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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 30, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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it registered at 5:23. viewers called to say there was shaking, 2.7 shaking beds. no serious damage expected. police and fire departments haven't received calls but it is another reminder we live in quake country and the last major fault on the -- last quake on the san andreas was loma prieta in '89. so we should be prepared. >> all right. always be prepared. good advice. other big story tonight the cpuc just released 65,000 emails from pg&e this is probe of the deadly san bruno blast. kpix 5's devin fehely is in san bruno tonight. the mayor tells him the emails are part of a highly inappropriate relationship. devin. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right. the mayor says that the release of these documents is actually a culmination of a years long battle by city hall and the mayor for information for answers and in the long wake of this tragedy, ultimately for
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change. >> that's been so many back door dealings. i have said for a long time i believe pg&e has the key to the back door of the puc. it's not acceptable. and because of that, i believe it cost 8 people their lives. >> reporter: san bruno mayor jim ruane's office is poring over some 65,000 newly released emails between pg&e executives and the california public utilities commission. the mayor says it previously released emails suggesting lax enforcement by state regulators and poor maintenance by the utility led to a massive 2010 natural gas pipeline explosion and fire that destroyed dozens of homes and killed eight people. >> very cozy too cozy relationship between the utility and the regulator. and we are finding out how deep it goes and how high up. >> reporter: while pg&e hailed the release of the documents today as a victory for government transparency, the utility has long resisted calls to release more information about its relationship with state regulators in the aftermath of the explosion.
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in a prepared statement, pg&e's ceo said the vast majority of the 65,000 communications have been completely appropriate but in those few instances when they were not we took immediate and definitive action. the mayor says he believes the release of the emails is an important first step to understanding the nature and scope of the problem. he would also like to see an independent monitor appointed to provide what he says is much- needed oversight of the puc. >> the fact that eight people died, the neighborhood was devastated, wasn't that criminal we thought in the beginning of the evening was an accident. it was not an accident. it could have been prevented. >> reporter: the mayor says there is a team of attorneys poring over the documents. because there are so many documents it could be until monday at the earliest before they have a sense of what's in the emails. in san bruno, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> state and federal investigators are also zeroing in on this case.
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former cpuc president michael peevey had his home searched on tuesday. investigators took telephones, computers, and some storage devices. agents also paid a visit to the home of a former pg&e vice president. the state attorney general's office says it has to do with alleged judge shopping. super bowl 50 could pump tons of cash into the bay area economy next year. but one of the mayors in arizona says don't believe all the big numbers being thrown around. kpix 5's joe vazquez is live for us in phoenix. he tells us why the math can get fuzzy. joe? >> reporter: yeah, veronica. you see so many people flooding into the host city here in phoenix, next year in the bay area. no doubt millions of dollars will flow with them. what's in question is how many million. among the throngs enjoying the pre-game super bowl festivities is ike shehadeh mission.
