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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 31, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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hollywood hills. we've seen them taking statements from people at the scene. the entertainment website reports police are also talking to andrew getty's ex- girl friend. cops are handling this death as under suspicious circumstances. tmz reports andrew's ex-girl friend has a history with the lapd. they've been to his hollywood homes 30 times for domestic disturbances. andrew has a restraining order against his ex-girl friend. this is still very much a breaking story, this case coming to the attention of l.a. authorities around 2 p.m. this afternoon. gordon and ann getty are well known san francisco philanthropists donating to dozens of local causes here. we'll continue to follow this story very closely. in the bay area a tragic story as a woman is hit and killed while jogging at an intersection known to be a speedway. it's not the first time somebody has died there. the accident happened early this morning at marin street
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and curtola parkway in vallejo. people who live in the area say it was only a matter of time. kpix5's ann notarangelo tells us at this point no plan for any safety improvements. >> reporter: we were here only a few minutes before people started telling us how dangerous of an intersection it is. this morning a 23-year-old woman was killed while out for a jog. >> she was jogging. that's part of her routine every morning. >> reporter: vallejo police say the jogger was the in the marked crosswalk this morning when she was hit about 6 a.m. she was jogging but may have also had a fight with her friend and was out to clear her head. the driver in his mid-50s didn't realize he'd hit a person until he stopped to check. >> we all seen the circles. her shoes were knocked off her feet she was hit so hard, no skid marks. >> reporter: john morton said she was a quiet person who had
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two jobs. he adds hours after the accident he, too, could have been a statistic. >> we were halfway across the crosswalk and this lady goes zooming by, didn't slow down, didn't stop or nothing. >> reporter: the locals say this is a terrible place to be a pedestrian because people are rushing to the freeway or the ferry. the idea pedestrians have the right-of-way they say is a joke. >> you have the right-of-way, but you can't have that attitude because you'll die. they don't slow down. >> it's a very dangerous intersection. i seen many wrecks. >> reporter: but police say it's not considered a dangerous intersection even after a 9- year-old boy was killed her five years ago. they've monitored the area and put out extra enforcement, but people who use the street say they would feel better if there was something to slow cars down. >> even if you're driving, it's hard to get around because they've got so many cars coming so fast they do need a light and they really should have one here. >> reporter: police say speed was not a factor, but they are
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investigating whether or not the driver may have been distracted perhaps by a cell phone. ann notarangelo, kpix5. april which begins tomorrow is national distracted driving awareness month. kidnapping or hoax, the tale from vallejo is getting stranger by the day and tonight there's a new twist. kpix5's joe vazquez on the threat to vallejo police that now appears to have been taken back, joe? >> reporter: veronica, keep in mind someone has been e-mailing the chronicle and defense attorney claiming to be the kipnappers from last monday and they are highly upset the police department would call this whole thing a hoax. they want an apology. they demanded an apology by noon today by the vallejo police department. now we have learned they've taken back their threat. here's a quote from a fresh e- mail just out today published by the chronicle. "police do not deserve to be targeted, even ones who make
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poor calls about how to treat victims and certainly innocent civilians do not deserve to be in harm's way." whatever they were threatening to do, never happened. meanwhile defense attorneys insist that these e-mails are proof that some kind of kidnapping happened last week and say they have other evidence. today denise's boyfriend's attorney released this photo taken by his office that shows drill marks in a window he says is proof that the kidnapping is real because the drill marks are how they were described in one of the e-mails. >> i think all of us should be scared, especially those that live on the island. >> reporter: denise's attorneys said the kidnappers e- mailed at length about how they are nice guys, gentlemen, who happen to run an otto theft ring on the island and eventually graduated to kidnapping but after kidnapping denise they claimed they didn't have the stomach for it anymore
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and even apologized to her. >> the way they surveilled the homes with hidden cameras placed in various locations, with drones, with infrared and heat sensors, that they said they were very careful to avoid any home that had minor children in it or anyone over 55. or anyone that was a member of the military. these are individuals who said we thought we fancied ourselves as an oceans 11 type of group and we didn't ever think about really hurting somebody in the way that we did. >> reporter: if you're shaking your head, i spoke with the mayor of vallejo off camera today. he told me that his city manager has spoken with the police chief. they will hand this investigation over to the fbi. they say they're spending a lot of taxpayer dollars on what is essentially a misdemeanor investigation. reporting live in vallejo joe
