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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 11, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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weekend. >> all right. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. >> we are going to leave you with a sunrise that's from good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday february 11 2015. welcome to cbs "this morning." new details of a failed rescue attempt to free kayla mueller from isis. a massive media shake-up. jon stewart decides he's leaving the "daily show." nbc decides brian williams is leaves "nightly news" for six months. plus big cheats in the little league? this morning the champions from chicago stripped of their title. we begin with a look at today's "eye-opener: your fwhorldworld in 90 seconds". >> i deployed operations and probably missed them by a day or two. >> a failed attempt to rescue an
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american hostage held by isis. >> u.s. intelligence believed mueller was given as a bribe to al qaeda. and seeking war authority. >> brian williams out of his news anchor chair six months without pay. >> a rumor nbc will have tom brokaw fill in. asked why, the only icon from the '80s is bill cosby. >> he made the news funny. >> comedian jon stewart is stepping down. >> dinner with my family who i have heard from multiple sources a lovely people. >> jackie robinson west little league team violated rules using ineligible players. >> in san diego, the sports anchor for cbs affiliate is recovering from gun shot wounds. >> the suspect has given up peacefully and in custody with
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us. a deteriorateing situation in yemen, relocating staff at the u.s. embassy, more than 40 injuresed in 100-car pileup. >> all that -- >> in italy, police say they've seize add painting attributed to leonardo da vinci. >> and all that matters -- >> this actually is my last appearance with you. >> are you not feeling well? >> i doubt i'll have anything to plug before you're off the air again. >> oh, that's touching. >> yes. so this is it. >> on cbs "this morning." starbucks confirmed saxophone star kenny g helped create the frappuccino. and that by the way, was just voted the world's whitest sentence. >> this morning's "eye-opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to cbs news.
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norah o'donnell is off. jeff glor with us. learning new information about a failed attempt to rescue isis hostage kayla mueller. the white house confirmed the arizona woman's death yesterday. she is the fourth american to die in the hands of the extremist group. this morning family and friends remember the 26-year-old as strong, caring and compassionate. major garrett is at the white house where mueller's death is intensifying the debate on how to handle isis. major, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. president obama revealed for the very first time that kayla mueller was among the u.s. hostages, the special operations forces tried to rescue in a failed covert operation in syria in july. the white house has just sent congress a resolution seeking three years of legal authority to prosecute the military campaign against isis in iraq and syria, calls the terror group a grave threat to u.s. security, but ruling out "enduring offensive combat
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operations." the white house has been negotiating with congress over the wording of this resolution for several weeks. it could take that much longer or longer for congress to finalize its work. the president will have more to say about all of this at 12:30 p.m. pacific time here at the white house. president obama told buzzfeed news the effort to free u.s. hostages is relentless. >> i deployed an entire operation at significant risk to rescue not only her but the other individuals that had been held and probably missed them by a day or two. >> reporter: the congressman whose district includes the mueller home said there were several attempts to rescue mule perp one intending to be her husband demanding her release.
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but mueller unaware it was a rescue mission denied she had a husband and unknowingly botched a chance at freedom. the white house is reviewing how to improve communication with families of americans captured abroad but the president stood by the long-standing u.s. policy banning the payment of ransom for any hostage. >> once we start doing that, not only are we financing their slaughter of innocent people and strengthening their organization, but we're actually making americans even greater targets for future kidnappings. >> reporter: intelligence agencies confirmed kayla's death after reviewing a photo isis sent the mueller family. u.s. official koss not determine the cause of death they denied isis claims she was killed in a jordanian air strike. >> let's not forget in whose hands this woman died and who's ultimately responsible for it. isil. >> reporter: on capitol hill, praising kayla's efforts to aid
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syrian refugees and remarkable attitude throughout captivity. >> the letter she sent home showed incredible grace, incredible courage and strength in the face of an enormous evil. >> reporter: cbs news learned the u.s. intelligence community believes that it's possible during kayla mueller's captivity she was handed over to an isis fighter as a bride. president obama made it clear he believes he has all the legal authority he needs to prosecute the campaign against isis but now wants to bring congress fully onboard. >> major, thank you very much. kayla mueller's family is driven and passionate. relatives and friends said mueller always stood up for those who were suffering and shared that letter she wrote while in captivity. >> she sounds so extraordinary. but what was so extraordinary about kayla is she did ordinary things to extraordinary measures. >> the world wants to be more like kayla, and if that is her legacy and the footprint she
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leaves on the world, then that is a wonderful thing, and kayla's letter she wrote, i have come to see there is good in every situation. sometimes we just have to look for it. and right now that's what we're all trying to do. >> mueller also wrote in her letter i have been shown in darkness light and i have learned that even in prison one can be free. i am grateful. i've come to see there is good in every situation. sometimes you just have to look for it. >> i watched that news conference. heartbreaking to hear the family talk about her. she sounds like an amazing woman, at one point more worried about them worrying about her than for herself. >> look what she just said. >> a terrible story. we'll hear more from kayla's family ahead. plus take you inside the mind of a former isis member, the defector who disagreed with the militant group's tactics of executing foreign hostages.
