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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 3, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning to our viewers in the west. is friday april 3, 2015. welcome to cbs "this morning." president obama hammered by israel and congress after reaching a historic nuclear deal with iran. even democrats say they need to know more. lost at sea for 66 days. the sailor tells us how he survived. only on cbs "this morning," the michigan man who sold his company then gave millions to his workers. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye-opener: your world in 90 seconds." it a good deal. a deal that meets our core objective objectives.
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>> a framework nuclear deal struck with iran. >> the terms announced were not as bad as i feared. they're much worse. >> before i say it's a bad deal it's not really a deal yet. >> new york city two women allegedly trying to make a bomb like the one used in the boston marathon told a judge they are not guilty. the worst terror attack in kenya in nearly two decades. >> al shabaab says it's behind the attacks. >> the severe weather threat in the midwest and south. millions are bracing for thunderstorms and damaging winds and possible tornadoes. >> the worst weather is in kentucky, flash flooding a big issue. >> a sailor has been rescued after being lost at sea for more than two months. >> you were out on the water for how long? >> i had been told 66 days. it seemed like a lot longer. president obama is in utah. the 49th state to have visited as president, the only president left on his list south dakota. >> surveillance video, bam. chasing the driver who jumped out of the car. >> all that -- >> for the win in the corner. no good!
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stanford survives and win the n.i.t. >> a woman won a new car. >> thanks to a model's mistake. >> congratulations. just gave you a car. >> and all that matters. >> and indiana changes its law. >> lifting the ban on live tweeting the tonys. >> the most embarrassing thing to come out of indiana since i came out of indiana. >> on cbs "this morning." >> this moment, for so long. >> nicki minaj posted the video of a crying boy who calmed down once he placed his head on her chest. >> witness the exact moment someone goes through puberty. >> pris "eye-opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs resented by ta. let's go places. welcome to krnz. norah o'donnell is off. jeff glor is with us. a tentative bill to keep iran
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from building a nuclear bomb is getting a cool reception from members of congress in washington. and a joyous response in tehran. crowds mobbed iran's foreign minister this morning as he returned from the talks. >> details of that agreement still need to be worked out between now and the end of june. margaret brennan talk the in switzerland. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. secretary of state kerry told me he has no idea if he can turn this hard won diplomatic framework into a signed accord with iran over three months of talks. but he said this is a great start. eight days of tense talk gave way to relief last night in lausanne. i asked secretary kerry how a skeptical congress will react to the agreement. will new sanctions from congress torpedo this? >> new sanctions now would clearly be unnecessary. given what we've been able to achieve and it would be highly irresponsible to simply break
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this apart by now stepping in to the middle when the measure of this agreement i believe can stand the test of scrutiny. >> reporter: under the agreement, iran would reduce its rur rain yum centrifuges from 19,000 to 6,000, open all nuclear facilities to united nations inspection and after compliance with certified by the u.n., world powers would begin rolling back the economic sanctions that have crippled iran's economy. iran's top negotiator zarif called it a win-win outcome adding that iran wouldn't even have to close their nuclear plants. >> the proud people of iran will never accept that. >> reporter: secretary kerry argued regular inspections of those sites will ensure their use for peaceful purposes only. >> but iran has been clashing with inspector for years. how can you know they won't cheat? >> well, market because we have a whole new system that we designed and that they accepted and worked on to absolutely
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answer that question. so that we now have a guaranteed access, if they don't provide it the sanctions come back. >> reporter: the jubilant reaction to the deal on the streets of iran was not shared by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu tweeting that the deal would not block iran's path to the bomb it would pave it. secretary kerry said the israeli prime minister is overstating the threat posed by iran. and now the u.s. will brief other skeptical allies in the days to come. >> thank you. iran state tv surprised everyone on thursday with live coverage of president obama praising the agreement. the president now has to sell this framework to skeptical politicians on capitol hill and major garrett is at the white house where president obama's already calling congressional leaders. major, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the white house will begin briefing key lawmakers with classified and unclassified details next week followed by
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ex- extensive public hearings keeping congress from passing new economic sanctions or full congress' approval of the deal. on both fronts veto fights could be on horizon because skepticism is bipartisan. president obama warned congress that meddling with the emerging nuclear deal with iran could bring the u.s. closer to war. >> if congress kills this deal then it's the united states that will be blamed for the failure of diplomacy. international unity will collapse and the path to conflict widen. >> reporter: the president telephoned top republican and democratic leaders to outline the deal. many lawmakers reacted cautiously insisting on more details. democratic senator charles schumer of new york typically a strong white house ally said nothing positive saying only the deal deserves careful, rigorous and deliberate analysis adding he will give it a very careful look. freshman republican senator tom cotton of arkansas has seen enough. >> the terms announced today are
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not as bad as i feared. they're much worse. they put iran on a path to a nuclear weapon whether iran follows the terms or whether iran breaks those terms. >> the only glam deserved is president obama for starting down this dangerous path and now continuing down it. >> reporter: the president insists iran can be forced to open up its nuclear program to international inspections, and denied any pathway to a nuclear weapon. to keep congress in check, the white house will need more democratic allies than it has now. >> i think there's some important work for the administration to do to persuade democrats that this is a framework that they should support. and there's a lot of work that's not been done. >> reporter: top officials here say they were bracing for widespread criticism of the deal and relieved when it didn't materialize. senate cooms, we just heard from, said the white house would be wise not to underestimate the number of questions lawmakers still have and the political damage in precise answers could do to what the president already considers to be a signature diplomatic accomplishment. >> major, thanks.
