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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 9, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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ad. it was the list no airport wanted to top but coming in at number one in an "associated press" investigation was san francisco international airport, with 37 perimeter breaches in a decade. in a news conference this morning, sfo spokesman doug yakel tried to spin the dubious distinction. >> we chose to provide this level of detail so i would submit to you that in terms of how we compare to other airports, i would say we shared the most information on perimeter issues of any airport. >> reporter: of the 37 breaches, yakel said 6 were boaters and windsurfers passion the 200-yard buffer zone around the runways in the san francisco bay. another 4 breaches were along the fence lines. but yakel said by far, the largest problem was the homeless, accounting for 16 incidents. >> we do have a homeless shelter that is adjacent to the airport perimeter. we have been in extensive outreach with that homeless shelt ever and our goal is to ensure that the occupants of that homeless shelter keep a
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safe distance away from the airport perimeter. >> reporter: on the northern edge of sfo sits safe harbor and 99 beds. the ceo says the suggestion his clients are the problem is false. >> in the 15 years we have operated safe harbor we have had only one incident of our residents going into the airport property. so it's not true. >> i actually think somebody probably misstated the facts. but they do know very well that it's not due to us. >> reporter: of the 37 breaches, 2 people had access to planes. one at a corporate jet facility on airport property, the other the son of a pilot who wandered into a secure zone. >> i would tell you that the goal is always zero. >> reporter: now, at the moment, sfo is averaging about 3 to 4 security breaches per year as you heard, their goal is zero. now, oddly enough a few minutes ago i had a san francisco police officer walk up to me here and say, hey, you know the real problem is safe harbor, right? so it's an ongoing situation nobody is quite sure who is at fault. live at sfo, andria borba, kpix
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5. well, sfo wasn't the only one. mineta san jose airport came in at number 5 on the ap list. oakland airport was not on the list at all. it may be 911 that has the emergency. a california lawmaker is calling out a flaw he says has been fatal. new at 6:00 kpix 5's maria medina live with the fight to fix it. maria. >> reporter: and veronica, one woman called 911 but instead of getting help, she says she watched her husband die. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> reporter: it's a call for help one woman says didn't get answered quick enough. >> richard did not make it. >> reporter: she told lawmakers thursday morning how 911 failed her. >> the dispatch informed me that she could not forward my call without an address. by then, i realized richard was turning purple so i handed the phone over to a friend who continued to describe our location. >> reporter: the 911 flaw was at the center of a hearing at the capital tracing emergency calls made from cell phones. if i were to call 911 from a
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home here dispatchers could only see my approximate location. and that means officers might have to knock on every, single door on this block to find me. >> when 911 comes in sometimes it comes off a cell tower or in an approximate area. it doesn't give us an exact location so it could be a house down the block from where we start from. >> reporter: according to the california chapter of the national emergency number association in 2013 alone, dispatchers couldn't tell the location of more than half of all 911 calls made by cell phones in our state. >> when they are victims of crime, seconds count. when you have a medical emergency seconds count. if we can have an exact location right away it would help to save more lives. >> reporter: and last year, san bernardino woman called 911 to report she had been attack. she did not give an address. it took police 20 minutes before they could find her. but by that time, she was dead. in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. some new questions tonight
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whether pg&e is just too big to operate safely. those concerns as the utility was hit with a record fine. california public utilities commission approved a $1.6 billion penalty for the san bruno pipeline explosion. eight people died there, 66 others injured. the cpuc found pg&e broke 25 state and federal laws. and even now the agency's president questions whether safety is a priority. >> i still am troubled that i can't say whether we -- we really see that culture of safety and attention to detail that we need from a large utility that maintains such a large infrastructure that -- that is potentially dangerous at the same time essential. >> you couldn't put a value on eight lives and that's why we have been working so hard in their memory. we never want this to happen anywhere again. >> the fine today will be paid by the company and its
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shareholders, not the ratepayers. adding in other penalties, the total pg&e payout now totals $2.2 billion. in a statement, pg&e says their focus is on moving forward to complete the important safety work that they set out to do. a sobering warning from water experts. the drought may get far worse than we thought. reporter ron jones with worries the drought may last for years. >> we have to take action. >> reporter: dubbed drought four years and counting, this briefing at the crest theater in sacramento featured a panel of state, federal and local environmental and wildlife officials. >> and we are all in this together. >> reporter: the audience sprinkled with water district managers and community leaders from across the state. the panel chaired the latest drought statistics and projections. their purpose? sound the drought alarm louder. >> we don't to if it's going to rain next year or the year after that.