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nbc's brian williams off the air until at least august. network announced williams is suspended six months. the "nightly news" anchor and editor admitted he told a false story about coming under fire in iraq. the network's ceo called that mrs. take inexcusable. >> reporter: the suspension effective immediately and without pay. in an e-mail to staff nbc news president deborah turness said brian misrepresented events occurred while covering the iraq war in 2003. this was wrong and completely inappropriate for someone in brian's position. turness was referring to this report last month. >> when the helicopter we were traveling in was forced down after being hit by an rpg. our traveling nbc news team was resced surrounded and kept alive by an armored mechanized platoon from the u.s. army 3rd inflannery. >> reporter: travis tritten reporter for the military paper "stars and stripes" interviewed veteran whose says williams was not on the helicopter attacked. >> to see somebody else who is trying to claim credit for being
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there just struck a very personal nerve for them. >> reporter: williams ak acknowledged the error i. want to apologize. i said i was traveling in an aircraft hit by rpg fire. i was instead in a following aircraft. >> reporter: he also announced he was taking himself off the air for a few days. nbc decided to suspend him while its own investigation is ongoing. steve burke, ceo of nbc university said, while his actions brian jeopardized the trust millions of americans place in nbc news. his actions are inexcusable ands suspension is severe and appropriate. since the controversy erupted questions have been raised about other williams' accounts including the dangers he faced following hurricane katrina and during israel's 2006 war against hezbollah. despite the punishment burke says williams deserve as second charns and he was rooting for him. weekend anchor lester holt will anchor during brian's
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suspension. the "daily show's" jon stewart leaves his program on a high note. he will give up his comedy central program later this year. outside the "daily show" studio. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. when stewart made the announcement inside the studio, it shocked the audience because for the past 16 years, he has been the face of one of the most popular shows on tv. >> comedy central gave me an incredible opportunity 17 years ago to pilot this wonderful franchise. in my heart i know it is time for someone else to have that opportunity. and -- ah -- >> reporter: after bouncing around the comedy sellers of new york city and cable shows in the earl '90s, stewart took the reins of the nightly comedy flagship from craig kilbourne inrn and never looked back. >> welcome, welcome.
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craig kilborn is an animt is koala kuala lumpur. i'm jon stewart. >> reporter: the "daily show" has ban favorite place for younger generations to get their news. >> an hour! in other words, a war that could destroy the global order, and cast a region of the earth into chaos was discussed for as much time as it takes lenscrafters to make you bifocals. >> reporter: stewart blends political commentary with satire satire. >> i ask for you to pray for this great nation. >> we're way ahead of you. >> and it's worked racking up 20 emmy award wins in 16 years. >> you know the senator who appears to have just woken up on a park bench is right. >> jon stewart was able to combine whit and intelligence and making it not only informative for viewers also accessible accessible. >> reporter: stewart's popularity, credentials and ability to stay in touch with a
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younger audience led to interviews with sitting presidents and in's influential people. >> what is the responsibility for the people who cover wall street? >> also served as a launching pad for stephen colbert and steve carell. >> voters always re spond to -- >> reporter: on last night's show the longtime host reflected on what he will miss most. >> i don't think i'm going to miss being on television every day. i'm going to miss coming here every day. it's been an absolute privilege. it's been the honor of my professional life. >> reporter: comedy central release add statement saying stewart will remain on the anchor desk on the "daily show" until later in the year but, of course now the two big questions, what is this talented man going to do flex and who in the world can replace him? charlie, are you busy? >> charlie's busy, don detailer. >> dahler. i like it. >> class act. >> what does jon stewart do next? people said, whatever he wants.
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he can call those shots. >> the amazing thing, how many careers he has spawned there at that show. >> steve carell was here. do you think he knew? >> i was thinking that last night. whether he did or not. >> i don't know p. i was wondering. >> anyway, thank you don. a bombshell announcement from little league baseball. stripped chicago's jackie robinson west of the u.s. championship it won last year. dean reynolds is in chicago to show us what led to this drastic decision. dean good morning. >> reporter: good morning. little league international said this was a heartbreaking but necessary decision and it laid the blame squarely on the adults who run the jackie robinson west program. for breaking the rules. they captivated the country as they won game after game en route to the little league national championship last summer. this inner city group of kids showed the kind of promise and character too often missing from chicago's violent south side.