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this morning, severe storms lashing the heartland. possible tornadoes caused minor damage in kansas and oklahoma. louisville kentucky is dealing with flash floods. the heavy rain swamped streets and stranded cars there. rescuers using boats pulled drivers to safety. emergency crews had to make more than 100 water rescues overnight. the weather also led to a mudslide that block add road. rising water made dozens of other roads impasseableimpassable. local schools closed today because of the bad weather and louisville reports six inches of rain overnight but saw no injuries. there's no relief yet. a flash flood warning remains in effect this morning for north central kentucky. louisville firefighters are also dealing with a massive fire this morning, flames engulfed a building at a ge manufacturing complex. the cause is unknown. the death toll from a terror attack on a kenyan college stands at 147 people. scenes of panic overtook garissa university when gunmen linked to
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al shabaab opened fire. one victim says the attacker scouted the campus before the rampage. in garissa, witness accounts. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. when we arrived in the town of garissa today we saw tents set up at a local airport. students who fled yesterday's massacre slept there overnight guarded by soldiers. they will be taken home today and tell a terrifying story. at least five masked gunmen stormed the garissa university at first light on thursday. people fled in all directions. students described how the men marched from room to room demanding to know if those inside were christian or muslim. christians were shot on the spot. i saw the tackers fully covered in clothes only leaving a slit for the eyes says the student. when i saw that i ran for my life. i got my fellow students together opened two windsows and chairs down to jump out. many more taken hostage.
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kenya's president sent in security forces to try and flush out the armed gunmen. all members of al shabaab. the somali-based militant islamic group claims responsibility for the killing spree. a 13-hour siege ensued with gunfire heard throughout the day. at the end of the day, at least 147 students lay dead over 70 injured and hospitalized. security has been tightened, but for the students at garissa university, it's come too late. this is a town awash in tears and trauma. one student told me she lay under her bed for 13 hours listening to gunmen shoot students who were unable to recite the koran. gayle? >> from kenya, thank you. this morning, two new york city women accused of plotting a terrorist attack are in federal custody. court documents say they were
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influenced by isis and the boston marathon bombings. investigators had been tracking noelle velentzas and ace hsia siddiqui. jericka, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the women are u.s. citizens and until recently were former roommates at this house behind me. according to the court record the women spent moss researching how to make bombs, discussing potential targets and stockpiled dangerous materials. velentzas and siddiqui appeared in federal court thursday afternoon after an early morning raid of their home. according to law enforcement officials, the women expressed violent jihadist beliefs and a desire to execute a terrorist attack on american soil. according to court documents, velentzas cold and undercover informant she did not understand why people were traveling over
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seas to wage jihad when there were more opportunities are pleasing allah here in the united states. the undercover informant says they expressed interest in pressure cooker bombs like the ones used in the 2013 boston marathon bombings. velentzas indicated her preferred targets were cops or the military rather than skills. in december of last year they considered attacking the funeral of one of the two nypd officer whose had been killed two weeks earlier in an ambush attack in brooklyn. velentzas called it "an attractive potential target." siddiqui's attorney spoke after her court appearance. >> my client will enter a plea of not guilty even when there's an indictment and she and i will address everything in the courtroom where it belongs. >> reporter: the imam of the mosque in queen attended by both women said they are being falsely accused and described
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vap lentous and their family as a positive force in the community. >> five years, haven't seen any signs of promoting or radical islam. none of that stuff. >> reporter: court documents also claim both women had copies of the anarchist cookbook explaining how to make explosives and authorities became concerned when the women obtained several canisters of propane gas, but police say there was no imminent threat. >> thank you. this morning chrysler is facing a $150 million penalty over the horrific death of a young georgia boy. a jury verdict thursday is the first related to fiery problems with older jeep grarnd cherokees and jeep liberties. the 4-year-old was killed when his family's grand cherokee was rear-ended and burst into flames. first reporting new information on the gas tank issue last week and in washington this morning. >> reporter: good morning. regulators cause the location of gas tank on those vehicle as
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safety risk vulnerable to punch chers, gas leaks and fire when struck from behind. after hearing testimony nearly two weeks a jury ruled chrysler failed to warn customer of a hazard soishgt associated with the 1999 grand cherokee. >> riding in the back of a 199 jeep grand cherokee when the jeep was struck from behind and caught fire. according to the medical examiner remington died in the fire. attorneys for chrysler argued at trial that remington died following a high-speed collision, in excess of federally mandated safety preshgzs preshgzs . protections. >> this was a very severe accident. >> reporter: walden family attorney jim butler disagree saying if the fuel tank hadn't caught fire remington would have survived. >> he will never become his own man and learn from his own mistakes, lost it all and chrysler took it from him.
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>> reporter: in 2013 after remington's crash, the national highway safety administration or nhtsa asked chrysler to recall older model jeep grand cherokees and liberties with gas tanks behind the rear axle tentatively saying there was a defect that presented an unreasonable risk of burning to death in rear-end crashes. chrysler maintains the vehicles are not defect ish but agreed to install trailer hitches to provide protection in low to moderate-speed crashes. nhtsa approved the fix. >> the whole design of the fuel tank is defective. >> reporter: prior to the recall, nhtsa said there were more than 50 fatal fires in these types of jeep vehicles. cbs news obtained this video with chrysler's ceo. >> we agree remington's wreck is not the first time that this has happened. >> based on what i know the answer is yes. >> would you agree that has happened many times before it happened to remington?
7:16 am
>> same objection. >> it's happened more than once yes. >> has chrysler group ever warned people that this gas tank on the grand cherokee is vulnerable to rear impact? >> no. >> reporter: the jury was asked to split fault between chrysler and the driver of the car that struck remington's jeep. they said chrysler was 99% at fault for remington's death. in a statement to cbs news chrysler said the company is disappointed and will consider an appeal of the verdict. charlie? >> jeff, thanks. a sailor stranded at sea for more than two months a reunited this morning with his family. the coast guard lifted him off a cargo ship that rescued him off the north carolina coast. louis jordan survived eating raw fish and drinking rain water. we're joined with his incredible story and how his family never gave up hope. vinita good morning. >> reporter: crew members spotted jordan sitting on the hull of his capsized sailboat 200 miles northeast of north
7:17 am
carolina suffering from dehydration and a shoulder injury and taken to a virginia hospital. overnight he was relieseased. >> reporter: after surviving 66 days lost at sea, airlifted off a tanker off the north carolina coast. >> headed back to shore. >> reporter: crew members on the vessel spotted his days abled sailboat, brought him abort and contacted the coast guard. jordan says he was asleep when a bad storm overturned his boat. >> i hadn't had a lot of time on the water and was just praying to god, please protect me. >> reporter: jordan told authorities he set off on his sailboat "angel" a week later his family reported him missing. ob fen 8th, the coast guard began a search. it was suspended after ten days. he says his sailboat's mast had broken and his electronic equipment was damaged. >> i rationed my food and water.
