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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 31, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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may take the guinness several weeks to verify him but we're doing it today pete. 95. >> we're cheering him along. >> you go. >> good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, march 31st 2015. indiana scrambling to push back over the religious freedom law. a fugitive who is armed and dangerous. jon stewart's replacement is who? and we begin with today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> they have no sense of how big
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a problem this is. >> backlash against indiana's religious freedom laws continues. >> the law has been quote grossly misconstrued as a license to discriminate. a deadline deal for the nuclear program. iran warning that talks are going to the wire. escaped prisoner accused of shooting a security guard outside of a hospital. the defense will make the case in the boston marathon trial details about the death of martin richard. is attacked after being asked about the mike brown situation. two men dressed as women tried to crash through the gates of the nsa. one shot and killed. the falcons have been fined and stripped of a draft pick piping in fake noise. >> the fans would chant "wheel
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of fortune!" joining forces with jay-z for a streaming service. crashing through the doors of the mall in australia, they smashed counters and took jewelry. all that. >> and beckham knocking calvin klein's underwear ad. and van halen took to the stage. >> you know the teacher they were so hot for? she just went through menopause. president obama is traveling to kenya this summer where his father was born. >> that would explain why donald trump exploded. and the roast of justin bieber. >> are you the king geoffry of pop. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota.
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let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." as you wake up cities and states are joining businesses in boycotting indiana over the religious freedom law. "the indianapolis star" number is urging governor mike pence to fix this law. >> the governor is downplaying the claims that the law infringes on the rights of gay people. pence stated the law quote has been grossly misconstrued and is not a license to discriminate. we have adriana diaz with latest. >> reporter: good morning. her it is. here is the headline you are referring to. this is what indiana woke up this this morning. it has been five days since the state's religious freedom law and the opposition has grown louder.
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protesters scored a small victory monday night in their fight against indiana's religious freedom law. the indianapolis city council passed a resolution urging to repeal or amend it to protect gays and lesbians. >> the proposal carries. >> indy does not support discrimination. >> reporter: that passion has been felt across state lines. >> somebody has to stand up to this bigotry. >> reporter: governor maloy along with washington state governor has banned against travel to the state. >> we have senior executives in my firm that we recruited from out of state who are gay,
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lesbian or transgender that now have to look around and go what sort of state did i move to. >> reporter: despite economic losses indiana governor mike pence is standing by the law. in today's "wall street journal," pence says this is addressing the claims not a license for private parties to discriminate. he goes on i abhor discrimination. if i saw a restaurant owner refuse to serve a gay couple i would not eat there. lawmakers are scrambling to fight the firestorm. >> we don't support discrimination. this law never has done that. >> reporter: it is unlikely a revamped measure will win any democratic support. >> when you have a bill this tainted and corrupted, there is no fix to it. you just get rid of it. >> reporter: not just lawmakers and businesses that have taken action, the rock band wilco has
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canceled a performance in indianapolis. they made the announcement on twitter saying the law feels like thinly disguised legal discrimination. >> thank you, adriana. a deal for the nuclear program for iran is elusive this morning. secretary of state john kerry is holding talks with his iranian counterpart and other world powers. in the poll out this morning, americans favor the deal by a 2 to 1 margin, but nearly 60% do not think it will work. margaret brennan has more on what is keeping negotiators apart. margaret good morning. >> reporter: good morning, with no breakthrough yesterday, negotiators are considering adding more hours of talks or putting off the hardest decisions for another three months. that is because both sides have staked out hard-line positions ahead of the self-imposed
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midnight deadline. with just hours to go iranian negotiators are playing hard ball. it is not what they are getting from the p-5 plus one. an iran analyst with the international crisis group. >> a lot of this is showing if the p-5 plus 1 is not going to move on the issues important for iran iran will adopt the harder position and backtrack. >> reporter: at the top of iran's wish list is shedding the international status and become the member of the global community. to do that we want the sanctions that cut it off from world markets lifted immediately. but the u.s. wants iran to prove its only interested in developing a peaceful nuclear program. skeptics in congress are watching carefully.
