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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 19, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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night all the way through wednesday. >> nice weekend, though. >> we live for the weekend, don't we? >> we do. >> maybe a little. [ laughter ] >> thanks for watching. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday february 19 2015. welcome to cbs "this morning." a deadly superbug outbreak at a top u.s. hospital. we're at the scene in los angeles where nearly 200 people ma vi been exposed. a record-breaking win the gets even colder. windchills well below zero causing dangerous conditions for millions. here's a question. would you leave everything behind for a one-way ticket to mars? we'll meet two of the finalists looking to make history in space. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye-opener: your world in 90 seconds."
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two patients died and at least seven infected. >> people who had procedures. >> involving medical instruments contaminated. a superbug outbreak in southern california. >> nearly 200 patients exposed at ronald reagan ucla medical center. >> numb at this point? >> so numb. it's miserable. >> it is dangerously cold yet again and right now over 100 million americans are feeling it. >> north dakota to florida all the way to upstate new york really, the heart of it is up through the great lakes. >> we have the potential to reach 30 below. >> and we have to address the grievances that terrorists exploit. including economic grievances. >> a sum aimed at countering violent extremism continues at the white house this morning. >> the administration is misidentifying the enemy and their motivation. >> look at the damage to this portion of the refinery. >> a devastating blast leveled the exxon-mobile facility in southern california. >> i felt the blast and just took off. left everything behind. >> president obama named int
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separate secret service director to the full-time against against the recommendation of an independent panel. >> i'm roger goodell and about to run the 40yard dash. >> get out of the way when the train is coming through. >> all that -- >> vanilla ice arrested on burglary. can prove his innocence, not his relevance. >> -- in "all that matters." >> jeb bush first major foreign policy speech. >> alove my brother. i love my dad. i actually love my mother as well. i hope that's okay. >> on cbs "this morning." >> little caesar's are about to deliver a new culinary delight. it's pisa with 3 1/2 feet of bacon wrapped around it. >> to order one just call your lower little caesar's and say, i give up. >> presented by toyota, let's go places. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to cbs news. a major new health scare this morning in southern california. a deadly superbug may have infected nearly 200 people at ronald reagan ucla medical center. seven people known to have been exposed since october. two of them died. this morning the hospital is offering a free at-home testing kit to people who may have been infected. carter evans is at the medical center in los angeles with how this bacteria started to spread. carter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning to our viewers here in the west. as more people return their test kits, the concern is that the number of infections will increase. meanwhile, the cdc and the l.a. department of public health is investigating to determine exactly how so many people were exposed to this deadly bacteria. the drug-resistant superbug known at cre has been blamed for the death of two patients in ronald reagan ucla medical center. at least five others have been infected, and health officials are trying to determine just how much patients may be at risk are
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exposure. the outbreak which was discovered last month is tied to a set of specialized endoscopic procedures which took place at the hospital between october of last year and january of 2015. officials are now in the process of notifying 179 patients who may have come in contact with the bacteria. the hospital cleaned the scopes according to guidelines established by the manufacturer but the type of endoscope used in the procedure, which some estimates say is performed half a million time as year in the u.s., can accumulate bacteria in spots that are difficult to disinfect. in a statement, the ucla health system said the two scopes involved with the infection were immediately removed and they're using a decontamination process going awe bov and beyond national standards. cre is resistant to commonly used antibiotics in the same family the e. coli. according to the cdc, once it enters the blood stream the bacteria can kill up to 50% of
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infected patients. since 2012 superbug infections related to dirty endoscopes appeared in cities across the country, including chicago, pittsburgh, philadelphia and most recently seattle. we reached out to olympus medical systems the company that makes the endscope in question and haven't heard back. the fda is working to determine what more could be done to reduce infections but right now says the benefits of the endoscope outweigh risks. >> carter thanks. also in los angeles our dr. david. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> how serious and what should we be worried about? >> serious. the fifth major infection over of the last the two to three years and keeps happening. in this particular one, 179 patients exposed and what scares me they announced this happened end of january three weeks later notifying patients and sending them an at-home kit. sounds a little strange to me. >> why did it take them so long? >> i don't know. certainly that's worrisome,
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because this is a bacteria that can be on your skin and not cause a problem until it gets in the blood stream but you can spread it. certainly identify individuals colonized, when on your skin early to get rid of it. >> how in the world has this happen at one of the best hospitals in the country? >> it's certainly an issue and i think goes back to this scope. this is a particular scope used predominantly in gallbladder and pancreatic procedures and has to curve to get around corners in the body. and those little corners, bacteria can accumulate and it either it wasn't cleaned well or the criteria for cleaning it are wrong and we need to certainly address that and there should be a red flag because this is several outbreaks that happened over the last several years and we have to have that red flag to make a change here. >> and doctor, a step back, too, and look at the larger issue of superbugs in hospitals and how we are going to change the way we treat patients and how we're going to deal with these. >> yeah. superbugs are a major problem that is growing. ke did a story together a few
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months ago about for the first time now we have hope with new antibiotics that attack superbugs. until they're on the market it's a major issue. witness you have one of these particular bacteria it is very difficult to treat it. so we need to limit the antibiotics we use and obviously do simple things like washes the hands and washing these scopes and really taking caution so as not to spread it. >> all right, very scary stuff. thank you very much. much of the west can expect one more day of unusually high temperatures but the other two-thirds of the country is waking up this morning to brutally cold weather. overnight windchills hit single digits all the way down to atlanta. feels like it's below zero from minnesota to tennessee. international falls, minnesota, is earning its nickname today, ice box of the nation. the temperature there plunged below negative 30 this morning. wow. ashley roberts of cbs station wcco is in minneapolis where conditions are a bit better. good morning to you.
