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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CBS  February 22, 2015 7:30am-8:31am PST

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morning. good morning, i'm anne makovec. i'm phil matier. good morning. it is 7:30 am. thanks for joining us. >> we have a lot of news in the next hour. port of oakland's back. mark you were out there yesterday. >> cargo containers are stacked up. they are all full of merchandise. it will take a long time for that backup to clear out. let's look at the effects of the shut down. the raiders with a possible move to los
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angeles. the red carpet for oakland and the san diego chargers. is it a bluff to get leaders moving on the stadium here. tough questions about where that plan is headed. would you go to a restaurant tipping can be a point of contention. now with the new wage going up in california some places are doing away with tipping entirely. first let's check your weather forecast. we are seeing changes over yesterday. here is a live look at golden gate bridge. looking gorgeous. cool temperatures around the bay. livermore 47. it will get warmer but the temperatures will be cooler than yesterday and breezy in some spots. we have the possibility of
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sprinkles in the forecast as well. let's look at your extended pork past coming up. fire investigators are combing through what is left of a three alarm fire in castro. flames were shooting up from the apartment building at 16th and church. thick plume of smoke in the air that could be seen for miles. everyone got out safely. 's suspected drunk driver behind bars. a san jose mine is fighting for his life. they were working in their food stand yesterday when the driver smashed into it. the woman was also injured in the crash. alcohol was a factor. protesters shut down the home depot and ever veil for five hours yesterday. event henderson was shot and killed outside the store this month by two emory officers who
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were responding. they chased or on foot and protesters want the store security tape now released including the minutes before she confronted police. no word from the police were home depot when or if the tapes will be made public. atrophic headache for drivers in midtown san francisco. franklin and grow is a mess. after a huge sinkhole opened up yesterday afternoon at the civic center. a water main burst at symphony hall. no word on when crews can reopen that intersection. thousands of hockey fans went by the stadium as it became a shark tank. san jose sharks based the la kings last night. bands played in the parking lot. 70,000 people filled that stadium. the kings ended up with a final score of 2-1. new area code in the bay
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area. everyone will have to dial 10 digits to get through to those 415 numbers. the new area code, 6 to 8, started early saturday morning. 415 numbers are running out. back to you, and and phil. i'm not looking forward to that. >> workers up and down the west coast are getting back to work after a labor dispute shut down operations. >> a tentative agreement was reached on friday. we saw some cranes moving. but it was pretty quiet. huge backlog of imports sitting around waiting to be uploaded. it could take weeks or months to get back on track.>> the ship containers and the truck trailers that carry the containers, none of them are where they need to be. we need to restore that balance before we get back to normal.
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>> ports up and down the west coast have been affected with 9 of dockworkers. contract needs to be ratified before it becomes official. it seems like work needs to be done. east coast sports, this could have a long-term effect. >> mexico as well. inconsistency about work relations in between management and labor on the ports on the west coast could lead shippers to say let's by oregon and the west coast and go east.>> something that is never been done in the history of engineering, maybe done on san francisco bay. health graham wants to implode the old bay bridge. >> the cavaliers section above the water, piece by piece. they were -- underwater segments are more tricky.
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caltrans is asking for permission to try a new approach. an idea of what it might look like and whether it will be removed. implosion will get rid of the debris and will collapse into the whole. we're talking about hundreds of many explosions rather than one big one. implosions like this had never been done on a large scale.>> it appears to be the quickest most efficient least impactful process to the environment.>> there are serious concerns such as potential mortality to fish and wildlife and release of debris into the water as well as toxic in the bay floor. semper cisco bay keepers are concerned. >> it's one of the environmentalist who have
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questions. a big metal tube around the underwater peers entering out the water and lower crews with big power tools and knock everything down. caltrans says they want to try and implosion instead.>> a lot of hurdles for this plan. >> when they put the lights on the bay bridge the rotating lights, they had to have environmental impact reports to see how they would affect the migration of fish and birds. you can bet this will take work. meanwhile on the new span of the bay bridge. >> more. the rods at the base of the bridge main power, they are resting and cracking. therefore hundred 20 steel rods that were supposed to be sealed any protective grout and 34 of them were not. caltrans said the bridge is still safe and ready for an
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earthquake but failures could mean more damage.>> we're talking about performance that we can keep track of. we're not talking about a threat to that but now the tower may be -- a little bit.>> engineers won't know the full extent of the problem. it could be unsolvable. there's not enough room to renew or the replacement rocks into position. it's unbelievable. >> it's a big embarrassment. i talked to officials about it. they are concerned. if there is a quake the maintenance on it and the upkeep they are trying to get it right is going to be a impossible nightmare. >> $6 billion on this thing. >> a trial has made life difficult to for salmon and those who fish for them. senate will determine what rules work best for both parties in the year ahead.