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marco rubio, a potential 2016 contender, doesn't believe they can broker an agreement. that echos concerns. >> we know the regime. it is a government run by the shia cleric. >> reporter: they are pushing for sanctions within two weeks if they do not approve the agreement. the goal now is to leave here with enough of an agreement to appease skeptics and critics. charlie, one european diplomat told me is the supreme leader is missing. >> margaret, thanks. iraqi government says the forces have reached the center of tikrit. a spokesperson for the prime minister says troops and police have liberated western and
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southern areas of the city. there has been no independent confirmation of the gains in tikrit. the offensive to recapture saddam hussein's hometown started on march 2nd. northern virginia police are searching for an accused bank robber that escaped with a gun from a local hospital. he has been on the run for about seven hours. mark ulbricht has the latest. he is outside the hospital in falls church. >> reporter: good morning. this started at 3:00 a.m. outside of washington, d.c. when a prisoner held on federal bank robbery charges overpowered the private security guard hired by the marshal's service took his gun and one shot was fired. that prisoner was then able to escape the hospital in chilly
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weather wearing nothing but a hospital gown. nothing else and no shoes. then about a mile from here, police say, he hid in a woman's 2002 silver toyota camry vehicle. she did not discover him until she was driving. saw him there and got out of the car. he then took over the car according to police which then had heavy front-end damage and was able to escape further. this manhunt has steadily grown over the past few hours. they are looking for the camry. it is a virginia license plate. xzp-8513. xzp-5813. he is believed to be armed and dangerous. if anyone sees that vehicle, they are urged to call police. norah. in france this morning, officials are looking at widespread rule changes to prevent a repeat of the germanwings flight 9525 crash. prosecutors said monday that the copilot that brought down the
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airliner had been treated for suicidal tendencies. we have allen pizzey with the latest in france. >> reporter: good morning. according to investigators, thousands of peoples have been brought down from the crash site. including bits of wreckage and body parts. the road to the crash site is ready, which will make it easier. identifying victim could take months. the colonel of the institute of criminal research is in charge of the effort. we have 19 different nationalities. the science and analysis are not done in minutes. then there is the matter of compensation. lufthansa set aside $300 million for the crash payouts. any lawsuits will make of andreas lubitz's mental problems. german pilots go through annual
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physicals. the head of the german aviation practitioners association. >> hide mental problems and psychological problems. you cannot see bodies behind his face. >> reporter: andreas lubitz was fatal proof, it seems. the flight data recorder has still not been found. it could provide clues as to what lubitz did. it is not issuing locater pings. it could be too badly damaged. gayle. >> allen pizzey, thank you. there are many unanswered questions about a deadly shooting outside the national security agency. officials say two men dressed as women in a stolen suv confronted guards at the gate monday morning. one of the men died after opening fire and the other is in the hospital. the investigators believe they made a wrong turn into the complex after a night of heavy
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partying. police found a gun and cocaine in the suv. this morning, a deskfense team in the boston marathon bombing trial begins testimony. prosecutors rested the case on monday following the most graphic images of the trial. jury deliberations could begin this week. elaine quijano has more. >> reporter: good morning. jurors are hearing from another defense witness. yesterday was an emotional day in court as they listen to the man who performed the autopsy on the young martin richard. the photo was taken one minute before the bombing. dzhokhar tsarnaev can be seen standing behind a tree behind his youngest victim. medical examiner henry neil shows the clothes richard was wearing that day. pointing out a gaping hole in
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the shirt. he held up a pair of the boy's pants and barely recognizable. it was difficult to say because of all of the melted fabric. one piece entered his body. there were small fragments of wood and plastic. a piece of metal. in the gallery, richards parents listened. jurors saw the autopsy photo of lindsey lui. she was near the finish line. the medical examiner testified the blast sliced through her side. lui was conscious. the injuries would be very painful. the graphic testimony and autopsy pictures brought several jurors to tears. tsarnaev's defense team
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acknowledged his guilt from the start of the trial, but argue he was under the influence of his brother tamerlan. the defense opened the case monday highlights series of tweets. including this from a year before the bombing which read get breakfast or go back to sleep. this is always a tough one. tsarnaev's attorneys hope to convince the jury their client is a typical college student. the closing arguments could begin this week. >> elaine thank you. you can follow-up dates of the trial on our network cbsn. this morning, police say the shooting of michael brown may have inspired an assault on a train last week. a suspect started beating the man after he asked about the michael brown situation. the attack was caught on camera. the victim had cuts and bruises on his face. on monday a 21-year-old man and
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15-year-old juvenile were arrested. revelations over the e-mails over hillary clinton. the former secretary of state used an ipad and blackberry to send messages. that goes against the claim she used one device. clinton has been criticized for using personal e-mail during time as secretary. at least one instance she mixed personal and business matters. the server holding her e-mails has been wiped clean. a new strain may be the cause of sudden paralysis in more than 100 children. they were treated for respiratory illnesses associated with enterovirus. a new mutated strain similar to polio. we have dr. holly phillips with us. >> last fall we had the
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outbreak of enterovirus d-68. it is causing common cold symptoms in kids and adults since the '60s. last fall, we saw severe cases where kids need oxygen or in the hospital. alarming is 100 children developed weakness or paralysis in arms and legs. now at the time researchers were really hesitant they wanted to be careful not to link the virus with the paralysis until there was more evidence. today, a report looked at 25 of those kids who had paralysis and basically gave a strong evidence that the virus is in some way responsible. >> is it treatable? >> the report also found the majority of the kids who developed paralysis after several months had not recovered completely. there are treatments that are
7:18 am
not effective enough. usually it causes common cold symptoms. we know they can cause paralysis and this new strain may be something emerging that is responsible. >> i know when you think about a common cold, you don't think about it leading to something serious. when you talk about kids what is the age range you are talking about it. >> so the most kids affected last fall were ranged from toddlers to teens. that's the million dollar question, gayle. we don't know why some develop paralysis as some don't. one set of siblings. they both had the virus. one had a runny nose and the other developed paralysis. >> any red flags we should look for? >> enterovirus is called summer colds. we have may see this in august september or october. it is a reminder not to ignore
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symptoms of the common cold. particularly if your child has difficulty breathing, don't hesitate to get to the the er. that is how we develop the symptoms. >> holly thank you. a drug investigator in a secret service agent accused of stealing from a web site they helped shutdown. this national weather report
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a glitsy las vegas resort may have made a bad bet.
