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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 17, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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everyone. "cbs this morning" is coming up next. and that is courtesy of -- good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, february 17th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." another brutal winter storm slams millions. d.c. shuts down. drivers in the south are trapped. a train explosion forced entire towns to evacuate. and who will be crowned top dog at the westminster kennel club. a veteran judge shows us what qualities make best in show. we begin with the look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. we had a lot of sleet and freezing rain. >> here is what drivers are having to deal with.
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>> a winter storm plowing into millions. americans waking up to record low temperatures. snow and dangerous commutes. the biggest bull's-eye across virginia. significant snow in d.c. >> federal offices closed today. >> and more than 1,000 flights canceled. a train derailment in west virginia forces families from their homes. >> the flames were higher than the top of the mountain. i could feel the heat. the judge in texas temporarily block the executive action on immigration. the federal government is expected to appeal. a chilling video in the so-called "american sniper" trial. and lance armstrong is expected to pay $10 million for lying for using performance enhancing drugs. >> it might not be much left. it is fat tuesday. the biggest party happens in new orleans with mardi gras. in new zealand, a woman rest
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rescued from a sinking car. into the box goes mousa. get out of there. the show's still going on. >> and all that matters. >> the biggest names in music honor stevie wonder in the all-star grammy tribute. >> stevie i can't put it any other way. you're [ bleep ] great. "fifty shades of grey" made $38 million on friday alone. that is the same way i saw it on friday. alone. i cannot imagine any sentence more depressing than one ticket for "fifty shades" please. this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs stoeshz welcome. many of you in the west can
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expect more brutal weather. a heavy coat of snow and ice. people in new jersey and new york are waking up to snow on the ground. a winter storm warning in washington. >> we have correspondents along the east coast from north carolina to massachusetts. we start with jericka duncan in boston. that city is close to setting an all-time record. >> reporter: good morning to the viewers in the west. boston may not be in the center of the storm, but the area is expected to receive 3 inches of snow today. this city along with the northeast is dealing with the aftermath of snow and now the bitter cold. 12 people were evacuated from their homes in the boston suburb when the roof of the auto repair shop buckled under the weight of heavy snow. it is one of dozens of buildings in new england to crumble under
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the accumulation. >> wind blows on the street t feels like 6 below zero. >> reporter: the extreme weather that brought historic snowfall to the northeast is not just inconvenient but dangerous. a frozen pipe burst in a new york city movie theater yesterday sending a light fixture crashing to the ground. luckily no one was hurt. >> freezes and breaks. >> reporter: windchills are 16 below zero challenging firefighters to put out flames and the philadelphia house. the water from the hoses freezing on impact and coating the home in ice. >> the level of snow is becoming unbearable. absolute terror. >> reporter: looking around boston, it's hard to tell nearly 300,000 miles of snow have been plowed this winter. this car is struggling to make its way down what used to be a two-way street. with nearly 8 feet of accumulation boston is closing in on the city's all-time record
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for snowiest winter at 107.6 inches. >> you know, at this point, bring it on. may as well beat the record. >> reporter: officials here asking people to help support the local economy. one restaurant owner we spoke to said business is down 60% within the last three weeks. simply put, a lot of people don't want to come out in this and it is very hard to find a parking space. >> thank you, jericka, that guy had the right idea. might as well break the record. she has seen every flake. it was snowing in maryland as air force one brought president obama home from the holiday weekend in southern california. much of the federal government is closed this morning because of the weather. chip reid is out on the national mall in washington which is under a snow emergency. chip, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it may be sunny and warm in los angeles today, but here in washington, we got 5 inches of snow overnight. that is enough to shutdown the federal government. all of the schools in the
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washington area are also closed. what that means is the roads, as you can see, are all but empty. the national mall and air and space museum and museums that line the mall are closed. monument and all other memorials are closed. one piece of good news is the snow is light and fluffy. it not weighing down trees and bringing down power lines. the bad news is the homeless population in washington. there are many people who live on the streets here and some of them, in weather like this cannot be talked into going into the shelters. >> chip, thanks. there is heavy snow in philadelphia this morning. the snow is combining with the windchill around zero or lower. the cold weather stretches into the south this morning. drivers are facing a dangerous commute. brag the ice and snow in charlotte, north carolina. vicente?
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>> reporter: good morning. a thousand workers have been brought to north carolina to deal with the unusual weather. the problem has been ice. you can see some of it is even hanging off the warning tape here. there is also ice on the roadways. that has been a problem for drivers and ice hanging off the awnings here. the other problem power outages. this morning, 100,000 homes left in the dark and cold. a dangerous mix of heavy snow and freezing cold temperatures are making for messy roads across the southeast. >> it is really bad. real bad. there's trucks turned over. cars getting stuck. it is dangerous. >> reporter: a family driving through tennessee narrowly avoided disaster after a sheet of ice came crashing through the window. >> i saw a sheet of ice lift off the roof of the truck and saw it flipping at us. we are safe and sound. a lot of glass and a lot of places.
