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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  February 16, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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security expert herbert lynn says there's likely to be more to come. >> they try they fail. they try, they fail. they try, they succeed. so eventually they're going to win. >> reporter: they entered the bank system via e-mails to employees. when the e-mails were open it sent off a virus that allowed the hackers to see every keyboard move, every mouse click, essentially teaching them step by step how to steal. >> they were able to pretend they were bank employees not a bonnie and clyde robberies but more like an ocean's 11 robbery. >> reporter: in the process they stole millions of dollars from banks across the globe including some herein the united states. >> the cyber world is the wild wild west. we design new defenses and hackers design new ways to penetrate them. >> reporter: it's interesting to note that bank security wasn't a topic at the summit. it had taken a back seat to other threats by cyber hackers. >> for example is this more important than protecting the security of the electric grid?
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interesting question. i'd have a hard time choosing between those two. >> these attacks are getting more and more sophisticated every day. >> will there be another heist next week? probably. will there be another heist the week after that, probably. >> what would you give a grade for american cyber security? >> probably a c or d. in this case closer to a d. >> it has america and elsewhere very nervous in the wake of this report. >> phil matier live for us tonight in san francisco. it's estimated $10 billion has been stolen from banks through the cyber hacks in the past two years. with 113 cases statewide the measles outbreak is showing no signs of letting up. now the bay area county with the lowest vaccination rate is scrambling. kpix 5's ryan takeo shows us it's an uphill battle that the county seems to be losing. >> reporter: this is one of
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marin county's battle grounds on what's become a war on measles. the town of san geronimo. >> this is one of our communities of concern. >> reporter: more than a third of kindergartners did not have all of their vaccinations at the start of the school year. the county health department moved in holding a vaccination clinic at the school, offering free measles, mumps and rubella shots. about 120 doses of mmr but barely anybody showed up. by the end of the day they'd have three. 15-year-old kian edwards got his first vaccination ever. his mom felt there were too many shots at one time when her son was growing up. >> it's kind of more my decision now i guess and i wanted to get it. >> reporter: he said he talked his mom in to getting him vaccinated because of the recent measles outbreak and he wants to travel. >> brazil maybe and africa. my dad is pretty big on traveling. >> reporter: the third world problem of measles has a first priority for county health
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leaders. they're even rushing to find out which teachers, staff, and volunteers are vaccinated. it's up to school principals to keep track. >> it's been tricky. there are many people that recall having the measles or recall having the vaccine but we really need to have the documentation. >> reporter: if there's a measles outbreak at school, those without the vaccine or proof won't be allowed on the campus for three weeks. >> the virus doesn't care if you're a child or adult. our policy regarding school safety needs to apply to children and adults. >> we're in the midst of a measles outbreak. this is not business as usual. >> reporter: doctors say the best weapon in converting parents resistant to vaccines is education. if this measles mash unit is any indication, doctors will need a new weapon if they're going to have a shot in winning this war. ryan takeo kpix 5. >> teachers who don't have their vaccination records can have their blood drawn to test their immunity to measles. secretary tom perez is headed to the bay area tonight
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to try to resolve the contract stalemate crippling the port. cargo has been backing up ever since their contract expired months ago. and they're having trouble reaching a new deal with their employers. perez plans to meet with both sides in san francisco tomorrow. a bay area community deeply divided. one side wants to stop thousands of bicyclists from cutting through their neighborhood. the other wants to keep their gates wide open. new at 6:00, kpix 5's john ramos with a debate to block cyclists in diablo. >> reporter: at a certain point, bicyclists riding up the south side of diablo have to make a choice. stay on diablo road which has no bike lanes or shoulders and risk being killed, or cut left. >> it feels so much safer
