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tv   CBS News Sunday Morning  CBS  February 22, 2015 6:00am-7:31am PST

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>> time when some of the most memorable costumes and properties some of our most beloved movies were treated like trash even those ruby slippers. >> the studios looked at the stuff like junk they wanted to get it off the brooks. >> that trash is now treasure. some movie memorabilia is selling for millions creating a new industry for collectors. >> the business of saving show business history later on "sunday morning." >> osgood: helen mirren is royalty. the queen of cinema as lee cowan is showing us. >> an image of -- oscar winner helen mirren was just down the road from tower bridge. after all she's made career playing towering british figures. >> churchill to me
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extraordinary. >> i'm not done yet. >> it's the portrait. it's our understanding of her. >> helen mirren, expanding her realm to broadway ahead on "sunday morning." >> osgood: some of the background noises you hear at the movies sound familiar. they shouldn't. >> marko could stanza's workspace looks like a hoarder's attic. >> something you don't need. send it over. >> sounds, well, unusual. >> how would you use those? >> i put them on my feet. >> he's an artist. if you seen that title go by in movie credit wondered what on earth a foley artist is. listen up. later this sunday morning.
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>> osgood: walking tall on the red carpets is possible if not he's he auto for actresses wearing the shoes. >> our next assignment. shoes. >> heels go from footwear to feats of engineering. >> technology allows us to build these, it doesn't necessarily mean anybody can walk in them. >> no. but it was the aspiration to be able to walk in them. >> what's behind a strange fascination with killer heels ahead on "sunday morning." >> osgood: rita braver peeks inside a small wonder. a preview of the next generation of movie houses. david edelstein offers his oscar picks and more. first, the headlines for this "sunday morning" the 22nd of
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february, 2015. the department of homeland security is warning police nationwide about new threat from the al shabaab terror group. encourages attacks along the lines of the 2013 assault on the westgate mall in nairobi kenya. the video mentions the mall of america near minneapolis. security has been tightened. defense sect ashton carter now on visit to afghanistan says the united states is thinking about keeping a larger than planned presence in that country this year and next. dock workers are returning to their jobs at sea ports along the pacific coast friday night negotiators reached a tentative accord between the workers and west coast shippers who handle a quarter of all u.s. international trade. nasa astronauts the first of three space walks outside the
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international space station yesterday they are running cable to ready the station for the arrival of new american made crew capsules. these are due in 2017. it's razzies saturday night at the 35th annual golden raspberry awards last night in locals cameron diaz walked off with worst rack tree of the year for her performance in "the other woman." worst actor was kirk cameron his movie "kirk cameron saving christmas" also took the razzies of worst picture. here is today's weather heavy snow will continue to fall in the colorado rockies. stormy but mild in the southeast. the week ahead frigid from the northern plains to the northeast, california remains the place to be.
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♪ next how is this for a collectible? and later the sound of movies.
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>> osgood: you must remember this, in the most beloved of hollywood treasures the risk of
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disappearing which is where movie loving collectors of memorabilia comes in. our cover story with ben tracy. >> dorothy's sparkling slippers are perhaps the most unforgettable footwear in movie history. the only place they called home after the 1939 film was a dingy storage room on the mgm studio lot. >> the studios looked at the stuff like junk. >> james comisar is one of the foremost collectors. his archives fill massive warehouse in los angeles. his thresh us once considered studio trash. >> they didn't want to store it. they wanted to get it off the books. oftentimes they would sell it in the parking lot to the cast and crews members or just throw it away. >> in 1970mgm held first large
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studio auction. the legendary movie factory was struggling and selling off the back lot to developers. >> antique turn anybodyings. >> everything from tanks to classic cars, to ben hur chariot went on the auction block. one of several sets of dorothy's ruby slippers sold for $15,000. that pair was later donated to the smithsonian. >> we are going to save some of the things. >> hollywood legend debby reynolds bought many of the items over the years. her's was considered the finest collection ever assembled. >> this is "singing in the rain." >> she gave me a preview in 2011 as she got ready to sell it to pay off debt. there was julie andrews' dress and guitar. audrey hepburn's costume from "my fair lady." and more article of clothing from "the seven year itch."
