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tv   CBS This Morning Saturday  CBS  April 11, 2015 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. it's april 11th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." history and a handshake. for the first time in over 50 years, an american president meets with a cuban one. plus a second arrest at planned bombing attack at a kansas military base. how authorities prevented a mass murder. new video on london's greatest jewel heist ever. see how the thieves pulled it off. can designs meet the monster monsters of the deep. how surfboards might prevent most shark attacks.
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but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the united states begins a new chapter in our relationship with cuba. >> handshake diplomacy in a historic face-to-face meeting. >> president obama and raul castro have met over a handshake. >> they're expected to meet over the summits of the americas. >> this is after 50 years of hostile relations. >> i mean this is the worst day of my life. >> there were 17 reports of tornados across illinois into iowa. >> homes were leveled and deprepiles unbelievable. >> hillary clinton will announce online on sunday that she is runs for president. >> this is it. all the people who thought she wasn't going to run, and there were some are wrong. disturbing case of child abuse in california goes viral. justinington is in jail facing charges. >> a giant, and we mean giant
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boulder that fell on a highway in southern ohio. >> it weighed 1,500 tons. >> astronomy pictures capturing breathtaking images. >> all that -- >> there is a new bundle of joy at the dallas zoo. the baby is 6 feet tall. >> my they grow up fast. >> -- and all that matters -- >> let's golf. second round of the masters. >> jordan spieth set a 36-hole record it's pretty awesome. >> -- on "cbs this morning: saturday." >> hillary clinton said today she has a big announcement on sunday. she's going to announce she's running for president. it's so funny because everybody says, oh gosh we want somebody new and then they look at the new people running like ted cruz and rand paul and marco rubio and they go, you know we need more clintons and bushes, i think. captioning funded by cbs
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and welcome to the weekend. we also have a great lineup of guests for you this morning including a conversation with add rock. adam horovitz is one of the members of the beasty boys. he's now sparking up an old flame of his, acting. we talk about his new film with ben stiller and how he's looking to secure his band's legacy. and rick gretsch. his own tattoo artist taught him how to tattoo meat. you heard that right. find out how he's adding truly unique flavor on "the dish." and belen sebastien perform new muff and they brought dancers. our top story. the historic meeting between president obama and cuban president raul castro. they exchanged a brief handshake and short conversation. this morning both will attend a
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summit of regional leaders in panama city panama. it's the first time since the height of the cold war that the presidents of ss will host talks. >> mr. obama is expected to lift that sanction. major garrett is traveling with the president and has the latest. major, good morning. >> good morning. president obama will meet with dictator raul castro on the sidelines. we're told this will not be the kind of glancing handshake that the two leaders exchanged at a welcoming meeting last night. they say this meeting will substantive, the first of its kind since 1956 when dwight ice hawer met bautista at another regional summit. the united states with drew after batista withdrew the regime until president obama moved to normalize relations with cuba in december.
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>> major, what are the big issues that the two will discuss today? >> three issues. you mentioned cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism. the president is expected to lift that designation. the other is opening up embassies, taking cuban off the state sponsors of terrorism could pave the way for that. the other big issue ending the u.s. economic embargo in cuba. only congress can do that. they don't appear to be in any hurry to do that although the white house is urging congress to move your jerjtsly on that front. >> what's the state of cuba now and how prominently has that issue played there? >> it's glacially slow and senior officials in the white house tell us it's going remain a painfully slow process in cuba. we met dissidents here some who were roughed up by pro-castro supporters outside the cuban embassy on wednesday. they say the united states shouldn't move so rapidly because political oppression is
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all too well. the white house travel that increases commerce and travel the kind that it will bring will change cuba politically but i will take some time. >> major garrett in panama city where we can hear all the birds chirping behind you. thank you so much major. federal authorities are holding a 20-year-old toepiekatopeka kansas, man after he allegedly tried to set off a bomb in a suicide mission in support of isis and a second man for not supporting the plot. mark albert is in our washington bureau with more. good morning. >> good morning. fbi agents say they have been watching him since last year. they arrested him friday morning as prosecutor says he tried to arm the bomb which the fbi assured was a fake. john booker jr. targeted ft. riley in kansas prosecutors say, allegedly telling a confidential fbi informant, quote, we will be coming after
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american soldiers in the streets. we will be picking them off one by one. on facebook last year booker posted i will soon be leaving you forever, so good-bye. i'm going to wage jihad and hope that i die and getting ready to be killed in jihad is a huge adrenaline rush. after the postings booker was not allowed to join the army. when the fbi interviewed him, he admitted he wanted to commit an inside attack against american soldiers like major nidal hasan at ft. hood and they say he kept planning that violent strike. >> it's alleged he told another individual that detonating a suicide bomb was his number one aspiration because he couldn't be captured, all the evidence would be destroyed, and he would be guaranteed to hit his target. >> reporter: two weeks ago charges say booker and the informant bought the components needed to make the explosive device.
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on friday prosecutors say he drove to an area near ft. riley with what he thought was a bomb and made the final connections to arm the device. agents then arrested him. >> today's threat was real and booker was fully committed to his plan >> trrs a prosecutors alluded to the danger that may be yet to come. >> we face a continue threat to those who may be motivated by ava right of reasons to take extreme steps against our folks. >> if convicted, booker could spend the rest of his life in prison. a second man, alexander player of topeka is charged with one count of fail to go report a felony. he knew of booker's plot but did not turn him in. anthony? >> mark albert in washington. thank you, mark. the damage from a deadly tornado in northern illinois is being assessed this morning.
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residents of fairdale may be allowed to return to their homes today. we'll see what is left after a twister nearly leveled the town. two women were killed when the tornado struck on thursday. more than a dozen were injured >> reporter: those left in the dark by a powerful tornado. the ef-4 tornado packed 200-mile-per-hour winds and was a half mile wide. it leveled emily's home. her fiancee fights using a shovel to reach the only thing she has left. >> it's going to be a very dramatic rescue of underwear. >> reporter: her clean underwear is inside this dryer. >> that's the only clean clothes that you own in that dryer? >> reporter: i dried them right before i went to work yesterday. it's just underwear, but it's all about. >> the staircase once led to the front door.