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>> reporter: in manassas virginia. more of the same. >> i don't know if you have driven here. they don't know what they are doing here. >> reporter: slushy streets and wrecks led to a state of emergency. >> i was in the line of traffic. a big bang. >> if you don't have to be out, don't get out. just stay home. >> reporter: many cities are recovering from a weekend storm that knocked out power for thousands. utility crews are bringing in extra workers as up to a foot of snow is forecasted in the south. >> crews worked 16 or 18 hours. they are ready to go. >> reporter: this morning, many schools are still closed and north carolina is still under a state of emergency. highway patrols have been told to check abandoned cars to make sure no one is inside. >> vicente, thank you so much. the storm is disrupting air travel. boston, new york, philadelphia
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and washington and charlotte reporting slow downs because of the weather. 1,200 flights have already been canceled this morning. meteorologist danielle niles with wbz is watching how long the arctic blast will continue. >> good morning. we have been tracking a bit of everything from snow to sleet and freezing rain and rain. this front, the leading edge of arctic air coming in. slippery travel continues through the mid-atlantic and carolinas today. the big story is the cold air. highs in the teens in minneapolis through the middle part of the week. same in chicago. that is without the wind factored in. teens in st. louis. little moderation to ended the week. across the southeast, only in the 40s, which is cold for northern florida. we will approach records here by the end of the week. d.c., record cold. 20 for the high temperature on friday. only in the 20s and 30s for atlanta. the eastern 2/3 of the country in the colder pattern. mild weather and quiet conditions on the west coast
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with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. 80s in the southwest. >> thank you, danielle. road conditions are treacherous for commuters and emergency crews like you see here in new jersey. we will continue our storm coverage and show you a close call for a news crew in virginia ahead on "cbs this morning." investigators are trying to figure out how a train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded in west virginia. the accident sent massive fireballs in the air yesterday. two towns evacuated. we have the latest from fayette county. kristin? >> reporter: the governor of west virginia has declared the state of emergency. the fire continuing to burn on the hillside behind me. one person has been treated for respiratory problems. the train burned for hours in the small west virginia town monday afternoon. as many as 15 of the 109
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railcars of the csx freight train were in flames. >> you feel the heat? >> reporter: several explosions fueled the fire. it spread along the banks of the kanawha river. >> when it blew up the flames were higher than the top of the mountain. >> reporter: the crude from the train was seeping into the river forcing the water treatment plant to shutdown. the train was traveling from north dakota to yorktown, virginia carrying crude oil. some of the most combustible oil on earth. last april, another csx train went off the tracks in lynchburg, virginia. in 2013 a massive fireball over north dakota and in july 2013 47 people died after a train carrying bakken crude oil
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derailed in the canadian town. the crashes are among the reason the national transportation safety board had made safety a priority. richard burson. >> the ntsb investigated too many of these accidents and too many recommendations gone unheeded. >> reporter: the department of transportation sent new safety regulation legislations to the white house for review. the industry is moving toward the new standards. >> kristin ketchell thanks. the 5 million illegal immigrants is uncertain this morning. jan crawford is in washington with the next steps for the president and his opponents. >> reporter: thank you. the order came down late last night and blocking the obama administration to implement the programs. the response to the lawsuit filed in texas by 26 states.
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they are saying the programs would cost millions. the president has no authority to impose them. the president's plan would allow longer term immigrants whose children were born here to ask for deferred deportation. it would protect people who were brought into the country illegally as children. that part of the program would start taking applications on wednesday. texas governor greg abbott led the opposition. he said the decision rightly stops the president's overreach in its tracks. the executive actions are within the authority of the president and justice department is indicating it will appeal. gayle. >> jan, thanks. a carnival turned deadly overnight in haiti. witnesses say some of the victims were electrocuted. others jumped from the float causing thousands in the crowd to panic. the second day of the annual festival in haiti's capital.
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the gunman accused of two deadly attacks in denmark had a violent history. last night, 30,000 people paid respects to the victims in candlecan candle light vigil. clarissa ward has latest from london. >> reporter: good morning. denmark's counterterrorism agency said the suspected gunman was on their radar and may have been inspired by last month's attacks in paris on the satirical magazine. thens of thousands of danes came out last night lighting candles to mourn the dead and show solidarity with danish values. >> it is for us to show up and to express the united front as a city and as a country. >> reporter: denmark has been in a state of shock since two people were shot dead in attacks on a free speech debate and psynagogue over the weekend.
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more details are now heemergeing about the suspected gunman who has been named by local media as omar abdel hamid el hussein. seen here in the blue and black shorts in a kickboxing match. the son of palestinian refugees the former gang member had a long rap sheet for weapons violences and violence. in late 2013 he stabbed a 19-year-old student in the leg on a train. a danish reporter who covered his court appearance said el hussein did not appear to be religious. >> he just seems like a callous, hardened criminal and nothing more spectacular about him. >> reporter: el hussein was sentenced to two years in prison and was released just two weeks before the weekend's rampage. the denmark's prime minister said there were no signs the gunman was part of a larger terror cell. >> this is not a conflict with
7:16 am
islam and the west. this is not a conflict with muslims and non-muslims. this is a conflict between the core values of our society and violent extremists. >> reporter: authorities across europe are increasingly concerned about the threat posed by so-called hybrids. part terrorist and part criminal. norah. thank you. the prosecution could rest in the "american sniper" trial. the jury heard and saw key evidence on monday. the recorded confession of eddie ray routh in the killing of navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield two years ago. we have manuel bojorquez with the latest from the courthouse. >> reporter: good morning to the viewers in the west. court resumed a day after the prosecution used routh's words against him. he apologized to the families. that could impact whether the jury believes the insanity
7:17 am
defense. following his arrest eddie ray routh still in handcuffs, interviewed by a texas ranger in the interrogation room. navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle and chad littlefield taken the veteran suffering from ptsd. the tape was played for the jurors. the judge is not allowing the audio released to the media. he told the interrogate or after meeting kyle and littlefield, they are head hunters. the man he shot first was kyle. the one he could clearly identify. if i did not take down his soul he was going to take down mine. >> he believed he had to pull the trigger. that it was his life or theirs. he might have been in a state in which he thought that at that point in time he had to do what he did. >> reporter: routh admits to shooting the men, but pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. on the witness stand on monday the rang erin after viewing
7:18 am
routh told jurors he stated it was wrong to kill them. he wish he hadn't done it. if he could apologize to the families, he would. asked if he knows the difference between right and wrong, routh responded yes, sir. asked what he said to the families of the men killed i would tell them i am sorry for what i had done. the statements were more difficult to decipher. the warlords are not happy with me. >> the statements that were made were sounding crazy, however, he had also been drinking as well as smoking marijuana. did that confused state rise to the level of insanity? that is what the jury is wrestling with. >> reporter: in the interrogation video routh asked if his parents arrived at the police station. quote, i would like to see them. at least talk to my mom one last
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time. >> manuel thanks. ahead on "cbs this morning," lance armstrong is hit with what could be the largest this national weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places.
