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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  March 11, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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with what officials described as life-threatening injuries. the three others mother and two children were also hurt. smoke inhalation. >> they were very nice to me and i think they were very flies to most people around. i never heard anything bad about them. >> reporter: they are a quiet friendly family from yemen. >> a beautiful family. >> reporter: family members say the wife and two of the children are recovering well but the husband and one daughter are still in bad shape. >> i'm glad they're okay because, you know, they're my cousins. hopefully they are okay. we are going to visit them now. >> reporter: the family has many friend and family members here in the bay area. one other thing. when the fire department came this morning and the fire was raging there were people living inside on the bottom floor and apparently a closet of the liquor store. the fire department had to cut
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a lock to get them out. as soon as they unlocked it, those people ran way. i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. one year ago today a massive fire destroyed nearly an entire block in mission bay. a 6 story apartment building under construction went up in flames. and today, crews are still repairing damaged buildings nearby. that fire led to new rules on all construction sites in san francisco. the person taking your cash at the bridge could be out of a job. pretty soon all bay area bridges could be like the golden gate and switch to all- electronic toll taking. seven bridges including the bay bridge could be making that switch. after bay area transportation leaders study whether electronic tolling would make sense. kpix 5's da lin at the bay bridge toll plaza in oakland with what it would mean for commuters. >> reporter: this place typically backs up during the morning commute hours and on weekends as well so transportation officials say if they can get rid of the cash
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lanes, well, then they would be able to speed things up and at this point, it's not a matter of if. it's a matter of when they'll phase out the cash lanes. >> hello. >> reporter: this is what some drivers have done for decades. they stop, pay, and drive off. >> thank you, sir. >> i have always just found the ease of handing the money over. just what i'm used to. >> reporter: but in a few years, tow workers and cash lanes at all seven state-owned bridges would be eliminated. the bay area toll authority voted unanimously to study how much money it would save and years it would take to transition to all-electronic tolling. >> to eliminate the toll collectors the savings of personnel costs. >> as economy has gotten better, we have seen congestion getting worse. >> reporter: transportation officials say getting rid of the toll collectors and tollbooths will reduce congestion. drivers will either pay using a fast track transponder or get a bill in the mail.
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>> i just think that's the way to go. it makes the traffic seamless. >> reporter: but many drivers who don't have fastrak say they like the current option to pay with cash. >> i'm used to the human touch. you know? a human being being there. all my life i've known when i go across the bridge i'm giving my money to a human. >> reporter: the bay area toll authority says it spent the last two years looking at the golden gate bridge all- electronic tolling system. they say aside from a few glitches, it's been a success there and they hope to bring that system over here and again they say it is just a matter of time. live at the bay bridge toll plaza it i'm da lin, kpix 5. more labor troubles at the port of oakland today forcing a terminal to close down. a port spokesman says the dispute affected just one of the five terminals. it's business as usual at the other four. the port won't say what the problem is specifically. the union is not commenting. the port expects the closed terminal to be back in business for the 7:00 shift tonight.
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no word on what might happen tomorrow. a wanted man takes police on a wild ride through the east bay early this morning. the suspect had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest. police say they tried to pull him over for a traffic violation in martinez. but the suspect fled and led officers on a wild chase all the way to lafayette. officers were finally able to force the driver to come to a crashing stop and arrest him. san jose police released this sketch of a suspect in a vicious attack on a homeowner who interrupted a burglary in progress. this happened back in november. but the victim's injuries were so severe, police are only now able to get a sketch out. surveillance video captured an image of the suspect's car. if you have any information, call police. it's the case that captivated the tech world and today, the woman behind the sex discrimination lawsuit against kleiner perkins was in the hot seat facing fierce cross- examination. defense attorney for the venture capital firm are trying to poke holes in her story.