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vazquez, kpix5. >> at 6:30 the hi-tech investigation to find out where those taunting e-mails to police are coming from. a san francisco police officer was injured in a collision between his police cruiser and another car. it happened before noon at eighth and harrison streets. witnesses say the driver of the nissan altima ran the red light. the officer went to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the other driver wasn't hurt and is being questioned. a fourth suspect now identified in the death of an oakland mother killed while shielding her children from gunfire, 21-year-old michael stills is charged with murder. police say even more suspects could be involved. 30-year-old shamile pierce was hit by a stray bullet on march 9th. the gunfire came from two groups fighting near her home on chestnut street in oakland. kpix5's ryan takeo with the
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price tag. >> all of this in the last four years we have to go back to that evening, eight people lost their lives. >> reporter: september, 2010, the pg&e gas pipeline explosion also injured 66 others and destroyed dozens of homes. >> 38 homes completely leveled in an instant, a city traumatized. >> reporter: today san bruno mayor responded to the $1.6 billion proposed fine the california public utilities commission could slap on the utility. it would be the largest penalty and fine in cpuc history. >> we believe this historic penalty sends the right message that gross negligence, corruption and profit over safety will no longer be tolerated. >> we do believe that a penalty is appropriate. >> reporter: but a pg&e spokesperson wouldn't say if the utility agrees with the record fine. he did dispute that 300 million of it could be funneled into the state's general fund. >> we just hope every single dollar goes right back into the gas system upgrading pipelines
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automating valves so that we can make sure that an accident like this doesn't ever happen again. >> they have definitelied any some improvements, but that -- definitely made some improvements, but that does not let them off the hook from what happened before. >> our efforts over the last four and a half years and going forward will hopefully prevent that from ever happening again anywhere. the cpuc could vote on the penalty as soon as next week, ryan takeo, kpix5. >> san francisco mayor ed lee said he has no problem with the district attorney's plan to put extra eyes on law enforcement. i think the d.a. wants to make sure everything is done right as the oversee are of the criminal justice -- overseer of the criminal justice system and the police, they work in concert. i wouldn't stop any entity from
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making sure everything is done correctly. >> a task force will be formed to investigates recent scandals including racist and homophobic texts sent by police, accusations that sheriff's deputies set up an inmate fight club in the jail and new allegations that a dna analyst in the crime lab failed to follow the rules jeopardizing countless cases. oakland city leaders postponed a vote on whether the city should establish an entire department aimed at addressing racial bias. at least one council member has made up his mind. he told kpix5 it would be one more layer of red tape. >> reporter: despite its diversity oakland city leaders agreed its a glaring disparity. some want to create a race and equity department to examine city policies and practices to level the playing field.
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>> it's about changing the mindset of how you do business. >> reporter: some city leaders say good intentioned but it's just another layer of unneeded bureaucracy. >> like hiring another supervisor to supervise the supervisor that didn't supervise. >> reporter: already 2/3 of city workers are minorities. on the city council three blacks and two hispanics. one councilman says it's not that they're lacking a race and equity department because diversity policies are in place. he says the problem is city leaders and supervisors don't always enforce those racial equity policies. >> i can choose all kinds of folks to blame from the system to the white man to the devil and everyone in town, but there are people here that if they're not doing their job, should be fired. >> reporter: plus the new department would cost $800,000, what the city buried in an $18 million deficit, but some nonprofits say change will
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require drastic and yes, expensive measures. >> insures there's a driver to make sure that moves forward, there's a constant sort of drum beat and push to make the necessary changes. >> we need to do something different so that we can once and for all hope to address the systemic issues out there. >> reporter: the city will decide on this in may. in oakland i'm da lin, kpix5. still ahead a boy wakes up in his closet when a truck crashes into his room sending him flying and he's okay. we talk to him about that scary experience. >> for a long time i was a taker. now i want to give back. >> they are inmates with a plan, how eight men in san quentin hope to make it on the outside and change the world. >> harnessing the sun's power by using water, why a new plan would make solar panels float.
