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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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bridge right now. maybe one car. we do this every morning about 4:30 and there's one vehicle. >> good to have you back. >> good to be back on this january 27. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i know. >> what are we going to do that i had? >> first we're going to go to traffic and weather. >> good idea. good morning. we have some interesting developments in the weather department. out the door 40s and 50s. 62 degrees. 62 in san francisco. look just how close the rain wants to make it into the bay area. today's highs in the 60. >> it's a mess in gilroy. east bound 580 there's an overturned big rig and it was carrying a huge load of glass. so they are doing one-way traffic control in the area right now. expect delays near lovers lane again you can see it east of the gilroy area. i know it's a little out of the
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way. it's going to be out there for a while. bay bridge, we'll show you that coming up. >> thank you. we are going to begin with some breaking news from san francisco. a brazen overnight robbery in the financial district. armed suspects using an suv and they plowed right through the front of a bank there. >> kpix 5's ryan takeo is at the wells fargo bank on montgomery with the latest. reporter: here we are and take a look at that suv, still inside the bank. it's a suburban in there since 2:30. three masked gunmen came into this wells fargo bank on montgomery over in the financial district. and police have been here ever since. the three gunmen actually held up a security guard here at gunpoint. they got between 4 to 10 ounces of gold nuggets about 2:30 here in the financial district. they left in another car,
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either a silver or white ford taurus. let's show the glass from the window from the glass door right there on the sidewalk. sfpd still investigating. no confirmation as to suspect descriptions or update on the condition of the security guard. we have several calls in and haven't heard back to a spokesman. normally they have gold nugget things like that on display inside the lobby right here. no confirmation on mr. that's what these thieves actually took and stole. this will play out throughout the next couple of hours but this just happened a couple of hours ago and as far as we know, these three masked gunmen are still on the loose. live in the financial district, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> ryan, we know there's a stagecoach in the lobby right there. what's the status of that? >> reporter: right. so, um, that's on display, um,
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there, as well. so that is something that is at this wells fargo based in san francisco. this robbery, they tend to have some displays likelike these gold nuggets but it's a functioning bank, too. you can see there are some things that on the second floor that lead us to believe this is a functioning bank as well and did have security here on hand at that time. we heard from a police dispatcher that there was a security guard held at gunpoint. >> ryan takeo, thank you. today san jose city officials will visit the scene of a possible street race that killed a pedestrian. it happened yesterday afternoon at yerba buena road and edenwood drive. police say two drivers were speeding, possibly racing. at least one driver lost control and that's when the two cars collided, hit a guardrail and then pinned a woman against
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a tree. >> she was working out jogging or walking. >> this area is notorious for high speed accidents, people have died on this road. it's something the city should take care of. >> the victim died at the scene s the drivers face vehicle last manslaughter and other charges. even the bay area feeling the impact of a massive winter storm hitting the northeast this morning. this is rockland county, new york dozens of flights canceled. travel bans are in effect in massachusetts, new jersey. kris van cleave is on long island in new york. >> which is getting pounded this morning. reporter: snowplows faced the brunt of the northeast blizzard overnight as snow and strong winds battered long island. >> the winds, visibility and everything, not too good. >> reporter: police in humvees patroled the snow-covered roads as the nor'easter kicked into gear monday evening parking over the east coast feeding off
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the ocean. here you can see the spin right? look at the tail. this moisture plume goes all the way down to basically cuba. there is nothing but a lot of available moisture here! that moisture means snow, forecasters predict up to three feet in some areas. snowplows have been out all night long trying to keep the roads clear. this is the long island expressway 495. it, like all the roads in long island, have been ordered closed to traffic. rhode island, massachusetts, connecticut and other parts of new york have also made it illegal to be out driving. >> it's a possible misdemeanor. it's fines up to $300. >> reporter: new york city, boston and new jersey suspended travel on all subways, buses and trains. airlines canceled nearly 8,000 flights. a big worry still, hurricane force wind gusts that have already knocked out power to over 5,000 homes in rhode island and massachusetts. >> you might be without power for a period of 24 to 48 hours. >> reporter: the blizzard
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warning will remain in effect until wednesday. kris van cleave, cbs news, comack, new york. >> most schools in the storm's path have been canceled all the way up to maine. so it's nasty out there. >> come on, frank. now you want to say it. it's a snow day! >> well, yeah. >> you got to say that in boston, right? >> i must admit, you get a little homesick for some of that stuff and you did it in colorado and you're live in a blizzard. >> and i did it in chicago. >> we've all been there. if you go to our site, it's not nice because we have a picture of somebody shoveling snow on the east coast and we have a picture of somebody jogging on the beach here. >> ah. >> that's why we pay a lot for rent. [ laughter ] >> good morning, everybody. heading out, temperatures very mild in the 50s and some low 60s. san francisco is at 62 degrees. low 60s with cloud cover at sfo and half moon bay.
