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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the tributes to a fallen hero. len. >> reporter: allen, for sure, an outpouring of support. officers came from throughout the country and the people of san jose came out of their homes, their offices and schools to pay tribute to the fallen officers michael johnson. [ taps ] ♪[ music ]♪ >> reporter: nine days after he was gunned down while answering the call of duty, officer michael johnson was given a final farewell by his sisters and brothers in law enforcement. ♪[ music ]♪ ♪ i once was lost but now i'm found ♪ >> reporter: it was an emotionally charged ceremony inside the darkened s.a.p. center where thousands came from as far away as new york to pay tribute to johnson. >> you're forever stitched to us, bonded to us, and now your heart will be through ours. >> reporter: officer johnson was ambushed on march 24 as he arrived on the scene of a despondent man armed with a rifle. >> feel like i just got hit with a sledgehammer. >> reporter: the police chief
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called it a horrific event but one that has galvanized and strengthened san jose. >> made that large city feel like a small close-knit town, the old san jose. >> reporter: johnson was remembered as a dedicated officer who was in his element every day he wore the badge. >> this ultimate sacrifice is an eternal reminder that safety comes at a supreme price. and that price must always be remembered by a grateful state and her people. >> whenever mike and i played cops and robbers as kid he always insisted on the being the cop. >> reporter: his sister tearfully recalled the days of their childhood. she represented the family including johnson's wife, mother and father. officer johnson was 38. >> mike, we will not only miss you; you have left an emptiness in our lives that cannot be refilled. today and every day, we will honor you.
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rest in peace, my little brother. [ crying ] >> reporter: today's public ceremony was followed by a private ceremony at the cemetery oak hill memorial park. >> rough day. all right, len, thank you. let's get you now to kpix 5's christian hartnett on the crowded sidewalks as people said good-bye to officer johnson. christian. >> reporter: that's right. we're on win clester boulevard right now near where the procession began. and for many of the people who came out on the sidewalks to watch the motorcade come by, it was a time to thank officer michael johnson and all officers for their service. they came to the roadside holding american flags, some with roses in hand. they were law enforcement officers honoring one of their own and they were grateful members of the community saying good-bye to a fallen officer most never knew. >> that doesn't matter.
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they're friends. they're family members. they're church-goers. and we appreciate what they are doing. >> it was heartbreaking for all of us when we heard the news. >> reporter: linda destefano awaited the motorcade with family and friends. she says she had to be here after all, her husband and two of her sons are officers. >> my son was actually working that day and he texted me and, you know, it -- it tears your whole world apart. >> reporter: as the roar of the approaching motorcade grew louder, it was the silence of the onlookers that spoke volumes. a community pausing to pay their respects and pay tribute to a fallen hero. >> when the community comes out and supports a fallen officer, it's very reassuring to us in law enforcement that what we do matters and that people actually care. >> reporter: christian hartnett, kpix 5.