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because the cars go so much faster on diablo. >> reporter: they're not public streets. they're private. and some neighbors are upset by a few cyclists who ride through the area like they own the place. >> they don't follow the stop sign laws and they don't say coming on your left or right depending what side you're on. it's difficult and does cause a hazard. >> reporter: there are signs asking for more respect. there's even been a call for the homeowner's board to erect gates and shut out the bicycles completely. but that could be a problem. next to the diablo country club is a united states post office which means the roads leading to it may not be quite as private as some would hope. and besides most here seem to think the whole controversy is kind of stupid. >> i think it has to do with a very select amount of people who always have to get involved with meaningless things. >> i'd say the majority for
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sure are very happy it's open. >> a petition was just presented by home owners to the board asking the roads stay open to cyclists. the feeling seems to be rather than enforce new rules, it might be better if everyone embrace the golden rule. >> it's a great cycling area and we can all get along. we just need to do the right thing and be courteous. >> cyclists and homeowners agree the best solution would be to widen diablo road to provide a bike lane for those headed up the mountain. the fire that destroyed a school building in oakland appears to have been no accident. it was 2 a.m. when the flames started shooting through the roof of the middle school cafeteria. police say a window was broken and a door was open. they're still looking for the exact cause of the fire. the school is scrambling to come up with a plan to feed the kids. >> it's gutted, it's blackened it's really not usable. >> damage to the building is
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estimated at $1 million. a district employee sent up his personal drone to get an aerial view of the damage. you can see that huge portion of the roof burned right through. firefighters cut some of those holes to get better access of the flames. the school will reopen tomorrow since classrooms were not affected and school lunches will be brought in. after mysteriously disappearing over a month ago napa's famous moose head is back. >> don ford figuring out who stole the prized possession. >> reporter: during a meeting with volunteers, the mayor of napa made a surprise announcement. >> this morning in my driveway there was a moose head. it was the moose head. >> reporter: the napa moose head missing since new year's day. it was a deformity that looked remarkably like a moose growing for decades out the side of this enormous eucalyptus tree. over and over generations
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of people playfully decorated it. when the giants won the world series, local high school colors, and after 9/11, in a patriotic theme. then it came back mysteriously after it disappeared, landing on the mayor's driveway. >> police officers and the tech guys came, they put on gloves and they said if there's paint on it they're going to be able to get fingerprints. >> reporter: sitting in the napa police crime lab with a tag typically found on the toe of other kind of victims, the moose will be held as evidence. it wasn't easy getting it here. >> takes two people to lift because this thing weighs a couple hundred pounds and we had to put it in the back of a pickup truck. >> reporter: police say catching the chain saw scoundrels will be difficult. restaurant owner joe has plans to celebrate the moose head's return once released from custody. >> even though it's in downtown joe's, joe's can invite the
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public to interact with the moose. >> although the criminal investigation does remain open, napa police say the important thing is the symbol of napa's pride, a painted moose head, has been recovered. in napa, don ford kpix 5. >> as for the giant tree where the moose head came from, plans are to chop it down, make way for a 14-unit subdivision. still ahead people head out for a peaceful day in the woods, or so they thought. the mass of crowds fighting for space in this bay area park. >> pretty soon you'll have to dial differently to reach people around here. the change that could have you reprogramming a lot of the numbers in your phone. >> only in the san francisco bay area does it get so warm that it gets cold. the fog is back in february. what is going on? how long is it going to stay? that and a tiny chance of rain coming up in your 7-day forecast.