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>> this is one of the iconic dresses. >> especially for marilyn. >> all told brought in $26 million. why did you start collecting this? >> it was emotional. i couldn't believe that they were getting rid of all these iconic pieces that i considered to be historical and should be saved. >> reynolds was ahead of her time. now a lot of people want a piece of hollywood's past. >> the reason i think these items appeal is a deeply personal connection. >> one of the top appraisers in hollywood. >> this was on the shelf? >> yep. the prop candy bar. >> new items are being found in basements and boxes every year. >> most of them are there only because some of the costumers can assess these. humphrey bogart wore it.
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>> are the studios approaching this differently today, is there someone on the set of harry potter saying these things will be worth money some days. >> you bet your life. they're very much on to have of them. >> they have learned their lesson. they see the treasures that got away. >> treasures such as the maltese falcon from the classic 1941 film. >> the stuff that dreams are made of. >> it was sold in 2013 by retired beverly hills dentist who owned it since the 1980s. catherine williams, director of entertainment memorabilia. they partnered with turner classic movies for auctions that brought in $15 million. >> when we sold the maltese falcon couple of years ago, we noticed that a lot of the people who were really interested in the piece were contemporary art collectors. they were looking at it as a piece of sculpture than as --
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also happened to be a relic from this incredible film this they all knew and loved. >> in fact the fall conhe's buyer is known more for buying picasso, steve wynn paid more than $4 million to land the maltese falcon. >> as time goes by. ♪ >> last year the piano sam played again and again in casablanca sold nor more $3 million as did a costume of certain lion best known for lack of courage. the seller of this costume was james come car. he found the lion in 1995 when he placed a want add for hollywood memo beal i can't in the newspaper. one day his phone rang. >> i didn't call this guy back for a number of months. he kept calling me. i went out to see it and he had this real lion laying on his conference e conference room
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table. the costume matched like a fingerprint because it was a real lion hide. every birthmark and hair swirl and scar lined up perfectly. >> it was in awful shape. comisar hired two art conservers to take two years to bring the wow wardly creature back to life. >> one of those pieces that was really important to do. sometimes you work on things i've done 20 of these, how many more can be interesting. but the cowardly lion has a special place in everybody's heart. >> we grew very fond of him. >> come star sold the costume because he needed the money to fund his growing collection of television memorabilia. >> this is adam west's batman costume. captain sick from the first season of star trek.
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lucille balance dress. pamela anderson's swim suit from "baywatch." >> helped him restore the superman sweater and irene worked on the sign post made famous on "mash." >> so amazing to think this tiny little spatula like half an inch. adhere every little chip of paint back on. >> comisar planning on turning his 10,000 piece collection in to a television museum. >> you love this stuff. total tv geek. >> i am a foaming fan boy like you wouldn't believe. >> this is "hello dolly ." debby wrenned old wand a museum. she never built it her pieces are now scattered. some in hollywood say that is unfortunate given that the motion picture academy is about
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to turn this corner in los angeles in to a $300 million museum. >> follow the yellow brick road. >> which brings us back to the ruby slippers. l.e.d. and steven spielberg recently bought another pair of the shoes used in the movie for undisclosed amount of money. they donated that to the academy where they are now finally back home. >> do you see a hundred years from now people will still be talking about a pair of ruby slippers? >> i would be sad to think of a world is. i hope that's not the case. that would be a very sad place to be. >> osgood: coming up the night he lost his shirt.
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♪ nexium 24hr. it's the purple pill. the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand. available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protectiontm. >> osgood: and now a page from our sunday morning almanac. it happened one february 22nd in 1934 to be act. 81 years ago today. the day the movie "it happened one night" premiered in new york. the film stars claudette colbert and clark gable forced by circumstance to travel unwillingly together across depression-era america.
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the screen in which they chastely share a tourist cabin has become a classic. >> i have a method all my own. the coat came first. >> underwear shirt sales plunged after that scene may or may not be true. but there's no doubt what ultimately happened to "it happened one night" it became the first movie to win all five top oscars, best picture, best director for frank capra, best actor for gable, best actress for colbert present by shirley temple no less. and a best screen play award for robert riskin. in all the years since a so-called grand slam has happened just two more times with the 1975 film "one flu over the cuckoo's nest" and 1991 "silence of the lambs." some day we may see another
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i've smoked a lot and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now...i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. >> osgood: just ahead. the hollywood dream house. a small wonder.