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>> before michael johnson, the last san jose police officer to die in the line of duty was jeffrey fontana shot as to death during a traffic stop in october 2001. he and johnson were classmates in the same police academy. outside agencies stepped in to cover san jose streets during today's services. officers came from various bay area departments all wearing their different uniforms. they arrived this morning in san jose for a briefing on where they are going to be needed. in another show of support, snack bags and water bottles were left on patrol cars of officers attending the funeral. they were provided by elk grove's end of watch fund, an organization that helps law enforcement and their families. officers all over the bay area expressed condolences on social media today. several departments tweeted out pictures and messages making sure it was known their thoughts were with officer johnson's family today. and ahead at 6:30, law enforcement from all over the country came to san jose today to pay tribute to a fallen
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hero. most had never even met or heard of officer michael johnson. they will explain the unique bond shared by those who wear the badge. now to the drought emergency. the latest data shows more than 40% of california is in exceptional drought. those are the areas with the darkest color on the map. overall, 98% of california has moderate drought. that has brought out the water cops in the south bay and other cities. a tip led santa clara water district inspectors to this san jose home this afternoon. neighbors complained excess water has been spilling on the street and driveway. the district says everyone needs to do their parts to meet the governor's mandatory 25% cutbacks. >> it is a definite challenge and we did a lot of work last year in outreach and there was a lot of attention paid to the drought and we reached 13%. >> this year, the santa clara valley water district says it's trying to get customers are to
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cut back 30%. talk about bad timing. the drought emergency comes as an east bay city is breaking ground on a massive new waterpark. new at 6:00 kpix 5's john ramos on why there is no turning back. >> reporter: at dublin's emerald glen park the grass gets recycled water. the kids' spray jets are off and the large fountain is dry. all to save water. so it's a little surprising to learn what they are about to build here. a $35 million waterpark. >> you can never predict a drought. >> reporter: the city's parks director says the recreation and aquatic center will include indoor and outdoor pools and water slides. it's been planned for 10 years now. but it got postponed when the economy tanked in 2007. is there any potential for postponing it again until we have water? >> we are moving forward. there's more to the project than just the pools. >> hey, time out. this is knots the right project at the right time -- this is not the right project at the right time. >> reporter: phil would rather it isn't here but says it
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doesn't make sense to build it when there's so little water available. >> this has been in the works for some time. but the reality is, we're in the midst of a historic drought. and you cannot go forward with something like this in these conditions in good conscience. >> reporter: even those who enjoy the park the most get timing. >> it's kind of weird. it's a drought. why is he going to use all that water for a waterpark? >> reporter: but the city says they have signed contracts to begin construction this week. with completion coming in 2017. drought or no drought. >> when we finish the project and it's still in the drought we can't fill the pools we'll address it at that point in time but we are moving forward as planned. >> reporter: in dublin john ramos, kpix 5. >> right now dublin's water restrictions forbid the filling of any empty swim pools so they hope the weather will change by the time the waterpark opens in two years. a new high-rise in the heart of oakland has been given the go-ahead. we first told but this project
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last night. the city's planning commission voted today to allow the construction on this one acre plot of public land next to bart and lake merritt. the developer plan is to build a 24 story building with nearly 300 apartments and the average monthly rent would be $3,100. it will be on the east side of lake merritt. at today's meeting dozens of people spoke out against it fearing the rents in that new building are going to be too expensive. the city council still has to approve the project. baseball is back in the bay area tonight as the a's face off with the giants at at&t park. >> yup. and some fans will see some changes even before they make it inside the ballpark. kpix 5's ryan takeo with that story. >> reporter: there's still some airport security here at at&t park. but some giants fans they will get to bypass those long lines. >> we have created an express lane. >> reporter: an express lane
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for 300 season ticketholders called clear and it's offered in airports already. those fans would use their fingerprint to verify it's them. they still need to get the bags checked but won't have to wait in long lines to get through security. >> also new this year, there's a brand-new in-stadium mlb app where you can use it instead of printing out your ticket. you can upgrade your seats, you can even order food to your seat. >> reporter: outside the park, there's more food. a temporary shopping center and food court made out of shipping containers is across the cove. it's called the yard. a preview of a much larger permanent project the giants have planned for the former parking lot. >> it's really just to give the neighborhood and fans kind of a small peek into what the future of that area is going to look like. >> reporter: tonight's a preseason game. the a's home opener is monday. the giants home opener is a week from monday and that's when they will raise that world series flag, should say another world series flag. in san francisco, ryan takeo,
