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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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scene on montgomery street. ryan, good morning. >> reporter: it appears that the thieves got a wes of california history. i -- a piece of california history. i confirmed, investigators believe that the smash-and- grab, the intended target and what thieves got included gold nuggets from the gold rush era of california. of course, wells fargo close ties to san francisco, headquartered here. this is the headquarters and the museum. a lot of historical argument facts in that lobby. here's a picture from the wells fargo website on what was on display here. four to ten ounces of gold nuggets. that's what these thieves took. it happened at 2:30 armed gunmen three of them smashed the suburban into this wells fargo location, held up a security guard. then got the gold nuggets on display here. they left in a getaway car, a white or silver ford taurus. some witnesses got a partial
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plate but we do not know if there was any kind of pursuit or what the status is on these three masked gunmen who are on the loose as far as we know. come back here live you can see this tow truck working to get the suburban out of here. this is the third high-profile smash-and-grab in the last couple of months. there was one in union square couple of months ago and then last week over the patagonia store there was another one of these smash-and-grabs. we don't know if these are all connected. this one is very different because of the historical significance of what the thieves took. live in san francisco in the heart of the financial district, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> okay, ryan. we thank you for that. we have a traffic alert. out in oakland, this traffic accident continues to block lanes and cause traffic jams heading to keller so really traffic comes to a stop approaching golf links road westbound 580 approaching keller avenue exit. speeds are down to 13 miles per hour. if you want to avoid the area
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880 is fine in oakland and then it's sluggish on the approach to the san mateo bridge like it often does southbound 880 sluggish even past 92 coming into hayward. here's a live look at the bay bridge. metering lights are on. they have been on for about 15 minutes. and you are stacking up to the foot of the maze. on the span, everything is fine. and that eastshore freeway approach looks great. typical commute right now through the altamont pass and the livermore valley. the heaviest traffic is to vasco. then it remains touch and go slow and go through pleasanton and clears up past 680 and the dublin interchange. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. roberta has your forecast. >> it is january 27. this is supposed to be the rainy time of the year for us right here in the bay area. we are just 25 days away from the first day of spring. and it looks optimistic. it's only virga. taking a look at our hi-def doppler radar, green on the screen usually means rain but a lot of this is evaporating
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before it hits the land masso it looks optimistic. we do suggest you carry an up out the door. you could experience a random rain shower but for the most part, mostly cloudy skies currently in the 40s, 50s and 60s. it's mild out the door. 62 degrees. san jose is in the low 60s. the winds are light and variable. this is our satellite and radar composite. we have the subtropical moisture lifting out of southern california north. reports from radar sites that we have had some light precipitation around monterey and san benito counties and all this evaporates as it banks up against th ridge of high pressure. dry air mass. temperatures into the 60s. 68 degrees in oakland and gilroy. we have another weak disturbance that will produce partly cloudy skies on wednesday and thursday right here in the bay area. high pressure nestles in. on friday through the weekend as we wrap up the month of
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january we'll experience some unseasonably mild temperatures. michelle? >> all right, roberta. thank you. the bay area is feeling the impact of that massive winter storm hitting the northeast this morning with dozens of flight cancellations. live look out of new york where a snow related travel ban was just lifted. you can see all that snow falling. it could be the biggest snow of the season to hit the northeast. we have a report from boston. >> reporter: hard hit areas of massachusetts could see up to three feet of snow before it's all over. wind gusts nearing hurricane force will cause widespread power outages and coastal flooding. the message, stay home and stay safe. >> white-out conditions and treacherous roads will make driving anywhere extremely dangerous. you can't stress this part -- i can't stress this part enough. please stay off the roads. >> reporter: travel bans are in
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place across the region leaving streets deserted except for snowplows. in new york, some 6,000 miles of roadway need to be cleared. that's the equivalent of going from new york to los angeles and back. air travel in the northeast has stopped. some 4300 flights are canceled. hundreds more will be cancelled on wednesday. ahead of the storm people emptied store shelves for a historic blizzard. >> everybody does a great job following the rules and staying off the streets when possible. and i think we are ready for this and i think everything will go great. san francisco international airport has a lot of cancellations today because of the weather back east. 36 departures and 49 arrivals are canceled today at sfo. they had 53 cancellations yesterday. so far, oakland and san jose airports are not reporting any problems due to the storm. 6:05. a chp officer is recovering from minors injuries after a