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but questions have persisted about jackie robinson west whether they all really did hail from chicago, or whether the lineup was sprinkled with talented ringers from the city the suburbs. in short, whether the team's officials cheated. the mountain ridge team from nevada made it all the way to the u.s. final, eventually losing to jackie robinson west. ashton cave is the mountain ridge coach. >> and they tricked people and they blindsided others. they did those things strategic but illegal. >> reporter: if players for jackie robinson lived outside the team's boundaries that's a violation. >> it's a matter of integrity and dignity. it's awful. >> reporter: the las vegas team is not alone. a team from illinois complained jackie robinson's roster was rigged. >> little legal has specific rules in terms of where somebody should live in order to play for a particular little league. the boundaries are sprifkecific and
7:15 am
do not extend into any suburbs. >> reporter: an inquiry exonerated the jackie robinson quad but now new information has reopened the residency wrangle. much to the consternation of the chicago team's boosters. >> we had to provide birth certificates, proof of schools, light bills. we had to prove our residency in order to join the team. >> reporter: but now the team has been stripped of its u.s. little league championship as well as being placed on probation. ap sad end to what once seemed like a very happy story. trains running again in boston but crews are rushing to clear nearly six feet of snow before the next storm arrives tomorrow. jericka duncan good morning? >> reporter: the mayor says it could end up in boston harbor. because snow plows tend up pick up oils and contaminants along
7:16 am
with the snow dumping it here is considered a last resort. hundreds of national guard troops rolled in tuesday night to help clear the record snow that city officials say it becoming more dangerous. >> as the snow starts to melt the water has no place to go. these roofs are et gooding heavier and heavier and heavier. >> reporter: a piano store in the boston suburb reduced to a wood pile after it buckled under seven-foot snow drifts. >> dozens of kids come leer for lessons every day. could have been really really bad. >> reporter: during our interview with the owner this happened -- >> we have -- >> reporter: we just heard something. >> that's the ceiling, yeah. that's the roof. >> reporter: every hour boston the department of public works is turning more than 400 tons of powder to water, with the help of snow melters. the city has already spent more than $30 million on snow removal. >> they just mountains and mountains of snow that will
7:17 am
probably we'll have around until june. >> reporter: but the threat of another several inches thursday on top of the 78 the city has already seen this winter -- doesn't bother this bostonian. >> this went's definitely a marathon. have to keep slugging it out. >> reporter: boston public schools are open today. people are back to work. however, a parking ban in the city remains in effect until this evening. gayle? >> jericka, thank you. major changes may be on the way for eating habits. a federal panel is ready to reverse four decades of advice on o'voiding cholesterol. >> new diet ale guidelines due out from the government this year. our own doctor is a cardiology at lenoxville hospital in new york. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> what does this say? >> for 30 years told to avoid dietary cholesterol, eat less than 300 milligrams a day. dietary cholesterol, we thought might influence blood cholesterol levels. that's probably not the case and cholesterol doesn't really have to be considered a nutrient of
7:18 am
concern for over consumption. it fits in line with the shift we've seen in science the american heart association, cardiology also had a task force in 2013 that said a similar thing. that dietary cholesterol, not enough evidence to show that it influences your blood cles cholesterol. >> eat what now? >> saturated fats and. >> translator: fattrans fats will. eggs shshgs rimp lob sister ois xrs, not so vigilant about cutting that out of our diet. >> good to me sounds good. >> what role? genetics play? >> a big role. a lot of the cholesterol? our blood produces by our liver and our efficiently re process it or eliminate it. only diet is 20% what we eat. genetics plays a big role. 7:18. ahead, a sportscaster ambushed
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in his own >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by macy's.
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ahead, the healing power of naps. new research on how they can strengthen your immune system. plus "fifty shades of grey" and women. how it's helping their marriages and their careers. your local news is next.
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good morning, it's 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening around the bay area right now. the man suspected of shooting' tv sports anchor in san diego now unarrest. mike montana surrendered late last night. he is under arrest. kyle kraska with a cbs affiliate shot in the leg and stomach. this man. police have he should be okay. a 17-year-old will be tried as an adult. darien miles will be arraigned later today. he allegedly attacked a 22-year- old female pizza delivery person when
7:27 am
7:28 am
i want to show you alook at the bay bridge. they are stacked up to the maze. eastshore freeway approach is almost an hour right now from the carquinez bridge to the maze. it's because we have had one crash after another. the latest has been westbound 80 at powell but it's a solid line of red right now out of hercules all the way to the bay bridge. it looks fine once you get on the span. and in parts of contra costa county you have slowdowns on highway 4, southbound 680 between concord and walnut creek, and at least 880 in oakland is fine right now near the airport. with the forecast, here's roberta. mostly sunny out the door but it is cooler. good morning, everyone. let's take a look at some of those numbers in and around the bay area. 40 degrees in santa rosa to 51 degrees in san francisco. later today, everybody warms into the 60s and low 70s. a north breeze five to 15 miles per hour.
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this weekend the movie "fifty shades of grey" opens. the movie lasts 125 minutes unless you say the safe word. >> that was good, conan. welcome back to "cbs this morning." that's our safe word. coming up in this half hour a man who left the west to join isis and then gave up the cause. he told an amazing story to clarissa ward. she's here to talk about his escape and why he became disillusioned with isis. >> also a sports director for our affiliate was shot outside his home. we'll hear from the neighbor. that's ahead.
