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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 28, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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folks here, they are here for a mom who died right next to her kids when bullets started flying. allen lopez can barely look at his girlfriend's memorial. the spot where she died, barely 24 hours. just picked up her three kids from school, ages 13, 9 and 3. they were right outside of their house in the bayview district. >> she happened to be in the middle of the cross-fire between two cars shooting at each other. >>reporter: allen says when he heard about 8 shots he lunged for the kids to protect them. he saw maria on the ground. her eyes closed. then he saw the blood. she died minutes later. he describes maria as a harding and caring mother with three kids, forced to watch her begin to die. from a distance, we saw the 13-year-old write a message to her mom. but allen worries about the 3-year-old daughter, who keeps
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asking, where's mom. that's the hardest part, what am i going to tell her? she's just a little girl. . >> i don't know. only god knows. >> she can't see her kids grow. it sucks. >>reporter: maria's 13-year-old daughter has shown great strength today and she's been a strong big sister to her younger brother, and younger sister. a couple of times only has she broken down, in fact, one time i remember her screaming i can't believe she's gone. ken, this is a tough one. >> very, very, very sad. we talk about the victims, we forget the families and the friends and people left behind who have to go through such a tragedy. ryan, thank you for that. now this was the first of two deadly shootings in the bayview yesterday. police don't know if the two are connected. no one has been arrested in either case.
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a memorial is going on right now for a young woman run over during what police think was a street race in san jose. it is taking place at a spot where 24-year-old -- died monday. she was out on a job when two drivers came racing up the street. they crashed and slammed into her. one of the suspects appeared in court this afternoon. if t family lashed out. faces several charges the family members yelled at hill as he left the courtroom. one of them cussed him out. >> i want to put justice done. i want to make sure these guys don't get a tap on their hands and let them go. >> the other suspect in the case gabriel -- is out on bail. he's supposed to be arraigned in a couple of weeks. well, tonight, a 6-year-old boy in marin, who has been fighting cancer for most of his
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life, is facing a whole new threat to his health. one that his family shouldn't have to worry about. new at 6:00, kpix 5's on their plea to their son's school. keep the unvaccinated kids homement and we shouldn't be talking about this. >>reporter: well as a lot of people are saying, in 2015, we thought we'd eradicated measles, but there's a lot of people, well educated people, who have done a lot of research who are fearful. this family is getting a lot of attention because they cannot vaccinate their child. it is not an option for their son. and so he is at risk of getting the measles because of other parents who just choose not to vaccinate their children. >> anne, you know, this is not uncommon. recently, and as you mentioned many of these people are fairly well educated. have been, you know, deciding
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not to vaccinate kids, not to vaccinate chir children for one health concern or another. and now we're seeing this up tick in measles and it's happening in a lot of places around the country. not just here. >>reporter: right. and what we're seeing is it is goz going down. in this area, there's 7% of the families are chosen not to imnice their children. it's causing a problem and as this family is finding, their concern is their child is at risk now. >> after years fighting leukemia, every moment 6-year-old is healthy is treasure. but his immune system can't handle a measles vaccine. he's relying on his schoolmates to keep him from contracting measles. >> let's not have a sick kid. let's immu nice our children. >>reporter: the highest opt out rate for imsagss in the area. 7% of the children opt out of
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that's vaccine about half of that for measles meeting 19 children at this school aren't vaccinated. >> i am very concern. i had no idea that reed had that high of an anti-vaccination. >>reporter: panic for another. who has a vulnerable child with a compromised immune system. >> children are infectious for up to four days before they develop symptoms. we want to make sure that that protection is built in. >>reporter: to get kids vaccinated, they ban all unvaccinated children, except those with medical xemss. >> i think every child needs to be vaccinated from, you know, those kind of diseases or they shouldn't be a allowed to go to the school. >> a personal decision, i understand but you have to look at the greater good as well. >>reporter: if there's a case of measles at reed, all unvaccinated children, including brett, will be sent home for 2 is days, there's more to this.
