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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  February 5, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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spute. da. >> reporter: veronica, this is not a work stoppage at least not yet. it is a work slowdown and it's a tactic being used by the union during the negotiations process. this ship behind me is finally getting uploaded after sitting out in the bay for quite a few days. in fact, there are still a handful of cargo ships idling in the bay costing bay area businesses millions of dollars. the sound of unloading a shipping container is music to the ears of importers like taylor chow. he waited a month and a half for this. it was supposed to arrive december. this container arrived at the warehouse this afternoon. he is waiting for 20 other containers of dried goods tied up at the port. >> we don't have product to sell. people are coming but no
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product to sell. >> reporter: he already lost $40,000 from canceled orders. he estimates he is losing a $1,000 a day during slowdown. it's already lasted several weeks. >> manmade disaster. we couldn't survive. >> reporter: the lunar new year is coming up and extra orders especially for seasonal products are coming in. >> if they came in late, they are not able to use it no matter what. >> reporter: useless after new year's? >> they are basically useless. >> reporter: over in san carlos this company is looking to sue the port and union after $1.5 million worth of product has been sitting in the port since december 15. >> president obama could say go back to work or ship out and stop this nonsense or fix it. >> reporter: shoppers will soon see the effects of the work slowdown. that's because importers like taylor say they will have to raise their prices by 10%. now they have to ship their containers down to mexico and
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then use trains to bring those containers back into the bay area. veronica? >> all right. da, thank you. the situation at the port of oakland is a complicated one. there are actually three players involved. there is a port of oakland itself that leases out its terminal to shippers. the labor dispute is between the pacific maritime association which represents the shippers and the international longshore union. the union represents the dock workers. you can call it construction frustration. a project in san jose that is eventually supposed to help ease commute traffic is right now making drivers more upset. as kpix 5's devin fehely tells us, this is all after the city asked the commuters what they wanted. devin. >> reporter: yeah, some neighbors call it the price of progress. others simply say it is a big pain. but construction on bart in san jose behind me has turned a once busy thoroughfare into a
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dead end. >> noise and rumbling. >> land something completely closed. >> it's a pain. >> reporter: ironically neighbors say construction of the long-awaited bart extension to san jose has made the very traffic it is supposed to ease worse, much worse, in the meantime. what has the impact been on traffic? >> it's been a disaster i think. just made it worse. >> reporter: for the next nine months the vta shut it down at sierra road while it tunnels under the intersection paving the way for bart. the vta says the pain while real is temporary while the gain for commuters will be significant and permanent. >> the project has significant benefits both for relieving congestion on one of the most notoriously congested commute corridors, the i-880-i-680 corridor. >> reporter: the vta says it gave neighbors a choice completely shut down the road and finish construction in roughly nine months or leave it
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partially open and double the construction time. but in the meantime commuters and makes say closing the street has caused a ripple effect increasing traffic on nearby streets doubling or tripling commute times. >> it's something we have to endure for right now. >> reporter: construction typically continues until roughly 9:00 at night. the vta says they believe that the commuters are still in an adjustment period and will eventually realize that this street is closed and make alternate plans. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. california drives may be drivers may be asked to pay a price just to drive on the roads. elizabeth cook joins us. drivers are asking to pay more. >> reporter: that's right. we already pay tolls and tax but they aren't cutting it when it comes to repairing the state's aging infrastructure. some lawmakers are proposing a road user charge. assembly speaker toni atkins says it would be a $52 annual
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fee for drivers. it would generate $800 million a year for road repairs. and an extra $1 billion that would be put back into the state's general fund. >> it's the assembly's ambitious proposal to generate $10 billion in transportation funding over the next five years. >> i think the highway funds are ample right now and i don't see any reason to pay anything extra. >> some drivers weren't to happy about the proposals. others say it would help decrease the wear and tear of the cars. with 33 million drivers on the road now, lawmakers say the fee would make for a smoother ride for the next generation of drivers. veronica? >> thank you, liz. the road use your charge would require a two-thirds vote for approval. well, clouds for now but soon rain will be falling on to the bay area. and a lot of it. it's the rain that we have been waiting for, for weeks. maybe more than a month. our ryan takeo is in the north bay where they are expecting to