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police at dui check won'ts stopped in their tracks. >>. and the news is back in a moment right here on "cbs this morning." ck in the morning right here on cbs "this morning." ♪ ♪ ♪ tigers, both of you.
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should congress regulate the modelling business do you think with fashion week in full swing? we'll show you the site to change what you see in the magazines. plus matthew perry is coming to studio 57 this morning. he's bringing the odd couple back to tv right here on cbs. happy about that. ahead, why he's taking oscar madison into the 21st
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good tuesday morning everyone, it's 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. some of the headlines around bay area right now. one man is dead and another still missing after their canoe sank on the san francisco bay. this happened last night with three people headed out from oyster point marina in a 12- foot canoe to go fishing. 22-year-old woman rescued early this morning. about a half hour later rescuers found a 54-year-old man unconscious in the water, he was taken to a local hospital where he later died. the secretary of labor perez due in the bay area today hoping to jump-start negotiations to end the port dispute. they have been without a contract since last july. they are due back on the job today after they were locked out over the presidents' day weekend. traffic and weather coming
7:27 am
7:28 am
good morning, we'll start with the ride out of marin county. there was an earlier accident that still has traffic pretty backed up between novato and marinwood. the southbound lanes of 101 and a live look outside. this is a san mateo bridge. which is down to a crawl now in westbound 92 out of howward. no dents just a back to work commute has begun trying to get to the peninsula. bay bridge no exception to that roll. especially the east shore freeway look that the drive time, 52 minutes from the carquinez bridge because of a couple of earlier accidents in richmond and berkeley. fog out there as well. fog is causing delays at sfo up to 56 minutes on some arriving flights. good morning everyone. you got to take a look at this. this has just been issued. it's a coastal flood statement and it's for the coastline and the waterfront. we have high tide at 9:46. a 6.7 feet and we expect minor flooding along the coastline. it's the king tides that are back. . thes right now 450s and -- temperatures right now 40s and 50s and later today into the 60s. up to 70 degrees the
7:29 am
7:30 am
luckily the reporter and the photographer were inside the truck getting warm. i was wondering as i watched this video why the cameraman didn't move. now we know the camera's online. very incredible. welcome back to cbs "this morning," there's a lot of slipping and sliding in much of the u.s. right now. latest snow and ice storm is causing havoc from new england to the south. tara lynn of our affiliate is in rocky mountain north carolina 60 miles east of raleigh. tara, good morning. >> reporter: that's right, and this is not something we usually have to deal with here in the south. at least not this much.
7:31 am
and we have had so much ice that has been, you know falling overnight along with freezing rain, while there hasn't been much snow, here's the issue. all of this is compacted, it is hard even for the drivers trying to make their way into work they have to report to work. those icy conditions on the road are what the big concern is this morning. and now, many people also without power, more than 100,000 people without power this morning. all of north carolina remains under a state of emergency. and schools, hundreds of schools are closed throughout the state. people are being warned to stay inside and off the roads. snow crews are out, they are trying to break through this ice, and they are armed with get this 1.3 million gallons of sand and salt. just since yesterday, state high school officials responded to more than 1,000 accidents. many drivers ended up having to turn around because they simply could not make their way to their destination. now it's only going to get worse because as you can see, we still have a little bit more freezing
7:32 am
rain that is falling right now. we don't expect the sun to come out today, and temperatures are only going to hoover around the freezing mark. all of this ice is not going anywhere any time soon. charlie. >> tara thanks. time to show you the headlines, "washington post" says pope francis condemned the beheadings of 21 christians by isis. he called the victims martyrs. he called for the unity of all christians. he said quote, it makes no difference whether they're catholics, orthodoxes or proved substantiates. the st. louis post dispatch has new video of a police officer who's heard giving a controversial warning to his fellow officers. the dash cam is rolling during an arrest that some call abusive. >> hold up. hold up, everybody, hold up. we required right now, if you're worried about cameras, just wait. >> the camera is then shut off.
7:33 am
the footage cuts out for more than two minutes. dash cam footage earlier shows the officers repeatedly kicking and shocking the suspect with a taser. he was pulled over last april. permanently embedded surveillance and sabotage tools in computers around the world. have the implants are virnlly impossible to wipe out. hot flashes last far longer than previously thought. oh joy. women suffer longer if the symptoms begin before menopause. on average, they last more than seven years, but for some women, it's twice that up to 14 years. the findings could lead to big changes in treatment hurry up
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please. and lance armstrong faces another huge blow. he's being ordered to pay $10 million to fca promotions they paid him from bonuses from winning the tour de france. he conducted an unparallel pageant of perjury, fraud, and conspiracy conspiracy. rikki klieman is with us. >> we have to look at how this whole thing started. otherwise, we can't figure out what's happening here. at some point, fca promotions which was giving lance armstrong bonuses for winning his tour de france rides says around 2004 listen, we don't really think that you're doing this on the level that you really must be doping. they don't pay him his bonus for 2004. lance armstrong goes to court, he sues sca promoexs he says i
7:35 am
want my money. you breached my contract. case goes into arbitration, sca promotion can't prove he's doping. they enter into a voluntary settlement agreement. and that's what became the time for lance armstrong to get a lot of money. $7.5 million. eventually we know it turns out that lance was doping, and at that point he confesses on oprah. the doping agency says you were really a bad boy, and so sca promotions says okay we want to do something and get money back. >> that's the question how unusual is it to reopen something that's unsettled. >> you have language in this settlement and in most other settlements that's very clear. it is final. you cannot appeal. you cannot reopen, it is done. two parties voluntarily, no matter who lied, no matter who was fibbing entered into an
7:36 am
agreement. so the idea that today, what happens is that an arbitration panel goes back goes back nine years, and reopens a settlement agreement. doesn't give an award to sca, it says lance, you've been a bad boy. >> what about the future of settlements, you settle to make things end? >> and that's part of the problem which is why, of course, lance armstrong's lawyers say they're going to go to court and they are going to go to court to say, the arbitration panel could not do this. this is a sanction it's not even an award. what happens is the arbitratore eror is so angry about this plethora of perjury of statements that they sanctioned him $10 million. >> this is just part of the legal problems. >> part of the legal problems. he has suits going to the point of fraud. for $100 million. we don't know what his net worth is. how is he going to deal? he's had lawyers across the
7:37 am
country in three time zones going to defend his problems. this is a man who had everything, and may wind up with nothing. >> all right. do you have something else? >> no. >> thank you. >> oh okay. >> thank you. >> thank you. rikki klieman, thank you. mourning the loss of lesley gore who died yesterday. ♪ "it's my party" turned lesley gore in 1963. followed by "you don't own me" became a femme nis anthem. she was 68 years old. it's what one lawyer calls the legal way to drop your dui check points.