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he owns a sandwich joint in san francisco. he has a couple of shops in phoenix, as well. >> i'm checking to see how it's going to be if it's going to be huge, then we know it's going to be amazingly gigantic if the bay. >> reporter: ike is about one of 100,000 people coming from out of state a million altogether staying in hotels, buying merchandise, spending money. the phoenix host committee estimates there will be a $550 million economic impact to the state economy. really? half a billion dollars? well, not everyone agrees with that figure. one noted study says it's half that amount, another says it's a tenth. >> this is a third super bowl in this state. >> reporter: mayor jerry wires of glendale says his city will spend millions for security on game day but never gets the money back. >> to be clear, if i could have a super bowl every year, i would do it. i would do it in a heartbeat. with a caveat. that our legislature will step up, pass a law that will allow
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us to recover our public safety costs. >> reporter: the mayor caused quite a ruckus when he suggested maybe the big game should not come back. he petitioned the legislature to reimburse glendale but lawmakers declined. as for the economic impact on ike's? the jury is still out. >> overall the super bowl is helping out a little bit so far. we'll see how as the weekend comes, we'll know more friday night, saturday night. and then sunday after the game to see what kind of impact it is having. >> reporter: the reward for the mayor of glendale for raising this issue? he was not invited to the super bowl. but he told me late today that in fact he did manage to get an invitation. he will be inside to watch the game. veronica, no doubt about it, there are parallels to phoenix and the bay area. the majority of these kind of events will take place in the city of san francisco. and, of course, santa clara is the city that's hosting the stadium. >> joe vazquez life for us in
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arizona, thank you. tonight we're getting our first real world look at the exclusive and very elusive tesla model x. video has surfaced of the all-electric suv being road tested in alameda. kpix 5's len ramirez on why the model is stirring up intrigue in the car industry. len. >> reporter: well, a lot of people want to see what this car really looks like. and this video was shot on a control phone by a man who was out skateboarding. he happened to be a tesla enthusiast and recognized what he saw. [ screeching ] >> reporter: the video now gone viral in the automotive world shows a careening suv being test driven on vacant runways in alameda believed to be the first spy video of the long- awaited tesla model x and the first time a model x has ever been spotted the running in the wild. >> the truck is flat. >> reporter: rob knows something about cars. [ car starts ] >> reporter: the san jose tech
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analyst and automotive enthusiast has placed an order for a model x. >> that looks like it. there's not another car that really looks like the tesla and it's clearly electric. there are no engine sounds. so the other cars the tesla is coming out with are all smaller than the tesla s. this is clearly bigger. >> reporter: it's a leap for the company which has been delayed in bringing the suv to market. >> it's supposed to be in stores by now so it's delayed. so it looks like they are getting close to releasing it. >> reporter: the stock has been down due to lower gas prices and the republican majority in congress which doesn't favor the subsidies which have helped keep tesla in business. >> it is a nice car. >> reporter: but video is spurring interest in the $70,000 suv which customers like tom mcgovern had their doubts they would ever see. >> it shows that it's a real car, it's come out and it gets me excited. i think it's going to be an incredible vehicle. i have friends that work at tesla and they say it has all
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kinds of cool features they can't talk about but they say it's going to be well worth the wait. >> reporter: now, here's a bit of intrigue. some analysts say that tesla may have staged the whole thing hoping to do that testing out in alameda where there might be more people around, certainly they have access to other more private test tracks hoping that it would turn viral, which it did. so far tesla isn't commenting. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> nothing is ever by chance. the company founder says part of the delay in getting it to market is the difficulty in mass producing many of the model x parts. there's been another security breach at mineta san jose airport. 39-year-old jose mendoza was arrested late last night. an airport security guard spotted him walking on a ground vehicle road. the guard confronted him and mendoza jumped an outer fence. he was transported to the hospital for minor injuries from scaling the fence. we're told he never made it close to the tarmac.
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another new lead in the gruesome discovery of body parts stuffed in a suitcase in san francisco. police have now released these surveillance photos of a man they say is a person of interest. he is described as a white man age 50 to early 60s last seen wearing a pinstriped baseball hat and blue and orange jacket. >> transients -- we believe he is transient, it's difficult to try to locate this person. >> the suitcase containing body parts was found in the 11th and mission area on wednesday afternoon. other body parts were found nearby in some garbage cans. they are still working on identifying the victim. dozens of people displaced by a huge apartment fire in san francisco have a new place to stay. at least for the next few days. kpix 5's da lin joins us live from the mission district. da, right now these people have nothing but the clothes on their backs. >> reporter: yeah.