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>> reporter: good morning. cold weather continues. the midwest is dealing with extreme bitter temperatures here in minnesota it's much of the same and in minneapolis, the temperature plummeted to well below vere oh. later today, it's not expected to climb over 6 degrees. >> whyout conditions. >> reporter: the dangerous mixture of snow and bone-chilling temperatures are creating treacherous conditions in the midwest. slicked over roads in southern michigan left drivers struggling to stay on track went. >> i've been sliding a lot in my van. no matter how much you've driven in it you can't prepare for it. >> reporter: subzero windchills are raising concerns about hypothermia and frostbite prompting chicago public schools to cancel. their fourth regular scheduled class cancelled this season. >> probably go into july or something. >> reporter: the blast of arctic air is pushing deep into the south plunging temperatures up to 40 degrees below normal and
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freezing over streets. >> you hit a patch of ice especially on a bridge and you lose control of your vehicle. so i'm always concerned in weather like this. >> reporter: this transportation worker in knoxville had to jump out of the way of a pickup that lost control over an ice-covered section of interstate 40. >> what's crazy is first snow we get and we got to deal with something like this. >> reporter: in north carolina firefighters were able to rescue a teenager who had fallen through a partially frozen pond. >> a bunch of screaming, yelling. really bad. crying. i mean, stuck out there on top of the water like that was pretty rough. >> reporter: and at least six people have died in tennessee, where the extreme cold is threatening to push power grids to the brink. officials are asking everyone to conserve electricity as utility crews troush restore power to more than 30,000 people on wednesday. now, the coldest it's ever been here in minnesota is negative 60 degrees. that was back in february of 1996. it's not expected to get that bad this time around but in the
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meantime, people are making sure to bundle up before they step outside. this current system may last through next week. >> ashley thanks. the massive snow pileup around boston trapped two people in nearby cambridge. five feet of snow fell off the roof of a skating rink last night and landed on them. a passerby started to dig them out. work crews finished the rescue. one rescuer calmed it five minutes of terror. the victims injured but not badly. earlier, the roof of this shopping center in central massachusetts collapsed under the snow. a post office and several stores are closed this morning, but roofs at harvard university of still okay. this drone video proves it. a harvard lab is using a drone to keep track of the snow. meteorologist danielle niles of our boston station wbz is tracking the forecast. danielle, good morning. >> good morning, everybody and to viewers in the west. talking about a weekend storm that may significantly impact the roof collapse concern in the northeast with milder air coming in this time around. changing from snow a wintry mix.
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icing potential and then a change overto rain too. record lows in jeopardy again friday morning up and down the eastern seaboard from boston to southern florida. high temperatures today, though in the 60s and 70s, even 80s on the map for highs in phoenix, back down tucson today. 75 in redding and 60s in last this afternoon. >> thank you. this morning a white house summit on fighting violent extremism enters its third and final day. yesterday president obama addressed dignitaries from 60 countries. he calmed on muslim leaders in particular to confront twisted ideologies that groups like isis use to radicalize young people. >> we are not at war with islam. [ applause ] we are at war with people who have perverted islam. no religion is responsible for terrorism. people are responsible for violence and terrorism. >> a new cbs news poll shows isis as a major threat.
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6a 65% now compared to 58% in october. most americans favor sending ground troops to iraq and syria to fight isis. that snub at 57% versus 47% four months ago. senior contributor michael morale in washington good morning. >> good morning. >> you heard people faulting president obama for failing to identify this as islamic extremism. do you think this is a pseudocontroversy over semantics or is this a failure to properly identify the enemy? >> norah, i understand what the president is saying and i agree with it. we do not want to create the perception that we are at war with a religion. but the reality is that al qaeda and isis believe they are religious warriors. they believe that they are fighting on behalf of their religion, for their religion. it's not rhetoric on their part. they really believe it. >> for the first time as norah just pointed out, the poll says the majority of americans are
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now in favor of ground troops. you've said we really can't succeed without them. how likely is that to happen? >> i think we need ground troops fighting isis in both iraq and syria. the best outcome would be that the iraqi military would be that ground force. the second best outcome would than it would be a regional force of arab countries, and only as a last resort i think should we put american ground troops in, but we need ground troops. >> in the meantime how significant are isis gains in solidifying their position? >> so they've solidified charlie, their position in two places. one is in iraq and syria. their spread has been stopped but they've solidified their position in the areas that they coal. there were some cities they did not control early on they control them now and the second is the spread of their brand across a number of countries now. algeria, libya, egypt, yemen, afghanistan. and that's scary, because it
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makes those groups more dangerous. the group we saw in tripoli that killed an american. the group we saw in -- in eastern libya that did those terrible beheadings. it makes those groups more dangerous. >> is it possible they could win the allegiance of all of these groups and therefore have a united front? >> i think that's one of the things we have to worry about and i think that's why we have to do two things here. we've done a very very good job at defending ourselves against terrorist trying to kill us. we have not done a good job at the president's talked about, not done a good job at stopping the creation of new terrorists. we have to deal with that much bigger problem. >> michael morale thank you so much. an american victim of isis remembered in her home town. hundreds gathered by kandcandlelight to honor kayla mueller. family, friends and strangers wore pink ribbons and listened to speakers reflect on her life and work. eric mueller became emotional
7:15 am
reading a final letter to his sister. >> you were my first friend my best friend my only sister. my heart aches for you and what you went through. i have a hole in my soul that will never be replaced. i miss you. i love you. i cannot believe you are gone from my life. i can feel you and your soul watching over me. i love you so much. >> hmm. >> militants captured muler in syria in august 2013. the circumstances of the aid worker's death are unclear. isis claim as jordanian air strike killed her two weeks ago. this morning, the secret service has a new permanent director, joseph clancy a 27-year veteran of the agency serving as it's acting director and the decision to keep him defies a recommendation from an independent panel to hire someone from the outside. the secret service clancy took over in october after a series