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fire destroyed a patrol car. this happened on treasure island. the off-ramp of the bay bridge last night. the officer saw smoke from his car, took the off-ramp. the car was then on fire shortly thereafter. another officer arrived to help out. second officer officer was injured by flying debris from the trunk of the car. firefighters put out the flames. but the fire left a mess and badly burned-out totaled patrol car there. treasure isle off-ramp was closed for an hour and a half. two drivers face charges after a collision that killed a pedestrian in san jose's silver creek valley around noon yesterday near edenwood drive a stretch with a reputation for speeding. kpix 5's kiet do is there with more. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. this has certainly got the attention of the mayor's office. so they are talking about
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coming out here with a team from the department of to see what can be done to calm the traffic that makes its way through this area every day. now, neighbors who got to the wreck moments after it happened said it was a tragic scene and said the young men were in a state of shock. police have identified the two men as 19-year-old gabriel becerra and 24-year-old manuel maldonado avalos. it happened yesterday afternoon at yerba buena road and edenwood drive near silver creek high school. it is not clear which driver was behind the wheel of each car. but police say the bmw sedan and the nissan altima were speeding westbound on yerba buena road possibly racing. at least one of the cars lost control. the two cars collided and hit a guardrail. and then pinned a woman against a tree. she was pronounced dead at the scene. > she was walking or jogging. >> this is notorious for high speed accidents over the years people dying on the road. it's something that the city needs to take care of soon. >> reporter: this stretch of
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road is notorious for racers and crashes over the years. and these two men that were involved in this cash now are being charged with vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving. live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> thank you, kiet. happening today alameda county supervisors may vote on a revised plan to keep the a's and raiders in oakland. supervisor nate miley says the board will now consider joining the city's exclusive negotiating agreement for redeveloping the coliseum site. the proposal from mayor schaaf would extend the agreement but allow the teams to offer their own plans, as well. today and tomorrow homeless outreach workers in santa clara county will use a mobile app to conduct a census. they will use tablets and smartphones donated by google to count the number of people staying in homeless encampments there. the app includes a geo location feature eliminating the need for tally sheets and maps. there may be as many as 25,000 homeless in santa clara county.
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6:08. a small plane heading from northern california to hawaii runs out of fuel over the pacific ocean. how the pilot managed to survive the crash-landing. >> and a city council meeting interrupted by gunfire. what led to the shooting of two brand-new police officers. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody. we cranked up our hi-def doppler radar. we'll share with you where it's currently raining. >> and a new daly city crash to let you know about. an overturn. fortunately it's on the shoulder but you may hit some
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at good morning. welcome back to kpix 5 news. okay, stop what you're doing. take a look at your tv screen. this is blizzard 2015 in saugus, massachusetts. it is 15 degrees, heavy snow, winds up to 30 miles per hour
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and now compare that with this. it is currently 62 degrees in the city by the bay, the city of san francisco. and we have a chance of a rain shower. we'll have details straight ahead. thanks, roberta. 6:13 now. still a mystery how a small drone got on to the white house grounds but it did. secret service says the man who was controlling it has come forward claiming he was using the so-called quad copter for recreational purposes. the secret service also says the drone had no weapons or camera when it crashed on the south lawn early yesterday. the president and mrs. obama were in india at the time. a deadly shooting shook a city council meeting in minnesota. [ censored ] >> get down! >> a gunman ambushed officers as they walked out of a meeting last night. the officers will survive. the gunman was shot and killed by other officers. one member of the city council drew his own firearm while
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other councilmembers ducked. someone has been altering controversial advertisements on muni transit buses in san francisco. pamela geller paid for the ads which featured hit-and-miss and says the koran supports hatred of jews. san francisco officials have condemned the messages. but they say they are protected by freedom of speech. as you can see here, someone has been making changes to those ads. the messages have been altered and hitler was replaced with an image of a muslim comic book character. quite a story here. a pilot who started out in tracy sunday fell out of the sky before making it to maui. kpix 5's mark kelly reports he was saved by a parachute and cruise ship nearby. >> reporter: pilot lou morton safe on land saved by a parachute. coast guard video was rolling when the propeller on the plane stalled. the parachute springs out and