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>> osgood: one star of the silent era left us more than films to remember her by. rita braver shows us a small wonder. >> it is the ultimate enchanted castle. decorated with precious furniture and priceless art. there are glowing chandeliers, elegant bathrooms. not bad for a doll house. >> it is nine feet square and stands 14 feet tall. it's got 11 rooms and each room is filled with murals, paintings
6:24 am
on the walls and ceilings fantasy stories from childhood. all sorts of imagination. >> kathleen mccarthy is chief curator of chicago's museum of science and industry. when it was donated by the woman who conceived of it, designed it and poured her heart in to it. colleen moore. >> colleen moore was one of the -- hollywood's most successful silent film stars. she played an ex cube brant youthful independent but scandalous flapper at the time when most women wore their hair long she cut it short. this made her both an icon and one of the highest paid actresses in hollywood. >> she could well afford to pursue her childhood passion. building doll houses.
6:25 am
spending a reported half million dollars on the fairy castle from 1928 to 1935. moore employed some 100 hollywood designers and craftsmen to build it. by then she was an established movie star. she made more than 50 films in all. even a few talkies. >> i hope she makes you happier than i did. >> do you remember whether she had a favorite one that she really proud of? >> well, i remember watching "lilac time" with her and i was very little the first time i saw it. i remember gary cooper the big kissing scene and being so flabbergasted, oh, grandma. >> alice is colleen moore's granddaughter. >> look at this. >> how fanciful and exotic and
6:26 am
fun. >> she spent many afternoons with her grandmother visiting the fairy castle. a doll house which never actually housed any dolls. >> miniature fairies that we can see. >> she would see them and she would see them all the time. and she -- i remember constantly her saying, alice, there's one. i turn and i always just miss them. i couldn't understand that. then whole idea of the floating staircase and the hall was there are no banisters because fairies have wings they don't need banisters. >> see them or not fairies can be hard on their castle. the castle was designed to last. but like any older home this one has deteriorated over the years. >> a little bit of corrosion we
6:27 am
can still. it affected the floor. >> conservators spent months working with tiny brushes and other tools. >> i'm getting to play with a doll house and get paid for it. >> just like a full size house restoring this one can cost a pretty penny. around $200,000. the castle's running water and glowing lights have been replaced with modern fiber optic system. but restoration did provide a bonus. for the first time in decades museum visitors got chance to see some of the castle's treasures up close. >> what is the story behind this? >> it was really difficult to find miniature bear this was created by taxi determinist from
6:28 am
a fur. the teeth in the mouth of the bear came from a mouse. >> there's an autograph book bearing signatures of six presidents. the world's tinest bible and miniature books actually handwritten by famous authors. >> able to get notable authors like f. scott fitzgerald,. >> walt disney had his studio make a tiny portrait of mickey and minnie mouse. writer and ambassador claire booth presented what was said to be a tiny piece of the true cross on which jesus christ was crucified. the fairy prince and princess have separate bedrooms sleep in real style with toiletries to match. >> scissors that cut razor that is sharp and mirror for the
6:29 am
grooming. >> look at this. >> these are made out of gold with diamonds and created by jeweler in boston. to make the hair brush trim the edges of his wife's fox collar to get the tiny bris else for the brush. >> colleen moore took her castle on tour across the country to raise money for children's charities. along the way she met chicago stockbroker hoe march hargrave they wed in 1937 she left the world of hollywood behind. colleen moore died in 1988. such a remarkable woman. >> that she was. i think it's interesting how her whole persona had taken shape in this amazing castle that incorporates so many aspects of
6:30 am
her life and her love it contains family, it contains hollywood. it contains culture from around the world history literature. >> now with its sparkle renewed, the castle will bring joy to countless generation. >> osgood: still to come. the actress with the royal touch. dame helen mirren. but first the art behind the craft. of sound.
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c.e.o. sound familiar? the jangling of a key ring that create the clinking ever the roman legends in the 1960 film "spartacus." the very first foley artist. founder of craft that flourishes to this day. martha teichner, let's listen in. >> these will be good. >> if you worry about what other people think -- >> i'm feeling the packages. >> or embarrass easily.
