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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 3, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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right to feel safe especially in san francisco. >> the victim is in critical condition. san francisco police not releasing the suspect's mugshot until that victim can positively identify him. live in san francisco, maria medina kpix 5. developing news out of petaluma. investigators are still on the scene of the deadly accident involving a small plane. it's an ultra light aircraft that spiraled out of the sky crashing near petaluma airport. witnesses say it looked like the wing had folded. it happened about 12:30 today near adobe creek golf and country club. emergency crews rushed to the crash finding the ultralight plane a mangled mess. these types of planes have very small engines made of lightweight materials. but authorities say multiple people called 911 saying they saw that plane go down. the ntsb is investigating. authorities say the pilot was the only one on board and was declared dead at the scene. san francisco's police
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chief says eight of his officers deserve to lose their jobs suspending them after text messages were sent between more than a dozen officers in the department. chief greg suhr is recommending 7 officers be fired and an 8th already resigned. six other officers involved are still under review. the scandal could taint thousands of criminal cases. >> because the evidence of these racist texts affected the credibility of the officers, any case has to be looked at again. >> cases involving the officers as far as 10 years back will be reviewed. a full confession and an apology from two south bay teenagers accused in the death of audrie pott. she is the teenager who took her own life after a sexual assault that involved cell phone images. kpix 5's sharon chin on the unusual terms of the surprise legal settlement. sharon. >> reporter: allen, this wrongful death case was headed
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to trial next week. but today, a deal. it's one designed to clear audrie's name and prevent a similar tragedy. the story made national headlines after audrie passed out at a house party in 2012. she was sexually assaulted. she awoke to nasty messages written on her body. there were also cell phone photos shared amongst some classmates at saratoga high. in court today, two teenagers identified as john b and john r admitted their role in the attack and they apologized for everything that happened after. the false rumors and the humiliation that her parents say drove audrie to commit suicide. as part of the settlement, the boy's families will pay $950,000 but there's also this. the teenagers will be part of a documentary. they will be required to do interviews and talk honestly about what happened. what's more, each will have to make 10 presentations at high schools about the dangers of drinking, "sexting," nude photos and shaming. in their apology today, the
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teenagers called audrie, quote, a good and principled person who did not deserve what happened to her. a third teenaged boy reached a settlement with the pott family last month. in the newsroom, sharon chin, kpix 5. some fireworks in court today as a former santa clara county supervisor george shirakawa avoided jail time for sending out bogus campaign mailers. len ramirez reports, the judge had some strong words for the prosecutor. reporter: disgraced former supervisor george shirakawa was out of excuses and denials and stood before a judge to receive his due punishment. >> your honor, i failed to protect and serve my community. for that i apologize and i accept whatever punishment you give. >> reporter: shirakawa committed to cooking up a malicious campaign flyer in the 2010 city council primary between magdalena carrasco and javier campos. shirakawa's former aide. the flyer falsely said it was from carrasco and that she was a communist.
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it showed her next to the communist flag of vietnam, a highly offensive symbol to vietnamese-american voters. carrasco was narrowly defeated but came back to defeat campos last year. [ indiscernible ] >> i created that fryer. >> reporter: he was caught only because he licked the stamps before sending the flyers to voters. >> this was a very serious case. it had -- it affected the democratic process. >> reporter: the district attorney argued that shirakawa should get a year behind bars but the judge called that absurd and silly and said that the d.a. should get real. he sentenced shirakawa to 45 days of community service and three years' probation plus fines. shirakawa will also never be allowed to hold public office again. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> city council member magdalena carrasco said in a statement today, she hopes that shirakawa learned his lesson but she doubts that he acted alone. she said it's time for east san jose to move on and move ahead.
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well, starting tonight, extra eyes will be on the lookout for crime in san jose. the guardian angels are setting up shop. the group says just having its members wearing the red berets on the streets can help cut down on crime. >> we're basically a visual deterrent. you know, we're out there just to -- wherever there's problem areas we'll stand there and make our presence known. >> there are already guardian angel chapters in san francisco as well as oakland. one person's confirmed dead another injured in a san francisco apartment fire. it happened last night in the north beach neighborhood on columbus avenue. firefighters were able to confine those flames to the third floor and one apartment. the cause of the fire is unknown but we are told arson investigators are working the case. other bay area headlines. a vigil will be held tonight in concord for a 35-year-old mother who was stabbed to death by her husband. michelle davis graduated from concord high where the vigil will start at 7:00.