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kpix 5's andria borba live what happened in court today. >> reporter: allen, it was a very contentious day in court. now when you were forced to read your performance review out loud that the relationship between plaintiff and defense attorney is not a cordial one. it was a day for kleiner perkins's attorney to challenge the narrative of events jurors have heard thus far in ellen pao's discrimination case. >> i think if we were only to use the conversation between ellen pao and her attorney, we would have a very, very positive impression. the jury would have a very positive impression of her. i think that the defense attorney has been able to bring up evidence that casts doubt on this very kind of tidy version of events as pao tells it. >> reporter: pao asserts that after an affair with the kleiner perkins exec, she she
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was shut out and fired. the defense attorney is challenging that. >> for instance, what was your intention when you came to kleiner perkins in your job? pao what say she doesn't remember. then we'll go back to a deposition tape that was taken a couple of years ago and pao will give a different answer from basically before she had established her legal strategy of saying that she wanted to be a venture capitalist all along. >> reporter: the defense attorney is also trying to establish that positive wasn't promoted because she was a rude underqualified self-serving employee who couldn't work on a team and not because pao was a woman. also at issue is pao was on track to become a venture capitalist or a tech exist at one of kleiner perkins investments. >> the kleiner perkins side is arguing that she was always going to go off to a role in industry. >> reporter: this flies against her claim yesterday where she stated before cross-examination that she always wanted to be a venture capitalist. the courtroom has been packed for her time on the stand. many waiting to see if this lawsuit will turn into a test case for silicon valley firms. >> but because of the context of women and technology and the
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really dramatic, um, inequality of the number of women who are serving in venture capital versus men like 4%, this case has a lot more drama when you put it in context. >> reporter: now, coming up new tonight at kpix 5 news at 6:00, there was a curve ball thrown in court today. it's all about money. we'll have that story at 6:00. live in san francisco tonight, andria borba, kpix 5. >> the trial is expected to last three more weeks. a south bay water district is having second thoughts about a big rate hike. facing public opposition, the santa clara valley water district proposed reducing the hike from 1% to 19ers -- from 31% to 19%. they say they are losing mon because people are conserving water. they will keep staff vacancies open and holding off on lower priority construction projects to make up the difference. the final decision is in may. we got a tease of rain
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earlier today. raindrops barely wet the pavement in san francisco. paul, looks like that's about all we'll get for now. >> officially .02" of rainfall in san francisco. some you have in the south bay got up to a tenth. but quickly the front is gone. and we're right back to where we were before, sunny. changes for the weekend, we'll talk about that coming up. >> another major embarrassment for the secret service. a drunken night, a white house crash and a two senior agents are in hot water. >> a david versus goliath battle over a bus stop. how some mom and pop stores say a
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the secret service is in the midst of another embarrassing lapse in security. developing at 5:00 now, we have live pictures from the white house where a week ago, two high ranking secret service agents drove a government car
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into security barricades after drinking at a late-night party. one of the agents is the second in command on president obama's security detail. officers who witnessed what happened wanted to arrest the agents and conduct sobriety tests. but they were told by a supervisor to let the agents go home. also developing right now, seven marines and four soldiers are missing and presumed dead after a military helicopter crashed. it happened overnight off the florida panhandle near the eglin air force base. u.s. coast guard is searching about 50 square miles in the area today. kpix 5's ken bastida joins us live from the newsroom now. ken, they haven't declared this a recovery mission just yet. >> reporter: no. they are on the verge of that, liz. a spokesman for the air force base says that human remains have washed ashore this afternoon. but search-and-rescue mission is still officially under way. search crews are facing setbacks though from the same fog that may have contributed to last night's crash.