7:31 am
"the new york times" says president obama today announces plans to withdraw most of the american troops sent to west africa to fight ebola. all but 100,000 will be returned by april. they were deployed five months ago. they believe ebola cry sisz killing three college students last night at a condominium complex. the three victims were reportedly muslim. it's not known what led to those shooting. target is paying a claim for supposedly charging more to customers. they were charge customers more at the register than on shelves. this is the second of its kind for target. the "san francisco chronicle" shows a sharp drop in
7:32 am
thefts of iphones. apple introduced the technology but theyed up again after the iphone 6 last september. "usa today" says ss france has closed. american citizens in yemen are being urged to leave. shiite rebels have taken over much of the country, and there are fears it is heading for a civil war. and "the wall street journal" is looking at one of the most shocking aspects of the war in iraq and syria. we're learning this morning about the unprecedented rush to join. at least 3,400 foreign fighters come from western plains nations. they're from 24,000 around the world. one of those western recruits spoke to clarissa ward. he offers a rare look inside isis after breaking free. the man insisted we hide his
7:33 am
face and alter his voice. >> something else i didn't agree with also might have led me to leave. >> what do you mean? >> some of the things like beheadings. >> was it harder than you expected? >> a lot of people when they come, they have a lot of enthusiasm about what they've seen online and youtube. they see it as something a lot grander than what the reality is. it's not all military praise or victories. >> do you think you'll miss isis? >> i don't think i'll miss it. i'll miss the friends i made and the brotherhood, but isis is out there. >> clarissa ward joins us. good morning. >> why did he seek out isis in the first place? >> i think there were two main reasons he gave me. the first was he wanted to help syrian people be involved in humanitarian efforts. it should be mentioned he didn't
7:34 am
join isis right away. he was in syria for at least six months before he joined isis. the second thing he told me was he wanted to live under strict islamic shari'a lauchlt his desir was to live under the strictest possible form of shari'a law and that's why he sought out isis. >> how did the two of you connect? >> i found him on facebook -- actually instagram. but he was very tissue on social media. that was before facebook and twitter started to clamp down and shut down these accounts and then we began messaging online. it was a long process. there's not a lot of trust. so it took a long time to sort of establish some trust. we were chatting most days for about seven month before he eventually agreed to sit down with me. >> do they get that form of
7:35 am
shihri rah law? >> he did. the killings of muslims. what he wasn't disillusioned about, the one thing he wasn't disappointed by was seeing that strict form. he told me he witnessed crucifixion crucifixions, he witnessed a couple stoned to death for adultery. >> what did healthy about that? >> he thought it was a beautiful picture to see. >> the takeaway from the story? >> the reality is that it's something their than we'd like to imagine. it's not as a draw massic situation. he turned away and thought isis was wrong and evil. it was more a situation he became disillusioned, became bored, the adrenaline drops down and you realize life is bleak and boring around you miss your life and family and he want to duo home. >> where is he now?
7:36 am
>> he's trying to get home. obviously he's concerned me'll be he'll be arrested and convicted. he's more in the early 30s. >> this week cbs's holly williams has been reporting from the battle lines. they're in desperate needs of armored vehicles. the u.s. has sent the kurds just 25 called mraps. we'll show you how they have received different versions. we looked at why more aren't being shipped overseas. the i ray f rahky government handles
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aside his notoriety in order to be fair. prosecutors say among the first witnesses to be called will be kyle's widow. in the stephensville courthouse in texas, ten men and two women will decide the fate of 27-year-old eddie ray routh. he's charged with killing chris kyle, the deadliest sniper in history and the focus of the hit move "american sniper."
7:45 am
after the war in iraq kyle counseled troubled vets like routh who suffers from ptsd. prosecutors say routh shot and killed kyle and his friend chad littlefield at this gun range two years ago. routh confessed to the crime but pleaded not guilty. >> they have been trying to get him help for close to two years before the murders occurred. >> reporter: journalist laura beal interviewed routh before the judge issued a gag order. >> even his mother thinks that he should be punished. i think what they're saying is his mental state should be taken into account. >> reporter: but chris kyle's widow scoffed at the notion of ptsd. complicated the case, kyle is
7:46 am
hugely popular in texas. >> it's going to be extremely difficult to get a fair trial in the community in which the cou
7:47 am
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. a crackdown on smartphones thefts in san francisco appears to be working. the apple kill switch makes it so thieves cannot use stolen iphones. thefts of iphones in the city are down 40%. marin county has some of the highest rates of kids that have not been vaccinated for measles and now some bay area parents are fighting against vaccine exemption for personal belief. state senator richard pan is drafting a bill in sacramento to do the same statewide.
7:57 am
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good morning. let's check the ride on 880. it's kind of a mess because of the stall at 23rd. traffic is jammed past the oakland coliseum. bay bridge very slow. the eastshore freeway though is really the hot spot because of a couple of earlier crashes. that's traffic. here's roberta. >> out the door, lots of sunshine. cool temperatures. into the 40s and 50s. later today take a look at this. our numbers from 64 in pacifica to 70 degrees in oakland. it will be 74 degrees. that will be the high temperature in the gilroy area. now, on thursday, we'll see near record warm temperatures in and around the bay area. by friday and saturday, surely record shattering temperatures especially for valentine's day. slight cooldown sunday and then by monday, we see the return of the onshore push resulting in some areas of low clouds and fog along the seashore. numbers back to 60 degrees there. otherwise 73 inland. next chance of rain showers
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, february 11th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including reaction to the death of isis hostage kayla mueller. ben tracy is in her arizona hometown as the community grapples with its loss. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener at 8." kayla mueller was among the u.s. hostages a special operations forces tried to rescue in a failed operation. nbc brian williams be off the air until at least august. the network announced last night that williams is suspended. stewart made the announcement inside the studio it shocked the audience. >> what is this fluid? little league international
8:01 am
laid the blame squarely on adults who run the jackie robinson west program. from our stations, sports director who was seriously wounded. a san diego s.w.a.t. team went in. after the first few months you realize life is pretty bleak and boring and you miss your family and you want to go home. foods that are high in cholesterol, eggs shrimp lobster, oysters, we don't have to be vigilant of cutting that out of our diet. there are rumorses that the new "spider-man" will be black. >> does a black spider-man have all the same powers as a white spider-man? >> the only thing a black spider-man cannot do is get nominated for an academy award. "eye opener at 8" is brought to you by nationwide insurance. i'm here with jeff gordon and gayle king i'm charlie