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she was killed at her home in arizona in front of 7 of her 8 children. her husband, john davis, stabbed her 13 times. take a good look at these faces. police hope they can catch the two men who beat up a cab driver in daly city. it happened last saturday at 3:00 in the morning. one of those suspects gave the driver money, then punched and robbed him. it's the first day of a 19- month closure of 29th avenue overcrossing in alameda county. that provides access across 880 between oakland and alameda. crews are taking down the old road and building a new one. the overcross will go re-open in october of 2016. lost in the middle of the ocean for two months! >> i was praying to god, you know, please protect me. >> how persistence and pancakes helped an inexperienced sailor survive 66 days at sea.
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>> how do you top a win on the amazing race? this bay area couple is going down the aisle with a bang. how they turned their save the date into an action movie. >> friday night and mobile weather is live at the corner of second and king streets just outside at&t park. we have the bay bridge exhibition series, the a's and the giants, but when it comes to weather, get ready for a whole different ballgame! it will not feel like spring for much longer. details coming up. ♪ at kaiser permanente
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everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ a very chilling revelation from the second black box of the doomed "germanwings" flight. investigators say that the copilot repeatedly sped up the plane as it descended into the french alps. that supports their theory that andreas lubitz purposely locked the pilot out of the cockpit and crashed the plane. all 150 people on board were killed. german prosecutors say the
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copilot's medical records referred to suicidal tendencies. in the airline's parent company, lufthansa airlines knew six years ago he had an episode of severe depression. tonight, iran's president is vowing to stick to the terms of a tentative deal that would alter its nuclear program. but as craig boswell reports, one of america's closest allies is skeptical. reporter: iranians celebrated in the streets over news of the nuclear agreement. iran's president hassan rouhani says the framework is just the first step and promised to stick to the agreement when the final details are ironed out. but at friday prayers, news of the deal was greeted with chants of death to america and death to israel! [ chants ] >> reporter: in a televised speech, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said iran is a threat to israel's existence. >> israel will not accept an agreement which allows a country that vows to annihilate
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us to develop nuclear weapons period. >> reporter: israel demands iran acknowledge's israel's right to exist as part of any final agreement. the white house says the president will not sign any deal that would pose a threat to israel. >> we have always said we will not sign off on any final agreement that doesn't meet our standards. >> reporter: under the agreement, iran would more than cut in half its uranium producing centrifuges to 6,000. they would open nuclear facilities to u.n. inspectors, then and only then would economic sanctions be suspended. u.s. officials say if iran violates the deal, then the sanctions which have crippled iran's economy can be reinstated immediately. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> negotiators have until june 30 to hammer out the finer details of that agreement. governor brown is taking the unusual step of releasing his personal emails. the governor released 113 pages sent from his personal account to his staff. this comes after the governor responded to the controversy over hillary clinton's use of
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personal emails while she was secretary of state. the governor said even though it's not required by state law, he has no problem releasing his emails. the "sacramento bee" which had made the request reports the emails are mostly routine and cover topics such as the high- speed rail and university of california. >> i wish i would have known about it. >> a driver is caught off guard busted for putting on lip balm. why police say her ticket is legit. >> a priceless sale. what this model is saying tonight about her $22,000
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an emotional reunion. a sailor lost at sea since january hugs his dad for th >> i was praying to god please protect me. >> reporter: louis jordan may be inexperienced at sailing but he is a master of survival. the 36-year-old was rescued thursday after spending 66 days stranded in the atlantic ocean. his story of survival started in late january. >> it was very bad weather. and the waves were huge. >> reporter: jordan, who had been living on the docked sailboat left south carolina to go fishing.
