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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 27, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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gold is worth. or if it's really worth anything at all. police say they are still looking into the value of the gold. they got away in just a few minutes in a silver four-door sedan. a similar smash-and-grab happened last week in san francisco. a u-haul put in reverse smashed into the front of this pat gonna store the suspects getting away after stealing items off store shelves after this patagonia store. is it connected? >> it appears they are not related. we are investigating. >> reporter: same smash-and- grab method, different suspects. and despite such a destructive break-in, the museum's historic stagecoaches were not damaged. so, whether it's real gold or "fool's gold," police have notified all the cash for gold shops and pawn shops in the bay area to be on the lookout for the museum's stolen gold nuggets. juliette goodrich, kpix 5.
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police are dealing with multiple shooting victims in san francisco's bayshore neighborhood. a woman who had been shot walked in the old clamhouse restaurant. a man riding with her in the suv you see there. chopper 5 showing the vehicle it has bullet holes in the windshield. and it all may have started with a shooting on revere street. we'll keep an eye on it. city workers made repairs today along a san jose road where a jogger was killed by alleged street racers. the woman in her 20s was struck while jogging on yerba buena road. this is what the mangled cars looked like after they crashed. kpix 5's devin feeley is live in san jose and says this road has a history of accidents dating back years. devin. >> reporter: that's exactly right. now, all day and all afternoon, family, friends and well- wishers have been coming here to the crash site to pay their respects to kira. they have left flowers and handwritten notes for the 24-
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year-old and her grieving family. >> she was a really person. she didn't deserve this. >> reporter: her brother cried after he described the family's heartbreak over the sudden death of the 24-year-old. she was jogging near hope when two people plowed through a guardrail and pinned her against a tree. investigators believe they were street racing. >> she was a joyful person. she didn't deserve this. for those two guys that did this, i hope you guys go to sleep at night knowing you killed an innocent person. >> it's murder! it's a weapon. >> reporter: kira's family says she was the youngest of three children and was beloved by her parents and older brother. she wanted to get in shape, jogging twice a day and going back to college. >> she went out for a jog. like every other day.
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[ crying ] >> today was one second too late too early, they would have missed her. >> reporter: the city of san jose says if this stretch of yerba buena is a well-known trouble spot with accidents and deaths stretching back for several years. we'll have more on that aspect of the story coming up tonight at 6:00. in san jose, devin feeley for kpix 5. a clever disguise for a major pot grow in the south bay but tonight the 2 million- dollar operation is shut down. this is a furniture store in monterey in gilroy. but cops were suspicious because it was never open for business. in the back of the gilroy furniture and more store, officers found the more. more than 1,000 pot plants and more than 50 pounds of processed marijuana. police arrested 39-year-old man from gilroy also charged with stealing about $80,000 worth of electricity to power that
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illegal operation. also new at 5:00, the new other than for pleasanton-based safeway. the federal trade commission approved the deal of albertsons which will close within five days. albertsons agreed to buy safeway for $7.5 billion in cash. the two chains combined their 250,000 employees. no word yet on whether they will see layoffs because of the sale. two stories out of silicon valley. apple had the most profitable quarter of any company ever. it made more than $18 billion in profit the last three months. apple also expects to start shipping its new iwatch in april. the other is yahoo. it's spinning off its 15% share of china's alibaba group to save it billions in future taxes. the news was not enough to
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prevent wall street's worst sell-off in two weeks, dow down 290, nasdaq down 90, s&p down 27. a monster winter storm is blowing through parts of the east coast right now. to give you an idea of how bad it is in some cities, this is a time lapse video of the rising snow in boston. now, keep your eye on on the car out front. watch how quickly it gets buried in snow. it packed a punch. the storm pounded cape cod with heavy winds and blinding snow with power out for many. several cities got 2 feet of snow. people are digging out and being forced to deal with flooding after a partial collapse of a seawall in massachusetts. >> there are widespread examples of moderate coastal flooding and a few instances of severe flooding. >> now, this storm did not live up to its billing in new york and new jersey, it was measured