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get hit with rain first. but chief meteorologist paul deanno is here with the timing of the storm. >> the teaming will be delayed because as of right now -- the timing will be delayed because as of right now it's in ukiah. it will come south but it will take time before steady rainfall comes to marin county, san mateo county and alameda county, which are all dry right now. just a few drips of rain in north sonoma county and that is it. that said, when the rain begins it's going to come in a tonight and we'll see by this time tomorrow several inches of rainfall in the north bay. likely enough to cause some isolated flash flooding so you in marin, napa and sonoma county are under a flash flood warning and the rain will also come with wind. a wind advisory is in effect for the entire bay area. we'll see widespread wind gusts to 40 miles per hour higher elevation wind gusts to get as strong as 60 miles per hour. so the exact timing we asked futurecast and at 10:00 tonight frankly that's not much rain out there just a few showers in north sonoma county. the rain begins to pick up but stays north of the golden gate
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at 8:00 tomorrow morning, but then tomorrow afternoon's commute that's going to be sloppy very wet and very windy. that rain is going to be coming down in buckets for that drive home tomorrow. so this time tomorrow will be the bull's eye of wave one of the storm. we'll talk about how much rain to expect on friday and more over the weekend coming up. >> thank you. kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us live now from healdsburg. ryan, you heard paul he says it's going to come down hot and heavy for especially north bay residents. people do not want to see a repeat of what happened last time though when it all seemed to come at one time and really caused some problems. >> reporter: especially up here in healdsburg. a lot of lessons learned. the main street here in downtown turned into a river december 10 around there. several businesses flooded this flower shop and realty office. they have plastic bags and
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sandbags. a couple of months ago, vanguard properties they just moved in, they moved in, in october. they had no clue it would be like this. they say damage cost them thousands. so you bet they're ready this time. >> the pump is ready to pump the water away from the building if we need to. >> reporter: four to six inches through monday night. since christmas eve it's rained once and january is the wettest month in the area. they are ready, they're getting ready, this cobbler right here is getting ready. and so they do not want all this rain to come at once like it did last time. hopefully it's spread out over the next couple of days. ken? >> taking the good with maybe some bad on the way. ryan takeo in healdsburg, thank you. storm drains in san francisco cleared out ready to go for this arena. workers use high-powered vacuum trucks and hoses to clean out
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any debris that has built up. in orinda, pg&e crews were out working carefully around power lines to trim tree branches. they cut down some huge limbs that could potentially fall on the power poles in tomorrow's storm. as the storm rolls in, be sure to download the cbs bay area weather app. this thing is great! you can see where it's at in real time. you can get realtime radar and upload your weather photos. a warning tonight about a prowler on campus at san francisco state. police say he preyed on a student and sexually assaulted her. kpix 5's christian hartnett is on campus where students have been put on alert. christian. >> reporter: yeah, an absolutely terrifying moment for this student. the attack lasted about a minute but it must have felt much longer than that as the attacker held a weapon during it all. this woman started crying during the attack but police say the guy told her to shut up. university police got the call from the woman sometime after
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midnight last night. she had been walking on campus between burke hall and the student health center. according to police, the woman saw the man sitting on a bench and start to follow her and he pulled her into the bushes and held a sharp object to her side before lifting her shirt and grabbing her breasts and groin area. police say he ran off and is still on the loose. today students are rattled to hear what happened. >> obviously we have to bring someone walk me home. it's unfortunate because would you think -- you would hope that your home in the area around university is safe. >> reporter: university vice president of student affairs and enrollment says police will step up patrols around campus as the results of this attack and tonight the university is stressing that all students walking on campus at night take safety precautions especially when on campus at night. live in san francisco, christian hartnett, kpix 5. also tonight a pleasanton
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man is accused of stealing from kids. jeremy carderaa allegedly took $20,000 in league money part of it used for a vacation. still ahead, bay area companies winning big. the dollar signs on the stock market today for some local tech giants. >> and money for vets. that's their pitch. but only on "5" we asked where the money is really going. >> and snakes once smuggled into the united states now rescued. how a bay area zoo has become the saving grace for
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some big name bay area companies record their earnings today. allen martin is here to break it down. >> reporter: it was a good day if you were twitter or gopro but pandora saw shares drop. let's start with twitter.