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and i rationed my energy. because every little thing i did, every cleaning chore, every sailing chore, every repair took energy and that means food and water. >> reporter: after he was pulled from the water, he was able to contact his family. >> i'm so glad that you're alive. we prayed and prayed and we hoped that you were still alive. >> we are so grateful that the motor vessel was able to find him and we're so happy to reunite him with his family. >> reporter: the coast guard says in their initial search there wasn't enough information to locate jordan because he didn't file a float plan. the nautical equivalent of a flight plan showing his route and destination. the coast guard says by the day of his re cue he traveled roughly 500 miles from home. >> thank you. what you call a miracle. right, guys? looked so good after 66 days. >> a feature film already in the works, i'm sure. >> boat's name "angel."
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thank you thank you jshgz correction's officers accused >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by smooth melting lindor lindt. chocolate beyond compare.
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he gave his employees a thank-you worth millions. >> one of the nicest gestures of any owner i'd ever known of. >> in history. >> in history. ahead, why a boss shared a fortune with hundreds of >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. to be bold where others are scared.
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it's the final countdown to the final 4. jim nantz. ahead all the latest from indianapolis. women can save half the money on skin
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good morning the here's what's happening. a san francisco man died in a fire in north beach and investigators are trying to determine the cause. it started around 10:00 last night. third floor of a four-story building on columbus avenue. a second person was injured. sentencing happens today for former santa clara county supervisor george shirakawa. he acknowledged he was behind a campaign mailer back in 2010, according to the "mercury news." the flyer was designed to hev javier campos win a san jose city council seat. called an opponent magdalena carrasco a communist sympathizer. shirakawa has pleaded no contest to a felony related to that flyer. got your traffic and weather too for th
7:27 am
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good morning. i'm gianna franco in the "kcbs traffic" center. checking the roads at the bay bridge, it's much improved in fact. we had some major delays earlier for an accident but things have eased up just a bit. metering lights are on so a little sluggish but overall better through there. westbound 4 at willow pass this accident now cleared over to the right shoulder. still a little slow-and-go just out of antioch into pizzo plan for those delays. also, just a heads up a's and giants at at&t tonight first pitch 7:15 slow there. thank you, gianna. let's go outside. the sun is up over mount vaca. a gorgeous morning but it is cool. temperatures are kind of in the 40s to low 50s. but we are going to quickly rebound by this afternoon plenty of sunshine, mild weather in fact in the 60s to low to mid-70s. and then the big changes coming by tomorrow with the clouds and the cooler weather. and then rain chances sunday through tuesday.
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top ten things now overheard during the pope's physical. number ten -- speaking of mass looks like you've added some. number nine no sorry father. you don't need medical marijuana. number eight, say, ah -- men. neb seven, i don't care what jenny mccarthy says. you need to be vaccinated. number six, no need to bless the urine sample. number two, turn your hat and cough. and the number one thing overheard during the pope's physical, i know you don't use it, but i still have to take a look at it. there you go. >> what could he be referring to, gentlemen, at the table? on this good friday. >> i don't know. >> welcome back to cbs "this
7:31 am
morning." very good day. coming up in this half hour three florida correctional officers with alleged ties to the ku klux klan find themselves on the other side of law. how the fbi foiled their apparent plot to kill a former inmate. plus a surprising paycheck for hundreds of michigan factory workers, some saw payday of more than $50,000. what made one business owner shell out bonuses totaling nearly $6 million. that story is ahead. time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. grit britain's "guardian" showing acceleration before the crash of the germanwings plane. searchers found the flight data recorder thursday. 150 people died in the disaster. german facials say ss ss ss sfacials -- officials se the copilot recently was on a
7:32 am
website for cockpit security. and indiana governor pence signed new legislation clarifying how businesses can use the new law. pence faced huge pressure from act vists and business leaders and in arkansas governor asa hutchinson signed a similar bill mirror legislation protecting individuals' beliefs. and affiliate wwal says a weapons charge hearing for robert durst postponed until next thursday. failing to show up any other the hearing durst awaiting extradition to california on a murder charge. he appeared to ed toconfess in an hbo documentary and to two other. and job growth in the united states is slowing down. the labor department reported this morning the economy added just 126,000 jobs in march. that breaks a string of 12 straight months with more than 200,000 new jobs. the unemployment rate stayed at 5.5% last month, and new figsures
7:33 am
show new jobs in january and february. and an investigation into a noose found hanging from a tree at duke university. a student admitted to hanging it. that person is no longer in campus but still enrolled at duke. the news found wednesday. the university is reviewing disciplinary actions against and the student faces possible criminal charges. two current and one former florida prison employees are behind bars this morning. the fbi exposed an alleged flot kill a former inmate. in miami, prosecutors linked the suspectses to the ku klux klan. vicente, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the three suspects were nabbed after the fbi stage add crime scene to make it look like they're intended victim had been killed. this is the latest in a string of incidents involving the florida department of corrections. thomas driver david moran and charles thomas newcombe had all worn the florida of corrections
7:34 am
uniform and also donned the robes of a well-known hate group. >> no one convicted pending charges bat the facts ss but the facts are despicable. >> reporter: accused of trying to kill a former african-american inmate who once bit driver during a fight and exposed him to the hepatitis virus. driver told an fbi agent i'm going to have to catch this expletive from this dirty expletive monkey all because he can't beat me like a man wants to bite me like a dirty little expletive. >> they later cased the inmate's home in an attempt to murder him by injecting him with insulin and putting a fishing pole in his hand and making it look like he drowned. >> reporter: after that plot was foiled investigators tricked the suspects into thinking their target had been killed by a hitman. >> when the fbi staged this crime scene and photographs sent to each of these men they expressed they were happy about
7:35 am
it, shook the sources hand and the source went to the point of asking, is this what you wanted they each said yeah. >> reporter: the florida department of corrections is already under fire for the deaths of two inmates at the hands of prison guards. 4r569 year officials fired about 50 employees in an effort to clean house. driver and moran have both been disciplined numerous times by the department. newcombe was fired just after three months on the job. >> you know here are individuals that have taken an oath that they wear a badge that has a position of authority, and they've abused it. >> reporter: the director of the florida department of corrections says driver and moran were already in the process of being fired. the kkk says it does not condone illegal activity and wouldn't confirm that the three men are current members of the organization. charlie? >> thanks. the arrest of two new york women on terror charges ss raising threats in the united states of terrorism. jeh johnson is frantically
7:36 am
working to stop terror attacks. sunday on "60 minutes" leslie stahl goes one and one with the point man to examine the home didn't grown danger. here's a preview. >> reporter: can you quantify how much success you have had? >> almost daily, certainly weekly, somebody's not allowed to get on an airplane or somebody is arrested and charged with materiel support to terrorism. >> reporter: johnson starts his day before the sun comes up on a secret service detail dropping him off at his office at 6:15. his first task reviewing the top secret daily brief on the latest threats against the united states, including information on people who have answered the call to fight for isis. as i understand it of the 180 americans who have gn overseas to fight in iraq and syria, 40 have come back. i assume you're keeping close tabs on those 40? >> we have in fact kept close tabs on those who we believe
7:37 am
have left and those who have come back. a number have been arrested or investigated, and we have systems in place to track these individuals, but you can't know everything. >> reporter: more than 3,000 europeans have gone to iraq and syria to fight with isis. one reason so few young people from the united states have gone, he says is geography. >> we are separated from the hot spots by an ocean which does make it more difficult. >> reporter: so do you think if it were easier for these kids to get there that there would be more of them going? >> probably. and so border security is not simply preventing people from getting in but very often preventing somebody from leaving for the wrong reasons. >> sunday on "60 minutes," johnson also opens up about his former role at the pentagon. what is it like to sign off on drone strikes that can accidentally claim incident civilians?