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the barrel of her washing machine is 40 feet from where it used to be inside her garage. we're standing on what was her driveway. >> it's just a house. we'll rebuild. it's just you don't really expect it. i always felt really bad for people who had this happen to them. i just never thought it would happen to me. i'm just glad everyone is safe in our neighborhood. >> just taking it day by day. if it happens again, you do it again and rebuild again. >> wbb mtv. next hour a grandson who went out to dinner and returned a short time later to learn his grandmother had died. ther had died. the sheriffs in san bernardino, california have suspended ten deputies following the brutal beating of the suspect gleaning from an arrest. the climax of the arrest was caught on video and if fbi is
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investigating. carter evans has the latest on that. >> reporter: these were the final moments of the three-hour police chase when 30-year-old francis pusok was knocked off a stolen horse. it was caught on camera by knbc of los angeles. the taser was ineffective so deputies started immediately kick and punching him even though he was face down with hids hand behind his back. they struck him for more than two minutes. pusok's booking photo shows some of the injuries to his face. this is his attorney. >> there was not a need for kicking anyone. it's over. >> reporter: he has a lengthy rap sheet that spans more than a decade. it including drive tock sidewalk. animal cruelty and resifgt an officer. thursday it began when deputies
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began served aer is frp warrant on a home. he was inside but he was not a suspect. he fled. >> you've seen the video. was that an appropriate response from your dech deputies. >> it appears to be excessive to me from what i saw in the video. there's information he may have been kicking at one point. regardless at the end of the day it appears to be ex-excessive. >> he was treated at a local hospital and is now in jail charged with felony evasion, theft, and possession of stolen property. for "cbs this morning: saturday," carter evans, san bernardino, california. public funeral services are planned today in somerville north carolina near charleston for walter scott. he's the unarmed black man shot a week ago by a white police officer. a steady stream of mourners filed past scott's casket at a wake yesterday. the officer who shot him, michael slager was fired by the snorkt charleston police department and remains in jail
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this morning charged with murder. vicente arenas has more. >> reporter: this is the first time officer slager's wife jay mer and mother karen sharp have been able to see him since he was charged. jamie slager is 8 1/2 months pregnant. slager's attorney says he's being held in an isolation unit for his own protection. his mother is worried. >> he's a wonderful person. very sharing, very caring. he and his wife are having a baby very shortly. anxious about that. he won't be there for the birth, so i'm worried about her. this is not how you think it would ever be. >> when you found out that he was being charged with murder what was your reaction? >> i was shocked. just shocked. i couldn't imagine this of michael. >> reporter: a new complain was filed against slager and two other officers for a traffic stop last august. the complaint alleges slarg yelled, watch out, i'm going to tase and use his taser on the
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driver who was already restrained. our calls to slager's attorneys and police went unanswered. the passenger was not charged. they told him he did not want them to reveal his identity. >> let's start with your license. >> reporter: scott told officer slager he just purchased the mercedes. scott's boss confirmed that story. a worker gave him a ride. >> he said he was engaged and about to get married to his longtime girlfriend. said he was happy and ready to settle down. >> reporter: his funeral is set for saturday. vicente arenas cbs news, south carolina. 39 cars of the norfolk southern train jumped the tracks last night. officials say there were no
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harmful spills. the cause of the derailment has not been determined. turning now to politics here at home, torlt tomorrow is the big day for hillary clinton, former secretary of state and first lady is expected to announce online she's running for president. nancy cordes has more. >> i'm back. >> reporter: for months the big question has been not if clinton would get in the race but when and she has happily stoked the flames. >> i've got a few things on my mind these days. >> reporter: initially clinton considered waiting until this summer to might official but then came the controversy about her e-mail use as secretary of state. >> i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account which was allowed by the state department. >> reporter: advisers saw she needed to change the conversation and that her would-be opponents weren't waiting to take her on. >> hillary clinton embodies the corruption of washington.
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>> reporter: clinton's first bid eight year aegs kicked off with a simple video. >> i'm not just starting a campaign though. i'm beginning a conversation with you, with america. >> reporter: her aides indicate her rollout will start in a similar way this time in contrast to the big connect-off events rand paul held earlier this week and ted cruz held last month. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: in other ways, though, a second clinton campaign could look much different than the first. it will be headquartered in brooklyn, not suburban d.c. long-time clinton loyalists will work alongside veterans of the obama campaign. in her last scheduled appearance nearly three weeks ago, clinton joked she herself will be more accessful to the press this time. >> so here it goes. no more secrecy. no more zone of privacy. after all, what good did that do me. >> reporter: clinton has already hired some of the obama
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campaign's data gurus who gave them such a huge edge with online fund-raising. that's another reason she's announcing her candidacy now because she can't pay them until she makes it official and starts to raise money from supporters. for "cbs this morning: saturday," i'm nancy cordes in washington. even though it was expected hillary clinton's entrance into the presidential race for 2016 will obviously shake things up on the campaign trail. bob costas is the national political reporter from the "washington post." he joins us from the washington bureau. bob, good morning. >> good morning. >> bob what does she need to do differently this time? >> atz they often say in politics personnel is poll sichl and because secretary clinton is as nancy said surrounding herself with a lot of obama advisers she's cached herself as that. >> it's unlikely she ee going to face a stiff opponent but it seems there's a handful o of lower profile people who might be running.
5:18 am
who do you think may be running against her? >> some thing vice president biden. many hope senator of massachusetts elizabeth warren would do so. former mayor o'malley jim webb and even lincoln chafee he's throne his thrown his hat in the ring throw they don't have much connection to polls. >> i'm sure the republicans will try to tie her to the president and say it's another obama termg. how does she distance herself from that? >> she's really looking at her record as secretary of state as something that's distinctive but also aligned with president obama. on the domestic policy front, she wants to be more in step with the left wing of her party. when she was in the white housing she and president clinton were very associated with wall street friendly with banks, and she has that reputation still with many democrats but what we've seen in recent speeches and appearances is an aggressive and popular
5:19 am
hillary clinton, something we haven't seen before in races. >> time and time again we receive how her husband bill clinton is a master at campaigning. what role could he play in all this? >> secretary clinton has said according to her confidante she considers her husband to be a real asetsset, a key assistant. >> we could have more on the republican side of things here. at what point does hillary clinton start running against the variety of candidates she may face? >> she already is. if you look at her twitter account, she's running against the congressional gop. she really believes the republican party during the obama era has moved far to the right and she believes that provides her with a new target as she starts her campaign. look for her not to run against competitors but against republican party, a party she thinks has lurched rightward.
5:20 am
>> i want to ask about fund-raising. i heard one say all the horses have lined up at the gates. they're waiting for the gates to open. what do you think will happen especially since this is on social media. >> she's going to do fun. i spoke to some of the top finance people in the democratic party. they say because the whole financial world has changed in politics, because super pacs can accept unlimited donations, they believe secretary clinton is poised to have $100 million, perhaps even a billion in the course of the campaign through the general election. she proved in 2008 she can raise a ton of money. and republicans are all going to be split. clinton because she doesn't have a real primary will be able to raise a lot for the pry may and do so quickly. >> great insight from bob costas in washington. thank you so much bob. presidential politics will be on the agenda tomorrow morning on "face the nation" on cbs. bob schieffer's guests will include kentucky senator and newly announced presidential candidate rand paul.