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nothing at all. in fact, their hotel vouchers expired this morning so now some survivors will be moving in here. the salvation army building in the mission district. they will be coming in here any minute now. this will be their home for a week until there's some kind of long term solution. at this point, no one knows where they will wind up. [ sirens ] >> reporter: from survivors to now refugees, these families forced to start from scratch including 7th grader alessandro gonzalez. >> only 13 but this fire made you grow up a lot quicker. >> it made me think a lot. it made me think a lot. >> reporter: this video shows him and his dog using the fire escape to run away from the flames wednesday night. two days later he and his parents still don't have a plan. >> kind of worried. i don't know what's going to happen, where we're going to live. so -- >> reporter: they will be bunking with other families at the salvation army shelter until they can find new apartments. >> it's going to be tough buy i'm glad we have a roof over our heads. >> reporter: some of them waited at the front door while
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volunteers inside set up the shelter. no belongings, no money, and nowhere else to go. >> i cry myself to sleep every night. can't sleep hard. not knowing where you're going to be say in a couple of days or a week. >> reporter: the city promises to help the survivors find affordable housing. the plan is to house them here for a week. >> there's no privacy. we wish we could put everybody into individual homes. >> somebody was nice enough to donate clothes and, um, food for him. >> reporter: alessandro hopes the temporary shelter will soon lead to a long-term solution. >> i'm a little scared but i think we're going to get through this. >> reporter: the fire department still does not know what caused that fire. and neither does the property owner. i sat down with him for about an hour this afternoon the property owner. would not do an on-camera interview but he says he feels for these tenants now left homeless. >> but tenant after tenant complained that the smoke
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detectors didn't go off. did you ask about this? what did the property owner say about that? >> he says firefighters actually inspected that building back in last august and it shows that he was in compliance. in fact, he gave me this documentation right here. it shows that he indeed did pass the inspection. in fact, the fire department confirms that there were no code violations in that building when they checked. in terms of why these fire alarms didn't go off, he doesn't know why. he says he doesn't know why the fire escapes that people were having problems using the fire escapes. veronica? >> all right, da lin live in the mission. da, thank you. well, it's already tough to find parking in parts of the bay area. now a plan to take away more than 100 spots. but it won't happen without a fight. >> there's a fight in the atmosphere this morning down if the south bay. it was fog to start. then the sunshine won the battle and you had highs in the mid-60s. wait until you see what happens
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parking in san francisco is always at a premium. and tonight, a fight over 100 parking spaces. kpix 5's don ford on the heated battle to bring bike lanes to polk street. reporter: bicycle advocates and business owners say what they think about the new bike lane for the street bike lanes that would eliminate 110 parking spaces. >> anything that would affect these shops such as removal of
6:16 pm
parking spaces, i am directly opposed to. >> reporter: the concern, fewer parking spaces would mean fewer customers. but bicyclists say the street needs to be safer. >> polk street is one of the highest injury quarters in the whole city and, um, you know, we need to support the merchants, but preventing injuries and deaths is more important. >> reporter: dan owns the flip furniture store at the corner of polk and green. >> if you are going to ride in an urban area where there's going to be cars, buses and trucks, be careful and pay attention to the laws. >> reporter: while covering this store bike after bike after bike routinely ran through stop signs. this kid ran the sign without a helmet. >> on average one person biking and one person walking are hit by a car on polk street every month. >> reporter: the entire easide between mcallister and pine would lose all parking spots. converted to bike only to help separate the traffic. >> for the moment, none of these parking places is going
6:17 pm