7:38 am
that's sunday here on cbs news. three arizona teenagers say it's a meeshg that they survived after their suv drove off of a cliff and dropped 100 feet. now, the driver was thrown from her seat and pinned under the vehicle four hours. somehow these girls suffered only minor injuried. the high school junior behind the wheel took a turn a little too fast on wednesday and ran into a riverbed. the passengers had their seat belts on but the driver did not. when her friends could not find her they realized she was trapped, a cocoon of crumpled metal protected her. >> none of us like should, have made it especially not holly. >> shouldn't be alive. >> the fact no one has broken bones or anything is a miracle. >> i'll say. the teenagers say they learned to always wear a seat belt and obey the speed limit. it's a hard lesson to learn that way at least they learned it. two 16 one 17. >> 100 feet though goodness sake. >> and they're okay. minor bruises. >> yeah.
7:39 am
one without a seat belt. >> what a message it sends. use your seat belt. and power of giving. ahead meet the big-hearted business owner whose generosity stunned employees and their enexpected response. if you're heading out to work, set your dvr to watch cbs "this morning" anytime. we'll be right back.
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take a look at this individual yoechlt as two planes landing at seattle's sea-tac airport hit by lightning. yikes. both planes landed safely. lightning strikes are quite common. it's estimated planes get hit at least once a year but they're built to withstand the lightning hits. it still doesn't feel good when you look out a window and see that doing that. >> would you do that?
7:44 am
>> my head is normally down in my lap holding on to a stranger next to me saying pet me like a puppy. just hold me sir. i have done that. >> seems like a good technique to me. >> it works every time. >> making new friends all the time. this morning employees at a michigan factory are sharing an unexpected windfall. listen to this. $6 million in bonuses. it was a surprise from their boss. chris licht, are you listening? gene reynolds with a gift only seen on cbs. >> we probably have the best worker force here in michigan. >> this soft-spoken owner has a heard of gold. >> i'm the son of a garbage man so i appreciate what they contribute. >> he's the chairman of huizenga group which until last month own
7:45 am
add pair of businesses. they design and build custom machines and systems for several industries, and with annual sales of $170 million, it's been a success. >> we sell equipment all over the world. >> it is a team of people. i'll take people over assets all day long. it was very appropriate when we sold the company that the employees should participate in the wealth we created. >> this is millions of dollars. >> that's true. >> reporter: the profit-sharing checks went out last month and added up to $5.75 million. most employees got checks ranging from $500 to $10,000. >> i thought one of the nicest gestures of any owner i had ever known of. >> in history. >> in history. >> reporter: some bonuses were over $50,000, the amounts based on years of service and job duties. >> the identity of the company
7:46 am
is to give and he encourages us to do that in the letter, to take what we've been given and pass it on. >> two kids in school one's in college and this is just the right time and what a blessing to us. >> the new owner wants to keep the work force in place. all of the employees are staying put. >> the new owner was a little concerned that we didn't make the bonuses too high because they wanted to make sure that everybody showed up for work the next day. >> they did. >> the turnover here is incredibly low, you know. nobody wants to leash. >> i can imagine. >> huizenga says he shelled is out millions because it was simply the right thing to do. >> the gratitude they showed was way beyond my expectation. >> that has to make you feel good. >> it makes me feel amazingly good. i would recommend it to anybody. it's great to be a giver very for "cbs this morning" dean
7:47 am
reynolds, holly, michigan. >> let's hope every boss owns that. >> it works. they say you get more out of giving than receiving. >> we know that's true. charlie. if that were you, i'd be getting what? >> a nice watch. >> a big watch. this time it was not an april fools' day joke.
7:48 am
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good morning. i'm michelle griego. investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire that killed a man in san francisco's north beach. it started about 10:00 last night on the third floor of a building on columbus avenue. the cargo backlog is cleared at the port of oakland. it had been stacking up for months due to a labor dispute. the port of -- the port of los angeles is still backed up so some cargo will take longer to reach its destinations. vta light rail service to and from the mountain view station will shut down for maintenance tonight. service will
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. it's improved on the roads. it's "friday light" in most spots. we are seeing slight delays on 880 northbound as you work your way through oakland. extra five to 10 minutes on your commute through there. elsewhere, westbound san mateo bridge looking good. still "friday light" here. no delays both directions eastbound also clear out of foster city to hayward. a little slow of eastshore freeway towards the bay bridge but it is looking a lot better. metering lights are on. here's elizabeth. >> hopefully get to sleep in today and enjoy a good friday off. here's a live look view over coit tower san francisco. it's a cooler start to our day. it's a wide temperature spread, as well. you will notice 41 in napa. 50 in san francisco. 47 actually just jumped up to 49 in mountain view. by later on this everyone a sunny, mild weather for everyone across the bay area. 66 in san francisco. low 70s in other places. big changes coming by tomorrow.