6:33 am
>> okay. you know what? i'm going to take them both. >> don't go to the supermarket with marko costanzo. >> these are around feelings? >> i feel my food, yes. >> nice celery. >> he's not a chef. what is the celery for? >> for "the big labowski." >> that's a good crack. the kind he created for his back. the cult classic. listen to the swish of all those leaves when meryl streep makes her entrance as the witch in the oscar nominated musical "into the woods." yep, marco costanzo. >> i have the bags upstairs. >> he is what is called foley
6:34 am
artist. someone who reproduces the sounds for movies and television that the microphones barely pick up when they're recording dialogue. >> pretty much every sound you hear is enhanced by foley or some kind of sound effect. >> who was foley. >> jack foley. the first one to create this process of putting sound effects in sync to actions that you see on screen. >> in 1929 jack foley improvised when universal pictures was frantically and secretly trying to turn a silent version of the musical "show boat" in to what would feel like a new talkies. >> i shall conquer the world. >> for nearly 40 years foley perfected tricks of the trade not so different from the ones used by marco costanzo. >> we use kosher salt, it's
6:35 am
thicker, heavier grade of salt. i cover the whole thing with cornstarch. the cornstarch gives you that creeky sound and salt underneath gives you a little bit of a buzz sound. i do each individual foot step. >> the shooting scene in ""foxcatcher" was punctuated made much more chilling by costanzo's gloved hands in the snow pit. the key to making the action work, any action in foley art is perfect timing. >> as a child i was always interested in magic. and i used to -- known as marko the magician through my high school and college years. earring the magician i had the eye-hand coordination. >> he was a business major in college but interest in film and television led him to apprenticeship on the movie "sophie's choice" and his calling. >> once i saw the foley stage i
6:36 am
thought, this is a lot of fun. it was cool. imagine getting paid to do things like that. >> you'd never guess looking at this building in new jersey the bizarre paradise costanzo presides over inside. what do you call this police? >> this is the foley stage. we've been here for 16 years now. >> this looks like somebody's garage. >> it's a big junk palace. metal containers all make nice little -- >> by the end of this year he figures he'll have created sound effects for nearly 500 movies. most of them right here. i'm sorry, i have no idea what that thing with the -- using all this stuff it has a beautiful sound. >> listen to that. >> and this?
6:37 am
>> use something very heavy. >> why do you have enough swords to start your own crusade? >> we did work on "hidden dragon." this is one of those it's gone through the mill. depending how you hold it. >> a zipper? >> i have no idea. that is paint can closer. >> came from a hardware store that was going out of business. it's controllable. these are the controllable like gold to me. if something goes for one second or three seconds if i can control it i can give it that little personality. >> he admits to dumpster diving and cruising what is left on garbage collection day. >> none of them work. >> he has a good excuse for
6:38 am
indulging what some people might he consider a pathology. >> do you ever throw anything away? >> no. i've never actually -- no, i don't ever throw anything away. >> this looks like a dangerous playground. >> it is. don't step on the broken glass. >> why is there broken glass all over here? >> because we had to do the sound of someone walking on broken glass. >> what you do is you use all the stuff right here, you have a microphone like this hooked up to -- >> i move it around. i put it here. >> at the other end of the microphone cord is sound engineer george lara recording the noises costanzo makes. like the skin of an apple as it's being peeled for upcoming film, that we can't show you. >> what are you looking at the screen or the apple?
6:39 am
>> the screen only. i know just how far to stop and go with it. it's hyphenner that is doing the noise. >> barely scratching the skin of the apple. >> you would think in the era of digital everything in movies, that foley sound the art of musing a real apple in realtime but you would be wrong. >> is it a dying art? no, it's thriving. as big as i've ever seen it. i remember when i first started that they spoke about the soundroid which was computer that put sound effects in there. what i read is that it lacked personality. try to give the innuendo that a human can do. how? >> it's all in the way he climbs those stairs. he's 55 but you can still clearly see the boy in him.