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the class action lawsuit targeting hidden hotel good tuesday morning everyone, it's 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening: a big announcement is expected regarding the deadly gas pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno. the state public utilities commission plans to announce legal action against pg&e which operated the pipeline that exploded. back in 2010. the pg&e is also announcing new safety reforms to prevent dit asters in the future. the incident killed eight people and injured 66 others and destroyed 38 homes. and administrators at stanford are investigating cheating allegations. one teacher reported that as many as 20% of the students in an introductory course may have
7:27 am
cheated on exams. got your traffic and got your weather toos
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good morning. we're getting a check of the roads. and you know couple of earlier accidents have really slowed down this commute between hayward and fremont. you can see all the red on the sensors. it's beginning to slow northbound as well. south bay not spared two earlier wrecks on northbound 280 through downtown and northbound 101 coming into san jose. you can see both are delayed because of earlier crashes. now on the right hand shoulder. here's a live look at the bay bridge the toll plaza where chp issued a high wind advisory early this morning and metering lights are on backed up through the maze. take a good look at this. it's a beautiful sunrise this morning over the bay waters between san francisco, the bay bridge. and oakland. good morning everyone. today we can anticipate a windy today. and cooler. right now 50 in santa rosa to 56 degrees in oakland and highs today in the 60s through a few low 70s. otherwise northwest winds to 30
7:29 am
miles per hour. this afternoon higher gusts and higher elevations.
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briefs underwear entertain with an edgy brand of humor. and time to show you headline headlines. britain independent said the
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cruise ship was carrying a huge shipment of cocaine for the mafia. 32 people died when the ship capsized. police say tape recordings of gang members revealed the drugs were secretly stowed on board. the drugs had not been found. the "huffington post" says the student loan strike is growing. students are refusing to pay loans to schools run by corinthean incorporated. the los angeles times says medical scopes may have infected more patients than previously thought. a new report warns that infections related to scopes may be more common because of an adequate guideline. at virginia mason medical center 32 patients were infected and 11 of them died. at ronald reagan 7 patients were
7:33 am
infected and two people died. olympus issued new cleaning instructions for scopes last week. a new study linking lower sperm counts to pesticides in foods. researchers found men who ate the most had lower total sperm count and more oddly shaped sperm. strawberries and spinach tend to have the most pesticide. two federal agents accused
7:34 am
information that is threatening to undermine one of the department of justice's most important cases. >> carl force and sean bridges, a member of the secret service were working under cover to unmask this man, russ ulbricht. they suspected he was the creator and operator of silk road. they used fake identities to communicate. that was just the start of their deception. >> it's truly like more complicated than any spy thriller i can think of. >> a senior writer for wired has been following the case. >> the simplest way to say this is it was doubling under cover. >> reporter: during the investigation a 15-year veteran of the dea allegedly created several online personas including french made allegedly sold information about the government's investigation,
7:35 am
offered to kill a silk road employee. >> he believes he was kind of the person he was tracking. >> reporter: >> reporter: his payment was in bit coin. >> if he was using his dea computer to do these things probably not very smart. >> reporter: in a series of transactions tracked by the government both agents allegedly moved bit coin into their personal accounts. prosecutors say agent bridges stole more than $800,000 worth. >> they may have succumbed to the temptation of dirty money and the impugnity just as all users of silk road and drug dealers work. >> ulbricht has already been convicted. the new charges against those
7:36 am
who investigated are strong words for appeal. they were already under the microscope because of alleged misbehavior by other agents. now they have a new scandal to deal it. calls in california to reform the state's ballot initiative process. the state's attorney general is calling for a proposed measure. how the idea gets to the ballot box. >> reporter: california is often called the liberal left coast but politics here are anything but predictable. >> i'll be back. >> reporter: after all the terminator became the governor ator. the sodomite suppression act allows those who engage in it to be killed. >> it would strike most people as insensible. >> reporter: robert peck is an
7:37 am
expert on state constitutional law. >> california is used as an example of how easily things can get into a state constitution. you have to pay $200 and file some forms is all you need to start the process. >> the man behind the initiative is a lawyer from huntington beach. he is not speaking publicly but his initiative states that people of california command that any person who willingly touches another person of the same gender for purposes of sexual gratification be put to death by bullets to the head or any other convenient method. what's inconvenient is that he needs more than 365,000 signatures to get his proposal on the ballot. it is a hurdle here in california to keep the ballot from getting a little too bonkers. in the past somebody wanted to outlaw divorce and break
7:38 am
california up into six different states. that didn't happen. california's attorney general can't simply quash a ballot proposal for being intolerant. one californian is taking her own initiative. charlotte laws filed the intolerant jack as act. in reality neither of these proposals would be legal. even if they pass they wouldn't last but when the weather is boring at least californians have something to talk about. for "cbs this morning" ben tracy los angeles. >> i bet the intolerant jack ass act got your attention. "the daily show" will soon have an international cbs later on
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this morning we are learning more about the new face of american satire. trevor noah as host of "the daily show." comedy central surprised many. the network said on twitter it was thrilled to confirm the news. outside the show's new york studio. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the man tapped to become the third host of "the daily show" is a south african who speaks six languages. he has a huge international following. the first joke trevor noah made on "the daily show" was a bit of a flop. >> just flew in and boy are my arms tired. >> okay. all right there. oldie but goody.