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in inches not feet as predicted. a travel ban was lifted this morning with roads and rails opening up. thousands of flights in new england have been canceled wreaking havoc on travel plans here on the west coast. sfo has canceled 85 flights most of those in and out of east coast airports. so far, oakland and mineta san jose have not canceled any flights. the new england patriots escaped the east coast before the storm hit. they touched down in phoenix yesterday and arrived to sunny warm weather. vern glenn here. ahead of super bowl sunday both patriots and seahawks have to survive media day. that's no easy feat. 5500 credentialed media. >> not one of my favorite days. most of the players don't want to be there. and a bunch of characters walk -- journalists walking around going, hey, look at me. look what i'm wearing. it's -- it's -- it's amazing. >> crazy. >> another super bowl media day has come and gone and what did we learn? well, tom brady was once shoved
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in his locker at serra high school. rob gronkowski considers himself the patriots' best dancer and then there's marshawn lynch. classic. >> i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm just here so i won't get fined -- >> he would give that answer 26 more times in his five- minute exchange. he just didn't want to be there. everyone else played along with the circus media and even the patriots head coach bill belichick joined on the frivolity. >> what stuffed animals do i like? um, i, like, a little puppet that you can kind of put your fingers in, a little monkey and then he can talk and move his fingers and nod his head talk back to you. >> i got the eye of the tiger ♪ i can't know the rest i just know my kids love that song. i don't list to katy perry because she doesn't do it for
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me. i'm more a beyonce drunken love kind of guy. >> michael bennett. >> information i didn't have before. >> getting back to belichick, i have been blown off by a lot of athletes and coaches but this one, belichick, used four words. when at the pro-am down at pebble beach, hey, got time for a couple of questions? keeps on walking looks at me and says, no, i'm good. thanks. just kept on going. >> in a league of his own. >> oh, yeah. >> a little hint of a smile when he was talking about stuffed animals. >> having a little funny guess in his flip-flops. >> right. >> all right, vern. thanks. still to come, a fighter jet buzzes a bay area city. plus the county now offering to turn your trash into cash. keep the streets a little cleaner. >> try explaining this to your insurance agent. a motorcyclist hits a pothole so big, where did he go? disappears! >> clouds appeared today. look for a time like it was
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going to rain. why would it rain? january? we don't do that around here. nice peek from mount vaca. we have a couple of days left in the month. can we squeeze out a few drops of explain it we'll talk about that coming up. >> and a san francisco driver has his dash camera rolling as a muni bus runs a red light and nearly causes a wreck.
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the faa says it was a navy fighter jet that made a bay area flyover this afternoon. the f/a-18 jet like this one flew out of naval air station le more in the central valley. a lot of people heard it as it swooped over berkeley a lot a buzz on social media. it's home to the pacific strike fighter wing. no word on the mission in the bay area. the man who has admitted flying a drone and crashing it on the white house lawn works for a u.s. intelligence agency. investigators say that he was drunk when he sent that drone into the sky late sunday night. the national geo spatial
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intelligence agency says the unidentified man is one of its employees. the agency is part of the dod and says his work has nothing to do with david robinson. the secret service says it appears drones. -- has nothing to do with drones. the secret service says it appears he just sent it up in the air. not related to his job. a gunman at a city council meeting in the town of new hope last night in minnesota. watch the left side of your screen. you can see one councilmember draw his firearm while his colleagues duck for cover. both wounded officers are expected to survive. other officers shot and killed the gunman. a maryland family barely escaped getting swallowed up into a sinkhole this morning. a 90-year-old water main broke in hyattsville causing water to gush into several homes. well, one family grabbed their three young children and jumped
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into their car to leave but that car started to sink, as well. they got out just in time. >> thank god didn't put the seatbelt on and helped her to go out of the car. if not they can go in the hole. >> that car nearly submerged in minutes. everyone escaped safely. crews spent four hours shutting off the water and are now replacing the broken pipe. in brazil this motor cyclist was in over his head after driving into a pothole. his bike nose-dived into the water throws him off the bike. he was not hurt. the bike is a total loss. crews had to use construction equipment to pull it out. the hole also caused by a broken water main. a bay area dispatcher makes an unusual plea. stop calling 911 when facebook goes down. the surprising numbering of cries for help after the social network crashed. >> gee. and muni busted. a san francisco driver has to