7:59 am
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♪ it is friday april 3rd, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including the final four. kentucky's poised to finish a perfect season. we'll ask nimrjim nantz if he thinks the wildcats can do it. first here's a look at today's "eye opener at 8." >> secretary kerry told me he has no idea if he can turn this into a signed accord with iran. top officials here say they were bracing for widespread criticism of the deal and were relieved when it didn't materialize. one student told me she lay under her bed listen to gunmen shoot students who were unable
8:01 am
to cite the koran. according to court records, those women were researching how to make bombs, discussing potential targets. jury ruled that chrysler failed to warn customers of a hazard associated with the 1999 jeep grand cherokee. three suspects were nabbed after the fbi staged a crime scene to make it look like their intended victim had been killed. crew members say they spotted jordan sitting on capsized sailboat 200 miles east of north carolina. >> you look so good after 66 days. >> there's a feature film already in the works. did you ever think maybe i'm a little too generous here? >> i'll take people over assets all day long. matthew mcconaughey is being paid $135,000 to make a commencement speech. yeah. yeah. folks, that works out to $4,000 per "all right." >> today's "eye opener at 8" is presented by prudential. >> on set. ready, 7. kucharly.
8:02 am
>> i'm charlie rose with gayle king. norah o'donnell is off. jeff glor is with us. iran's capital gave the country's chief negotiator a hero's welcome. in washington members of congress say they are waiting for the details of the deal to limit iran's nuclear program. >> secretary of state john kerry returned home this morning after eight days of negotiations. iran, the u.s. and five other nations have a framework in place, but more talks are needed. critics including israel's prime minister say it will not stop iran from making a nuclear bomb. the iran agreement will be among the topics when norah o'donnell sits in for bob schieffer this sunday on "face the nation." her guest, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum and south carolina senator lindsey graham. that's sunday here on cbs. customers of lumber liquidators want assurances their homes are safe. the company reported about 10,000 customers requested in-home air-quality tests after last month's "60 minutes" investigation.
8:03 am
that revealed the laminate flooring made in china contains high levels of formaldehyde. lumber liquidators sends testing kits to customers who request them. federal investigators are looking into the floor. pope francis presides over services today at st. basilica's. an emotional mass yesterday in rome. the pope washed and kissed the feet of 12 prisoners and an infant infant. the holy thursday tradition represents the ritual that jesus performed on his apostles before he was crucified. francis reminded the inmates that jesus showed his love by dying on the cross. we are at the end of march madness. four big-name teams meet this weekend to decide the champion of men's college basketball. on saturday, undefeated kentucky faces wisconsin, and duke plays michigan state. all these schools know the final four very well. so does jim nantz, the league play-by-play announcer for cbs sports.
8:04 am
he is covering his 25th consecutive final four pe. he joins us from the indianapolis convention center attached to lucas oil stadium. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i know you are really fired up. i can hear it in your setup there. >> yes he is. >> reporter: it sounded like you were calling it. there was a sportscaster coming out of you right there, charlie. >> i am a jim nantz wannabe is what i am. >> reporter: you pulled it off, man. you were way above and beyond. >> set it up for us because you know what i worry about, too many people want to see duke and kentucky has history, it has everything else that they may forget the fact that these two teams have very tough opponents. >> reporter: yes they do. i mean, wisconsin and michigan state both are certainly capable of not only winning on saturday but then backing it up with a victory on monday. that's the great thing. this is a final four just loaded. all four of these teams, i really truly believe it this year are capable of winning the two games it takes to win the title. and then you've got the four coaches. they're all either in the hall
8:05 am
of fame or will be one day. probably the greatest collection of four coaches we've ever had at a final four. >> and some really good players, too. >> reporter: yes we do. i mean let's just go through them here. for example, first game up you've got duke against michigan state. michigan state you'd have to say, is the surprise team here the only one that was not a number one seed but they rallied as tom izzo gets his team to do every year it seems, come tournament time. they've got travis trice who has been lighting it up and leading them to this remarkable achievement, making the final four. trice was terrific. he was the most outstanding player up in syracuse in the east regional going against a duke team that i believe got here primarily because of justice winslow. they have these three decorated freshmen. so winslow's been awesome to this point but, of course, everyone knows that ohkakafor is the guy you've got to watch. the freshman from chicago who was the a.c.c. player of the year, the first freshman to ever win that honor in that
8:06 am
conference. the later game on saturday is wisconsin. against kentucky. kentucky, again, brings this young talent like carl anthony townes. he scored 25 points. they were in the regional final against notre dame. they are loaded. they really are a selfless team. no one really ever kind of goes out there and townes did it the other day, but everyone averages around ten points a game. they divvy up the minutes and the points. it's been impressive to watch them put together the undefeated season. wisconsin is there to play them for the second straight year in the national semifinal with one guy that most people say is a national player of the year frank kaminsky the badgers, they all came back for this one more shot one more chance to come back to the final four and they've pulled it off. and who awaits? the team that they played last year in an epic showdown that came down to the last second. kentucky. >> that's why this is going to be such a good saturday game. on all counts. can you talk about the
8:07 am
strategies or styles of the different coaches, jim? you know them all. >> reporter: well, you know, really, listen. when you get to tournament time gayle, you've got to ratchet up the defense, if you will the intensity has to be raised up three or four notches. and i think we've seen that with every one of these teams. wisconsin, though is the one team in the country that turns it over the fewest. they foul the least. their opponents shoot the fewest free throws. they're very efficient. kentucky will shuttle a lot of players into the lineup. so they just keep having fresh bodies on the floor. duke and michigan state both have, again, turned it up on defense as they've made this tournament run. what does it mean in the end? i don't think anybody's going to win in a runaway here on saturday. much less monday night. and i think the games are going to be terrific. >> jim, really quickly, charlie and i only got two of our picks in the final four. gayle had three. is there any surprise that she's better at this? >> reporter: well, how about that? i got one, by the way. you all beat me.