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of embarrassening incidents and security breaches. a cbs news poll this morning finds the presidential race is tightening at an early stage. which po essential candidates they're considering? jeb bush and mike huckabee lead list followed by marco rubio and rick perry. governor chris christie didn't make the top five. in our next hour we'll look closer at jeb bush the chances in a crowded field. how he wants to be his oh man and what voters said about the democrats, too. and this morning, a new governor the former secretary of state sworn in wednesday replaceing the former democrat. the country's first openly bisexual governor. kitshaber resigned amitts a scandal. looking into the cause of a powerful explosion at an oil refinery. the blast happened yesterday in
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torrance about 20 miles south of los angeles. plumes of black smoke sent ash raining over the area. peter doud of our los angeles station kcbs shows exactly what happened. >> reporter: the large explosion ripped through this multistory gasoline processing facility wednesday morning. people in nearby homes thought it was an earthquake. >> i heard a big jolt. everybody on the street and then we saw like a black smoke coming out. we knew it was in the refinery. >> reporter: workers activated the facility's flare system to burn off any fuel that could add to the fire. sending flames shooting hundred of feet into the sky. nearly 50 firefighters responded. the blast cause add fire on the ground that was quickly extinguished. >> working with the refinery to continue a stabilization process to get back to normal operations. >> reporter: four contractors suffered minor injuries and all of the refinery's employees accounted for. >> i got my guys out and we went out the other door and just took
7:18 am
off. left everything behind. >> reporter: the explosion sent ash raining down on homes and cars below. people in the area including children from about 30 local schools were asked to remain indoors. >> i saw ash on my car. as a parent you don't want them breathing this stu stuff. >> reporter: the refinery produces a percentage of all the glean sold in california. local consumers may soon see prices spike at the pump. for cbs "this morning," pete doud, los angeles. a rare moment college basketball rivals came together on a court to honor a legendary coach, dean smith, of unc. >> the game of basketball as well as his leadership and education are well documented and immeasurable. >> players and coaches led the emotional moment of silence before duke's game against north
7:19 am
carolina. smith coached unc's tar heels for 36 years. he died early this month at 83. the match was a thriller. duke won it overtime 92-90. >> you stayed for it, gayle? >> thriller is the word. basketball can turn on a dime. either team could have won. >> jockeying back and forth. big duke fans. as are you. love it. >> very nice tribute to them. >> coach dean. 7:19 and ahead on cbs "this morning" a killer's demons are described at the american sniper trial. will the
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by macy's. new calls for justice in argentina and around the world after the death of a special prosecutor. ahead, the message from hundreds of thousands of protesters in a controversy that could threaten the rule of
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want to make employers pay when they force workers to change their schedules at the last minute. plus hollywood stars have given one good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening around the bay area right now. uc president janet napolitano has postponed a 5% tuition hike until the fall at the earliest. she calls it a good-faith gesture as she negotiates with governor brown. she wants more money. the governor says to use your money wisely. dock workers and the port operators are trying to settle their labor dispute. the white house sent the labor secretary to the meeting to negotiate. governor brown and counters parts in oregon and washington are calling or both sides to
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we have fog and accidents and the we have congestion for this morning commute. here's the san mateo bridge where it is obviously crawling along right now trying to get to hayward from foster city. i say that the opposite way actually. it's from hayward to foster city. it's crowded in the commute direction. earlier crash northbound 280 at lawrence expressway. that's gone. this is what all those jamups right now through downtown san jose, 101 unfortunately not a whole lot better. they are in slow mode at the bay bridge toll plaza because of an earlier crash in san francisco. with the forecast, here's roberta. it's the fine day of the king tides here in the bay area for our winter season, it's the final day of king tides. good morning, high tide at 11:28. over 6.5 feet. that's what it looks like along the coastline or the embarcadero at least right now. gray slate. we have temperatures of 40s and
7:29 am
50s. and later today our highs top off in the 60s and a few my name is tony sartorio. i'm a lineman for pg&e out of the concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole life. i have been married for twelve years. i have 3 kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible - not only for them, but everybody, myself included that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e because it's my hometown.
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it's a rewarding feeling. the top ten things joe biden said. 10 let me know when this gets weird. 9. what is that first plus. number 8. you have the clavicle of a much younger woman. number 7, have you seen fifty shads of grade and number 6, in the word of ruth bader ginsburg. >> it just looks odd. it looks odd. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, huge protests in argentina over the death of a special
7:31 am
prosecutor. hundreds of thousands demand answers in both his death and a possible terrorism coverup by the government. we'll show you how calls for justice are spreading globally. plus controversy at american catholic diocese. marks, indentations in the paetsch meant or spilled fuel. the foundation raised close to $2 billion since its was created in 2001.
7:32 am
many of the charity's major donors include hillary's possible run for the white house. some of them are foreigners. critics say they're a potential conflict of interest. cnet says samsung is challenging apple pay. sources tell cnet that samsung plans to include the new pay technology in its new smartphone and that launches next month. it could work with 90% of retailers' existing terminals. they're finding a creative way to cram in more commercials. they shave more than a minute off of the opening of "law & order" opening. some worry that the clutter will drive away view jeer and the "los angeles times" says eddie murphy refused to play bill cosby. he appeared briefly and made no
7:33 am
jokes. now the backstory comes up. he said they pitched the sketch to murphy that focused the sexual assault allegations faced by cosby but they couldn't convince eddie murphy to do it. he decides the laughs are not worth it. he will not kick a man when he's down. >> i've got to hand it to eddie murphy because so many know right from wrong.