8:02 am
rose. norah o'donnell is off. the white house confirmed the death of 26-year-old isis hostage kayla mueller. it is not clear how the arizona woman died but there is no evidence to support isis claims she was killed in a jordanian air strike. >> mueller was helping syrian refugees when she was kidnapped by isis in august of 2013. cbs news confirmed that intelligence officials believe she was given to an isis fighter as a bride. the united states tried to rescue her in a series of failed attempts. arizona senator john mccain offered an emotional response to mueller's death from capitol hill. >> i want to express deepest condolences to kayla's parents, marsha and carl mueller, her loving family and many friends, our thoughts and prayers are with you. >> ben tracy is in mueller's hometown of prescott, arizona, where a community is in shock over losing one of its own. good morning. >> reporter: this is a town still very much in shock, about
8:03 am
40,000 people live here and almost none of them knew that one of their own had been held captive by isis. but now they know she's not coming home. >> kayla has touched the heart of the world. the world grieves with us. the world mourns with us. the world wants to be more like kayla and if that is her legacy and the footprint that she leaves on the world, then that is a wonderful thing. >> reporter: family and friends of kayla mueller gathered outside the courthouse in prescott to remember her far too short 26 years. >> she has done more in her incredible 26 years than many people can ever imagine doing in their lifetime. >> reporter: this town in the arizona mountains is where kayla first became a voracious volunteer. she worked with aids patients at a women's shelter and eventually left home to do humanitarian work in india, israel and then syria. >> what was so extraordinary about kayla, is she did ordinary
8:04 am
things to extraordinary measures. >> reporter: such as trying to teach her isis captors how to make crafts and finding more than a sliver of light in so much darkness. in a letter to her parents last year kayla wrote, even if prison one can be free i am grateful. i have come to see there is good in every situation, sometimes we just have to look for it." that optimism is harder to find among the pain in prescott. this is a town still recovering from the yarnell fire a year and a half ago. 19 firefighters members of the hot shots were killed. now kayla mueller. aaron street was her best friend. >> i'm not yet sure how to live in a world without kayla. but i do know that we're all living in a better world because of her. >> reporter: now, kayla mueller's parents have not spoken publicly but in a statement they did say they are heartbroken by the loss of their only daughter. they say they will spend the rest of their lives trying to honor hers.
8:05 am
>> all right, ben. it is it's a heartbreaking story. we've been talking about this all morning. thank you, ben. two big names are shaking up the world of television jon stewart stunned his fans last night announcing he is going to give up "the daily show" later this year because he said it's time for a change. and brian williams is going off the air under very different circumstances. nbc news suspended him for six months after he reported falsely that his iraq war helicopter was hit by a grenade. "new york times" media columnist david jones joins us. >> good morning. >> his actions are inexcusable and this suspension is severe and appropriate. >> i think what he did was a huge problem, hurt the network and the people around him. he bungled his attempt to apologize and i think, to begin with, everyone including brian
8:06 am
thought he was maybe too big to fail. number one anchor almost 10 million viewers. turns out he's not the most important thing, credibility of the news division had to be protected. under all circumstances. and his path back to that chair is uncertain as you might guess. >> but it's possible? >> it's possible. i think it's good to leave that door open. i mean this is an incredibly likable person. nobody is rooting against him. he made some very very dumb decisions but let's see what he can do with working from here. >> that's what everybody says he's so well liked, so well respected in this industry and many people still can't believe this has happened to him. if we don't see him for six months, how can he redeem himself? how should he redeem himself? what can he do? >> this is without precedent in american broadcast history. we've never seen a suspension of an anchor like this.
8:07 am
we don't know what a comeback looks like. there's no playbook for what's under way. they're going to have to make it up as they go along. they may well decide we can't get there from here. but who knows what they'll come up with. >> so much has happened in six days. how does so much more not happen in six months? >> it's just -- well number one, you'll see the full expanse of what he did and will there be a drip drip drip or will at a certain point, it will pivot to the other things he's done? i think the tragedy here is he was the number one anchor in the nation. everybody loved his work. but he -- somehow that wasn't enough. he had to go and do all these other things. >> and how ironic is it that we're talking about jon stewart who is stepping down?
8:08 am
you have brian williams on one end of the spectrum jon stewart on the other. >> two boys from new jersey made very, very good. they both accomplished enormous things. jon stewart changed the way we look at politics the way we cover politics. he made a dent in the universe, never mind all the other people he unleashed on the world. he did it through so-called fake news annotating real news. for a lot of young people that was the news. they're going to miss it. >> what does he do other than have dinner with his family? what he said he was looking forward to. >> he made a wonderful film obviously. but he's not a classic talk show guy, that isn't really his thing. he's a comic from get-go. everybody would like to get a piece of him. there are people who say please walk over take over brian williams job. he doesn't want that job. he admires and respects
8:09 am
journalism. he's never wanted to -- >> i heard people crack jokes, brian williams could take jon stewart's job. >> twitter is going nuts with that right now. >> twitter can be mean. >> is that a possibility? >> dave should change jobs and be done with it. >> david letterman once said in a conversation that was unrecorded that brian would have been a great successor to him. >> of course brian had the same idea and wanted to be -- take over for jay leno and that did not sit well with his colleagues in the news division that he wanted to cross over. his skills in those -- in that regard are very, very significant. he's not a sort of funny guy, he's incredibly gifted. >> if you had to name one name to replace jon stewart? then we have to go. >> i don't -- i don't see that as specifically replaceable. i really don't. maybe if charlie wants to change things give it a whirl. >> why is everybody trying to
8:10 am
get -- make charlie leave. he's taken. >> he's just adding a fourth job. >> thank you, always good to see you. ahead -- is all fair in love and money? jill schlesinger is in our toyota green room. she looks at why you and your significant other should well >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is
8:11 am
sponsored by nationwide. what would you do with $485 million? michelle miller may have some ideas. i could do a lot with that amount of dough and so could the operators of convenience stores like this trying to cash in on the third largest powerball jock pat in history. we'll tell you why falling ticket sales are hurting more than just businesses like this coming up on "cbs this morning."