8:08 am
>> listen, i am calling for duke to go all the way, but if they don't, then i'll switch to kentucky. but right now i'm really really, really pulling for all things duke. >> reporter: listen the whole duke vibe, man, i'm feeling it coming out through the satellite and everything. i know. i can feel it. gayle, i know you have ties to duke. >> yep. >> reporter: and charlie, you know, we know there's no bigger fan of the blue devils than you. >> we were watching you shooting the baskets, jim nantz. i'm a little concerned about your shot there. >> it looked good. mr. nantz, we've got to run, thank you very much sir. >> reporter: it's early. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> reporter: see you all. >> the file four begins tomorrow. on monday night, the championship game starts at 5:30 pacific time right here on cbs. is there something fishy about the fish oil frenzy? did you know there was one? well, there is. dr.
8:09 am
this morning's "eye opener at 8" is brought to you by prudential solving financial challenges for 135 years. prudential. bring your challenges. prudential solves financial challenges for 135 years.
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. ♪ in our morning rounds hooked on fish oil. it's one of the top nutritional supplements sold in the united states. but a new study is raising questions about the oil's safety including its impact on cancer patients having keemchemo therapy. does this mean if you're taking chemo therapy you can't take fish oil? >> reporter: a group of doctors
8:15 am
in amsterdam found that fish oil could block therapy by almost 50%. they gave fish oil to normal patients and showed that they could get levels in the blood that could inhibit mice. if i have something that i think may inhibit chemo, that study has never been done. when there's never been shown a benefit in patients with cancer of fish oil patients with cancer patients would avoid it. i want you to eat real food. i want you not to take fish oil capsules. and avoid the mackerel and the herring. there's a nice piece in the "new york times" earlier this week that there have been two dozen studies with fish oil capsules over the last decade or so.
8:16 am
all the recent studies have shown in benefit. i think that's because heart disease care has gotten much better. people thought fish oil capsules could prevent hasheart disease, et cetera cetera. but the studies don't support it. the rest of the fish you sell to the fish oil company. which would you rather eat? eat real food. >> the counsel for responsible nutrition said evaluations like government authorities show it's safe in small daily amounts. you say it doesn't help. can it hurt? >> that one example we gave of the patients getting chemo therapy, there's one study that showed a potential increase in prostate cancer. in general, up to three grams a day is probably safe. but again i'd push people to eat real food instead of the pills. >> up next "48 hours" --
8:17 am
>> reporter: what are the chances a husband loses two wives 17 years apart in freak accidents where he was the only witness? was it a coincidence or something more sinister? that's coming up on "cbs this morning." cbs morning rounds sponsored by flonase allergy relief. you are greater than your aler ergaese -- six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. the leading allergy pill only controls one, flonase controls six. and 6 is greater than 1. so roll down your windows, hug your pet dust off some memories, make new ones. new flonase. 6 is greater than 1. this changes everything. living with chronic migraine feels like each day
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♪ ♪ ♪
8:21 am
a romantic weekend away for a denver couple ends with a suspicious tragedy. a deadly fall raises new questions about a man who already lost one wife 17 years earlier. investigator peter van sant investigates. here's a preview. >> reporter: in 2012 they celebrated their 12th anniversary with a hiking trip to scenic rocky mountain national park. tony, a well respected eye doctor, harold a fund-raiser and their daughter haley appeared to be a happy family but everything changed when that hike captured in these photos ended tragically as toni fell 140 feet to her death. >> i had a sears of texts from
8:22 am
my brother harold regarding my sister toni. it say, barry, urgent. toni is injured. fall from rock. i'm the big brother that's supposed to take care of your sister. i can't do it. >> he told toni's family as well as investigators his wife accidentally slipped. >> toni died at rocky mountain national park. >> reporter: but brianm mosk got an anonymous tip. >> he said his previous wife died, lin. >> just like in toni's case, harold was the only witness. >> they had been on a drive. stopped the fix a soft tiefrmt
8:23 am
somehow she ends up under the jeep. the jack falls crushing and killing her. lynn's sister-in-law. >> what did you know about the circumstances of her death? >> that it was a freak accident. >> they also thought it was an accident. but when grace heard about toni's fatal fall she couldn't help but they back to lynn's death. >> lynn and toenitoni it was deja vu. i felt like i was reliving the same event. remote area efforts are limited, it's dark. it's the same scenario. >> federal investigators also learned there were large life insurance policies on both women. and in november 200614 two years after toni's death, harold was arrested and charged with her murder. >> this is either the unluckiest guy in the world or perhaps it's
8:24 am
something far more sinister. it could be murder. >> peter van sanlt joins us now. is harold the unluckiest man in the world? >> a jury's going to determine that this fall. but one thing about his first wife's dead when that car crushed her? she was the only woman in the entire united states to die in that fashion. so it's a very suspicious case. >> looks very suspicious. and right now he's only been charged with toni's murder. do you now think he could be charged with lynn's? >> prosecutors want to have that brought
8:25 am
good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. here are headlines around the bay right now. a san francisco man died in a fire in north beach. now investigators are trying to determine the cause. it broke out around 10:00 last night on the third floor of a four-story building on columbus avenue. a second person was injured in the fire. sentencing today for former santa clara county supervisor george shirakawa. according to the "mercury news," he acknowledged he was behind a campaign mailer back in 2010. the flyer was designed to help javier campos win a san jose city council seat. he called an opponent magdalena carrasco a communist sympathizer. shirakawa has pleaded no contest to a felony related to the flyer. and more cities are looking to get involved in the bay area
8:26 am
in bike sharing. oakland, berkeley, emeryville and san jose all considering the widely popular program. it allows people to rent bikes from kiosks by paying a daily fee or monthly membership. it's a big hit in san francisco. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. around here, we're all about fast. that's why xfinity is perfect for me. with millions of wifi hotspots all over the place - including one right here at the shop - now we can stream all things fast and furious. you've done it again, carlos!