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>> measles mumps rubella polio, chickenpox, they're gone. let's not waste our time on those things. let's cure cancer. >>reporter: the health department is seeing an increase in parents who are vaccinating their children. in large part because of as of january 1st, parents who decide that they don't want to vaccinate their child they first have to have a sit down face to face with their pediatrician who has to sign off on that agreement. kpix 5. all right. the school district has experience with children who can't come to school because of compromised immune systems. last year, during the flu season, one child went to school via skype. a surprising new explanation for why a fighter jet buzzed berkeley yesterday. a lot of people heard it fly low, thundering over the east bay. one explanation is the fly-by was a gesture of brotherly love. according to the website berkeley side, a cal student says his brother is a navy pilot who is moving to texas this week. the story goes, he wanted to fly
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over campus and say hello to his brother. who reported the pilot lost his wing is kind of a salute, the navy is still investigating would not confirm that story. a navy spokesperson says its a training flight, and that the pilot was being directed by faa controllers. well we learned late today a storm damaged section of highway 1 in marin county will reopen tomorrow. that trouble happened between mill valley and mooer woods right where highway 1 meets with the panoramic highway. the road was originally closed when heavy rainstorms caused part of the road to wash away last month. the crews had to build a new retaining wall with steel beams and back filled concrete. the road has been repaved and is ready for traffic. other bay area headlines businesses are getting back to normal tonight after a gas leak forced evacuations in san jose. a construction crew busted the line near king road just before 1:00 p.m. pg&e came in and had
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it capped in two hours. san francisco police are on the hunt for a suspected puppy snatcher. they say this guy, punch a muni rider in the face last week and stole his pack back. inside the pack back was the victim's 4-month-old pit bull, chester. if you've seen the dog or the thief, police want to hear from you. and tonight, well far go confirms the gold stolen in a crash and grab heist at san francisco museum was real. thieves got away with up to 10 ounces. after driving through the front window of the bilgd yesterday. the bank hadn't said exactly how much the gold was worth. there's a moderate earthquake off the northern california coast this afternoon but so far no reports of any damage. the magnitude 5.7 quake was centered about 40 miles southwest of eureka, people reported feeling it as far as red bluff. 159 miles away. just last march a 6.8 magnitude
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skak struck -- quake struck in that area. there was no damage on land. a report card today on california's recovery, the credit rating service standard and poor says state finances are balanced because sacramento is raining in the spejding. analysts are ek coing governor jerry's -- a rainy day fund and pay down debt rather than spend the current surplus. an up a beat status update today from facebook, beaten profit and revenue forecasts again. the 7th quarter in a row the men low park company beat wall street expectations. people visiting to smartphones to look at the site might have something to do with it. facebook made big gains in mobile advertising. >> mobile devices are changing the way that companies works. a vast majority, we're talking about above 80% of the daily and monthly people who come to that service, are doing it on a mobile device. >> wall street a partialityly didn't like what a he -- didn't
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like what it saw. the stock is down 2% after the closing bell. >> a rough day all around for stocks all three markets dropped sharply, for the second day in a row. today, it was the federal reserve, hinting at rate hikes the rate hikes that made investors sell. still ahead a lawyer put in handcuffs, her office says this completely uncalled for. but police are sticking to their guns. new clues in a women's mysterious death along highway 29. the leads from a mexican restaurant. >> stopping the stin ch, what some north bay homeowners are doing to keep away a foul summertime smell. >> some of you love this weather. some of you think this weather does stink. you want some rainfall around here. it has not rained in san jose, widespread, in about 35 days. will we see rainfall over the next
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defending one of its own after this courthouse confrontation. take a look. >> [ inaudible ] . >> police put deputy public defender jamie tilloston in jail yesterday afternoon after she got between a cop and her client to talk about a burglary. she says she did nothing wrong. >> i was arrested for what we do as public defenders every day. i spoke to my client, explaining the rights, always protenthed. at that point i was told i was interfering and i would be taken into custody. >> kpix 5's -- police are really sticking to their guns here. >>reporter: right, and their side of the story is that an investigator spotted the two suspects and thought that they p were wearing the same clothing that had been described in a recent burglary. and that's where kr he wanted to take pictures of them and talk to them. and that's why the cops tonight
