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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 29, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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shattered. but it still opened. >> reporter: alessandro grabbed his dog buddy and jumped on the fire escape. a cell phone video shows him holding his dog while coming down the ladder. the video did not capture what happened on the second floor. alessandro dropped his dog into the hands of a good samaritan below. and he would be next. >> it was like, all right, just jump, just jump. and when i jumped, they actually caught me. so -- >> who caught you? >> a cop. >> reporter: the cop? >> yeah. >> reporter: as you're jumping down -- >> no, they caught me like in the air. it was surprising. >> reporter: he didn't get the officer's name but he gave him a big hug. >> yeah, i got to thank him. >> reporter: on the opposite side. building it wasn't officers but -- on the opposite side of the building it wasn't officers but firefighters who rescued this man and six others trapped on two fire escapes. >> the fire escape no work. everybody difficult to push it down. >> reporter: tenants say the smoke detectors didn't go off. so people like 17-year-old perla carrow screamed fire,
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fire! to alert neighbors. >> our neighbors ran toward the elevator and i was like no, get out of the elevator and go towards the stairs. >> reporter: people are angry the fire safety features designed to save them failed. alessandro is thankful for the strangers who helped him. >> i'm really thankful he caught me. yeah. >> reporter: alessandro says he is also sad because his pet rabbit died in the fire. he could only grab one pet. he went with the dog. coming up at 6:00 these fire victims, fire survivors, may be burned again. the biggest challenge may be what's going to happen next. that's coming up in the next hour. for now live in san francisco, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> with all the chaos and the flames, one man living in the apartment building thought he lost his dog to the fire. but here she is. little juanita alive and okay. the chihauhau's owner wasn't home when the fire broke out but his neighbors knew the dog was still inside. they told firefighters to look for her. then at 3:00 this morning, they
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got the good news. >> just a second ago, this is, you know, 18 hours ago, just a second ago she burned and i could smell smoke on her breath. so she came back, her eyes were almost shut from the smoke but she's in really good spirits. >> this is a very lucky little dog. just three days ago, juanita almost died of chocolate poisoning after finding a chocolate bar. new details on a grisly discovery in san francisco. human body parts stuffed into a suitcase. kpix 5's devin feeley live with the clues that may lead to some answers. devin. >> reporter: >> reporter: yeah, there are security cameras that line this street and police today are presumably pouring over that footage to see if they can zero in on the suspect. responsible for this fine. >> a cut-up body in a suitcase. >> reporter: police radio recordings -- give us a glimpse into the
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gruesome discovery a body cut up and stuffed into a suitcase and then apparently dumped outside the goodwill store at 11th and mission. >> all vehicle traffic, all pedestrian traffic, both sides of this street, no vehicles, no pedestrians, at all. >> reporter: police say that the remains are human but either can't or won't say who they belong to just yet. neighbors are understandably on edge. >> we have body parts in it. you know? i don't know, man. you got to be pretty sick to, um, do that. i don't know. >> reporter: a spokesman for goodwill says the nonprofit turned over video from this security camera to the police who are now using it to track down a, quote, person of interest. investigators also searched dumpsters and trash cans for body parts that may have belonged to the victim. >> it was hard for me to sleep last night but i feel bad for whoever it was and the family of whoever it was. my heart goes out to them. >> reporter: neighbors say they just want the police to find the person capable of committing such a grisly crime. >> i mean, it's really
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disturbing. it's really scary to live so close, i mean, you hear about that kind of stuff hang on tv. but to have it happen a block and a half from your house is really kind of freaky. >> reporter: now, a spokesperson for goodwill says that this location typically closes around 3:00 in the afternoon. the body was found about an hour later. they say it's not clear if the intention of whoever dropped it here was for it to be found the following morning. in san francisco, devin fe humidity ely, kpix 5. we're -- fehely, kpix 5. a train heading southbound hit and killed a pedestrian in mountain view at the mountain view station. tracks were closed in both directions. this has at least three trains stopped north- and southbound as rescue crews work the scene. we'll have more information as we get it here on kpix 5. a 10-year-old boy says that he was sexually assaulted while heading home from school on tuesday. the boy told oakland police he was walking in the 1100 block
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of 98th avenue when a man approached him. apparently that man took the boy to a nearby area and sexually assaulted him. the boy escaped. the suspect is described as latino 40 to 50. police say there is something that may make him stand out. >> the distinctive features the suspect has short hair salt and pepper with a thick or bushy beard that's also salt and pepper. >> police say the suspect was last seen wearing a brown leather jacket and dark pants. they say he had an unkempt appearance and may loiter in the area. developing news right now. doctors are treating a possible ebola patient in northern california. ken bastida joins us from the newsroom. now, ken, we haven't been talking much about ebola lately. >> reporter: it's been out of the news. but two hospitals in sacramento are on edge right now. they are waiting to hear if their patient does in fact have ebola. that person is being treated at the uc-davis medical center tonight.