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>> despite the wind you could have used those solar panels today, weather watchers all reporting in windy conditions, windy and 70 toward the delta. john in pittsburg said it was a very windy day with gusts to 35 miles per hour. live peak outside, the wind still elevated at ocean beach, 30 miles per hour there. we'll talk ab
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an 11-year-old boy is lucky to be alive after a rude awakening at his santa rosa home. he told kpix5's john ramos he was fast asleep when an out of control truck sent him flying. >> reporter: donald marlett always had an easy way to direct people to his home. >> you turn left and if you didn't stop, you would end up
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in my son's bedroom. >> reporter: early sunday morning someone didn't stop and a pickup truck plowed right into the wall of 11-year-old liam if fitzsimmons bedroom. >> it shot him through the closet and the hole is where he tore through the wall. >> i think when i went into the closet, there's a big scratch on my back like the size of a baseball. >> reporter: miraculously liam suffered only that and a scratch on his foot and leg and was even back at school today, but he is shaken and his father suggested putting boulders on the driveway in front of his room. >> so if it happens again, it hits his car or the boulders so it wouldn't go through my room. >> reporter: would that make you feel better? >> no. it still scares me. >> reporter: the driver of the truck ran away, but later police arrested 23-year-old timothy charles bendana who lives in this house a couple blocks away. investigators say they found marijuana and a hash lab in the
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home, but marlett says god protects his family and he is remarkably forgiving to the man who nearly killed his son. >> i just hope he finds some sobriety and recovery and changes his life. everyone deserves a second chance. >> reporter: marlett may be a man of faith, but just the same, the next time you ask directions to his house, don't be surprised if he tells you to use your gps. >> the driver faces three felony charges including hit and run. he is held at the sonoma county jail on $100,000 bail. it's a unique way of aren'ting the power of the sun. -- harnessing the power of the sun, just add power. the first of its kind project was born in the bay area. the idea is catching on. >> reporter: it's a huge project, nearly 1,000 solar panels grouped together but in a way you aren't used to seeing, floating on a large irrigation pond. >> we don't want to take
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vineyards out of production. our livelihood here is wine making. >> reporter: this vineyard is in the heart of napa valley, home to some of the most expensive farmland in the nation, not land you want covered in solar panels and the estate is a national landmark. no solar panels here either, but the pond's surface was open. >> we believe it's the first example of a grid connected floating solar ray in the world. >> reporter: it's not some demonstration project either. it's making real juice. >> 396 kilowatts. the system is rated for 400, so i think we're doing pretty well. >> reporter: that's nearly four times the amount of electricity the entire winery uses on a daily basis. the industrial sized meter is really spinning backwards. >> so me this is a no brainer. >> reporter: jeff cipers is ceo of sonoma clean power and sees this new technology really catching on. >> statewide, this could be 100 to 500 times more around california than we're building now. >> reporter: it helps the
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drought, too reducing evaporation and one more thing. being close to the water keeps the panels cooler and making them more efficient. the winery still receives a bill every year for the last seven years from pg&e, but that bill is a big 0. in napa valley don ford, kpix5. a big maverick surfing contest in half moon bay will not happen this season. the window officially closed today. the big waves just never developed this winter. organizers say next season they're opening the window two months earlier to increase the chances the contest will happen. the window reopens november 1st. so we were talking about this earlier and i guess it's because there wasn't severe enough weather happening in the pacific, right? >> you want a big pacific storm that churns up the ocean and over the course of 1,000 miles
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it sends them up the coastline, but it didn't happen. but now on april 1st we're talking about rainfall. oh, yeah, i forgot, let's get winter in. she'll try the next week or so, a little shaky camera from the oakland airport looking back at the financial district, love this evening shot with the silhouette of the buildings from across the bay. oakland was warm today at 72, windy, concord 72, sonoma and gilroy 70, much cooler in san francisco, high 62. we'll be chilly tonight, isolated upper 30s in the east bay and north bay away from the water. santa rosa 43, fremont 43. the next several nights are chilly. there's a little wintertime feel we didn't have in winter. i should have showed you in a couple weeks after christmas. now the ridge of high pressure is over arizona, separate ridge of high pressure out off the california coastline by some
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700 miles. now we're looking north for our weather. we had a front move through today gave us the windy and cool conditions. it will be breezy throughout the day tomorrow. this is really a wintertime pattern where the ridge drops anchor off to the west. so now weather systems can go over the ridge and slide down into california. so simple, didn't happen for three months, but now that it's april it will happen and the first one will get here easter sunday giving us a chance of rain for the holiday and another chance of rain tuesday. now that it's april it will finally rain, go figure. santa rosa 68, still mild, breezy again tomorrow. warmest days thursday and friday, chilly mornings, mild afternoons, sunny on saturday. wake up easter sunday, kids want to go outside, find some easter eggs, mommy, it's raining. weatherman told you so, scattered showers sunday and