7:44 am
>> i have been holding my arms like this since i got here. >> reporter: noah appeared only three times on "the daily show" but clearly made an impression. >> africa is worried about you guys. you know what african mothers tell their children? be grateful for what you have because there are fat children studying in mississippi. so many cultures north, south. >> reporter: in the documentary "you laugh but it's true" no joke about growing up biracial during apartheid. >> my mother is a black woman. the swiss was illegal. you weren't allowed to have mixed relationships. my mom was like i'm going to get a white man. and then my dad, you know how the swiss love chocolate. >> his background was important to comedy central. >> i think they saw an
7:45 am
opportunity to bring in somebody with a more diverse background and this was the time to do it. >> heap often critiques how americans view africa. >> always because i grew up in a black family in africa. no matter how poor we were. >> he was in dubai and said i can really use a stiff drink right now. of course, i'm in a part of the world where i can't get alcohol. >> i do shows and they say this comedian coming from africa make it sounds like somebody in skins coming on the stage. i have good monkey jokes but that is not the joke. >> reporter: jon stewart says he was thrilled that noah would
7:46 am
become his successor. noah tweeted no one can replace jon stewart but he promised they would continue to make the best news show. those at cbs news may beg to differ on that. >> you are right about that because we are james cordon. he is interesting. i never heard of him. >> jon stewart said you are where i was years ago. nobody knew my name. it was mine to take and run with it. we wish him well. >> not against him. justin bieber is getting roasted. >> you got to straighten up son. last year you were ranked the fifth most hated person of all time. kim jong-un didn't eveb score that low. >> we will show you how the pop star was turned into a
7:47 am
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you literally are a guy who has it all except for respect, love, good parents and a grammy. >> i have been in lockup and you wouldn't last a week so pay attention. the first thing you need is a shank. i made mine out of the comb and a pack of gum. >> this kid has spunk, moxie and probably a few other stds. >> pop star justin bieber was on the hot seat at the comedy central roast. martha stewart, kevin hart among celebrities. even ron burgundy. bieber got the last word. >> the things that i have done don't define who i am. i am a kind hearted person who loves people and through it all i lost some of my best qualities. for that i'm sorry.
7:52 am
i know i can still turn everything all around. you have my word i will not end up broken pathetic bitter or sitting on somebody else's roast. protesting a new state law on religious freedom. ahead on "cbs this morning."
7:53 am
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good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. multiple roads will be closed on thursday for the memorial procession of san jose police officer michael johnson. johnson was killed in the line of duty last week. the procession will pass through three cities, los gatos, campbell and san jose. a funeral service will follow at the s. a. p. center. a public forum will take place tonight in san francisco to discuss a possible move for the alcatraz ferry. the ferry could move from the embarcadero to fort mason. they are at odds with the port of san francisco over a 50
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. we're going to go out to san jose once again. because it's cheer in a number of the hot spots still are especially 101. extra backed up because of earl write morning fender-benders. northbound 101 slow around capital expressway and continues that way into sunnyvale. westbound 237 trying to get into there a not a whole lot better because of an earlier wreck near great america parkway westbound. metering lights are on backed up for a 20 minute wait tight now to get into the san francisco. and high wind advisories still posted for the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge which you're looking at now. that's kcbs traffic. here's roberta. clear skies in livermore right now but take a look at san jose where we have the areas of low clouds and patchy fog that swept in from the santa cruz mountains into the valley. we currently have air temperatures in the 50s across the board. getting hung up a little bit there. winds blowing out of the west at 18 to 24 at sfo at this
7:59 am
hour. looks like later today high temperatures in the 60s
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, march 31st, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including indiana's new religious freedom law. 19 other states have similar loss, so we'll ask rikki klieman why indiana is getting all the protests. it's been five days since the governor enacted the controversial religious freedom law. no breakthrough yet. both sides have staked out hardline positions ahead of this self-imposed midnight dead line.
8:01 am
4,500 pieces have been brought down including bits of wreckage. the private security guard took his gun. that prisoner was then able to escape. yesterday, was an emotional day in court as they listened to testimony from the man who performed the autopsy. federal prosecutors based in san francisco now say those two agents were benefiting from the site they were trying to bring down. the man tapped to become the third host of "the daily show" is well known on the overseas comedy circuit. love a man who is confident in his body. david beckham certainly does. >> the final four is headed to indiana. you all know that. where the state just passed a law that discriminates against gay people. just wait until indiana finds out all those players shower together. seven. cue charlie. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell.