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>> reporter: state officials say californians should brace for a possible australian type drought. that country was hammered with dry conditions for ten long years. with the state's record low snowpack and diminishing reservoir levels who knows when significant snow and rain will come? >> we need to prepare no as if it won't. >> it's a real problem. >> reporter: many people we spoke with embracinged the conservation mandate. the panel says even those californians who get it stop the finger-pointing and focus on individual efforts. >> the average californian knows the drought is serious. the average californian thinks they are doing something about it and they think their neighbor is not. >> that was ron jones reporting there. the state's water resources control board is expected to vote on mandatory drought restrictions next month. and we could see a spike in west nile virus cases because of the drought. a lack of water is forcing birds and disease-carrying mosquitos into more urban
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areas. the california department of public health reported more than 800 cases of west nile last year. santa clara county had the most in the bay area with 10. apple has lifted a ban that will allow felons to help build its new cupertino campus. the company says it only applied to people who had felony convictions within the past 7 years. apple says a few applicants were turned away because of its unique background check process. however, it says that it believes in second chances and has lifted the ban. think the bay area commute is bad now? local leaders say it could turn into a real-life nightmare if congress doesn't act quickly. checking in with liz right now it all comes down to money. >> reporter: most things do, kenny. the national highway trust fund pays for all kinds of projects and helps keep transit running. the problem is, it expires at the end of may and without it,
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transportation funding will suddenly dry up. the stand-up for transportation rally in san francisco was meant to send a message literally. people signed a bus urging lawmakers to pass legislation to keep the money pouring in. without it, they warn buses and trains would stop running. it would put the brakes on road improvement projects and they say the effect would immediately be seen on streets and highways. remember how bad things were during the bart strike? >> can you imagine if all 28 transit agencies in the entire bay area suddenly had no funding and they all had to stop? and that doesn't even begin to talk about our highway system and everything else. so it would be complete chaos here. >> reporter: this was just one of several rallies held around the country today. the deadline to get a bill passed is may 31. veronica, back to you. >> liz, thank you. there's i a flaw in new parking meters in san jose. when a large truck drives by some of the meters reset to zero because of the design. the motion sensors in the
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meters mistake the heavy vehicle for a car leaving the parking spot. this little hiccup has led to hundreds of parking tickets. many people say the city should have never made a switch. >> they should have just stuck with the old school method. it worked and seemed to be you know -- it's worked for a long time. >> old meters, without a doubt. it's easier. it's easier. it's not broke, don't fix it. >> the faulty meters are mostly downtown near the courthouse. the city has acknowledged the problem and says the reset function has been disabled on dozens of meters. this same type of them happened in walnut creek last year. at least 100 drivers got tickets because of a glitch in the meters. just like in san jose, the sensors in the meters were too sensitive. vice president joe biden and his wife dr. jill biden are visiting the bay area tonight. vice president attend a
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political event in san francisco this evening. sources say that he will join nancy pelosi to raise money for house democrats. tomorrow, biden will visit a pg&e center in oakland to discuss the importance of investing in job training programs. his wife jill is scheduled to visit de anza college in cupertino tonight. mrs. biden will talk about the importance of community colleges. the race to clean up cement spilled into an east bay waterway. the damage already done and who is to blame. coming up. >> and hanging on for the ride, this dangerous stunt prompting a warning from police not just for the guys on the bus. >> and a big-time fixer-upper sold for over the asking price. even in this condition, it's a steal. the new owner's big plans. >> big plans for the weekend, we have the forecast coming up. it looks pretty good. but then some changes coming into the bay area this week as we look at the time lapse over berkeley.
