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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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k mallicoat. nearly 6:00 on this wednesday. a violent january in san francisco tense with two deadly shootings just a short distance and a few minutes apart. anne makovec joins us live in san francisco with the latest on that. anne. >> reporter: two women killed in the shootings yesterday. ironically just a couple of hours before those shootings here at san francisco city hall. the board of supervisors had just approved the creation of a gun violence task force. is he this morning, there is one woman who is -- so this morning there is one woman who is recovering from gunshot wounds a man with her in an suv is dead. someone shot them in broad daylight yesterday afternoon on bayshore boulevard. the woman stumbled into the old clamhouse restaurant for help. and about 10 minutes earlier, another woman had been shot on revere street. she died at the hospital. police say they don't know yet if the two shootings are related. nobody has been arrested in either case. now, back to that gun violence
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task force that was created yesterday. well, board president london breed spoke with us on our sunday morning program a couple of weeks ago about the need for the government to step up to the plate. >> i want police in my neighborhood. i want them paying attention to those who are committing crimes and committing other violent acts against people. >> reporter: the task force would also incorporate solutions from the faith community and youth groups along with policing solutions. see we'll see if that has any effect. so far the numbers are not looking good here in san francisco. there have been nine murders so far this month. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. wells fargo says it will re- open its history museum at its san francisco headquarters after damage is repaired. the front of the building was boarded up after a robbery early yesterday morning. three men crashed a stolen suv through the front door and held a security guard at gunpoint while they stole historical gold nuggets. >> and took approximately four
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to ten ounces of gold nuggets from the case. >> police are trying to figure out how much the gold was worth. the "chronicle" reports the robbers left behind some items that were likely much more valuable than the gold including scales and other artifacts from the gold rush era. some new metering lights should help ease the traffic on the morning commute happening at one of the worst bottlenecks in the area. highway 58 between 280, highway 101 northbound meters will be active from 6 to 11 a.m., southbound lights will be on from 3 to 7 p.m. all right. 6:02. let's check traffic. >> good morning, guys. we have problems in san jose now. we are trying to get latest details on what's going on but it sound like a car fire northbound 101 before the 280 interchange. it's hard to tell if lanes are blocked. we are seeing slowdowns but it's caused a small grass fire in the area on the shoulder. so expect delays coming into san jose. chp is heading to the scene so
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they can give us some more information once they actually get there. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see it's filled in in the cash and fastrak lanes a 20- minute wait and on top of that we have a smaller fender-bender somewhere in that backup. they are trying to clear it to the right-hand shoulder right now. so mostly metering lights that will slow you down trying to get on the bay bridge. into san francisco. westbound 580 one of the worst drive times from the altamont pass to 680 heaviest from 205 interchange past vasco. with the forecast, here's roberta. we have kept records in since is the 1850 and never had no rain in january. here's the january drought. this is going to end up being the driest ever for the city of san francisco. the driest ever also for san
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jose. and the top five driest years ever is in the past three years again no measurable rainfall for san francisco today. we have nothing but dry skies currently clear conditions except for santa rosa and napa reporting partly cloudy skies. it's 53 in san francisco. it's pretty much in the 40s and 50s in the peninsula and the eastern portion of the bay area. i'm suspecting we'll see a hint of some patchy fog east and north bay valleys. otherwise, 46 in santa rosa. it is now 50 in san rafael through terra linda. meanwhile today with the sunshine temperatures in the 60s up top 69 degrees. and as we approach the weekend, we are going to be talking about near or record warmth for the second consecutive weekend. frank and juliette? >> all right, thank you. the big nor'easter shattered one day snowfall records in parts of new england. while crews clean up the mayor of new england is defending against criticism. more now from reporter andrew spencer. >> reporter: new england took the brunt of the blizzard. wind gusts reached 50, 60 in