7:34 am
on wednesday his sister brother-in-law and ex-girlfriend took the stand. in court wednesday routh's ex-girlfriend jennifer pained a picture of a paranoid trouble man. on the night before the killings she told the court, asked him if he was seeing things and he said yes. and i asked him if he was hearing things and he said yes. she also described an incident two weeks before the killings where routh armed with a swoorpd knife would not let her or her roommate leave the apartment. she said routh would go weeks without showering and said he definitely had paranoia about the government out to get him. on another occasion she said routh's uncle called her concerned about his nephew acting strangely. she testified he was visibly upset, staring at the wall most of the time breaking into tears and then last ter. routh's sister testified that at first she did not believe her brother when he cop fessed to killing kyle and littlefield.
7:35 am
on the stand she said he was, quote, talking nonsense and in a daze when he came to her home shortly after the shootings. her disbelief turned to horror when she saw chris kyle's truck in her driveway the same truck routh was driving when he was arrested by police. blevens told the court, quote, i told him i love you but i hate the demons. they argue of the courtroom. today mental health experts are expected to testify. gayle? >> all right manuel. thank you. this morning the argentinian government is facing new pressure to explain the mysterious death of a top
7:36 am
prosecutor. hundreds of thousands took to the streets of bay necessary aries yesterday. it races speculation of possible terrorism coverup. michelle miller is here to show us how they're sparking international concern. good morning. >> good morning. alberto nisman's death and strange circumstances has now become the biggest crisis confronting argentina's president, a very important u.s.
7:37 am
7:38 am
women. i can go to any of these countries and stand in front of them and say argentina's law prevails. authorities have not determined whether nisman's death was a suicide or a homicide, but judge big the huge crowds that marched
7:39 am
in buenos aries last night, there are many argentinians who believe he was murdered. >> i think it's good that they know the world is watching. >> a number of people blamed this on a groundswell of emotion after ferguson and certainly after that situation with eric garner. parents complain second grards were asked about sexual sins. find out why their priest says this is just a bigger issue than just one pamphlet. and tomorrow morning mosquitos on a controversy mission. millions could be released in america on purpose. >> we're targeting the specific mosquito. it basically feeds almost exclusively on humans. it will not bite on your dog or cat but go for you. >> how these bugs could stop the sting tomorrow. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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students. some parents say it was immoral for the school to distribute the handout. >> ryan brooks and his wife christy of san francisco say they got a shocking and unexpected lesson when their 11-year-old son riley recently came home from his catholic elementary school. >> i was really stunned to hear & words coming out of his mouth that i know he didn't know the meaning of. >> the words came from a pamphlet given to the young students by the parish, an examination of conscience meant to prepare them to confess their sins. while the pamphlets were quickly discarded discarded, brooks found a nearly
7:45 am
i'd kl cal ones. >> did i purchase or pay for a mercy killing did i perform an impurs act on myself the examples being masturbation or another, foreign fi indication or sodomy. this is not proper for anybody in k through eighth grade realm. >> reporter: he's joining catholic churches around the world in observing ash wednesday yesterday. he said when he realized the adult content of the pamphlets in december he halted their distribution. >> we didn't scrutinize them very closely. wi should have. that was an oversight on our part. >> reporter: father believes there was a reason this issue that was resolved months ago is again making headlines. >> this story is just a consequence perhaps of other deeper concerns. ♪ make me a channel of your
7:46 am
peace ♪ >> reporter: those concerns were evident in a student-led prayer protest wednesday. the archbishop said earlier his month he intends to have the teachers working in his school to adhere to a strict more reality code. >> we need our deke con-- >> >> reporter: meanwhile they say only boys will be trained for altar service, not girls, and while he regrets sending out the examination of conscience pamphlets -- >> i don't have any regrets on the big picture here but i think god will use even our mistakes to bring about good. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," omar villafranca. >> interesting story. >> that's the best way to look at it. they made a mistake and hopefully everybody learns from it. it's called proofreading. he tried to slide by with
7:47 am
the seat of his pants but unsuccessful. he tried to escape police with a big jump. you can see undocumented picture of beyonce and cindy world show you photos b >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. to be bold where others are scared,
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where are you going? we're not looking for you but now he's raising all sorts of questions. doesn't look so good. a one-way ticket to mars. we'll introduce you to finalists willing to give up their jobs for a fresh start on a new planet. jeb bush and his concerns. >> jeb bush's mother barbara bush has given her son her blessing to run for president. so now jeb's campaign slogan is "my mommy said i could." if your bladder is calling the shots ... you may have a medical condition called overactive bladder ... ...or oab you've got to be kidding me. i've had enough! it's time to talk to the doctor. ask your doctor how myrbetriq may help treat... ...oab symptoms of urgency frequency, and leakage. which may mean fewer trips to the bathroom. myrbetriq (mirabegron) may increase your blood pressure. myrbetriq may increase your chances...
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7:57 am
yesterday getting ready to welcome the year of the sheep. the celebration wraps up with the annual parade march 7. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ everybody deserves $73 fares. because wedding season can get expensive. book your low fare now at
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good morning. in the last 15 minutes we started seeing delays every delays northbound 880 beginning north of the oakland coliseum heading to downtown oakland. you can see that drive time there at the bottom of your screen. also still very crowded out of hayward on the san mateo bridge. and looks actually good. it's clearing out early through the livermore valley on westbound 580 out of the altamont pass. it was jammed up earlier this morning. bart delays are gone, everything is on timed. with the forecast, here's roberta. it's the last day of the king tides here in the bay area for the winter season. good morning, everybody. stepping out the door, be very mindful mine another coastal flooding anticipated with high tide at 11:28. there's the scene in san francisco with the cloud cover. currently visibility an issue
7:59 am
in livermore down to a quarter mile at 50 degrees. 60s and 70s. female announcer: through sunday, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. and of course, free same-day delivery. but hurry! sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday.