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truckloads of cement spilled into a creek and everything in a half mile can be killed. it drained into the creek in the oakland hills. kpix 5's da lin learned in the last hour more on how it happened. da. >> reporter: yeah, veronica. east bay m.u.d. is saying that it will take them longer to clean up the cement at least until monday. they have expanded the affected area to more than a half mile. we don't know how big exactly, they haven't released the distance, already the spill has killed countless bugs and insects and now we are starting to see birds being affected by it. someone found a bird coated in cement and couldn't fly. it's been taken to a rescue
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center. we also spotted a dead bird that was covered in cement. game wardens believe there are more affected birds and animas out there. the spill happened yesterday morning. east bay m.u.d. says a worker accidentally opened a valve and allowed about 12 truckloads of cement to spill into glen echo creek. >> that's pretty bad and that half mile creek is dead period. pretty much everything that was in the creek, which is is invertebrates and plants, has been killed. >> reporter: much of the cement had hardened. workers have to break it into chunks and remove it one bucket at a time. they are also using vacuums to speed up the work. we don't have the full extent of the impact or the damage on the ecosystem. but game wardens say it's fair to say it's going to take months if not years for the creek to return to normal. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. oakland police zeroing in on suspects in the killing a music
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over the weekend. they released these photos today. police want to talk to the two people that you see here. they are also looking for a silver mercedes that is described as the suspect vehicle. four-door f-series sedan. that shooting happened saturday night near 14th and broadway. berkeley musician emilio nevarez was packing up after a gig. he was hit in the neck by a stray bullet as he was carrying his equipment out of a club. police say that the shooting happened up the street. two other people got into an argument. men posing as water direct or construction workers are targeting san jose homes. police say these are two of the men involved in burglaries. there could be as many as three others involved in the scheme. they are responsible for at least three break-ins at the end of march and there may be more. each time they have come to the front door wearing hardhats and construction vests. from there, they will tell the
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person who answers that they need to do some maintenance work. >> the ruse they are use something they typically will distract the homeowner by asking them to get to the rear or side of the house while their partners enter through the front of the house and burglarize the homes. >> each time the burglars have left in either a white suv or pickup truck. the suspects also had radios and talked to each other in spanish. when we showed you one of the cheapest houses to hit the market in southern marin county a year ago, many considered it a complete teardown. not only did this house sell, it went for above asking price. it happens a lot around the bay area. a steal at $425,000. allen martin reports. >> reporter: when we showed you the fixer-upper in larkspur a year ago, it looked like this. today, it's -- well, it's sold. >> i looked at it for at least
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a year driving by an thinking, man, that would be a great project. >> reporter: keith fontana is the proud new owner of -- well, like he said, a project. >> so the porch leaning the steps almost gone, the caution tape, none of that deterred you? >> no. i have been doing this for 20 years. >> reporter: doing this as in he is a contractor. but it turns out two other people made offers on the place in its as is condition also knowing the city wouldn't let them tear down the historic 1905 honeymoon cottage, as it's known. so to get it keith paid $70,000 over asking price. still, $425,000 in a town where the average house price is a million and a half? bargain. >> everything under that brown roof is actually in fairly good shape. if you look at everything that -- the porches and what's been added on over the years is falling off. >> reporter: he has to first get a demolition permit to tear down what's on the outside of
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the house. then the house gets moved over. best-case scenario, he might be able to move in by the end of the year. yup. he's not going to flip it for a big profit. he is going to live in it with his girlfriend and two children. of course, after it's moved on to a foundation, which there is none right now, and a master bedroom and bath get added on upstairs. >> even in the state it's in it feels homey and warm. it's inviting. >> reporter: but with the front entrance not very inviting, there's no choice but to go around back. >> so when this wall is gone, this is going to open up into the family room? >> correct. this will be the family room living room here. >> reporter: even though he closed the sale in june, it's taken this long to get started. that's with the city's cooperation as well as neighbors. >> i have never been in a neighborhood where i can honestly say all the neighbors -- all the neighbors are very cool. >> reporter: considering the