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shares spiked nearly 10% after market. the online social media giant nearly doubled quarterly revenue. and that's good news for twitter, especially after the company was seeing user growth lag. now to gopro. shares were up 14% in after- hours trading. this is after the san mateo- -based company sold almost 2.5 million cameras in the fourth quarter. good holiday season. its revenue hit nearly $634 million, nine percent higher than expect. but for online music giant pandora the numbers are disappointing shares down 22% after the internet radio company's quarterly revenue fell below expectations but overall, the market responded well today. the third big gain this week, the dow jones industrial average up nearly 212 points. nasdaq up almost 48 and s&p up 21. another factor for investors, the price of oil recovering a bit. up $2 to more than $50 a
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barrel. so investors are looking for the trend to tip. you and i are not. >> the market not for the weak of heart right now. >> no. >> we have been up and down! down and then back up. >> always a ride. hang on. >> thank you. a south bay stink is so bad there's now a lawsuit to clean up what some say is the culprit. residents in milpitas and fremont are banding together to sue newby island landfill. a law firm representing homeowners says the odor from the landfill is forcing people to stay inside and close their windows. the lawsuit is seeking damages for nearly 10,000 homes. newby island landfill says the stink is not from them. in oakland, if you report illegal dumping you could get paid for your vigilance. the city is launching a new program to give rewards to witnesses of people dumping their furniture and trash. people can get up to half of all the penalties collected from the enforcement. speed limit for just about every, single street in the
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city of san francisco could be dropping down to 20 miles per hour. those streets with higher speed limits would have it reduced by 5 miles per hour. the city is looking for ways to slow drivers down to improve safety. the city officials point to the success of a similar plan that's being used in london. >> driving 20 miles an hour might delay you a little bit from where you're trying to get. but if you quantify how many lives it saves and how many fewer injuries, i would weigh the public health interests above personal convenience. >> turns out the state of california would have to approve a move like that. opposition from drivers could be fierce. contraband smuggled into the u.s. is confiscated, then sent to the bay area. not to be destroyed but saved. kpix 5's don ford shows us how the oakland zoo is stepping up to help again. >> reporter: these are amazon tree boas, smuggled on a ship from south america to miami. part of the illegal
6:17 pm
international exotic pet trade. federal agents found them. now the oakland zoo is trying to save them. >> they really are dehydrated. they had ticks that had to be hand-picked off them. they were not in good condition at all. >> reporter: smuggling exotic animals into the country is a federal crime and much like drugs or counterfeit goods the animals become a key part of prosecuting the case. >> they start out as evidence. once the case is resolved, they are released permanently into our care. and at that point, we can either put them on exhibit or send them to another zoo. he was confiscated. >> reporter: once stuffed in a box now an animal ambassador for visiting kids. this cockatoo freed from smugglers is trying to make a buck. [ whistling ] >> reporter: oakland has several animals from the trade like the sonoran desert toads with toxic glands from a case
6:18 pm
in colorado. hardly a pet. >> he doesn't like to be cuddled. >> reporter: there's a rare blonde gibbon named gladys. she was seized on texas and now on permanent display. the zoo is careful. >> they have to be quarantined and kept separate until the vets can really get to 'em, take care of them, make sure they are healthy. >> all right. good bird. >> reporter: this crime story however does have a silver lining. now all the confiscated animals are safe. and the zoo has a few more unusual exhibits. at the oakland zoo, don ford, kpix 5. >> when the rain hits the russian river will be on the rise. been doing that since it was a river. here's what it looked like during the december storms. this is the entrance to johnson beach where i learned to swim so many moons ago. you can see the water past the parking area. same thing at steelhead beach where the river came up more than 20 feet. a park restroom was nearly
6:19 pm
under water. >> check in now with paul deanno. >> it will rain tomorrow morning. we have been talking about this for a week. so it's like come on, already! it's going to pour tomorrow. we need all the rain. highs today every day this year warmer than average and today was the same. morgan hill, oakland 67 for you. fremont 65. san jose 68. where is the rain? already an inch of rain in eureka. it rained as far south as ukiah and showers will spread south overnight tonight becoming a steady soaking rainfall. we will likely see some flash flooding in napa, marin and sonoma counties. i don't think it will be as bad as it was in early december but it will be wet in the north bay with rainfall totals by tomorrow night upward of a half inch of rain in a few spots. we could use moisture. look at the snowpack.