8:02 am
indiana governor mike pence is speaking at this hour about his state's controversial new religious freedom law. the indiana star tells the governor to fix this now. the law does not discriminate against gay people. protesters spent another day voicing opposition. >> an opinion piece in "the wall street journal" to defend the law. he says i abhor discrimination. as governor of indiana if i presented a bill that discriminated against any person or group, i would veto it. indiana's new law contains no reference to observation wal orientation. the ncaa is leaving open the option to do business elsewhere in response to the law. college basketball's final four is taking place in indiana's capital this week and will draw thoughts of fans. ncaa president mark emrick told "the new york times," quote, we have to be able to conduct our affairs and tournaments in an
8:03 am
environment that reflects the values of inclusion and diversity. >> why is indiana so controversial? >> it's controversial because it is not the same as the federal law. it is not the same as all the other states that have this law. and it's not the same for one particular reason actually two. but let's get to the first one. it gives small businesses -- businesses -- it gives businesses the right to be able to use this law as a defense against a civil rights suit brought by for example, a gay or lesbian couple that says look you did not serve me meaning you didn't give me flowers for my wedding, you didn't take photographs for my wedding, perhaps even to accommodations, to housing, to things that we think of as discrimination, that you have the right under this law as a business just like an individual
8:04 am
or a church to be able to say, without having anything to do with the government that i can claim a defense of free exercise of religion. it is different than the other states. >> what's the counterargument that governor pence and those are making that this has a very high burden of proof. >> both very good phrases about the law. it does employ strict scrutiny and a high burden of proof, but it also is in a state unlike for example governor malloy who has now gone forward from connecticut and he's saying we're not allowing state travel of state connecticut employees to go to indiana because it's diskrimcriminatory because indiana as opposed to connecticut and other states has no gender anti-discrimination law on the books as a state. so here gay and lesbian people on the face of the law, are kind
8:05 am
of floating out there without a protection. >> governor pence keeps making it very clear that it does not discriminate. why not clarify the law so everybody can see what he sees? >> it doesn't discriminate because it doesn't use the words of discrimination it just creates a claim or defense. but the way to clear a law is to simply throw it out. this is a law that unless you put in an amended phrase that says this law does not discriminate against gay or lesbian people how do you fix it? do you do a band-aid on this law? you need to toss it out if in fact it's going to be used in a discriminatory manner. what you have here is really the fact of what i've often said is that it's not necessarily the reality fear it's the perception of fear. and a benign law not so benign when you look at the intent behind it. >> all right. rikki klieman, thank you. and we're continuing to
8:06 am
follow developments in indiana. you should log on to our digital network throughout the day at there's a huge manhunt in northern virginia for an accused bank robber who overpowered a guard and stole his gun. the suspect was in the suburban washington hospital at the time he escaped. mark good morning. >> good morning, and we've just learned the suspect has stolen now a second vehicle according to police. he is now in a 2008 gray hyundai elantra and was last seen in annandale which is just outside of washington, d.c. this all began about eight hours ago when he was in federal custody at this hospital behind me. he was getting medical treatment when he overpowered a private security guard who was watching over him, inhow got his gun, fired it once we don't know who pulled the trigger. thankfully nobody was injured. and escaped in nothing but a
8:07 am
hospital gown in the chilly weather here wearing no shoes at all. he was able to steal a car a mile away from here and eluded police for several hours. roads were shut down in the midst of rush hour. now police have this new lead a second vehicle now stolen as police hope they're getting close to finding this man. norah? >> we'll be watching this very closely, mark thank you so much. the stars of your favorite daytime shows may be crowded around their televisions. the nominations for the daytime emmy awards will be announced. for the first time they'll be revealed by the ladies of "the talk" that's right here on cbs. you can find out who brings home the gold when the daytime emmys air sunday april 26th. the fans cheer on march madness, one of the greatest coaches in high school basketball won just by keeping cool. ahead james brown takes a personal journey back on the
8:08 am
court with
8:09 am
it is the most it's the most detailed look yet at who is at risk for breast cancer. dr. david agus is standing by with a new approach that is driving the fight. that's next. ght next here on "cbs this morning."
8:10 am
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. ♪ in our morning rounds a new report offers a road map for targets cancer more precisely. it includes -- our dr. david agus leads the west side cancer center at the university of southern california. he is in los angeles.
8:14 am
tell us what you learned. >> every year the government puts out a report of what is the incidence in death rate of each cancer and it's divided by body part which is a rem nantd of the 1800s. this year for the first time they took one of the body parts breast cancer and they divided it into four based on the signaling pathway, the on switch. and that's a big advance believe it or not in cancer in how we classify it. all of a sudden we know different treatments and different ways of statrategizing it. all of a sudden if we say what's the gran any smith, what's the red delicious, we're going to know a lot more. and being able to predict based on the weather and what's going on each of the apples' growth. >> how do you compare the cancer to the apples? >> there are two dominant pathways. one is called hormone receptor. and the other is called her two.
