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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  February 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> glor: tonight trouble on both coasts. severe thunderstorms and heavy rain from california to washington. carter evans is in san francisco. while jericka duncan is in new england as arts of the area prepare for another foot of snow. >> this is an unprecedented area in the city of boston. >> julianna goldman on the fight against russian backed rebels. >> samsung has issued a stubbing warning to customers and life changing inside a gm car. the fight of trenton buzard.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> hi everyone i'm jeff glor and this is a western edition of the broadcast. if you are anywhere in the middle of the country you are enjoying a serene sunday. anywhere else it gets ict compled. two different -- complicated. >> out west, pineapple express spreading central and northern california oregon and washington with rain. first carter evans. >> for three days san francisco has faced downpours and gale forced winds. keeping utilities youth crews with downed trees and power lines. this is what it looks like inside what's known as the war room at pacific gas and electric where every problem area is plotted out. since the storms first hit more than 300,000 homes and
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businesses lost power. nearly all have had their electricity restored. the rain also caused long delays at the san francisco airport. with some flights running two and a half hours behind schedule. while northern california is bearing the brunt of this storm three states have felt the deluge. floodwaters are receding in brennan, washington, and rain is still falling in ashland oregon seeing nearly five inches since friday. sources call an atmospheric river. scientists are now getting a chance to witness the storm up close, storm hunters fly right into the storm. why is it so important they fly into the atmospheric river? >> because it's important to
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take a reading. the more we know about the structure of the rivers, the more accurate the forecast many pch. >> that's the problem. before this storm, san francisco hadn't seen a drop of rain in more than six weeks. and this particular storm is barrel making a dent in the drought. so jeff, it's either coming down all at once or not at pall. >> all right, carter evans reporting in san francisco. hundreds of people in the sierra nevadas are still out of their homes because of a wildfire. destroying at least 40 homes in the towns of tahoe city and fall meadows. jerkd is in boston. >> landfill full of snow that has been building in boston for weeks. the city rented snow melters
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that can turn 400 tons of this into water in just one hour. tim is a contractor for the city. 36 hours ago this area where we were standing was full of snow. >> throughout boston, plows are clearing roads and people are still zigging out from the last two weeks of unrelenting winter weather. boston marry marty walsh. >> these storms are unprecedented. we haven't seen snow any other time unprecedented in our city. >> major roadways downtown, the mayor says they are crack down on people who are not following the rules. >> we wrote 1500 violations last week alone people not shoveling sidewalks and shoveling into the street. please we're going to stay on top of that. >> boston is preparing to shut down. only emergency personnel are showing up to work monday and tuesday and boston public
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schools will be closed both days. peter is a psychotherapy who has been -- psychotherapies who has only been able to see certain people inside. >> are you ready for this to end? >> very ready for it to end. ready to move to california. >> today mayor walsh admitted that the city had surpassed its snow budget of $18 million. his focus right now is public safety. >> jericka duncan, thank you. eric, our meteorologist, what is it about sundays and mondays that bring large snow storms? >> it has become tradition a tradition a lot of people would like to break. not a powerhouse but a long duration snow storm, knoll will be coming down primarily over
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new york state, late tonight and monday morning greater new york city and coastal connecticut. ice harder to travel in than snow. terms of snow, wide six to 12, purple showing up , over a foot of snow in boston. five and a half inches, with whole season through january 23rd and after that, 53 inches plus in just two weeks. and perhaps more are watching another potential storm thursday into friday. jeff another clipper here could bring more accumulating snow. incorporate else to put it. >> glor: meantime temperatures are cooling off significantly. >> it's brutal out there. the same clipper will be replaced by arctic cold. jeff february is looking like a
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rough month in the east. >> thank you. today the leaders of germany france russia and ukraine have agreed to meet to talk about a possible cease-fire. hur is up julianna goldman. >> even with peace talks the u.s. and european alliance may be splintering. president obama is considering sending weapons to help ukraine fight russian separatists, a move that german chancellor are angela merkel and french president financed warned, francois hollande worried. secretary of state john kerry played down divisions. >> common understanding that
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international borders must not cannot be changed by force. >> sunday's announcement capped a week of high stakes comploims be diplomacy. privately acknowledged that putin had reneged on past promises. a key sticking point will be whether rebels in eastern ukraine would get to keep the territory they have captured over the last few months. >> putin does not want a diplomatic solution. >> republican insert john insert john mccain says putin will not back down. >> he may make tactical compromises here or there but just aas a prelude to future aggression. >> this will be a tom item on
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the agenda tomorrow when president obama sits down with chancellor merkel. but putin hasn't delivered on past promises so it's not just about a piece of paper but whether russia and its proxies will back it up with action he. julianna, thaich. pope francis made a huge remark this week when he said it was okay for parents to spank their children. allen pizzey. >> pope francis said a good father knows how to correct his children without degrading. he needs to punish them, francis said, and he does it justly and moves on. concern for children has been a signature of france's papacy. s members of a special commission dealing openly and decisively with church sex
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abuse, peter saunders was a victim of sex abuse. >> i think we need to talk to the pope about this issue. children don't need to be hit. we need to talk about positive parenting. >> commission member mary collins also weighed in. >> he can't be an expert about everything and can't weigh in on everything. i don't agree with what he said but that doesn't mean he hasn't got a right to say it. >> a right francis will no doubt continue to exercise. allen pizzey, cbs news, rome. >> legendary basketball coach dean smith died. president obama remembered him as a gentleman advanced civil rights. mark strawms has more. >> college basketball knew him as the dean. a professor of the hardwood. for nearly four decades dean