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time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the new york times" reports the first family has filed their income taxes. president and mrs. obama paid more than $93,000 in federal taxes last year on an adjusted gross income of about $477,000. their tax returns released on friday show they donated about 15% of their income to more than two dozen charities. >> they're already done. i'm a little jealous. transgender activists are taking issue with a proposed nevada law forcing students to use bakts rooms corresponding to their biological sex. it calls for school supervised separate facilities for transgender students. opponents argue this is discrimination. they say it increases the risk for transgender students to be assaulted. a manuscript could reach $1
5:22 am
million as auction. he assembled a 50-page notebook in efforts to break the german military cold in world war ii. a machine he used to crack the code also goes up for bid. okay, anthony, is the cat going up or is the cat climbing down sf. >> wow. i don't know. ponder that. the perfect has nearly 400,000 views on the imageer site. one person says quote, cats don't walk backward. it remind mess of the dress. you don't want to guess? i'm saying up. come on. it's up. it's about 22 minutes after the hour. now here's a look at the weather for your weekend.
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coming up that online rereview you usese to choose a producuct could be f fake and now amazon is goioing to court to stotop the practice. . and new surveillalance video is released in one of the biggggest heists in thieves pulled it off. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday."
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we have a lot coming up that you'll want to see. shorter showers and browner grass are now the rule of thumb in california where the governor has ordered new strict restrictions on water use. and to prevent shark attacks in australia designers are remaking surfboards. they want to keep sharks from miss taking surfers from seals. surfers want that too.
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we'll be right back. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks. but since he can't... you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleashes a deadly killing force to kill fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae, preventing a new infestation. its protection lasts a full 30 days. no wonder frontline plus is the #1 choice of vets for their pets and yours. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus.
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the vet's #1 choice. she's officiated nfl preseason games and practices plus two decades of high school and college contests but when sarah thomas steps on the field this september, she'll make history. the first full-time female official in the 90-plus-year history of the national football league. >> it came thursday morning, april 2nd at 10:47 a.m. >> reporter: the call thomas got last week seemed impossible in the early '90s when she was a college basketball standout. her brother introduced her to football officiating when she graduated in 199 p and she became the first female to officiate at the college level. she almost walked away when she was know itted by an nfl scout.
5:28 am
>> you never set out to be first but you are first. >> mm-hmm. >> what do you hope to set? >> i sauls said if you do it because you love it and not prove somebody wrong or get recognition for it the recognition is probably going to happen. if you're going to do something go and do it because you love. >> it you tuck your hair under the hat when you're out there. why is that? >> to truly blend in. and if i have a ponytail then i separate myself immediately. so tucking my hair i blend in and i'm another official. >> just another official not just another job. nfl officiating prospects have to work college games for years before they can be considered. i have to pass physical and psychological tests and they have to know the most difficult rule book in all of major sports inside and out and in toms's case that have to effectively carry three full-time jobs. she's a pharmaceutical sales rep and a happily married mother with a hectic homefront.
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in augusta georgia, jordan spieth is seth a record. he broke a record that stood for 40 years. >> he had 15 birdies in the first two rounds breaking it from 197 f. he has a lead going into today's round which we will preview later in the show. remarkable. just 21. >> amazing. communities across california are working out plans to make big cuts in water usage. last week governor jerry brown signed an expectative order mandating a sharp drop in water use across the state and its strugets with a four-year
5:31 am
worsening drought. david begnaud gets an update. in pasadena this starts with a drought notice and request to save water. >> can i still take a shower? >> you can still take a shower. >> very glad to hear that. even asking for watt when dining. susan will ard handles p.r. >> you guys are almost a crash course in water conservation for them. >> absolutely. >> reporter: vacationers are coming face-to-face with what californians are learning. saving water isn't easy. that's why long-term residenting install a monitor to track their water usage and a state board member told us she's proud of not washing her car. take your car to a place that uses recycled water and do it when it's so dirty it's gross to touch the handle. >> we'll see day where we go
5:32 am
from highly treated sewage to a treatment plant directly to your faucet. >> reporter: ucla's mark gold teaches water management and is keenly aware of what can happen as the population grows. >> california goes from 37 million today all the way to 50 million in 2050. >> can we sustain the water use we're using now? >> we can't really sustained notice. >> reporter: without rain farming has stopped leaving 17,000 workers unemployed and cutting $15 billion from the state's agricultural profits. >> the reality here is we live in a climate where we get 14 urges of rain a year when we're lucky. >> reporter: and since luck isn't enough to riley on homeowners are replacing their lawns with self-resistant landscapes and places like hotels are using recycled water wherever they can. now counties will put up money
5:33 am
to start and in many cases use recycled water. ice part of the governor's mandate, cut water usage by 25% and get it done in ten months. david begnaud, cbs news los angeles. still ahead, fighting online lies. we're talking an slaught that's trying to stop dishonor effort posts. >> now here's a look at the weather for your weekend. up next medical news in our "morning rounds" including our own dr. jon lapook with the president who has strong
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feelings about how our changing environmental may affect health. plus dr. jon lapook and holly phillips who talk about hidden things inside dietary supplements that are touted as natural. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." ♪ i found a happy place ♪ ♪ it's written on my face ♪ ♪ we're singin', we're singin' ♪ ♪ i found a happy place ♪ ♪ a rather happy place ♪ ♪ i'm singin', i'm singin' ♪ ♪ ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ ♪ i found a happy place ♪ [ female announcer ] with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts, skim milk, and cocoa there's a whole lot of happy in every jar of nutella. spread the happy. lowe's presents: how to use the greek gods to update your deck. wow, i can't believe you did this deck yourself. well me, lowe's and zeus and apollo. now get troy bilt 3000 psi pressure washer for $299 at lowe's.