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>> decades of pollution and destruction combined with long drought. there is a revival effort underway in the north bay. development with a breeding program at a hatchery to try to save the species. >> we've done a lot to cause the problem. it's up to us to find a solution now.>> hundreds of thousands of fish were born in the hatchery and they will be released where they could have trouble. fish do best with cold water but they have to contend with low flows and high temperatures in the rivers which brings up the fish versus farmer's debate. where should the limited water we have the going.>> california in recent years has exploded in the production of almonds. 2,000,000,000 pounds a year we produce and that is shipped out and exported for big money.
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those in competition with the water for the fish in the river is as well. that his band a center of the debate. in the drought and after the drought. >> north bay city, saying no thanks to tax money for medical pot. >> dispensary owners marched in vallejo city hall to pay the taxes but the city of vallejo has fused -- refused to accept taxes since the city council voted to shut down the businesses. for pot advocates the balogh continues. >> we are not putting up with harmful abuse anymore. we will not be banned or shut down and not without a political fight. >> they called upon them to take the tax money from the businesses and spend it on infrastructure. vallejo declare bankruptcy a few years ago but still the mayor is refusing the pot cash.
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>> and other places we are seeing it with the exception. >> there in a fight on other places as well about where the pot should be and how many and vallejo is still going through the help. >> they say we are not going to take your money until we figure out how to operate. you may dig deeper when you eat out. >> restaurants have to pay their workers more.>> minimum- wage will jump three dollars. restaurants trying to figure out how they are going to stay alive.>> glenn straub our cooks a main meal but runs a lean operation. >> profit margins can be slim. >> owner admits the city upping the minimum wage from $9-$12 $.25 an hour can do damage. >> no raising our labor costs
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even if you percentage cost. it could potentially hurt a lot of businesses. >> his staff deserves more money but reality is customers will have to pay for it and that means a meal that is 6% more expensive. >> we will do a small price increase and that should cover it. >> that's a fair adjustment. >> gear humana has is a big cheerleader of the minimum-wage hike and said restaurants are exaggerating the cost. >> less turnover cost they would have and the savings they could utilize. >> at homestead restaurant owner elizabeth is trying to throw customers a bone. she's raising prices 20% but they will no longer have to tip. >> the city of oakland should provide access to a living wage. >> mark kelly, kpix 5>> they will spread among all of her workers. the staff and the back and the kitchen could make close to what the waiters are making.>>
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they are calling that tip credits. you are making it up with tips. now everyone is making the same wages. the dishwashers are being left out as well as the cooks. if they still include and they are saying tip. it could be confusing.>> there is a lot of talk about a new stadium for the raiders and the chargers to share in la. join us next. one of the men in charge of the property at the coliseum will tell us about what they will do to keep the raiders in the bay area. a live look outside now a beautiful day. plenty of sunshine but he will be breezy and cool today. and look at your forecast coming up.
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the raiders could be leaving oakland for southern california. how the stadium would look like if the plan is approved.
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it would be a home for the raiders and the san diego chargers. oakland city leaders say not so fast. >> joining us now who is chris dobbins who is one of the commissioners for the joint power authority. chris, when did you hear about this joint stadium plan between your tenants the raiders and the san diego chargers? >> we heard about it thursday night around 7:00. it is a shock. >> it has to be one of the strangest sports announcements i've ever heard. translating, the san diego chargers and the oakland raiders have a joint press conference to say we are going to get married and set up shop in carson unless fiancis agreed to give stadiums. what is the play? >> that's the unfortunate part.