8:00 am
♪ it's been a hard day's night ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday february 19th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including a push to have workers find out their hours ahead of time. reporter and author jodi kantor affects how scheduling affects millions of lives. first, a look at today's "eye opener at 8." >> the cdc is investigating to determine how so many people were exposed to this deadly bacteria. it's serious. once you have one of these particular bacteria it's very difficult to treat it. record lows in jeopardy again friday morning up and down
8:01 am
the eastern seaboard from boston to southern florida. all of us have a responsibility to refute the notion that groups like isle now represent islam. the reality is al qaeda and isis believe they are religious warriors fighting on behalf of their religion. secret service has a new permanent director joseph clancy, the decision to keep him, defies a recommendation from an independent panel. secret service director was so excited he jumped over the white house fence for joy. investigators are looking into the cause of a powerful explosion at an oil refinery in california. >> all that debris just came flying. >> top ten things i'm going to miss about dave the way you sing to me and brush my hair during commercial breaks. the fact that you think a 67-year-old man can pull off harry potter glasses. how the wind whistles throe you that cute little gap in your teeth every time you say smith. >> smith. today's "eye opener at 8" is presented by nationwide insurance.
8:02 am
>> cue charlie. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. this morning, the cold snap in the eastern united states is getting vicious. it is the coldest weather of the year for millions of people. wind chills below zero across the midwest. a new winter's storm is coming tomorrow. >> joy. meanwhile, the northeast is due to get even colder. this fountain in western new york state already looks like some kind of ice sculpture. the full impact of this arctic front will drive temperatures close to zero tonight along the east coast. cbs news poll this morning ranks potential candidates that voters are considering for president. republicans give jeb bush a three-point edge over mike huckabee. marco rubio and rick perry are next on the list. the former florida governor laid out his foreign policy ideas on wednesday. >> just for the record one more
8:03 am
time, i love my brother. i love my dad. i actually love my mother as well. i hope that's okay. and i admire their service to the nation and the difficulty decisions that they had to make. but i'm my own man and my views are shaped by my own thinking and my own experiences. >> nancy cordes is here with a closer look at the race. good morning. >> good morning. >> how big a deal is this for jeb bush? the family connection. >> it's a big deal. it help him obviously in some ways. he has early name recognition, tons of donors who are ready to give him money. but at the same time when his brother left office he wasn't all that popular. so he does need to create some distance. and he needs to show that he's his own man. he can't become president if people don't see that you have your own distinctive -- >> back it up with substance yesterday? >> not really. he did offer mild criticism of his brother's handling of the iraq war. he said that more should have been done to secure baghdad after the invasion but even
8:04 am
president george w. bush has said that. that's not a big revelation. it shows that this is going to be a very slow very delicate process. because he doesn't want to look like he's being disloyal to his family either. >> you know the jokes have started. conan o'brien made the first one, his campaign slogan, jeb bush's campaign slogan may be because my mommy said i could. do you think that is something that will haunt him through this campaign? >> it doesn't help. you hope your whole family will be on board when you decide to run for president. she now she's is he is. >> she's changed her mind. >> those videotapes are there, those clips are there and opponents are going to bring it up. >> interesting point is who are becoming the advisers for jeb bush, are they formally george w. bush advisers? >> they are all or almost all either george w. bush or george h.w. bush advisers which i think shows that his foreign policy views really do lie somewhere between his father's his brother. though in fairness it would be very difficult to craft a team
8:05 am
of foreign policy advisers who didn't work for either of the last two presidential campaigns and administrations on the republican side. >> the polls show promising news for governor scott walker. >> that's right. so this poll asked people who would you consider voting for? so they could say more than one person. scott walker came in in the middle of the pack. 37% of republicans said they would consider voting for him but only 10% said they wouldn't consider voting for him. that was the lowest number for anybody. it shows he has room to grow. people want to know more. compare that to new jersey governor chris christie. 43% of voters said they would not consider voting for him. >> i hear you're doing cbsn. >> all day long. >> after the show. good to see you. >> thanks so much. starbucks faces national controversy for how it schedules
8:06 am
workers. ahead, >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by nationwide.