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thousands of people took advantage of the holiday in a free day at muir woods. that created traffic jams and endless searches for parking places. kpix 5's ann notrarangelo shows us the madness at muir woods. >> the park is closed and people are still making their way up because when you get to muir woods you want to spend as much time as you can there once you realize how tough it is to get in. >> reporter: the birds in muir woods know the early bird get the worm. for the visitors, it's the early visitor gets the parking spot. >> we turned around, [ inaudible ] all the way up to a half mile. >> reporter: the cars line up along the road in to the park for miles. 4,000 people were
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here on saturday and sunday, lured by unseasonably warm weather and the waived entrance fee for president's day weekend. there's still only 150 legitimate parking spots. if you don't get one you're forced to walk the road. >> walking is a little bit scary at times. >> reporter: driving can be a challenge as well. avoiding parked cars and people and not crossing over the double yellow line. people who live nearby fear the illegally and unsafely parked cars could prevent them from evacuating during a disaster. this tour bus driver says for $85 for an adult he can take care of the situation. >> you take a tour with us and you walk in to the park, you walk right out of the bus. >> reporter: there are five more free days this year. the next two are april 18th and 19th. they were planning on coming up. make sure you allot yourself a lot of extra time to drive up here and park.
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ann notrarangelo kpix 5. a man trying to steal a car in concord ran in to a major roadblock. he didn't know how to drive a stick shift. the suspect was trying to car jack the vehicle on 1500 monument boulevard early this morning after robbing the driver and forcing him out of the car at gunpoint the suspect couldn't drive away. police say the suspect got out and ran and they're still looking for him. in oakland now a rising tide trapped a driver who stopped to admire the view of the bay. his van got stuck in the water near the bay bridge toll plaza. cal trans and chp offered to help but the driver gave a thumbs up and told them he'd wait for a low tide. san francisco residents aren't the only victims of the affordable housing crisis in the city. pets are also feeling the pain. san francisco spca says it's seeing a growing trend of pet owners forced to surrender
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their cats and dogs because of the scarce amount of pet-friendly housing. the spca has taken in 200 pets from the housing crisis, 42% from the mission district. you're going to have to start making changes in your cell phone contact list. kpix 5's mike sugerman on the numbers game that will force you to dial differently. >> reporter: when st. john gives a shout-out on 99.7 now he'll provide the caller's area code. to some it's a badge. >> if you claim that i'm 415 or 510, you're making a statement. >> 415 it's a lot of people who loves everyone. when i think of 650 -- >> i've heard a lot of, i wouldn't say hate but you're not from san francisco if you have a 610. >> reporter: those outside 510
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have a certain view of them. >> i have a 415 number now but soon if i get a new phone it will be a 628 number. i haven't moved. i'll live in the same place. i'll have two phones in two different area codes. it's because they've run out of 415 numbers. so they're going to what's called an over lay. new numbers in san francisco marin and part of san mateo will be 628. and starting saturday -- >> if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. >> reporter: here's a weekend project for you. you've got to put 415 in front of all the numbers that don't have 415 in front of them. >> i don't remember my cell phone numbers. i just put them in my address book. >> true. i don't know anybody's number. i just know a name. georgia, that's my daughter-in-law. i couldn't tell you what her number was. in truth maybe area codes don't matter so much anymore.
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>> 628. that's the worst area code. >> if you're 415 you're original san francisco. if you're 628 you just moved here from missouri or some place. >> reporter: and welcome to town 628. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> they're going to start giving out the new 628 area code on march 21st. president obama back in washington d.c. tonight after spending the weekend here in california. air force one touching down in the snow less than an hour ago. and the president left sunny palm springs earlier today. he spent the weekend playing golf after his fundraising trip to the bay area. while he was in san francisco friday night the president made a surprise visit to spruce restaurant in pacific heights. a little dinner there. the general manager says he and his crew sprang in to action when they were given just 30 minutes' notice that the president of the united states was coming for dinner. >> we want to make sure
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everything is perfect anyway for all our guests. when you have a guest like that, of course you're a little more on point to make sure everything is well executed. >> the president was at the restaurant for about two hours. the staff is not allowed to talk about what he had for dinner but there are reports that he ate duck. >> i wonder if he had a california red to go along with that duck. >> don't know. only two hours, that's kind of quick. time now to check in with chief meteorologist paul deanno who is live outside enjoying all that gorgeous weather. >> i'll tell you what, it's quite chilly out here right now. after a high close to 70 degrees in san francisco something came back that really solidifies the fact that it feels like summer outside. we have fog. widespread fog all around san francisco and temperatures have dropped about 15 degrees. look at that right now. look at your television screen. you can't see a thing because of all the fog that's outside. i want to show you today's highs around the bay area. 75 degrees in napa and gilroy.