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he said he wants to stay in oakland. they had been a tremendous success in having the place hold out. they've had losing seasons but now they are still selling the place out. it's very frustrating. we are trying to get it done long-term. >> how does this work. he says to oakland i don't have money for the stadium here and i need your help. and was to give help i'm going to have to leave. he goes to san diego and says i'm going to build a privately funded stadium down here with the san diego chargers and i don't need your help. what is the story? >> i don't know. from our perspective we want to keep the raiders here. 2000 jobs in the city pride. raiders have led oakland previously. we have the land and the site. best transportation hub and the airport. >> we're talking about 2000 jobs and a bill from the last
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oakland raider deal that is $20 million a year that alameda county and oakland's taxpayers are still paying. that's a hefty price for 2000 jobs in the ball. >> however if you look at the long-term solution to keep the teams here, we need to look at them. that is politically why we couldn't go back to the voters and say we need another 300 million so we have to get a privately financed stadium. they have exclusive negotiating agreement and make things happen. >> the raiders -- they say they have a deal with the joint powers authority. alameda that has three different political groups.>> let's get to enough of this. there is a deal that stands now with the talking of it because no one is getting specific is that we will give them the land and help with the
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infrastructure. how much of the estimated cost of that infrastructure help? >> i've heard 240,000,000 to 300,000,000 which would be the ingress and egress.>> of public money. >> also the public will use it so not only playoffs but the big plan obviously is to have shops and restaurants and does great things. there are other projects going on right now. >> but they will still take the voters to go for it. >> in alameda county they don't have to have a boat on this project. politically they won't load an idea like this without having a privately financed stadium. in services good they were able to get a private plan.>> with a privately discussion after the board members. mark davis, do you want to take
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the raiders to park city. take care. >> nobody wants to move the raiders. everybody want to keep the raiders. someone like myself who is a season ticket holder, i'm passionate about it. i will vote for this but i'm not an elected official.>> with the raiders have said we want to stay in oakland and we will work this year and we're getting a one-year lease extension to keep the raiders for this year. >> i find it fascinating. he says he wants to stay in oakland. >> he wasn't there but i have no comment on that part. >> thanks for sharing.>> let's take a look at the weather. maybe that makes more sense. >> we will still talk football. let's look at san jose. levi stadium looking good with a clear start. patchy fog around the bay.
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here is what you can expect today. cooler and breezy are today than what we saw yesterday. that is the biggest difference. sunshine for the most part that we will see sprinkles possible for the far south bay and monterey bay. look at some of our temperatures right now. a lot of 60s today and santa clara 65. the same for sunnyvale. cupertino 66. antioch will get to 62. 65 in walnut creek. 64 in danville. as we fly to san francisco, you will get 65 today, the same for sonoma. 67 in santa rosa. 61 in stinson beach. today cooley are at breezy are that yesterday. as we head into the work week it will be mild and stay dry. increasing clouds roll in for friday and the chance for showers come saturday.
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>> parts of san francisco shut down when president. obama came by. causing headaches for drivers. if the president should stop coming to the bay area altogether. we will be right back.
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hillary clinton will be in the bay area this week. keynote speaker at watermark
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silicon valley conference for women. tuesday at the santa clara convention center. it's to get more women into executive roles.>> nothing as big as this.>> the president cause problems for people. the last time he was here. secret service had shut down a restaurant where he was eating. >> is san francisco suffering from obama overload? we took it up with their insider willie and the chronicles carla marinucci. >> is it time for barack obama to say goodbye to san francisco? >> it would be better for all of us as citizens. bearing the cost and the inconvenience. the president has been here often enough. we complain when george bush didn't come at all.