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take a look at this video. a man who shot it says a muni
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bus was running a red light force, the car in the bus' path to slam on its brakes to avoid an accident. the mta is investigating. alameda county is offering cash rewards for illegally dumped mattresses. as kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, cleaning up streets is just one of the goals. julie. >> reporter: there's money to be made by hauling away old mattresses. it's a test program to see if financial incentives will help get rid of blight. it's also a step towards implementing a new state law intended to increase mattress recycling. you have probably seen the disgusting discarded mattresses abandoned on the side of the road or an empty lot. well, recyclers in alameda county have started tagging some of those mattresses attaching pieces of paper that say this mattress can be redeemed for money. they are offering between 6 to $12 each depending on the size to people who haul them away and bring them into a recycling facility in oakland. >> we think the people most
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likely to bring them in are the people who have small recycling and garbage hauling operations. and they have a truck they are used to doing this type of thing but it is available to anyone. >> reporter: right now, only a few dozen mattresses have been tagged and those are the only ones that can be redeemed for cash. but they do plan to tag hundreds more in the coming weeks. now, this is just one step that the state is taking to prepare for a new mattress recycling law that takes effect in 2016. under that law, people who buy new mattresses will have to pay an additional fee to finance mattress recycling programs. >> the reality, if you have an old mattress you need to get rid of, you won't get cash for it. you will probably have to pay to drop it off to recyclers yourself but many cities offer free large waste removal programs. and remember, if you have a consumer problem, you can give us a call 888-5-helps-u. >> guess i have always bought the new one and the company hauls the old one away for free. >> right. >> but it's built into the cost of their doing business.
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>> and soon it will be built in even more. >> if you live in an urban area you see them all the time on the streets. >> they hope this program will help get rid of the mattresses on the streets. >> thank you. a state lawmaker from san francisco wants to ban ecigarettes in all nonsmoking areas. state senator mark leno introduced a bill that would prevent people from using ecigarettes in bars, restaurants, hospitals and other workplaces. ecigs are meant as a smoke-free alternative to traditional cigarettes. but they are not heavily regulated so critics say there's no telling what's in them. stores in berkeley are getting ready for the implementation of the nation's first-ever soda tax. the city is not collecting that tax on the sugary drinks just yet but this dollar tree in berkeley has already taken soda off the shelves. one soda lover says he is fed up with the store's decision. we reached out to the dollar tree's corporate offices on the east coast. no response. >> looking for a dr. pepper.
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>> what did you find? >> water. [ laughter ] >> i found water. water everywhere. water on the shelves, water in the coolers. water everywhere. there was no soda available. >> berkeley city council member says the city plans to start collecting the tax on soda in february or march. breathe a sigh of relief. facebook is back online tonight after a brief outage. whew! close one. the social media site was down for an hour along with instagram. facebook blames a glitch during a routine technical upgrade. still, some users freaked out! 911 dispatchers in the east bay say they got at least five emergency calls. that prompted one anonymous dispatcher to say, our lines are dedicated to handle life and death calls and even though facebook is important to a lot of people, it's not a matter of life and death when it stops working" > i don't know, some people would tell you, it's their lifeline.
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but i don't buy it. >> no. >> don't buy it at all. >> down for an hour. one hour. >> take a break. just give it a rest. take it as sort of a cue to just sort of, you know, maybe disconnect for a moment. >>unplug and go outside even when it's cloudy, even when it's january, it's still 66 degrees outside. man, forget about the rainfall. it's not going to happseven-day forecast confirming that. i'll also explain why. [ pause ] >> between looking at temperatures that topped out in the mid- to upper 60s. oakland 67. cloudy. san francisco 64 and cloudy. san jose 64, san bruno 64, all your friends back east are shoveling out snow in the sunshine. we are in the 60s in the clouds. there were a few showers around south of san jose a few of the showers hit the ground. but the bottom layer of the atmosphere is so dry, even when the clouds want to rain it is evaporating before it hits the ground so we missed out on the rainfall once again.