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is offering what he considers a foolproof way to get through dui check points. don't say a word to police. he points to videos like this showing impaired drivers to bypass the
7:43 am
law. this is a dui check point in florida last new year's eve. watch as police wave this driver through without even asking him to roll down his window. the man behind the wheel and the video is florida attorney warren redlich. he believes this is a legal loophole to dodge sobriety checks. >> you stop and typically you show the police your driver's license. you're doing that. what you're not doing is going beyond what's required in the check point. >> reporter: he was tired of defending people who were wrongfully arrested after going through these check points. >> there are genuinely drunk drivers that need to be taken off the road. unfortunately the way the system works, innocent people get caught up in it and the idea of this is to help people protect themselves by not rolling down and asserting their rights. he tailored his fliers to the laws of 12 states so far. now others are using them and posting their videos online.
7:44 am
>> we are approaching a dui checkpoint. we are testing fair dui flier, honestly not intoxicated, we're doing this intentionally. >> i think you always have people who are trying to beat the system and push the envelope. >> reporter: former federal prosecutor david weinstein says even though the fliers might hold up in court, he doesn't recommend people challenge police at the checkpoints. >> when you sign your driver's license, you're consenting to the ability of law enforcement to give you both roadside tests and to require you to blow in a breathalyzer. >> reporter: in 1990 supreme court ruled dui checkpoints were legal. studies have found they consistently reduced alcohol-related crashes by about 9%. colleen church is the president of mothers against drunk driving. her son dustin was killed in a
7:45 am
drunk driving accident ten years ago. >> sobriety checkpoints are advertised. so that people know where they are. they're not necessarily to make arrests. they are there to deter people from driving drunk. >> reporter: madd and law enforcement agencies worry that an intoxicated driver could use the fliers to avoid getting caught. but redlich thinks that's not likely. >> drunk people are not good at following instructions remaining silent and they're not good as being patient. all those things are required to make this work. . you're drunk, you're probably not going to pull it off. >> reporter: now redlich told us he hopes someone will challenge the use of the fliers. it'll pave the way for the supreme court to one day re-examine it's ruling on sobriety checkpoints. norah. >> what's at the heart of the attorney telling people not to speak to the police or roll down their windows? >> reporter: well, he says that just gives cops a chance to, you know, say that either smelled alcohol or they heard slurred speech, really, he says it's a pretext to search for other
7:46 am
things, gayle. >> all right. thank you, jan. models are supposed to look good, but the critics say their standard bu city really unnatural. should the government regulate models and fashion photos do you think? that's ahead. music world honors stevie
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7:51 am
legendary entertainer, stevie wonder. sung a version of "isn't she lovely." wonder wrote is it about his daughter's birth. ll cool j hosted the event. beyonce, john legend and lady gaga. everybody has a favorite stevie wonder song.who? >> an actor, taylor lautner. congratulations. >> we wish her the best. the man who knows how to turn dogs into champs at the westminster kennel club show. tonight is the big night, he probably won't be taking queues however from saturday night live. ♪
7:52 am
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good morning, it's 7:56. i'm go doe. kensington's -- michelle griego. chief greg harmon is under investigation for the -- u.s. labor secretary tom perez is in the bay area to help solve the contract stalemate crippling west coast ports. cargo is now piling up all along the coast. and extended shutdown could cost the u.s. economy billions. claremont middle school in oakland is open today after a fire destroyed the cafeteria. investigators leave someone set the fire yesterday morning and damage is estimated at $1 millio
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning, well, it took a couple of hours but they finally just reopened all lanes of southbound 101 at brokaw. so southbound is actually fine. it's northbound in the commute direction that is pretty backed up from boston hill road all the way out to palo alto. you can see the drive times are all pretty much in the red throughout the south bay on 101. 280 and the parkway through downtown. a live look at the san mateo bridge. which has some incident-free just a lot of folks trying to get out of hayward to the peninsula. same thing up and down the nimitz freeway. especially heading northbound into downtown. that's traffic. here's roberta. the national weather service has issued a coastal flood statement. good morning everyone. this is in effect until thursday at 9:00 a.m. high tide this morning 9:46 a.m. a 6.7 feet. we do expect some minor coastal flooding at the waterfront as well. we have fog in the san jose area. currently 54 degrees there. later today, our highs up to about 70 degrees only some partial coastal clearing
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west, it is tuesday, february 17th, 2015. fat tuesday. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead, including the new winter storm challenging tens of millions. we'll check on the snow emergency in washington, d.c. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener at 8." it may be sunny and warm in los angeles but here in washington, we got 5 inches of snow, enough to shut down the federal government. >> north carolina is still under a state of emergency. >> we have had so much ice falling overnight along with freezing rain. >> big story is the cold air. >> the eastern two-thirds of the country, mild weather and quiet conditions continue on the west coast. >> the governor of west virginia has declared a state of emergency. the fire tonights to burn on the
8:01 am
hillside behind me. >> this order came down late last night. it temporarily would block the obama administration from implementing these new immigration programs. prosecutors used routh's own woffords against him. the jury heard him hit several times to the killings. >> the doping agency says you were a bad boy, xsca promotions said we want to do something and get money back. >> much of the northeast is dealing with the aftermath of the snow and now the bitter cold. >> i like cold weather but it so cold i turned 50 shades of blue. today's "eye opener at 8" is presented by nationwide insurance. >> ready seven. cue charlie. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. much of the south this morning is struggling after its first winter storm of the year. for the northeast, it is a familiar story. several inches of snow fell in
8:02 am
new jersey this morning. this latest in a series of storms reaches from the carolinas to cape cod. >> behind that storm you'll find icy wind chills all the way down to washington, d.c. that's where the mayor has declared a snow emergency. chip reid is outside on the national mall. chip, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we got about five inches of snow here in washington, a little bit less than expected but it's plenty enough to shut down the federal government. congress was already out of town on recess. and schools all over the area also closed. as you can see, that's left the roads almost completely empty. the museums on the mall the air and space museum the monuments, including the washington monuments and the others. this snow is incredibly light and fluffy. it's not weighing down trees and bringing down power loans. very few reports of power lines coming down. the bad news is the temperatures will be in the teens and the 2urs all week. that means the roads will freeze over once they plow them and the homeless population, a lot of
8:03 am