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the hospital is designated a priority hospital for ebola patients. it's coordinating its response with the sacramento county department of health. the other issue is ensuring the safety of hospital workers and other patients that are there. earlier the patient was at dignity health mercy general hospital and that's where doctors first identified symptoms that are consistent with ebola. right now, the emergency room at mercy general has been shut down for a thorough cleaning. one family leaving the hospital says they were surprised by the news. >> we hope he's okay. i didn't know anything about it, i guess. >> reporter: did they tell you anything -- to evacuate or to leave the area? >> no. we were in the same day surgery section so we didn't hear about it until just now. >> reporter: the staff at both of the hospitals are now wearing protective face masks. health officials say this patient is being considered low risk right now. tide may be turning on the ebola outbreak world wide.
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the epidemic is still spreading but slower. there were 99 new cases reported this week. that's the lowest tally since june of last year. the outbreak has killed more than 8800 people. world health organization says it's now focusing on eradicating the disease rather than simply preventing its spread. liz, back to you. >> kenny, thanks. marin county doctor is heading back to court to face new charges in a road rage shooting. this time around, a grand jury has indicted dr. james simon for assault with a deadly weapon. last summer he shot a man who followed him back to his home after a road rage confrontation. simon beat a manslaughter charge this month. the judge said there was not enough evidence. we are heading in the wrong direction when it comes to pulling out of the drought. for the latest snowpack survey in the sierra, it was at 12% of average for this time of the year. it shrank because it's been so dry this month. there is a little more than half a foot of snow on the ground right now and after all the big storms at the end of
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december, we had 21 inches then. >> we are getting melt. but we are also getting a lot of what we call sublimation where the snow goes from a solid to a vapor. >> sublimation. the snowpack in the sierra supplies about a third of the water used by californians. and paul deanno not much hope for the rest of january. maybe even the first part of february. >> we can just forget about january. we are going 0 for january when it comes to rain and for snowfall as well for some spots. this is a statewide perspective compared to average with the snowpack. it's the north sierra, the central sierra, it is the south sierra. statewide, the average is 25% of normal. but below normal has been the average for the past several years. last january at this time, we were at 10%. two years ago, 91% still below average. and three years ago, we were at 39%. so we are staring down the fourth consecutive very dry year in the higher elevations. and there is absolutely positively nothing on the
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radar. i believe it's been 36 days since it has rained widespread throughout the bay area. will we make it to 40? yes, but after that, there is some hint that we'll see some rainfall in the distant future. we'll talk about that coming up in about 10 minutes. now some breaking news. we have turned our roof camera to the bay bridge. this is the western span. you can see the smoke coming from the bridge there? that's a car that is on fire at the westbound direction coming into san francisco. at least two lanes are blocked. at least two lanes. but you have to imagine as you can see traffic pretty much at a standstill. one truck barely moving there. but there's a car fire on the bay bridge. we'll keep an eye on it. of course, it's going to affect commute traffic. we'll get you the latest in a few minutes. the bay area keeping a close eye on what's going on in phoenix for super bowl xlix. our shot at hosting the super bowl just a year away. joe vazquez is with bay area planners arizona. joe. >> reporter: yeah, liz.
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super bowl xlix one of the many parties going on here. but, of course, this is the most important for us because this is the party for super bowl 50. they are handing out drinks and food and, of course, the bag of swag. let's see what we have. all right. while i look it over, oh, wow, while i look this over we are going to prepare a report for you coming up. the security for this super bowl and what it means for the bay. >> look forward to that, thank you, joe. she argued over her cable bill but never expected this. the comcast employee's revenge on a customer who tried to cancel service. >> the dog owner on the hook for $7,000. what you should know about pet insurance.
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developing news. there's a frantic search under way in mexico city where a deadly gas explosion ripped through a maternity hospital. 3 people are confirmed dead, at
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least 54 injured. rescuers are actually using sledgehammers trying to break through the fallen concrete looking for people trapped. this is cell phone video showing destruction on the inside and there is debris everywhere. apparently, what happened was a truck was delivering gas to the hospital kitchen when the hose broke leading to the explosion. pilots made an emergency landing just minutes after departing from l.a.x. this morning. it was all because of a burning smell. the united airlines flight headed for washington, d.c. was diverted to ontario airport. all the passengers and crew were evacuated. no injuries were reported. other bay area headlines, a three-year-old was hit by a van while crossing a busy intersection in san francisco. it happened this morning on 21st and mission. the child is going to be okay. the driver stayed and cooperated with police. in san jose, an electronic radar is up and running at the spot where a woman was hit and killed by speeding drivers.