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some places 70 miles per hour. it created massive waves along the coast which caused icy floods in some areas. farther inland, snow piled as high as 36 inches in parts of central massachusetts. the city of worcester hadn't seen anything like it. the national weather service says the old record of 11 inches of snowfall in a single day was shattered on tuesday when the city got almost 32 inches. >> i'm so excited. i love the snow. so i'm enjoying this. >> reporter: the storm also broke the daily snowfall record in boston which got more than 22 inches of snow. as the storm kept dumping snow on new hampshire, crews struggled to keep up with the clean-up. >> i make a path about every 45 minutes. mother nature is winning. [ laughter ] >> reporter: for some living on hampton beach, it's been a pleasure. >> it's great. i love it. new england weather is perfect. >> into the too bad. we haven't lost power. we're prepared. >> reporter: new york city didn't get nearly as much snow as forecasters predicted and the mayor is taking criticism
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for what some think is an overreaction to the forecast. >> two feet of snow would have pardon mized this city so we did was -- would have paralyzed this city so we did what was necessary to keep the city safe. >> reporter: but transportation officials are recovering more quickly than otherwise because they prepared for the worst. >> closed portions of the system to protect the equipment and shovel out quicker is the better way to go. >> reporter: i'm andrew spencer reporting. good news today. at least 15 birds that were rescued after being coated with a mysterious goo will be released at fort baker. the international bird rescue group says the mystery goo that killed hundreds of birds is gone. 200 birds are still recovering. the goo coats the birds' fessers this and eventually the birds die of hype themmier after having the goo on the feathers. they haven't determined what the goo is. portable toilet program in san francisco will keep running for at least a few more months. the toilets were installed six months ago in the tenderloin where human waste is a big problem. they are used an average of
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more than 160 times per day. yesterday, san francisco supervisors approved more than $200,000 to fund the program through june and add another location, too. a former chp officer who shared semi nude photos of women he arrested has been sentenced to three years' probation. a judge handed down the sentence to sean harrington yesterday. the skiing took place after harrington arrested the women for driving under the up in. he found the photos on their cell phones and forwarded them to his personal phone. harrington gave his first public statement on the issue outside the martinez courthouse. >> this has cost me my career in the chp that i loved and was good at. i apologize to my family, my wife, my friends, i apologize to officers everywhere, and especially to the two women involved. >> harrington pleaded no contest to two counts of unauthorized access to a computer and copying computer data. the dui charges against the women were dropped. happening today, the woman nominated to be the next u.s.
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attorney general will go to capitol hill less than an hour from now. loretta lynch is facing two days of confirmation hearings before the senate judiciary committee. if lynch is confirmed to replace eric holder she will be the first black female attorney general. she is expected to win confirmation. people in denver are demanding justice for a 17-year- old shot to death by police officers. 17-year-old jesse hernandez was one of five teens inside a stolen car monday morning. two officers walked up to the stolen car. police say jesse hit one of them, prompting them to shoot her. >> i stayed up all night. i haven't been to sleep trying to figure out what happened to my cousin who shot my cousin. who was there when they shot my cousin? >> the d.a.'s office insists there will be a thorough investigation. right now both officers are on paid administrative leave. police say this furniture
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store is a front for illegal activity. t the hidden operation in the back room coming your wayne. >> reporter: and a stanford swimming star is charged with rape. i'm kiet do with a live report on how it looks like the university is taking a tougher stance on sexual assault. >> here we go again. near and record warmth in the bay area. i'll pinpoint which days to expect it. >> and check conditioning the ride in san jose, we got some updated information just coming into our newsroom about this car fire that sparked a small grass fire near 101 and 280. we'll tell you what that
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approaching the bay bridge. . elizabeth wenger will have the traffic report straight ahead but today highs in the 60s and sunshine. 6:13 now. doctors at uc campuses across the state walked off the job as part of a one-day strike. the doctors claim while university execs have given themselves raises they haven't increased funding for students especially for those with mental health issues. executives watched the strike but took no questions. a swimming star is out at stanford and facing sexual assault charges. kpix 5's kiet do is at stanford with more on the accusations against him. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. the accused is a former star at least here at the avery aquatic center who used to practice with the team but no longer. that is because the, um, office of the district attorney has now charged him with five felony counts of sexual assault. we are talking about 19-year- old brock allen turner. he is an all-american swimmer from ohio.