6:20 pm
take a look at the numbers. 21% of average the california snowpack. the problem is, when it's a pineapple express or an atmospheric river, it's warm and it's wet, but it's not that snowy. look at tahoe's high tomorrow. 54 degrees at lake level. it will be windy and the wet, rain-snow level at 8,000 feet. it will be wet but not adding to the snowpack. wave number one gets here tomorrow. i'm numbering them because tomorrow isn't the only windy wet day. we'll get showers on saturday. on sunday here's comes wave 2. it will be a sunday soaker. >> not as much as december. but a lot of rain coming over a three or four-day period. highs tomorrow windy and wet and 62 degrees for you in san
6:21 pm
rafael. vallejo 63. mountain view 65 degrees. extended forecast, scattered showers, that's it on saturday. kind of a break. sunday the rain moves back in. monday morning the showers are gone. and sunshine is back next tuesday, wednesday, thursday. so we have two commutes tomorrow. i think the majority of the morning commute tomorrow around san francisco will be dry. but it is the evening commute tomorrow where things are really going to pick up and i think the drive home from work tomorrow is going to be quite sloppy so if you can leave work early, dr. deanno said go home early. >> just don't go to work tomorrow. >> call in sick. >> i think that may be overstepping dr. deanno's authority. >> sorry about that. >> don't want to mess with your prescription. [ laughter ] still ahead, big money on the line for a bay area church. >> the unusual [alarms blaring] ohhhhh... whoa whoa whoa! who's responsible for this?!? if something goes wrong, you find a scapegoat.
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well, it's a pretty unusual proposition for a priest.
6:24 pm
get a huge donation for your church but it comes with a catch. or in this case a punch. kpix 5's john ramos reports. >> reporter: father aden is pastor of st. columba's catholic church in oakland. at christmastime he was contacted by a stranger who said he wanted to donate some money. >> and he took 40 bills, $100 bills, and spread them out on the table. and he said, the only way that you can pick this money up is -- >> reporter: wait, we'll get back to that. but first you should know what father is doing with the money. because his parishioners are mostly black, he is creating what he calls an afrocentric catholic church. there are statues and paintings of a black jesus, and next to the stained glass, martin luther king, jr. is depicted with a saint halo. even statues of mary and joseph have been repainted to better reflect the congregation. but the money to help do this
6:25 pm
came with an odd catch. father aiden was required to complete a rigorous four-week boxing boot camp at a gym in san francisco's gritty tenderloin district. >> i thought to myself, hm. this is not in the job description of pastor or catholic priest. >> reporter: but the 52-year- old priest is gamely battling on earning the money donated by this man, eduardo roy a trial lawyer who heard about a nun at st. columba's who gives away a dollar a day to the needy and he began thinking about the homeless he sees on the street every day. >> it just bothered me that i walked past the man and i could have given him much more than a dollar but a dollar would have probably been what he needed. >> reporter: so these two men meet here each morning far from their comfort zones. the priest with the mission, the lawyer with the conscience. one is feeling better. the other better about himself.