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we now know obama has come to often. >> i was with obama at the fundraiser. he fired up as democrats. >> at a fundraiser outside.>> everybody -- he shut down the cable car system. >> he has come a lot but the democrats here give him money and his party needs money. i agree with you because i'm one of the ones who sat there at that motorcade waiting for him to come out of the restaurant. after talking about the average american he went to a restaurant where the entrie was $42. there are some issues. democrats like to see obama here. they lined the streets for him. >> people lined the streets? that presidential motorcade is
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impressive and so is the price tag. >> it is tough.>> these don't seem like first world problems.>> it is making people show up. they have no idea when he's going to come out.>> they had to relocate the president up to the fairmont because of complaints and they are saying it is too much of a headache and you shut down the whole place and people can get to their businesses. can you move someplace else. that caused them to shut down the whole cable card system. some people are saying how about stopping by and say hello but each one of those visits costs an arm and a leg.>> silicon valley, new companies moving in all the time. some companies say enough's are
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ready.>> just like that we are now paying more for gas once again so what is driving up prices. a live look at dublin. skies are clear. chilly today. we will be right back with the forecast.
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welcome back to kpix 5 good morning. a lot of news in the next 30 minutes. security and immigration. two issues in a political storm. the clock is ticking on a deadline to tie up funding for places like tsa and border. she is internationally known. she is from california. take a guess. condoleezza rice scores incredibly interesting numbers in the senate poll race. she is outpacing others. why she may be so popular in a democratic state. we will look at the use of the word radical islam. we heard a lot of this. president obama getting a lot of pressure about that word.
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we have an expert live in the studio. we will talk about the rhetoric that is surrounding terrorism and the reaction when you see images like this. a live look at the golden gate bridge. there is patchy fog. temperature is pretty cool. 51 degrees in cisco. santa rosa 47. san jose 50 degrees right now. temperatures will be cooler than yesterday but sunny skies around most of the bay area. we will see wind moving in as well and a new system brushes past. extended forecast coming up. first here is mark. fire investigators coming through a three alarm fire in the castro. flames were shooting up from the apartment building at 15th
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and church. this sent thick plume of smoke in the air. everyone escaped. a suspected drunk driver behind bars and a san jose man is fighting for his life. the injured man and his wife are working in their food stand yesterday in east san jose when the driver smashed into it. the woman was injured in the crash. alcohol was a factor.>> protesters shut down the home depot and emeryville for five hours yesterday. yuvette henderson was shot and killed outside the store this month by two emeryville officers who were responding to reports a woman with stealing knives. they chased or on foot and protesters want the store security tapes released including the minutes before she confronted police. no word from the police or home depot when or if the tapes will be made public.
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atrophic headache for drivers in midtown san francisco. franklin and growth intersection is a mess after a sinkhole opened up yesterday at the civic center. a water main burst in front of db symphony hall. no word yet on when crews will reopen that intersection. hockey fans fill levi stadium. one giant shark tank. the sharks based the la kings last night. fans tailgated and barbecued before the puck dropped. 70,000 people filled the stadium. the kings ended up with a final score of 2-1. back to you anne and phil. >> could run out of money. congress made need to take action. >> department of homeland security responded. the house did passi funding
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bill but it has controversy squashing the presidential order for deportation for millions of undocumented immigrants. democrats say they can't live with that. president obama chief of staff said he's not sure how it will and. >> it's important that we not take the path suggesting we do take which is congress continues to get paid but law enforcement officials associated with defending our borders of protecting us and defending our airports and making sure airlines and aviation security is upheld are forced to work without pay.>> not decide showed signs of budging. coppell getting things a ruling last week blocking the immigration order. the court ruling forced homeland security to drop applications from undocumented immigrants. millions will not meet get legal permits they were expecting. >> this opportunity, not on me.
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>> the obama administration plans to appeal that ruling. the effect these things are connected, it seems like the judge has removed that. congress should be able to pass the funding bill. but still they are sitting on it. >> it will be interesting if they pass it. we could have another one of those cliffhangers in washington dc that everybody pays attention to and a few months later sits back and said what was that about. >> will be a big topic of discussion. >> here is a topic of discussion on the local front. one of the hubs of silicon valley is thinking about putting the brakes on the tech boom.>> hotspot for shopping and dining. home for high-tech startups.