6:14 am
prosecutors say turner, who is 6'2", 165 pounds, was found on top of a female victim who was intoxicated and unconscious. prosecutors say the attack happened after midnight on a sunday morning just outside an on campus party where they had met. two men riding bikes reportedly saw turner chase him down and held him until police arrived. turner withdrew from stanford yesterday. now, in the past year college campuses nationwide have been pressured to do more about sexual assault. last year stanford demonstrators protested demanding tougher penalties for a student who assaulted a fellow classmate off campus. that perpetrator was not expelled was allowed to finish his senior year and then the university withheld his degree for just two years. what's more, he will be allowed to go back on campus to apply to graduate school in 2016. now, as for this most recent case, stanford looks like it's taking a harsher stance. turner isn't allowed back on campus and they are starting their own investigation. turner is out on bail on
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$150,000. he has a court appearance on monday. kiet do, kpix 5. >> thank you, kiet. a gilroy business that appeared to be a furniture store was different. santa clara county sheriff's deputies say this is what was hidden in the back if the store. about 2 million bucks worth of illegal pot. investigators say the store called gilroy furniture and more was never open to customers. deputies were led to the storefront on monterey road from evidence gathered during a previous raid on a gilroy house. deputies arrested phuc nguyen inside the fake store. investigators said he also bypassed the electric meter to steal electricity from pg&e. take a look the this. this is a look at someone who is not about to let a blizzard get in the way of his surfing. these images are from the waters off montauk, new york, on long island. just taking in the surf, you know? why not. >> when you're -- >> freezing a little. >> when surf's up, you got to
6:16 am
get busy. you get out there. >> crazy. >> i don't know how this happened but i saw on twitter yesterday "iron man" was posting and there was a particular woman training for an "iron man" event this summer and she was swimming through the snow. you could see her. she had good form but i was still thinking how is that possible? >> to get through it, huh? >> that's boston strong. >> yes. >> true. >> one way to get to work on time. a car fire in san jose was scratched. they couldn't find the car. it was confusing. they think it's a fire from a homeless encampment and it's a location change, on the southbound 280 connector to northbound 101. so fire crews are out there now and they have to temporarily close that connector ramp ford to put out the fire. again, so the whole car fire thing, i guess, that was just kind of reported from, um, from a driver in the area. but they appear to have gotten that wrong. so again, a few slowdowns now on 101 itself and that connector is going to be shut
6:17 am
down for at least another probably 10 minutes. here's a live look at our sensors around the rest of the bay area. so that really is our only hot spot out the door right now. otherwise, southbound 880 looks okay in oakland. once you reach san leandro, hayward, really on that approach to highway 92 is the time it starts to slow down on the approach to the san mateo bridge. the rest of the east bay, 24 looking great. but look at that 580 approach to the bay bridge. already stacking up to the 24 interchange. so it is stacked up now east of of the maze of the macarthur maze. once you get past the metering lights you're good to go into san francisco. the peninsula is quiet towards sfo maybe catching a flight somewhere. everything is good on 101 and 280 and bart is also on time. you can always ride bart to the airport. everything is good systemwide no delays. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. roberta has your forecast standing by. >> let's get you out the door
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this morning. good morning, everybody. currently we have some pretty mild temperatures. nothing in the 30s at this hour. partly cloudy, santa rosa, napa and also in oakland. otherwise, clear skies again in the 40s and in the 50s. it is currently 51 degrees in oakland. taking a look at the golden gate bridge, it is fog-free. just a little bit of fog a hint of fog in the far reaches of santa rosa and also in throughout the tri-valley, otherwise a few clouds throughout the day mainly north of the golden gate bridge. it will be sunny, it will be bright, and it will certainly be dry all the way throughout the remaining portion of january which is the record right here in the bay area for no measurable rainfall. cloud cover across the southern half of the state. we have now the exiting area of low pressure that was subtropical in nature. it brought us muggy conditions yesterday. brought a couple of inches of snow to the high sierra. this is kicking out to the east. high pressure is going to build in. as it does, we'll have record
6:19 am