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kpix 5. >> beautiful out there, isn't it? >> gorgeous. >> perfect day. well, still ahead, in danger of the big one. new information that says we could be in for more larger quakes around the bay area. >> well, it came crashing down. what happened to this house and one man's escape. [ chainsaws ] >> plus, it's been around for decades. why crews had no choice but to take down this tree. >> mobile weather is live tonight in san francisco at the party. the opening party for the ferry bocce league, wildly popular in the
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dramatic pictures to show from you chopper 5 of a house
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that collapsed in oakland today. the home on 46th street crumbled just before noon. neighbors say it was being remodel and had been lifted off its foundation. there was a homeless man sleeping inside. he was apparently serving as a security guard. he barely made it out in time and wasn't hurt. no word on what caused the home to collapse. a bay area pilot is okay after getting blinded by a laser. this is what a laser strike looks like from the cockpit. the beam of light makes it nearly impossible for the pilot to see when the eyes are used to night flying. today's incident involved a kcbs traffic plane near san ramon. the pilot landed fine but went to the hospital to get checked out. did you feel it? an earthquake hit parts of the east bay overnight. kpix 5's anne makovec talked to people who got that jolt. >> it felt like the house was lifted up and dropped down. >> reporter: the 3.6 earthquake
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hit northwest of san ramon 12:06. >> i felt dizzy and saw my screen started moving back and forth. >> reporter: he was working at u.p.s. in san ramon at the time. and when he found out that was the epicenter -- >> i was like holy cow! i'm sitting on a time bomb! >> reporter: social media lit up immediately. warriors center andrew bogut tweeting earthquake! and later, with as much trouble as i have had with this newly built home i'm just happy it's still standing. passed the earthquake test. >> reporter: the quake was on the calaveras fault, which hasn't had a lot of recent shakers leaving some people confused. >> we were woken up. we thought our son was moving around in bed. but turns out it was a quake. >> reporter: in san ramon, anne makovec, kpix 5. a new study warns of more troubles on the calaveras fault. uc-berkeley scientists now say the hayward fault is essentially a branch of the calaveras! scientists say that means
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there's a chance both could rupture at the same time. they say that could produce an earthquake of 7.3 magnitude or larger. the hayward fault considered one of the most dangerous because it runs under much of the east bay. one of the largest trees in berkeley is no more. the sprawling eucalyptus with its four trunks provided shade for a city pool until yesterday. new at 6:00, kpix 5's don ford on why the tree had to come down. [ chainsaws ] >> reporter: it's a sight and sound that in berkeley could trigger the popular pastime of protesting. but not this time. >> i'm sorry to see that tree go but it was rotten down at the bottom. so -- >> reporter: diseased and rotting from the inside, this massive tree seen here a few days ago towered over the king pool topping out at 144 feet. the pool would take a direct hit if the tree fell. >> it's a big tree. >> reporter: berkeley senior forrester dan gallagher says
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this is one of the largest trees in the entire city. >> we care for trees and part of the urban forestry management is to remove trees before they fall. >> reporter: no one knows for sure, but tree experts say this eucalyptus could be nearly 100 years old. now, in only two days, reduced to a 10-foot pile of chips and a dozen logs. with a safety team below, jose climbed to the top and cut the tree down. >> i get excited when i'm told that i'm going to be doing a big tree. so that's what i do for a living, you know? >> reporter: soon they will be done. and the excitement will be over. and no protestors. >> i think everyone is sad to see the trees go, but on the same token, you know, it's had a good life. >> reporter: tree experts say within the next 48 hours, this 15-foot diameter by 20-foot- tall stump will be completely gone. in berkeley, don ford, kpix 5.
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>> the entire project costs $13,000. >> hope somebody gets some firewood out of it. he is tall enough to be in the treetoppers club, aren't you, paul? >> we're about 7 stories up. >> there you go. >> i thought you wer playing bocce. >> reporter: the bocce party is overlooking the courts. i'll show you the courts from 70 feet up. look at the view. i would say it's a million- dollar view but that would wildly undervalue san francisco real estate. so let's call it a $10 million view. we're at one market across the embarcadero from the ferry building. it is a fantastic albeit breezy evening. this is a kickoff party, the season opening party for the fun. ferry bocce league. popular in the city of san francisco.