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time now for "morning rounds" with cbs chief news medical correspondent dr. jon lapook and cbs tribtder dr. holly phillips. first the white house launches a plan to help protect americans from the effects of climate change. jon spock with the president obama about public health. jon? >> heat waves could set off ground ozone and set off as ma attacka. by 2010 it was over 8% of 26 million people. the president the pushing to educate people that climate
5:38 am
change can affect them personally. mr. president obama, studies suggest most americans don't connect global warming or climate change with their own personal health. >> right. >> why do you think that is? >> well, you know because it's not as obvious as some of the environmental issues of the past. with climate change and rising temperatures some of the effects are slow in registering in the miejds of public. but what we know is this. the planet is just getting warmer. the science is indisputable. a as a consequence we know wildfires are going to be more frequent and longer in intensity. that means more particulates in the air, more respiratory impacts on people. >> when i have a pausch end come into my office and they're wheezing, they want their inhaler. >> of course. >> they don't want to hear of love-term solution. >> yeah. >> you have two teenage
5:39 am
daughters. long term, are you thinking of them as part of the equation? >> early on malia had asthma and we had to visit the emergency room. i a dad like anyone else. i know how scary it is when your 4-year-old comes up to you and says i'm having trouble breathing. >> did this affect you? >> there's no doubt about it. in the same way there are families right now in south florida who see two feet of water coming in their house every time it rains and start thinking, you know what rising temperatures and rising ocean levels are going to afelkts my property. part of what i'm trying to communicate here is there's a cost to inaction. >> jon why is the president launching this effort now? >> well, i think he's realizing as a lot other people are there's a disconnect. people when they're thinking of it they're thinking melting
5:40 am
glaciers, polar bears. they're not thinking of themselves their own personal health. >> do you think he wants to get more support for legislation? >> it does seem unlikely any kind of climate change legislation is going to go when you have the senator throwing a snowball on the floor of the senate that climate change doesn't even exit. i think what he may be doing is taking it right to the people. he himmed to me. he said look change does not come from the top down. it comes from the bottom up when the parents and communities realize something has to be done and they get together and say let's do something. >> next new safety concerns about weight loss supplements. a study found many manufacturers could be misleading customers by including a manmadetimulant in products that promote their natural ingredients. this seems so misleading. >> it's incredibly misleading. researchers analyzed 21 grams of
5:41 am
supposedly natural supplements out there. they were supposed to contain a botanical extract that was supposed to help people lose weight. what they found is they actually contain a manmade chemical stimulant. it's quite similar to amphetamine. the reason it's around issue, we don't know if it's safe. so for manufacturers to put this in their pills without letting the commerce know really puts us all at risk. >> of a this study was released we should say the vitamin shots removed products that may contain bepma. but one pharmaceutical refutes the study and says, quote, it's not the product of scientific methods. is there any proof that these are dangerous? >> that's the whole thing. there's some evidence when you fwivg ittive tra venously their
5:42 am
pulse could go up. that's to be expected. there's no reason that it's not goumg to cause the same bad harm effects in people as it does in people and this if it has amphetamine-type products it's going to do the same thing. this is regulated more like a food, the fba is not saying this is okay or this is approved. so you don't have to prove that it's safe behalf it goes on the market. they wait up till something bad happened and then they take it off. that could be going backward. >> they reached out to the news agency. they said they will consider taking regulatory alks under appropriate and existing law. what does that mean? >> the fda doesn't regular light dietary supplements like they do prescriptions. they have to regulate
5:43 am
themselves. part of that means whatever they say is in the ingredients list should be there and anything not on the ingredients list should. . it's actually within the raeealm of the fda says you haven't and we're pulling the product. >> they show this amphetamine-type drug is not in the nalgsal earth. the thought is it's being spiked. next up. good news in the fight against pediatric melanoma. tell us about that? >> that has been increasing. finally good news. this is a study from a national database from 2000 to 2010. they found from 20i 4, the irchs accidents went down. i was fascinated about why this would be. i called laura campbell.
5:44 am
she said for one thing kids are spending more time indoors. 'that parents are being more careful. they're putting on suntan lotion or maybe more important putting on clothing. >> i don't remember my family making a big deal of it but i pulled down the hats and blocks. what should my children to? >> i certainly don't you may have a better chance of communicating to family and friends via text. emergency crews will be sent to the most damaged areas. if possible stay off roads.. to give first responders a chance to get where they need to go. if you do need to drive be aware that roads, bridges and ramps may have been damaged. and sun born incruised your charn chance. trying to avoid direct sun lied in the hours of the day,al of
5:45 am
those things are dwoij to make a difference. >> finally people are used orange tinltsling glasses. do they work sfwh one study found the teenage boys who war the glasses felt significantly more sleepy. they're so cheap too. they're like $10 for these glasses. >> there's no arguing the fact that blue lielt is stimulating. blue light from our devices computers. it blocks the melatonin in the braens. maybe i sted of orngs glasses we could turn off the devries. >> i'm thinking they felt significantly mrl silly. >> trying to get your kids to wear them would be a challenge. up next that satisfied kmer review you see on
5:46 am
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it's happening more and more. online shoppers who rely on's product reviews are being fooled by fake praise. so in a first, amazon is suing four websites for allegedly selling phony consumer reviews. consumer expert regina lewis joins us with more. good morning. >> good morning. >> everybody rely on these reviews. i certainly do. we do. first of all, howl important are they to a business? >> very. particularly critical to an zomm. they pioneered and they have to protect the integrity of the platform. keep in mind they have two audiences. consumers who rely on them and the merchants who sell saying they want a level playing field. if you have palace positives saying you're a glowing positive and it rigs the system. if not, even worse if you do it to try to gain market share,
5:50 am
that's even more greejs. >> let's talking the lawsuit. they pinpointed four separate websites that were doing this and what i found fascinating was slow dripping review shipping fake boxes. what are they doing? >> they're very smart about it. this is called deceptive opinion spang. you tighten the filters. spammers right around this. in this case you have writers who know how to write believable reviews. they even went so far to say to get a verified review they ship products. the person got the boxes. guess what? the boxes were empty. what happens is if you try to grow your business if they say we're aggressive we've got this for you, guess what? you hire them. >> i know i read reviews are to try to detect what can be a fake review. they can be hard.
5:51 am
what do you look for? >> if there isn't much they have a frequent relationship with the seller or they were given a free sample. if you see a serial reviewer. it tends to be descriptive. my wife loved the gift for her anniversary. that tells you nothing about the product. that tells you it's made up. of crazy specific. i got this vacuum cleaner, model xw -- they don't speak that way. they say the large white one or really over the top. i think that's the value of two and three stars is kind of more useful. rule out the 1s and the 5s. >> it's not just amazon. it's yelp. we use it for everything. >> yes. >> thank you so much. if peanuts and hot dogs aren't enough for you at the good old ball game how about a nine-patty burger or deep-fried nachos on the stick or a 1,000 calorie clur rowe dog. the latest in ballpark food.