8:15 am
they can be one on both on or none on. it gives ut four different buckets, each of which has different treatments and each of which has different strategies to prevent. >> black women have nearly twice the rate of the deadliest form of breast cancer. >> the deadliest form is called triple negative. it doesn't have one of those on switches that we can use. classically in african american women they're more obese. so that kind of cancer goes with the increased obesity. and they have less screening. it's a more aggressive cancer. the hope is with that kind of fine grained date eded data we can do more. that dictates what treatment, et
8:16 am
cetera. if we can educate more based on the subtype, the hope is we can make an increased dent against this disease. >> there was a report this veekt about how virus was used to combat brain cancer at buk university. that seems like a remarkable result to me. >> it really is. i've been following this for over a decade now. it's the notion of taking this virus and killing some of the brain cancer cells and turns on the immune system to attack it. in this deadly disease where you talk life expectancy in weeks, there are people now living out 30-plus months. it diplomat work for everybody, but it's an exciting new treatment of harnessing the immune system. >> thank you. amazing report. can jay-z convince you to pay a whole lot more for your music? that's next on "cbs this morning."
8:17 am
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hip hop and business mogul rapper jay-z enlisting famous friends and his wife to try to shake up the music industry. the new owners of his recently
8:21 am
streaming site tidal introduced in a big way last night. >> the place for connection between artists and fans where we will deliver exclusive experiences that will be found nowhere else a destination where we will discover the music that will become the sound track for the rest of our lives. >> keys and the other owners are out to redefine the streaming landscape. billboard magazine editor at large joins us at the table. jay-z says the challenges to get everyone to. >> reporter: music again to recognize the value. what will make this different compared to other options we have? >> the real question is what does it mean that these artists are also owners. they have an equity stake. if it means they put exclusive music on the service, if you can get the next kanye record there for a matter of weeks that would
8:22 am
attract a lot of listeners. >> did taylor swift kick this off bringing attention -- what they are saying is they are not getting paid for their work. >> taylor swift was hardly the first person to say that. what she did was create a discussion point. inside the music industry many people were discussing that already. outside the industry when it was moved it became a talking point for the whole world. all of these artists and the labels they work with, the music publishing companies have been upset about the way that streaming pays artists for a long time. they have a point certainly and yet streaming generated more money for the music industry last year than cd sales. about $1.9 billion. it's a growing business. it's a young business. the real question is where does it go from here? >> if they act together they seem to have huge leverage.
8:23 am
>> the leverage is shifting towards the artist and the labels. this is important because the other player waiting to relaunch itself in the game is apple. apple wants to be in the streaming business or wants to re-establish itself in the business. this is where the music industry is going. this is a moment where the leverage seems to be shifting back towards the music industry and artist and away from technology company. sdpl how is tidal going to work. i thought it was impressive. i'm already curious about how to get in. >> if you have a credit card then exactly. tidal offers two price points. for about $10 a month you can stream all music. for $20 a month you get high definition or cd quality audio. what does it mean for artists. if it is exclusive misic jay-z says he waupts to think of it as a cooperative.
8:24 am
if an artist comes up with a song on monday they can put it on the service monday afternoon or tuesday morning. you can get your music on there quick and re-establish the excitement of making music. there is also going to be video available. >> you will do this for $20 a month for sure. >> yes. like today. he called it a game changer. is it a game changer? >> it could be. we have to see how it develops. we have to see what the artist ownership means. these artists are owners and the next group that come in will be a second tier of ownership. that changes things. they will have to offer something exclusive. >> is this the biggest thing happening in music right now? >> yes. this morning it is. that could change tomorrow. >> what is on the horizon? >> this is the sign that stream sg here to stay. this isn't just about the future of the music industry. this is where the music consumer is. the consumer has spoken.
8:25 am
this is what young people want. >> thanks. good to see you. >> think you got a good morning everyone, it's 8:25. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening right now. a big announcement is expected regarding the deadly gas pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno. they will announce legal action against pg&e which operated the pipeline that exploded back in september of 2010. puc is also expected to announce some new safety reforms to prevent such disasters in the future. san brow know incident killed eight people and injured 66 others and destroyed 38 homes in that neighborhood. ed a min tray stores at stop -- administrators at stanford are investigating cheating allegations, as many as 20% of the students in course may have cheated on
8:26 am
exams. and multiple roads will be closed thursday for the memorial procession of san jose police officer michael johnson. johnson was killed in the lynn of duty last week. the procession will pass through three cities begins in los gatos and campbell and finally in san jose and funeral service will be followed at 11:00
8:27 am
good morning. let's go out to the bay bridge. we have some new problems to tell you about.