6:26 pm
both just trying to do some good. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. >> father's boot camp ends tomorrow but he has been thinking about joining the next class. he just sent out today eduardo has already signed him up for it. ask anyone who rides mass transit. they will tell you, it's packed these days. tonight, a surprising discovery why we are actually using buses and trains less than we used to. >> you have seen him around men and women in fatigues raising money for veterans. only on kpix 5, what we discovered about where that cash is going. >> plus, more dangerous than a credit card breach. cyber thieves stealing the information of millions from a health
6:27 pm
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xñyñ5ñ it seems like trains and buses are more packed than ever but tonight the surprising discovery overall the bay area is actually relying less on public transit. welcome back, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. that statistic comes from people who run the bay area.
6:30 pm
our own ann notarangelo with the numbers and what's being done to change them. >> reporter: it's not your imagination. there are more people packed on bart trains these days. but also a fact, overall ridership on mass transit in the bay area is down. >> you see a clear pattern, but not necessarily a clear reason for that pattern. >> reporter: the mtc has found there's been a 3% overall transit ridership increase over the past two decades. but during that same time, a 14% decline in per capita transit ridership. factoring in our population growth, the region is becoming less dependent on public transportation. one factor? sprawling growth in suburban areas. >> where in many cases, driving a car was the only viable option. now, recently, you see a bit of a reversal. >> reporter: veronica with the walnut creek-based transportation consulting company sees that, as well. >> there's a generational shift in using public transportation.
6:31 pm
and i see the younger generation, um, relying on it more heavily. >> reporter: but to make it work for more of us, mass transit needs to nail down the first and last mile of our commute. a model program is the emory go round that drives people from bart to spots around emeryville. it's seen a 20% increase in three years. >> i think frequency is probably the most important thing when you're dealing with last mile connections and a bus service. >> reporter: there's more focus these days on transit villages, telecommuting, car sharing and bike riding. so where we are now may not be where we're going. >> what's more interesting is to see what the facts are a year from now, two years from now five-years from now. >> reporter: by then, we'll likely have to fact for in self-driving cars. ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> well, you may have seen them outside your grocery store men and women raising money for disabled and homeless veterans. where is that money going? kpix 5's betty yu did some
6:32 pm
digging. >> this is for the homeless veterans and disabled veterans. >> reporter: an american flag and an ammo box are their trademarks. they do brisk business outside this walgreens in san carlos. and at a whole foods in palo alto. >> homeless and disabled veterans. >> reporter: they look like veterans, but -- are you a veteran? >> no, i'm not. >> reporter: are you a veteran? >> no, i'm not. >> reporter: still, this man who told us he was a manager assured us it's all legit. >> we got the tax id number in case somebody write a check. >> reporter: the charity is called the national paradigm foundation their office address in vallejo. as you can see, all windows are covered up. no one answers the phones here. and people across the hall say they never see anyone around. turns out, ceo brian hancock spends most of his time at an office in richmond where he runs another charity. how many veterans have you helped? >> um, about 45. >> reporter: over how many years? >> about three years. >> reporter: he told us his
6:33 pm
charity provides food, clothing and referrals. >> but we find out in the area, you know, who is doing what. and then we actually send them to those resources. >> reporter: actually physically driving them there? >> no. we don't drive no. we don't drive them. we just point them to that, to that organization. >> reporter: told us he is not taking in nearly as much money as people think. >> yesterday, $28 between three people. >> reporter: your 2011 irs filing says their annual revenue is $296,000. >> for who? >> fortunate paradigm foundation. >> reporter: no. you mean our suggested revenue. >> correct. >> yeah. that's not our revenue. >> how did you fall so short of $296,000? >> well, we thought that we would become -- start getting grants. the grants didn't, um, didn't pan out. >> reporter: neither did the charity's paperwork with the
6:34 pm
state. after three years of warning letters that appropriate tax forms have not been filed, national paradigm foundation's registration status is delinquent. according to the let your you foundation is now suspended according to the letter. >> i need to talk to my cpa. >> it just makes you feel ripped off. >> reporter: we showed our video to a vietnam veteran who has been running the nonprofit swords to plowshares for almost 40 years. >> they have the flag and symbols and take advantage of the sea of goodwill. it hurts a group like swords doing legitimate work. it makes people feel like everybody is ripping them off so they can't support anybody. >> reporter: people are skeptical, they see your guys out there. how can you guarantee that their money is going to a legitimate cause? what evidence do you have? >> what evidence do i have? um, um, really don't have any