6:19 pm
oakland, a record high. 75. fremont, 72. san jose, 72. five straight days with widespread 70s in san francisco before the onshore flow return, you almost got there with a high of 69 degrees. look how beautiful it was at the beach in san francisco earlier today. thousands of folks said february? eh 70 degrees and i'm going to the beach. i don't care what the calendar says. aquatic beach, very busy. the ocean, 60 degrees. the air 70 degrees. what's going on? this is not february. look at the temperatures relative to normal. we're nearly 8 degrees above average in livermore for the month. santarosisa, 7 and a half degrees. san francisco 7.3 degrees above normal. it would be significant if it was 2 or 3 degrees below. back east we have 100 million folks crying uncle saying please end winter now. another 6 to 12 inches for snow for boston. for us, we're
6:20 pm
under the protective dome of a ridge of high pressure. of course we need some rainfall. we'll talk about prospects as we head to the west coast. two ridges of high pressure, the one to our south brought back the flow this afternoon. that's why it's windy and foggy in san francisco and will be for the next few days. temperatures not as warm the next few days. a tiny rain chance coming up over the weekend. most of the rain will stay to the east but away from the water we may see a few showers coming up on sunday. tomorrow not as warm. no 70s on the map. concord, 66. mountainview, 67. we'll warm up to the 70s especially on thursday and friday. over the weekend, cooler. a bit cloudier. i'm keeping the rain out right now. there's a chance we'll see a few showers coming up sunday. it's amazing it feels like summer outside for two reasons. inland areas made it to the 70s again today and fog. fog in february as an onshore flow has returned. it's crazy. it does not feel like
6:21 pm
the month that it is outside right now. >> feels like may. still ahead, a bay area uber driver making some big money but not just by picking up passengers. how he has turned his car in to a showroom on wheels. >> plus, the south bay road closure that could cause headaches for drivers. and cut off businesses
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banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. california is now leading the nation in the number of solar industry jobs. in 2014 alone, the state added 7500 jobs boosting its total to nearly 55,000 according to a new report. the solar foundation says the state also tops the nation in the number of homes powered by solar energy. california is projected to add nearly 10,000 more solar industry jobs this year. there are now more than 160,000 uber drivers in the
6:24 pm
united states. as far as we know only one of them has managed to turn his car in to a six-figure showroom. >> i love color. i love color. it's insane. i'm all about color. >> reporter: catch a ride with gavin and you'll get plenty of color. >> when i'm driving i find awesome inspiration around san francisco. i meet the most interesting people. look at this view. >> reporter: but escolar isn't just a uber driver. his passion is his very own hand crafted jewelry. >> there's opals, aquamarines. >> reporter: drive --driving and jewelry design, two very different careers, until one day by accident those two worlds came crashing together. >> this is the first piece of jewelry i sold. it's for a guy from nashville looking for a gift for his wife. that was it. from then on i was like i should
6:25 pm
be doing this all the time. >> reporter: he started placing his work in strategic parts around the car. >> i usually wear one piece like a ring. then it just elevated. i'm putting something over here. i put my portfolio in the back. i can see in the different lights and different perspectives on how it will reflect. >> reporter: his work, twinkling in the sunlight, gets passengers talking and asking questions. he never even has to make a pitch. >> if it happens it happens. if not, i'm still getting paid. all of this out of my camry. >> reporter: adds -- as the day's sunlight shifts, the rolling showroom gets a makeover. >> this is made out of two different kinds of mother-of-pearl. >> reporter: last year he drove this business model well past the $200,000 mark. >> can you imagine i already have a quote/unquote base salary when i drive and everything i make from my jewelry is extra. i don't have to sell any of my pieces. >> reporter: as if you couldn't tell he's loving every single
6:26 pm
mile of it. >> i'm living the life i want to live. it's an awesome gig. i can't complain. >> he says his next goal is upgrading his showroom and by that he means ditching the camry, picking up a tesla. we'll see. coming up in our next half hour it is a big detour. a major bay area road project just getting started and businesses fear it could drive customers away. >> so what's your credit card info worth? a career hacker shows us and gives his advice on how to keep your identity safe. >> and developing news in west virginia tonight. a train carrying crude oil derails sparking a massive explosion.