anywhere because this project isn't scheduled to begin in the spring of 2016. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. some chevy camaros stroll lens interest a pittsburg dealership for a suspected chop shop have been recovered. the alleged thief behind bars tonight. four brand-new camaros were stolen from this dealership on monday. the suspect parked one of them in his backyard! in oakland! police showed up, there was a scuffle as he was arrested. all four of the cars were found. one of them had already been stripped of engine and transmission. in san francisco this stash of high-powered guns and the bullets turned up during a drug bust. three suspects are behind bars facing drugs and weapons charges. all of them are from the bay area. surveillance cameras helped nab a burglar who broke into three pleasanton businesses. police say that he would slip in during the -- while the offices were open and then take
6:18 pm
wallets and other valuables inside. it turns out, police knew just where to find their suspect. they caught up to him as he left an oakland courthouse for a different burglary case. >> a big year for mineta san jose airport. more than 9 million passengers passed through in 2014. that's an increase of almost 7%. the airport says added flights and expanded service to popular destinations helped fuel the uptick. it hopes to serve more passengers this year as it adds flights to europe and asia. the marin county civic center is up for a very prestigious honor. it's been nominated for the world heritage list of the most significant cultural and natural places. if elected it would join the likes of the taj mahal, stonehenge, statue of liberty and yosemite national park. the san rafael building was designed by the architect frank lloyd wright. visiting yosemite national park this year with to get more expensive. starting in april, it's going
6:19 pm
to cost $30 for a car to enter the park and that is up from the current $20 fee. that fee will get you 7 days if the park good for a week. the annual pass will go from $40 to $60. and a campground a family site will increase to $26 a night. >> it will be the perfect weekend to get outdoors. paul deanno joins us. >> it's going to be phenomenal. >> amazing. >> and finally, here's the cool thing, is that some people, yeah, i can't really enjoy the sunshine because it's not raining. now that there's rain in the forecast, we can enjoy the sunshine even more. so the sunshine just got brighter. the warm weather is okay when you have balance. haven't had that in a while. we added rain to the seven-day forecast for the first time this calendar year. can't believe i'm saying january 30th. today pretty warm where it wasn't foggy. that would include livermore, oakland and santa rosa in the low 70s. san jose 67. fremont 66. cooler spots courtesy of an onshore flow today coming from the ocean. san francisco at 64 degrees.
6:20 pm
why am i showing you the radar from arizona? well, one, that's the closest the rainfall is right now but it has been raining on and off for two days and will once again tomorrow in and around phoenix. why does that matter? i hear there's a big football game in the valley of the sun coming up. first image i want to show you some video from phoenix, where look at the low cloud cover, look at the rain. aren't we jealous of phoenix? it rained more than 1.5" in parts of the valley. as we look at a aerial shot of the super bowl site which is off to the north and west, that would be glendale, you're flying into the airport looks like a spaceship right there, that's wet, as well. it will clear out for super bowl sunday but it has been wet in the valley of the sun. kind of the overall weather pattern is this where we have a low pressure area actually going under the big ridge of high pressure which is blocking things for us. it's raining from west texas back to los angeles and san diego. what about us? no. high pressure hanging out just stubborn just sitting over top of us leads to a nice weekend for you and your family to get outside but thankfully signs
6:21 pm
are now showing every computer model is showing the ridge will not stay over us it will slide to the south long drawn-out process but that's what we want because big scale weather changes take days. let's hope it stays out and rain will finally begin to move in about this time next week. so in the seven-day forecast, for the first time we have rain. next friday. tomorrow, saturday, get outside in concord. 71 degrees maybe golfing around livermore and the tri-valley. 71, san jose 72. san rafael 72 degrees very warm record highs are likely tomorrow. sunday a couple of degrees cooler maybe a little barbecue with your family outdoors before the big game. we begin to turn cloudy as soon as monday and then it will take all the way until next friday before the rain gets here. my hope is once we change the pattern, we keep the pattern, get some rain around here a lot in the month of february. >> looking okay, though, friday? >> looking better. >> looking good. we are trending in the right direction. >> i like saturday. saturday 75. barbecue. all right.
6:22 pm
>> we want the rain, you want the sun. we'll make you both happy. still ahead, tracking their every move. >> how you can see where these under water predators are lurking bulldog: oh boy! mattress discounters presidents day sale! what's this? a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. mattress discounters has the largest selection of memory foam mattresses under one roof! comforpedic...