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for o moment it looks like a fall your. but then the parachute sets the plane down on the water, lou climbs out into a raft waiting for rescuers, a cruise ship. >> they got me out and on the boat quickly. the medical team was great. >> reporter: back in tracy, richard ortonh ei says he saw no red flags. >> it's a bulletproof system. >> reporter: lou even did a test flight. still, once in the sky, realized there wouldn't be enough fuel to get to hawaii. the parachute was his last resort. >> there's a red handle that you pull. >> reporter: the red handle in the plane's cockpit triggers a rocket which launches the parachute. the company says its technology saved 104 lives, adding one more to the list. >> everything has been more than impressive. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix 5. >> looks good.
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here's a picture of lue morton in the green climbing into the cruise line's rescue boat. and here he is on the cruise ship smiling with the crew. a san francisco vue is offering a special pro -- zoo is overing a special promotion. instead of a valentine's for your significant other this one lets you get back at your ex. you can adopt a scorpion in their name. they are in low-lying areas and sting their victims or a cockroach. they will send it to your lover for $25 or spring for the scorpion for $50. >> are you fans of valentine's day? >> i'm not a huge fan. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no scorpions for you. >> i feel bad for the scorpions getting a bad rap for all this.
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>> they have lovers too. >> they do. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> let's go out the door. if you are heading to the bay bridge, right now this is what it looks like trying to get into san francisco. so yeah, you are stacked up officially into the maze and i took the sensors, it's slow up the incline as well from the base of the incline up to treasure island. and then it does improve once you get into san francisco. this hot spot continues in oakland. westbound lanes of 580 at keller. it's a four to possibly five- car crash. there were initially some numerous cars reported but anyway, two lanes are still blocked at keller avenue and it's solid from golf links and now we are starting to see some delays eastbound as well even though just lanes blocked into the westbound direction. overturn crash on the shoulder a snag into daly city overturn accident not sure about injuries. our sensors are still green but that could change because the tow crews need to get out, emergency crews, they could block a lane and that will likely cause at least a little
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bit of a backup. silicon valley drivers, you're off to a nice start from milpitas. just the usual slow traffic on the approach to zanker. nothing too bad. 2880 is fine, sluggish past capitol expressway. here's roberta with your -- it looks very busy in weather. >> a lot of excitement today. a lot of rain evaporates before it hits the ground. so that's what we're experiencing right now in the northern portion of the bay area. but this is bona fide rain showers. it's lefting up out of southern california subtropical in nature entering through the back door. monterey county san benito county all propertying light precipitation. we have had zero amount of rain in the bay area for the entire
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month of january. right now we are the recipient of the cloud cover and our temperatures from 48 degrees in santa rosa to 62 degrees winds light and variable. very mild morning heading out on this tuesday. the possibility of a rain shower. it will be muggy. and then after this we will be dry all the way through the end of the month. cloud cover here showers to the south. it's going to undercut the ridge of high pressure producing partly cloudy conditions wednesday, thursday high pressure nestles in providing nothing but sunny skies and above average temperatures. 65 at the state capital. 43 going up to 51 in tahoe. rain-snow mix there. we have temperatures into the 60s outside number will be 68 degrees. partly cloudy wednesday, thursday and unseasonably mild temperatures for the weekend. 6:19. bay area doctors are racing to
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find anyone who came in contact with a man who has the
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the weather is bad in new england this morning. the patriots, they may have escaped one storm but not another. head coach bill belichick denied the patriots had anything to do with the deflated footballs. but upon landing in phoenix, owner robert kraft was faced with a fox report that the nfl is investigating a locker room attendant who may have taken the footballs from the officials' locker room to a different area on the way to the football field. kraft yesterday denied any wrongdoing and demanded an apology. >> i would expect and hope that the league would apologize to our entire team and, in particular, coach belichick and tom brady, for what they have had to endure this past week. i am disappointed in the way this entire matter has been handled and reported upon.