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62, good morning, santa clara county. it's in the mid-60s in pleasanton, san ramon, dublin and livermore through blackhawk. 48 degrees at this hour with the cloud cover in napa. this looks so encourage, doesn't it? we have subtropical moisture lifting from the south up to the north. look how close the rain bands are to the city of san francisco. it's disintegrating. we have some reports of light rain early this morning in monterey bay and also around san benito counties. otherwise, mostly cloudy, just a chance of a rain shower. temperatures very mild into the 60s, flat winds. the extended forecast does call for partial clearing wednesday and thursday, then full-on sunshine and a bona fide warming trend by the weekend. that's a look at your early- morning weather. here's elizabeth. >> okay, thank you, roberta. yeah, out the door right now, let's see, we've got a major accident near gilroy but for the most part just your overnight roadwork and if you look north you will see the crews traveling northbound on
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the span heading to the sausalito side of the bridge. right now everything is clear as they try to get another southbound lane open in the commute direction. bay bridge, they have the left lanes blocked on the incline. you're going to have to move to the right for the next 20 minutes. it's not causing a delay at the toll plaza. but a tight squeeze getting into the city on the span itself. and here's a live look at 880 in oakland. the southbound roadwork remains between hegenberger and 98th. northbound traffic looks great heading into downtown oakland about 15 minutes in each direction between 238 and the maze. your other bridges san mateo bridge is obviously problem- free at this hour at 4:38. no delay. and here is a major accident we have been watching in gilroy since overnight one-way traffic control in full effect on the eastbound lanes of 152 at lovers lane. glass on the road. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. a chp officer is recovering from minor injuries after a fire destroyed his cruiser.
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this happened on treasure island off-ramp from eastbound lanes on the bay bridge tonight. an officer saw smoke coming from his car and took the off- ramp. it wasn't long before the car was on fire. another officer arrived and he was injured by flying debris from explosions in the trunk. we have pictures of the scene from social media. firefighters managed to put out the flames. but the fire did leave a big mess and a badly burned patrol car. the treasure island off-ramp was closed for about an hour and a half. 4:39. someone has been altering controversial advertisements on muni transit buses in san francisco. blogger pamela giller paid for the anti-muslim ads which originally featured hitler and says the koran supports the hatred of jews. san francisco officials have condemned the messages but they are protected by freedom of speech. as you can see here, someone has been making some big changes to the ads. the messages have been altered
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and hitler was replaced with an image of a muslim comic book character. a man suspected of starting a string of fires in san francisco's castro district pleads not guilty. bail was set at half million dollars for 25-year-old david diaz. he is accused of setting his partner's pickup truck on fire last month and burning his house this month. still, the partner declined a protective order offered by the d.a.'s office. >> his partner spoke to me and spoke to the district attorney and indicated that he wasn't -- he was not frightened of mr. diaz and did not want criminal protective order. >> diaz was convicted last august of involuntary manslaughter and arson after a sexual partner died. and diaz burned his body. he was released shortly after that conviction. happening today, president obama will head to saudi arabia today to pay his respects to the royal family there following the death of king abdullah. obama cut short the final day of his trip to india to make the trip leaving without making the planned visit to the taj
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mahal. a bipartisan delegation of lawmakers will traveling to the kingdom. form your cuban leader fidel castro -- former cuban leader fidel castro is commenting on the new ties with the u.s. he said in a written comment that he still distrusts washington but backs the new negotiations. he said he favors cooperation and friendship with all the people of the world including political adversaries. ceremonies are being held today to mark 70 years since the liberation of auschwitz. more than a million people were killed at the camp. jill wagner spoke with a survivor. >> reporter: er vic roth has a permanent reminder of his reminder at auschwitz. every prisoner had an identification number. >> 810491. >> reporter: when he was 1 he and his family were shipped to
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the most notorious of hitler's concentration camps. his grandparents and cousins were sent to the gas chamber. irving survived. what was it like when you were finally liberated. >> -well, i'm going to live. i'm going to reach my 16th birthday. >> reporter: it's been 7 decades since soldiers liberated auschwitz. this week, world leaders and survivors went back to the place where more than a million people died. roth founded this resource center in man has set, new york. the 85-year-old believes he should do his part to make sure the world never forgets what happened. >> my job is to educate. >> reporter: he travels the world to tell his story to students. he says hatred still exists and warns history can repeat itself. >> similar things can happen. not necessarily for the jews. just taking simple hatred and pushing it to the limit.