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for the first time you can track hundreds of great wheat sharks off the bay area coast online and in real time. >> that's right. betty yu has an exclusive look at the new technology. >> reporter: defeat the ocean off the california coast lies the mysterious world of a ferocious predator, the great white shark! >> i'm a surfer and i have spent countless hours here. i would never want to see one in that water. >> reporter: not much is known about their behavior and lifestyle but now thanks to
6:25 pm
marine biologists in stanford and a robot in silicon valley some secrets are coming to life. for the first time ever online and in real time you can track the location of the great whites. within seconds of a white shark swimming by, we receive the signal and right to your iphone or another device you can actually see the shark that's there. >> reporter: here they are. the red markers reveal where and when they're traveling. right now a group is near a state park in san mateo county. >> we have technology and platform that can do things that no one has been able to do before. >> reporter: here's how. in a dinghy scientists from stanford and aquarium travel to hot spots off the coast where great whites are known to gather. from the boat using a decoy they lure the shark to the surface and tag them with a special device. the device send out a coded ping. >> and we put receivers in those areas that receive
6:26 pm
acoustic signals. >> reporter: it goes to a satellite and down to the web revealing their locations. while some receives are fixed buoys there is a wave grader made bike liquid robotics -- by liquid robotics out of sunnyvale. >> we can stay out to see for a year. >> reporter: it's what's described that makes silicon valley tick. on board, gps, satellite, cell and wi-fi. it's packed with sensors and uses a cloud-based operating system. while its route is preprogrammed, humans in sunnyvale monitor. and over the internet can steer it even change its direction. >> it's a great technology. >> reporter: the glider uses no fossil fuel and can travel across ocean. it's powered by solar panels and propelled by a system that converts ocean waves into energy. now it's giving scientists invaluable information about the hidden world of california's great whites. >> if we understand what's happening with the predators, we can begin to get a picture
6:27 pm
of how that whole ecosystem functions. >> reporter: if we can see them we may want to save them as well as our endangered oceans. >> we just need to know more. and i think that that technology serves that end. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> people have been busy. scientists have tagged roughl 3300 sharks. to -- have tagged roughly 300 sharks. to access it, go to click on "links and numbers." >> we hear from a media tricks who says no measles vaccination, find a new doctor. coming up. >> as far as i was concerned and the people in that room we were the only lifeline. >> a coincidence for the woman on the other end of a telemarketing call. workers hear
6:28 pm
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. now at: 6:30 a pediatrician who will only see patients who had their measles shots. as the outbreak continues to grow if the bay area. welcome back. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. four new cases were reported in the bay area today. two measles cases are in marin county, one in san mateo
6:31 pm
county. oneone in solano county. that makes 14 cases in the bay area. ryan takeo reporting on one bay area doctor take a dramatic approach as the number of cases grows. >> reporter: that doctor was sick of some patients not having all of their needed shots. so he told them, get up to date or get out. >> we wanted to make sure we didn't spread measles in our office. >> reporter: so this pediatrician told parents, their kids needed to be vaccinated if they wanted to still get checked out at tamalpais pediatrics in greenbrae. this was way before the disneyland measles outbreak. his ban began in 2012 when the rate of unvaccinated marin county children was 20% higher than it is now. the doctor worries about those without the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine or mmr. >> the issue is that kids who are susceptible to measles
6:32 pm
because they haven't received. mmr cluster. >> reporter: he has heard parents hesitate about it for year. >> and yet people who worry about toxins bringing up toxins. they call themselves vaccine [ indiscernible ] but i think they really are promoting disease. >> reporter: it's more than wiping down an exam room full of germs here. they cleaned how the by essentially firing some of their patients who would not vaccinate. the doctor says when he first started the policy, he lost anywhere 10, 20 patients maybe. but since then, he added 500 other patients. live in mill valley, ryan takeo kpix 5. >> thank you. state data focuses on the kindergartners. tow check how many students are not vaccinated at your school, head online to second patient now in northern california being tested for the ebola virus. kaiser permanente says the patient was admitted to its