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now at 6:30, a main artery through the santa cruz mountains will be closed for months. it has the potential to be bad for drivers and for businesses it could be even worse. welcome back.
6:30 pm
i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. highway line is -- highway 9 is shut down for major road work. drivers will be diverted to highway 17 instead. businesses in the area are worrying that closure could drive away their customers. >> reporter: highway 9 here in the santa cruz mountains will remain closed for the next six months and some of the nearby businesses say they're concerned about what impact the closure may have, fearing it may cut them off from their customers. >> it's actually causing us a lot of issues. a lot of our customers are trying to come up highway 9. they're lost. >> reporter: dan martin fears the closure of highway 9 near his business will drive customers away during what is normally one of the busiest times of year. >> a lot of potential for business but again that business is going to be looking other ways unless they know where we are already. >> reporter: cal trans' closest stretch of highway 9 north of santa cruz for repairs.
6:31 pm
the road is just too narrow to keep open during construction. >> we closed for remodel right after the end of the year. we closed for three weeks and remodeled. >> reporter: the owners of the oak tree restaurant say the timing couldn't be worse. >> they're stopping with all their detour signs way before the intersection so everybody else -- now they're kind of directing them to go down graham hill and the mount herman direction. >> reporter: the business owners say they understand the need to repair the road but wonder how they will repair the damage done to their businesses. >> the road is shut down for drainage improvements. workers will also be installing a retaining wall to try to prevent mudslides. developing news right now from west virginia. a train carrying 100 oil tanker calls derailed and exploded in to flames in the town of mt. carvin 30 miles southeast of charleston. elizabeth cook has been following developments from
6:32 pm
the news room. >> one witness describes seeing a fireball that rose 300 feet in to the sky right after the train derailed. one of those explosions was caught on camera. a ball of flames shoots high in to the air and turns in to a mushroom cloud much like a nuclear explosion. 14 oil tanker cars are currently burning. one home has burned. at least 1 00 families have been told to get out. watch and listen to what happens to one of the tank cars while a witness was being interviewed. amazingly there are no reports of any injuries. we were the first to report that mile-lodge train carrying potentially explosive crude were coming to the bay area from north dakota. our videos showed the crude oil coming in to a richmond rail yard then transferred to tankers
6:33 pm
and trucked to the desoro refinery. as a result of our story, environmental groups filed a lawsuit to stop the operation saying it put the entire city at risk. the lawsuit was dismissed because the judge ruled it was filed too late. the thousands gathered in copenhagen, denmark tonight to honor the victims of this weekend's deadly terror attacks. they held a candlelight memorial outside the copenhagen cafe where the shootings started on saturday. two people were killed there. another victim was shot and killed nine hours later outside of a synagogue. the police killed that gunman finally in a shootout early sunday. tonight ap sources are identifying him as 22-year-old el-hussein. his motive still unclear but investigators believe that he may have been inspired by last month's deadly terror attacks in paris. they're now talking to two of the suspects accomplices to see
6:34 pm
what they know about it. at this point they know there is no indication the attacks were part of a wider terrorist cell. 6.9 magnitude quake off the coast of japan triggered a minor tsunami. that quake hit three hours ago about five hours north of tokyo. shaking could be felt in the capitol. no reports of any damage. there is a 3-foot title surge reported in some locations. the earthquake struck in the same region hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami back in 2011. a deep freeze tonight in the northeast. wind chills have hit minus 20 in some areas. this is what it looks like on the east river in new york. ferries cautiously plow through major chunks of ice. in boston workers spent much of today digging out of another 16 inches of snow from the weekend. crews were clearing snow and ice from the tracks of rail lines.