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life and family he is bringing back to the cottage, why wouldn't they? in larkspur, allen martin, kpix 5. >> yeah. so the cheapest two-bedroom listing that we found in larkspur was for $515,000. that was on zillo. and brian we were talking about this, a lot of stuff in that neighborhood will go for over a million dollars. >> in larkspur you can get just an ordinary ranch style house nothing special no view no nothing and it's 1.1, 1.2 million. >> he is going to live in an historic home. >> everything is that price. >> silicon valley, absolutely. but in marin, i mean, larkspur, the school district, that's what that's always the story. the story with the weather is we had a lot of sunshine today. a few high clouds up top. as we look at the time lapse from the lawrence hall of science, with clouds from time to time, made for a pleasant
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thursday. the numbers: >> high pressure is reaffirmed control over the west coast. even as this little slow spinning abeam southern california, the high will have the influence on our weather. it will cool before warming next week. it will lead to a chance of rain northern california, maybe all the way down to sonoma county. on the other hand, maybe not. that's monday and tuesday. the rest of us looks like it's going to be sunny and dry through the period. futurecast shows that we have a mostly sunny friday on tap. there's sunrise. as time goes on, see a few high clouds again like today. temperatures will come up tomorrow as high pressure builds. so weekend warmup it won't be big time but a few degrees a day. that's all we ask. dry for most for a week. the for most means that the extent may be in sonoma on monday and it will cool off for
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everybody a little on monday. overnight lows 47 vallejo, 46 concord. 45 livermore. daytime highs tomorrow, a little bit warmer than they were today. 72 at livermore and 70 in san ramon. pleasanton lives up to its name. 69 for napa. and up in sonoma county, at santa row 67 degrees. in the extended forecast, it will look nice friday through the weekend. numbers will be in the mid-70s inland. near 70 at the bay. at the shoreline not a bad beach weekend. next week cooling down be a few clouds monday and tuesday. then we turn around and we'll leave you the way we began, with a beautiful finish to a thursday. >> 70s work. >> not so bad. >> we'll take it. thank you. so we have all had it happen. you park in a garage, you forget where your car is. well, it may not look like much now. but the garage that's being built at valley fair mall in santa clara is going to try to solve that problem. it's going to have a digital
6:22 pm
navigation system. drivers will be able to punch in their license plate at a kiosk and find out the floor, aisle and stall number they are parked in. that garage is expected to open in november. still ahead, not the normal way you would hitch a ride. this video catching the attention of police. >> and will you be the first to
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it took tennis legend serena williams, fencing champion tim morehouse and the rockettes years to master their craft. but only moments to master paying bills at depositing checks at the atm and transferring funds on the mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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it is a dangerous stunt. people hanging off the back of a bus riding through town. reporter crystal cruz with the video and the warning not just for the people doing it. >> reporter: cell phone video shows two men performing a stunt police aren't impressed by. >> it all looks like fun and everything else. but all the fun stops when somebody falls off the back. >> reporter: the men are seen
6:25 pm
on cell phone video with backpacks hitching a ride on the back of a bus driving 40 miles per hour through the city of san bernardino. >> at that speed if they were to fall off there's no way that that car could stop before they hit one of those people. >> reporter: one of the bus surfers even waves at a passerby. [ screaming and cursing ] >> reporter: the video has gone viral. one person posted, talk about a free bus ride. another wrote, sometimes you got to save a dollar 50. the bus is actually $1.75. but the legal repercussions of bus surfing or shooting video of it could be far steeper. >> if you film it and think it's funny and all of a sudden there's an accident then you could be held liable for whatever happens. >> we do have cameras on board our buses. it's primarily to report what's happening inside the bus. >> reporter: the driver can only see what's happening in front of the bus not behind it. bus surfers looking for a free ride are encouraged to think about the rides that follow after a fall down like a ride
6:26 pm
to the hospital or worse morgue. >> i also kind of look at it as a mother. i think, you know, both could get hurt. >> reporter: it appears to be an isolated incident but police discourage it but if someone falls and causes an accident, then legal action could be taken against him. reporting in san bernardino, i'm crystal cruz kpix 5. in the next half-hour were police targeting people based on race? this video raising questions in one bay area police department. >> plus, the new dashcam video that shows the moments before a white police officer shoots and kills an unarmed black man. >> plus, apple about to enter the world of smartwatches.
