and tom brady for what they have had to endure this past week. >> i would say charles woodson had a better week than the patriots. that's his mugshot as he signs a one-year contract to return to the raiders. he'll be 39 in october and will be the second defensive back in nfl history to start a game over the age of 39. the other was redskins hall of famer daryl green. the warriors are racking up wins at a nearly historic rate. steve kerr says the league schedule can be a little bit of a grind. that's why you'll have to excuse him if his mind wanders to something a little
6:56 pm
bit less looking like a basketball arena and more like this. >> you get to all star break and you go some place warm with a marg arita and sand and salt water and you come back and you feel ready to go. i think he promised everybody a hawaiian vacation. oh i'm sorry is that not the case, joe? [ laughter ] you remember this. when the 49ers won the super bowl, the ring presentation, he flew the 49ers and their entire families out to hawaii for a ring presentation. so i propose this to joe. if the 49ers win the nba championship, warriors and their family go. >> and the media. >> why not? [ laughter ] >> i need to go report. >> it's a big airplane. >> we need to report. >> see you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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["family feud" theme playing] all right, guys, here we go. top 7 answers on the board. we asked 100 women name a way your man is like a good cut of meat. john. >> tasty. steve: tasty, yeah. barbara? >> he has so many muscles. steve: yeah, he got so many muscles just like a big ol' piece of meat. bill. >> hot. steve: hot. >> tender. steve: tender. >> yes. >> good answer! whoo! steve: pass or play? >> we're playing! steve: they're going to play. audience: [cheering] steve: hey, tina, let's play. we asked 100 women name a way that your man


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