people live on the streets in washington and some of them cannot be convinced to go into the shelters, even when it's this cold. norah norah? a freight train derailed and exploded in west virginia. flames and fireballs shot into the air in fay yet county. there were no serious injuries. it's not clear what led to the crash. this morning, some of the top dogs in the world are preparing for the final day of competition on the biggest stage. don dahler is at the westminster dog show in new york where tonight one will be crowned best in show. >> good morning. this is sasha, a tibetan mastiff. looks like a big lion. in just a few hours, this building will be full of dogs and owners and handlers and they are all vying for the canine equivalent of the super bowl. before the main competition begins, these dogs and their
8:04 am
handlers find some time for toys touchups treats of course, and often a quick nap. >> it is the event of the year. we have many good dog shows but westminster is like the cream of the crop. >> reporter: every year america's best bred best kept dogs come to new york city for the westminster dog show. they enter the competition as one of nearly 3,000 and hope to exit with the top prize of best in show. >> look at these dogs. they are in magnificent condition. >> amazing. >> reporter: peter green has been part of the dog show circuit for over 60 years as handler, a judge and now an owner, he won best in show four times at westminster. what's the key to being a really good handler? >> you really have to love the dogs, really want to present a wonderful dog. >> reporter: while they're simply pets to many of us the dogs here are highly trained in the art of competition, says owner and handler dave press. >> do you think he enjoys the
8:05 am
process. >> he does absolutely. because it's discipline, struck tear and he gets a lot of treats. >> reporter: inside the ring it's how a dog conforms to the breed's standards that sets it apart from the pack. >> you make sure the dog is posed to his best advantage. >> reporter: they all look tense to me. >> no. they're doing their best. >> reporter: handler bobbi kinley blewett of cleveland likes the confidence she sees from her afghan hound. >> he's a stallion. he owns the ring. an afghan hound should portray themselves as the king of dogs. >> reporter: like most competitions, this one often comes down to character. >> expression on dogs makes a big difference whatever breed. when a judge is coming down to the final thing, you know, he looks at one dog and the other, the dog is looking at him, asking for it. the other dog is standing there more relaxed. when i ask him for it it's
8:06 am
likely to get it. >> look at that face. this is luna female grate dane. the westminster kennel club event here is the second longest running sporting event in america after the kentucky derby. now you're going to see some very familiar breeds in the finals tonight. a sky terrier, standard poodle and you might even see a cousin of the first dog, sonny obama, a portuguese water dog. >> i think he's called mattiace is the name of the dog. >> my kids will want to watch that, i'll tell you. looking forward to that. >> only a matter of time. >> we're on your side riley. >> yes. it's great. riley wants one too. she has to pass the 100-day test. >> the dog has to live there for 100 days. >> on a day like today when it's snowy out, who's going to take the dog out to go to the bathroom? >> you. >> moms always ends up having to
8:07 am
do it. >> that's how it works, mom. >> that said i still think the children should have a dog. >> they're screaming at home we love charlie and gayle! >> all right. now to the story, the modeling business faces calls for government scrutiny this week. the ♪ ♪ don't fall in love ♪
8:08 am
we're still talking about dogs. we still think the o'donnell/tracey children should get a dog.& apple's ceo tim cook is putting his support behind high-tech toys. we'll introduce you to the budding company using technology sought by the military in toys for kids. a trip to the toy fair, ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:09 am
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♪ the unaltered the unaltered photo of 48-year-old cindy crawford is sparking talk. vanita nair reports on an issue that's making its way to capitol hill. >> reporter: that image of cindy crawford coincides with the start of fashion week here in new york. it's the chance to see the newest styles on some of the thinnest women who will ever wear them, reigniting the debate of which size is realistic? when ellen fashion designer tahari starts the week he starts with hundreds of models then narrows it to 25. >> the relationship between a model and the designer it's always something that comes from inside. >> reporter: while tahari says he's looking for something on the inside what the rest of us
8:14 am
see is the outside. ♪ and that outside is almost always tall beautiful and very very thin. >> it's important that a fashion model is a fashion model. >> reporter: it's been the industry standard for years, says agent bathethann hardison. >> she should be lean tall and not somebody full of body. that's not fashion. that's something else. >> i have a mast metabolism. >> reporter: a natural size 0, 22-year-old madison bradley fits that mold. she's been modeling for five years, working both in the u.s. and abroad. >> i've had trouble fitting into certain pieces during fashion week. >> reporter: because they were too big. >> too small for me. i'm very tiny myself. >> reporter: after two models died in europe from anorexia-related causes the fashion industry in spain and italy began monitoring how thin a model can be based on her body mass index or bmi. israel has gone further, passing
8:15 am
a law that requires a model to have a bmi of at least 18.5. in comparison american women on average have a bmi of 26.5. and wear a size 14. the israeli law requires that any ad that's been photo shopped says so. >> young children are being affected by imagery every single days. >> reporter: emme wants regulations in the u.s. especially around photo shopping. >> young girls think that's what i want to look like. >> reporter: have you been photo shopped? >> i have been photo shopped. >> every single picture has. >> it could be from my plection to my weight. >> reporter: a girl scouts of the usa survey found 89% of teenage girls feel the fashion industry pressures them to be skinnier. >> definitely by the time i was 12 i was restricting what i was eating. >> reporter: kathleen mcdonald, policy director at the eating disorder coalition says her body
8:16 am
issues started from fashion magazines. >> at the height of the problem how bad was it? >> i had started to give up and was planning to take my own life because i was so sick of being thick and sick of not getting better. >> reporter: it took macdonald 20 years to recover from both anorexia and bulimia, a fight she's detailed before congress. her coalition is now sponsoring three separate bills, calling for eating disorder education and for greater transparency in advertising. what do you say to someone who says this is something that can't be legislated. you can't force education. >> i say we can, we have to start with something. i am committed to doing this until not one more person dies prematurely from an eating disorder. >> reporter: tahari says the solution to unhealthy models shouldn't come from congress but the fashion industry itself. >> every designer needs to take
8:17 am
responsibility, to have to deal with real things real women, real sizes, real models. that will be your outfit. you'll be hot. and it's good for busines. >> kathleen macdonald says she plans to testify again before congress later this year. as for the designer tahari, his show debuts at fashion week tonight. he uses regular size models on the runway he fits his clothes and designs them for regular size women. he often uses women within his own company. maybe that's some of the secret. >> he certainly has the right idea. i feel we've had this conversation for a gazillion years. nothing ever changes in terms of the people they put on the runway. average american woman is a size 14. plain and simple. it's frustrating sitting here watching. very frustrating sitting here watching your piece. >> she said if we were to see everyone in her family they are all that size. >> okay.