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welcome back. your top stories now at 6:30. airport officials at sfo are doing some damage control tonight. a report by the "associated press" says sfo has the most perimeter breaches of any
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airport in the country. airport officials say special cameras increase patrols and a perimeter intrusion system have been added to reduce the number of breaches. pg&e slapped with a record- breaking fine. a $1.6 billion penalty for the san bruno pipeline explosion. the utility is not challenging the fine. the cpuc found pg&e broke 25 state and federal laws with other penalties the utility winding up paying $2.2 billion. and truckloads of cement have been spilled into an oakland creek putting surrounding wildlife at risk. an east bay m.u.d. crew spilled the cement yesterday while trying to repair an old pipe. already, some birds have been coated in cement. some have died. the clean-up will take months. there's new video out that some say shows racial bias among some san francisco police officers. christian hartnett shows us
6:31 pm
what happened during some undercover drug stings. >> reporter: sf weekly obtained this body cam footage that shows an asian woman approaching a police informant in san francisco's tenderloin. she may be offering drugs. but the informant's attention is on a black woman next to him who was on the phone. they talk and then the video cuts to the informant in a car. he explains why he chose to buy drugs off the black woman instead. >> when the other girl act like she wasn't paying attention on the phone, i want the [ censored ] >> reporter: during more surveillance footage you can hear someone make a racial comment. [ censored ] bm. >> reporter: bms is police lingo for black males. >> i think it's disturbing. ity it shows discriminatory selectsive enforcement of the law. >> reporter: chief attorney matt gonzalez of the public defender's office says operation safe schools showed an implicit racial bias in the all black drug dealing roundup. attorneys for those arrested
6:32 pm
have asked for charges to be dropped but legal analyst melissa griffin-caen says racial bias doesn't erase the crime. >> when there's evidence you sold drugs for money whether or not you're part of a group that was targeted does not technically get you out of that conviction. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of the creation of three task forces by the d.a.'s office involving among other things racist and homophobic text messages sent by san francisco police officers. in san francisco, christian hartnett, kpix 5. we are seeing new video of a deadly confrontation between a white south carolina police officer and the unarmed black man. until now, a cell phone video showed only part of the incident. reporter omar villafranca with the video that shows how it all started. >> reporter: newly released dashcam video shows now former north charleston police officer michael slager talking with walter scott moments after slager pulled him over for a broken taillight saturday.