5:52 am
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research and invest from any website. with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere. and caught. and caught. mercy, what a play. >> the boys of summer returned to the field this week ushering in a new season of clutch catches -- >> he got it. >> -- and huge home runs. >> a towering snatch to right field. >> for fans at ballparks across the nation 2015 also brought some new culinary creations, but they are not for the calorie conscious. this year philly's faithful can feast on the wayback triple triple burg e, a nine-patty behemoth that's sure to set any
5:56 am
die yaet way back two. as a side dish check out the brewers' deep-fried nay chos on a stick. wash it all down to minnesota for the twins bloody mary complete with a beef stick and whole slice of pizza. sab room for dessert. the texans are offered fried s'mores with cream filled kk yoos and you have the chur row dog. in case the doughnut chocolate sauce or dog are too sweet, don't worry. it's frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. >> we found one in the minor leagues. that was major league. i have to show you. look at this. this is a pulled pork parfait. >> i'm so glad the health food craze has made it to the ballpark. all right. up next, a cash grab on a texas highway. after an armored car opens up but the police say the money must be returned fast.
5:57 am
for some of you, your local news is next. the rest of you, stick around. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." do you run a player? >> we have one of the great schools in the world and when we recruit a young man, we recruit a young man because of three things. one, he has the academic potential to do well as duke. two, he has the talent to do well. and, three, he has great character. all the guys on my team fit that description 100% you know. in today's world you have to adapt to what's happening. you know throughout college there are many kids who don't go teen whole four years because of opportunities, business opportunities that are available and they're not just athletes. and so if the opportunity arises, you know, for a
5:58 am
youngster to leave early from school wlrks he's an athlete or she's an athlete or not, that's their opportunity to pursue it. so i think we're living in the dark ages when we say that it should only be done one way. >> how would you change it? >> well i would allow really a youngster to go straight out of high school if he was good enough because they only have the earning potential of about a 15-year period as player and you can get a better contract but if they did go to college, i would like to see them there for two years so they would be halfway toward a degree, probably more than halfway with summer school. but, you know, we have to adapt to what the nba is doing and the nba players' association. you know it's not our responsibility. you know i wish it was, to determine that roll and role.
5:59 am
and, charlie, all my guys are great.
6:00 am
welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." i'm anthony mason. >> and i'm vinita nair. coming up this half hour the heist was right out of a hollywood thriller and the thieves got away with millions but they also got caught on video. then a shark can take a big bite out of a surfboard and a surfer, but a few alterations to the board might just save lives. and he has been a beasty boy for a long time. now ad-rock is pursuing his hollywood dream and he's in good company. it's a meeting for the ages and proof the icy relations between the u.s. and cuba have
6:01 am
thawed. president obama meeting formally today with his cuban counterpart raul castro. last night they exchanged a brief handshake and short conversation. this morning bloekt attend a summit of regional leaders before having a private sitdown in an effort to normalize relations. cuba has been on the list of state-sponsored terrorism for more than 40 years. president obama is expected to lift this, although it's not clear when. a 20-year-old topeka man remains in custody today after allegedly trying to set off a bomb. he tried to set off a suicide bomb on an army base in support of isis. agents say they have been watching him since last year. he tried to debt night the bomb which the fbi made sure was a fake. residents in fairdale, illinois, west of chicago are getting a look at their tornado-damaged homes today. they'll assess the destruction from the twister that flattened the town. two women were killed when the
6:02 am
tornado struck on thursday. the grandson of one of the victims geraldine shultsz says he's devastated. >> i lived with her for very many years. she helped raise me. so she was also like a mother to me and i just -- i left her a couple of hours earlier to go to my mom's birthday dinner and the next thing i'm getting a phone call that fairdale was gone and my house was destroyed. >> more than a dozen residents in fairdale were injured when the twister came through. some breaking new this morning. thousands of us airways passengers will experience significant travel delays am glitch took down the airline's computer system for about an hour. tickets couldn't be issued. passengers couldn't board flights. >> police in tacoma washington say one woman is dead and miraculously no one else was hurt after her suv went off an overpass. it happened during rush hour friday afternoon over interstate 5. this dashboard camera of a
6:03 am
passing car shows debris flying off the overpass after the explorer barreled through a guardrail and plunged to the highway before. investigators are still trying to determine what caused the suv to swerve off the road. after the door swung open drivers were grabbing the money. handfuls of money. police say if you bring the money back to them, no harm to you. if they have to come after you york u can expect to be hit with a fwed real charge. the good news for investigators, part of the action was caught on security tape. charlie d'agata has more from london. charlie, good morning. >> well, good morning. like something out of "oceans eleven" the gang planned the heist down to every detail except disabling the security cameras and it has emerged. british police should have and probably should have caught them
6:04 am
in the act. it's thought the guy in the yellow hard hat is one of the thieves and they used that blue garbage can he's leaning on to get the heavy tools in and push the booty out of the crime scene. the daily mirror who got ahold of the alleged footage said these are the geezers who pulled off the diamond heist. scotland yard hasn't comments yet but no doubt it shows them says detective barry phillips. >> the very thought of it it would have take annum ber of people to manhandle it and operate it. never mind the experience of recording the expertise. >> reporter: and while police don't yet know whodunit this is how they think did it. with no forced entry, theeshs disabled tell vater on the third floor, lowered themselves a shaft by rope. below sheet level they use and
6:05 am
industrial drill to bore through a 6-foot thick wall. they squeezed in and busted open around 70 safety deposit boxes. here's what chief detective johnson had to say earlier this week. >> the floor is strewn with discarded safety deposit boxes and numerous power tools. was the alarm operating? >> that will be part of the investigation but an alarm was activated. >> reporter: yep, an intruder alarm was activated friday night. scotland yard got the call but someone thought no police response was required. diamond dealers are understandably furious especially since the bandits made four visits to the site especially over the easter weekend.
6:06 am
it's growing colder by the day. it looks like an inside job. no forced entry. they knew about the layout and the building and its weaknesses. as far as getting the loot out of the country, he said that would be a dawdle. charlie? another classic game between the yankees and boston red sox ended earlier this morning. it took 19 innings and more than six hours for boston to come from behind by mookie betts. the red sox beat the yankees 6-5. it was the longest game in red sox history and the second longest in yankee history. >> i'm squinting. is there anybody in tu stadium left? >> we know some people who came home very late. well today begins round three of the masters. if it's anything like the first two, it promises to be exciting. it's been an incredible two days since tiger woods returned since jordan speights 36-hole record. joining us is senior editor of
6:07 am
"golf" magazine and michael. good morning oomz. >> good morning. i thought for sure ought the articles would be about jordan speights who's breaking all kinds of records and yet there's still articles about tiger. we can't let him go. >> we can't quit tiger. it's been a fascinating story. i think part of it is the fans hadn't been introduced to jordan spieth. i think after this week is over people will be talk about jordan spieth. >> how remarkable is that? >> his second masters, when you talk about people under par this early in their career, it's tiger woods, phil mickelson, and jordan spieth. there's really nobody else. >> a lot of people are talking about rory mcilroy. he's a lot of shots behind but everybody knows anything can happen at the masters. >> he's a great player greatest player in golf right now.