6:33 pm
south medical center in sacramento wednesday. testing is being done in an isolated area of the hospital as an abundance of caution to rule out that disease. another patient admitted to uc- davis medical center yesterday does not have ebola. it turns out doctors say that patient had shown symptoms of the disease but tested negative. a note on politics tonight. mitt romney says he will not be running for president again. he had been weighing a third run at the white house this recent weeks. romney says it's time for the next generation of republican leaders. a recent cbs poll of republicans had shown him as the party's top choice. romney is supposed to have dinner tonight with new jersey governor chris christie. christie was one of his biggest backers in 2012 and a likely 2016 candidate. telemarketing calls are annoying but one call saved an oregon woman's life. reporter don champion explains how the worker on the line took
6:34 pm
action. >> how are you today? >> reporter: greeting started a call that workers in this las vegas americare health and nutrition office won't soon forget. >> she said, you need to hear this. i think -- this is no joke. something is happening. this lady is getting hit. >> reporter: when the supervisor got on the line she heard a woman getting attacked. [ screaming and crying ] >> stop it! please, please! >> get off! >> it was very, very frightening. it was helpless. you could hear the blows after if he was hitting a punching bag and she was terrified. >> reporter: garcia's boss then stepped in recording the call and holding it open for 15 to 20 minutes while they called police more than 900 miles away in oregon where the woman lives. sheriff's deputies tracked down her home and arrested her, boyfriend walter. >> as far as i was concerned, the people in that room, we were the only lifeline, even though we were states and
6:35 pm
states away. we wanted to get this young lady some help. >> reporter: the victim told police the man had a gun and that her phone was in her back pocket the entire time. it was a call -- >> feel like it was almost divine intervention. >> reporter: -- that probably saved her life. don champion, cbs news. still ahead, tax time scammers on the hunt. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, what they threaten to do if you don't pay up and the new move to take away one of their biggest tools. >> plus, making garbage trucks cool! a silicon valley company could be on the verge of becoming th
6:36 pm
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it is tax season and that means it's tax scam season. >> tax season. [ laughter ] >> kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains the irs is warning con artists are ramping up their activity. >> reporter: we have warned
6:38 pm
viewers about this for years. the irs is calling it an epidemic. viewer angela checked her phone messages last week and heard this. >> the reason of this call is to inform you that the irs is filing a lawsuit against you. >> reporter: the recording went on to tell angela to call the irs immediately and, of course, it provided a phone number but as you might have guessed, it was not a legitimate irs number. the agency received nearly 300,000 complains about this type of call over the past two years. and without fail, the person on the other end says you owe money and if you don't pay immediately, often through a green dot money pack prepaid card you will be arrested but angela was skeptical. >> i think of somebody suing you, it would be a real live person. so you know, it's just this call is designed to go out to as many phone numbers as quickly as possible and to freak people out. >> reporter: people who study
6:39 pm
scam psychology says those heightened emotions drown out any kind of logical thinking. it freaks people out preventing them from putting the brakes on the scam. con artists will soon be losing one of their tools. the company that makes the green dot money pack card said it will stop selling them next month because of the fraud problems. no one expects this will stop scammers. they will demand money from different prepaid cars or go back to the western union wire transfer so you still have to be cautious and if you have a consumer problem or know of a scam, give us a call 888-5- helps-u. often times the real people on the other end of the line if they were going to be at your house and arrest you, the irs will not call or email you. >> if they want you that bad, the real irs has a very polite way of coming to your attention and it doesn't involve some woman screaming at you on the phone to send them money. >> they are not going to come to your house. they won't show up at your door even if they threaten that.