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a mile and a half down the roads we have the a's and giants exhibition baseball. but anytime the two local teams get together it's a big deal. chilly breezy upper 50s for your exhibition baseball tonight. we have sunday the union street easter parade and festival. that's going to be a different story. we have showers on sunday. it will be cooler and also breezy with temperatures in the upper 50s to 60. here's the setup. high pressure is down to the south. it's moving away which will starting saturday allow low pressure to approach. saturday the change you will notice is cooler and cloudier. sunday cooler still. many of you not hitting 60 for easter sunday with a shower chance moving in just in time for the holiday. highs tomorrow the warmest of the next 7, now we get to april it goes cooler and cloudy but
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tomorrow pleasant, mountain view 70 cooler at the coast. san jose 72. napa 73. san rafael tomorrow 69 degrees. look at the change on saturday. no 7s there. it will be in the 60s with cloudier conditions. sunday showers. not an all-day washout but showers. and much cooler. monday more showers. tuesday, more showers! some of you in the north bay by tuesday may have a half inch of rain in your backyard. that would be wonderful news. we dry out next wednesday and next thursday. guys, 2.5 minutes ago you asked, where are the bocce courts? up 70 feet our fine photographer marco vargas is giving you a shot looking down on the ferry bocce courts. and the ferry bocce league. it's highly competitive but also bocce is fun. it's kind of a family event and what a great play. you're right across from the ferry building an icon for the state of california and you can play bocce. how neat is that? the ferry bocce league kicking off tonight on a fantastic and clear thursday evening. guys, back to you. >> thank you.
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>> allen is a pro. he is headed out there. competitive without being cutthroat. [ laughter ] a first for the west coast. coming up, how this place is helping kids with autism get the tools they need to learn. >> plus, what some farmers are doing for the very first time to stay alive duri
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it's a storefront that's doing more than just selling products. this world autism awareness day, kpix 5's da lin shows us the first brick and mortar store on the west coast catering to families with autistic children. >> reporter: little 4-year-old johnny loves trains. >> he loves to maintain sameness which is a big thing in autism. if he needs to go from plane to having dinner he needs to take a train with him. >> reporter: his mother says he is sensitive to sounds. >> part of him not wanting plea
6:23 pm
to talk because it's too loud or it's too much. >> reporter: they use toys and games to keep him calm. but autism products are scarce. >> having a child with autism means that all of a sudden instead of having 20 jobs as a mom you have like 50. >> reporter: now she can come here, the national autism resources store in benicia. >> interacting with pictures. >> reporter: the first brick and mortar store on the west coast and only the third in the country. it's a big surprise given one in 68 u.s. children has autism. >> i think there's a lot of challenges to putting together an autism store because autism is so complex. just to put this product list together, 150 vendors. >> reporter: the store founder bonnie has a son who is autistic. she operated an online store for 6 years before opening this shop on good year road. >> hopefully, help people learn from the school of hard knocks that i graduated from. >> reporter: from the warehouse in the back to the showroom,
6:24 pm
there are more than 1600 products here. >> i want to eat pizza. >> this is just a great way for people who are nonverbal to have a voice. >> reporter: from the speech device to this glowing sea turtle. >> parents will put this turtle on in their child's room and the child is preparing to go to sleep to help them calm down and relax. >> these apples or noodles? >> reporter: the store will be a lifeline for autistic people. >> there is finally a place i can walk into and know there are things here to make my child go from frustrated to peaceful. >> reporter: in benicia, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> autism is complex. it often affects language, behavior and social interaction skills and the cause is unknown. an outpouring of support for the san jose police department. coming up in the next half- hour, law enforcement coming from far and wide. some from across the country to
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support their fellow officers on a difficult day. >> plus, it's an expensive safety net. what farmers are doing now to prot ♪ at kaiser permanente everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier.