8:28 am
it's a stalled ace tran sitz buss with passengers inside on the incline section and you can see the latest tweet from kcbs traffic it's blocking two left lanes and pretty jammed up trying to get into san francisco. they slowed the metering lights down. and anyway traffic was already backed it thereupon maze and now it's growing. here's a look at the sensors in the south bay. northbound 101 is particularly bad today between san jose and sunnyvale. it's all red on the sensors and 237 not great either. and 880 in oakland is just beginning to jam up as you can see there from oakland airport really all the way into downtown. flush that's your latest kcbs drive to work. here's roberta. as we tear on out and take a look at san francisco in the distance, you can see that we still have the marine layer it has not mixed out yet and in fact, over near the cliff house we have quite a bit of condensation associated with that very deep marine layer. otherwise the winds are blowing out of the west at 16 at sfo. and we'll see the winds increase out of the northwest 20 to 30 miles per hour today a cooler day. 60s and 70s so yes, windy
8:29 am
today. breezy wednesday. and cooler. there's a chance of rain
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour the ncaa tournament celebrates great basketball but one coach shaped the game without leaving high school. how one man's influence stretches from a final four dynasty to the pros. plus they take us inside tonight's premiere of the cbs drama "the dove keepers." it is set in israel to the courage of women caught in war. that is ahead. right now it's time to show you sh some of this morning's
8:31 am
headlines. "new york times" says the size of a child's brain is related to how much money the family makes. researchers say money can buy things like better education, better health care and better nutrition. those physically reshape the brain over time and that is regardless of genetics or race. looking at the ncaa women's basketball championship for the third time in history. all four number one seeds made it this far. uconn to advance to the semi-finals for an eighth straight season. faces maryland and notre dame meets south carolina on sunday in tampa, florida. >> go lady huskies. "wall street journal" says mcdonald's is experimenting with breakfast all day selling past the usual morning hours. outlets in the san diego area will be first starting off april
8:32 am
1 which is tomorrow. >> i like mcdonald's breakfast. haven't had it in a long time. if you are one of the more than 100 million people booking travel online you could be paying for hidden extras. one man says his bill included an additional charge resort fee of $28 a night and taking on the casino in a class action lawsuit. good morning. you can talk to anybody who tells you this happens to them you think you are getting $150 a night and turns out to $200 a night because of fees. let's talk about the lawsuit. >> the lawsuit alleges he booked online and the hotel never disclosed the fee at $28 a night and when he checked out he got the bill. he is claiming a failure to disclose. the response was no comment. it is a situation going on where hotels want to be competitive on
8:33 am
rate but not necessarily on value. it is not a charge that is often disclosed and not very well explained. >> what does it cover? >> it covers what most people think is covered in the room rate, a towel, a newspaper, access to wifi. and the thing is some of the charges get really outrageous. some of them may exceed the cost of the room. >> i saw one where you said a welcome drink was resort fee i'm thinking don't give me that. if i'm going to be charged for it i'm thinking you are glad i'm here. >> it gets to a definition of terms. there is nothing hospitalable about it. >> any negotiating? >> everything is negotiable. >> everything? >> everything. forget the posted rate. if you don't ask you don't get and if you don't ask and find out later you can dispute it. we looked at a number of
8:34 am
different hotels and found resort fees $60 a night over and above what the room rate is. ritz carlton $95 a night. fisher island resort $107 a night for the resort fee including a newspaper, beach towels, in room safe valet service and access to the fitness center. if you want any of those things you want to spend $107 a night for newspaper? >> i don't. is it better to get it up front or don't say anything and when they charge it you can challenge it and not have to pay? >> i know where you are going. she loves the idea of not asking and disputing it later. the point is you should dispute it. >> i thought you said you may not have an action if you didn't ask beforehand. >> you have no action if it was disclosed and you sign the registration form. the hotel where the suit is
8:35 am
filed they have now included that resort fee in the registration forms but you need a magnifying glass to find it. >> when you book a hotel room you should ask. >> if there is ask if you waive it. college basketball fans eagerly await the final four. those teams are guided by some of the best coaches in the game. thapt action often starts before college. james brown found hard proof on the hard wood. he is in maryland with the preview of a story. good morning. >> good morning, charlie, norah and gayle. former ucla great coach john wooden said no greater coach than wooten who was here for 46 years. his teams lost 192 games, many
8:36 am
area championships but is happiest with the over 250 student athletes he sent to college including yours truly. >> i said real simple they are going to go for the bomb. you are at half court. you can pick it off. >> reporter: morgan wooten may be 83 years old and the game he is recounting may have happened over 45 years ago but my former coach has the ability to make my high school memory come alive. >> we cut it to six with 30 seconds left. they are ahead. what did you say to us? >> we got these guys right where we want them. we are only cutting away. no problem at all. >> reporter: it was vintage morgan wooten all seemed lost but not only told us we would win but told us how we would win. >> if you don't believe that you can do something you have no chance to do it. so rather than believe that i can't do it or that we can't do it i would rather believe
8:37 am
thattee can do it. and we did it. >> reporter: it proved to be a winning formula. in 45 the seasons he won at least 20 games. in all 1,274 wins and just 192 losses. >> it's hard for me to recall you ever losing your temper. raising your voice and yelling at players even. why is that? >> basketball coach is a teacher. and a teacher in a classroom is not going to scream and holler and shout and berate a student. the players are students learning the game of basketball. and the basketball i can't think of a better classroom than a basketball court. you can have pretty good results. >> the three of you can see he was a great motivator and teacher. the lessons he taught carried over well to the game of life and serving all of us very well.