high temperatures this weekend. they were established a year ago. we are back in the 70s. today's forecasted highs across the state of california, we do have some tule fog this morning in throughout sacramento. that will dissipate. we will see 67 degrees through davis and stockton, and fresno and hanford hazy mid-60s. ski report: average high in san francisco 58, today will be 65. should be 59 in san jose instead in the mid-60s. here's your extended forecast:
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good morning, everybody. a little surprise. maybe a big surprise at oracle arena last night. this doesn't happen very often at all. in fact, like the detective would say in a tv crime drama, you're gonna want to take a look at this. chicago bulls and derrick rose, curry with the turnover and man
6:24 am
the bulls made him pay. boom. put the bulls in front by 2. the waning moments warriors scramble under 10 seconds. iguodala no. green down low. low block. this went to overtime. look hand in his face rose dead eye radar shotput the bulls back in front. last chance for the dubs. klay thompson running no. warriors 0 for 13 from three- point land in the second and they lose 113-111 only the second loss at home all year. warriors still 36-7 for the year. their 19-game home win streak halted. that's it for sports at this hour. see you today. hockey and rangers an all new york play of the day. watch this:
6:25 am
>> henrik lundqvist with a save between the pipes. but the islanders won at home 4- 1 the final. your play of the day. a big save right there. it is 6:25 now. the blizzard that hit the northeast was a bust for some. but for others, it was a record- breaker. we'll show you what clean-up crews are facing this morning. >> reporter: two people shot and killed in san francisco yesterday. it has been a violent week, a violent month in the city.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald.
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the death of a bay area high school student has rattled classmates rattled parents and others. it's a problem among high achieving students. >> relatives of a jogger killed during a street race in san jose are reaching out to city leaders. what the family wants to make sure doesn't happen again. >> a new record is going to be established in our weather department. we'll talk about which record that is. >> and we have a pretty good sized backup already over at the bay bridge. plus new reports of a crash in berkeley. stay tuned for your morning drive coming up. >> thank you, liz. good morning, everybody. good morning. it is 6:29 on wednesday, january 28. it's been a deadly january in san francisco. nine people have been murdered this month including two people yesterday afternoon. kpix 5's anne makovec has more on the latest homicides which took place minutes apart just a short distance away from each other in the bayview district. anne.
6:30 am
>> reporter: that's right. and just two hours before those shootings, here at san francisco city hall, the board of supervisors approved a resolution to create a gun violence task force. this morning one woman is recovering. she was shot in an suv, a man was with her. he is dead. that happened in broad daylight at about 4:00 yesterday afternoon on bayshore boulevard. the woman from that suv was able to stumble into the old clamhouse restaurant to get help. again the man that was with her died and about 10 minutes before that, a woman was shot on revere street. she later died at the hospital. police say they don't know yet if these two shootings are related. nobody has been arrested in either case. now, just a couple of weeks ago on our sunday morning program here on kpix 5, a board supervisor london breed was talking about the need for all aspects of the community to step up to the plate. >> it's not just the politician's job. it's the family's job. it's the community's job. it's the school district's job. all of us working in concert is
6:31 am
what's going to change the lives of these young people. >> reporter: this is not the first time the city has had a gun violence task force. they have had it in various forms over the last few decades. it's often been criticized for being lip service. we'll see how this commit does this time around but so far, nine murders in the city just this month. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> thank you. 6:31 now. as parts of the northeast return to normal after a massive snowstorm, some areas are not out of the woods yet. cbs news reporter kris van cleave has the latest from marshfield, massachusetts, where ice and flooding have caused major damage. >> reporter: winter's frigid fury, snow continued to blanket parts of eastern massachusetts overnight freezing some homes and cars in time. about 30 miles south of boston, marshfield saw some of the worst damage when a storm- driven high tide destroyed a portion of the seawall knocking
6:32 am
some homes off foundations. several homes were flooded and condemned. still some residents refused to evacuate. >> i say the captain goes down with the ship. >> reporter: the broken seawall is just feet over there. you can see hear the ocean roaring. you can hear t the concern as high tide comes, the waves are lies every rise and once again could threaten some of these already damaged homes. a travel ban across the state of massachusetts was lifted at midnight. the governor urged residents to exercise caution and stay home if possible. >> there's a tremendous amount of clean-up that remains to be done. and unless you have a reason to be out tonight or tomorrow after midnight, we would encourage you not to be. >> reporter: the blizzard left two feet of snow on the ground in boston, plows were back on the roads to make way for morning commuters. massachusetts wasn't the only state hit hard tuesday. close to 30 inches of snow fell on long island where two deaths have been reported. meantime, travelers stranded at boston's logan international airport are hoping to take to the air today with the storm