6:35 pm
boston has seen about seven feet of snow in three weeks. despite bone-chilling temperatures, tourists are flocking to niagara falls, braving wind chills up to negative 25 degrees. visitors say it is magical with the mist against the frozen landscape. i almost feel guilty looking at those pictures. >> extremes on both ends of the continent. still ahead an inside look at the world of hacking. a man who went to prison for it shows us what happens to all that stolen information. >> plus they used to fill creeks like this. now california's salmon are in grave
6:36 pm
my name is bret hembree. i am an electric crew foreman out of the cupertino service center. i was born and raised in the cupertino area. it's a fantastic area to work. the new technology that we are installing out in the field is important for the customers because system reliability i believe is number one. pg&e is always trying to plan for the future
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and we are always trying to build something stronger and bigger and more reliable. i love living here and i love the community i serve. nobody wants to be without power. i don't want my family to be without power. it's much more personal to me for that reason. i don't think there's any place i really would rather be. the government is getting an idea now of how it wants to regulate commercial drones. among some of the rules the
6:38 pm
federal aviation administration wants operators to pass a knowledge test and a federal security check. the drones would have to stay below 500 feet. that would be the ceiling. go no faster than 100 miles per hour, and no flying at night. the long awaited regulation plans won't be finalized for another couple years. it's a side of hacking you've never seen before. julie watts takes us inside the black market where your stolen information is bought and sold with the help of a guy who said he's done it. >> for a visa classic they'll buy the credit card information for $15. >> reporter: a real steal for stolen credit card numbers. and hacker greg says he can snag an even higher credit card for a few bucks more. >> a gold platinum or corporate card $28. >> reporter: he's looking at one of dozens of black market sites where hackers buy and sell stolen information using bitcoin so it's virtually anonymous. >> i don't know where this guy is. he could be in florida.
6:39 pm
he could be right down the road here. i don't know. >> here we have a discover card. >> reporter: expert neil ofero calls them card shops though they're far from the hallmark variety. he said sometimes good guys do shop here, often banks trying to buy stolen cards to preemptively mitigate the damage. but he's no longer on the selling end of this game. once a black hat hacker, one of the bad guys who steal he's now called a white hat hacker, using hacking skills for good. in his younger years he went to prison after he said he hacked at&t's website in an effort to correct his cell phone bill and took down their website for two days. now he's advising others. and to avoid them, his number one piece of advice, stay off of pree -- of free wi-fi. >> ren
6:40 pm
-- it's jen rg knowledge. >> reporter: -- it's general knowledge. >> reporter: his second tip don't use the same password for social media sites and anything secure. julie watts, kpix 5. >> wow a few more ways to protect yourself. always try to opt out of providing a social security number. many forms that ask for it don't actually require it. and watch what you post on social media. hackers can guess your security question and passwords based on your profile. still ahead it may be their last hope for survival. >> the north bay program scrambling to try to save an endangered salmon. >> mother nature gave us all two seasons in one day. earlier today felt like spring. highs near 70 in san francisco. now it feels like sumwer fog and temperatures in the mid 50s. what's coming up tomorrow?