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♪ with the fastest in-home wifi and millions of hotspots xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7 in theaters now. good morning. we had an earlier trouble spot along 880, slow on the
8:28 am
northbound side in oakland. everything is cleared but traveling is recovering. southbound 880 no problems to report. "friday light" through there. "friday light" at the bay bridge. still slow though off the eastshore freeway. metering lights are on. but still not seeing any delays as you work your way through there. and the san mateo bridge looks good both directions free and clear this morning. also smooth sailing on the golden gate bridge into san francisco. marin county commute looks goods. skip the freeways and use mass transit. bart right on time. caltrain and ace, as well. elizabeth? >> thank you, gianna. still seeing all that vitamin d, all that sunshine today. big changes in store for this weekend. here's a live look at current conditions out the door. so it's actually a little chilly outside in addition to that sunshine. temperatures mainly in the 40s to low 50s. 50 degrees in san francisco. 41 in napa. temperatures will jump up for everyone across the bay area. we are going to see 60s, low 70s by the afternoon. and then changes begin with clouds and cooler weather tomorrow. and then a chance of rain three
8:29 am
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. ♪ that is such a male thing to say. >> well, forgive me for being a man. >> mango or kiwi? >> oh, kiwi. >> bill on "moderate he were family" gets in touch with his feminine side for the sake of smooth skin. coming up dermatologist elizabeth hale shows us how to skip the frills of female skin care and possibly just borrow from the guy in their life. >> charlie and i do that on friday afternoons. a weekly thing. plus a bread giant breaks a tradition. we'll take you inside an historic new york bakery. see how it became the centerpiece of a classic jewish neighborhood. now it must rise to a new challenge. that story is ahead. the headlines from around the globe. "the washington post," former
8:31 am
pennsylvania representative walked across the keystone state by himself. he finished his 422-mile walk last saturday. it took him 25 days. he says the journey is a metaphor for his politics. he plans to run against senator patrick toomey next year pirchlts "cosmo" caused a bit of a social uproar. it ran a beauty trend article that some are calling racist today. the magazine showed side-by-side photos and only black women were examples of beauty that needed to rest in peace. "cosmo" released a statement saying some of these images were taken out of context, and it apologizes for any offense. cbs sports shows us the cover of "men's health" featuring a fit-looking rory mcilroy, the first-ever golfer to land on the front of the fog. inside mcilroy opens his shirt to reveal his muscular physique. the number one golfer in the world shows how much he likes to hit the gym.
8:32 am
>> he looks pretty good. i think he looks good. here we go. britain's "guardian" says france has voted to ban ultra-thin models. it would make it a crime to feature an anorexic on the runway. the measures applies only inside france but it could have impact around the world because paris, as you know is so important to fashion. and "the telegraph" says a garage attendant in italy destroyed a rare ferrari. he rammed it into a store. he apparently mistook the brake for the accelerator. the car was worth more than $400,000. the attendant suffered only minor injuries. on social media, people joked it was valet parking italian style. >> the owner of the car is a little upset, i would imagine. women shopping for skin care products might want to look in the men's aisle. yep, that's what they're saying. the men's aisle. "the new york times" highlights this growing trend that could save you money but there are some important differences you need to know before you buy. dr. elizabeth hale is the clinical associate professor of
8:33 am
dermatology at nyu langone medical center. it never occurred me to go to the men's aisle for beauty products. i didn't even know there was one. so let's start there. >> okay. first of all, it's a good thing. it's good to know that men now are being clued into the fact that we have to take care of our skin daily. so i think for years and years women have been used to applying products and buying more products. so it's really a multibillion-dollar industry. but men are finally catching on. but at this point, if you look at a men product side by side with the women's, the men's products are much less expensive. >> why is that? there's a big difference. look at that number. >> so you're getting the same thing in both packages just paying more? >> potentially. the active ingredients are very similar. whether you're a man or a woman, you want to think about daily sunscreen and antioxidants which can help protect from the damaging effects of the sun and environmental pollution. then people with more concerns about antiaging or pigmentation might look for products with
8:34 am
alpha hydroxy acids or retinols. that's across the board. the difference is really in some of the formulations because men tend to have thicker, oilier skin and they prefer something a little more alcohol or gel based whereas women tend to like things more luxurious and creamy like a mousse formulation. and they also tend to be -- the women's products tend to be packaged in more expensive bottles. so they might reach for a nice fancy glass bottle whereas a man prefers, you know basic plastic tube, less expensive. >> regards to whether you buy from the men's aisle or the women's aisle, what is it that we need to do for our skin? >> good. i'm glad you asked. the daily sunscreen -- >> good. you ask smart questions. i like how you did that elizabeth. good. that was good. >> women are used to putting makeup on. so they think about skin care. men really don't. many men shave. most men probably shave. that's where i try to introduce it. daily sunscreen number one. after you shave, try to apply a lotion with sunscreen. ideally it would have antioxidants which can further
8:35 am
protect against damage. when you're ready to think about antiaging, something to look young, something with the retinol or alphahydroxy acid. >> do you think it's difficult to get men into the skin care business? i think they've been doing it for a little while, don't you think? >> i think so. >> concerned about hygiene and the looks, it's no longer considered taboo to get a mani or pedi for a lot of men. >> exactly. it's living well eating well, exercising taking care of your skin. it's all about looking young. the men used to borrow their woem women's products. maybe the savvy women are borrowing from their men. >> do you moisturize? >> no. i really listen to her. a lot of things that i should do i don't. >> i don't either. i probably should. >> you should both moisturize. sun screen. >> i mean, i know women that have done this for a long time and their skin is amazingly good. over a decade. >> right.
8:36 am
it pays off. >> it does. >> it keeps you looking young and healthy. >> that's a very good thing. >> word is your skin is very good, too, charlie. >> great, great. >> maybe you can talk about this on "evening news" tonight. charlie's doing "evening news." >> moisturizing procedure on the "cbs evening news." the makers of a famous matza say they are flat out of options. jim axelrod is on the lower east side. >> reporter: business is strong at this matza factory, but the forces of change are even stronger. why this century-old tradition is leaving city life behind coming up on "cbs this morning."
8:37 am
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♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect
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with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ . good evening, i'm joe franklin, coming to you, as always, by good friends and sponsors beverages by hoffman, martin paints it ain't just paints, matza, the unleavened experience of a lifetime. >> unleavened bred. jim axelrod met the family behind it-he's on the lower east side to show us why their passover will be especially poignant this year. jim, good morning.