6:35 pm
evidence. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> hancock later told us the state made a mistake. he said he has filed and he produced a document. but we checked with the state and they say they never got it. san jose's mayor had to scramble to do some major damage control today. he was being blamed for canceling a high school dance. only on "5" our len ramirez on how he wound up making the students very happy. >> thank you! >> thank you, sam liccardo! >> reporter: the independence high school cheer squad gave a shoutout to the san jose mayor for saving their big event of the year the sadie hawkins dance but it didn't start out that way. >> it threw us off our game. so are we going to have sadie? >> reporter: they thought it was blown off the schedule after a conflict with city hall. now they are literally doing backflips. >> like a win-win situation. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo said he started out with good intentions after a divisive mayoral campaign he wanted to
6:36 pm
reach out to easide families by holding his first state of the city on their turf. >> what we settled on was independence high school and their only facility that could facilitate the couple of how to people. >> reporter: it's almost always booked. the mayor's address was to be an open saturday morning but the stage and sound system to be set up the night before and friday night was the big sadie hawkins dance. >> we had the date set for sadie hawkins back in june or july. >> reporter: it looked like the event which raises money for cheer uniforms and travel expenses might be canceled. but liccardo put his staff to work coming up with an epic solution. >> he offered us to have our sadie at the rotunda downtown. >> reporter: that's right. the premiere venue which rents for $6,000 a night was being offered for free. >> mr. liccardo has a huge warm heart. thank you, sir. >> i'm told that the rotunda is a peretti good place to hold a
6:37 pm
-- is a pretty good place to hold a dance. i haven't had the privilege to dance there yet but we'll entertain them here at city hall. >> reporter: and that's something to cheer about. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. coming up, a cyber attack targets tens of millions of americans. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, what you need to know about the latest health company breach and how to protect life's morning multitasking. it's multiple ideas for growing families
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6:40 pm
presumably affecting not just adults but compromising child identities, too. now, as we told you at 5:00 though you can't prevent most types of id theft, a credit freeze also called a security freeze is the best tool to prevent a crook from opening credit in your name. but in most states credit freezes don't protect those most vulnerable to id theft. >> can i put a freeze on my child credit? >> you should be able to. in some states you can. but it doesn't work that way. >> reporter: he explains in california, the credit bureaus generally won't allow you to freed your child's credit unless they are already a victim of id theft because they don't have a credit file to freeze but that doesn't stop crooks from creating one. so we found a loophole. several credit card companies don't have minimum age requirements for authorized users. by adding my toddler as an authorized user on one might have cards, we established a credit file in her name with all three bureaus, allowing me to freeze her credit until she is old enough to apply for a
6:41 pm
card of her own. now, in several other states, lawmakers or attorneys general have stepped in to require the bureau's allowing to freed your kids' credit but camera harris the california ag denied our request to even discuss the issue. equifax is currently the only credit bureau that allows you to freeze your kid's credit without an existing file. go to for more. the good news is we found a workaround. the bad news is you shouldn't have to find one. it should be law. >> crooks are getting really sophisticated. yeah. going after kids because they know that there's a perfect credit opening there. >> they have pristine credit. what's interesting is when they open a file in a kid's name they create that child's age. so if there is no file, they can say, yes, i'm johnnie smith, here's my social security number and i'm 20 years old. >> good luck untangling that mess when you're old enough to find out in 18 years. three months after a massive computer hack sony
6:42 pm
pictures's co-chairman is stepping down. amy pascal came under fire at the end of last year after her emails were leaks online after a security breach at the studio. coming up, two massive ships rendezvous off the california coast. why this is somewhat of a royal affair. light rain is approaching the north bay this evening. rain is going to not be light over the next 24 hours. it will be heavy and the winds will be gusty. how about a pouring rain with 40-mile-per-hour winds? that's coming to the bay area tomorrow. details on how much rain next. >> tell you what, paul, if it rains it pours for tiger woods. >> a hall of famer tees off on brady. >> and following in dad's footsteps isn't always ease is i. >> if they hate me that's fine.