6:33 am
winding down flights expected to resume this morning. kris van cleave, cbs news, marshfield, massachusetts. new england will be digging out for a couple of days. you have a big super bowl this weekend with the pats. we are just looking at sunshine. >> i heard a lot of people talking about this asking questions about new york because they got 6" of snow when they were forecasting 2 feet. the meteorologists were doing the best with the information they were given. they kept people off the streets and perhaps saved lives as the end results. never before have we had no rain in january. this is the driest ever for san francisco back to 1850. it's the driest ever for san jose and, in fact, the top five driest januarys ever have been
6:34 am
in the past three to five years. we have partly cloudy skies in livermore 43. clear san jose 44. good morning, half moon bay. 50 degrees. mid-40s and partly cloudy in santa rosa. today with the abundance of sunshine except north of the golden gate bridge a few clouds moving in all associated with a weak disturbance well to the north. temperatures will be above average. 63 in pacifica. approaching 7:0in redwood city. and in gilroy. by the weekend we are talking about near or record warmth for the second consecutive weekend. hey, there's a accident on roads. here's elizabeth. >> it's nasty now for commuters trying to get westbound on the eastshore freeway. there is glass debris all over the roadway so yeah, doesn't sound good. westbound 80 at gilman and our red sensors are popping up all the way back to carlson coming
6:35 am
out of richmond. so heads up t drivers there. bet your once you clear gilman but slow through the berkeley curve. here's a live look at -- sorry. we're going to show you 24 but looks like that camera is having issues. we'll show you the bay bridge toll plaza where it's stacked up through the maze. there's been another accident just reported at the toll plaza. i think this is the second or third in terms of incidents trying to get into san francisco. 580 jammed past the 24 on the change. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. new this morning, could be summer before the work on the new eastern span of the bay bridge is finally completed. the contractor still testing steel rods that secured 525- foot-tall tower. some of those rods have been sitting in the water though. so they will have to be drained and protected with grout. the work was supposed to be done by new year's day. now it will run until june. the family of a woman killed during a suspected street race wants the city of
6:36 am
san jose to stop speeding. kiran pabla was out for a jog monday when two cars hit her. two men were arrested. police say they were drunk and going more than 70 miles an hour. >> a joyful person. she didn't deserve this at all. those two guys that did this, i hope you guys go to sleep at night knowing that you guys killed a innocent person. >> officials admit the road is dangerous. kiran's family wants the city to install speed bumps to stop the reckless driving. silicon valley's home to some of the most competitive high schools in the bay area. but students tell us stress at school is starting to take a toll. and as betty yu shows us, even the school district realizes there is a problem. >> reporter: it's been a tough couple of years for students at gunn high school particularly for sophomore martha cabot. >> time we changed something. >> reporter: 7 students have
6:37 am
committed suicide since her first day. >> lately, i can't bear to have the same thing happen again. can you imagine that all you know of palo alto is that we're that town where kids are victims of suicide? >> reporter: the most recent death happened over the weekend near the boy's home. >> even if his death didn't have anything to do with academic stress, i sincerely think the workload and competition between students could not possibly have made anything easier. >> reporter: it's why many parents and students packed tonight's school board meeting to talk about the culture at the school known for its high test scores and accomplished alumni. >> it has a wonderful reputation for academic excellence but, um, there's so much tutoring behind the scenes. there's so many focus on nothing but academics that the kids have no other life. >> reporter: paige parsons took her daughter out of gunn after 2.5 years. >> there was too much homework. there was a huge amount of
6:38 am