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>> australian open quarter finals nadal had never lost to berdych but nadal played like a kangaroo. first set berdych wins the set. he won the second set. nadal fought off three match points in the third but the tie- breaker the fourth time was the charm. berdych who wins in straight sets. it's nadal's first loss in 18 matches to tomas berdych. venus williams upset the sixth seed opponent in three sets to advance to her first grand slam quarterfinal since 2010. she could face her sister serena in the semi finals. you're not going to guess what today is at the super bowl. media day, the most ridiculous questions in the world coming
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up tonight at 6:00. have a great day, everybody. >> always entertaining, too. okay, dennis. play of the day, nba action we have sixers and pelicans we have a monster dunk. new orleans anthony davis is going to go dunking in a big way. one-handed jam in the 1st quarter right there. pelicans beat the lowly philadelphia 76ers thanks in part to the play of the day right there. your final 99-74. 6:25. the northeast is getting buried by what could be the biggest storm of the season. the safety precautions now in place and the impact on bay area travel. >> another smash-and-grab overnight in downtown san francisco. the thieves took pieces of california history.
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oakland raiders face another lawsuit from a former cheerleader. the horrible working conditions she says she was forced to endure. >> reporter: i'm kiet do live in san jose. san jose police say that two young men who were racing lost control jumped a sidewalk and killed a person. we'll have a live report on how she was pinned up against a tree. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody. it's fired up. it's ready to go. it's hi-def doppler radar tracking rain within the area. >> and it's a new tweet. the latest one from "kcbs traffic" saying that emergency crews are now blocking one lane in daly city. how this is affecting your morning drive we'll let you know coming up. >> thank you, liz. good morning. it's tuesday, january 27. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time is just about 6:30. we're on the scene of breaking
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news this morning in san francisco. wells fargo got robbed in a dramatic way. kpix 5's ryan takeo is at the scene where an suv plowed through the bank's main headquarters. ryan. >> reporter: michelle, thieves took a piece of california history. here's a look right now at the suv that smashed through two thick glass doors here at the wells fargo headquarters. it's a museum in the heart of the financial district. and it serves as a bank branch but also as wells fargo headquarters. investigators told me they think robbers got away with gold rush era gold nuggets. we'll show you a picture from wells fargo's website on what is on display here and dispatchers tell us that these thieves got away with between four and ten ounces of gold nuggets. this all happened about 2:30. a valet from the omni hotel says that the suburban was heading the wrong way down the financial district street on montgomery. that it was heading the
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opposite way of traffic. and three armed gunmen jumped out. they smashed through the doors right here held up a security guard and got the gold nuggets on display. i talked to a nearby worker at the omni hotel who knows the significance of the museum and is surprised of all that happened. >> every day i see people going in and out and kids, especially the kids come in to see the museum pieces and stuff like that. it's, um, shocking that, you know, something like this would have happened. >> reporter: now, the three masked gunmen got away in a getaway car. so police say they took two cars. one to smash and grab, the other to get away. the description is a white or silver taurus. back here at the scene, this tow truck has taken the suburban. it took some finagling to get it out because it was smashed in and the doors weren't wide enough so they had to maneuver it for an hour or so. you might know this is the third high-profile smash-and- grab in the last couple of
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months. there's one in union square and then last week at the patagonia store. there was another smash-and- grab. and so far, we don't know if those three are connected. of course, this one is the most high-profile out of all of them t back to you. >> all right, ryan. thank you. developing news in san jose. arson investigators are at the scene of a fire in san jose that destroyed a carport and three cars inside. it started around 3:30 at a two- story apartment building on wayburn lane on the west side. city. it went to a second alarm after firefighters arrived. the fire captain says it's suspicious although the cause is unknown. no injuries have been reported. that storm hitting the northeast is having an impact in the bay area with flights canceled at sfo today. got a live look at saugus, massachusetts, a little north of boston where snow-related travel ban is still in effect and for good reason. kris van cleave is on new york's long island which is getting pounded this morning, as well.