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have you seen 50 shades of grey yet? what if we told you you could watch it for free, and it's not piracy? some bay area moviegoers are already doing it. we'll have that story tonight on bay area night beat. join us on our sister station. scrambling to save an endangers species of salmon. a special breeding program in the north bay may be their last hope. >> reporter: the coho salmon have all but disappeared. they're on the verge of extinction in california. >> historically their numbers
6:45 pm
realmed in the round of 400,000 fish. today we are lucky to have about a thousand wild adults. >> reporter: scientists say decades of pollution and construction together with a long drought have put the central california coast coho salmon on the endangered species list. >> we've done a lot to cause the problem that we're in. it's really up to us to find a solution now. >> state biologists started collecting the fish 14 years ago and developed a breeding program at the warm springs hatchery to try to save the species. >> really if we didn't start our program when we did we might have missed the window to have any chance at saving coho. >> one of the challenges is to create genetic diversity because inbreeding would weaken an already compromised population of fish. >> each female is spawned with four separate males to create four sibling family groups. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of fish that are born in the hatchery will be released in to the wild. >> do you think the coho will
6:46 pm
be saved? >> i do. i think it's going to take a lot of teamwork. >> reporter: but there are wildcards in nature including climate change that could undermine the massive efforts to save the coho. >> since coho salmon in california are endangered, they are not fished legally. the coho you find in grocery stores comes primarily from oregon and alaska. time now for a check of the forecast. paul deanno. you're saying it's actually cold out there, paul. >> yeah, it's interesting that the bay area can do this. it can get so warm inland that here comes the fog and when you get an onshore flow, the cold is a factor of the warm from earlier today. near 70 degrees in san francisco earlier as we check the current temperatures now with a live shot of san jose. we're down to 54 degrees. that's a quick 15-degree drop. as you know in the summertime, doesn't feel like 54 because
6:47 pm
it's humid outside. it's chilly in san francisco. look at oakland. still at 65. livermore, 64. san jose, 63. microclimates in full effect in mid-february. got to show you a beautiful sunset. our live neighborhood network stanford stadium in palo alto where we did not have the fog along the coastline. we had a spectacular day to get outside once again. what a glorious holiday weekend it was for any outdoor activity. problem is we're out of balance. we could use three or four of these days a week but we're not there yet. napa tonight 44 degrees. chilly, 45. 47 in mountain view. 52 and foggy tonight in san francisco. satellite view shows a nation divided. we have a huge ridge of high pressure on the west coast. sunny and 60 in seattle. in atlanta it's a cold rain and 40 degrees in washington, d.c., the president just landed from his california trip in to a snowstorm. and that snow will stretch all the way up to new york city and boston. yet
6:48 pm
another east coast snowstorm with wind chills 30 or 40 degrees below zero. we have two ridges of high pressure. the one i'm focusing on now is the one other the south. the clockwise flow around it is giving us that onshore flow. that's why the next couple days will be dry but not as warm. tomorrow the first day in a long time without widespread 70-degree temperatures. our only chance of rain, and there's only one and it's only about a 10% chance of rain, that's coming up on sunday. a low pressure area will work around the other ridge slide down the rocky mountains and sierra and maybe clip our inland areas giving us a few showers. aside from that, yet another week without precipitation. let's take a look at the temperatures out there. we'll see widespread fog along the coastline tonight. temperatures will take that step back for the next couple days but we'll stay dry all week long. highs relative to average tomorrow. we'll still be above normal just not as warm. south bay, mid to upper 60s for you in
6:49 pm
san jose. 66 degrees in sunnyvale. out to the east bay with mid to upper 60s. 68 in walnut creek and the north bay looking at highs in the mid 60s for san rafael and novato and far north bay away from the fog we'll actually still have temperatures in the low 70s in lake port. quickly through the 7-day forecast which will be sunny, not as warm on tuesday and wednesday. warming back up to the 70s on thursday and friday. cloudier but still rain free over the weekend.
