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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 11, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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kayla has touched the heart of the world. the world grieves with us. the world mourns with us. heartbreak at home. while members remember kayla mueller, president obama vows to bring her captors to justice. the helicopter we were traveling in was forced down after we were hit by an rpg. >> the story that got brian williams suspended. they pulled the news desk off for six months without pay for fabricating what it was like to cover the iraq war. >> it's time for someone else to have that opportunity. >> and jon stewart shocks fans
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of "the daily show" by announcing he's departing the show he's hosted for nearly 17 years. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, february 11th 2015. good morning. i'm lauren lyster in for anne-marie green. this morning family and friends hs. president obama told "buzzfeed" news the u.s. tried to rescue mueller last year. >> you know, i deployed an entire operation at significant risk to rescue not only her but the other individuals that had been held and probably miss them by a day or two. >> as early as today the president is expected to ask congress for its approval to use
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force against isis. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> good morning, lauren. the president said in a statement, no matter how long it takes, the u.s. will bring to justice those responsible for kayla's death. the president will ask congress for this new authorization to use military force against isis but he is asking a congress deeply divided over the possibility of using u.s. combat troops. so the legislation apparently is going to include language to apiece both sides rngs but it's still highly unlikely to get approved quickly. >> my immediate reaction is just heartbreak. >> just a day after the retaliation, president obama will ask congress to authorize a three-year plan to use military force against a terror group. this one would open the door for the use of ground troops but prohibit a lengthy offensive. while many democrats are weary
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of beginning a drawn out mission in the middle east some republicans want all options on the table in the fight against isis. yesterday the president revealed to "buzzfeed" news efforts were made last year to rescue caleb mueller and other americans held be by the terror group. >> once we start doing that not only are we financing their slaughter of innocent people and strengthening their organization, but we're actually making americans even greater targets for future kidnappings. >> relatives and friendses of kayla in her home down of prescott, arizona, mourns her death. >> the world grieves with us the world mourns with us. the world wants to be more like kayla. >> they're looking for more ways to deal with americans captured abroad. now, as for public sentiment, a recent pole shows most people
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who responded support air strikes against isis but evacuated and the state department is urging u.s. residents living in yemen to leave. they call the scheduled peace talks in belarus one of the last opportunities to end the fighting in his country. this morning at least one person was killed when a shell hit a bus station in the rebel-controlled city of don evening. fighting between them has intenseified intensified. ukraine said 19 of its soldiers were killed today.
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germany and france are trying to broker a truce. viewer won't see brian williams on the nbc anchor news desk for six months. he was suspended for mislead the public about an incident whilecovering iraq war. >> reporter: brian williams took himself off the "nightly news" desk with the intent of returning in a few days. nbc spinsded him for six months without pay. deborah tur is in release add statement, this is a very hard decision. certainly there will be those who disagree but we believe this is the appropriate action. >> when the helicopter we were traveling in was forced down after being hit by an rpg. our traveling nbc news team was rescued, surrounded, and kept alived by an armored mechanized.
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>> he does not recall the helicopter getting hit. >> reporter: williams later acknowledged his error. >> i want to apologize. i said i was traveling in an aircraft that was hit by rpg fire. i was instead in a following aircraft. >> nbc says it is also investigating other comments williams made about his experiences in the field. kris van cleave, cbs news new york. in san diego, the sports anchor for cbs news affiliate knbc is recovered from gunshot wounds. he was woulded in the leg and stomach in a shooting outside his hone tuesday. one of his neighbors describes the shooting. >> i started hearing popping outside. i also hear the victim start saying oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. so i saw them start shooting again at the victim.
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his hand was bloody. there's blood on his chest. >> police say a suspect surrendered to a s.w.a.t. team
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judge to issue marriage licenses. chip reid, cbs news, montgomery alabama. coming up on the "morning news," dreaming of millions. tonight's powerball lottery auring is one of the biggest jackpots later. >> and later, this is the "cbs morning news." nces he's quitting. this is the "cbs morning news."