8:41 am
>> reporter: well, good morning from the lower east side of manhattan. you know, a century ago this neighborhood was teeming with immigrants. among them many jews from eastern europe who had come here in search of a better life. well, among the last of the family businesses from that era to still be operating here this matza factory, striet's but not for much longer. the one constant in the neighborhoods of new york city is change. but since 1915 you could always count on the streit family to be making matza on the lower east side and for the last 19 years in this factory. aaron yagoda is the great-grandson of aaron streit the austrian immigrant who started the business. it's almost like this is obviously a thriving business but it is a little bit of a museum. >> walk in and just turn the clock back 60 or 70 years, and close your eyes and that's what
8:42 am
life was like here. >> reporter: but this summer, that, too, will change. the last matza factory in new york city is moving. >> no one in this day and age would design a factory in four converted tenement buildings on the lower east side. >> reporter: and no one would design one without a proper loading dock. hard to believe but the world's second largest producer of matza still loads its boxes into tractor trailers idling curbside out front. as the streits know any company that stays stuck in the past no matter how celebrated it is, risks its future. yagoda and his cousins, allen and aaron, now make up the fourth and fifth generations to run the business. the factory, the equipment you have, the ovens you have they're all outdated. >> we can't find parts for anything. the ovens can't even get guys to come in to look at them to work on them.
8:43 am
we've looked for years. >> reporter: and so last year the company's board decided it was time to finally accept one of the many offers for their building developers had been making for years. and move to a spacious modern facility in the suburbs. >> it's going to be sad. it's going to be emotional. >> reporter: passover matza is prepared under a different set of rules than everyday matza, rules overseen by a rabbi. >> 18 minutes, right? so the time of the flour and water first touch, the whole process has to be done within 18 minutes, has to be outside the oven. so there's very strict time constraints on that. >> reporter: a few weeks ago they made their last passover matza ever in this factory. >> historians called this jewish plymouth rock. >> reporter: annie pollen teaches about jewish life on the lower east side at new york city's tenement museum. >> this is a place where jews came and for the first time had to figure out how to balance their jewish traditions with
8:44 am
america. >> reporter: between 1880 and 1924, 2.5 million jews came to america, many scratching out footholds on the lower east side of manhattan. streit's is among the last of the holdouts to resist the inevitable forces of change that had been transforming this neighborhood for decades. as the yiddish signs gave way to other languages. >> we're standing in front of the jewish daily forward building. and this building was built in 1912. and it housed the forward newspaper which was a socialist yiddish newspaper. >> reporter: what's in here now? >> condos. condos. >> reporter: come june the very last streit's matzo will be baked in this factory on the lower east side of manhattan. while jews around the world will sit down tonight to retell their story of their departure from egypt, the streit family will be contemplating its own exodus,
8:45 am
this time to new jersey where they've got a new factory ready to go. >> i think our biggest issue will be the last one to walk out, shutting the lights off. i want to shut the lights he can shut the door and we'll have to come up with that. >> reporter: streit's long ago started selling its matzo outside the lower east side. they now ship nationwide. in fact, streit's matzo is sold around the world including in many of those countries from which jewish immigrants left more than a century ago. gayle? >> all right, jim, thank you. there's they're certainly going to be missed because they have so much history there. >> it remains one of the most interesting places to visit in the world any time. >> great passover. >> great passover today. at least you can still get your streit's. we thank you jim. the most unforgettable moments of the week. that's coming up next on "cbs this morning." next on "cbs this morning." ♪ i've got to have faith ♪ ♪ baby, i know you're asking me to stay ♪
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♪ baby please please, please don't go away and say i'm giving you the blues
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we thank you for joining us jeff. >> good to be here. >> three years ago paul needham called to come here and he did. he's moving on. >> bye, paul you're going to be missed. should you pick me up or do i meet you. >> come to indianapolis. we'll see you. >> that does it for "cbs this morning." i'll be sitting in for scott pelley on cbs"cbs evening news" tonight. you can log on and watch any time on cbsn. go to as we leave you we look at the
8:50 am
week that was. >> bye paul. >> bye, paul. >> here it is. here's that headline that you're referring to that indiana is waking up to this morning. >> we don't support discrimination against anyone. that t law doesn't do that. >> he said this is a great start. >> the measure of this agreement can stand the test of scrutiny. >> the white house could face veto fights on both counts. >> how can you see the united states cooperate with syria. >> in our ground on our soil. they cannot defeat it with our kopgs. >> he's being picked over. >> the indictment makes for some eye opening reading. >> this is not how my career is going to end. >> for injuryjurors, there have been emotional moments including man who performed the autopsy on martin.
8:51 am
>> the nypd detective read him the riot act. >> the third host of the day le show is a 31-year-old south african who speaks six languages. >> they make it sound like a guy in leopard skin is going to come my way. ♪ >> a little song might help. irish ball add. >> you can do it. pick it off. when you do, don't dribble it. charlie, no comments about that string bean picture of mine you saw in high school versus the swollen one now. >> the scallops look so good i want to lick the screen.
8:52 am
>> he joins us only on cbs this morning. >> do you know the big mac theme song? >> yes. >> let's go. >> twoul all all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, tomato pickles on a sesame seed bun. >> the way his litty tummy bouncing all and down is so sexy. >> so what? >> sexy. ♪ >> that's a lovely fish. that's a lovely fish. >> you do have a fan. >> most are ugly. nobody can fail to look good next to some of these things. >> what's the most remarkable thing about him. >> humble patient, very patient, and just a really kind man. >> he's so patient. >> he makes his own clothes, he plays the piano.
8:53 am
>> opens the door for me. >> she was going like
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good morning. here is your spring break gift. the metering lights are turned off about a half-hour ago so now it's really quiet all across the span. no delay between oakland and san francisco. definitely good friday. definitely a holiday out there. here's a live look at our sensors on highway 4. we see a big improvement in the last 10 minutes but there was a wreck westbound approaching willow pass. we are still seeing sluggish conditions from around railroad. san mateo bridge also better than usual. moving at the speed limit for the most part westbound 92 a 13- minute drive time between hayward and foster city. unfortunately, we are still seeing those delays up and down the nimitz freeway. northbound traffic is still pretty heavy between san leandro and downtown oakland. but the drive time is just about a half-hour. or you can always ride mass transi
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