6:40 pm
>> i love the irs. did i ever mention that to you? they are the nicest people in the world. yeah. [ laughter ] >> julie, thank you. it's an acceleration and a whole lot of power. but we're not talking about a sports car. how about a bay area company making garbage trucks cool? and saving money and the environment. >> 76 degrees in redding. 50 degrees in tahoe. 74 in ukiah. the forecast for april, no. tomorrow. the last day of january. we'll talk about when rain moves back and find out what our recent drought has to do with the golden state warriors. that's coming up. >> hey, sports this friday. this i can explain. tiger woods round today? i can't. the old patriots boss hung out with the current within. and what happened when i got
6:41 pm
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have you been to the dmv? wait until you hear how long drivers are waiting these days at the dmv for thei appointments. that and more tonight at 10:00 on nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. soon bay area garbage companies might ditch their dirty image. kpix 5's keit do shows us a new lean, clean, driving machine in the south bay. >> reporter: deep in the heart of silicon valley is the geekiest, dare i say sexiest, delivery truck you will ever see? >> um, how does it drive is this. >> why don't you drive it and see? >> hang on. here we go. >> oh, my goodness. i cannot believe this is a truck. wow! >> reporter: on the outside it looks like a typical delivery truck. but its v-8 engine and drive train have been replaced with a
6:45 pm
battery and motors down from 500 to 200-horsepower. >> reporter: the result is sports car-like instant acceleration and power. to stop the truck, you actually just let off the gas and the braking kicks in and brings the vehicle t a stop. you use one pedal. >> reporter: garbage trucks typically burn 14,000 gallons of fuel a year and spend thousands of dollars replacing the brakes. >> when you brake in the traditional sense you just are throwing money away. you're just taking the energy that you got by burning fuel which you paid for and you just are just throwing it a way as heat in the brakes. we instead use electric motors as generators and put that energy back in the battery so you can use it next time you
6:46 pm
accelerate. >> reporter: a waste management company in santa rosa has begun converting their fleet to meet tough new emissions standards and save money. wright speed expects to grow 10 times bigger and have more than 200 employees by 2018. and he is a cofounder of tesla with elon musk. is he jealous of you? >> i don't think so. he loves what we're doing. it's great. everybody does. >> reporter: imagine a few where garbage trucks run cleaner faster cheaper and more quitely. what's not sexy about that? >> the range on the battery is about 40 miles. after that the range stender kicks in. that is actually a jet turbine engine powered by natural gas. that lets you drive the vehicle around pretty much all day. the cost of the conversion is about $200,000. the company says you can recover that cost in about 4 years on the fuel and savings on brake maintenance. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5.
6:47 pm
the future is now. you made it to the weekend. our average highs are in the mid- to upper 50s. coming up on 7:00 and right now we are in the mid- to upper 50s. sfo 22nd busiest airport in the world. it will be sunny and mild this weekend. nice for them. some of you might argue we could use rain. that's now in the forecast as well a great shot from the exploratorium on the san francisco waterfront. live neighborhood network of four-hour time lapse ending at 6:00. no clouds over that four hours. concord 49. san jose 48. mountain view 45. the big headline no fog overnight tonight. wind will turn offshore. it will be breezy but it also will be fog-free. you know what?
6:48 pm
the golden state warriors have won 13 games since the last time it rained. the san jose sharks have won 7 games since the last time it rained. when did it rain last in christmas eve. it's been 37 days since we have had a widespread rainfall coming up in the bay area. guess what? we're going to add 7 more. it will be 44 days before the rain finally moves in. it's raining in new mexico. it's raining in utah. it's raining in san diego. it's raining in phoenix right now with 1.5" of rain on the ground in the valley of the sun. but that h just anchored over top of us like a deflector shield keeping the rain away. it will do that and more over the weekend with highs in the mid-60s, some record highs especially in the deep south bay down toward gilroy and up toward napa. you may hit 75 degrees. next week a pattern change. this high will ever so slowly push to the south. by the end of next week it's a five-day long process, the ridge will be gone. far enough away storms will be able to go over the ridge into the bay area. by next friday, rain is moving in.