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it's just one of several new safety measures in the works for yerba buena road. 24-year-old kiran pabla was killed on monday. the two drivers are facing charges. san francisco is in phoenix preparing for our big event, a year from now. we are going to talk about security coming up. >> and she messed with the
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they probably had an inkling but bay area planners are learning it takes a lot to host a super bowl. they are in phoenix picking up tips a year ahead of our big party. kpix 5's joe vazquez is at super bowl xlix with a preview of what we will be seeing next year. joe? >> reporter: you look behind me you see a lot of movers and shakers from the bay area actually. this is super bowl 50. what they're calling the host committee from the bay area. they are looking at a variety of issues for next year with you major priority is security. police officers are here from all over the country. the local, state and federal. they are keeping the folks safe
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here. you will have a million people for the pre-game festivities and game and on game day sunday security will get even tighter. there will be blackhawk helicopters over the stadium enforcing a no-fly zone. with all these extra cops, it might seem like a war zone but the host committee chairman visiting from san francisco says that's the balance they want to strike to try not to have too heavy a footprint. >> you don't want security to be too omnipresent or too intimidating but at the same time, fans want to know that there's security here that it's a comfortable place to bring families and kids and that will be important for us in the bay area. >> reporter: and we actually talked about a lot of issues, the security i got to tell you, that's what's on everyone's mind right here. they are checking vehicles and they are even checking superstars. we understand that you guys katy perry will be the halftime entertainment no secret. what we have learned today is they actually checked her over, her costume, the people she is
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with, nobody gets a break. they want to make sure everybody is safe. >> cities across the bay area are already prepping for the big event even though it's a year away. it's going to be big. >> reporter: it's going to be huge. i mean, more than a million people in the bay area. huge economic impact. coming up at 6:00, in fact, we are going to talk more about a bunch of different things including just what it takes to put on this big party. >> stay with kpix 5 for live reports from joe in phoenix leading up to sunday's big game. well, one comcast employee got nasty after dealing with an angry customer. the comcast worker changed her name on her bill. went from saying lisa brown to expletive brown. you can probably make out what it actually says on the bill. don't need to tell you. brown talked to the comcast employee to cancel the cable portion of her account for
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financial reasons. the name change backfired on the employee. comcast fired that worker and then apologized today saying, we have spoken with our customer and apologized for this completely unacceptable and inappropriate name change. >> didn't think that one through, i don't think. [ laughter ] well, a rot of folks i know are going to be inside on sunday watching the big game. but it's going to be nice even though we need the rain. >> what a shame you're going to sit inside and watch television. it's going to be nice. i'd say run out during the commercials but some of you are watching for the commercials. so get out saturday the warmer day. mild in san jose this afternoon. but boy, was it a foggy mess this morning. and we may see fog once again tomorrow. live picture from the south bay. temperatures generally in the upper 50s to mid-60s. oakland the outlier at 68. livermore 65. santa rosa 63. where we did not have the fog, that was the far north bay up towards st. helena and healdsburg and towards santa cruz. 70s for highs today. where do we go tonight? it will be foggy for you out
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toward the tri-valley, livermore 42, fog for san jose 45 but not that foggy around san rafael or san francisco. you'll drop down to the 40s and 50s. so what is going on? actually when you just show a big ridge of high pressure nobody is getting rainfall and we can share in the dryness. but now, we can't. look at what's happening in the desert southwest. in the desert they are getting the drenching rainfall. here in the bay area, a whole lot of nothing, just a big ridge of high pressure. this storm will miss us to the south so it's all about the ridge. so where's the ridge going for the next several days? right over top of us, record highs likely saturday. if you are living away from the water and you don't start off foggy on saturday you may hit 75 degrees for the final day of the driest january in bay area history. the ridge begins to move to the south on sunday. it is going to be a long drawn- out process. likely not until two fridays from now. the ridge will push far enough south and east that storms will make it here and we finally
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will see some rainfall the first rainfall since christmas eve. it's going to be a long process. not even in our seven-day forecast yet but we're looking way out there. it's going to pour on joe vazquez and all those parties going on in arizona. the wettest place in the country! will be the super soaker right before the super bowl in arizona because of that storm. we could use the rainfall here. we are not going to get it but arizona certainly will. mostly clear tonight with areas of fog once again. we'll be mild through the weekend some would call it warm with the possible changes late next week. we may actually see some rainfall. mid- to upper 60s tomorrow for oakland and concord. 10 degrees above average. milpitas morning fog afternoon sunshine 65. palo alto 66. mid-60s for walnut creek and dublin and fairfield, vacaville, too. san francisco 65 for your high tomorrow. sonoma 68. third straight 70-degree day in beautiful st. helena. extended forecast, we are warm and sunny all the way through the weekend. we stay dry next week. it is one week from friday when we may finally see a little bit