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also tuesday, no big rain soakers, but just enough maybe to turn off the irrigation for the month. that would be phenomenal. >> what time do you think it would start? >> it looks more afternoonish, but these systems, five days out, they always happen sooner. that's why i put the rain chance in for sunday and i'm talking about the easter egg hunts. and not an april fool's joke. >> that would be tomorrow. >> test you tomorrow. a san jose man just hit it big with his new model for living small. tim mccormick's houselet project, one of 32 winners of the ninth city's challenge. mccormick is working to address the bay area's affordable housing crisis by developing low cost modular homes about the size of a city parking space. he'll use his $1,000 prize to
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build a prototype. the city of san jose will win $139,000 to jump start its san pedro square project to lion up the economy by installing pop- up retail shops and a parking structure across from the square. a lot of us never used cell phones, never been online, didn't know what a text or blog was. >> from helping troubled kids to tracking stolen guns, ideas from the
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by mercedes-benz of san francisco. no shortage of startups and business ventures in the bay area these days. >> no. and as andria borba shows us, some of them come from a place you might not expect. >> i have life for second degree murder. i've been incarcerated 23 years now. >> reporter: in front of a packed and rowdy house eight inmates made their pitch.
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>> every 40 seconds a child goes missing. >> reporter: from an app this helps find missing children to one that lets parents track their kids. >> getting parent's attention. >> reporter: from a man known as big as an app to support victims of bullying. >> i was in their shoes once and i don't want them to repeat my mistakes. >> reporter: how about a voice coded trigger lock that can be traced by police if a gun is stolen? the program is called the last mile driven by tech world volunteers that mentor inmates for six months. >> i've been in prison for 22 years. >> reporter: which is probably longer than you've had a cell phone. >> and it's hard for to us get a job, period. if you have a phd, it's hard to get a job. so imagine coming out of prison and you want to look for a job in the tech field. >> reporter: darnell hill got out of san quentin. >> i have three jobs i'm working. >> reporter: these inmates are
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also buying into optimism. >> i feel that i have something to offer and hopefully i prove that and hopefully one day this business will take off. >> reporter: the kind of optimism that can be a hard sell in a place like san quentin. >> a lot of us before we came to prison didn't have people that really believed in us and felt that we were actually worth something. so it's hard not to believe in yourself when you have so many people wanting us to succeed. it's hard not to. [ applause ] >> reporter: andria borba, kpix5. >> graduation for this year's class will be held in the coming weeks. we should add there's already a move to patent that voice activated and trackable gun law. coming up in our next half hour we've been talking about that alleged vallejo kidnapping case, now new e-mails from the supposed kidnappers. that could be the mistake that gives them away. >> chances are your office doesn't look anything like
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this. we get a look at
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let's get back to our breaking news. the son of a bay area billionaire found dead inside his l.a. home. police found 47-year-old andrew getty, an heir to the getty oil fortune dead in his bathroom
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this afternoon. andrew's parents gordon and ann getty are well known san francisco philanthropists. a deadly accident is prompting calls for safety improvements at a busy vallejo intersection. a 23-year-old woman was out jogging when she was hit and killed this morning. a 9-year-old boy was killed in the same spot five years ago. neighbors blame speeding drivers rushing to the freeway or the ferry. the new twist in the vallejo kidnapping case police had been calling a hoax, this photo taken by aaron quinn's attorney showing drill marks in a window sill how they were described in an e-mail to police, proof the attorney says the kidnapping really happened. tonight we learned vallejo police turned the case over to the fbi. >> meantime reporter derek shore with questions on how the police department handled the case. >> it has captured the imagine nation of people around the world. >> reporter: while the question of whether or not denise huskins really was kidnapped from her vallejo home lingers, there is one thing
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this public relations expert says there is little question about when it comes to vallejo police. >> clearly they jumped the gun. >> reporter: huskins and her boyfriend's attorneys came out swinging denouncing an almost immediate conclusion by cops the kidnapping was not real. >> denise huskins was just a victim. >> what they did was turned a potential victim into a perpetrator overnight and that's not fair to really anyone. >> reporter: the problem is police never explained why they believed the story was fake he says. since then they've been radio silent which he says is probably the best tactic until they know the truth. >> from a public perception standpoint the vallejo police department needs to lay low. they need to run the trap. >> reporter: who hasn't been silent are those claiming to be huskins' kidnappers reportedly sending e-mails to the san francisco chronicle defending their alleged victim and threatening officers. >> i'm of the opinion that any e-mail can be traced.
