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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  January 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> axelrod: tonight, another hostage murdered. isis apparently beheads a japanese prisoner. charlie d'agata on the failed negotiations to rescue kenji goto. juliana goldman on an airbag re- recall. more than two million vehicles may have airbags that could go off by mistake. the measles outbreak. carter evans on the growing number of doctors refusing to treat non-vaccinated patients. after burying the plains, a major snowstorm moves east setting the stage for a super bowl sunday whiteout for the midwest and northeast. and three years after whitney houston drowned in a hotel bath tub, her daughter is found unconscious in a tub. vinita nair on the eerie coincidence and the nearly tragic consequences. captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. this is the western edition of the broadcast. i'm jim axelrod. it is a gruesome scene we've now seen at least half a dozen times. isis militant again posted a video online today that purportedly shows the beheading of a hostage. this time it was a journalist from japan who was brutally murdered, a man named kenji goto. goto had been held captive since october when he had traveled to syria seeking the release of another japanese hostage, haruna yukawa. yukawa was executed a week ago. charlie d'agata reports now on the failed negotiations to free the two men. >> to the japanese government... >> reporter: time, apparently, ran out for japanese journalist kenji goto. the purported isis video addressed the people of japan. >> this knife will not only slaughter kenji, but also carry on and cause carnage wherever your people are found.
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>> reporter: japanese prime minister abe condemned the parent killings saying he would never forgive these terrorists and they would be brought to justice. there had been some hope goto's life would be spared. this week his fate became intertwine with another isis prisoner, jordanian pilot moaz al-kasabeh, captured last month after his jet crashed during a bombing raid over syria. isis had offered to release goto in exchange for a would-be iraqi suicide bomber held in a jordanian prison, sajida al- rishawi. jordanian officials were ready to agree to swap prisoners, but they wanted their pilot freed, too, and demanded proof that he was still alive before any deal could be struck. that isis deadline to meet their demands ran out on thursday night. journalist kenji goto had been reporting on the war in syria when he vanished last year. he returned to the country to
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rescue haruna yukawa, a friend who had described himself as a private security contractor before his disappearance last august. both men turned up in an isis video more than a week ago with militants demanding $100 million each for their release. yukawa is thought to have been executed after that deadline ran out. if the video is authentic, it's unclear when goto met that fate, too. the 47-year-old journalist is the father of two young daughters, jim, a two-year-old and a newborn. there's no word tonight on the fate of the jordanian pilot but an uncle is quoted as saying that the family is devastated by the death of kenji goto. charlie d'agata in our london newsroom tonight, charlie, thank you. we have another major airbag recall to tell you about tonight. 2.1 million vehicles are being recalled because they may have faulty crash sensors that could cause airbags to deploy by mistake, and for about half of
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these vehicles it's a re-recall. here's juliana goldman. >> reporter: it's the second time the national highway traffic safety administration has recalled these vehicles, due to a defective sensor that can cause the airbag to deploy unexpectedly. the recall applies to 2002-2003 jeep libertys. 2002-2004 jeep grand cherokees. 2003-2004 honda odysseys, and the 2003 acura m.d.x. also included, are all pontiac vibe, dodge viper, toyota corolla, toyota matrix, and toyota avalons from 2003 to 2004. one million of those toyota and honda vehicles are also part of the takata airbag recall where defective airbags have the potential to explode with such force that it turns the metal casing into shrapnel. at least five deaths have been linked to the problem nationwide. n.h.t.s.a. administrator mark rosekind said on a conference
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call today that that heightens the risk for consumers. >> what we're talking about is the potential of a double problem here where there could be an inadvertent airbag deployment, and actually because of the defect that's involved it could actually be then connected to a takata airbag inflater problem. >> reporter: n.h.t.s.a. said it identified about 400 instances where an airbag deployed without a crash. of those, nine vehicles had ruptured takata airbags. those cars didn't have the initial repair. there were 39 cases of spontaneous airbag deployments in vehicles that had already been fixed at the dealer as a result of the first recall. >> we would expect with the fully effective, that would have been zero. >> reporter: n.h.t.s.a. is asking consumers to enter their vehicle's vin number on to see if their car is affected. there are no known fatalities related to the recall. n.h.t.s.a. said it could take several months for the car manufacturers to build enough