8:38 am
no comments about the string bean picture of mine you saw in high school versus the swollen tick that you see now. >> tell me why he always resisted going to the college ranks. >> he felt that his greatest impact and influence was at the high school level. he was completely satisfied, highly successful on and off the court. he saw no real need but also brought decisions to the family to make and the family always wanted him to stay planted. well deserved. >> how did he change your life? >> so many of the things he taught us carried over into the game of life that has made us good people. the four priorities he wanted us to have were god first then family then school then basketball. and one of the crazy expressions when we were losing a game very close and came back to win he says we have to hurry up with patience.
8:39 am
when he is telling you to go to commercial tell him we are hurrying up with patience. >> i love so much that you are doing this story. it makes me tear up because i think what a great coach. >> norah, he heard your comment about mcdonald's. he wants to sign you up to do some commercials, as well. >> just looking at your face watching it was really sweet. >> thank you so much. >> you can see his full report tomorrow night on 60 minutes sports on show time. that is a division of cbs. hurry up with patience. more than 100 million people watch the bible mini series. now producer is back with "the dove keepers" here in studio 57 along with the lovely actress.
8:40 am
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this evening cbs premieres the two night special "the dove keepers". women's paths crossed in ancient israel during the first century. romans forced 900 jews to flee jerusalem. here is a preview of tonight's
8:44 am
special. >> your father and your brother belong to a secret group. they were crafts men in death, cruel and ruthless. >> they killed men so many they could not be counted. >> they were counted all right you can be sure of that. counted everyone of them. >> rome desired our land with a fire that could not be quenched. they wanted all we had our land and our humanity. >> one of the executive producers and rachael stars in "the dove keepers." good to see you guys. you call it a piece of historical fiction based on the look. a lot of men with great bodies. a lot of sex. a lot of fighting. it's true. you are reading the book and you were moved to tears reading this book. >> a friend had suggested that i
8:45 am
might enjoy this as a good read. i found myself on a plane ride home to ireland and i couldn't put the book down. i was sobbing. i was so emotionally engaged that the flight attendant asked me if i was okay. when i got home i immediately reached out to see if the rights were available. they were and i took it and nina had just come back herself and it's an amazing story and we have made a beautiful mini series. >> sounds like one of the things meant to be. the crux of it is a love story. >> sat on the darkest of times. of course, this was a time where these people were persecuted for what they believed. and they stood up because some things love is greater than hate and courage was greater than
8:46 am
fear. and it is. we see this beautiful love story emerge. >> tell us about the significance of "the dove keepers." ? >> doves symbolize peace and they in this community they serve so many purposes. they ate them when they didn't have food. they collected their droppings to harvest the food that fed the community. and also i think they were companions for these women. they bonded in the dove. it was a sacred space for them. >> they were calling you a dove whisperrer. what does that mean? >> well we had this incredible guy who taught us how to hold the doves. we spent one whole day shooting the scenes with hundreds of pigeons and doves flying around. i made a friend named gertrude who didn't fly away.
8:47 am
and you hold them and when you open your hands they are supposed to fly out. this one just sort of sat in my hands all day long. >> i think she likes you. >> i think so. >> you produced the bible which has been seen by over 100 million people. why do you think there is still this fascination with this period of time? >> i think the first century is just so rich for story. it really was the darkest of times. the roman regime was so cruel. when it came into the land it just tried to take everything from these people. we know that jerusalem fell. 900 people went to live at the hill top retreat. my husband and myself had had a chance to visit a few years ago and we were just so profoundly moved by the experience up
8:48 am
there. i hope that through this experience of the dove keepers that an american audience can get to learn the important story and be inspired by it. >> you met the pope. >> i have met the pope. he is a pope of hope. >> he is coming to the united states. the love that he radiates and his heart for bringing people together. that's what we need. >> radiate is the word. people aric looing at you saying isn't she on "house of cards"? >> we are still waiting where is she? i know you can't tell us what is going to happen but what is going to happen? >> it could ruin it if i tell you that. >> aren't you enjoying that role? weren't you enjoying that role?
8:49 am
>> it's an absolute dream come true. >> you played a prostitute. >> she was a call girl. she grew into so much more which was a surprise to me and everyone else. it took a chance on me straight out of school and let me challenge myself. >> do you think there will be another season? >> i think there has to be. once you get to the end of season 3 i think there must be. >> i can't wait. >> congratulations to you both. >> you guys look like twinsies. good to see you both. you can watch the premiere tonight at 9:00/8:00 central here on cbs cht we'll be right back.
8:50 am
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8:52 am
that does it for us.
8:53 am
for news anywhere anytime log into cbsn. be sure to check out cbsn on our
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8:58 am
good morning. getting a check of some of the bridges, high wind advisory still posted for the san mateo bridge. the bay bridge, and the altamont pass. and we can show you a live look right now, conditions on westbounded 2. -- westbound 92. still slow on the southbound 880 approach as well as all the way up the flat section and the high-rise of the span. so still in the red there. bay bridge is improving somewhat. it was really improving and then we had that stalled ac transit bus on the incline. they cleared that but unfortunately backed up traffic through the maze. at least they're cycling through the metering lights more quickly than they were when the bus was there blocking lanes. pretty heavy from the 24 interchange the richmond bridge it's still pretty slow on the approach and begins around
8:59 am
richmond parkway and then continues to about mid span.
9:00 am
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