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become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪
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our top story, law enforcement from all over the country came to the bay area to honor san jose's fallen officer michael johnson. in a solemn tribute, thousands lined the streets for a final salute. >> maria medina on a show of support. >> reporter: a lot of officers say they couldn't go on camera to do an interview because they were afraid that they would get choked up. they are grateful for support from the law enforcement community. who you wear the uniform -- it hurts. >> reporter: they are bonded no matter the agency, unit, rank. >> we are the protectors and guardians. when one is killed in the line of duty, it reverberates throughout the profession. >> reporter: today thousands of law enforcement stood together in grief coming from all over
6:29 pm
california and across the country. >> the law enforcement family is big so we are happy to come from chicago weather we can. >> reporter: the pain was felt most by the san jose police department including those who graduated the academy with officer michael johnson in 2001. >> mike paid the ultimate sacrifice doing what he loved. >> reporter: it was his graduating class who loves the last san jose officer killed in the line of duty. >> i was on scene for that one. and it never gets any easier. >> reporter: a farewell to another hero gunned down while protecting and serving. >> i want to give mike a standing ovation for the life that he lived and for the life that he gave, one, two, three. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: this is what was given t everyone here at the s.a.p. center during the memorial service. officer johnson's family saying thank you to the san jose
6:30 pm
police department for their support. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> an all-day phraser is packed with people in the south bay wanting to help the family of officer johnson. overflow tents were set up outside britannia arms in san jose for the fundraiser. it's being held at the pub's two locations. all the proceeds go directly to michael johnson's family. many in attendance had messages for them. >> to the parents, what an incredible young man you raised. to his wife and his sister, and the rest of his family, um, what an incredible gift to our community. >> as part of the event, there were even cupcakes with officer johnson's badge number. the san jose earthquakes also plan to hold a fundraiser for the family this weekend. just about everybody in california is working to find new ways to save water during the drought. reporter nick janes on the very
6:31 pm
expensive moves some farmers are taking to protect their livelihoods. >> reporter: to understand why for the first time ever dan silva took out crop insurance on his prunes and walnuts. >> just an absolute necessity. >> reporter: you have to understand the perilous position they are in. >> i'm nervous. >> reporter: how bad is it really for farmers right now? >> oh, i think it's -- we're just at the precipice of being critical. very critical. >> reporter: he says the state's dwindling water supply putting sharp focus by wednesday's nonexistent snow survey is pushing california's ag industry to the brink of catastrophe. he decided against planting alfalfa and wheat this season and a life-long farmer predicts some crops like tomatoes and alfalfa may at least temporarily be wiped out statewide because there won't be enough water to go around. >> some of the farmers in mid parts of the valley that are critically, um, um, in need of water, are not going to be able
6:32 pm
to farm some crops. >> reporter: it is against that worrisome backdrop that dan is paying tens of thousands of dollars about $45,000 on crop insurance this year. >> when you look at what it's worth, it's like shaking the dice. >> reporter: hoping for a return to normal rainfall isn't a gamble he can afford to take and dan isn't alone, shelling out for an expensive safety net. >> it wasn't common before but it's very common now. >> reporter: crop insurance policies span nearly 7 million acres and protect $7.6 billion in california crops. today's farming industry in california, it is less about thriving and more a matter of surviving. >> this long-term, if there's another couple of years to this thing it could be devastating, tragically devastating to agriculture. >> that's nick janes reporting. silva believes if the drought continues it could be billions of dollars lost. and a trickle-down effect on the economy. gavin newsom may soon have a challenger in the governor's
6:33 pm