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all along the city shopping district. transformation underway. office building moving in and squeezing out mom-and-pop's that a been here for decades. >> the locals can't afford the rent or what's happening to their buildings. >> we've heard some people say that downtown is becoming an office park. that's not healthy. >> palo alto has lost 70,000 ft.2 of retail space in the last five years. they are looking at greater protections for retail shopping. the city council will take up his ideas on march 2. interesting debate there because that is what fuels palo alto industry. offices and tech. on the other hand if you don't have downtown it will lose term. prices at the pump have been sneaking back up again.>> average price is $2.88 in san jose.
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san francisco is $2.94. economists say part of the rise can be blamed on explosion in refinery in southern california.>> lucero refinery in martinez off-line because of a labor problem. 17% of its refining capacity lost.>> hope they can find a way to keep the gas prices affordable. >> gas prices will increase more as we switch over to summer blend in california. it underscores a couple of facts. we had the third-largest refinery state in the nation. we have a blend of gas that's different from the states around us. if there is a problem with the supply system the prices go up. we can bring it in quickly from other states.>> a new bill in sacramento protect motorcyclists from discrimination from police.>> i
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need to see your drivers license. >> i would now like to know why you need it.>> this video shot after an incident. motorcycles profile by police in stockton. a state assembly man is trying to curb on jost -- and just stops. it would require training and policies that ban discrimination against drivers.>> it's obvious that they are untrained. when the questions are asked of them they don't have an answer for you other than to try to intimidate you. >> stockton police would not comment on the pending legislation. a lot of bikers say that they are seeing this across the state and being pulled over for no reason because people assume they are bad for you. >> it will be an interesting thing if bikers became a
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protected class.>> we would give the country once again something to talk about and i'm sure they will. meanwhile -- >> the mean white house is asking muslim leaders. council of american islamic relations joining us next.
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let's take a look at your sunday forecast. first here is a live shot of dublin where it is clear that we have patchy fog in parts of the bay area. here is what you can expect today. cooler and breezy or than the weather we had yesterday but sunshine as we had to the
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afternoon. possible sprinkles for the far south bay monterey bay area later on today. let's look at our temperatures. we have 60s today. 65 santa clara. 64 in mountain view. 65 fremont. 55 in redwood city. east bay, pittsburgh 63 today. 65 walnut creek. livermore 63 degrees today. 65 san francisco. cooler on the coast. the north bay 65. today a little cooler and breezy or than yesterday. mildest we had to the work week and it will stay dry. as we roll into friday increasing clouds any chance for showers on saturday. we need to find new ways to amplify the voices of peace and inclusion. and we especially need to do it
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online.>> president. obama says the usa is not at war with islam but has said the people who have twisted the religion and the key battles to fight are in our own state. >> comments have generated discussion and the controversy joining us this dr. were billy oh, director on the council of islamic relations. was the council invited to this meeting? >> no. and we are the largest organization so it's a question for the white house. one of the most active on the ground working in the community. >> any idea you were excluded? >> what did you think of the summit? >> we had serious civil liberties. the summit ruled out community which doesn't make sense to us because we're more likely to be killed. impaired community outreach with law enforcement
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which is problematic because it approaches a community that is driving law enforcement lens. >> how do you not do that? law enforcement -- we're talking about countering violent extremism and law enforcement will be able to -- you will be. if it is coming out of religious organizations of one form or the other how do you not play the two? >> the entire summit, the model comes from what is not working in europe and what's not working in europe is having law enforcement go into communities to do outreach. the agents who are failing the community. they are sending in performance and not having conversations about violence being an issue that impacts all communities and looking at the active shooter. you are more likely to be killed by an active shooter by an active extremist.
8:17 am
the other part of that is it excludes an entire conversation about what are the injustices and grievances that isis and others are using to tug at the heartstrings of people. without a conversation about where policy plays in we can't go anywhere. >> let's split that up. this is on domestic. first of all he's talking about if we step away from law enforcement and talk about what the community can do. do you believe there is such a thing as radical islam? >> there are misguided individuals who are hijacking the system. >> they are sending out images that the world is -- and that is not helpful. they are also recruiting the dispossessed countries, people from denmark and netherlands. united states.