8:18 am
lisa green is in our toyota green room. we'll look at the issues she says couples cannot afford to ignore, whether you're getting married, divorced or just living together. that's ahead here on "cbs this morning." a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen.
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8:21 am
♪ women can spend years planning their weddings but the future doesn't get nearly the same attention. one survey shows only 34% of women have wills. another finds just 3% of couples
8:22 am
get prenup chul agreements. attorney lisa green is the author of a new book "on your case" comprehensive, and only slightly bossy legal guide for every stage of a woman's life. lisa, good morning. >> good morning. >> you say legal problems are as predictable as bad weather. we're all going get into legal problems, yet, why is it that women fail to plan? >> here's the state of women today. we eat kale we drink kale we go to spin class, we hire tutors for our kids save for retirement, and miss this big area of the law that if you use it correctly can make you feel safer, and it's the ultimate empowerment tool. i'm trying to get people clued in. >> you're trying to give us the ultimate power tool. go ahead. >> tell what you say women should do. >> well there are many areas where the law and women's lives intersect. certainly marriage and divorce. prenups and something called a no-nup. beyond that. when you go to work when you have kids if your teen is
8:23 am
arrested, parents are getting on in years and you want to protect them. these are all areas where a little bit of knowledge ahead can save you a lot of grief. >> i think it's interesting, you say prenups are an insurance for marriage, i don't have a prenup seems like the weirdest thing to think of when you're getting married to have a prenup. >> it's not necessarily -- >> i can't believe you said that. >> because they start out -- >> i'm not at that income level. >> it's not about income level, they start out in your life and responded. >> that's right. >> this goes into a marriage thinking, divorce court is in my future. on the other hand, we all had friends taken by surprise and even women friends of mine who initiated a divorce. go into it with wishful thinking. what's up ahead for me? and i think it's really important to get to know what you can expect and then make sure you get a fair deal. >> lisa you were described as a cross between suze orman. >> it's a compliment.
8:24 am
>> every couple should discuss. can you sue your husband's girlfriend for ruining your life, and should you tell your boss that you and your co-worker are dating. and your whole point, you have a variety of questions, ignorance of the law is not an excuse. every woman should prepare herself for any occasion. any occasion that's going to hit us. >> again, this is behavior we're used to as well because we're planners. >> yeah. >> we're worriers at least i'm a worrier. i have found by utilizing the law in these areas proactively, you can sleep better at night. >> the biggest thing women to come to you about is divorce. >> no question about it. >> shut the door tissues, if they're initiating or find out their husband's left them they have no idea what to do. a good way to start, get on the web, look up your state course website, plenty of free guidance, and look if you and your ex get along, you can do it yourself. even if you can't, you have a sense of what you're entitled to under the law. know your rights.
8:25 am
>> great advice thank you. >> pleasure. and on your case is on sale happy tuesday everyone, it's 8:25. time for some news headlines, i'm frank mallicoat. one man is dead and another is still mting after their -- still missing after their canoe sank on san francisco bay. three people headed out from a 12-foot canoe fishing last night a. 22-year-old woman was rescued early this morning. rescuers found an unconscious man in the bay. he later died in the hospital. secretary of labor tom repose is due in the area -- perez is due not bay area today -- in the bay area today hoping to jump-start negotiations with the port dispute. they are due back on the job today after they were all locked out over the presidents' day weekend. the stretch of highway 9 from santa cruz up to felton will close today for six months
8:26 am
all for roadworks. traffic will be diverted on to highway 17. nearby businesses are very concerned. they're going to be cut off from their customers but caltrans says the road is just too narrow to keep open during that construction process. the traffic and we my name is tony sartorio. i'm a lineman for pg&e out of the concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole life. i have been married for twelve years. i have 3 kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible - not only for them, but everybody, myself included that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e because it's my hometown. it's a rewarding feeling.