6:33 pm
>> license and insurance card. >> reporter: scott is heard saying he didn't have a registration because he was planning on purchasing the mercedes. but moments after slager returned to his patrol car, scott took offer and both men ran out of frame. that's where the cell phone video picks up the story. slager fires eight times as scott is running away. slager is also seen dropping something next to scott's body. he is now charged with murder. records show the officer a coast guard veteran had two other complaints during his five years on the force. one was a 2013 complaint filed by this 33-year-old man. >> like [ indiscernible ] threw my hand up and i still tased me. >> reporter: naacp chapter president scott says the police force needs to be more accountable to the community. >> what we have to do is not just to get some video, to get them convicted, there has to be consequences for the behavior of these officers. >> reporter: slager is currently being held without
6:34 pm
bond. omar villafranca, cbs news, north charleston, south carolina. another scandal for the secret service. a senior supervisor has been accused of sexual harassment. the "washington post" reports the agent tried to kiss one of his female subordinates after coming back from a party last month. he then tried to grab her when she resisted. the secret service director calls the allegations disturbing. >> over the past several months i have made extensive personnel changes in senior leadership in an effort to bring about positive change. >> the senior supervisor facing charges is on indefinite leave. tomorrow apple starts taking the preorders for its new smartwatch. the company expects to sell out of them the same day but will it live up to all the hype? cnet's brian tong takes a look. >> reporter: more than 7 months after debuting the apple watch the time has finally come for its release. scott stein has been trying it
6:35 pm
out. >> it's one of the most feature packed ambitious smartwatches. but it's doing it at the expense of elements like price and battery life. >> reporter: with prices ranging from several hundred dollars for the sports version to several thousand dollars for the 18-karat gold edition, it may be a tough sell to the average person. >> it's really up to people to decide whether they want to spend $350 to $17,000 on an accessory or whether they just want to stick with their phone. >> reporter: it works with newer iphones lets you stay connected track fitness play music and use apple pay and tap into apps. >> it's easy to send texts, audio messages, make speaker phone calls. the fitness app in particular seems well thought out. >> reporter: but the battery only lasts a day while other smartwatches last up to 7 days. >> it's less like a watch you would wear every day without interruption and a little more like a powerful computer that you have to charge more. >> reporter: they are far from mainstream.
6:36 pm
it could be a boost to the market. >> all that is going to make a lot of competitors stipulate step up their game but may open the door for lower priced products with longer battery life. >> reporter: if you are thinking of getting one aside from price and function, here's something to consider. >> how you interact with your phone whether you want to keep it in your pocket and use something on your wrist instead. >> reporter: for the latest news and reviews on the apple watch go to in san francisco, brian tong, cnet. >> don't expect it to look like the others. coming up, kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts will explain what it will take to check out the apple watch in stores tomorrow, what's different. also ahead, off limits. the questions that compan
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6:38 pm
on the over of the apple watch launch apple diehards are eager to get their hands on the latest tech must-haves. >> on our consumerwatch, julie
6:39 pm
watts says when the watches become available don't expect to camp outside the store and go home with a watch. >> reporter: there are some big changes this time around. apple won't be selling these watches in the store. apple watch orders will be accepted exclusively online beginning at midnight on friday. and if you want to try before you buy, you have to make an appointment to meet with an apple store staff. then place your order online using one of apple's in store computers. the first apple ship later this month. apple expects to have more demand than supply as usual. not a problem for the more than 3,000 people who have already signed up to rent the new apple watch. on the try before you buy gadget rental site, "lumoid." in other consumer news, paying for cell phone minutes could soon be a thing of the past. sprint announced it's joining t- mobile and others who let customers make phone calls using wi-fi instead of minutes. a handy feature that enables you to save or prepaid minutes
6:40 pm
and more importantly, allows you to make calls in areas with poor several service but where you have wi-fi like all of san francisco. verizon and at&t are also planning to introduce wi-fi calling this year. is diet soda good for the diet? a group doesn't think so citing research that suggests artificially sweetened products contributes to weight gain and they are calling on the fda to take the word diet off the can. other studies show that diet beverages are an effective tool as part of an overall weight management plant. neither the fda or ftc have commented. remember if you have and consumer story idea call us at 888-5-helps-u. >> so much going on. >> right. >> thank you. >> i'm pretty sure it has artificial sweetener in it. >> it does but did doesn't have the word diet in it.