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>> reporter: jill wagner, cbs news, manhasset, new york. >> irving roth arrived in new york in 1947, became an injured got married and had two children 4:43. what's going to happen to this big statue of st. francis now that candlestick is being torn down? we have the story next. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back.
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4:45. candlestick park's days are numbered. it will be demolished. what will happen to the statue of st. francis? kpix 5's mark kelly got the scoop from san francisco's mayor. >> reporter: a 27-foot-tall st. francis has welcomed the 9ers faithful to candlestick since 1973. >> do you like it? >> no. it's not my form of art. >> reporter: soon where the
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stick once stood shopping and condos will go up. and the very saint san francisco is named after, this massive concrete and steel, will likely get the boot. so where should it go? one idea, where any italian would feel right at home, right here in north beach. >> it would be good there because it represents a little bit of connection for the community. >> reporter: the north beach crowd thinks they have a good chance. >> absolutely. >> reporter: where? >> right outside cafe trieste as the cornerstone for angela alioto's plaza that she is putting in there. >> i wouldn't have a problem with it coming here. it is an italian neighborhood. if they want it here, put it here. >> reporter: the arts commission hasn't picked a place yet. but st. francis is the patron saint of animals. maybe a dog park. one thing is for sure. ask a san franciscan and one idea doesn't have a chance. >> what if they try to put it in santa clara? >> i think it's st. francis, not st. santa clara.
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>> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> saint francis could cost the city. just cleaning it up and moving it is looking like buy $200,000. this is a unique idea. the san francisco zoo is offering a special promotion. >> someone in the marketing department thought of this. instead of a valentine's day gift for your significant other this one lets you get back at someone. adopt a scorpion. they are usually found in low elevations and they sting their victims. so there you go. how about a madagascar hissing cockroach? a certificate of adoption will be sent to your ex-lover for $25 or the scorpion is $50 and make their day. >> i told roberta yesterday that i could have used that in college. >> yeah. i bet. [ laughter ] >> i bet. >> i grew up with those things in barstow. there's nothing attractive about it at all and i guess that's the point. but i don't get that. why about be so hateful?
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>> it's your ex, because. >> raising money for the zoo. >> watch out, skeeter shipley, coming your way from my school days! [ laughter ] heading out the door, we have mostly cloudy skies. if you want to carry an umbrella, only a slight chance of rain in the forecast today. very mild temperatures. look how pristine the water at the bay is. that's because we're lacking any kind of wind this morning. temperatures range from 48 degrees in santa rosa to 58 in san francisco. then you go 60 miles to the south and we jump up to 62 degrees in san jose back in through santa clara. all right. here's what you need to know today. mostly cloudy skies. mild temperatures out the door. we have the possibility of a random shower and it could be a little muggy. this is all subtropical moisture and it's going to be dry after this day all the way through the end of the month of january. all right. look how close the precipitation comes. we do have radar reports this morning of some light rain showers around san benito county and monterey and caramel
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but we are the recipient of mostly cloudy skies. the rain stays to the south and east. then we begin to have high pressure building back into the bay area. so just really cloudy here with the showers to the south. then as high pressure does build in, we are going to reach the 70s again over the weekend. 65 degrees at the state capital. 68 monterey. they are making snow at heavenly. 61 fresno. our temperatures today in the bay area in the 60s. out of the 50s. 62 pacifica. moss and montera beaches. the winds are light and variable. the extended forecast calls for partial clearing of the skies on wednesday. a few lingering clouds on thursday. then as high pressure builds in it's a dry weather pattern on friday through the beginning of the month of february. you want to track the subtropical moisture together? i got to tell you it's cool because it's going to make for a great sunset tonight with all the clouds. get the cbs bay area weather
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app. check conditions in your area, get realtime radar. search "kpix" in the app store and download the cbs bay area weather app. it's now available for iphone and android. and by the end of the week, elizabeth will indeed download it. >> i will. i have to remember my password first. i can't download any apps. it's a mess. out the door, if you are heading to work, you will get caught in a backup out of tracy on 205. but it is all clear from the livermore valley to the dublin interchange. that is a live look at 205 commute. it's a whole lot better than yesterday. i don't know if you remember yesterday more to drive in it. there was an accident right before the 580 interchange. and it caused huge backups to i- 5 in fact he so we are not seeing anything like that today. sluggish at north flynn. here's a live look at the peninsula. you can see more green on the sensors in this stretch of the
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bay area. san mateo bridge, one one, still in the clear. the bay bridge is wrapping up the overnight roadwork if they haven't wrapped it up already. they were forcing cars to go to the right. it was causing a slight delay. problem-free at the toll plaza all morning. and southbound 880 roadwork still out there for another nine minutes. caltrans wrapping up by 5:00. southbound between hegenberger and 98th once again you may find some caltrains crews out there. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. up and over the high-rise is fine. southbound 880 looks good. this is our hot spot. it's near gilroy. traveling out of town today they are doing one-way traffic control eastbound 152 near lovers lane. it was carrying glass.