race. millionaire steve wesley told a group in atherton over the weekend he plans on running. an official announcement isn't expected for several months. wesley has run for governor before and also served as state controller. former santa clara county supervisor george shirakawa hopes an apology will keep him out of jail. he acknowledged he was behind a campaign mailer in 2010 according to the "mercury news." that was designed to help a buddy win a san jose city council seat. it called an opponent a communist sympathizer. shirakawa has pleaded no contest to a felony related to the flyer. he will be sentenced tomorrow. an accused killer robert durst will be in a louisiana jail a while longer. the millionaire real estate heir was back in a new orleans courtroom today. his hearing on a weapons charge was delayed a week because two federal agents and a state trooper didn't show up to testify. his lawyers say he is ready to return to los angeles to face charges of murdering his friend
6:34 pm
and spokesman susan berman 15 years ago. tonight a tentative deal after the marathon nuclear talks between the u.s. and iran and other world powers. brian webb says they will limit but not destroy iran's nuclear program. >> reporter: president obama says the steps made to modify iran's nuclear program will make the world safer. >> if we can get this done and iran follows through on the framework that our negotiators agreed to, we will be able to resolve one of the greatest threats to our security and to do so peacefully. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry negotiated the framework with several world powers intended to curb iran's ability to build a nuclear weapon. >> not all our meetings were easy. in fact, many were quite difficult. because the passions are there for everybody. >> reporter: iran reagreed to reduce nuclear capabilities and allow ongoing inspections at its facilities. >> if iran cheats the world will know it. >> reporter: in exchange most
6:35 pm
economic sanctions will be lifted against iran once it proves compliance. >> we didn't put all of this time and energy and many sleepless nights to write a piece of paper that we are going to just look for an excuse to violate and abandon. >> reporter: there are still challenges ahead. speaker of the house john boehner says congress must be allowed to fully review the details of any agreement before any sanctions are lifted. and world leaders still need to hammer out a range of technical details, a final deal may take months to complete. brian webb for cbs news, new york. >> six world powers including china, france and russia joined the u.s. during the negotiations. san francisco-based "airbnb" is expanding into cuba. starting today the online home rental service began listing properties there. it already has more than 1,000 properties online and about 40% of them in havana. this is the most significant u.s. business expansion on the island since the obama
6:36 pm
administration loosened trade and travel restrictions with cuba in january. well, still ahead a california property with presidential ties goes up for sale. >> plus, we all have our own tips and tricks for saving water but here what some of our
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
the san clemente estate used by richard nixon as the western white house is on the market. he bought the spread on a excluded coastal bluff in 1969. he called it la casa pacifica. he wrote his memoirs there. he sold it in 1980. it can now be yours for a mere $75 million, 5 acres. >> that's it? >> that's it. next month's fight between boxers floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao is expected to be the most expensive in pay
6:39 pm
per view history. according to the "wall street journal," the fight will cost $99 for a high definition feed and $89 for standard definition. that's about $25 more than the previous top price. the fight is expected to bring in over $300 million in revenue. >> wow. >> for pay per view history. who is going to win? >> i know you're going to do it. pacquiao is your guy. >> he is my guy. >> yes. [ laughter ] the governor sent a message loud and clear. we need to save water now. >> that's right. coming up, what's working for your bay area neighbors when it comes to cutting back. >> live weather tonight in san francisco, for the opening party of the 2015 ferry bocce league. 200 people enjoying a nice evening, breezy, chilly and clear. it won't be clear for long. there is a decent amount of rain in the seven-day forecast. i'll have that for you live coming up. coming up in sports, we are getting ready for the bay bridge series the oakland a's with injuries concerns and the
6:40 pm