6:41 pm
>> thank you. still ahead, how personal is too personal in a job interview? the questions you don't legally have to answer even if they ask. >> we have some of the most mild weather in the world. they are getting hit by tornadoes west of chicago. we'll show you the radar images and get you updated on that and our own forecast looking ahead for the weekend in a minute. >> hey, got a good one in sports this thursday. youth is served at the masters. >> said i need a tape recorder that just plays -- [ indiscernible ] >> a's and giants baseball a little afternoon delight. and kentucky basketball, boy, did they pay the price for the loss in the final four. all that straight ahea
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a bunch of people are going to sleep out on the streets tonight. they are not homeless. they're doing it to make a point. i'll explain tonight on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. well, it's always a guess what they will ask you in a job interview of course.
6:45 pm
but some questions are not just awkward, they are illegal. believe it or not. reporter lauren lister on what companies are not allowed to ask you. >> reporter: duane ruben now works for the new york city parks department. but when he was looking for work, he says the job interviews all had something in common. >> there's no telling what type of questions that they are really going to ask you. >> reporter: but there are questions an employer can't ask. have you ever been asked a question that you thought might be illegal? >> yes. i was once asked how old i was and i replied, well, what difference does that make? i mean, i know that that's not a question that you're supposed to ask. >> reporter: accountant lil nickelson is correct but she may know more than some hiring managers. about one in five employers has asked a candidate a question they later discovered was illegal. >> it's not relevant. it's not something that would determine whether you would be able to perform in that job or not. >> reporter: questions deemed off limits include what is your
6:46 pm
religious or political affiliation, married, pregnant, disabled or in debt, do you drink or smoke socially do you have children or plan to? jennifer has heard that one before. >> they avoided asking it directly but they asked if i was hoping to have a family soon. >> if candidates feel they have been asked illegal questions, career builders' rosemary says they can take legal action. >> if you really wanted to do that you can file a claim with the government to have that company reviewed. >> reporter: lauren lister, cbs news, new york. we are going to review him right now. >> me sow good he is. >> the weather is great. >> a plus in the weather it. >> our storm pushed into the midwest and it's combined with cold air coming down from canada and look what's happening west of chicago
6:47 pm
tonight. about two hours ago a massive tornado on interstate 39 just a few miles north of rochelle, illinois, and you can see the big tornado out there spawned four others. there are four tornado watches at this hour. this tornado caused a direct hit on a few small communities. it's evaporated at this moment. this is taken about two hours a ago. tornado watches are posted tonight until 1 a.m. for us in the bay area it is mild. 68 in concord. oakland 64. livermore 70. san francisco 60. in san jose right now, 67 degrees. high pressure is building in. that means a little warmer as we head into the weekend, it will cool a little bit on
6:48 pm
monday and tuesday. tomorrow afternoon low 70s inland chilly along the shoreline. the numbers tomorrow come up a few degrees from what we had today. futurecast this is a model of how the atmosphere should look tomorrow in the bay area. high clouds at the coast and diablo range but beside that plenty of sunshine to finish out the week. we have more sunshine tomorrow, mild temperatures through monday. mostly dry one exception in the far north bay showers on monday at the most as a weak system brushes far northern california. otherwise it's dry. you know, it's not a great beach day from the perspective of temperatures. but sunshine will be out there at the shoreline. and winds out of the northwest to about 15. overnight lows tonight, we'll look at mid-40s for much of the bay area. forecast highs tomorrow a little warmer in spots as we turn around to this high pressure regime and san jose comes in three degrees higher
6:49 pm