8:27 am
can't say thank you enough. you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything for all your help. through all life's milestones our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement. you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can. good morning. we got a heads-up for b.a.r.t. riders, there are delays on the daly city line. see a tweet that b.a.r.t. just sent out. saying there were multiple medical emergencies and some police activity and that's
8:28 am
what's causing the 10 to 15 minute wacup. all the information we have thus far. and some commutes are pretty brutal because of early morning accidents. look at the east shore freeway almost an hair from the bridge to the -- hour from the bridge to the maze. earlier crashes in richmond and berkeley didn't help that drive. and look at this. just solid red from the altamonte pass right around the 205 and 580 interchange tall way out to the -- all the way out to the dublin pleasanton area. i know it's also foggy for the commute. here's roberta. we have a gray slate out there in addition to the very foggy conditions. we also have a coastal flood statement in effect. high tide's at 9:46. of just almost 7 feet. and we do anticipate some minor coastal flooding as well as the waterfront. san jose you're socked in this morning with an air temperature currently of 54 degrees. temperatures today climbing to just shy of 70 in the warmest locations so record warmth is over. barely 60 at best along the seashore with partial clearing. we don't have any rain in sight for the ne
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ very pretty. welcome back to cbs "this morning," in the words of chandler bing, coming up in the half hour could we be more excited? matthew perry, hello, we're talking to you in the toyota green room. good to see you. he has a brand new friend on cbs new comedy called "the odd couple." toys you can buy artificial intelligence. how the smart phone is the new remote control. that story is ahead. right now time to show you some of this morning's head lionels from around the globe. the wall street journal says coffee consumption expected to jump. international coffee organization says demand will likely rise almost 25% in the
8:31 am
next five years. the reason society's in india, china, and latin america continue to become more westernized. this demand comes as brazil the largest grower of coffee beans faces a historic drought. the sheaverine has controversy this morning. in began in the sympathy 1857 the mayor of mobile alabama, says festivities oe ridge natoed in the early 1800s. he's created billboards to highlight that. historians point out that tradition in mobile was held for the new year not during carnival. the journal says the storm-battered city of new york is waving a white flag. funny message says this we surrender, you win, key west anyone. due to this ridiculously stupid winter, she invite you to visit the florida keys this week.
8:32 am
web traffic is up since it rolled out that message. and london's telegraph says song lyrics in english are almost the most depressing writing in the world. ♪ oh won't you stay with me ♪ >> the results are no surprise to fans of sam smith's stay with me. or sad songs from adel. english language lyrics ranked near the bottom for happiness compared to many types of writers in other languages. >> you know what they work because everybody's been there at some point. >> that's true. >> stay with me. never mind. >> you were thinking about the last time you thought that thought? >> yes, yes, i was. never mind. math you perry is one of our favorite friends. still keep people laughing nearly 11 years after the hit comedy signed off the air. >> hey. >> i'm sorry, we don't have your
8:33 am
sheep. >> whoa whoa isn't supposed to be in that display. no. no. no. no. it was never fully erect. >> maybe he was nervous. >> bambi's mother died he stopped drawing the deer. >> well it was either a pink bunny or no bunny at all. >> no bunny at all, always no bunny at all. >> well now matthew perry putting a modern twist on another tv classic. the role of oscar madison in cbs's revival of the odd couple. >> come here. take a look at what he did to my sports ticker. >> we're out of corn flakes fu. pick up your socks. fu. it took me two days to figure out that fu was felix unger. >> well i've got something to get off of my chest too. when i was at the lowest point
8:34 am
in my life you took me in showed me friendship andly never forget that. >> what was that you don't know thousand fight right. >> matthew was one of the executive producers, good morning and welcome to the cbs family. >> thank you. very much, very happy to be here. >> you know we were talking yesterday, i was telling people you were coming and everybody said of course he's playing felix. everybody gets ultd be playing felix. they were surprised that it's oscar, is oscar a stretch for you? >> people thought i was going to play felix because chandler was more felixy. fwhu my life if you -- but in my life if you know me i'm an oscar. >> tell me more of how you're an oscar. >> i make a lot of messes. >> you'd see trash. pizza boxes. just ridiculous amount of trash. >> the key to the show i think is going to be the chemistry between you and thomas learnen which is great by the way. >> thank you. >> when did you feel okay we have something here. what is it about him and you
8:35 am
together? >> we knew it right away. we read hundreds of people for this part. and i've been involved in this project from day one. so we were involved in the casting and thomas learnen came in and didn't even read he just came in and sort of was the character. and he sort of is the character. he carries purell with him, shake his hand, he does it to his hands, carries list arena with him everywhere. he's sort of a freak. >> how long was this in the making? >> i think we started pitching it about a year ago. >> oh. >> yeah. >> this is of course an old favorite, but with a modern twist. what did you want to preserve about the show? >> just the chemistry between those two guys. it really hinges on that. and the party and the movie of course is walter and jack lemon, and the tv show is jack and tony randall, and those, all of those people just have wonderful chemistry. the show sort of hinges on the chemistry between oscar and felix. i think we have we've found a
8:36 am
good oscar and a felix. >> producing and writing in it too. >> yeah. >> matthew, you're coming back to tv in front of a live audience, you've done other things that didn't work out as well -- >> what are you saying? what are you saying? >> i don't want to mention any names, but listen -- audience audience, i like hamming it up for an audience. >> instant reaction. >> instant reaction. i was just about to say that. you get to find out right away if a joke works or doesn't works. if it doesn't, they fix it. >> one time or a couple times and take the best? >> you preshoot stuff on mondays, and then you do the show on tuesdays. but mostly they take from the show you do on tuesday. performances are so much better because of the people there. >> right. >> one of the people you get to
8:37 am
work with is lauren graham friend and ex-girlfriend. how's that? >> it's great. we've dated a long time ago and have been friends far very long time. and she plays my ex-wife. and it's the heart of the oscar -- >> that's comedy right there. >> yeah, yeah. the heart of oscar, he womanizes and drinks and gambles, but he longs for the love of his ex-wife. so we were really lucky to get lauren. >> well thanks to netflix and cable, "friends' very much alive. >> yes, thank you for showing me in a bunny suit. >> you're welcome. some people become famous with a role, and don't talk to me about it, don't talk to me about it. where does "friends" sit with you? >> it's great. wonderful. >> people come up to me now the show's on netflix. people come up i know were not born while we shot the show for sure and they're just surprised how elderly i look. >> do they want a reunion?