pressure amongst friends. >> reporter: many applauded the school for its suicide prevention efforts. counseling and support for students. wherever the pressures come from -- >> we need to try to redefine success as a community meaning that instead of making it easier for students to get an a, we need to make it okay for students to receive a c. >> reporter: the school has plans to reach out to parents again at the beginning of next month to share ideas and support one another. in palo alto, betty yu, kpix 5. >> the man operating the drone that crashed on the white house grounds was drunk. officials say he was drinking at an apartment nearby when it happened. get this. the man works for a u.s. intelligence agency. he claims he didn't know where the drone landed until he saw news reports the next morning. he hasn't been charged with a crime. the government of jordan says it's willing to trade a jailed iraqi woman for a jordanneian pilot and japanese hostage held by "islamic state"
6:39 am
militants. the mother of a journalist appeared before reporters in japan today pleading for his life. the militants have given a deadline of wednesday night. the woman isis wants released is sentenced to death for her involvement in a hotel bombing. 6:39 right now. police are still looking for the armed robbers who burst into a wells fargo museum and made off with gold nuggets. we have the latest on the investigation and how that heist was pulled off. >> also, three young children are trapped inside a burning apartment in central california. we'll give you a firsthand look as firefighters risk their lives to save the kids. >> the market opened just a few minutes ago. down day yesterday. and we are out of the gates in positive territory so far. up 40 points. get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks coming up.
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good morning. thank you for watching kpix 5 news right here on channel 5. weather-wise, lots of sunshine
6:43 am
today and look at these numbers. 69 in redwood city. mid-60s in mountain view. good morning, campbell, you can expect 65 degrees. average high in san jose, 59. but instead, 67 degrees. we do have partly cloudy skies currently in livermore. sunshine later at 67 degrees. northwest winds 5 to 15 in vallejo at 64. across the north bay, average highs in the upper 50s but instead, 65 in sonoma. san francisco average high 58. but instead, 65 degrees. thanks, roberta. four fresno firefighters all being hailed as heroes this morning. helmet cam video shows them going into a burning apartment building on sunday. they couldn't see anything because of the thick choking smoke once they got inside. but they could hear some crying and managed to save three children that were all trapped. their mother had left them home alone. the kids remain hospitalized. investigators believe the fire was caused by an electrical
6:44 am
problem. a new iphone helped apple set some monster profits in the last quarter. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning, jason. >> reporter: good morning. we have gotten used to apple providing blockbuster quarters over the past few years. but there was no finer quarter than the recent one for the company in its history as its profit was up 38% to a record $18 billion in the quarter revenue up almost 30% to about 75 billion. sold more than 74 million iphones. the 6 and 6 plus a huge hit. 21million ipads and more than 5 million macs were sold in the quarter. as a result, apple shares are surging out of the gate this morning. that is helping the stock markets in particular the nasdaq. also helping out is yahoo this morning after it announced it was spinning off its remaining stake in chinese commerce giant alibaba into a separate publicly traded firm called spinco. the idea is that yahoo won't
6:45 am
have to pay taxes on that $39 billion stake. the company also topped earnings expectations but its stock is up on the spinoff of that remaining stake in alibaba. the dow lost almost 300 points yesterday on weak earnings reports including microsoft. today earnings are looking better and that's helping out. let's check the big board see how we're doing so far. the dow is up 54 points. that's thanks to boeing. it's up 3.5% on its results. nasdaq up 44. apple is up 7.5%. s&p up 8. yahoo shares up 4% in the early going. >> all hail apple today, i goes, right, huh? >> impressive no doubt about it. >> i guess. 18billion. thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. 6:45 now. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> gayle king is in new york with great information.
6:46 am
>> reporter: good morning. we're in boston and along the massachusetts coast where they are starting to dig out. they got a lot to dig out from. plus, a backlash over the end correct forecast here in new york city. people are still talking about that. plus, if the secret service cannot stop the drone at the white house, who can do that? chip reid shows us why new technology to detect them only takes you so far. and from a little dancing to deflecting questions jan crawford is at the university of phoenix stadium with the highlights from super bowl media day. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. frank, back to you, juliette. tell michelle i said hey. >> we'll do that. new england got three feet. you guys got a couple of inches, is that all? >> yeah. i was going to say we got three or four inches. they were a little off the mark here in new york city. but at least we were well prepared. >> there you go. >> that's the key. all right, have a great morning. thank you so much. we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you. time for traffic, huh?