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reporter: snowplows faced the brunt of the northeast blizzard overnight as snow and strong winds battered long island. >> the wind, visibility and everything, not too good. >> reporter: police in humvees patroled the snow-covered roads as the nor'easter kicked into gear monday evening parking it self over the east coast feeding off the ocean. >> here you can see the spin, right? look at the tail! this moisture plume goes all the way down to cuba. there is nothing but a lot of available moisture here! >> reporter: that moisture means snow. forecasters predict up to three feet in some areas. snowplows have been out all night long trying to keep the roads clear. this is the long island expressway 495. it, like all the roads in long island, have been ordered closed to traffic. rhode island, massachusetts, connecticut and other parts of new york have also made it illegal to be out driving. >> it's a possible misdemeanor. it's fines up to $300. >> reporter: new york city, boston and new jersey suspended
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travel on all subways, buses and trains. airlines canceled nearly 8,000 flights. a big worry still, hurricane force wind gusts that have already knocked out power to over 5,000 homes in rhode island and massachusetts. >> you might be without power for a period of 24 to 48 hours. >> reporter: the blizzard warning will remain in effect until wednesday. kris van cleave, cbs news, commack, new york. we're checking in with a live view right now at sfo. 36 departures and 49 arrivals canceled today. they had 53 cancellations yesterday. so far, oakland and san jose have no problems. >> makes you grateful to be here in the bay area. >> yes. >> you go to our site or even our facebook site, you see a picture of somebody shoveling snow and then you see this gal running on the beach. you know? and it's quite different. it's kind of cruel. [ laughter ] >> it's a little cruel, yeah. it is. and you know, they say the size
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of this storm that's impacting the east coast is about 900 miles wide. that's from the top to the bottom of the state of the california give a few hundred miles but it gives you next as far as how great this storm is. we have actually a storm lurking within the state of california. look at the green on the screen. some of this is modified rain. a lot of it is virga in which the rain is evaporating before it hits the land mass. our air mass is just so dry. but you see a few yellow speckles there over in the mount hamilton area. look very carefully. over there. then right here we have some precipitation offshore. radar reports of light precipitation around monterey county and also in san benito county. we have mostly cloudy skies. temperatures currently in the 50s and 60s. this is the subtropical moisture. it's moving into the bay area. we'll talk about the impacts on your tuesday but right now we have to get to traffic. here's elizabeth. >> we have better news knew for oakland computers. slightly better news. all lanes are now back open. we have been watching a crash
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for a while two lanes blocked. everybody is on the right-hand shoulder westbound 580 at keller. it's jammed up from at least 98th but hopefully now that they reopened lanes in the last few minutes everything will improve shortly. head together bay bridge, the approaches are stacking up 580 is slow from the 24 interchange. and the eastshore freeway is particularly backed up around the berkeley curve. otherwise it is stacked up clear through the maze and then at least it thins out once you get on to the bridge. no longer seeing those delays on the incline. that is "kcbs traffic." frank and michelle, back to you guys. >> elizabeth, thank you. a 16-year-old girl is behind bars police say she stole her parents' mercedes yesterday and crashed it into a pizza parlor in san bruno. the car hit a gas meter which sparked an explosive fire on el camino real. minutes before the crash, police say the unlicensed girl went through multiple stop signs and escaped unharmed. the pizza parlor was destroyed.