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>> reporter: don vilfer is a former fbi agent and computer forensic specialist. he said the e-mails are likely being traced now with little doubt their authors whoever they are will be found. >> they may be gathering subpoenas to try to get information from the e-mail services or from a proxy that may have been used to send the e-mail to hide the originating ip. >> the e-mailers demanded that police apologize to denise huskins or they would commit another cree. nothing happened. the e -- crime. nothing happened. the e-mailers appear to have taken back that threat. a memorial is growing outside police headquarters for fallen officer michael johnson. flowers and cards and other messages line the building for the 14 year veteran. officer johnson was shot and killed at an ambush last week. his funeral is set for thursday at s.a.p. center. we'll have live coverage of the
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possession and services beginning at 10 -- procession and services beginning at 10 a.m. mandatory evacuation is underway in southern california because of a 70-acre brushfire. >> that is a firestorm. >> firefighters are working to contain flames in san bernadino county. the fire burned an outbuilding. authorities say strong winds are pushing the flames toward several ranches and large homes. the fire is growing in victorville close to apple valley. authorities say it started in a riverbed. so far there are no reports of any injuries. tonight we're getting a look at bay area workers who live the good life. we're talking about the facebook employees who just moved into their posh new headquarters. kpix5's devin feely says this place probably blows your cubicle away. >> reporter: it's from the air with the size and scope and ambition the new facebook campus can truly be appreciated. the building is more than 430,000 square feet and holds
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nearly 3,000 employees, but that's just the bones of the building. it has high end custom art and a sprawling rooftop garden, a grand statement befitting the social media giant. >> it kind of becomes a competition to see who has the most fabulous headquarters building, but historically that takes the company's eye off the products they really sell. >> reporter: what's the building like to work in? a group of bay area instagramers gave it rave reviews. facebook says the new building with its massive open floor plan reflects their corporate values and happy workers are productive. technology analysts caution not all that glitters is gold and a splashy new campus is no guarantee of future success. >> companies have had a lot of money and wanted to showcase just how brilliant they were. we called it back then the curse of silicon valley because they'd open up palatial headquarters and either go under or significantly have to cut back. >> reporter: could facebook fall victim to the curse?
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it's hard to tell from what certainly seems like a charmed present. >> if you want a closer look at those new digs, check out the social media posts on our facebook page at facebook/cbs/san francisco. a woman now has a new custom built robo handmade -- a girl now has a new custom built robo hand made from a 3d printer. >> reporter: the 1st grader's favorite part of her new left hand? >> the color. >> reporter: she chose them, pink, purple and blue. >> because it's the color of the ocean. >> reporter: faith was born with a rare condition called compartment syndrome. during her mother's labor the circulation to faith's forearm was cut off damaging the skin, muscle and bone. initially doctors tried to save
6:36 pm
it. >> she was about 6 months old and the bones broke in the forearm because the tissues down to the bone had died. >> reporter: amputation was the only option. faith's mom nicole agreed. >> we always had the impression that it's just an arm. it's just a hand. everything else, she's perfectly healthy. >> reporter: faith fried various prosthetic hand -- tried various prosthetic hands, but they were either too stiff or too bulky and then a 3d printer. >> we never tried it before on a prosthetic. >> reporter: here's how it works. the impurity talks to the 3d printer which then builds the hand layer by layer. the whole process takes about 24 hours. at the end of that you have a working land. the cost to build a hand in the 3d printer, about $50 compared to the traditional prosthetics that cost thousands. that enables kids like faith to get new prosthetics more often as they grow. faith's next order of business after she gets off her bike?