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stone age. the questions they refuse to answer tonight. that story and more on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. it was a royal rendezvous in long beach. not between people. between two cruise ships. the queen elizabeth docked alongside the legendary queen mary today. this is the first time that has ever happened. the event is to celebrate queen mary's 80 years in service. the royal meeting look how small the keep mary is, look how big the queen elizabeth is. the queen elizabeth is supposed to leave port tonight for san francisco. >> look at that. >> yeah. >> speaking of san francisco, as we look live from sutro tower out toward the golden gate, and the north portion of the city, golden gate park, here's the deal. if we do not receive any measurable rainfall by midnight tonight in san francisco, it will be the longest winter time dry stretch in the history of the city. and we're under a flood watch. try to unwrap that one of the that's because it's going to
6:47 pm
pour tomorrow. kind of strange. middle of a drought hasn't rained in six weeks and under a flood watch. go figure. low 60s outside. livermore 60. san francisco 61. santa rosa 58 degrees. the rain is approaching the north bay. you can't see much of it but light showers are approaching ukiah, mendocino county, lake county and north sonoma county. but the meat and potatoes still back up near eureka. that's what moves through overnight and that's why the north bay you have not seen rain in 43 days but you're under a flash flood warning because it will pour tomorrow anywhere from 3 to 7" of rain tomorrow depending on your elevation. the higher up you go the more rain you get. we are all going to be windy when you wake up tomorrow even if the rain hasn't started the wind will have started. south winds up to 40 miles per hour with some hilltop gusts up to 60 miles per hour. this will be a very abrupt change from the weather we have had since christmas eve. so the rain is already pouring up in far northern california and the pacific northwest. but much like last time when the rain was stuck right over
6:48 pm
top of us, now it is stuck to our north. we need something to shove it in our direction. that something is back here. this wave of low pressure right here which is still about 12 or 18 hours away, that will take in thousand and then send it toward the bay area. that's why we're holding off on the heavy rainfall until tomorrow for most of you was. tomorrow will be a very wet day and windy day. it's going to be a rough drive home. if you can leave early or telecommute save yourself hours of hassles on the road. wave number one here tomorrow wet and windy. a break on saturday scattered showers. a second wave of low pressure will move along the jet stream, as well. and give us a sunday soaker. so outdoor activities try to squeeze them in on saturday. the indoor stuff will be better coming up on sunday. when you add everything up a lot of rain over the course of the next few days we are going to get two or three isp of rainfall in san francisco. that's a nice dent in the drought. east bay inch and a half to three inches. north bay 4 to 8 inches of rainfall. by 11 p.m. tonight winds increase. tomorrow morning when the kids
6:49 pm
are going out for recess 41- mile-per-hour wind gusts in san francisco. it will be a windy day tomorrow. tonight, cloudy, breeze, rain north. rain spreads south tomorrow. wet and windy friday with another round of steady to heavy rainfall sunday. mid-60s tomorrow. rain sunday. monday rain end. hey, it will be 70 degrees with sunshine by next wednesday. good time to download the bay area weather app. upload your photos. search "kpix" in the app store and download the cbs bay area weather app. it's now available for iphone and android. we'll be right back.