8:38 am
>> they do. everybody does. and that's that's a sort of thing that comes up the most. and there's been no talk of that. it's difficult to get the six of us to get together to have dinner, much less -- >> would you be interested in it if there was a way for it to happen? do you think look, that was then, this is now? >> i think if the stories were told. we did 237 episodes and sort of finished the thing. we do little mini reunions like courtney was on "go on." and cougar town and web therapy with lisa which was fun. we do like little versions of it. but i don't know that the six of us will get together. >> let's talk about you, matthew. i love that you've been so open about your substance abuse. and extended a line to people who have issues with your perry house. what do you think is the biggest miss misconception? >> people don't understand it's a disease. that's what it's a disease. it was declared a disease in 1955 by the american medical
8:39 am
association. and even people who are in trouble with this thing don't kind of realize that they are suffering from a disease. >> uh-huh. >> that sort of blame themselves. and it's important to get it out there and not have it be a secret and so you can get the help that you need. >> and you're in a good place? >> good place. yes. >> he's on cbs, he's on a great place. >> i think that's what you meant. >> i don't think so. >> no, yes, i'm in a good place. >> but if in fact -- >> i was talking about his love life though actually. >> you were? >> i was. >> gayle asked. >> i don't know anything about that. >> me either. i just always like people to be happy, that's all. >> i'm happy. >> go ahead. >> you have a question. >> go ahead, charlie. >> are you happy? >> i thought you were going say, who am i dating. >> yes. >> who are you dating. >> i'm dating happy. >> how is she? >> she's great. >> yes, i've heard she's very pretty matthew perry. >> happy.
8:40 am
>> we're so happy, we're so glad you're on tv. >> me too. >> and you've got great placement. big bang theory and before the series -- >> you're in a good place. >> yes. >> if we tank i don't know if this doesn't work i don't know what to throw at people. >> it's over then. >> matthew perry cheering you on you can watch the series premier of the odd couple right here on where, matthew perry? >> cbs, everybody. all right. tech companies are cashing in on toys, new york city's toy fair. >> reporter: good morning, the same technology you'll find in self-driving cars you'll find in the latest toys. we'll tell you why some of america's most brilliant minds are focussing their energ
8:41 am
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8:44 am
technology is taking over toys this morning at new york city's annual toy fair. next to the lincoln logs are slot cars. gigi stone woods is at the fair with the hypes, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. here at this year's toy fair industry insiders are telling us this is the future of toys. hybrids that merge physical toys with video games and your smart phone.
8:45 am
toys are a $22 billion a year industry. so it only makes is thaens some of the biggest innovators in tech are racing to cash in. is your goal to disrupt the toy business? >> absolutely. i think the toy industry is one of those industry that hasn't evolved nearly as much as it should have over the last few decades. >> reporter: this is the co-founder of onky. he developed the toy drive and upcoming overdrive. fellow ph.d. graduates from the robotics institute. >> when people see the products they make, it feels like science fiction because it shouldn't exist. >> reporter: unlike classic slot race cars of another era, onky cars aren't limited to the skill of the play per. since they can think for themselves. >> the environment 500 times a second. 50 mega hertz computers inside of them. they understand where they are. they communicate. when you're playing the games, actually comes to life and
8:46 am
self-aware. >> reporter: powered bay sophisticated artificial intelligence technology not typical of a toy, the $150 drive starter kit is america's second best-selling toy. next to dolls from the movie frozen. do you spend a lot of time playing video games to check out the competition? >> more than we should. >> we call it research. >> reporter: may be small in scale, but the algorithm is similar to the self-driving car. and the driverless vehicle sought by the defense department. your ph.d. focussed on autonomous vehicles. why choose to focus on toys? >> for us toys and entertainment was this really great spring board where we could release a product quickly, have it completefully our control and allow us to be adopted and suggested then jumping into another others. >> using the ios platform to create an entirely new category of experiences. >> reporter: their vision was so exciting, that apple's ceo tim cook helped launch the company.
8:47 am
in 2013. how did you get one of the most powerful companies in the world to back you? >> it was the biggest honor we could have hoped for. from their point of view i think we're using their product ecosystem in a way that nobody ever had before. >> reporter: the smart phone is the new remote control and toys are now roaming the world without wires. >> always teddy bears, always duck duck goose, but we'll see more and more toys with artificial intelligence, robotics are added into them because it makes the toys exciting in a new way. >> reporter: this is the editor of the new is this the futurer of play? >> it is a future of play. i have no doubt there will be a lot manufacture things like this in five years than there were five years ago. >> this is a great way to push these technologies forward. where, in a pros of developing core technology in the motion control, the wireless communications interface systems, manufacturing
8:48 am
capabilities. >> reporter: developing big concepts from small toys. including how the car of tomorrow might make the one of today obsolete. >> 25 years from now we're going to look back and say, it is really bizarre that people sed to wiggle their arms back and forth, who would do that. it's just going to be absolutely the norm for cars to be completely aen to mouse. >> oh i'm off the road. >> reporter: we asked him where he sees the future going, he says the toys and manufacturing, he expects robots to soon help harvest food more efficiently and elderly people in their homes. norah. >> wow gigi thanks. whole new world. >> toy 2.0. >> amazing. . >> aren't you glad duck duck goose will never die. and legos. >> yes. >> still popular. and you know what nothing beats a deck of cards. >> you're right, you're right. you're watching cbs "this morning," we'll be right back. ♪
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good morning. well, we have the fog it's creeping into our san mateo bridge camera. and the ride is still really slow out of hayward's commute is not eased up at all heading out to the peninsula. the anymore sitz the same way. northbound 880 look at that. that's near oakland airport and oak ox, but the backup -- oakland coliseum, but the backups to northbound 238 and continuing into downtown oakland. another brutal commute, livermore valley to pleasanton. at least it's lance up a little bit through the altamonte pass. and b.a.r.t. is now in recovery mode. still about 10 to 15 minute delays on the daly city line. but those should dissipate shortly and everything else ferries, caltrain and ace on time. have a great day.
8:59 am
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