6:40 am
he's consummate professional still partners whether or not he prefers honks or squeak s. he produces what he calls his magic table. >> we use this for the carriages. tree falling. made it in so many films it's hard to even imagine. >> this ricketsy table is a big treasure. >> yeah. have everyone sign. meryl streep. then right next door the squeaky chair. >> foley artists weren't even given on screen credit until the 1980s there's no oscar category for what marco costanzo does. >> imagine walking down a hall
6:41 am
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>> osgood: going out to the movies is increasingly out of the question. our contributor conor knighton. >> honors the best films of 2014 what is predict to be the worst year for film attendance in almost two decades. people just aren't buying movie tickets like they used to. tickets are expensive. netflix streams thousands of films for just eight bucks a month. half of tonight's best picture nominees are already on itunes. video games and tablets and smart phones compete for our attention. with big hdtvs and surround sound systems in home theaters tough to convince audiences to leave home and go to an actual theater. that's why some studios and cinema chains have been trying to enhance the cinema experience. amc has been investing an extra plush seats and dine-in theaters. >> press the button your server will appear. just like magic only better.
6:45 am
>> it's better than magic? i don't think so. i have been to one of these theaters. i was trying to watch the movie the guy beside me was ordering buffalo wings, it is super distracting. but it is not merry as distracting as disney's experiment. >> download the an, bring your apple ipad. >> they have been playing with second screen experiences encouraging to bring ipads along. >> where you become part of the story. >> no, not cool. unless you were talking crab or sea witch you have no business being part of the little mermaid. but for those who want to feel like part of the movie -- by literally stealing parts of the movie there are new 4d. they splashes of water and gyrating seats. i got to experience a 4d screening in los angeles.
6:46 am
technology is pretty cool. for a 15-minute theme park attraction. but for two and a half hour movie, a little too intense. i go to the movies to get caught up in a great story imperfectly happy with a dark room and comfortable chair. but in today's competitive entertainment landscape that might not be enough any more. tonight as the stars crowd in to the dolby theaters to hand out awards we'll be witting what is becoming truly outstanding cinematic achievement a packed theater. >> osgood: ahead. with the red carpet, the high heels.
6:47 am
6:48 am
6:49 am
color walking tall at the owes cars needn't be a challenge for an actress. all she needs is the right footwear. here is erin moriarty of "48 hours." >> walking the red carpet isn't really about walking at all. >> the night i won the emmy what i wore, a zuhair murad sparkly dress and prada heels. it's my good luck charm. >> at 4'11" actress kristen chenoweth can stand tall in heels. >> they kill your feet after four hours. but it's worth it. if you want hang in pair of heels during red carpet you shouldn't be in show business. what i think. >> clearly high heels have legs from marilyn monroe to lady
6:50 am
gaga. to celebrities at awards shows high heels have come to symbolize sexuality and power. is there any other woman's accessory that really has been enduring as high heels? >> you know, i would be hard pressed to think of another fashion accessory that has the kind of complicated, polarizing and fascinating history enduring history as the high-healed shoe. >> which is why curator lisa small helped create an entire exhibit devoted to high heels. >> there's probably about 200 shoes in the show. >> currently at the brooklyn museum in new york the show goes on tour this spring. >> women used to wear hats all the time. they don't any more for the most
6:51 am
part but they still wear high-healed shoes. >> interestingly enough, women weren't the first to wear them. >> high-healed shoes were first born by men. men's wear before it became women's fashion. >> these heels weren't as much about mobility and knowbility. >> a very famous painting of the king wearing red-healed shoe. the idea that height and elevation has always had something to do with indicating class, privilege, power. ideas about confidence leisure. >> women began to adopt high heels for many of the same reasons. one of the oldest on display is this 16th century shoe called the chopine. >> it's a plat formed shoe. they had very high platforms but aristocratic women wore them the more sumptuous fabric the more you were signaling how wealthy