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are saying they're staying with what they feel they did right. what they have to say. >> an active criminal investigation. and essentially, at this point that's all we have. >>reporter: police aren't apologizing, the public defender is outraged. do we know how unusual this is? >>reporter: nobody at the hall of justice can remember this happening, any time before. as a matter of fact, we talked with peter king, the former deputy, public defenders also a former member of the police commission, and deanno -- here's what he had to say about the incident. >> he's interfering with her duty as a lawyer violated the civil rights of her client and it was a totally illegal inappropriate thing which i've never heard of, ever having been done anywhere in the country. >>reporter: but you're going to hear a lot about this case in the days to come. both sides like we said are sticking to their stories and the photos are going out viral
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they're already going across the country. so once again san francisco has got the country talking. liz. >> once again. all right. phil, thank you. it could be a possible break in the case of a woman who was killed in the north bay. newly released video shows 57-year-old maria cruz hours before her death. she is seen with two men at a mexican restaurant, last november. at one point, she is holding hands with with uno of these -- one of these guys. hours later, her body was found on the side of highway 29 near mount st. helena. >> if nothing else, one of these two men can give us information to determine how she got out to mount st. helena from the santa rosa area. >> right now these two men are being called persons of interest, investigators say she had injuries consistent with being run over by a car. dozens of birds are getting a new lease on life today after nearly dying from a mystery goo. they're among hundreds of birds
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that were found coated in the substance over the last two weeks. the goo was breaking down their feather structure causing hypothermia. the first group to spread their wings in the bay after a rest -- rescue operation to save them. >> their feathers are impacted in this way and they have to be cleaned. a lot of their rewater proofing depending op how they work to realign the feathers. >> 300 birds were captured over the last two week, 100 died in captivity. the rest are still recovering at rescue facilities. well, it may be a scenic, aeshg but there is a catch lagoon in the north bay is notorious for stinking up neighborhoods. it's at spin kerr point and those who live near it are getting tired o the stench. new at 6:00 don ford with how far they're willing to go to fix it. >>reporter: it looks beautiful right now. but anyone living anywhere close to this lagoon knows what's in
6:17 pm
store this coming summer. the water dries up. leaving behind dead the dying and rotting plants. >> it smells like rotten eggs. >> the stench is unbearable. >>reporter: now the bay point homeowner's association is paying for a study to see how they can prevent this summer stench. how much is it going to cost. >> 35,000 for a study. >>reporter: an engineering study will look at how water can better flow through the lagoon. because this is a wet scompland the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse might have been sighted, the process becomes complicated. >> the point of getting things done expeditiously. >>reporter: the smell is nothing new. >> no, it has been there at least for 20 something years. >>reporter: this satellite image shows how large the lagoon is compared to the surrounding neighborhoods. neighborhoods that may breathe easier if the lagoon can be flushed on a more regular basis. the city is working closely
6:18 pm
where the association to help find a solution. >> this study will be starting next week or two as soon as we sign the paperwork and enter in an agreement. >>reporter: the homeowner's session says they hope it will be done and have something to do with the summertime stench in 90 days. don ford, kpix 5. something that hadn't been seen in yoement national park in a century. the park confirms this is a photo of a sierra nevada red fox. park biologists have actually spotted two of them in the backcountry, since last month. to give you an idea of how unlikely that is, the fox is so endangered there may be fewer than 50 of them left. >> wow. that's a sight. i tell you what's more amazing snow on the ground. that's even more amazing than seeing the red fox. 8,000 feet. >> way way up high. >> it is strange how this winter has unfolded. a ton of rainfall, we couldn't
6:19 pm
make it stop raining for a couple of days. and then it stopped. oh, did it stop. since before christmas. and we have been waiting ever since we will wait impatiently for rainfall. because it's not coming over the next week. we do have a beautiful evening. going out with you family. the san jose camera there. santa rosa, you hit 70. oakland, san jose, fremont san francisco in the mid to upper 60s. we should be in the mid to upper 50s and you know, we shoe should see something on the radar from time to time. o for january oakland san francisco and livermore. so where is the ridge now? and is there anything close to give us rainfall? the answer is the ridge is really close and nothing else is close enough to change that. we have this strong ridgeful we do have cloud cover from santa barbara, it is socked in with clouds and showers in there as low pressure scoots by to our south. not making it here, our friends a few hours to our south with
6:20 pm
see showers overnight tonight but none for us, because the ridge, like a force field that mother nature has plopped down on top of us, since christmas eve. santa claus left it. here's the ridge hanging out stronger closer over e the weekend. i know some of you broke some record highs on saturday. you may do it again this saturday. we will have highs in the low 70s away pr the water. our only home for rainfall is that the ridge, which is forecast to move to the south, allowing storms to get closer by next monday, will actually move more to the south. if that happens this rainfall here may make it into the north bay. that is the only chance for rain in the next 7 day, a 10 or 15% chance at that. mid 50s again tomorrow. 66, fremont 65. watch out for fog for you in napa con ford, livermore toward the delta. sunshine in the afternoon. partly sunny skies, mid 60s everywhere. warmest day saturday and sunday. mainly sunny skies. baseball try outs in your town. it will be mild for the kids and