6:37 pm
to get back to school. >> i want to show my friends my hand. >> reporter: kristine lazar, kpix5. >> that's amazing. we can show you proof flying saucers really exist. nasa test one today at the jet propulsion lab in southern california. it's a rocket powered desell rarity with an in -- decelerator with an inflatable balloon. nasa wants to use the saucer to slow the spaceships down to make slow and safe landings on mars. today's spin test was to test the stablizers. nasa plans to have a test landing in hawaii later this year. coming up in consumer watch how a california man is taking on a hotel and how you can avoid hidden fees. >> also ahead a mixup sends this guy to a stranger's bachelor party. now the bride and groom are getting an unexpected gift life's
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the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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i know i do. i'm sure you do as well. if you're among the more than 100 million that book travel online, you have likely been hit with unexpected fees. >> you're right, i do. some of the most common are the hotel resort fees. on the consumer watch julie watts tells us they have led to a class action lawsuit. >> some hotels call them hospitality fees which can range from 20 to over $100 per night. in some cases they cost more than the room. they come with things like newspapers, pool towels, in- room safe, access to the gym, often things guests don't use and they can turn the cheap online rate one into which they would have never agreed to. one california man is calling it false advertising. it's all about disclosure of those fees. >> reporter: he claims that the hotel never disclosed this fee at $28 a night, the famous dreaded resort fee. when he checked out, he got the
6:41 pm
bill. he's claiming a failure to disclose. we checked with the hotel. of course, their response was no comment, but it's an insidious situation that's gone on quite some time where hotels want to be competitive on rate but not necessarily value. it's not a charge often disclosed and when it is, it's not very well explained. >> if the hotel doesn't disclose the fees, you have rights. the resort fee is now included in the palazzo's fine print. ask what's included in the resort and. if you don't intend to use the services, negotiate the rate down. the secret that many travelers know, everything is negotiatable if you ask the right person the right way. if you have a consumer problem, give us a call. when it comes to travel, anything is negotiatable. >> do you do it when you check in? >> either way.
6:42 pm
you can certainly dispute them at the end, but you don't have as much leverage. ahead of time if you say i might go elsewhere, there's a good chance they might waive that fee up front. still ahead the more, the merrier. >> a groom accidentally invites a stranger to his bachelor party and ends up with an unexpected gift. >> here's a look outside. it's not an accident. it is a fantastic sun set, what a beautiful picture, the city in the foreground, the golden gate and setting sun in the background. we live in paradise! what's the weather for paradise for the next seven days? i'll have it for you coming up. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up is tiger woods going to play the masters or is he just acting? >> he's like an actor that can't remember his lines. >> barry zito lost his game, too and might have lost his job. at least
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several times, but no one knows where it's coming from. tonight our christin ayers investigates the mysterious sound in berkeley, that story and much more tonight on bay area nightbeat 10:00 on our sister station kbcw, 44 cable 12. this is a good time. a seattle man crashed another man's bachelor party because he got an e-mail invitation by mistake. joey dejulio flew to philadelphia for the party. >> i started reading through the e-mail. it was pretty entertaining, so i thought i'll stick on here for a while, didn't say anything at first. >> i told him come. we'd love to have you. i even told him he was invited to the wedding. >> the guy admitted he was the wrong joey, but the groom told him come anyway. dejulio paid for his ticket through donations from a crowd funding site and he got so much support he's donating $6,000 to
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the couple's honeymoon. come on to the wedding, six grand, you're in. >> the moral of the story invite some random dude to your bachelor party. it pays for your honey moon. do not try that at home. try this, kpix5 weather watch. sign up for getting your weather information and putting it on television including weather information the past few minutes, dorian 67 degrees in calistoga, but the wind northeast at 12 miles an hour. we head south to vallejo where it's 66 degrees now, charlie reporting only a 5 miles per hour breeze with sunshine in vallejo. looking at san francisco, the coolest spot, george hughes reports in 56 degrees and sunshine, windier early in the day, but now it's beginning to relax. take you to our weather maps and show you temperatures around the area, what a spectacular sunset after 7:30, livermore and santa rosa 68,
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san francisco 59 degrees, 60 in san bruno, 67 in oakland and san jose checking in at 65, clear skies, cool air mass. it's going to be chilly tonight. napa drops to 44. kids walking to school in livermore tomorrow, 43, san jose tomorrow morning 44 degrees. it will be chilly. it has been dry. rainfall as a percentage of what we should have received in the month of march, san jose 9%, livermore 9%, san francisco 4% and santa rosa 5 inches below average, only 2% of your average rainfall. now that it's april the pattern will change. we may see more rainfall in the first week of april than the entire month of march. high pressure, where is it? it's gone way down to the south. we had a front pass by. it was sunny this afternoon but windy and cooler. it will stay breezy tomorrow as another boundary moves through. then watch for the ridge building over the weekend into next week. it retreats off to the west.