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>> it was terrible. it's a total last. even one of the firemen that came up came and gave us hugs. he is a customer. it's pretty sad. >> one employee said he missed being inside the burning building by just minutes. he was late to open the restaurant. a possible street race killed a pedestrian in san jose. it happened yesterday afternoon in silver vehicle valley at yerba buena road and eden wood drive. that's where kiet do is standing by live to explain exactly what happened. >> reporter: good morning. this guardrail out here is completely mangled. there is broken glass everywhere. and you can't see it from this angle but someone has set out four candles on the sidewalk. this stretch of yerba buena road has proven again it is notorious for racing. a mangled nissan, banged up bahamas, a driver smashed into a guardrail and up the sidewalk. in a tragic example of how life
6:38 am
can change in an instant, they pinned a woman against a tree. she was in her 20s. the neighbor describes the one in the white t-shirt as the driver of the nissan the man with the baseball cap driving the bmw. police identified them as 19- year-old gabriel bar serra and 4-year-old manuel avalos. >> it was bad. i came running out and saw the vehicles and spoke to the kids trying to assist them making sure that they were okay. >> reporter: judy lives on the block. she had no idea they had hit and killed a woman. >> did the drivers appear to know they hit someone? >> i don't know. they were in shock. >> reporter: this is not the first time neighbors have seen reckless driving. >> this is notorious for high speed accidents over the years. the city should take care of
6:39 am
it. >> reporter: this road is a tractive to -- attractive to racers and joggers. >> i don't walk that area. i take the back streets. that innocent lady was just walking. >> reporter: both of those men have been charged with vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving. the mayor's office is considering a visit here with the department of transportation to see what might can be done to calm the traffic in the area. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. bay area doctors are trying to track movements of a man diagnosed with measles. the patient went to a costco and walmart in gilroy on january 18 and visited a dave & busters on january 19. they believe he was infectious during the time. health officials are trying to contact those with direct contact.
6:40 am
>> we interview the case and find out where were they during the infectious period, who might have been their contacts and then we follow up with those contacts to see if they have been vaccinated. >> as far as the general public is concerned, if you have been vaccinated or had the measles before, you don't have to worry but if not, officials say watch for symptoms such as a fever or rash up until february 8. former oakland raider cheerleader is taking more legal action now against the team. susie sanchez filed a class action suit yesterday claiming she and some other cheerleaders were denied promised media opportunities. she was reportedly dissatisfied with a proposed settlement in a separate case over alleged wage violations. it is 6:40 right now. a major push under way for sweeping new restrictions on electronic cigarettes where "vap-ing" in california could soon be banned. >> a new service promises to change the way you watch television. how you can see your favorite shows and movies from anywhere and for much less than cable
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good morning. welcome back to kpix 5 morning news." it's tuesday, january 27. we're hoping for spring-like showers today. it's subtropical moisture, very mild and muggy. temperatures today topping off in the 60s across the board. los gatos 70. 6le gilroy -- 68 gilroy. mostly cloudy today. hoping for a random scattered rain shower. most of the activity well south of the bay area. 62 concord. good morning, vallejo, at 63 degrees. these numbers are all pretty much uniform across the board from 63 in novato to the low 60s in san rafael. and mostly cloudy in san francisco at 63 degrees. stock market open for
6:45 am
business despite the storm hitting the northeast but things out of the gate not so, as well. >> here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have a sell-off in the early going on wall street. a lot of bad news out there. we'll start out with a key economic report from the commerce department. durable goods orders plunged 3.4% in december. a lot of that coming from a huge drop-off in airline orders. the transportation sector down over 9% as aircraft orders were down 55%. but also a key investment gauge was down for the second straight month. durable goods orders down four of the past five months. home price report also out this morning from kay schiller shows that across the entire country, prices in november were down a tenth of a percent from the prior month. for the bay area they were up a tenth of a percent compared to an .8% gain in the bay area. 8.9% was the strongest gain in the country average price gain
6:46 am
in november for the nation was 4.7%. some poor earnings coming in from microsoft, caterpillar and other conditions really weighing on the stock market this morning as stocks are selling. let's check the big board. dow down 280. s&p off 24. shares of microsoft are down 10%. silicon valley firms that deal with pcs a lot, intel down 5%, hewlett-packard down 4.5%. frank and michelle. >> back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs news, thank you. new this morning, a state senate bill would ban so- called ecigarettes from the same places where traditional cigarettes are currently banned. the bill was introduced yesterday by mark leno out of san francisco. it would ban ecigarettes use in bars, restaurants, hospitals and other workplaces. they are touted as smoke-free alternative to regular cigarettes but critics say they are unregulated so no telling what's in them.
