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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  January 31, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpxi5 news. >> for the third time in four days, flames destroy units at an apartment building in san francisco leaving people without a place to call home tonight. good evening, i'm brian haqqani. >> first, if you are seeing smoke in the bay area, here's why. >> marsh fire burning in solano county. the smoke can be seen across the bay area, even in san francisco. this is what the smoke looks like from our camera on top of the building. the fire is in a wildlife preserve accessible only by boat. that's what is making it difficult for firefighters to get to. at the moment, there are no
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homes threatened. >> firefighters say it started at 1:30 afternoon on the second floor of an apartment building at the corner of mcallister and scott streets in san francisco. that's where christian heartnet is now. christian. >> in the four buildings involved are made of wood and fire crews say that helped the fire spread very quickly, leaving a lot of damage behind. now the fire started on the second floor of one of the buildings. large flames were shooting up in the air as the firefighters tried to knock down the fire. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for exhaustion. but overall, no one was hurt. as the flames spread to nearby buildings, it forced 25 neighbors to evacuate. many of those neighbors were taken in by the red cross, but we're being told they have now found a temporary place to stay, but they are wondering when they will be able to go back to their own homes. >> well, i'm concerned, because i mean, it definitely upsets your day when you have to get out of your place for
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any reason. i'm hoping everybody will be able to get back in. if it's not too much water damage. >> the fire department is still trying to figure out how this fire started, although fire crews don't think any of the buildings will need to be completely rebuilt. the damage is substantial and will likely cost a lot of money to repair. so this makes three large scale fires in the city in the past week. dozens of residents without a place to stay. we'll talk about the difficulty for them to look for answers. that's coming up at 6:30. live in san francisco, kpix5. >> as christian mentioned, that apartment fire is the third in san francisco in just four days. you may remember this fire from wednesday night in the mission neighborhood. tonight, 54 people from that building are looking for a new place to live. and on thursday night, 18 people lost their homes in an apartment fire on hyde street in the tenderloin. >> tonight, an arrest in the case that found a body cut up and stuffed in a suitcase.
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the questions still to be answered, who is the victim and why was he killed? >> an unanimous tipster led police to two persons of interest in the tenderloin. police booked 59-year-old, mark andrus for murder. >> that comforts you a little bit. >> it does comfort you. >> people who live in soma say they with breathe a sigh of relief, someone is behind bars. >> very happy an arrest has been made. >> wednesday at a busy intersection, police discovered body parts stuffed into a suitcase. sitting on the sidewalk. a block away, more body parts. this time in a trash can. the find so gory the medical examiner had to confirm it was not an animal and was in fact, a human. >> you see it on tv, but you certainly don't hope it will happen in real life. >> tonight, police crediting the public for the arrest. soon after this photo, a man wearing a striped baseball cap and a blue and orange jacket was put out friday afternoon.
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the tip came in. >> definitely breaks the flag. >> police are confident they have their guy. but why someone would scatter body parts like their toys, police won't say. >> we believe it was murder as our suspect was booked on murder. as far as the motive and circumstances surrounding the murder, i won't have that. >> at this time, the state dna lab helping to identify the victim's remains believed to be that of a light skinned man. in soma, mark kelly, kpix5. >> another question still to be answered, exactly how the man was killed. >> super bowl xlix kicks off tomorrow in glendale, arizona, and there's a warning from the faa come game time. the only thing flying through the air should be footballs. the faa established add virtual no fly zone around the university of phoenix stadium. the real concern is about drones. the nfl says it is finding more and more drones at stadiums and they could cause problems.