6:21 pm
stay relatively mild next week, a tad cloudier, not really cooler. the average high is about 58 degrees in the bay area. not one day over the next week that will at least be 5-10 degrees above average. so we are warm, we are dry. we are waiting for a change. it's got to change. it has to change. it has the to change. i'll keep saying that, it has to change. right now, we're completely unsure as to when it is. not the next week. >> maybe the week after. >> we're all getting a tan. we're going to be tan town. >> that's true, we are. >> january. >> middle of summer. >> you have a nice looking tan. >> with california still so deep in drought not a skroek, and it's no surprise that conservationists don't plan to let this idea slide. there is now a petition going to keep this giant water slide from coming to california this summer. it was originally slated to stop in 15 cities. including six here in the bay area. utah based slides of city has
6:22 pm
already dropped a half dozen of those dates. still ahead no laptops allowed. >> why this east bay cafe is making you female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. find the tempur-pedic that's right for you and see why they're the most highly recommended bed in america. plus, get three years interest-free financing. sleep risk-free
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another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ in an area so heavily invested in tech a computer ban is probably the last thing you'd expect to encounter at a bay area business. >> but as kpix shows us, oakland cafe trying out that idea is enjoying surprising success. >>reporter: when the actual cafe first opened in oakland the staff noticed something alarming. no one was talking to each other. >> we would be working bind the counter and looking at the dining room at a sea of laptops. >>reporter: people sat her alone, didn't order much and took upmost of the seats. >> i felt like i was out of place, trying to have food here. >>reporter: so five years ago
6:25 pm
the cafe did the unthinkable. they imposed a no laptops policy on weekends. >> what we ended up with a much livelier dining room. and you know, the opportunity to give people a different menu and a different experience. >>reporter: people began talking again. and ordering more food. the break from technology has been so successful that three weeks ago the cafe began banning laptops during weekday dinner hours as well. and surprisingly, they haven't gotten a lot of arguments over it. in fact, some of the tech obsessed actually have been grateful. >> if i don't do it, i'm glad he does stop using my laptop, just like someone else helps me in this like, to stop being stuck into you know a screen. it's not exactly a virtue to be self-obsessed but it's also very human, of course, we're going to do it, if we have the option, we do it. >>reporter: for a few hours each night, the cafe removes that option. and it has made all the
6:26 pm
difference. >> reminded that you know, there are times when it's just nice to look somebody in the eye and have a conversation. >>reporter: in oakland, john -- atmosphere is crucial to the success of a good restaurant and the cafe has become much more profitable since instituting the bans. nice to unplug every once in a while. coming up in the next half hour a stanford swimmer in trouble with the law. tonight, the university says don't come back. >> justice more than 50 years later, the civil rights activists chose jail over bail, and today, the court ruling they've been waiting for. >> and the northeast digging out, why recovery from the latest storm is going to take a while.
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6:30 pm
student. kpix 5's kevin steelly tells us the school has dropped the hammer on him. >>reporter: critical of the university's handling of a past allegation of sexual assault lt but this time around say they were pleased with the university's quick response, believing that it sends a clear message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated on campus. >> i can say myself that i feel better knowing that he's not on campus. the charges were serious and the punishment swift. >>reporter: a university spokesperson confirm that had the freshman disenrolled from school after being arrested and charged with raping a woman who passed out at a campus party. >> my impression it was pretty safe. i don't frequent the party scene that much. so maybe i don't get exposed to that aspect. >>reporter: many students praise the university's handling of the case, including their decision to ban turner from returning to campus. >> this guy is clearly having
6:31 pm
huge repercussions, you know he's not invited back to the school. he's losing his swimming. >>reporter: long dreamed of swimming -- hometown cbs station about his plans to compete in college and possibly even the olympics. >> i want to go to stanford university next year to swim. >> i went to olympic trials in 2012. that was cool. >>reporter: turner faces a much difference ever different challenge now in the criminal justice system. turner has been banned from the stanford campus, he will make his first court appearance on february 2nd. in pal lo al to, kpix 5. five felony counts for the incident ft he's suppose to be in court next monday. a motorcyclists who set off a bloody fight on a manhattan highway is heading to jail. 2013 confrontation was caught on tape. christopher cruz started it all when he slowed down the in front of an suv which butched his bike -- bumped his bike.