8:12 am
first, i have winning numbers to fill out. territory. that's next on "cbs this morning." ♪ at edible arrangements we want valentine's day to be every bit as perfect as you do. visit a local store or place your order at today.
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in honor of valentine's day, we look at financial planning. one poll fines that two thirds of americans say it's much harder to talk to their partner about money than it is about sex. cbs business analyst jill schlesinger is with us. kwhie is the conversation so hard and when should you have the conversation? >> as soon as possible but not during a huge argument. that's number one. what are you doing? you're disclosing information. you want to say here's the information, here's the money i have, the debt i have. people keep separate accounts from their spouses. we want you to talk about that talk about your financial priorities create your joint spending plan and there are oftentimes we're marrying our credit reports. let's talk about how we're going to manage our credit. >> you think that the separate
8:17 am
accounts or one shared account and then other separate accounts is a good idea. >> i first thought when we got married, 50/50. i no longer feel that way. i now say mine yours, and ours. >> or if you're my mother what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine. >> what about joint accounts? >> i like it if you like it. i want us to talk about it. i think if we have a joint account, there has to be a no-tell number. >> what's the benefit. >> how much do you figure out what's in which one. >> that's the problemful you have to figure out who's going distribute these tasks. how are we going to shift money from accounts. the problem with having joint accounts and separate accounts is what happens? where is the money coming from how are we funneling it through. i think this is really important to talk about. again, whatever you decide is fine, but talk about it. >> is it because people may be spending money on something that the other spouse if they found
8:18 am
out would be upset? >> i think that is the issue and i think the issue is that if you're saying to one spouse, look, if we have to actually disclose after $500 we're going to talk about it that's oak or under $100 whatever that limit s it's really important. >> i'm asking for charlie now. are there specific issues in second marriages? >> absolutely. you may want to talk about pre-nups and talk to lawyer. especially when you have children invo hashtag #beready and go to to join in on the conversation. >> if we win powerball, we don't have to worry about that. >> a short nap can get you through the day and that's not all. how it might also help you stay healthy, ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morning's "eye con-on-yieeye on money" sponsored by voya.
8:19 am
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big. lottery officials are hoping tonight's drawing will change all of that. as the powerball jackpot climbed even higher tuesday, people were lining up to try their luck. >> i have the winning ticket right here yo. >> i have the winning numbers. >> reporter: but it appears that the americans aren't as willing
8:23 am
as they used to be to fork over $2. while sales rose slightly in 2014 powerball sales fell more than 30% or nearly $2 billion from 2013 to 2014. >> it's only when it gets to those big fwhumers that you have a rush of money michael santoli -- >> there's jackpot fatigue. people aren't so interested in playing. >> reporter: seven of the ten largest powerball prizes ever were handed out in 2012 and 2013, but this is the first time the jackpots topped $400 million since last february. >> i'm going to round it out for you. >> there's a lot to lose. many rely on the ticket sales to
8:24 am
help pay for programs including education and housing. >> we're seeing a larger gap between the peak and the valley in the current year but with this nearly half billion dollar jackpot, it's creating excitement with our players. >> reporter: excitement? they're hoping it will pay off. >> if i see there's a big hype about it i might be like, well i want to be a part of it too. >> lottery officials credit the strong sales and say it should get larger. as they always say, you have about a 1
8:25 am
good wednesday morning, it's 8:25. i'm frank mallicoat. some of the headlines around the bay area right now. the man suspected of shooting a tv sports anchor in san diego now under arrest. mike montana surrendering late last night. kyle kraska of a san diego cbs affiliate shot in the leg and stomach. no motive released yet. he should be okay, by the way. 17-year-old accused of kidnapping and raping a pizza delivery woman will be tried as an adult. he will be arraigned today. he allegedly attacked his 22- year-old victim on sunday when she tried to deliver a pizza in antioch. and changes could be coming to the richmond/san rafael bridge. members of the metropolitan transportation commission will
8:26 am
discuss traffic improvement proposals at a meeting this morning. proposals include adding a bike and pedestrian path and a third eastbound traffic lane. speaking of traffic, liz
8:27 am
female announcer: get 36 months interest-free financing, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. and of course, free same-day delivery. but only through presidents' day at sleep train. good morning. unfortunately 880 in oakland is jammed right now in both directions because of earlier stalls northbound and southbound but you can see the backups especially in the northbound lanes as you pass the oakland coliseum. so definitely heavier than usual. another hot spot is the
8:28 am
eastshore freeway. this time because of earlier accidents. everything now cleared but it's going to take a while to get to the bay bridge toll plaza which is also stacked up east of the maze but check out the drive time for the eastshore freeway continues to get hit 66 minutes now from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and to the south bay now northbound 101 is particularly heavy it looks like from hellyer to sunnyvale. and then on 280 through downtown, all the way out to cupertino. that is "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. >> good morning, everyone. taking a look outside this morning, it's a bit colder than in recent mornings. we have abundance of sunshine, high, thin clouds, temperatures from 42 in santa rosa to 52 degrees in san francisco. we all warm up today under the abundance of sunshine and north wind at 15. 64 degrees in pacifica to 74 in gilroy. it will be 70 degrees in oakland. tomorrow record warmth through monday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour "fifty shades of grey" open this weekend. it's got a lot of people asking is this what it means to be in a submissive relationship? two well known women share their own version of submissiveness. see what it's doing for their marriages. plus, the co-star of cbs's "elementary" with lucy lieu. she's in our toyota green room. she talks about how it allows her to pursue her passion behind the camera. that's ahead. the "detroit free press" has an update about a story we brought you about a detroit man who walk 2d 1 miles round trim to and from his job.