giants just happy to be back home. >> [ indiscernible desert. >> plus steve kerr receives a special honor. [ indiscernible ] >> but he doesn't get any love from his former coach when it bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it
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a man sitting outside is attacked without warning. tonight we show you the video and the suspect still on the loose. i'll have that story on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. a mandatory watered rationing is on the way but many have already cut back as much as they can. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts has water saving ideas you may not have thought of. >> reporter: the price of water is about to increase. those who don't already ration will likely begin to soon. and one water saving tip that surprises some is you may be better off using the dishwasher instead of the sink. an efficient dishwasher uses 4 to 6 gallons per load no matter how many dishes are in the
6:44 pm
machine. you need to suds, scrub and rinse all the dishes by hand you could fit into one load without running water for more than two or three minutes total. studies show most people run the faucet for about 7 minutes. that's about 16 gallons of water down the drain. three to four times a dishwasher. some savvy water savers fill one bucket with water and then reuse that throughout the week. some other tricks. in addition to low flow appliances and drought- resistant landscaping which many already have, consider turning off the water while sudsing in the shower or brushing your teeth and many of our viewers say they are already collecting shower water and dish water to water the plants. in fact, we asked our facebook fans to chime in today with some of their water saving solutions. many of course have lived through several bay area droughts. now, emma has reduced laundry to just once a week. william says he uses a hose to water specific plants instead of sprinklers. when chris was a kid her mom
6:45 pm
collected shower water to flush toilets. and marsha says when it comes to toilets, mellow yellow, brown is down. 'nuf said. and a tip for all you pasta lovers out there. when cooking can your pasta, don't fill the pot, just use enough water to cover those noodles and then you can reuse the remaining starch water for sauces or get this, dishes or even plants. can you believe that? if you have a water saving idea, tweet me #juliewattstv. >> we each have older homes so we don't have dishwashers. >> so use a pot to catch all the water and try to reuse it as much as possible. >> so you're not leaving it running while you're doing the dishes. >> exactly. >> or in the shower. right. >> okay. >> thank you. we got to save. >> yes. we do. that's right. let's get out to paul deanno, who is also a water saver. he is live in san francisco with the weather. >> reporter: here's what i'm in
6:46 pm
charge of. everybody can save it. i'm trying to call mother nature to make it rain. you save. i'll put in a word with mother nature. wait until you see the seven- day forecast. there's a decent amount of rainfall. here in san francisco across the beautiful ferry building talking about the opening of the 2015 ferry bocce league and it literally was officially just opened by this gentleman right here. come on in, marrow is the consul-general of italy. he just officially started the season. obviously batch choi has italian roots. this is a very popular sport in the city of san francisco. >> i would say it's more and more popular sport in the whole of the u.s. and, of course, in italy and more and more so in the world. we are very proud. it's wind essentially italian. it's the italian lifestyle, fun, social and competitive. >> reporter: you hit on my next question in that it's a sport you want to win but at the same time, you're hanging out and having a really good time even with the other team and your friends. >> you can enjoy it with a
6:47 pm
bunch of good friends and enjoy life italian style. italian way. the way we like it. >> reporter: would it really be a real bocce match if you don't have good food with it? >> absolutely. food is a part of it. and you know, the ancient romans started it all. it's the oldest known sport in the world. san franciscans find it trendy and cool. >> reporter: beningy, it's not just san francisco. this is becoming more and more popular throughout the bay area. >> that's the new yoga. >> there's clubs all over in the heart of san francisco and all around the area. >> bocce is the new yoga. you it's a workout. >> total body. >> you are a national champion, correct? >> that's right. >> thank you both for stopping by. bocce league is now open 2015 here at the ferry building. is there good weather for it? that's coming up in the forecast.