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parts to replace the units and fix all the affected vehicles. but, jim, they're also advising owners of the cars to go ahead and get the repair suggested in the original recall because even though it's not fully effective, it's better than nothing. >> axelrod: julianna, thank you. and this reminder-- midnight tonight is the deadline to file claims against general motors for injuries and death caused by faulty ignition switches. g.m. recalled 2.6 million vehicles because of the problem which has been linked to at least 50 deaths. the measles outbreak that started last month at disneyland is not slowing down. it's now up to at least 114 cases in 14 states. a growing number of doctors are now refusing to treat patients who are not vaccinated. and as carter evans reports, it is a policy that puts them at odds with some leaders in the medical community. >> where is your belly button? >> reporter: dr. margaret van blerk is a pediatrician in orange county, california, home to 27 confirmed cases of measles and one of the largest groups of
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unvaccinated children in the state. >> it's just frustrating that, you know, they just don't listen because they come to us to take care of their children, and yet they don't trust us. >> reporter: now, her practice is on the verge of dropping patients whose parents refuse to immunize. >> we probably will just not be able to see them here anymore. i don't want people bringing their children in here and being fearful they're going to get exposed to kids who are not vaccinated. >> i feel their pain, but thatú[#h won't stop the epidemic if you exclude children. >> reporter: dr. kenneth =wh22berg is with the american academy of pediatrics. >> we want to work with families, and there are other ways to protect children, other than excluding those families. >> reporter: he says0my pediatricians could create separate office hours for children whose parents won't vaccinate to isolate them from other patients. >> you're smiling! >> reporter: but pediatrician charles goodman says it's notk9(t that simple. what would happen if a patient infected with measles came into
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your office? >> it would be a disaster. i would have to call the health department. it would close our office down. every patient that was in there would have to be quarantined for a period of time. >> reporter: he says babies who are too young to receive the vaccine are especially at risk.r)4lr >> the disease is so contagious that they could give those babies measles and those babies cowl die. >> as physicians we take t>> hippocratic oath and it's first to do no harm, and by bringing patients in who are nothe vaccinated i think we're harmingk other patients who depend us on to keep them healthy. >> reporter: as the outbreak worsens, some doctors feel the strongest medicine may be a dose of reality. >> okay, we are ready for vaccines. >> reporter: carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> axelrod: the nasty winter weather is not letting up in either the midwest or the northeast. both regions are now expecting another blast of winter. meteorologist lauren casey is with our minneapolis station wcco. lauren what are we looking at? >> yeah, this next system will impact 19 states stretching from the lower midwest to the northeast. the snow begins tonight in chicago and continues all day tomorrow with snow totals possible over a foot. them the system heads east
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bringing heavy snow to the northeast and new york city. we could see six inches of snow possible tomorrow night, and just in time for the monday morning commute, sleet and freezing rain, and more snow on top of that. and in boston, of course, they picked up over two feet of snow in the blizzard of 2015.é and this next system could bring another foot of snow. then after the snow moves out, arctic air will blast in. bostonians could wake up to wind chills of nearly 30 below zero by tuesday morning. >> axelrod: okay, lauren they're playing a football game tomorrow in glendale, arizona. what does the forecast look like for kickoff? >> yeah, after all the talk ofas snow and cold, conditions are going to be beautiful, sunny skies and 70 degrees. >> axelrod: okay, lauren, lauren casey in minneapolis. thank you. it was the saturday before the 2012 grammy awards when whitney houston was found dead in a hotel bath tub. the third anniversary of that tragedy is less than two weeks from tonight, and we were jarringly reminded of it today
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when houston's daughter, bobbi kristina brown, was found unconscious in a tub. vinita nair has the story. >> reporter: it was bobbi kristina brown's husband and a friend who found her face down 10:30 in the morning in her bathtub. according to police, they immediately started c.p.r. until brown could be transported to a nearby hospital. the incident comes one week after a tv movie which chronicled houston's tumultuous marriage to brown's father bobby brown.k >> he makes me laugh. he's a family man. he loves me. i know that. >> reporter: anthony decurtis is a contributing editor at "rolling stone" magazine who interviewed whitney houston. >> all of these things can't have been easy. those kind of anniversaries are difficult for anyone. >> reporter: brown was the couple's only child. she was 14 when her parents divorced and 18 when whitney houston was found dead in a hotel bathtub. houston died of an accidental drowning, but cocaine and heart failure were contributing factors.çp=de