6:50 pm
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there was a time when you watched tiger woods to see him win a major. now you watch him to see what can possibly go wrong next. fog at torrey pines puts the starting time back more than two hours. he said that delay caused his back to stiffen. he had this brilliant par saving putt on the second hole the chip. watch him bend down to pick up the ball. it went downhill from there. driver in hand, grabbed his
6:53 pm
back, ball into th rough. he scramble could make decent scores especially the birdie putt to pull even par on 10. he double bogeyed 11 and that was it. he was standing on the 12th hole when he quit. he shook hand with his player partners and left. he said the problem began with his legs. >> just my glutes are shutting,and they don't activate and hence it goes into my lower back. so i tried to activate my glues as bet gluts in between but they never stayed activated. did tom brady put himself on joe montana's level after winning his fourth super bowl sunday? former 49er charles haley not buying it. >> joe montana or tom brady? [ laughter ] >> joe montana. joe didn't have to cheat when -- your integrity is challenged in the game of football, to me all the super bowls are tainted. >> yeah. haley just went into the hall
6:54 pm
of fame. might be a little biased. he played with joe for six seasons. nba the warriors fell behind by 22 in the first quarter last night against dallas. but then! steph curry heated up. he scored 26 in the 3rd quarter and all mark cuban can do is shake his head. he scored 51. steve kerr inherited some of the best talent in the nba but he also assembled a top-notch coaching staff including luke walton a rising star on the bench even if he is still learning how to wear suit. >> i got the wardrobe down. >> reporter: he was like basketball's version of a centaur, half coach, half player, on warriors picture day. >> how has walt made the transition from player to coach? >> he hasn't. [ laughter ] >> plays cards with the guys on the plane. he plays three or three. i think if we just put a walton uniform in there he would just put it on and suit up for the game. um, that's why i love luke. it's one of the reasons i hired
6:55 pm
him. >> reporter: luke walton enjoyed an 11-year nba career and won as many tight else with the lakers as his -- titles as with the lakers as his dad with the blazer and celtics. walton fits nicely on the bench both disciples of phil jackson both offered jobs to coach in new york last summer. >> out of respect i had to talk to phil first kind of get his blessing. he said he thinks it's a great opportunity for me and he thinks that, you know, staying in california is probably the right move for me at this time. >> reporter: he strengthened his game on the west coast. bus his love for basketball was born in boston where bill finished his career. >> we used to go to larry bird's house for dinner and go to practice, me and my three brothers and run around the court while they play. >> reporter: bill walton's broadcasting career soon overshadowed his playing career. >> hisser gangs is an
6:56 pm
>> reporter: he even targeted luke's laker teammates. >> life was rough for about the first month because they were judging me on their relationship with my dad. we smoothed it out once they got to know me. and his advice is always tell them you're your own man, luke. if they hate me, that's fine. but don't hate you because of me. >> reporter: well, i tell you what a lot of people are liking him right now. he has his father off his back but it's not always the head coach. it's the staff that you assemble and people universally in the nba believe that steve kerr has put together a great staff including luke walton. >> whatever he is doing just keep doing it. >> yeah. >> everything is going well. >> best record in the nba, best offense in the nba, electrifying players. >> the latest is always on you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: welcome to the show. thank you very much. all right, everybody. thank y'all very much. i appreciate you now. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. got a good one for you today. returning for their second day from right here in atlanta georgia, it's the champs. it's the blount family. and from manitowoc, wisconsin-- that hurt--it's the blevins family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and a shot at driving out of here in a fuel-efficient ford fusion hybrid, everybody. let's go. let's play "feud." give me erin. give me chris.
7:00 pm
top 8 answers on the board. here we go. name something a wife might have to force her husband to wear. >> tie. steve: a tie. pass or play? >> we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. hey, chris. how you doing, man? >> i'm fantastic. steve: good. what do you do? >> i'm a substitute teacher and i am currently getting my masters degree in education at dominican university. steve: wow. masters. what do you teach? >> biology. science. steve: well... i ain't that stupid, chris. aw, well, that's good. hey, tyler. >> how you doing? steve: good. what do you do? >> i'm a professional video-game player. i travel across the country and compete playing video games.


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