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of rainfall around
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celebrities are joining the hunt for a missing beverly hills dog. this is 9-year-old charlie a white maltese. he has been a mascot for his owner's boutique but yesterday, the dog disappeared. celebrities have been tweeting about charlie's disappearance. there's a $2,000 reward for his return. >> that's going to go up. if you pay for pet insurance, you would expect it to pay out when you need it. but on the consumerwatch, julie watts with a surprise loophole that could cost you even more. >> reporter: chili's had pet insurance almost her hole life. >> skipped out a year because she was healthy. >> reporter: a decision john regrets because even though he reenrolled his pooch, that little lapse in coverage cost him big. last year, when chili needed surgery to remove a tumor he thought they were fully
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covered. >> that's why i bought insurance. >> reporter: but instead of paying the $7,000 bill, vpi pet insurance denied his claim and canceled his plan citing a pre- existing condition that it says should have made chewy ineligible for coverage in the first place. >> it was shocking because in my mind my dog is perfectly healthy and she was eligible for enrollment. >> reporter: a blood test taken during the lapse in coverage that indicated chewy had elevated levels. >> gibberish. >> reporter: but to vpi it was a pre-existing condition although the insurer admits it didn't check for one until after john submitted his claim leading him to believe he had been fully covered while paying his monthly premiums. >> should have done back check when i first enrolled. >> reporter: a doctor is shocked they didn't. >> unless the pet is less than a year old, i don't think i have ever seen an insurance company not ask for the records. >> reporter: she says with older pets insurers generally consider almost anything pre- existing. >> ear infection, skin problem, allergies. >> reporter: so she stresses if you are going to buy pet
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insurance, do it before their first birthday and don't let it lapse. >> when you need it you already want to be grandfathered in with the insurance company. >> reporter: in her case they thought she was. >> sorry, we made a mistake. you're not covered. here's the bill. >> now, vi said it didn't check for pre-existing conditions because he indicated she was healthy. he thought she was. it has refunded his premiums. but before enrolling your pets in insurance you want to ask the company it to review the medical records and list any pre-existing conditions in writing. if you have a problem call us at 888-5-helps-u. >> thank you. internships aren't just something you do in college anymore. jill schlesinger says they could be the best way to slide into a well paying job. reporter: an interesting and lasting effect of the great recession is how much employers rely on internships to identify potential job candidates. internships allow you to learn
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relevant skills and grow your professional network. they can be especially valuable for career changers and parents seeking to re-enter the workforce. the good news is that unpaid internships in the for-profit world are a thing of the past. the national association of colleges and employers says 97.5%. internships are paid and the average hourly wage for interns with a bachelor's degree is $16.35. linked in analyzed industries where internships are more likely to lead to full-time jobs. it found that the public relations and communications industry 61 out of every 1,000 hires are interns. almost 60% of those who interned at accounting firms accepted full-time jobs at the same company following their internship. in the bay area, there are more than 250 full time, part time and college credit internship positions available in various industries.
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the website allows you to narrow your search. >> he graphic cloudy to identify internship opportunities here
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take you back to that breaking news of a person hit and killed on the tracks just south of the mountain view caltrain station. the person is an adult who was under the highway 237 overpass the trains had been stopped but the new york tracks just opened to trains going in both directions. so that's going to be mean
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delays. caltrans warning significant >> pelle >> pelley: tonight, the measles outbreak is growing. 1,000 more people may have been exposed. ben tracy reports pressure is growing on parents from parents. >> please vaccinate your children. >> pelley: as the northeast digs out, meteorologist eric fisher tells us another storm is coming. party's over. jericka duncan reports dartmouth is banning hard liquor and requiring all students to take a sexual violence prevention course. anthony mason on an american institution... ♪ two all beef patties, special sauce ♪ >> pelley: ...struggling to find its way. >> pelley: and dean reynolds with portraits of america's war veterans. >> if we want people to understand the true cost of war, it's on us to tell those


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