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>> hello, lovely one. >> reporter: in a 2012 interview with oprah winfrey, brown spoke about the loss of her mother. >> if you were to ask me thisñp'o months ago, i would have said i- - i wouldn't be able to get through it. i would have said no. i would have went right with her. i wouldn't have gotten through it at all. >> you're getting through it. >> yeah, yeah. i am. >> reporter: growing up in such a famous family, what kind of pressures were on her? >> i think anybody growing up with that kind of spotlight on them, it's very difficult. and when your family is not necessarily in the spotlight for the best things-- you know, i mean, there was this kind of sense of they're paying attention to you because your áruts seem to be driving themselves over a cliff.'#t#ñ >> reporter: jim, police say when brown was taken to the hospital, she was alive andrfcíp breathing. >> axelrod: vinita, thank you. thousand of kids attend broken down schools funded by the federal government. what is or is not being done about it? and the dramatic rescue aboard a millionaire's yacht when the cbs evening news continues.dór
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>> axelrod: this coming monday, president obama will present his 2016 budget, and it is expected to include $138 million to upgrade federally funded schools on native american reservations. adriana diaz visited one of those schools in northern minnesota and saw just how desperately those repairs are needed. >> reporter: when high school junior jesse goes to >> reporter: when high school junior jesse goes to social studies class, she brings her books and a blanket. does it get cold in this building? >> yes, very cold. >> reporter: how cold? >> shivering cold. >> reporter: her high school is made of tin, offering little insulation. its leaky roof has collapsed under snow. it needs repairs, like one-third of the 183 federally funded schools for native americans. even though 844 million taxpayer dollars went to the schools last year. but it's not just the buildings
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that are broken. fourth graders at b.i.e. schools scored 22 points lower in reading and 14 points lower in math than native american students at other public schools. and b.i.e. schools have the nation's lowest graduation rate- - 53% compared to 67% of native american students at non- b.i.e. schools. the national graduation rate is 80%. >> this originally was a bus garage, and we've made it into a school. >> reporter: crystal redgrave is the superintendent. does your high school have a science lab? >> no. >> reporter: does your high school have modern computers? >> no. >> reporter: does your high school have a gym? >> no. >> reporter: do you feel like your high school is on par with public schools in the area? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: at a north dakota reservation last summer, president obama said he's committed to native american youth. >> our country has a place for everyone, including every single young person here.
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>> reporter: their education is a responsibility of secretary of interior sally jewell. she overseas the bureau of indian education. she says she's reorganizing the department to make it more efficient. >> we really have never served indian children well, and that's not okay. >> reporter: last year, jewel was able to get $954,000 from congress for school repairs. but that's less than 1% of the estimated $1 billion needed. this year, $19 million will go to school construction. >> i've never had such a powerful job with so little power because you're completely reliant on congress for your budget. >> reporter: so are taxpayers paying for schools that are not educating students? >> yes. >> reporter: montana senator jon tester is the vice chairman of the senate committee on indiana, affairs. he says funding is only possible if the house and senate make it a priority. we spoke to the secretary of the interior, who said, "i can't do much unless congress pass a bill." but you're telling me, you're in congress, "i can't do much unless other congressmen come
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forward on this issue." >> not at all. this is the way it is. the right thing to do this is not let's treat this like a line item in a budget. let's treat it like children and their future. >> i only have one year latest so i don't really have to worry about it but i am worried for all the other kids that have to go through this. >> reporter: jesse hopes a new school will eventually come for the sake of future generations. adriana diaz, cbs news, leach lake reservation, minnesota. >> axelrod: up next, dartmouth's ban on hard liquor. can it be enforced, and will it make a difference? his machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my lower back pain. find a machine at congratulations. you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough, adding crestor lowers bad cholesterol up to 55%. crestor is not for people with liver disease