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after 40 years of warnings the government panel is dropping its caution about eating high cholesterol foods like egg yolks. nutritionists now believe those foods may not significantly affect the level of cholesterol in the blood. still they recommend a diet with more fruit, vegetables and grains along with low fat dairy and lean meat. on the "cbs moneywatch," extreme strategies to stop global warming, and one of the biggest powerball jackpots is up for grabs tonight. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, lauren. asian markets had a mixed reaction to a possible greek deal. hong kong's hang sing lost nearly 1%. tokyo's nikkei was closed for the holiday. wall street's stocks ended higher following some positive the dow gained 139 points. the s&p finished 21 points higher and the nasdaq rose 61 points. apple is now the first u.s. company to be valued at more than $700 billion.
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apple stock jumped 2% yesterday, raising its market value to more than $710 billion. record sales including the new iphone and profits have boosted shares. apple announced it would spend $800 million on a massive solar project to power its campus and other projects. a federal science panel is moving major efforts to cool the planet. the national research council says there's a lack to reduce it. the suggestions include giant machines to suck greenhouse gases from the air and aerosol sprays to reflect sunlight back into space. many scientists though, think the proposals could set off dramatic changes in weather patterns. and tonight's powerball drawing could be one of the largest in jackpot history.
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it's surged to at least $485 million. that's the thursday largest ever for a game. the cash payout is $327.7 million. there have been no jackpot winners for nearly three months. the odds of winning the jackpot though, 175 million to one. lauren? >> i don't know about those odds, jill. jill at the new york stock exchange. thank you so much. straight ahead, late night exit. jon stewart says he's leaving his comedy central show. we'll get the reaction. he's leaving comedy central. we'll get his reaction. to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. curing a yeast infection can take days. relieving the itch... can happen instantly. vagisil max strength anti-itch wipes
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. first it was leno. then it was letterman. now another late-night talk show host is leaving the desk behind. jon stewart host of comedy central's "daily show" shocked fans tuesday when he announced he's ending his run later this year. don champion is here in new york with more. don, good morning. >> good morning, lauren. stewart has hosted "the daily show" since 1999. you said it. his news shocked his audience and his fans watching at home. >> in my heart i know it is time for someone else to have that opportunity. no. i told you they didn't know. >> a gasp from jon stewart's audience during tuesday's taping of "the daily show."
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after nearly 17 years at taking jabs at politicians and the journalists who cover them, stewart is leaving the comedy central show behind. >> welcome, welcome to "the daily show." craig kilborn is on assignment in kuala lampur, i'm jon stewart. >> stewart took over the show in 1999 when original show craig kilborn departed to host cbs's late late show. since then he's nurtured comic talents like steve carell, stephen colbert, john oliver larry wilmore and others. he's becoming a savvy political pundit and media critic, most recently weighing in on the brian williams scandal. >> why, bri. why bri lie? sigh. >> stewart did not say when his run as host will end, but mentioned july september, or
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the end of the year as a possibility. he also said he has no immediate plans for a post-daily show career. as for reasons for his departure, stewart hinted at spending more time with his family. >> i'm going to have dinner on a school night with my family, who i have heard from multiple sources are lovely people. >> shortly after his announcement comedy central leased a statement thanking stewart for his contributions to the network, reading in part, he is a comic genius generous with his time and talent and will always be part of the comedy central family. stewart, meanwhile, thanked his staff. >> i love them and respect them so much. >> we love you, jon. >> no! >> sad to see him go. comedy central has not named a replacement, but with stephen co-batter
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colbert ready to start his show next fall the network will now be without two of its biggest names. lauren? >> don champion in new york. thank you. when we return, allegations of foul play. chicago little leaguers are accused of cheating to win last summer's national championship. details ahead. and no more waiting for the check. new smoked chicken quesadillas on chili's lunch combo menu, starting at 6 bucks. fresh is happening now. i did it.... i did it too... they took nature's bounty hair skin and nails it's a vitamin supplement that nourishes from the inside... with biotin for beautiful hair and strong nails. and vitamin c and e for vibrant skin. give it a month, if your hair, skin and nails don't look and feel more beautiful we'll give you your money back. i did it...and i feel beautiful. take the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge visit for details. in delicious gummies too! they inspire you to give more kisses and get more hugs.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. in sports, little league baseball could rule as early as today on whether last year's national champions from chicago's south side violated residency rules. the much celebrated jackie robinson west team, the first all-black team to win the championship, could be stripped of its title. the team has been accused of recruiting suburban players from neighboring leagues.