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turned the tar heels into a powerhouse. his team won 879 games and reached the ncaa final 4 lefns times. in 1982 smith won his national title. a freshman named michael jordan nailed a game winning basket to beat jorntle. georgetown. , smith legacy goes beyond wins on the basketball court. he integrated north carolina's basketball program in the late '60s and his team set a graduation rate of over 95%. with no ncaa violations. when he retired in 1997, smith thanked the tar heel faithful. >> i'm the luckiest guy and i said that to be at chapel hill at university of north carolina. >> later in life the coach suffered from health issues. in 2010 his family said he
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developed a condition that was causing memory loss. his wife linea accepted the presidential medal of freedom on his behalf. michael jordan remembered him as my mentor my teacher my second father. dean smith was 83. mark strawms cbs news, atlanta. >> coming up, why you may want to watch what you say in toronto of your smart tv. you'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> glor: people have been talk to and yelling at their tv sets for as long as they've been around. technology has brought us to where tvs cannot only listen to what you say but send them to people you don't want to know. anna werner. >> recent articles about it spiked concern on social media because of something buried in
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samsung's privacy policy which says if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information that information will be captured and transmitted to a third party. kalia barnes studies prieives privacy issues. >> unfortunately this kind of information is pervasive in homes. you should be able to watch your tv without your tv watching you. >> opens and without you having to do a thing. >> it's not just tv gathering information in your home. a federal trade commission study of the internet of things. it said if devices like tvs store sensitive information unauthorized persons could exploit vulnerabilities. shoppers we spoke to had mixed views on the technology. >> to me the benefit of that
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service wouldn't outweigh the cost of the potential danger. >> i personally, i understand why they are actually collecting that data. most of the reasons they are collecting the data is to improve the information the device can do. >> building security into the device as an outset rather than an afterthought. >> do you believe companies are doing that? >> definitely not. companies can do further which would minimize or eliminate the collection of personal information. >> samsung told us tonight that it takes consumer privacy very seriously and uses industry safeguards and practices including data encryption to protect consumer information. it doesn't keep that data but points out the voice recognition feature can be turned off by the device's owner or can disconnect from the wifi network.
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jeff. >> up next, regulations for edible pot products in colorado aimed at protecting kids. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do. also available in light.
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my tempur-pedic made me fall in love with mornings again.
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>> glor: edible pot products make up about 45% of the legal marijuana industry in colorado. and companies now have to comply with new rules. with an update here is barry petersen. >> process is still the same
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under a new state law the packaging is not. lind saiz topping is marketing director for dixie brands. >> our mints used to come in a tin like this. >> anybody could grab them. >> we've actually taken them to an f-1 certified blister pack. that means each one of these mints is individually child-resistant. >> the law came from bad experienced after marijuana use was legalized in 2013. dr. larry wolk runs colorado's department of public health and calls pot and kids a bad mix. >> it really affects the developing brain and can cause psychotic symptoms to occur affect your memory, irreversible damage that marijuana can do to the developing brain. >> now each edible sold for
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recreation use must not have more than a 10 milligram dose of thc, the active ingredient in pot. before pot mints were made to be broken up. but levi thamba ate a multitude at once, overdosed and jumped from a balcony. there is. >> there is a level of responsibility a consumer takes on when they buy this product. they have to start talking to their kids about the fact that it exists in the world. no different than talking to your kids about alcohol. >> as pot use spreads more likely new laws to come. barry petersen, den denver. >> rain why is it so dirty?
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showed up here. wrestling roots run deep in this society. >> wrestling is in our blood. >> the buzard family was forever changed on april 2nd 2009 when a chevy cobalt was hit head on by a drunk driver, outside pittsburgh. the air bags never deployed. 70-year-old esther matthews and her granddaughter was killed. the lone survivor was trenton. he was paralyzed from the waist down. >> do you like the steelers? >> yes. how do you know that? >> i'm just guessing. >> even though his lungs have collapsed more than 20 times and his parents have lost track of how many,.
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>> he comes home from school one day and he said, wrestling sign-up forms daddy i want to sign up. went down to wrestling practice. how do you tell him trenton you can't wrestle. we tell him if he doesn't do something, we say trenton we don't say that. >> wrestling coach cale sanderson and wrestler dee taylor. trenton has taken his parents words to heart. can't soont word in his vocabulary. >> he can do more pullups than my 12-year-old. >> life will never be the same. that doesn't mean it can't be
6:28 pm
full of moments like this. >> when we're yelling and screaming, he's yelling at these guys, you just forget about everything. >> trenton's family accepted a settlement from gm that will ensure lifetime medical care, any potential improvements in his condition will depend on advances in spinal chord research. that is cbs evening news. later on cbs 60 minutes followed by the grammy waters. i'll see you later on cbs this morning. scott marie will pelley will be here tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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after what a prostitute carried out of his motel room in reno. from driving rain.. next at 6:30. this bay area police detective is suspended tonight after what a prostitute cared out in his hotel room in reno. >> more downed trees and power lines issue the weather dealt them another blow today. i'm at the grammys,
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live, from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. >> another strong storm flooding bay area streets and snapped trees like twigs. tonight a look at the damage and what is coming next. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm christian


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