6:32 pm
when other bikeers attacked the vehicle, other bikers then chased him down and attacked him. cruz pleaded guilty today to assault and rioting and expected to serve four months in jail. still shovelling the snow tonight in new england from a monster blizzard. thousands of people woke up to find their cars buried in snow. some places, up to 3 feet deep, for those who live along the coast, they are cleaning up from a double blow, waved battered homes and swamped neighborhoods after bunching holes in sea walls. tonight, we know it was a bartender who decided to shovel the finish line s of boston marathon. this picture popped up on twitter, touching ouf a big social media search. the man has run in the race and says he loves what it stands for. he felt the finish line didn't deserve to be blanketed in snow. attorney general nominee lo ret to lynch took the hot seat on capitol hill today. grilled in her first day of confirmation hearingings lynches promised a new start
6:33 pm
with congress and said that she'd act independent of even the white house. she's expected to win easy confirmation and that would make her the first african american woman to serve as u.s. attorney general. a half a century wait for justice is over for 9 civil rights protests known as the friendship 9. they all went to jail in 1961 after ordering at a white's only lunch counter. today, thir convictions were vacated. michele miller spoke with the men who helped transform america. >>reporter: the courtroom e rumed in applause after a south carolina judge threw out the convictions of a civil rights protesters known as the friendship 9. >> we cannot rewrite history but we can write history. this is grat fieing -- grat fieing and sooim breezeed. >>reporter: 1961. on a cold january day they
6:34 pm
walked up to the whites only lunch county and were immediately arrested for trespassing. . >> i think -- i didn't get to sit down. i was snatched up. >>reporter: a north carolina counter in 196 was affected -- the civil rights groups were running out of bail money. so the friendship 9 chose an alternative, jail, no bail. rather than pay a fine they accepted a conviction and were sentensed to 30 days hard labor. >>reporter: were you the first? >> we were the fire first to go to jail. >>reporter: at the hearing the men learned that their protests will remain on file for posterity. they also received something else from the rock hill prosecutor on behalf of the state. >> allow me to take this opportunity to extend to each of you my heartfelt apologies for what happened to you in 1961. it was wrong. [ applause ]
6:35 pm
. >>reporter: what is the lesson here? >> perseverance. perseverance. we knew eventually all of this would come to fruition and we would have to be exonerated. >>reporter: you knee that. >> i knew that a long time ago. nobody asked. >>reporter: adding to the emotion in the courtroom the same lawyer who represented the friendship 9 back in 1961 was by their side and the judge who cleared their names is the nephew of the judge who originally convicted them. michele miller cbs news, rock hill, south carolina. talk about courage, tall way around. that lawyer -- all the way around. earnest inny went on to become the chief justice of south carolina. his uncle was a good man and would be elated with today's proceedings. well, still ahead you know saturn for its rings but this may have the planet beat. the astronomical discovery we're
6:36 pm
now learning about. plus this week's jefferson award winner has dedicated himself to saving music in the schools, the big time help that he's getting to make it happen. female announcer: don't wait for presidents' day to save on a new mattress. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now! save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. plus, free delivery, set up, and removal of your old set. and sleep train's 100 day money back guarantee. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now! ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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a story we'll be checking up on tonight. a gruesome discovery in san francisco. police have found a dismembered body in a dumpster, this happening in the south of market at mission and 11th street. the body was found inside a suitcase and we'll have more on this developing story tonight at 11:00 o'clock. . well, scientists have discovered a planet like system with rings 200 times the size of saturn's. j 1407 b is about 400 light years from earth. astronomers say it's the first time they have seen anything like this outside of our solar system. they also say it's so big that if it was in our solar system, it would dominate the night sky. >> still ahead keeping the
6:39 pm