6:49 pm
rather than being the enmy of rainfall, it will -- enemy of rainfall, it will be our friend because now storms will go down into the ridge and slide into california. early april starting easter sunday it's trending not as dry, two rain chances the next seven day. breezy tomorrow, mornings chilly, afternoons mild. the wetter pattern begins on east are sunday. cupertino 68 -- easter sunday. cupertino 68, danville 71, pittsburg 72, mid-60s san francisco, santa rosa 68, ukiah, breezy 67 degrees tomorrow. mildest days with the least amount of wind thursday and friday, mid-70s away from the water. saturday sunny. easter sunday rain showers for the local day and another rains of rain coming up tuesday -- chance of rain coming
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oh, we are nine days away. can you hear it? [ piano music ] >> a tradition. >> indeed. >> can you see the azaleas.
6:53 pm
are you kept up at night? a local paper spotted tiger's private plane at augusta. tiger played 8 to 8 -- 18 holes as he tries to determine if his game is good enough for the masters. woods who hasn't played for two months is undecided, but we aren't sure if the time off will do him any good. >> he dropped out of the top 100 for the first time since 1996. where is his game? >> we don't know where his game is now. his confidence level is at an all time low. he's changed different theories, changed clubs and changed coaches and as i said for a while, he's like an actor that can't remember his lines. he's got too many scripts and it's not a good potion to play golf. >> okay. we can lose the music for barry zito. zito's come back train hit the
6:54 pm
brakes in tempe. the angels rough up zito for seven runs in four inning. he finishes the cactus league with a 5.23 earned run average. a's beat the angels 13-10. >> it's a powerful jedi mind trick. >> i'm going to miss him. he'll have to find a new go to soundbite with the raiders because oakland released defensive end antonio smith. the 11 year vet started all 16 games and had three sacks in his one season with the silver and black. for years the san jose earthquake played at buck shaw stadium, one of the first venues in the league. when beautiful avaya stadium opened up recently, no one was more appreciative than their new head coach. >> when i look at this, it's almost like the achievement of a soccer lifetime in san jose. >> reporter: the soccer landscape in the bay area was a little different a decade ago. >> i've always followed this team over the years and you
6:55 pm
kind of have a little bit of a hope one day you can return and become the coach. >> reporter: kinnear grew up in fremont, got the quakes job in 2004 and was forced to move to houston when team owners failed to be the stadium in the bay area. >> they felt houston was a better situation, so they moved the team. you come back now, there's a stadium. it's a bit ironic. >> reporter: the move turned out to be a blessing for kinnear who won two mls cups with the dine notice, but he wasn't expecting the -- dynamo, but he wasn't expecting the emotional sendoff when he told houston he was coming home. >> we're sure there are many great things about san jose, but they won't have barbecue like they have in texas, so a healthy supply of barbecue sauce to take back to california with you. >> dynamo! >> a little embarrassing. >> reporter: a kid born in scotland doesn't exactly dream
6:56 pm
of playing for the new defunct san francisco bay blackhawks. >> luckily for me, i had some good role models along the way and some great team plates and coaches that really kind of helped me go to a path which almost seemed impossible at the time for a young kid growing up in california. >> reporter: which adds even more pressure on the local guy to turn the quakes around in their brand-new palace. >> i think if things were easy in life, we'd all be rich sitting on the beach drinking a pina colada and there's a reason we get up at 9:00 in the morning to give the fans a successful team and a chance at winning games. we got the final four coming up this weekend. just posted a blog. should the ncaa teams boycott indiana this weekend? >> because of the
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: welcome back. [cheering and applause] how's everybody? i appreciate it. i appreciate y'all. thank you. thank you much. i appreciate it. thank y'all. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. listen, we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000, from san diego, california it's the circuit family. [cheering and applause] and from hinsdale, illinois, it's the satkamp family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new
7:00 pm
head-turning ford fusion hybrid right there, yeah. good luck to both families. give me mandy, give me stacy. let's go. top 7 answers on the board ladies. here we go. name someone who is paid to remove something. mandy. >> a doctor. steve: a doctor. stacy. >> gardener. steve: gardener. >> all right. steve: pass or play? >> we're gonna play. we're gonna play. steve: hey, mandy. how you doing? >> i'm great. how are you? steve: well, what do you do, mandy? >> i am a third grade teacher. steve: ok, that's good. >> yeah. steve: all right, thank you, mandy. hey, lissa, you ready? name someone who's paid to remove something.


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