6:52 am
you were. >> are they easy to walk in? >> no. in fact they're not easy to walk in. >> that hasn't changed. and yet high heels have become a constant staple in women's fashion, except during the late 18th century. when elevated heels became associated with excesses of marie antoinette. >> it was all about flat slippers, the height of fashion. but then slowly as the 19th century continued heels inevitably came back in to fashion. >> shoes for evening and street. >> heels reached new heights and proportions in the 1940s and '50s when technology made the stiletto or what is also called the killer heel, more stable. >> i think lot had to do with
6:53 am
war time technologies and the use of steel and extruded metals allowed fashion designers and fabricators to think about a way to use metal in the heel. and once that was solved, literally the sky is the limit. we have shoo-in the exhibition from the mid '50s from company called skyscraper. >> but technology allows us to build these stiletto, is that doesn't necessarily mean anybody can walk in them. >> well, no. but it was sort of the aspiration to be able to walk in them. >> that has never been a problem for kristen chenoweth. hey, if the show demands it, she'll even dance in heels as she does in the broadway musical "on the 20th century." >> i love this shoe a lot. it's also bendable. you can see that i can point my toe. i can flex my foot. >> but at the same time high heels force women to walk in a way that adds stress to the hips
6:54 am
and back. so, why do they wear them? exactly because of that walk. >> it causes your rear to move. it causes your hips to have to compensate and do the little wiggle, the chest goes out. these are all biologically determined markers of mating attraction. >> it's not just males who notice. in 2013 the journal "evolution in human behavior" published results of a study focusing solely on the way women walk. those in high heels were judged as significantly more attractive by both men and women than those who wore flats. >> some people who think women look great in it and women who feel empowered wearing these high-healed shoes. others who think that it's denigrating to women. >> absolutely. women can feel powerful when they wear high healed shoes. they can feel more confident.
6:55 am
that's all to the better. but it's very interesting construction of power, until men in powerful positions also wear high healed shoes, it's always going to be a question of what kind of power a high healed shoe really conveys. >> that doesn't seem to bother those who know and appreciate a real killer heel. >> there's just something about a heel especially for women it's a man's world makes me feel stronger. i can gouge your eyes out with my heels. i'm just saying. >> osgood: next oscar swag. all adds up.
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>> osgood: look at the swag bags by the numbers.
6:58 am
host neil patrick harris gets one of these sacks of goodies as do all of the losing acting and directing nominees. how is this for sons lakes prize? a $1500 v.i.p. tour of a private sea salt preserve in the south of france. not to mention a 14,500 luxury train ride across the canadian rockies. for those who might otherwise lose their way there's this $150 necklace inscribed with the gps coordinates of l.a.'s dolby theater. for those of who are really having trouble finding their way, there's a $20,000 gift certificate for a session with enigma life founder olessia kantor who teaches mind control techniques and discusses horoscopes and dreams and the list goes on and on. everything from $280 worth worth of maple syrup products to $8.99 of dunkin' dough knits coffee.
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each disappointed star gets his or her own personal star from the international star registry. that's $127 value. there's much more besides all adding up to a swag bag worth of at least $125,000 on which, keep in mind, recipients will have to pay taxes. no swag bag for the actual academy award winners however. they will just have to content themselves with an oscar. still to come an audience with the queen. helen mirren. >> but that does not make me in to a fool. >> osgood: and oscar nominated shorts between the lines. ♪ engine rev. ♪ i obviously haven't slowed down at all! what do you think?