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remember last month oh, last month december, 6th wettest ever in san francisco. it nearly rained a foot and then in january, it's going to go down as the driest on record. from 11 to 0. nothing is going to fall officially in san francisco for the entire month of january. overnight tonight mostly cloudy skies. mid- to upper 40s. oakland down to 48. vallejo 46. sunrise at 7:17. so what's going on? we had a storm system coming up from a different direction rather than passing by to the north we are coming down from the north. this one came up from southern california and arizona. it is now sitting over nevada but it didn't come toward us. it split off to the east. so it was close. we got the cloud cover. we did not see the rainfall. just about everybody around us. here comes the ridge again begins to build in tomorrow sunshine back with temperatures not moving that much and now the storms we'll still miss but they are going to miss to the north. we'll have two or three passing by giving rainfall to oregon and to washington but once again we stay dry until
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february. this will be the first time in recorded history that it didn't rain at all in the month of january in san francisco. we did that in july but rerarely have never done that in january -- rarely have never done that in january. sunshine tomorrow, a record dry january for the third straight year. highs tomorrow may be cooler despite the fact that the sunshine is back because our flow of air is not coming up from the south tomorrow. mountain view 63. hayward 64. sunny afternoon for you in walnut creek. 64. antioch 65. benicia 63. san francisco 62. same with san rafael and novato. lakeport tomorrow 66 degrees. we are dry across the board. it has been that way since christmas eve. will it stretch to valentine's day? >> what? >> isn't that crazy? >> that is. >> next 14 days are looking very dry but at least the next 7 we're throwing on the map there not a drop of rain mid- to upper 60s every day. >> gee. >> it's crazy. >> going to get dangerous soon. it's going to get scary. >> it is. >> all right, thanks, paul. it could be the first sign
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of the zombie apocalypse. a heartbroken owner buries his dead cat. it showed up at
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a cat in florida has nine lives. bart was believed to be dead after he was hit by a car. his owner buried him and five days later bart dug himself free and showed up on the neighbor's lawn. >> came up looking for food. he was hungry. i knew there was something wrong. because i knew this cat was buried five days earlier. and he was underground. i took him to my own -- the owner and he opened the door and he was in complete shock. >> oh, i'll bet! vets think bart was only unconscious after being hit by that car. he is expected to be okay after all of that. >> stronger than ever probably after that. >> very hungry. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news"
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scott pelley is in new york. >> reporter: hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. travel all across the country even out to the west coast has been snarled after the blizzard in the northeast. we'll try to sort that out for you. plus, should parents be forced to vaccinate their children? that's the debate growing in california along with the measles outbreak. we'll have those stories tonight on the western edition of the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. >> thank you, scott. if you resolved to make a career change in 2015, why not turn to your true passion into your profession? jill schlesinger shows us how. reporter: january is national hobby month which may lead you to consider turning your hobby into a full-time career. experts note that creative professionals may be the best candidates to more of their hobbies into careers. there are a few things to take into account though before making the leap. the joy of having a hobby is
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the lack of pressure that accompanies it. you decide when or when not to do it. you also don't rely on the pastime for income. so before giving up your current job and making your hobby your full-time passion, here are some steps to consider. start by monetizing your hobby. you can earn extra cash by teaching others to do what you love. contact a local continuing education program or consult resources like san francisco state university for opportunities. web designers and photographers have a greater chance for success because they are able to make extra cash selling their services while working their full-time jobs. if writing is your passion, consider working as a freelance writer or starting a blog. any of these ventures could pan out to a full-time career. but you'll never know unless you tr
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i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. coming up at 6:00, bright colors cute characters but these guns are the real thing. now bay area police are sounding the alarm about potentially deadly consequences. >> $8 million not for new housing but to save an old mobile home park. why the county says this is the best plan for dozens of families who live there. >> plus, the out pouring of support to help a north bay police dogfighting cancer. that's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. see you in 30 minutes. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> and remember kcbs, our radio partner, when you hit the -- and remember kcbs, our radio partner, when you hit the
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remember the latest news and weather are always on our website, >> pelley: tonight, a big helping of the northeast starts shoveling as much as 30 inches of snow but millions are not digging the less-than-accurate forecast. this coun >> we in this country don't like to to cry wolf. we get angry. >> pelley: reports from anna werner, don dahler, jim axelrod and jeff pegues. ben tracy on the growing measlest- outbreak and the debate over forcing parents to get their kids vaccinated. >> measles is an almost-always benign child illness. >> people don't remember children staying in dark roomse measle because they have measles and the light hurts their eyes. >> pelley: and on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz, a survivor tells deans reynolds about the family he lost. >> i said good-bye to them never to see or hear from them again.


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