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searchers are looking for the remains of 11 servicemembers after their blackhawk helicopter crashed tuesday night during a training exercise off the florida coast. >> the fog is continuing to roll in. we are going to continue search- and-rescue, um, through the evening. we have coast guard boats that are still out in santa rosa sound. >> reporter: 7 marines and 4 army national guard crew members were on board the helicopter. the national weather service had issued a dense fog advisory. visibility was two miles or less at the time of the crash. >> there were two helicopters that were on the mission. one of them started to take off and then realized i guess that the weather was a condition and turned and and came back. >> reporter: the crash happened during a nighttime training exercise near eglin air force base. the marines on board were stationed at camp lejeune, north carolina. the air crew was from an army national guard unit in hammond, louisiana. >> the crew had several
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thousand hours of operation flying a blackhawk. >> reporter: the pentagon is holding the names. vic -- the names of the victims to notify family. president obama says there will be a authorize very investigation into the crash. the embattled police chief of ferguson, missouri has stepped down. chief thomas jackson submitted his letter of resignation today. it comes of course in the wake. justice department report that found the police force and city leaders had a racial bias targeting african-americans. the federal report was prompted by the police shooting of michael brown. it will be effective march 18. it's like kool-aid with a kick. powdered alcohol gets the green light and it's already bringing bad buzz and talk of a ban. >> burglars ransacked a home but it's not what they stole. it's what's inside that
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new video in a truck and trailer spills off the road and into the water there. this is i-5. it happened this afternoon about 3:00 just north of stockton. rescue crews did not find anyone in that truck. no word on what caused the
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accident. tonight a battle is brewing in berkeley over a bus stop. new at 5:00 the fallout from ac transit's decision to move the stop at college and alcatraz. kpix 5's john ramos met with some business owners today to want the stop to go away. >> reporter: when they built this new store on college avenue in berkeley ac transit added a new bus stop out front. and the old bus stop, just up the block, was moved forward just past the light. that's when the law of unintended consequences kicked in. >> i have people e-mailing me, hey, i just went to your shop, the parking is gone and i had to walk so far. what's happened? >> reporter: the small businesses on this entire block lost all street parking to the bus stop and new loading zone. business is way down at tara's organic ice cream shop now that customers can't pop in quickly for a cone and the liquor store next door has also lost business all so there can be two bus stops a block apart. >> for being so senseless and to hurt, you know, all these
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businesses is also upsetting. >> reporter: ac transit says it's more efficient and safer for the bus stop to be on the far side of an intersection. but people are now stopping in the new loading zone forcing real delivery trucks to frequently double park on the narrow street. >> then when the bus actually does come in, the bus will have no option but to go around all the traffic and then go into the oncoming traffic. >> reporter: this video shot by a building owner shows exactly that happening. and what's really angered the businesses on this block is that they were never notified in time to fight it. they say ac transit told them it was safeway's responsibility to do that. >> it's pretty disheartening. it's disappointing that, um, that it's just a mess. it's a mess. >> they are gathering signatures and speaking with berkeley city staff to see if something can be donel but they say the logical solution is to just eliminate the stop altogether. >> like you can see one bus stop to the next. you probably could throw a ball
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that far. >> reporter: but sometimes when you're trying to move a bureaucracy, even short distances can seem like forever. in berkeley john ramos, kpix 5. >> the business owners say they are encouraged by berkeley's response to their complaints. the city has recommended a meeting with ac transit and the businesses to work out a solution. san francisco woman's desperate to track down a priceless object stolen from her home. an urn was taken when burglars ransacked the house. it contains the ashes of the woman's mother. if you see anything, call san francisco police. a racist chant stemming from a university of oklahoma fraternity is now the center of an investigation in another state. the university of texas at austin is looking into rumors of a similar chant there. meanwhile a protest is planned outside the family home of one of the ou students who was
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expelled because of that racist chant. parker rice apologized for his actions but it's not stopping several demonstrations. another one took place on campus after ou. >> as i was walking on campus the other day all i could look at was all these trees on campus and how someone wants to hang me from them. [ chanting ] >> the sae fraternity chapter is closed. two students were expelled after the video was released this week. powdered alcohol could be coming to store shelves. the federal government approved the sale of what they call "palcohol" today. we first reported on the product when the first approved it by mistake last year. each pouch packs the punch a shot of alcohol and is designed to be mixed with other drinks. it's up to states now to set their own rules. several states want to ban powdered alcohol saying it's too easy for minors to sneak alcohol into events. >> paul of course we wish there was more rain today.
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>> mm-hm. >> but what are you going to do? a little spritzing. we transitioned over to the beggar category. anything we can scratch -- anything, please, more, more! we got a little bit today. it was a little bit. how much is a little bit? i'll have the answer for you. six of our fine communities here in the bay area. milpitas received about an eighth inch, less in concord. hayward, san francisco, and also santa rosa even less. a few afternoon showers quickly raced through. that was the front front, i know, not much to it and it's gone. mid-40s away from the water tonight. san jose tomorrow morning 51. sunrise 7:26 in san francisco your low 53 degrees. so we had a front move through. it was the way tail end of the front. we did see rain as far as san diego but it's moving in quickly and moving out quickly and what's going to replace it is yet another big strong ridge of high pressure.