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
of course in honor of president's day we hail to the chief. that 59 satchel page was by far the oldest major league baseball player. his career began during the clinton administration. he's decided to retire. giambi won the mvp award with the as in 1999. he later played for the yankees. he played for four different teams in 20 seasons. he hit 440 home runs. giambi publically admitted he was a crook and apologized for using performance-enhancing drugs in 2007. nba. steph curry and klay thompson became the first warrior teammates to start an
6:53 pm
all star game since the lbj administration. head coach's game plan had less substance than a campaign speech. >> one of you guys get it, like throw it to the other guy then you shoot. >> the plan was to get it to russell westbrook who scored 41, one point shy of tying wilt chamberlain's all star record. that was right around the time kennedy embargoed cuba. >> i purpose ly didn't want to give away all of our calls that we make in oakland. so i was really withholding all of our secrets that we were on. so we're really going to confuse everybody down the stretch. >> classified information. warreng. harding died here in san francisco less than three years in to his presidency. harding was an avid golfer and had a golf course in the sunset
6:54 pm
district named after him. nearly ninety years later harding park is going to host the world golf match play championship. mayor ed lee's game looked better than tiger's. harding on the few public courses the professionals will play this year. according to one pga official, it's what makes golf so unique. >> at the player's championship i took my dad out to play saw grass once. he's about 120 his normal score. so he hits a 5 wood off of 120 yard par 3 somehow manages to get it on the green. knocks in a 20-foot birdie putt, then sits there for the entire tournament and writes down every player that didn't birdie the hole. i'm better than that guy. i'm better than that guy. clinton needed surgery after he fell jogging during his second term in 1997. something a bit more severe happened at pebble beach yesterday. brian rush the caddy and
6:55 pm
brother-in-law of pro golfer matt betancourt, slipped and fell trying to get down to a ball on the beach. his head hit the rocks twice. he suffered a concussion and two broken bones. if you're wondering why he was down there looking for a ball, it's because technically it is still in play. if you can find it you can hit it. fdr was president when the crosby clan mates started in 1937. in 78 years people around the monterey peninsula have never seen such great weather and low scoring. here's a look back at a wonderful weekend. >> has anybody ever said you look like tiger woods? >> yes all the time. >> reporter: and his son little john is with him every step of the way. >> he puts -- putts it better than i do. >> will you have to win a major before you set a date? >> hopefully that's soon. >> buster posey you mentioned him. >> he's a great kid. and surprise, hits it a mile. and he doesn't always know where it's going but he doesn't play
6:56 pm
all that much and as far as we're concerned we're fine. let the golf go where it might go. >> i can do a bean crosby. got to get up in the morning and drink me a fresh squeezed grass of orange juice. then i'm going to go out and play that golf. >> back in the win column. >> i'm emotional right now. it's been a long time since i felt this feeling again. it's really special. >> special week indeed. congratulations to brandt snedeker and i think the cable guy was the best newcomer. larry the cable guy was the player. [ laughter ] >> we'll see if he can do a phil harris next year. >> did a great job. >> news throughout the evening latest on >> this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: welcome to the show. let's go. come on. let's go now. how are you folks? how is everybody? i appreciate you now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day from delano, minnesota home of the vikings, it's the rieckenberg family! [cheering and applause] and from... pottstown, pa. it's the richardson family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new head-turning ford fusion hybrid. [cheering and applause] give me steve. give me amy. let's play "feud."
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[theme music playing] [cheering and applause] top 7 answers on the board. name something romantic you feel like doing whenever you hear a barry white song. steve. >> dance. steve: dance. [applause] [ding] pass or play? >> we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. [cheering and applause] >> yes! steve: hi, margie. >> hi, steve. steve: what do you do? >> i am a singer. all of us are. we're all...we all sing. >> we sing together. >> we sing together as a group. steve: you sing together? >> as a group. steve: y'all got a song y'all can sing? >> sure. sure. steve: ok. go on. >> ♪ oh, lordy, i am bound i'm bound for higher ground oh, lord, i'm seeking for that golden crown you know, i can't remain on this earthly plain i'm bound for higher ground oh, lordy, i am bound


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