music alive. >> how an east bay man is bringing in star power to make sure music has a place in school. >> average highs for this time of year are in the mid to upper 50s, temperatures as we approach 7:00 o'clock in the mid to upper 50s. livermore at 622. we have another day which could be a record breaker on the mercury. we'll talk about it next. wednesday's sports -- marshawn lynch remains a man of words. one of their own and farewell to the fight game for these -- fists of furry. >> this is it. this is it. >> we'll
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
look at that deep concentration from students at this percussion workshop at stflt krovt -- >> the music classes that probably wouldn't be around
6:43 pm
without this week's jefferson award winner. and to tell us about it is sharon. >> hi, there. some people call rick richards the santa claus of the san leandro's music program. if students or teachers need something, he finds a way to grant that wish. >> one two three, and four and five ♪ [ music ] ♪ ♪ . >> it's junk funk, played on trash cans and buckets. these san leandro students will perform the opening act in a fundraiser for the music program, featuring drummer cindy blackmon, santana, carlos santana. 12-year-old thomas debourbon can't wait. >> i'm a little nervous but i think we'll get it done. >>reporter: blackmon, santa na herself writes the workshop at van kroft and john muir middle school. orchestrated the partnership. a retired bank auditor, whose nonprofit is saving money in the san leandro school district. >> i grew up around music and i
6:44 pm
think it's an important component of making the whole child. >> rick organized his first benefit concert in 2004. the headliner his friend, former tower of power lead singer lenny williams. rick formed the keep muic rocking foun -- music rocking foundation. >> developed a fund raising rhythm lenny -- and a golf tournament in july. so far keep music rocking has generated 3 quarters of a million dollars for music instruments, sheet music equipment and workshops. john muir middle school band director says all 11 san leandro schools benefit. >> we say, rick, we have a need, and he is, you know, he comes through. >>reporter: not only has rick recruited celebrity donors like the santanas, also grateful for
6:45 pm
music professionals on his board, like she la, who full -- she la -- >> my wife calls me, you have 14 boxes sitting in our living room. there were trumpets in there trombones. >>reporter: superintendent doctor mike mclaughlin says rick has people power. >> to want to do more for kids for their kids. >> you come a long, long way. >>reporter: so for keeping the music rocking for san leandro's public schools, this week's jefferson a award in the bay area goes to rick richards. >> the student percussion group will open for a cindy blackmon santana's dn february 24th at the arts and entertainment center. how exciting is that. >> how is rick so tied in with tower power sheila'ds, all of these names that he knows these people. >> exactly, i asked him that myself. okay so his friendship
6:46 pm
with lenny williams led him to other connections which led him to others. in his experience rs all you have to do is ask, but it's helped to show where that money goes. >> santana. >> and the kids get to sing and play with them often in these concerts. how cool is that? >> very cool. and he's got buckets there from home depot it looks like. >> and the instruments as wechlt and the teacher, so all of that paid for it. >> a great program great guy. thank you for that. rick tells us is he updating the foundation website so keep checking back for information on upcoming events and you can get there using the link on our side >> super bowl sunday is just four days a what and that means booze, junk food and of course, the commercials. tonight, the super bowl ad that has a serious message. that story on bay area night feed at 10:00 o'clock on our sister station kb cw 44 cable 12. all right. a minute you put the top down on your convertible today in
6:47 pm
january. you just had to do it, huh? >> good reason, sunshine 70 degrees, some of you don't do that. we in the bay area did it today. the problem being our long-term drought. we look outside this evening partly cloudy sky from oakland toward san francisco beautiful shot. part of our neighborhood network, we put it in time lapse mode, 1:30 to 5:30, a beautiful painting of the sky, thank you mother nature for a gorgeous sunset. we get the high, thin, cirrus rust cloud cover. the sunset is fantastic. wow. no rainfall. the entire month. san francisco, livermore and heyward, 0 for january. if we just liveed in a vacuum, well, that would be strange, but it would be good in this kashgs because we're talking about the water year, all the way back to july 1st because we received so much rainfall in december we're actually not doing that bad. livermore is 15% above average.