8:31 am
on tuesday police helped him move out of his rooming house to a different location. this month he got $350,000 on a go fund me page set up by a stranger and given a free ford taurus as well. robertson told friends he worried his windfall might make him a target. the flavor is being used in potato chips and ketchup. he decided not to trademark sriracha sauce. >> patriots' cornerback malcolm butler is enjoying a new ride this morning. butler was presented with a new chevrolet pick upyesterday in massachusetts. tom brady gave him a truck he was supposed to get. brady wanted to reward his rookie teammate with his
8:32 am
game-saving interception with the seahawks. >> another reason to love tom brady. i'm swooning. new york's "daily news" says taylor swift is threatening to sue. lawyers for the pop star are claiming that cramer needs to shut down his website. he claims he taught taylor how to write songs. cat nap. some found a 30-minute nap reduces stress and boosts the immune system for the sleep deprived. our dr. holly phillips is with us. what does the study show? >> it was shown on two separate occasions they restricted the guys to two hours of sleep on two different nights but the second time the men were allowed to take two 30-minute naps the
8:33 am
next day. what they found is after such extreme slep deprivation, there were change in markers of the immune system and also norah pin efren. but after they took the nap both of the markers went back to norm achlt it suggests there's a restorative of protective effect to the nap. this study showed these two specific 30-minute naps and we also know that short names 20 to 30 minutes boost our memory our attention span our performance. longer than that may have those benefits as well but you're moreinertia, the dwrogyness after a longer nap. >> the question is different whether you're getting a normal night of sleep and trying to nap or -- by the way, an then there's talk about potentially introducing this in some high schools? >> right. jeff, you brought up a really important point. these only pertain to the
8:34 am
occasional very extreme case of deprivation wlrks you pull an all nighter or only get one to two hours. they may not work for those of us who has krobic sleep deprivation, which is many of us. many of us go in under six. the nap may make you feel better, but we're not sure it will have the same health benefits. >> what are the people who are chronically sleep deprived? if this study is for the one person, what about people? >> i think they do need to focus on sort of overhauling our approach to sleep and really pryor tighting it. with respect to teens, they are what's considered our at risk group for the negative effects of sleep deprivation. they go to sleep later and we're not allowing them to sleep in in the morning because school starts so early. >> if there's one thing i can say that helps people get through the day, it's the power of naps. >> charlie does it well.
8:35 am
>> if napping were an olympic sport i would get at least a bronze medalist. it makes me feel so well. we'll have to wait and see. >> this is great news. >> charlie's gold. >>'ll give it to him. "fifty shades of grey" opens friday. ticket sales are exploding in places like mississippi, arkansas and alabama, but those steamy love scenes are generating a little bit of controversy because of the leading lady's submissive role. two leading women say they're submissive in their marriages but in a much different way. lee, good morning. >> good morning, gayle. it's all about submissive. the definition is willing to obey somebody else. but any time it's used by women it's a recipe for outrage. two powerful ladies found out. >> you know i joked with my husband, the new message is
8:36 am
63-175. >> gabby lee is a successful volleyball player. she met and fall in love with and their commonalities started to drive them apart. >> we're both strong willed opinionated, bossy. when you have two strong personalities, it can be challenging but let's face it co-habitation in general is a dance. >> a dance that reece in her 2013 autobiography almost ended in divorce so she made a shift. strong willed at work less so at home. to be truly feminine she wrote, means being sovgts receptive, and look out, here it comes, submissive. >> started to learn, well, you know, maybe if i leave some of that alphaness outside and leave that for the world and then maybe develop and cultivate this other female side it brought out also a very positive side of
8:37 am
my husband that made things better. >> candice cameron beret got her big break when she was just 11 years old. at 20 she married hockey player val beret and left acting to raise a family. it was her home life that would thrust her back into the spotlight when she also used the world submissive in her second book. >> why that term? >> i used the word because i was quoting the bible. the word got taken out of context. my husband takes the role seriously as the leader of the family and i take the role seriously as nurturer of the family. it's not that one role is more important than the other. i'm not talking about submissive in an oppressed way. that's not the definition of it. >> it may not be the definition but this is how submissive is now playing out in pop culture.