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>> somebody could just plain flat fly that drone into the crowd. and injure a few people. perhaps something on the drone, you know, that could cause, even if it's an explosion. but enough to cause a small panic or panic on the ground. >> the nfl says if a drone flies anywhere within a 30-mile radius tomorrow, an exclusive team will be ready to take it down. >> well, it is official. super bowl l has been handed off to the bay area. >> the countdown is officially on. will the host team be in it? joe vasquez is in phoenix and he posed that question to the 49ers owner. hi joe. >> reporter: i did, and how are you? look at this. the red carpet. this is one of the most star studded affairs here of the entire super bowl week. the nfl honors dinner going on right now behind me. and the honor bestowed on the
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bay area. come see us next year for super bowl l and we'll be there waiting for you with open arms. >> on a stage before super bowl xlix in phoenix, the stage is now set for number l in the bay area. the torch is being passed. actually, it's more like a football handoff. >> so i'm going to ask david russo to literally pass the ball to daniel lury. that seemed to go fairly well. >> that's it, you now have the ball. what are you going to tell the people of the bay area? >> come monday morning, we're on the clock. we're excited. we're thrilled, we're honored, and we're going to use this opportunity to shine a light on all of its great in the san francisco bay area. >> coming home. >> oh yeah, it's very exciting. we are actually just talking about it earlier today, what it's going to be like in the bay area. >> it's going to be like this, but even bigger. >> crazier, too. >> i'm hoping san francisco
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can make it to their own super bowl. so that would be awesome. >> ask jed york about that. >> how did that turn out? >> let's play the video. >> will the niners be in it? >> we're looking at one day at a time. right now, we want to get better. we want to get ready for the draft and that's everybody's dream. it's never happened before, and there's a lot of work that needs to be put in before we get to that point. >> okay, a lot of work needs to be done. not a lot of enthusiasm. 49ers fans are hoping that we'll be back in the bay next year. and i also followed up with the 49ers owner on tough questions about his coaches and we'll have that coming up at 6:30. >> i want to ask you about the bay area planners. as well as the niners and the raiders to get to the super bowl next year. what does it look like the planners will focus most of their energy? >> reporter: there is a team of people planning this. super bowl l, the host committee. they have been watching all sorts of things going on, because there are millions and
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millions of details. just the fact that a million people plus come into a city over a seven-day period is enough to boggle the mind. they tell us the priorities will be security and transportation and you heard them talking about drones. they are worried about much more than drones here. there have been terrorist attacks around the world in recent times and they are very focused on that. >> joe vasquez, thanks so much. see you at 6:30. >> not only will there be security for the fans, but also the footballs themselves. and you know why, it's all because of deflategate. the nfl is guarding 108 footballs right now. 108. to make sure that they aren't tampered with. they will be delivered to the game officials three hours before kickoff. the referee and his crew will keep watch on them and they will check the inflation at random and keep an eye out for irregularities. >> there's always a gray area in officiating. the bottom line is how i judge
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it is, is someone gaining an advantage? >> each team gave the nfl54 balls. they will be rotating and some will be auctioned off afterward. nearly three years to the day after whitney houston's death in a hotel bathtub, her daughter, bobby christina nearly suffers the same fate. what we know about what happened. the islamic terror group, isis, follows through on another threat after negotiations for a
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the daughter of singer, whitney houston, was found unconscious and face down in a bathtub this morning. bobby christina brown was found by her husband and a friend after her home in roswell, georgia. she was not breathing and did not have a pulse. police say her husband gave brown cpr until paramedics arrived. tonight, she is in a hospital, but there's no word on her condition. it is still unclear what happened. investigators were at her house all day looking for clues. police are saying right now they are considering a medical incident. investigators found nothing to indicate it was drug or alcohol related. police do say there is one odd di oddity in this case.
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whitney houston was found nearly three years ago at the beverly hilton hotel. the coroner ruled her death as accidental drowning. bottles of prescription drugs were found throughout her hotel suite. brown is houston's only child. isis beheaded a second japanese hostage. the video popped up online showing kenji, who called a message to the government of japan. it features a militant who appeared in other beheading videos. he says the execution was because of japan's decision to take part in a quote, unwinable war. there had been an effort to do a hostage swap to win the release. >> what is this streak of life going across the bay area? and a number of people saw it, we'll tell you what it was. >> two major changes for late next week. ramp up storm watch. the forecast coming up af
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three, two, one, engine start and lift off of delta 2 rocket. >> nasa successfully launched a satellite from vandenburg air force base. and it is on a three-year mission to track the amount of water locked in the earth's soil. help people brace for floods or help farmer's prepare for drought. the launch could be seen from the bay area, kpix5 viewer in pacifica took these pictures. he saw the streak of light above his house at 6:20 this morning. >> did you know there was once to plan the space shuttle from
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the west coast from vandenburg, after the challenger disaster in 1986, they scuffle the plans because they would have launched the shuttle over the continental u.s. so, away went the vehicle assembly building, which is still built and in place down there. back in the bay area, temperatures really warm at the beach and around the bay. as a result, beautiful, warmer than opening day on the baby far with readings approaching the 70s along the beach and exceeding them in some places. it was an amazing day for the last day of january. right now, concorde has 73 degrees. santa rosa 77 degrees. even as we approach 6:00 tonight. so, very warm around the bay area today. and yet, foreshadowing what will be happening by the end of the week, watch what is happening in the gulf of alaska. a major storm that is winding up down there will spread rain
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over the pacific northwest first, but the dynamics will be changing. after midweek and we'll be opening up the storm door so it looks like we'll get rain. big time. well, we're going to get anything seems like big time. we'll get rain on friday and then it's going to be an unsettled weekend. in the meantime, the first time in awhile, we didn't get any rain in january in san francisco. we finally stand a chance by the end of the week. tonight, mild evening for the bay area. temperatures in the 60s. out the door tomorrow morning, we'll see increasing high clouds tomorrow. that's not going to lead to anything other than increasing high clouds. as high pressure is still basically parked over the west coast, it will be mild again tomorrow. but the rain returns by friday. for much of the bay area. so stay tuned on that. that can be interesting. future cast does show the high clouds underway. there's sunrise started out sunny in the south bay. but the day goes on, increasing high clouds. we have some sun, we'll get
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some clouds and overall, pretty nice sunday. as we look at the sun sinking slowly into the west. cooler tomorrow with high clouds. mild and dry through thursday, but rain due in late in the week. overnight lows tonight, we'll be looking at numbers in the upper 40s and low 50s. 65 at heyward. 67 for livermore. the numbers are down. santa rosa, 65 and 77 right now. significantly colder there. and in the extended forecast, we'll have a variably cloudy week. some high clouds, some sun. until friday when we get wet in the bay area, we'll get a break on saturday. looks like more could be coming in on sunday. stay tuned, that's good news for us. we need it. ann. >> a seahawks fan has taken appropriations for his party for tomorrow's game to a whole different level. look at this. >> wow. >> let's look for a moment. you painted an entire house in arizona in team colors. it doesn't stop there. he painted the lawn and on the
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roof as you saw, a 12th man logo. the neighbors don't seem to mind. in fact, several nfl teams are represented, but none of the houses have a color scheme quite like this one. >> that is a commitment. wow. >> well, it may or may not surprise you that super bowl sunday is the second largest food consumption day of the year. second only to thanksgiving. >> here's a look at what the country will be chowing down on. 80million avacados for what? guacamole. go through 11 million-pounds of chips tomorrow. then we're going to wash it down with an ice cold beverage. super bowl watchers will down 325 million-gallons of beer. >> our pot luck will have lots of that, but no beer. no beer. >> that would be a gallon per person in the united states. >> take one down, pass it around. >> he's ready. >> with the house in arizona.