6:08 am
people expect him to be like tiger woods. he's much more of a streaky player. he has highs and lows. to think he's going to play like tiger, i don't think that's realistic. mcilroy is right there. but, yeah this hasn't been his week and it doesn't seem like it's his tournament so far. >> why do you think that is? >> there's a lot of quirky chbs and tricks. it takes experience which we see the way he putts. he plays well there. it's the kind of course you'd think he'd play well on. whatever the case is it's a quirky place. clearly you don't see the rory mcilroy walk you see when he's feeling good and bouncing on the fairways that. doesn't happen at augusta national. >> a lot of people would say because he doesn't know the full pressure it almost makes it easier. do you think that's easier? >> i think with his mental makeup i think it's okay for him
6:09 am
to have the lead. i think a lot of players when they're first leading up they do have it. i've heard he's got two houses this week. one is for his friends and family and one's for him to sleep in. i think that shows he has the ability massachusetts turt to deal with this kind of pressure. >> the defending champion is bubba watson. what's his kind of odds? >> bubba is a throwback to these quirky characters we never know what're getting with him. i thought of bubba as a skittish racehorse. some he's going to be ready to go. some not. with this game on the course we know he can shoot low score. they call it moving day. we'll see what happens. >> i want to ask you. we've seen tiger play at his height. jordan is playing at his height. do you think he looks at jordan and thinks that guy place me?
6:10 am
>> yeah. he's made crucial long putts when he needed to where you almost femt in the old days tiger willed the ball into the hole. you get that sense with jordan spieth. you don't get that with others. i think of the way tiger used to be. >> it's amazing to think tiger is now 39 years old. i can't believe that. thank you so much. you can watch the final rounds here on cbs. 3:00 p.m. eastern, noon pacific and continues sunday at 2:00 p.m. eastern 11:00 a.m. pacific. it's about 8:10. here's a look at the weather for your weekend. up next, if you want to stop
6:11 am
sharks from attacking surfers, how about redesigning a better surfboard? that's just what they're doing in australia. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." >> announcer: this portion sponsored by voya financial. changing the way you think of retirement.
6:12 am
after brushing listerine® total care strengthens teeth, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™.
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americans. 83% try... to eat healthy. yet up to 90% fall short in getting... key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus bone health support with calcium and vitamin d. one a day women's
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6:15 am
new le released video from the internalgs a space station mass spectacular views of planet earth. spakewalking astronauts took a camera to capture their work in february and march. the astronauts have been doing a lot of spacewalks to prepare for capsules from boeing and space ex. they'll need new docking ports. >> that's unbelievable images. they were all can look like shark bait. david begnaud reports. a simple redesign of the
6:16 am
surfboard could save lives and limbs. >> reporter: sharks are fiercesome predators. unlike their teeth their eyes are not so sharp. researchers are now looking into whether sharks are confusing surfers with their natural prey. are humans appetizing to sharks? >> if that's true, places like waikiki beach and santa monica that would be like costco. we don't see that. >> reporter: why the increase in attacks? they're testing a thee. >> the sharks mistake their natural prey with humans we need to understand exactly what it is that animals give off that brings sharks in. >> reporter: they recorded a shark's eye view of surfer and seals comparing silhouettes, shadows, and sounds. they develop add program that mirrors what they see and hare
6:17 am
underwater and there are striking similarities. >> they look very similar even to our own eyes and also an animal that doesn't have quite visual acuity. so i think the mistaken identity is valid to some extent. >> the next step is seeing if breaking up that silhouette will help prevent attacks. to do that they've developed a seal shaped decoy. >> you can see this one's received a bit of attention. >> they plan to attack lights hemming them to blend in with the light above. they'll compare these to the ones without lights to see if this act ass a shark deterrent. >> we'll be looking to employ this on a surf board if it shows it reduces the attack. >> as for dr. lowe he'll
6:18 am
encouraged by the australian research but he said even with shark-improved repel land methods, people should not have a false sense of security. can we prevent shark attacks 100%? >> no. that's made us move great strides but we have to make that next connection and how they use that to change your behavior. the ocean's a wild place, and any time you go to a wild place, we're guests. >> for "cbs this morning: saturday," david begnaud, los angeles. >> that's a very interesting high pocket sis. i didn't realize how much of a silhouette of a surfboard from downbelow looks like a seal. >> it's interesting. i thought that shape was so they could glide through the water. how do they redesign it. coming up next april in paris. how romantic. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday."
6:19 am
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♪ you may know the song "april in parisary "but you don't have to cross an ocean to live the lyrics. ten u.s. states have a paris of their own. cbs news travel editor peter greenberg is here to tell us about some of americas cities of light to avoid the expense of overseas airfare. good morning. >> more than just overseas air airfare airfare. >> the experience. >> first on your list in paris, texas. i've been to this paris. >> me too. eastern texas. nobody knows how they named the city or why but they have their own eiffel tower. replica. the thing is especially distivesive. >> is that all it takes? >> get ready. what happens in this eiffel tower, top of it a red cowboy
6:24 am
hat hangs but you know where you are. >> can you at least get french food? >> the paris bakery has pastries during the week. saturday night's pizza they have a winery and make good wine actually. >> next on list paris, tennessee. one i didn't know about. >> they wanted to name this place after lafayette the famous royal frenchman who fought with the united states in the revolutionary war but couldn't spell his name right. the hell with it. let's just call it paris. and they have -- it's true. they have a replica eiffel tower as well. >> and theirs -- >> they have great winery wine festival and you can do great antique shopping. >> hear you sell this one to us. that is virginia paris. where is it? also? >> it's 40 miles west of washington, d.c. and how did they get named? lafayette visited the place once. like washington slept here. but what's great about this it's great antique shopping.