8:07 am
crossing a final frontier. ahead, the competition to change the course of the world by going krogging crossing the final frontier. we'll introduce you to the woman ready to leave her family behind for a chance to set foot on mars. >> a program has announced the 100 finalists that will have the opportunity to live the remainder of their lives on mars. said one of the finalists, all right, all right, all right. [ laughter ]
8:08 am
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at a store near you. california this morning is considering an historic change in the workplace. a new bill called the fair scheduling act would require food and retail businesses with 500 more more workers to give at least two weeks notice when making staff schedules. employers would be forced to pay
8:12 am
for last-minute changes or cancellations. california would be the first state with such a law. "new york times" reporter jodi kantor drew national attention by shedding impact on last-minute scheduling. her coverage led starbucks to change its policies for 130,000 workers. good morning. >> good morning. >> interesting, california has the highest percentage of hourly workers. what does this bill hope to accomplish? >> the thing to remember workers scheduling has totally changed since the days you and i had high school jobs at the local mall. it's run by these incredibly powerful pieces of software that from a business point of view can do incredible things they can anticipate weather changes, say we need more workers in three hours. business is slow so we're going to send people home. what they really do is schedule people in realtime. now for the business that's great. for the workers, it is miserable because they never know when their hours are going to be. when you don't know when you'll
8:13 am
need to work you can't get a second job. you can't enroll in a community college class. if you're a parent the consequences are especially harsh. committing to something as basic as a school dropoff time is really hard if you have no idea when you're going to work. >> don't companies have the right to decide what works best for them as a company? >> that is exactly what they say. they say for us doing our workers scheduling a month ahead of time, two weeks ahead of time would be as crazy as this show doing its lineup two weeks ahead of time. we want to see what's going on before we commit to a schedule. >> then the san francisco chamber of commerce complained that requiring businesses to provide schedules two weeks in advance is a one size fits all. >> that's how they're going to push back. no business wants to have any restrictions put on how they schedule people. and this is especially tough, because the scheduling system is tied into every other computer system that runs the business. the question is one of basic
8:14 am
fairness. for example, a lot of workers are sent home now after even an hour or two after business -- if business is slow. so if i'm a low-income mom, making $9 an hour i've managed to arrange child care for the day which is not easy when you make that little money and then i'm sent home an hour after my shift begins even though i was scheduled for eight hours, is that really fair? >> i'm not paid. >> do you think this idea will spread? >> that's the question. legislation has been introduced in congress but as we often see with democratic legislation in a republican-controlled congress it is unlikely to move. i think the question with the california bill is where the negotiation ends at. if you look at the language of the bill it's pretty fuzzy. it leaves a lot of room. employers will have to pay penalties for changing schedules. what kind of penalties are we really talking about? >> explain what you exposed at starbucks and how they changed to try and find a compromise in the situation. >> they are giving workers more
8:15 am
notice now. i documented the life of one worker, a single mom, and what i was able to see unfortunately is the ripple effect of not knowing your schedule. she basically lost two homes, because the stress of not knowing her schedule was really hard on the other people she lived with. she couldn't continue her community college education. she had a 4-year-old son, the impact on him was enormous. >> how did starbucks change that? >> starbucks is now giving workers a little bit more notice. when i reported the story, people were getting three or four day's notice which is not really enough to even plan something like a doctor's appointment. >> what made you take it on? what did you see? you've written a lot about it. what did you see? >> i was fascinated by all of our lives are being affected more and more by algorithms and software and computers, right? these low-income workers are paying the highest prices. i was also fascinated by the fact that stores and restaurants are so different than we realize, when we go in as consumers, you know, i would say
8:16 am
to viewers, next time you're even in your local supermarket, mall store, ask the workers about their scheduling. because what we don't realize is that there are really sophisticated pieces of software that are determining everything that goes on in the store. >> really important subject. >> thank you. >> thank you jodi. a doctor wants to give up everything to go to mars on a one-way trip. it might just happen. >> i couldn't think of a single thing that would make me change your mined. >> if they want you, you're going? >> i'm going. and i'm not coming back. >> free coffee for jodi at starbucks. a finalist with a chance of making history. that's next on "cbs this morning." hi there! new colgate optic white express white. wait, don't you mean me? new colgate optic white express white
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8:20 am
remember that huge celebration at nasa when they successfully landed the curiosity rover owner mars two years ago? remember that? that was so exciting. this morning a group of people from around the world include 3g 3 americans are a big step closer to making that same journey. chip reid in washington to introduce us to two of the finalists in this historic process. chip, good morning. >> good morning.
8:21 am
the project is called mars one because the people who were selected will get a one-way ticket t who applied for a trip to the red planet organized by mars perfect
8:22 am
job, a perfect house. >> if i'm the first person on mars a thousand years from mars because i have inspired us to become so, everyone will know who i was. >> this mission to mars -- >> the contenders selected from all over the world are already getting to know each other preparing for an up to eight-month journey through space and potentially the rest of their lives in very close quarters. ryan m astronauts and raising $6 billion o to fund the first four travelers to a planet some 200 million miles away.
8:23 am
o to pay r for the project, they plan to broadcast the entire process on a reality tv show starting as early as this fall. >> if the show is a success they will launch a series of supply missions over the next seven years to identify a settlement location and build basic living units and four settlers will be part in 2024. zucker says she's ready for the challenge of living on mars. >> day-to-day you're going to be trying to stay alive. there's going to be a lot of tasks of do you have enough oxygen, enough water, are all the seals airtight. there's going to be a lot of drudgery. >> given all the obstacles her biggest fear is that it won't happen. >> this is about humanity and the human race. >> human survival.
8:24 am
>> yeah, and if i don't go and someone else goes, fantastic. but i'm petrified that we won't go. >> she sees the contestants as pioneers and says she's ready to fill that role. >> i couldn't think of a single thing that would make me change my mind. i'm going. and i'm not coming back. >> zucker tells me if she is selected, there are two things she will really miss about earth. her husband of 22 years and her favorite food hamburgers. >> how long would it take them to get there? >> it takes about eight months. it's a a long journey. there are a lot of challenges in getting there. the radiation issues and there are the issues of the effects of space on the human body on bones and various on the eyes. there are a lot of challenges here. it's going to be awhile before this happens, if it happens at all. >> pick somebody who is enthusiastic. >> she sure is. >> i have people i could suggest
8:25 am
but i have no desire to go. they will remain nameless. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. in the bay area right now, uc president janet napolitano has postponed a 5% tuition hike until the fall at the earliest. napolitano calls it a good- faith gesture as she negotiations with the governor. she wants more money for the system. governor brown says the uc should manage its money more wisely to avoid the need to raise student fees. dock workers port operators will meet again today to try to settle their labor dispute. the white house of course has sent the labor secretary to san francisco to help mediate. the governor brown and his counterparts in oregon and washington are calling on both
8:26 am
sides to get the deal done. nearly 200 people may have been exposed to a superbug at the ucla medical center. 7 patients have all been diagnosed with the drug- resistant bacteria and it may have contributed to two deaths already. ucla says it appears that the patients were infected by contaminated medical my name is bret hembree. i am an electric crew foreman out of the cupertino service center. i was born and raised in the cupertino area. it's a fantastic area to work. the new technology that we are installing out in the field is important for the customers because system reliability i believe is number one. pg&e is always trying to plan for the future and we are always trying to build something stronger and bigger and more reliable. i love living here and i love the community i serve. nobody wants to be without power. i don't want my family to be without power. it's much more personal to me for that reason. i don't think there's any place i really would rather be.