6:47 am
let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, guys. we go out to daly city. i mentioned that emergency crews were still out there and now they are blocking a lane trying to clear this over turn accident that has been on the shoulder. fortunately we are not seeing any delay on northbound 280 coming into daly city. so i guess just early enough that the backups really haven't begun but again one lane is blocked approaching john daly boulevard. westbound 580 slow through the altamont pass with an improvement past vasco road exit and heavy closer to the dublin interchange. the worst of it is really from the 205 split all the way out to again that vasco road exit. things did not -- it didn't take long for things to improve in oakland. we have been watching that traffic alert earlier at keller. everything is back to normal now that they reopened lanes. golden gate bridge looks great out of sausalito. no delay into san francisco. bay bridge is still backed up. that 580 approach is just now jammed solid through the 24
6:48 am
interchange. at least once you get on the bridge it's still fine end to end maybe a touch of slowdowns coming into san francisco. but there haven't been any incidents or anything on the bridge heading into san francisco. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. roberta has her hi-def doppler out and it looks active. >> it's the first time this year i have been crank it up. it is our hi-def doppler radar and it looks optimistic. however, a lot of the green on the screen is actually virga. that's when you have the raindrops leaving the cloud and it evaporates before it hits the ground because of dry air. we have bona fide rain showers this morning around san benito county and monterey coin. this is subtropical in nature and terrorists up into the bay area. as it does so it looks like we have some light precipitation being reported again to the south of the bay area. we have mostly cloudy skies right here in san francisco.
6:49 am
temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. wow, it's a mild start. except in santa rosa at 48 degrees. here's what you need to know out the door this morning. mostly cloudy, mild temperatures, and it looks like it's going to be muggy today. and it will end up with dry conditions all the way through the weekend. we have high pressure with the passage of a weak disturbances this week so sunny skies but right now, it's cloud cover at sfo at 61 degrees. we have a balmy day in denver in the upper 60s. white-out chicago and new york city. pick city 75 in houston. sun-up this morning at 7:17. and by the time it sets, we'll have the cloud cover, light and variable winds and the temperatures in the 60s. the extended forecast calls for partly cloudy skies wednesday and thursday. and above average temperatures over the weekend. that's your tuesday forecast. gang? >> all right, roberta. thank you. sling tv was one of the
6:50 am
hottest products unavailabled at this year's consumer electronics show. sharon profis explains how it can change the future of tv. >> reporter: everybody is talking about cutting the cord and canceling the subscription is the easy part but knowing what to do next can get a little complicated. so one of the new best solutions is dish's sling tv. it's $20 a month. and you get 12 channels including some of the more popular ones like espn, espn 2, so sports streaming is kind of unheard of. so this is great. food network, cooking channel, comedy central. and what you do is once you subscribe to the service you can access it through roku android ios and others coming soon like the google "chromecast" and amazon fire tv. but the catch right now is that you can only use one device at a time so if you are accustomed to have two tvs at home you
6:51 am
need two subscriptions. it launches january 27. you can sign up now. and that's a really great way to get started with cable cutting but i'll tell you, my biggest hang-up is local news, hello, and, um, live sports. local sports. so you can't get those things. >> you want to watch a giants game or catch the morning show. >> not happening. >> you're going to need an antenna. so this is where you start piecing together your cable cord cutting plan. so you have your sling tv great now you're going to need an antenna. those cost anywhere from 30 to $50 one time fee. and then you hook it up and you can get your local channels. depending on how -- what the ranges of the antenna you can get more channels throughout the state and then to round out your plan, you might want to get additional services like things up heard of netflix, hulu plus, amazon prime, cbs all access available for $6 a month and hbo is launching its own service this spring. >> an antenna?!