6:25 am
they have great horseback riding and it's just -- you even know where you are when there in terms of paris, but it's got a french flavor because of the antique shops. >> i saw side-saddle rightding. you don't see often. >> they like to think they invented it. >> another one i hadn't heard of paris, kentucky. >> lafayette doesn't win here. it's the french royal family of bur burbeau. how they naughtfought it in the revolution air warary war. >> they have a year-round farmers market rivals any you can imagine. >> sounds nice. >> we finally head to paris, arkansas. feel free to tell us also if they have liquor since you sold the last one so well. >> are we in arkansas? jere. but this little town of 3,500 people finally got their replica
6:26 am
eiffel tower. only 25 feet tall. >> like a statuette. >> the best part about it. every year there's a 61-mile-long yard sale in america and where's right smack in the middle of that yard sale? paris, arkansas. >> wow. 61 miles. >> america's longest yard sale. yeah. >> three pariss now with eiffel towers and these other guys need to get onboard. >> now that they've heard this they're going to start construction immediately. >> i thought for sure las vegas. >> not going there. no. >> all of these are cheaper, obviously, than the paris we already know? >> and better barbecue. >> yeah. all right. peter greenberg. >> thank you. >> you got it. coming up adrock best known of a member of the beastie boys tried to be an actor 20 years ago and now trying again in a new movie with ben stiller. he tells us about that and the band that made him famous. you're watching cbs "this morning: saturday."
6:27 am
. what's so exciting about your show so many people are afraid to talk about race and you go all the way in. all the way in, my beige brother. why? >> that's true. well, it is that third rail. it's a a conversation, people say they want to have that dialogue. obviously well dialogue is one theatric ka thee at all theatrical convention. why not have sill lil question as well. >> when you got the question to take over this steve colbert place, what went through your mind not in terms of excitement but how do you fashion a show that's unique to follow? >> very challenging. this steve colbert, who's this guy?
6:28 am
i'm not sure. no. i mean it's very intimidating footsteps to follow. what he did was so unique and so entertaining. you had to do something completely different. thank got i had jon stewart. it was his idea to do the show in the first place. he wanted to do a show to give the platform to voices that don't always be heard. underdog can take on any fofrmt kit be race class gender. kit be ideological. one of the first shows was about the cosby allegations. >> you went hart ond on that. >> did. the underdogs, the women whosevoicewomen's voices were not heard for a long time. those are the underdogs. >> and jon? >> he said be funny. just be yourself. i thought that was the best advice. very difficult, by the way, to be yourself.
6:29 am
6:30 am
♪ the king of rock that is my name we got the champagne ♪ a quarter top ♪ >> that's adam horvitz or ad-rock back in 1986 from the beastie boys debut album "license to ill." the beasties went on to sell millions of albums over the next 30 years. for ad-rock acting was also important. a number of small roles on tv and film. after a long break, he's back on the big screen. >> i'd like to start by letting you know i'm extremely hung over this morning. i just wanted to get that out on the table. ♪ wake up late for school ♪ you don't want to go ♪ >> reporter: as the smart aleck singer and guitarist of the
6:31 am
beastie boys nicknamed ad-rock, adam horvitz unwrapped the rock scene in the 1980s. but he also flirted with a film career, and now at 48 he's returned toacting. >> you're back in the movies? >> i'm back in a movie. yeah. >> his daft is democratic. it's the goonies and citizen kane. they don't distinguish between high and low. >> when did the goonies become -- >> reporter: in the romantic comedy "while we're young" horvitz plays fletcher the settled down friend of ben stiller and naomi watts. >> when you were younger you actually wanted to be an actor. >> yes i did. i did. and used to ge on auditions and all of that stuff, yeah. >> reporter: as a teenager he landed a small part in the tv series "the equalizer" starring edward woodward. >> i thought eugene was invincible. >> in the episode i'm in i'm
6:32 am
like being my dad, held captive by the bad guy. he's like, oh you got me and he takes his necklace off and throws it at the bad guy and the bad guy's like -- and that's how he gets the bad guy. it's awful. it's awfully bad. >> reporter: what did you do in that scene? that led to film roles. in "lost angels" and "roadside prophets." >> i don't know. i wasn't good at it. >> reporter: why do you think that? >> i just didn't take it seriously. i think it showed. i was not really committing. >> reporter: he never really prepared for auditions.ven more the meeting with oliver stone. >> i show up on the door didn't think about it there's oliver stone and i was like -- you're not going to cast me in this movie? and he looked up from his desk and he was like no. >> reporter: he was 16 when he joined the beastie boys. they're debut album "license to
6:33 am
ill" became the first rap record ever to hit number one. horvitz and mike diamond are now writing a book about the band they formed with their friend adam youk. >> i work on it. >> it's been two years and we're just getting started, but that's kind of how we made our records. it's in keeping with what we always did. ♪ don't stop ♪ >> reporter: the beastie boys became the third hip-hop group inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame in 2012 but youk the band's founder, could not be there that night. he would die of cancer a month later at age 47. >> he was sick for a while. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: but i imagine even with that losing him had to be an enormous shock. >> yeah, yeah. i mean -- yeah. >> reporter: and you've both said essentially the beastie
6:34 am
boys are done? >> uh-huh. he started the band. so -- >> reporter: you can't match didn't without him? >> no. who wants to see that? nobody wants to see that. >> reporter: it's interesting. some bands have different approaches to these things as you know. >> we're not any band. >> reporter: how hard was it to make peace with that idea that the beastie boys were done? >> it would have been a lot easier to deal with if adam was like i don't feel like doing it anymore and want to make movies. that would make more sense. so -- i mean adam was one of my breast friends and family members and partner and everything for 30 years. >> reporter: with that idea gone where's your head now in terms of what you want to do? >> no idea. >> reporter: he took the film role, because director noah baumbach is a friend. >> did you change your approach this time around? >> i did. i wasn't going to but i did. my sister rachel asked me, like
6:35 am
are you going to be in a movie. that's cool. what's your plan? you know, it's like -- >> reporter: plan? >> yeah basically. wick wing it? >> how has that worked out for you in your acting career? not really good. really stupid. you need to figure it out. my best friend nadya in a johns an actor and helped me think about things. >> reporter: adam horvitz isn't sure about acting as a second career. >> i don't like the hours. you have to wake up really early. memorize stuff. >> reporter: it's called work. >> yeah, no. i -- it's not actual work but -- >> reporter: that's true. >> reporter: it's all right. i mean yeah. if somebody wants to offer me a role in a movie i'll consider it. >> the cool restaurant question that is a vietnamese sandwich shop and a pastrami sandwich named in his honor raising money for charity on the same block
6:36 am
where russell simmons had his office with def jam records that signed the beastie boys way back when. >> interesting guy. very candid. >> very honest direct and looks you right in the face. now here's a look at the weather for your weekend. up next "the up next the dish when he isn't restoring building classic cars or building his own motorcycle, living up to his reputation as one of this country's most creative chefs. stay with us. you're watching cbs "this morning: saturday." this portion sponsored by toyota. let's go places. ran a race most wouldn't dream of starting.