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back to you. >> thank you. 4:51 on this tuesday. cops say a 16-year-old stole her parents' car then this happened. how a
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a 16-year-old girl is behind bars. police say she stole her parents' mercedes yesterday and crashed it into a pizza parlor in san bruno. the car went straight into a gas meter leading to an explosive fire at seniora's pizza on el camino real. minutes before the crash police say the unlicensed teen went through multiple stop signs and somehow she escaped unharmed but the pizza parlor is destroyed. >> it was terrible. it's a total loss. even one of the firemen that came up came and gave us hugs.
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he is a customer. i mean, it's -- it's pretty sad. >> one employee says he missed being inside the burning building by just minutes. he was running late to open the restaurant. el camino real hundreds were rushed out of their homes as a grass fire burned near a dozen condos around 3:a.m. and went to six alarms. some neighbors used their garden hoses to try to wet the dry brush around the condos. keep that fire at bay. fire crews kept flames near fasseler avenue from destroying any buildings. they had the fire under control at 8:00. doctors who treat students on all 10uc campuses are holding a one-day strike today. picket lines are planned at 4uc campuses including cal berkeley. they provide primary and mental health care. the union has been negotiating a contract for a year. they accuse management of acting unfairly at the
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bargaining table and of showing anti-union attitudes. bay area doctors trying to track movements of a patient who was diagnosed with the measles. they say hundreds of people may have been exposed. the recently diagnosed patient went to a costco and walmart in gilroy on january 18 and then visited a dave and busters restaurant in milpitas on january 19. they believe he was infectious the entire time. health officials are now working to alert anyone who might have had direct contact. . >> we interview the case and find out where were they during the infectious period, who might have been the contacts and then we follow up with the contacts to see if they have been vaccinated. >> as for the general public, if you have been vaccinated or had the measles before you don't have to worry but if not watch for symptoms such as a fever or rash until february 8. 4:56. take a live look at new york. this is comack, new york. you can see a lot of snow on
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the ground already and it isn't over yet. three feet of snow expected in some places. we are going to have an update on how the northeast is handling this historic blizzard and also how the bay area is being affected by it. >> reporter: another overnight smash-and-grab in san francisco this time at the
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taking a live look at the bay bridge, not many cars on the toll plaza but it is still early just before 5:00. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. happy tuesday, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 and we are begin with some breaking news out of san francisco's financial district. armed robbers used an suv smashed right into the front door of a wells fargo bank this morning. >> kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us
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from the active crime scene on montgomery street. ryan. >> reporter: and we're right in the middle of the financial district right here on montgomery. you see the iconic wells fargo location. right there in the lobby along with the stagecoach, well, that's the suburban used at about 2:30 a.m. in this smash-and-grab robbery at 3:30. three armed gunmen came in they came through the plate glass doors and they held a security guard. robbers got away with some gold nuggets between 4 and 10 ounces. apparently on display in the lobby. this is a part museum, part working bank branch in the back here and also serves as the headquarters for wells fargo. the three gunmen had a second car a getaway car a white or silver ford taurus. they got away and police are looking for them. this is the thir


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