6:49 pm
the best part is once the rain starts, we may have some rain showers every couple of days. we have not seen that type of pattern since early december. winds will pick up overnight tonight. we're fog-free because the breeze picks up out of the east. winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour overnight tonight early tomorrow. you will notice sunshine early and wind early in your weekend tomorrow. breezy tonight with a mostly clear night. dry very warm this weekend. wetter changes moving in next week. but look at the highs tomorrow. san jose 72. 70 in los altos. close to 70 in union city. walnut creek pleasant hill antioch right around 70 degrees. close to 70 in san francisco. oakland 72. petaluma 72. saint helena 75. extent the forecast cooler sunday, still sunny and mild. clouds move in sunday, rain next friday. for the first time all year long rain is in the seven-day forecast. vern is in for sports next.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
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because together, we thrive. ♪ nfl is the headliner. super bowl less than 48 hours. today was the last time the media had a chance at the players. the head coaches had a joint
6:53 pm
press conference this morning. one of the game's subplots is carroll was replaced in new england by bill belichick and that was the year 2000. carroll reflected on his three seasons in new england. >> i did spend three really good years in new england. i had a great time when he was there. probably the thing that i take away from it the most is the spirit of the fans and how sincere they are and how much they want you to do well and how much they will let you know when you don't. bill hasn't had to feel much of that because they have done so well over the years. i got pounded a couple of times got fired a couple of types in the league and i know everybody likes to have fun with that and my therapist tells me i should always talk about it and bring it up -- make sure that i don't hide from it. [ laughter ] >> hey, soggy phoenix open second round. hey ken, you and i can do this. >> yeah it happens. >> flying the green. it's a shocker. tiger woods couldn't find the fairway, either. look at this. couldn't get up there.
6:54 pm
huh? >> wow. >> second time he has ever shot an 80-plus. he shot 82 today. worst round ever! miss the cut for the 13th time worldwide in his career. tonight, paul navy on the right versus the tall luis hernandez the main event in san rafael. nave age 54 is retiring after 30 years in the fight game. i'm the ring announcer. that's why i got the penguin suit for this welterweight one for the ages bout. hernandez by the way is 28. highlights coming up on the late show. those fighters are in great shape. terrific condition. i could use a few classes with this group because saturday they are going to get up close and personal with the warriors oracle crowd. >> he's got it. his three. >> reporter: the excitement over the current warriors stellar season has a direct connection 32 miles away in
6:55 pm
novato in this dance studio. >> bounce, bounce, circle up down. >> reporter: that's tara broadwater running a rehearsal. she was a warriors girl for three seasons long before that, she had always -- >> loved to dance! one, two hit it three, four!! >> reporter: after the 2004 season she moved on. but couldn't stay away. >> switch lines, make sure you're in the window. >> reporter: she is rehearsing her love the dance girls for a saturday night halftime performance at oracle. for 12 straight years, oracle has been this group's big stage for one game. >> every time i go there i'm sitting in my seat i want to be out there on the court i could do it again i'm telling my husband, let me try out, i can figure it out, i can manage it all. >> let's do it one and do. hey, vern, are you ready? >> uhm --
6:56 pm
>> come on over. come join us. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> kickball change, kickball change. and a pony pony pony. >> and clap, clap, clap. turn! kick ball change! pony! here we go! ♪[ music ]♪ [ screaming ] whoo! you survived. how's it feel? oh. >> you want to learn more? [ yelling ] >> those performers without me have time tomorrow night fun game. >> wow. >> you got the move you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you folks? welcome to the show. that's good. how's everybody? i appreciate you now. thank y'all very much. welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. we got a family here returning for their third day from right here in atlanta georgia. it's the champs. it's the nichols family. and from philadelphia, pa, philly it's the collins family. all right now, everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility driving out of here in a brand-new, head- turning ford fusion hybrid right there, folks. let's go meet the collins family. hey, allison.
7:00 pm
how you doing? >> i'm good. how are you? steve: good. what do you do for a living, allison? >> i am a teacher. i teach children with autism. i recently just received my masters as a reading specialist as well. steve: wow. very good. >> thank you. thank you. steve: really nice person. people who handle special needs and special ed, that's very spec--pati--that's a gift to be patient like that. >> they're wonderful to work with. wonderful to work with. steve: all right, let's go. let's go get it, baby. we're playing "feud." give me monica. give me allison. here we go, guys. top 7 answers are on the board. name someone you tip who would be very upset if you shoved it down their pants like you do a stripper. monica. >> a waitress. steve: a waitress. pass or play? >> we're playing. steve: they gonna play.


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