6:48 pm
san francisco -- san jose 34% above average. for this time of year. so if you forgot about january where it hadn't rained december where it poured too much, the numbers are playing out pretty okay. we can just go normal for february, march and april we can forget about this super dry january and look at the entire year and say not that bad. high pressure saying we're not getting any rainfall for the rest of the this month. a storm to the south will bring rainfall to southern california, missing us. storms over the next several days over the ridge missing us. the ridge will keep us high and dry. some of you set record highs. the atmosphere will be at the warmest, many of us many the 70s for the second consecutive day many january. our only hope for rainfall over the next 7 days, the ridge moves a little built more than we're thinking now allowing the rainfall to the north to get closer to us, maybe the north
6:49 pm
bay squeezes out rainfall. aside from that, nothing for the next 7 days. mixture of sun and clouds for you tomorrow afternoon. much warmer weather moving in this weekend. if you thought today was mild, it will be warmer this upcoming weekend. 61, your average high now in san jose, 5 better tomorrow. 66 for you. san mateo 64. heyward, 62. walnut creek high of 63. antioch 63. san francisco 64. petaluma cloverdale and lake port in the 60s with partly sunny skies tomorrow. the week, 70s inland. wee stay dry all the way through next wednesday. very die 7 day forecast, once -- very
6:50 pm
when sends him a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what salesman alan ames becomes? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold!
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bulldog: mattress discounters presidents day sale! get up to four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! and, get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ super bowl week rolls on, now, we saw how seattle backed marshawn lynch 7 word answer over and over again. encore performance today. >> marshawn, is this whole act a way for you to get more attention to yourself, ultimately --. >> you know why i'm here. >> why do you have to be a jerk? >> you know why i'm here. >> lynch once again walked away from the rain of questions
6:53 pm
after the q and a minimum five minutes, to avoid being fined. seahawks head coach pete carol doesn't have a problem with how his running back is handling things. >> i understand that people would like to see him do different things, he's not comfort about with that. so that's what he's telling you. he's doing it exactly the way he knows how to do it best. >> the 49ers nationwide search for a new play caller, appears to be over. crist already on the payroll as quarterback coach the new offensive coordinator reporting. the role he hadn't had since the year 2000. when he was with the chargers. australia open, boar ris beck e coaching now he's -- made quick work of -- the number one seed, a straight set winner to advance to the semis. becker has had his back, except
6:54 pm
for one nature calls. >> the certain point, he left, don't know where he went, but you were wondering where he went. where's boris. >> how i'm going to answer this question. >> like everyone here, the need to go to the toilet, which i understand but not the first game. >> all right. hey, we don't throw the spotlight on boxing much around here. but here's a local professional fighter who will step into the ring for the last time this friday. after 30 years the man who never, ever gave up has had enough. marin county. >> for boxer paul -- at age 54, time is rung out. -- running out.
6:55 pm
friday night, in the 3 decade career in the ring, for the 1998 wbf, weight champion. >> this is it. >> this is it this is it. >> why now? >> you know, life gets in the way. the boxing, you know, professionally, takes a lot of commitment and you've got to work hard and finding that time is not easy. >> what do you think was the best of paul nava? >> as far as during the fight. your career? >> oh, absolutely, easy, the espn fight for the world title. . >> that was the best paul -- whatever i had i left it in the ring. >> 98? >> 1998. >> nave is the headliner the main event at marin center in
6:56 pm
san ra fell. he's squeezing in a work out. before taking on the role of fight promoter ticket distributor and match maker. it's been two years since his last bought, he works with long time trainer homer hall. it's not been easy. fighting guys half his age. the weight doesn't come off as quickly. but the one known as the marin county assassin keeps on punching. >> was it all worth it? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. >> why no. >> no regrets. i always loved that challenge of boxing and you know, no -- when the going gets rough in there that's part of the passion i had for the fight game. >> hernandez is in his way friday night. guess who the r new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: welcome to the show folks. we thank y'all coming. all right now. how's everybody? thank you much now. i appreciate you. thank y'all. thank you very much, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. from dixon, tennessee it's the bone family. and from right here in hotlanta, georgia it's the nichols family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and a possibility of driving out of here in a fuel-efficient ford fusion hybrid. hey, let's play "feud."
7:00 pm
let's get it on. give me monica. give me crockett. all right, here we go. we got the top 7 answers on the board. name something you could mention to a cannibal that would stop him from eating you. monica. >> i have a disease. steve: i have a disease. yeah. pass or play? >> we're playing. steve: they gonna play crockett. hey, ericka. >> hi. steve: all right, let's play. name something you could mention to a cannibal that would stop him from eating you. >> let him know you're the opposite--that you're the same sex? like you're--like if he's a man--maybe he won't want to taste. ha ha ha ha ha. steve: i'm the same sex. you don't want to eat me.


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