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7:02 am
>> osgood: helen mirren won an oscar for portrayal of elizabeth ii in 2006 "queen" not actually a queen she's certain ly considered motion picture royalty. lee cowan went to london for this audience with dame helen mirren. >> i still forget. i kind of forget, yes i do. >> until somebody addresses you. >> oh, yes, that's right. i forgot that. >> dame helen may not always remember being royalty. >> duty first. self second. that's how i was brought up. that's all i've ever known. >> she certainly recognized as royalty. mirren's portrayal in "the queen." earned her a slew of awards including an oscar for best
7:03 am
actress. >> there is anyone who knows the british people more than i do, mr. blair, nor who has greater faith in their wisdom and judgment. >> but when it came time to actually meet her majesty in person, none of those accolades really mattered. >> i was paranoid with fear and embarrassment. what we call queen-itis when you see the queen you become this babbling idiot. >> queen-itis? >> you start saying things like, such fun wasn't it? you just say these things. >> she didn't dare ask what the queen thought of her portrayal. that's just not done. >> to this day i don't know if she's ever seen it or what she thought of it or anything. >> mirren still calls london home. she lives here with her husband director taylor hackford spends
7:04 am
her time gardening when she's not on the road. >> i'm sure planting things that i never see flower. >> she's away from home again this time new york city bringing her majesty to broadway. >> i think the great thing about this theater it looks like buckingham palace. here it is. >> i only ever wanted to be ordinary. >> well, in which way do you consider you have failed in that ambition? >> the play is called "the audience." >> and you proved yourself a great ally to me, to this family. which is why i'm keen to help you now. why don't you resign? >> it goes behind the doors of buckingham palace and into the private meetings between queen liz beth and her prime ministers. >> you thinking about your
7:05 am
previous pms. >> jon: now. how many have there been? >> twelve. the dirty dozen. >> mirren has already won the olivier award for her sold out run of the production in london's west end and can't wait to see how it plays to her favorite audience american. >> american audiences sit forward, you know, what are you going to do for us? english audiences sit back, what are you going to do for us, you know. it's a very different attitude. >> over the course of her 63 year reign queen liz both has held the private audiences with her prime ministers once a week, they are purposely very private. >> this family has given every minute of every day in service to the british people and have you ever heard me explain? never. >> it's possible your subjects are now complaining. >> it is my honor and my duty to serve my country. but every once in awhile i must be allowed to draw the line. >> do you think portrayal
7:06 am
changed over the years? >> i don't think so. she hasn't changed. that's the point of the queen in a way this incredible consistency. >> what was her achievement historians will ask? she lived long, knew when to keep her head down and her mouth shut. a postage stamp with a pulse. >> it's not the first queen liz both mirren has played. >> i know i have the body of a weak and feeble woman. but i have the heart and stomach of a king. the king of england! >> elizabeth i, mirren slipped in to character in part by slipping in to elaborate period costumes. >> the whole half of my trailer was full of jewelry in the morning and i'd go, i think i'll wear that, that, and that.
7:07 am
let's put those on. let's put that in the hair. just load yourself up like a christmas tree. >> her grandfather was a czarist officer, she was morning ilyena mironov and grew up in essex. she took early interest in acting especially shakespeare. >> what was it about shakes pierce in particular that really grabbed you? >> oh, gosh, where do you start with that? >> the language? >> no not actually the language. the thought. the thought that the language is carrying. the understanding about life. they're so amazing. >> her interest in the stage concerned her parents at first. but after a stunning performance as, what else a queen in cleopatra, she was invited to join the royal shakespeare company. >> it was like riding a big
7:08 am
powerful horse. it's like, oh, my, god you know. i can't do this. and suddenly i could control the horse. >> since then she's gone on to play all manner of strong women. she has ruled subjects in gosford park served them. >> didn't you hear me? i'm the perfect servant. i have no life. >> in the action franchise "red" mirren wields a different kind of authority. and she won rave reviews for her portrayal of alcoholic detective in the british tv series "prime suspect" e. >> you know a huge miscalculation to undermine my authority. >> often the roles are heavy on intellect as well as sex appeal. >> enjoy yourself.
7:09 am
take care. >> early on mirren got a reputation as the thinking man's sex symbol. a title that never quite been able to shake. >> did you ever get sick of people taking about it? >> of course. it's annoying, absolutely. here you are asking me about it yet again. >> here i am. >> every time. it's inevitable. >> in '60s and '70s sexism came with the territory. >> it took women quite a long time, i think, to fight their way out of that and learn the wonderful words [bleep] off. >> do you think you learned those early enough? >> no, i didn't, i didn't. >> she could hold her own though, when an early interviewer suggested she was more seductress, she was quick to put him in his place.
7:10 am
>> this equipment in fact industry perhaps in that pursuit. >> i'd like you to explain what you mean by that. >> your physical attributes. >> you mean my fingers? >> i was impressed with myself. i thought wow, you were quite funny. you didn't lose your temper and you handled it i thought quite well actually. i'm surprised. >> she was just 30 then. she'll be 70 this july. the academy award winner has been around long enough to know that the red carpet treatment doesn't always last in hollywood. which is why she still savors her moment. >> this fantastic merry go around. you know there's all color and lights and people and then through through.