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>> axelrod: dartmouth college made news this week when the school's president announced a campus ban on hard liquor. the move is part of an effort to prevent sexual assaults. but as jericka duncan reports, some dartmouth students doubt the measure will make much of a difference. >> reporter: the ban starts march 30, and impacts students even if they are of drinking age. do you think it will be difficult to enforce a hard liquor ban on this campus? >> i think it will be very difficult just because we have a wide, spread-out campus, especially residentially. >> reporter: dartmouth college president philip hanlon says the ban was in reaction to excessive drinking and the dangerous behavior that sometimes follows. hanlon told students and staff thursday that it is hard alcohol rather than being bier or wine that lands students on a
6:22 pm
hospital gurney. at least nine schools nationwide have similar bans in place, but in several cases, there has been little to no change when it comes to alcohol-related hospitalizations. at colby college, where a ban took effect in 2010, the latest annual health report shows there were 50 alcohol-related emergency room visits. and bates college has had a ban since 2001, yet 44 students were hospitalized for alcohol poisoning in 2010. dartmouth students realize the ban may not eliminate hard alcohol all together. sophomore veronique davis. >> there's definitely a bit of a gap between what the administration can do and what the students themselves need to do. >> reporter: as part of its enforcement plan, which seeks to hold greek organizations more accountable, dartmouth officials say they will require third- party security and bartenders for social events, jim. >> axelrod: jericka, thank you.
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the coast guard made a dramatic rescue after a catamaran ran into some trouble 200 miles off the coast. a coast guard chopper plucked five passengers off the boat stranded in 13-foot seas after its mast snapped. among those rescued, millionaire investor brian cohen, the first big backer of the social media platform pinterest. still ahead, it's being hailed as a great idea to keep women safe in a city where many have been attacked. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. your eyes really are unique. in fact,
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>> axelrod: we end tonight with a pink taxi in india. this week, a woman sued uber saying she'd been raped by an uber driver in new delhi. now seth doane shows us how a cab company there is responding to calls to keep women safe. >> reporter: these taxis, with bright pink markings, have been on delhi streets for just over two weeks. they're one company's answer to the outrage and fear felt in the city where reported crimes against women have more than doubled since 2012. do you think a taxi company for women is needed here in india? >> yes. >> reporter: 24-year-old chandni is one of the newest drivers. >> in india, big issue for a woman's safety, so we can try to make delhi safe, so that's why i like this idea. >> reporter: you think part of making delhi safe is female drivers driving female customers?
6:27 pm
>> yes. >> reporter: reported incidents of rape here in india have risen 35% in just a year, according to recent figures, and statistically, delhi is considered the most dangerous city in the country for women. this man is the v.p. of operations at the taxi company that started this offshoot hiring only female drivers, and then working with delhi police to train them in self-defense. you're talking about 25 taxis in this huge city of new delhi. can it really make a difference? >> we are very sure that we will be able to increase to around 2,500 cars across country. in delhi we are looking at 250- 300 numbers. >> 22-year-old customer punam kumari let us tag along. it was her second time using the service, which requires at least one passenger to be female. so you say you feel more comfortable. >> comfortable, as well as secure. >> reporter: the taxi is equipped with pepper spray
6:28 pm
g.p.s. tracking and a panic alarm to protect both passenger and driver. chandni says this is also about showing men that women can do this male-dominated job, too maybe even better. >> women are very polite, and she know-- she follows all the traffic rules, and very safe-- safe-- doing safer driving. >> reporter: you think women are just better drivers? >> yes. >> reporter: it's as much about empowering women as protecting seth doane, cbs news, new delhi. >> axelrod: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. later on cbs "48 hours." for now, i'm jim axelrod in new york. and for all of us here at cbs news, thanks for joining us. and good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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and tonight: they think police say it's one of the most gruesome cases they've seen in years. tonight, they think they have the guy who left a suitcase full of body parts on the san francisco sidewalk. >> stay away from the water. that's the warning tonight for people and their pets after dogs started suddenly dying after visiting a popular bay area lake. >> and the bay area takes the handoff to start the countdown to super bowl l in sa
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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. >> come monday morning, we're on the clock. we're excited. we're thrilled. we're honored. >> and still more than a year away from the super bowl. tonight the bay area just got the handoff. good evening, i'm brian. >>


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