6:52 am
haven't heard that word that long time. >> you hold up it -- >> you have to go to the right corner of the house. >> bob, can you go into the kitchen please? >> even if you have two tvs and you want to hook it up that's $40 that's still cheaper than cable. >> absolutely. my bill is like $170 a month. that sounds really good. >> some of it is a la carte. >> we are finding that that's what millennials want. for years they want to choose the channels. many cable providers don't let you do that. so this will let you. >> you have 200 stations. how much do you watch, maybe a dozen? >> thank you. time now 6:52. a big decision could come today on the future of the a's and raiders. the latest on the effort to keep both teams in the bay area. >> reporter: a smash-and-grab heist here in san francisco overnight. the wells fargo headquarters where
6:53 am
you used to sleep like a champ. then
6:54 am
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget.
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nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! nobody is moving at copley square in boston. three feet of snow in parts of new england with hurricane- force winds and in many areas it's illegal for drivers to be out on the roads. this is north of boston in saugus, massachusetts. thousands of flights and trains all have been canceled in the northeast. a someday of remembrance at auschwitz. 70-year-old it was liberated where up to 1.5 million people were killed. about 300 survivors are in poland for the ceremonies. and facebook is denying claims that it was the victim of a cyber attack. last night, facebook and instagram with down for about
6:57 am
40 minutes. a hacking group called lizard squad claimed responsibility. facebook says the outage was caused by a change in its configuration system. today the alameda county board of supervisors is expected to vote on a new strategy to keep the a's and the raiders in oakland. the plan would allow the teams to make their own proposals to develop the land in and around the coliseum. it's already been approved by the city. until now, oakland has given exclusive rights to a series of developers. and bay area doctors are trying to find anyone who came in contact with the man with the measles. the patient went to a costco and walmart in gilroy on january 18. he also visited dave and buster's restaurant in milpitas on january 19. doctors believe he was infectious the entire time. i'm ryan takeo live in the heart of the financial district in san francisco, an overnight smash-and-grab heist here at
6:58 am
the wells fargo museum and headquarters. you see smashed glass. they say the robbers got gold rush era gold nuggets. a picture shows what's on display here. dispatchers say that the thieves took between four to ten ounces of the gold nuggets at about 2:30 a.m. three armed gunmen smashed an suv through two glass doors here. very thick glass doors. and they held up a security guard. they took those gold nuggets on display and got into a second getaway car either a white or silver taurus. wells fargo says that none of their workers was hurt and they are cooperating with the police investigation and as we come back out here live the stagecoaches -- the historic stagecoaches and the rest of the museum, that's all right. but again, gold nuggets from the gold rush era stolen from the wells fargo museum. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. checking road conditions right now, so far no big hot
6:59 am
spots. we have some areas of congestion if you are a silicon valley commuter. this is what it looks like on 237. it's particularly backed up leaving milpitas to at least zanker road and then it clears out. the drive time is 10 minutes between milpitas and sunnyvale. and look at the ride in san jose. northbound 101 heavy this morning. first i thought there was an accident but no. northbound 101 slow from yerba buena to the julian/mckee exit. roberta? >> okay, take a look at your hi- def doppler radar. it looks like it's raining. it is virga where the rain is actually evaporating before it hits the ground, psyching you out this morning. mostly cloudy skies. we have a chance of a rain shower that i had, muggy and temperatures are currently, wow, very mild in the 50s and 60s except for santa rosa with a little bit of fog at 47 degrees. we will experience highs today into the 60s across the board. once we get rid of this weak disturbance causes partly cloudy skies and then sunshine for the weekend and frank is
7:00 am
always thinking about the weekend. >> we love the weekend. captions by: c good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, january 27th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." the east coast under a state of emergency. america's largest city is digging out and we're in the blizzard from long island to maine. only on "cbs this morning," a warning about cat scans. a new person of interest emerges in deflate-gate and the owner demands an apology. we look with today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. nearly 32 inches. it is


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