8:27 am
what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit good morning. we have had now cent number 2
8:28 am
in the sunol grade and it's backing up the rise. this is fog in the area as well so watch out for slow traffic southbound 680. the latest incident is approaching sunol boulevard. you can see the jamups all red all the way back into pleasanton. over at the bay bridge, kind of your typical commute unfortunately. it has cleared up on the span. but it is still backed up through the maze around the berkeley curve and 580 very heavy from 24. but you know what? it's a much better commute today than yesterday at the richmond/san rafael. there is no backup now at the toll plaza. and mass transit is all back on time. with the forecast, here's roberta. when i got in my car at 2:15 this morning and couldn't see out my driveway i knew today's condition was going to be similar to tuesday when we were just socked in everywhere. that's the scene in san francisco right now. quarter of a mile visibility in livermore. three-quarters of a mile visibility in santa rosa. we are in the 40s and 50s. but we will have burnoff today. sunny skies, 60s and low 70s.
8:29 am
earlier burnoff on friday offshore flow begins over the
8:30 am
whack back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour there's nothing, nothing fake about beyonce or cindy crawford in these untouched photos. they still look great. they're everywhere. it wasn't always easy. hollywood's most respected valet started parking cars for presidents in the 1960s and there's no curbing his enthusiasm heading into the oscars oscars. right now. that's ahead.
8:31 am
jessica williams could know and love myself to admit i know what i'm ready for without regard to what others want. bloom added an apology. >> like how she handled that. seattle p.i. says starbucks will deliver coffee beans to your door. the beans are shipped within 48 hours of roasts. subscribers receive the coffee within three to five day after being roasted at starbucks' new
8:32 am
roastery in seattle. the cost $24 a month to $228 for the year. the dertz news says christians kr going on a special facebook fast for lent. that including 16% that wanted to swear off social media and 13% their smartphone. florida sun's senntinel says ice is free on bail this morning. ice, ice baby. the rapper and reality show star whose real name is robert van winkle was arrested yesterday. he's accused of stealing furniture, a pool heat e and a bicycle from a vacant home. van winkle is renovating the property next door for his show. he calls it the vanilla ice project. he calls it a misunderstanding. time shows the best beach in america.
8:33 am
it's ranked on million ofrs users reviews. the two are in florida. siesta beach, florida, is one, st. pete beach, florida, is second and ka'anapali beach is third. they discovered pot scrambles brain's circuitry. it signals don't eat to eat even if the body doesn't need food. the groundwork is being laid. pitchers and catchers from the phillies and four other teams reported to training yesterday in arizona. among those already at work one of baseball's biggest stars. his name is buster posey. he's a catcher of the world champion san francisco giants. he talked with jeff glor about legacy. >> when you hear the word dynasty thrown around do you cringe? >> i guess i don't put a lot of thought into it. what i think about is how fortunate that i've been to be a
8:34 am
part of three world championships. >> you get the jeter comparison more and more now. is that something you don't want to hear? >> any time you're compared to derek jeter, it's the ultimate compliment. when i think of jeter, you know, i think of a guy that won a lot of baseball games and ultimately that mice goal in my professional career is to try to win as many games as possible. >> we'll bring you jeff's complete profile of busser posey. i think that's interesting. unaltered images are so hard to find of these supposedly undoctored photos of beyonce are making waves on the internet and as we have been showing you a photo op image of cindy crawford is making headlines. today makes 25 years since the
8:35 am
introduction of photoshop. as john blackstone shows us the software is about much more than eraseing perceived imperfections. >> clearly this is a manipulative photograph. >> reporter: so much for that saying a camera never lies. >> i had to take two shots and super impose them together. is that cheating? >> no because it looks really cool in the end. >> reporter: the images are dramatic and eye catching. in the age of photoshop, things aren't always as they seem. >> my guideline is does it add to the photograph? does it make it a better photograph? and that's what i think i'm doing is improving the photograph using these techniques. >> makes it a work of art frmgts yes. >> no one has been using photo shop longer than russell. the brothers came up with the editing software that has changed the world as we see it.
8:36 am
>> it's very rare for an image to be presented to the public that hasn't been retouched in some fashion. billboards advertisement, magazine koers, movie poster company logos. even mirrors. movies. almost all have been photoshopped. >> we were two guys in our apartment with really no money and no hacking. this started as a hobby. so when tom would write a new version of it he would copy it on there. >> russell brown says even back then it was clear to him photoshop would be a game-changer. >> along comes joe noah. sits down to adobe and shows me photoshop for the very first time. eyes get larger. mouth -- jaw drops. >> he said he went through
8:37 am
something like 30 companies before you bought -- before adobe bought. what did you see that everybody missed. >> i'm so thankful that those other companies said no. >> reporter: 15 versions later the program has evolved into a powerful and influential tool both because of its widespread use and at times abuse. and everything from fashion photography to political propaganda. >> iran put out this official photo of their missile test. as you can see, four missiles in the sky, or were there. >> if you're familiar with photoshop at all, you use the cloning tool grab um here some of the missile -- there you add that in. >> "time" magazine famously darkened his mug shot fueling racism. models get whiter teeth, bluer
8:38 am
eyes and slims down thighs. many websites and bloggers have made it their mission to expose alleged before pictures. >> and often those are not real bodies. >> yeah. i'm absolutely against that extreme retouching just to sell a cover of a magazine. i believe it's gone too far. >> there are ethical issues. photoshop is a tool like any tool that can be used to do good things or more bad things. >> reporter: or for just plain fun as russell brown showed us during our tour of the adobe lab. >> did you know that gail was trying out for the part in the next episode of star wars? >> not just gail. charlie and norah also appear to have auditioned for star wore, but 25 years of photoshop has taught us that seeing isn't always believing.