8:18 am
people being recruited to the internet. what are your feelings? >> his comments were great. the words on matching his actions but the community has a great record of reporting people when they need to be reported of counseling people when they need counseling. it's phenomenal it is less than two dozen people in the united states who have led the delegates. we're doing it better already than elsewhere. >> what is it about the isis ideology that appears to be attractive to younger people? >> it seems and without being able -- it seems that isis is appealing to people sense of injustice. that people feel like there is wrong's happening in our foreign-policy and others are dying in the world. by not having that piece of the conversation any conversation -- >> every time we turn on the television or listen to the president he is talking about that. the inequities here and abroad
8:19 am
and the need for change in social justice. that is part of the conversation. >> as long as guantanamo stays open and a policy doesn't change at the heads of state from the muslim majority countries who are perpetuating foreign-policy that are violating human rights cases are invited and included as equal players we are not having a conversation about it. it was the king of the united arab emirates who was at this conversation. this is a group that is notorious for human rights abuse. >> how would you exclude -- i guess you want to exclude these people that they are at the heart of where this is happening.>> i guess the issue is we need to separate domestic conversation from the foreign conversation. in the foreign context we see political insurgency against corrupt leaders. where there are revolutions and corrupt leaders there is
8:20 am
violence. what we're saying is by not having a complete conversation and not being nuanced in it that we can't address the problem. >> for many people out there if we continue to have complete conversations and nuance where it is the world and this and that nothing ever gets sator done. >> right.>> let's have pieces of it and separate pieces of it. we can't do this without acknowledging violence is a problem across minute he communities. >> thank you for joining us. this one will be going around for a while.>> political figure in the bay area. we will here if a political philly brown had anything to do with that.
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a surprise front-runner who could replace boxster in the u.s. senate. support for various candidates -- said they would support condoleezza rice. she's given no indication she will run. harrises and and she got 46%. >> this is a predominantly democratic state and how to somebody like condoleezza rice with her time with the bush administration wind up in the lead. was good to carla and willie brown.>> condoleezza rice is a serious contender.>> this is a democratic state and yet the republican comes to a head in the senate race. how crazy is that? in california we have two african-american women who are one and two in the polls in the senate race.>> that was your idea. right on the show you said if
8:24 am
condoleezza rice should be the candidate. >> i made an observation. pseudo-journalist we do this and that is evaluate the options and know what's included.>> i have interacted with her often enough that if she really gets out there she will be formidable. i think that it's too early even with the numbers being what they are to suggest that she be anything other than a competitor. the numbers to reflect she has 75% of republican vote and she pulls well with democrats but really big among independent voters. after a rack and bush. >> maybe there is room for somebody in this. >> about memories, really big problem. year in and year out.
8:25 am
i can assure you that by the time condoleezza rice if she becomes a candidate is actually a candidate you will see her with george bush in one hand and all of the things that he did in the other. and believe me in this blue state that is not going to wear well. she is going to have to work. she will be very competitive. it will be very costly but it will be fun.>> it's interesting, i spoke with a pollster and he thought that her popularity is her likability. politics aside people like her. >> she is a great speaker and she is bright. she is totally likable. she is out there all the time and people adore her. they forget about things. >> she is probably the only charming republican in the whole state of california. you don't even think of her as
8:26 am
a republican. she doesn't have the brand and you don't hear us suggesting that obama is from another planet. she doesn't do that. she is clever. >> i talked with a pollster and they had the golf tournament. she played in it. she was with everybody in erecting. when she was on her numbers went up. when they were pulling those four days are numbers went up. people like her. it goes a long
8:27 am
let's look at the forecast. today cooler and breezy or than yesterday. clouds rolling come friday. a chance of showers next weekend.>> face the nation coming up next. will move wherever to channel 44 cable 12. enjoy your sunday.
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>> schieffer: i'm bob schieffer. today on "face the nation," terrorist issue a new threat against targets in the united states. the group responsible for the 2013 attack on a kenyan mall released a new video appearing to call for attacks on american shopping malls. we'll get the latest from the head of homeland security jay johnson. and the chairman of the armed services committee john mccain. then we'll talk to the new governor of texas greg abbott who filed the lawsuit that blocked the president's plan to shield illegal immigrants from deportation. we'll get analysis from our panel, hear from president obama's former advisor david axelrod on his new book "believer" and we'll document the impact this wild weather is having o


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