7:11 am
back one our hands and feet. >> an unbroken line from churchill to me. extraordinary. >> oh, yes, and beyond. i'm not done yet. >> so far however what's happened to helen mirren has been royally grand. she hopes her crowning achievement is still to come. >> because the fun is to learn. keep that learning process going. >> and it still is for you? >> absolutely. >> osgood: coming up. long and the shorted of it.
7:12 am
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7:14 am
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>> osgood: only hours to go now there is lots of breaking oscar speculation. what does david edelstein think? we're about to find out. >> starting to feel like -- "birdman." versus "boyhood" which front running b wins tonight's big o. i'm going to risk alienating you by saying, i don't much care. see, i'm a critic, any critic who doesn't believe that he or she is the universe's supreme arbiter of taste just isn't arrogant enough to do the job. i've decided best picture. it's "boyhood" and david oyelowo
7:19 am
as martin luther king in "selma" gave the year's best performance and wasn't even nominated. why is this the whitest, most lilly livered set of nominations in decades? i leave it there except even i get turned on by the unhinged glamour, the confrontational clothes horsing, the savage competition to see who can act more humble. i love watching desperately insecure people win, their instant realization that whatever they do for the rest of their lives their owe bit to you ware will open with academy award winner, joe blow, who wouldn't want to be joe blow? i already know some of tonight's joe and josie blows no one can take supporting actress from "boyhood's" patricia arquette. >> i hope so.
7:20 am
>> her performance snapped into focus when she said in her last scene that she'd stopped seeing herself as a personal, only a mom. it was heartbreaking, oscar for the actress validates the character, too. plus, women in hollywood love that she's had no plastic surgery. >> i know what i'm feeling. >> julian moore as victim of early onset alzheimer's a lock. oscar bait role meets oscar overdue actress. that it happens to be a great performance isn't really relevant but it's nice when it happens. >> start counting. >> supporting actor looks like j.k. simmons as the sadistic drill sergeant jazz band director in "whiplash" just muscle, and meanness. he's the hollywood ideal. >> so you do know the difference. >> best actor, i don't know.
7:21 am
come back kid michael keaton is the current fave for his mesmerizing self pity in "bird man." and previous fave eddie redmayne could win for nailing steveing hawk kings. >> ask for every shot. >> i wouldn't be shot if bradley cooper stole it for rock hard but still so vulnerable performance in "american sniper." i had questions about the movie but his aim was true. which brings us to best picture. i'm guessing "bird man" over my beloved "boyhood" it's a pile of cliches and pretentiousness but so ferociously well staged and shot you have to throw up your hands say okay, okay you win. that's a pretty shallow reason, but never underestimate the academy's shallowness. never underestimate our shallowness. this yearly ritual insinuates
7:22 am
itself in to our fantasies. even i have to fight to shake off the thought that movie must be great. it won the oscar."
7:23 am
>> osgood: here is a look at the week ahead on sunday morning calendar. monday is the 70th anniversary of the raising of the american flag during world war ii battle for island of iwo jima. tuesday is election day in chicago, incumbent mayor is running for second term against four rivals. on wednesday the french magazine charlie hedbo to resume publication. thursday is world pistachio day
7:24 am
that has been favorite since ancient times. friday is the final day of the national conference on bullying in orlando, florida. seems that raising awareness and developing strategies for preventing bullying. on saturday comedian lewis black headlines "let freedom laugh" in washington d.c. evening of comedy honoring the bill of rights. now to bob schieffer in washington for look what's ahead on "face the nation." good morning bob. >> schieffer: good morning charles we'll talk about that new terror threat to american shopping malls with the secretary of homeland security jeh johnson and talk to the new governor of texas greg abbott. >> osgood: we'll be watching. next week here on "sunday morning" -- >> are you one of those people who wants everybody to like you? >> the people that don't like
7:25 am
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>> osgood: we leave you this sunday several miles north of hollywood in a different wood giant sequoias at sequoia national park.
7:27 am
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morning. good morning, i'm anne makovec. i'm phil matier. good morning. it is 7:30 am. thanks for joining us. >> we have a lot of news in the next hour. port of oakland's back. mark you were out there yesterday. >> cargo containers are stacked up. they are all full of merchandise. it will take a long time for that backup to clear out. let's look at the effects of the shut down. the raiders with a pos


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