than average. 67 tomorrow in oakland. south bay 70 at morgan hill and campbell, los gatos and cupertino and in pricy los altos. over in the east bay numbers mostly in the low 70s. 70 at fairfield. 71 at pittsburg and up in the north bay, beautiful day on tap tomorrow. 67 in santa rosa and 69 in mill valley. and in the far north bay we are going to be looking at ukiah 71. cooling off monday with the clouds around the bay. we'll be in the upper 60s. maybe a sprinkle on monday for the north bay. we shall see. in the meantime it all turns around next wednesday and thursday. high pressure builds in and temperatures come up. sports is next.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
golf up top. two guys walk that bar. one says i played the master and shot under par. the other guy says, hi, i'm jordan spieth. i shot 8 under and almost tied the course record. first round today palmer nicklaus player, started off the event with a ceremonial tee- off look at arnold, 85 years young and showing off. tom watson from the cat box at
6:53 pm
penn. two time masters champ, still got it at 65. one over his score. cameras followed every move tiger woods made. i don't know how much we really expected. he hasn't played in two months. he was up and down. he was inconsistent. and he was wet. >> hm. >> yeah. one-over 73 here at 12. ernie els was feeling it. never won here. the man they call the big easy, stuck the landing at 15. briefly took the outright lead entered the clubhouse at 5- under par. jason day brian hackney's pick, had a birdie train going on the back nine. five straight put him in the mix at 5-under. three shots off the lead. but they are all chasing the kid, jordan spieth, the 21-year- old ending his round of 8-under 64 with this bird at 18. one shot shy of tying the course record at augusta. we go from that -- ♪[ music ]♪ >> oh, the music. the anchor pick:
6:54 pm
a's and giants day game after a night game. how'd it work out? padres home opener with the giants and some giants defense coming up here. watch brandon crawford. one of four double plays turned in by the defending catchs a thing of beautiful. in the ninth angel pagan on third but the giants mcgehee couldn't get him home. 6-4-3 double play. it's still scoreless in extra innings! story on the late show.
6:55 pm
meantime, that's a's pitcher kendall grave man a day he would like to forget. already down 5-0 to the rangers. and this is how shin-soo choo greeted him! a three-run homer. that in a way of ruining the first career start touched for eight runs 16,045 saw a split of this four-game series. the rangers win 10-1. >> did a good job of hitting. might have a different result. mistakes made me pay for it. >> shoot, i thought he was the best pitcher in the world. these things happen. not too worrisome but no, he showed us what he is all about in spring so we definitely like
6:56 pm
him on our team. basketball note. how much is kentucky's john calipari going to have to reload his team for next season? a lot! two games short of a perfect season, too. >> if you have decided to put your name in the draft, why don't you stand up? really? there you go. >> wildcats top 7 scorers will leave school early and enter the nba draft. freshman karl anthony towns is promised by some to be the number one overall pick. wonder what dan rosenh eim would do if we took our talents -- >> to the nba? >> he would reload tomorrow! reload tomorrow for sure. [ laughter ]
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." [applause and cheering] give it up for steve harvey! steve: welcome to the show folks. welcome to the show. thank y'all. how is everybody? i appreciate you, now. thank you much. thank y'all. i appreciate you. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. look, we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day from nashville, tennessee, it's the cedeno family. [applause] and from tucker, georgia it's the speer family. [applause] >> whoo! >> whoo! whoo! steve: everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a possibility of driving out of here in a fuel-efficient ford fusion hybrid, folks. [applause]
7:00 pm
give me jamie. give me brent. let's go. >> whoo! [applause] steve: guys, here we go. we got the top 8 answers on the board. what would a married guy hate to find out his wife did with his lucky pair of underwear? brent. >> threw them away. steve: threw them away. >> whoo! >> yeah! what do you want to do? steve: pass or play? >> we'll play, steve. steve: all right. good. they're gonna play. [applause] hey, brent. how you doing, man? >> i'm doing great. how you doing? steve: good, good. what do you do for a living? >> after several years of being an elementary school teacher steve, i went and pursued my dream of becoming a doctor so i'm a pediatric resident now. >> that's right. [applause] steve: you quit being a teacher to be a doctor? >> that's right. >> that's right. steve: that's a huge flip. >> that's right. it'


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