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alex rodriguez tells the new york yankees he's sorry. a-rod asked for yesterday's meeting with team officials. according to a joint statement he apologized for his actions over the past several years. a-rod was suspended from baseball for all of last year for violating league drug policies. the yankees told rodriguez they won't pay him incentives for climbing the home run list. in college hoops, kentucky remains unbeaten, but it was close. in baton rouge, lsu was trailing the wildcats by two points with six seconds left and keith hornsby missed an off-balance three-pointer for the win. they lead to louisiana state, 71-69 for its 24th win. and he might not have been the super bowl's most valuable player but he made the game's biggest play and now he's got the keys to the truck given to the mvp. patriots' defensive back malcolm butler picked up the chevy pickup tuesday. he thanked him for the
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xñyñ5ñ here's another look at this morning's top stories. nbc suspended anchor brian williams for six months without pay. williams admitted to misrepresenting events when he covered the iraq war. he said he was in a helicopter ha came under attack. he wasn't. nbc calls his actions inexcusable. and the pentagon says kayla mueller was killed by islamic terrorists. her death was confirmed yesterday but it's unclear how or when she died. she's the last known american held by isis. president obama vows to bring her killers to justice. kayla mueller's parents released a letter she sent home while she was in captivity. scott pelley takes a closer look at the words of a young woman
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who set out to change the world. >> when writing home from a terrorist cell where do you start? kayla mueller started tight in the corner of her single precious page. her first stroke predicted there would never be enough room to hold her thoughts. two rows on each line margin to margin, which would have been well thought out, she writes, but i could only write the letter a paragraph at a time. just the thought of you all sends me into a fit of tears. they had all said good-bye when she left college in 2011 to work with the suffering in india. why the hurry? another woman writing captivity, anne frank wrote in her diary nobody need wait a single minute to improve the world. back in arizona she cared for aids patients and volunteered at night at a women's shelter.
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in 2013 she arrived at the syrian border, the world's most dangerous place. why take the risk? another prisoner writing from a cell in 1963 answered, i am in birmingham because injustice is here. i'm compelled to carry the gospel of freedom beyond my own home. kayla mueller had the vision to see freedom from a cell. even in prison she wrote, i can be free. i am grateful. i have come to see there is good in every situation. she is the fourth american hostage to die. in journalists, isis tried to extinguish truth. with humanitarians, they tried to kill the passion. but light defines the darkness. in these deaths isis is revealed and in her words kayla mueller captured the long struggle for a better world. please be patient. give your pain to god. >> scott pelley reporting there.
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coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," dr. tara narula with more on new cholesterol guidelines that will change the way we eat. plus, jon stewart leaving "the daily show." we'll hear from david carr of "the new york times," and actress lucy lu from "elementary" joins us in studio 57. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday, i'm lauren lyster. thanks for watching. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge.
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things are quiet but there is work on a tollbooth retrofit work number 5. so you'll be squeezed in across the golden gate. >> good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, february 11. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. happy "hump day" of get you out the door with traffic and weather. roberta, i think we're in store for a good week. >> you think? >> the rain chances for next week is slid back a little bit until the following sunday the 22nd. as long as it's on the horizon i'm okay with that. right now, we saw a bit of haze it looked like at the golden gate bridge. we do have some patches of fog in the santa rosa area. otherwise, notice the numbers. you've going to see a big spread from 41 degrees in san jose where it's clear, 49 in oakland, 41 degrees in santa rosa. later today the numbers are warmer than yesterday all the way up to 70 in oakland. the seven-day forecast straight ahead. and right now, it is just your overnight roadwork out the door. if you


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