6:47 am
>> 6:46. let's check in with liz. >> kind of busy in the last couple of minutes here. couple of enough accidents coming in including one along the peninsula southbound 101 at oyster point. so we don't have any details on it. chp has not arrived at the scene yet but a heads up for peninsula commuters already seeing delays in the area. and i think i counted three incidents a fender-bender, a hit-and-run reported earlier and now a stall all happening at the bay bridge either behind the pay gates or after it. the they are working to clear them quickly so all of these seem to be minor stuff but it is backing up traffic at the toll plaza. still backed up well east of the maze. metering lights are on. 34 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. that approach on the eastshore freeway is also not helped by this crash in berkeley. it's still there still blocking what sound like one lane, the carpool lane westbound 80 at gilman. traffic is jammed from cutting boulevard according to our sensors. and in san jose, we got a couple issues to let you know about. first that connector ramp is still shut down southbound 280
6:48 am
to northbound 101. there's a fire underneath the overcrossing. it sounds like it's coming from a homeless encampment and it is causing a number of delays on northbound 101 pretty jammed up you can see right there past the 280/680 interchange. and then this accident just happened. it's on the right-hand shoulder northbound 280 at lawrence expressway. but it's already pretty sluggish through downtown san jose. so quick check of some drive times pretty heavy on 101, 280 and the guadalupe parkway. that is "kcbs traffic." another check of your forecast, here's roberta. never before in the city of san francisco have we gone the entire month of january with no measurable precipitation until now. good morning, everybody. we are setting a historic record right here in san francisco with no measurable rain. last year we only are .06". this makes it the first-ever driest january on record in san francisco. last year we only had six-
6:49 am
tenths. in oakland wind 6 miles per hour from the south. san francisco at 52. 50 in oakland. santa rosa partly cloudy conditions at 46 degrees. looking out towards the fog- free golden gate bridge, again this morning the winds are light. it will be sunny and bright except north of the golden gate bridge. a few clouds partly sunny all due to a weak disturbance well to the north of mendocino county. we are going to be high and dry all the way through the end of the month. right now we have some clouds to the south, clouds to the north and smack in between, this area of low pressure that brought us high humidity and the subtropical moisture yesterday. that's now exiting to the east. we are carving a path for this ridge of high pressure that will continue to expand. it's going to rival, it will challenge record high temperatures over the weekend for the second consecutive weekend. meanwhile 67 at the state capital. 56 monterey bay. 57 eureka. and 50 degrees on the south shore where currently it's 23 degrees and frank says if you are heading to heavenly, go on maggie's run.
6:50 am
it's a green run. that's his run. northstar, go to pinball at the pipe park and meanwhile the pick course of the day is juliette's face kt22 at squaw valley up to 3" of new powder in the high sierra. our highs today into the 60s up to nearly 70 in gilroy and also redwood city. we have near or record warm temperatures and dry conditions at the at the end of the month and the beginning of february. juliette, let's talk about the gold rush. >> let's. plywood covers a big plate glass window shattered after thieves bashed into the wells fargo history museum in san francisco. the armed robbers stole golden gate nuggets and escaped in a waiting getaway car. 2:30 in the morning and suspects with dark hoodies ram a stolen suv into the front of the wells fargo history museum shattering the glass doors. a security guard was held at gunpoint while two other suspects stole historical nuggets inside.