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6:40 am
hotels chicago the brand's first u.s. property and he oversees all food and beverage for the property including commons club miss rickys and 203. chef rick, welcome to "the dish." >> thanks for having me. >> tell us what you brought. it looks great. >> asian paille there. asian greens. next up the tattooed rib buy. black truffled inch is tattooed right into the steak. >> wait. stop. did you say tattooed? >> yes. i basically tattooed it into the meet. >> what are you profiling there? is it just centered in one spot then? >> on the top of the steak is the design and on the bottom we put all the flavor the full way through so you get the truffle flavor in the meat. >> did you go to tattoo school to do that? >> no. i actually sad with my tattooist and had a moment and said can
6:41 am
we do this. he was like, yeah, bring it in. >> so your arms are inspiration. >> i have a few, so absolutely. >> this is certainly our first cbs tattoo stake. >> what a debut. >> let's talk about your childhood. you grew up in cleveland. i would say it's abnormal for a 12-year-old to be reading "bone a "bon appetit."" >> yeah. my mom was working and would say can you put the roast in the oven. i got into it and was cooking every day. when i played hockey my family would go off and do their saturday thing and i would have to make breakfast for myself. a lot of kitchen time. >> how old were you when you got your first job? >> 16. >> you had a specific goal in mind, i understand. >> i wanted a car. >> not jeff a car, a particular car. >> yeah my first car was a '72
6:42 am
super beetle which i still own it. her name is estelle after estelle getty from the golding girls. >> is estelle still around? >> she's in pieces. i'm doing a full restore. >> we wish estelle well. >> let's talk about the injure gin hotels in chicago. i red that each of the five restaurants, it's all a distinct menu which to me it seems like it would be wonderful or really challenging to do that. >> sure. it's a lot of fun to do that. as a chef, i have a lot oh creativity and a lot of common areas. it's small plate menu using local regional foods. miss ricky is a new american diner, an insane take on classic duaner dishes. 203 is a coffee shop by day, wine and cheese bar at night. >> can we talk about this drink. it has silver flecks in it.
6:43 am
>> this is the space boy. >> space boy? i lop love that. >> john harris my bartender came up with this. it's meant to invoke base. tequila base with silver fleck in there. >> this is what you drink before you go into orbit. >> i want to hand this dish over to you and as i hand it over to you, i want to ask you f you could say this past or present and i say this with your fiancee sitting in the green room who would it be? >> i say jerry stiller, just to have fun. >> that's fun. >> for more on "the dish" head to "cbs this morning: saturday".com. up next. belen sebastien. you don't want to miss them. they brought dancers. stay with us.
6:44 am
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starting in this "saturday morning session" bell & sebastien. the band formed in 1996. >> since then they've released a cornucopia of colored records that quickly found fame. now nine years on they've released their album "girls in peace time want to dance." here they are. belen sebastien with their first single. this is "the party line."
6:48 am
♪ ♪ how did i get here? i heard a rumor from your girlfriend's sister that you knew me and you end up dancing closer to me ♪ ♪ i know that i broke the rule already snl she asked me if i'm single going steady ♪ ♪ i just drop my head and took a step off into the dark ♪ ♪ standing on the black and
6:49 am
white tiles don't dance on the lines ♪ ♪ because the bears eat the pretty ones we are like the islands divided ♪ ♪ jump to the beat of a party line ♪ ♪ jump to the beat of a party line ♪ ♪ there is nobody here but your body dear ♪ ♪ jump to the beat of the party line ♪ ♪ stay ♪ ♪ you stay ♪ ♪ ♪ i am on this morning quite distracted
6:50 am
the tug-of-war begins on our emotion ♪ ♪ i am leaving many people feeling worse than before ♪ ♪ people like to drive their cars and smoke up people like to sit inside and toke up ♪ ♪ people like to shoot at things with borrowed guns and knives ♪ ♪ i am happy to look and run where were you when i was king in this part of town ♪ ♪ now the days of glory are gone ♪ ♪ ♪ jump to the beat of a party line ♪ ♪ jump to the beat of a party line snoetsz there is nobody here but your body dear ♪ ♪ jump to the beat of the party
6:51 am
line ♪ ♪ jump to the beat of a party line ♪ ♪ jum top the beat of a party line ♪ ♪ there is nobody here but your body dear ♪ ♪ nobody here but your body dear ♪ ♪ jump to the beat of a parties line ♪ ♪ jump to the beat of a party line ♪ ♪ there is nobody here but your body dear ♪ ♪ nobody here but your body dear ♪ ♪ jump to the beat of the party line ♪ ♪ jump to the beat of the party line ♪ ♪ there is nobody here but your body dear ♪ ♪ nobody here but your body dear ♪ don't go away. we'll be right back with more music from belen sebastien.
6:52 am
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tomorrow on cbs sunday morning i'm be sitting in for charles osgood on the ongoing debate on whether to keep the penny to the world of pricey jets. >> we leave you now with more music from belle & sebastian. this is "perfect couples." ♪ ♪ i know some friends of mind think about them all the time why can't my life be like that ♪ ♪ i've seen them in the park
6:56 am
restauranting after dark ♪ ♪ withouting out on theriot ga mats ♪ ♪ ♪ stars on the dance hall crowd married young took their vows ♪ comfort in their boldness and their flair ♪ ♪ dab hands for all to see stroke of brush and poetry ♪ ♪ his cut of cloth the contours of her hair ♪ ♪ thank you for the invite tonight perfect snacklets, perfect drinks ♪ ♪ i'm getting ideas from your interiors perfect apartment, perfect kids ♪ ♪
6:57 am
♪ perfect couples are breaking up what have they done ♪ ♪ those perfect couples are now breaking up what have they done ♪ ♪ don't make me feel so good expect that stuff in hollywood not in my current milieu new york ♪ ♪% ♪ sexual tension at the fridge he makes for the organic figs belmondo lips dangling a cig ♪ ♪ and she just back from her hike and to the gallery she might glide by with a basket on her
6:58 am
bike ♪ ♪ ♪ it always lurked in her mind perfect couples are breaking up what have they done ♪ ♪ in the back of her mind those perfect couples are now breaking up what have i done ♪ ♪ it always lurked in his mind those perfect couples are breaking up what have they done ♪ ♪ in the back of their minds those perfect couples are breaking up what have i done ♪ ♪ all right ♪ >> announcer: for more on "cbs this morning" visit -- captions by vitac --
6:59 am
7:00 am
live from the cbs baer area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a wild chase and crash. this is how it ended in downtown san francisco last night. plus, new come tam nation sides--contamination sites surfacing in a creek. how long it is going take to clean up the mess. and we confront an university ceo expected of running a visa mill for foreign students. we have got a good start to our weekend. yes a live lookout now at the baer bridge, the sun is coming up, and it is going to be


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