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somewhere at sea the weather turned bad capsizing and crippling his boat. >> the whole boat had turned around, and i was flying through the air somersaulting. and the ceiling was the floor and the floor was the ceiling. >> reporter: a german tanker finally spotted him thursday and called the coast guard. jordan walked off a helicopter after being flown to a virginia hospital. he remembers how he managed to survive for so long. >> i rationed my food and water. and i rationed my energy. every little thing i did, every cleaning chore, every sailing chore, every repair, took energy. >> reporter: after being treated for a broken shoulder, jordan will be released from the hospital today. don champion, cbs news, new york. jordan's sailboat named the an jet.
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he used the laundry to trap fish, better than a net. he ate pancakes two to three times a day. video shows a g.e. warehouse collapsing as consumed by flames. in louisville, kentucky. hundreds of firefighters have been battling the fire all day. the people living nearby were ordered to stay inside because the smoke. neighbors have been posting pictures of huge chunks of ash falling from the plant. snow word on the cause of the fire. a long break on wall street. markets closed today for good friday. in rome pope francis ended good friday services at the coliseum. holy week activities end on sunday when the pope says mass in st. peter's square. this is also the first
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night of passover. the eight-day jewish commemoration begins at sundown. passover remembers the israelites achieving freedom from slavery in egypt. a woman slapped with a $200 ticket her crime driving while using chapstick. the nevada woman thought that it was an april fool's joke when a state trooper pulled her over on wednesday. it certainly was not a joke. she was cited for putting on chapstick at the red light. turns out there's a local ordinance that says drivers must pay full attention to the road. >> he said it could be anything. drinking water, shaving your legs. >> drinking water or what?! along with the ticket, the woman got points against her driving record. officers say this is a good reminder that distracted driving tickets aren't just for using electronic devices. one san francisco couple is getting ready to tie the knot and they took their save the
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date announcement to a whole new level. quite a production. the "mission: impossible" style video entitled operation: save the date. they love puns. they come out of the ocean and defeat thugs to save the date. they say the fun doesn't stop there. >> we just decided to have a little more explosion so instead of a cake cutting at our wedding we are's going to have a cake explosion where we blow up a cake. >> okay -- they are holding the date card. it still needs to be guarded. you might recognize tyler. he won season nine of the amazing race. certainly you recognize the locale in the background and the golden gate bridge. all right. let's check with paul deanno see if we recognize the background there at at&t park.
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>> reporter: ah. it's a good background. it's a great background. it's baseball season. there's no better time of year than when baseball season starts. of course, we're not talking regular season games yet but we have our two local teams battling it out in exhibition baseball once again tonight. they will play tonight in san francisco at the corner of second and king. the gates just opened, folks are flocking in. we are seeing a decent amount of green and yellow some a's fans here and, of course, we wrap up the three-game series with the game in oakland tomorrow afternoon. it is sunny and breezy in san francisco right now. that sunshine is going away for a while starting tomorrow. big time changes coming to our weather. a much-needed change but it's going to be a shocking one nonetheless. 70s for a few of you. 68 san jose. 60 san francisco. 60 san bruno. another chilly night tonight. livermore 42. napa 42. fog at the coast near the water, san francisco 50. redwood city 44.
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san jose 45. here's the setup. we have a lunar eclipse overnight tonight. 4:58 to 5:03. only five minutes of totality but if you are up early in the morning, we may have clear skies away from the water, you will catch a lunar eclipse where the moon turns red because the light bending at earth is red so the moon looks like a blood moon more a few minutes overnight into tomorrow. high pressure hanging out all winter long. now that we're in spring, it's going away from spring break, too. that will allow low pressure to move in. it's a strong one. gave some thunderstorms to the pacific northwest earlier this week. that will drop into northern california this weekend and changes begin as soon as tomorrow where we go cloudy. now watch futurecast. you will see a lot of gray on your television screen or your tablet or your smartphone. as we stop the clock on sunday morning, that green is rainfall. there will be rain on easter sunday especially easter sunday morning and that is the first of a few rain chances that will move into the bay area starting this weekend. so patchy fog along the coast.