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what is high pressure? it's super stable air. it is air with a downward motion. higher pressure. to get all the moisture in the air to be clouds it has to go up. rain even more. i'm giving a thumbs down. the opposite of that we have a big ridge of high pressure will not move and now both saturday and sunday looks like we'll see widespread highs in the low 80s away from the water. so quite warm this weekend for much of the state of california. the sunshine is back as early as tomorrow. but the warm stuff is going to save itself for saturday and sunday. so there's a chance you may get an evening shower or two. otherwise, mainly cloudy skies. clearing out tomorrow, dry weather is back with mainly sunny skies. although there will be clouds from time to time this weekend more of that filtered sunshine it will be very, very warm. won't take much to get us back to the 70s. we'll do that tomorrow. san jose 72 which is now only 5 degrees above average. your normal is 67. fremont 70 and sunshine. redwood city 71. walnut creek 73 tomorrow. pleasanton, antioch, benicia,
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70s. 68 san francisco. mill valley 71. sonoma 74. and lakeport sunshine and 79 degrees. the warming is just getting started. friday a couple of degrees warmer saturday warmer still sunday also 70s and 80s throughout the bay area. as we head toward next week, we are going to cool down a bit but we'll stay dry. so one day of rain one week of sunshine. we want your weather information. please sign up for weather watchers at we'll use your weather information on television. a little bit of rain. it's wonderful news. we're still pining for more. >> we just want more. >> more of what we maybe don't need, sun. other people want the sunshine. >> you have it. >> melt the snow. these three new baby penguins are at home in the california academy of sciences in san francisco joining the african penguin exhibit but the two bigger ones on the right you see there need a little help from the public. they need names of names.
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they are running an online contest for names. >> one mader and the other d. diners speaking of maitre 'd's doing a double-take. all the extra fees driving your restaurant bill up and up? we ask, is it really legal to tax them?
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bulldog: any size mattress - twin, full, queen, or king - for one low price! and they'll deliver it free. television announcer: the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ...ends sunday. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ you probably noticed more and more restaurants are taking on service charges and surcharges to bills. but are restaurants supposed to tax those items? kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts has the answer. >> reporter: this came to us as a consumer good question. a viewer ray notice the he was frequently being taxed on those included fees.
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and asked, is that legal? it's a recipe for confusion. restaurants charging diners for things other than what they eat and drink. like service charges and surcharges for employee healthcare. so should diners be taxed on items they never ordered ? >> no. and it's not right. >> probably not. it doesn't seem right. >> no. tax is tax, right? >> then we tip on top of that? >> reporter: surprise! the answer is yes. >> automatic service charges are surcharges are taxable by state law. >> reporter: the golden gate restaurant association says according to california law, it all boils down to whether a charge is mandatory or voluntary. >> anything that's mandatory, then that is considered taxable. if it's voluntary, then it's not. >> reporter: but for some diners, that's hard to swallow. for example, on a standard $100 bill, your tax would be $8:75. add on a discretionary tip and your opinion total is 123.75. if your tip is included in the
5:26 pm
bill with surcharge you're taxed on those too and you pay $5.66 more for the same meal with the same service. >> a tip is a gratuitous gesture. >> reporter: while a voluntary tip goes just to the wait staff mandatory charges benefit the entire staff and more restaurants are charging them due to new mandatory employee healthcare. bottom line? diners are now paying more but don't worry, they will do the math for you. >> the complicated part is finding good food. >> reporter: in addition to the new mandatory healthcare, many restaurants are faced with increasing costs due to the drought. rising rents and higher wages. and diners are less likely to notice higher surcharges than higher food prices. send us an email if you have a good question. >> i look at the price of food and i look at the total when the bill comes but i don't
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break it down. >> look at all the little taxes. >> sometimes i hand them the credit card and don't see the bill
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i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, sleeping bags, tents, shopping carts all signs of growing homeless camps. tonight how much taxpayers are on the hook to clean 'em up day
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after day. that and more at 6:00. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> pelley: the ferguson police chief and city manager are out after a federal report finds a pattern of racial bias. also tonight, black hawk down, a terrible toll in a crash off florida. and experimental therapy has added years to the lives of some cancer patients. and the great rhino round-up. >> there is a brief period ofri discomfort that could ultimately save his life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. they are cleaning house in ferguson, a house that the federal government found filthy with racial bias from the police department to the courts. late today the police chief resigned, just hours after the


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