8:38 am
men totally in control, women insubordinate. it makes it instantly controversial. >> i think whenever you have a society in which power has not been shared equally, it sets off like a traumatic reaction. you know we're only a few decades away from the women's movement. >> both say embracing a word like submissive might just help push women forward. >> you strike me as somebody very sure of what she wants and how she's going to get it. >> i would not be an author, an actress, a producer a mother of three, a career woman if i was a weak or oppressed woman. there's nothing weak about me in my marriage. >> even both of these women have totally different views on what it means to be submissive. so it likely won't stop any time soon. >> i was watching gayle watch
8:39 am
this piece. >> i know. >> for the last few minutes, and, oh my goodness. >> me no speak english. i think the world has a lot of different connotations for a lot of different people. i think in a really good relationship, the power shifts in both couples. sometimes it's you, sometimes it's me sometimes it's me, sometimes it's you. i don't think itmate makes either one of us less. >> i think it's a divisive point. charlie, do you like to be sub miss nieve your relationship. >> here we go, here we go. >> that's what makes a relationship work. charlie is going to go see the movie. >> we're all going together. >> i want to hear charlie's answer to this question. >> i think that we have a variety of selves than we ought to use all of them. >> i do too. >> in order to promote the best possible relationship. >> i like that answer. >> i do too. perfectly said. >> we always have to ask charlie. >> lee, thank you very much.
8:40 am
"elementary" star lucy liu is in the
8:41 am
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8:44 am
"kill bill." she now stars in "elementary." liu plays scherrlock's partner joan watson. in tomorrow's new episode watson takes break after her boyfriend dies by poison. here's a preview. >> you let me know and i'll conclude until then. >> thanks. it will just be a couple more days. >> do you have counsel? it's been almost a week since andrew died and you've said nothing about it which is your prerogative, which is fine but i want to be sure you have someone to discuss it with. i'd offer my services if you don't. >> andrew died because he knew me. i don't know what else to say. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> could you share with us how you feel about submissive women? >> yes. oh, yeah absolutely. i was in the green room and we were talking about it. i think in some ways if you are
8:45 am
a certain way in your work life as they were saying, there's a separation between work and life, if you go home and you kind of have to act a little it seems a little odd to me a little uncome dportable. shouldn't you be able to be whoever you are wherever you are. you shouldlet have to go home and act. that's my opinion. submission is a very specific word i think it's called compromise or understanding to let someone else pay the bill. you know to give in a little bit doesn't mean you have to be sub miss sniev lucy didn't submit this week. she dominated. she directed this episode. your second time directed. why did you want to do it and what did you learn? >> the second time around i learned more. this script was a little more procedural. so we actually had a case i had to work on which involved zebras which made it very difficult because it's winter
8:46 am
and zebras are warm weather animals. so we had to bring the see bras out from down south and at one point we discussed palkt little ponies black and white, which we have done before. we went through every possible list of things we needed to do and that was one of them. >> were you doing this because it's something you might want to do in the future of your own professional life? >> that's a great question and i do. i want to continue doing it. i really love it and i think it's just a natural progression from where i started over 20 years ago. it's funny because you learn from the people that you work with around you, not just the crew and the directors, but just as a whole. you see how everything is work. you think about your role, your lines, what you're wearing and as you progress you start thinking about absolutely everything. the props, the production how
8:47 am
much time it's taking. your concern grows. it's nice to have the microcosm to break out into that bigger view. >> is it a shift for you or the cast when you take the director's chair? >> it's a little bit of a schist because i have to -- yeah i was in that actual scene and i was in the episode and that kind of takes a little while. sometimes i'll have to run back to the video village area panhandling & make sure the camera was in the right direction and then we can move on. but i think because i'm so inty mat with the cast and they feel comfortable with me, it makes it easy. i think the thing about being a director is listening. hearing what the actors are saying, what they're doing and just trusting that everyone is doing what they were hired to do and you guide them. we forgot, you know we're shooting it backward and we have to make sure we remember these little bread crumbs that we plant in the beginning. >> where's "elementary" going?
8:48 am
>> "elementary" is trying to bring the relationship between sherlock and watson closer very much what is in the literature itself. a lot of people have asked are we going to get together? are we going to end up having sex? can you just say it on "morning news"? >> you just said it. >> i did. >> sex or boinking either one works. you told us it wasn't going to happen. >> right. i think we're holding true to that. even though a lot of the audience wants to see us together. >> you should do a submission episode. >> next valentine's day we'll have a submission episode and we'll in provide you back. >> as an audience member when you're watching you think they seem so in tune and so insynch synch and you can see it. >> it's true but i don't know if
8:49 am
i'd ever see you two together in bed. >> i can honestly say i haven't seen you naked. >> we'll need five minutes after the show to discuss all this. we want to stay true to something that's in the literature, they had a partnership and friendship. even though it's a modern-day twist we don't want to mix it up too much. plus fans are getting used to the fact that there's a woman playing watson. >> the ratings are great. the paintingspaintsing, how that influences your life? >> i think it's a more private thing i get to do without having 200 crew memberers relying on you. you can doet on your own. nobody's telling you. >> speaking of time i have to let you go. >> great being here. >> 8:00
8:50 am
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good morning. to the south bay we go. and, you know, we've seen all these different incidents out there. it's kind of too many to explain and in about 30-second but you can see what i'm talking about. major delays come into and out of san jose. the latest one is at northbound 280 crash that has traffic really stacked up. and 880, it's stalled in oakland in both directions everything now cleared unfortunately still seeing pretty good sized delays well far south of the oakland coliseum. and the san mateo bridge, still sluggish even though we're pushing close to the end of the peak of the morning commute. yo
8:59 am
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