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otherwise we're cool and clear overnight tonight. the cooling begins on saturday and then clouds and showers move in on easter. i know a lot of you have outdoor plans on easter. it may be impacted by the weather. certainly not an all-day washout but there will be showers or rain at times on easter sunday. highs tomorrow 66 in santa rosa. not as warm. san francisco 62. san jose 66. we are pretty cloudy in fairfield 67. napa 67. oakland for the game tomorrow a's and giants at 65 degrees. look at sunday. highs near the bay will not hit 60. windy, showers, much cooler. monday we're dry to start the day but by monday evening the rain comes back and right now tuesday looks like it has the potential to be a steady soaking rain at times with highs once again in the 50s and 60s. we may see .25" to half inch of rainfall coming up on tuesday. tonight it's about baseball. we are just getting ready for the regular season where it's brisk and breezy every night at
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at&t park. so it's fitting it should be that way here again. ironic they spent the past six weeks in arizona. they are back here for a few games, they open the season in arizona. they go back and play the d- backs and the giants won't have another game here at at&t until a week from monday. >> the moon is turning orange for the giants. i don't know how the a's fans feel about that. >> i like that to start the season. if the moon turns green, we have a problem. so i'm actually glad -- >> bigger problems than that, right? >> we don't want the moon turning green. that would be bad. >> no. all right, paul, enjoy it. thanks. see you at clock. a price is right model made a pricy mistake. but the contestant on the show loved it. she accidentally handed over a new car to the woman. go ahead, manuela. no! oh!!
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>> i won it! >> see what she did there? the contestant had three tries to guess the car's price. she only had to use one before the big whoops. the host took to twitter saying the model is not in any trouble and the contestant gets to keep the car. the model also tweeted, for those of you asking, the producers and drew couldn't have been more supportive and understanding. i'm not in trouble. whew. so she gets to keep her job. spotty internet tv troubles no way out. the service is bad but you're stuck with the contract. consumerwatch on what you can do to break up with your bundle.
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city, we're stilt laughing at the price is right model. this is a common complaint people who say their phone, tv or internet isn't isn't what was promised but are locked into the multi-year contract. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter
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julie watts says getting out isn't easy but there may be some relief. >> the way it was. >> reporter: howard's bundled service isn't exactly a bundle of joy. he says his tv reception and internet reception is inconsistent. >> sometimes it quits and freezes. >> reporter: after several failed attempts to fix the problem, levinson finally asked at&t to cancel his contract. >> they said, yeah, you're going to have to pay a fee to get out of that. >> reporter: early termination fees are pretty common. and in levinson's case, hundreds of dollars. >> it's a ridiculous situation. >> reporter: for gina costa a consumer watchdog group says at&t's contract which all customers must sign doesn't stipulate the company will provide cuss miles an hour good service. >> there's a section called disclaimer of warranty. >> reporter: it just has to provide customers a service. >> at&t makes no warranty that the services will meet your requirements. >> reporter: but it does specify that early termination fee. >> under the terms of the agreement, you're stuck.
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>> reporter: so what can an unhappy customer do? well, first, keep a record of all the service problems. then contact the company every time you have one. and ask for credit or complimentary service each time. both at&t and comcast say they will provide credit if they can't fix a problem but levinson says they could fix them by letting you out of your contract. >> personally i think it's unfair to tell people you're going to give them all these services and then not perform. >> reporter: now, after consumerwatch got involved, at&t agreed to let mr. levinson break his contract with no penalty. in most cases there isn't an out but you should get credit for poor service or outages. and remember, if you have a consumer problem, give us a call 888-5-helps-u. >> i love that that's no warranty that says we are going to provide what you really think you're getting. >> they are not saying they are going to provide good service. none of these contracts -- it's not just at&t.
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none of these services will say we're going to perform to your expectations. >> but to get out of it there has to be some trick or something. >> well, getting out of the contract is not so easy but getting them to pay you back for things you're unhappy which that's the trick. you have to call every time. be consistent. call every time something goes wrong. and you may end up getting enough reimbursements to cover your bill. >> that would be nice.
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toilet sink. before you say no way, see how it works and how much water it >> rose: millions are hit by spring storms. also tonight, a sharp decline in hiring could be winter's parting shot. chrysler's ordered to pay $150 million after a four-year-old is killed by an exploding gas tank. steve hartman's "on the road" with two boys whose lives just changed forever. >> my mind was just blown. it blew! captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. this is our western edition this is our western edition the holiday weekend is beginning with severe weather bearing down on some nine million americans.


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