8:39 am
for "cbs this morning," john blackstone. >> those are funny. the funny photoshop pictures. >> look at hans solo. yeah you're a good hans solo. >> very nice. >> very nice gayle. >> i think a little photoshop is okay. anything that make yours thighs look thinner, i'm in favor of. but don't you love russ brown's enthusiasm. you can feel the passion for it. >> malk. 25 years old today. you can visit to find an expected conversation about photoshop and how it's used to make weight disappear. you can now change your family photos before you send them out for christmas. and who doesn't want another look of charlie as hans solo and norah's princess leia. i'm just saying it's there. ahead of oscar night, the vip valet
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
sunday's oscar night. one of the biggest party nights of the year in the movie business. one man always enjoys a spot among the a-listers. he served presidents incloording jfk and ronald reagan. why this man is such a driving
8:44 am
force in hollywood. >> reporter: only the lucky few get to stride the red carpets of hollywood. but if you follow that red carpet backward to where it meets the curb, chances are you'll meet hollywood's chuck pick. >> good evening. >> i think i'm the official greeter of los angeles. >> good evening. >> i've greeted and opened more doors than i think anybody. >> you do have a philosophy? >> run fast and park slow. >> reporter: chuck has been running fast and parking slow for more than 50 years. his business, chuck's parking, is as identify with old hollywood and classic old haunts like dan tanna's restaurant. >> i always say name celebrities i haven't done parties for. >> his photo albums prove it. he ee parked lucille ball, jane fonda, glenn close, don rickles and bob newhart. >> in those days i was getting a
8:45 am
dollar a car for a lot. by the way, still get a dollar for a lot of cars. >> reporter: chuck planned on heading to dental school but in 1980s, he found driving "wheels of fortune" cars more fun. >> can you park cars in your sleep? >> when i first started i could park an 8 1/2-foot cadillac in in a stall within two turns. >> without a scratch? >> i didn't say that. >> everybody loves chuck. >> henry winker er like so many is on a first-name basis with chuck. he's been hiring him since "happy days." >> chuck is a walking heart. there's a warmth that pours out of him. the love it could reach one end of the
8:46 am
river to the other. >> eve the white house. >> here i am standing. here's the president and i'm part of the secret service. >> reporter: on those occasions, discretion was as crucial as chuck's parking prowess. >> the first time i did a party for president kennedy, 1960. the secret service, they were in the garage with me. they told me you have eyes and you can't see, you have ears and you can't hear and you do have a mouth, and you should not speak. >> let's get it in let's get it out. >> reporter: chuck is now in his 70s. >> here we go. we're ready to rock and roll. let's go. >> reporter: yet his career is hartley in park. after sunday's oscars you'll find him working the very exclusive "vanity fair" parties. >> why have you kept doing this for so long? >> i love it. it's been so much fun. just fun, really. >> reporter: so if you're ever in hollywood and you find
8:47 am
yourself handing your keys to chuck pick chances are you like him have become a pretty big deal. >> you did good. you did a good job. >> reporter: for which bs this morning, i'm lee cowan, los angeles. >> see how young and vibrant he is? because he loves his job and he's great at it. >> good guy. >> it goes back to when you like what you do. it's like what he said. it's just fun. like what was said. he's a walking heart. go chuck pick. also a homecoming fr. for our partners. melissa rivers who once interned with e.t. is back with a host of interviews. neil patrick harris, his assignment meant a bit of negotiating at home. how are the kids andling this? my son was raised back stage. do they understand the magnitude of this for you?
8:48 am
>> no. our kids are 4. they just want presents. >> what's the bribe to be good this weekend? >> i told them that if they didn't have meltdowns because papa wasn't home a lot that once i got home i think gideon is getting an avengers setup, and i said what is -- you know avengers, a setup, papa. little agent ven jers and a setup. i'm on the hunt for that and harper wants a cat. >> i bet he can find a cat easier than an avengers setup. >> my guess is he'll have to venture out. >> he knows people. you can see melissa rivers' full interview with neil patrick harris. her interview tonight. check your local listing. >> into the rainbow. an accidental gold rush. that's neblt here on "cbs this morning."
8:49 am
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it's the largest collection of gold coins found after the israeli coast. they say the treasure is priceless. they discovered the almost 2,000 coins by chance. at first they thought they could be toys. now the haul is theer with the israeli government. >> i wonder how much they're worth. >> that does it for us. be sure to tune in to the "cbs
8:53 am
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good morning. this is probably the worst commute around the bay area that sunol grade out of pleasanton jammed up with fog in the area and accidents, as well. so you can see, southbound 680 all in the red 580 past sunol boulevard. here's a live look at the bay bridge. we are seeing a slight improvement on some of our travel times getting there getting to the toll plaza including the eastshore freeway down to 33 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and once get on the bridge, it looks like a little slowing on the san francisco side of the span. san mateo bridge is much improved in just the last half- hour. there was a crash westbound 92 in hesperian but it's off on
8:59 am
the shoulder and the richmond/san rafael bridge no big delays all mor (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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