6:48 pm
chilly night tonight. some isolated upper 30s in the north bay and east bay away from the water. in our big cities santa rosa 41, san jose 45. there is a weak ridge of high pressure to our south not right overahead. our weather influence has been coming from the north as the troughs of low pressure pass by. one of those areas will pass by over the weekend this one close enough to give us rainfall. easter sunday there will be rain showers outside. if you were planning on playing bocce on sunday, you may have to dance around some rain showers, as well. tonight mostly clear, chilly, tomorrow no rain yet no clouds yet. we'll be sunny and mild. it will be cooler and cloudier on saturday setting the stage for that shower chance on easter sunday and actually beyond that. highs tomorrow:
6:49 pm
easter sunday chilly with scattered showers. scattered showers on monday and tuesday before we dry out on wednesday and thursday. this is the view from the opening party. it is fantastic! we are seven floors up. that great view of the
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
well, the oakland a's will be without two of its starting outfielders as they start the regular season. coco crisp joins josh redick on the disabled list and could be out for the first two months of the season. crisp will have surgery to remove bone spurs from his right elbow. doctors say he will be out for about six to eight weeks but crisp is being very optimistic tweeting he hopes it's more like two to three weeks. but for now it's next man up for the green and gold. >> billy burns had a great spring. we'll see how he does in the last few days and, you know,
6:53 pm
kyle is going to be everywhere. mark has had a great camp. >> as for the giants, bruce bochy wasn't pleased with his team's play in most of spring training but he left scottsdale feeling more optimistic and relieved to be finally back in san francisco. >> we have been playing better so, you know, it's good to get home. it's always good to get home. seven weeks in the desert, that's long enough. and i know the guys are excited to get back and see their new digs the clubhouse. i think they were excited about that. >> now to the warriors. the warriors host the suns tonight but they will be without draymond green who will sit out his third game with a shin injury. with the number one seed already clinched, the warriors don't have much to play for in their final eight games of the regular season. but one race that's still ongoing, is for the league's mvp. will it be stephen curry or
6:54 pm
rockets guard james harden? former warriors head coach mark jackson's vote may surprise you. >> your mvp vote today would go to? >> it would be tough. i think steph curry i'm totally fine with obviously. he's my guy. if you twisted my arm today i would probably vote for james harden. the reason why is because he singlehandedly has put that houston rockets team in position that they are in today. >> how can you go against steph? i just don't understand it. while curry and harden continue to battle it out for most valuable player steph stands alone for another mvp the most [ indiscernible ] added to his legend when he nearly broke twitter on tuesday night with his crossover on chris paul. >> it's been a dream of mine for a very long time. [ laughter ] >> so glad that i finally established that tag of being six seconds of fame. [ laughter ] >> pretty cool.
6:55 pm
as soon as it happened, i could hear like the whole bench behind me just going nuts. [ laughter ] >> like obviously i got to shoot it so as soon as it made it i had a little sense of relief. that was cool. >> second-guess yourself that maybe better [ indiscernible ] to dunk it? >> you must not know me very well. [ laughter ] nfl news now. antonio smith is staying in the afc west. two days after being released by the raiders the veteran defensive end agreed to a one- year deal with the broncos. he started all 16 games last season for the silver and black. kentucky is two wins away from capping off a perfect season but standing in their way saturday will be wisconsin a team that's nice and loose thanks to their head coach bo ryan. >> believe it or not, i know what you -- how i'm perceived by some people as -- i'm actually a pretty funny guy. >> no, you're not. you're mean. [ laughter ] >> i -- [ laughter ] >> difference between involved and committed you sit down to the breakfast of bacon and eggs you look at the eggs you know
6:56 pm
the chicken was involved you look at the bacon you know the pig was committed. >> the early bird catches the worm. he says coach, he says, do you know that the second mouse always gets the cheese? in the '60s, i was the number one pinball player in the state of pennsylvania. these guys talk about videogames? i could freeze flippers better than anybody. i could take a dime and play for two hours. now, what's that tell you? you think that the who had somebody in mind when they did that song? [ laughter ] >> well, that's bo ryan. should be a really good game. >> pinball -- when i was in high school. that goes way back. >> way, way back. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> great. love it. all right, for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather are always on our website,
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are y'all? how's everybody? thank you very much. i appreciate you, now. thank y'all. thank you very much y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their fourth day, with a total of 40,950 bucks, from san diego, it's the circuit family! and from austell, georgia, it's the gray family! everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, stylish
7:00 pm
ford fusion hybrid. [cheering and applause] hey, let's play "feud," everybody. give me james give me stacy. ["family feud" theme plays] >> aww! [laughter] steve: uh... [laughter] >> shaking her hand... >> he's missing. steve: all right, now. hey, hey, hey. >> you see that miss? steve: yeah, you was--missed it a little bit too much right there. [laughter and applause] all right, here we go. top 8 answers on the board. fill in the blank. "i told my family don't pull the plug on me as long as i cant still" what? >> breathe. steve: still breathe. james? >> walk. steve: walk. >> ohh! >> gonna play.


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