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>> how is he going to feel if the seahawks lose? >> he's going to be proud. he's going to be proud. >> all right, ahead, richard sherman, man, got a whole lot to worry about. oh, and he has to worry about the game. and oh, the truth is starting to come out, anne, on jim harbaugh's departure. i said that. the stories
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eve of super bowl xlix. here's a nice subplot getting a lot of traction. seattle cornerback, richard sherman, got a deal with the game plan and is about to deal with the art of changing diapers. his girlfriend is due to give birth to their son any moment now. what if it was tomorrow? sherman seems confident though that his son won't interfere. >> i think he's going to be a disciplined young man and stay in there until after the game. he is going to do his father the first favor and stand there for another week or two. >> if he is faced with that decision, we'll support him. and we'll see how that goes. wish him luck and can't wait to see little petey. >> all right, as i predicted, regarding jim harbaugh's dismissal. remember back when the 49ers publicly announced a mutual parting on the ways? the real stories will soon come
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out. thanks to writer, here we go. reports today 49ers management told harbaugh he wouldn't be back for 2015 two weeks before the end of the 2014 season. told him in mid december. for the fan base, let's just let that marinate for a moment. all right, basketball. little girl having a good time. st. mary's, 3 minutes left and it's time for brad to make the play now. and one. set the gails up by one. but here comes. and the ways win 67-62. they're first win since 2007. jump over to the ladies side. that is june, trying to beat stanford for the first time ever. amber, nice down load on caylee johnson. didn't happen today as stanford wins. we should mention the cal women
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beat washington 82-58. now, tennis certainly be respected here. serena williams had only maria share sharapova in the way of a milestone. women's final, wee hours of the morning our time. williams record against sharapova, 16-2. first set. and here's williams. near court. hitting with a purpose. one of the first sets, 6-3. it wasn't happening down under. there is match point. she wins it 6-3, 7-6. her 19th grand slam title. first australian open title since 2010. real treat at halftime. great performance coming up at tonight's warriors suns game. it might make you want to get into the gym. did for me. >> he got it. >> the excitement over the
5:56 pm
current warriors stellar season has a direct connection, 32 miles away in this dance studio. >> bounce, bounce, circle up down. >> that's caprese running a rehearsal. she was a warrior girl for three seasons. long before that, she had always -- >> around one, two, hit it, three, four. >> after the 2004 season, she moved on, but couldn't stay away. >> switch lines, make sure you're in the windows. >> she is rehearsing her love the dance girls for a saturday night, halftime performance at oracle. for 12 straight years oracle has been this group's big stage for one game. >> every time i go there, i'm sitting in my seat like, i need to be out there on the court. i could do it again. i'm trying to tell my husband. i can figure it out.
5:57 pm
i can manage it all. okay, let's do it. let's really power through and do a great job. hey vernon, are you ready? come on over. come join us. >> okay. >> kickball team, and a pony. and clap. grapevine. turn. kickball team. pony. here we go. drop it low. turn. how does it feel? do you want to learn more? >> man, my muscles are working. >> yup. >> i must say, i just caught my breath. >> that's awesome. that's it for us at 5:30. we'll see you again in half an hour. >>
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>> axelrod: tonight, another hostage murdered. isis apparently beheads a japanese prisoner. charlie d'agata on the failed negotiations to rescue kenji goto. juliana goldman on an airbag re- recall. more than two million vehicles may have airbags that could go off by mistake. the measles outbreak. carter evans on the growing number of doctors refusing to treat non-vaccinated patients. after burying the plains, a major snowstorm moves east setting the stage for a super bowl sunday whiteout for the midwest and northeast. and three years after whitney houston drowned in a hotel bath tub, her daughter is found unconscious in a tub. vinita nair on the eerie coincidence and the nearly tragic consequences. captioning sponsored by cbs


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