6:51 am
>> and took approximately 4 to 10 ounces of gold nuggets from the case. >> reporter: the gold nuggets were showcased in a front display. we spotted one of them on a counter after the break-in. >> i'm sick about it. >> reporter: so sick museum patron susan stockdale went inside the bank to find out what happened. >> i asked, yeah, i said i'm really sick about this whole smash-and-grab and everything and and he said it's just gold they use for little kids when they come for field trips. >> reporter: police say they are still looking into value of the gold. the entire operation lasted only a few minutes. the suspects getting away in a silver four-door sedan. and despite such a destructive break-in, the museum's historic stagecoaches were not damaged. police don't any this crime is related to similar robbery that happened last week at the patagonia store in fisherman's wharf. it's a big day for some of those birds sickened by a mysterious substance in the
6:52 am
bay. details on a big step forward in their recovery. >> reporter: a swimming star here at stanford university has been charged with rape. i'm kiet do with a live report on how it looks like the un
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
female announcer: save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] five things to know at the :55. new england is digging out after a record-breaking blizzard the last few days. yesterday's storm dumping up to three feet of storm in the hardest-hit areas. blizzard warnings and travel bans have ended but freezing temperatures could cause streets to ice over. the mother of a japanese hostage is pleading for his release today. the government of jordan said it's willing to trade an iraqi terrorist for a pilot captured
6:56 am
by isis. but the announcement made no mention of kenjg got o and a japanese hostage being held by isis. the militant group says they will kill both people if the terrorist isn't set free. confirmation for president obama's nominee for the next attorney general. loretta lynch plans to highlight her success as a prosecutor and her priorities for the justice department. if she is confirmed, lynch would be the first black woman to serve as attorney general. and later today sa rescued birds will be released at fort baker. they were among hundreds of sick birds by an unknown substance in the bay. 200 are still recovering. no more bids are sick recently so hopefully, that substance is gone. more problems on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the "chronicle" reports the main contractor still testing steel rods that secured the 525- foot-tall tower. work was supposed to be done by new year's day but it could
6:57 am
take until june. i'm kiet do live here at the stanford campus where a star athlete on the swimming team is no longer a student no longer practicing with the team here at avery aquatic center. that is because he now faces five counts of felony sexual assault. according to his byworks 19- year-old brock allen turner is an all-american swimmer from ohio. prosecutors say turner who is 6'2", 1 5 pounds, was found on top of a female victim and who was intoxicated and unconscious. prosecutors say the attack happened after midnight on a sunday morning just outside an on campus party where the two met. two men riding bikes saw turner chased him down and health him until police arrived. turner withdrew from stanford yesterday. after on campus demonstrations last year, stanford has taken a harsher stance and so turner is not allowed back on campus and the university has launched its own investigation. right now, turner is out on
6:58 am
$150,000 bail. he has a court date on monday. if convicted, he could faces 10 years in prison. kiet do, kpix 5. a check of your "kcbs traffic," all of our earlier stalls we had a fender-bender at the bay bridge toll plaza, everything is gone. now just left with a backup westbound 580 jammed to the 24 interchange but it's the eastshore freeway that's particularly bad. we had an accident at gilman that's now cleared to the right- hand shoulder and they cleared up all the glass in the road and then there was a stall in the backup. so now it's jammed up all the way to san pablo dam road. if you are heading to the san mateo bridge, it's awfully sluggish now trying to get out of hayward up to 20 minutes that drive time between 880 and 101 and if you heading there on southbound 880 very slow now through 238. here's a look at your south bay drive times. northbound 101 particularly heavy because of an early- morning fire. it was at a encampment underneath the overcrossing right there by 280. that connector ramp is now
6:59 am
open. but the delays continue for a while. roberta? >> 28th day of the month of january and we are going to see the driest ever for san francisco as far as the month of january is concerned. it is the driest ever for san jose. and it is the driest ever month of january since 1850. clear skies no rain in sight. temperatures currently in the 50s. but it is currently 45 and 47 from redwood city through mountain view. good morning, novato. you are sporting 46 degrees and today will realize a high temperature and a low to mid- 60s. out of the 50s up to 69 degrees for the outside number today. what do you notice as we swing neat weekend? near and record warmth for saturday, sunday and monday for this second consecutive weekend in a row. these numbers averaging well above normal. >> super sunday after all. >> everybody is going to be indoors watching the super bowl on channel 5 instead of enjoying the weather.
7:00 am
>> thank you, roberta. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is 7:26. super bolt. we begin with a look at today's "eye-opener." your world in 90 seconds. we're used to it. one of the worst i'v


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