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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  April 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> i am running for president. >> glor: tonight it is official, hillary clinton says she is running for president for a second time seeking to become the first woman to hold the the first woman to hold the office. >> video from oklahoma shows a 73-year-old reserve officer shooting an unarmed black man. police say he accidentally shot a bullet instead of a taser. >> college students have been arrested after the sheriff says a gang rape occurred in panama city beach florida. and we have a winner. late details from the just finished 2015 masters. >> captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" >> glor: hi, ever, i am jeff floor with a western edition of the broadcast. and the question was not if, it was when and how.
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hillary clinton says he is also prepared to answer why. her campaign today rolled out the beginning of her run for president. she was also outside of her campaign headquarters in brooklyn, new york this afternoon. i don't know dickerson will be here in just a moment with analysis but we begin with nancy cordes on the ground in iowa. >> i am getting ready for a long lot of things. >> clinton .. isn't the first to speak in her announcement video or the second the third or the fourth. >> my daughter is about to start kindergarten next year. >> i am getting married this summer. and what i really care about. instead we hear from young parents. a factory worker, a college student, folks with big plans for the future. >> >> clinton makes her first appearance about a minute and a half in. >> i am getting ready to do something too. i am running for president. >> every day americans need a champion and i want to be that champion. >> the video reflects a philosophy laid out in a clinton
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campaign mission statement obtained by cbs news. >> we are humble it reads we take nothing for granted. >> i am hitting the road to earn your vote. because it is your time. and i hope you will join me on this journey. >> she will journey first to iowa. >> where she came in a humbling third place in the 2008 caucus despite her front runner status. >> i congratulate senator obama and senator edwards. >> today republicans were ready for hillary too presidential hopefuls immediate i began fund-raising off of her announcement, kentucky senator rand paul's website began selling anti-hillary gear. >> and this new ad starts airing in four early voting states, including iowa tomorrow. >> hillary clinton represents the worse of the washington machine. >> the president will hold a round table event with some community college students here on tuesday and then they will visit a small agricultural business on wednesday. her campaign says he is going to
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be in a rampup phase jeff, over the next six to eight weeks and hold her first true rally some time in may. >> glor: nancy in the mean time the idea is to keep these event small? >> reporter: that is correct. an it is clear that her campaign feels that they need to do the best he can project an image that is something other than the inevitable democratic nominee, even though that is most likely what she is. they also believe as republicans do that this election is going to be first and foremost about the middle class and whoever shows that they can connect with the middle class and understand understands their problems is going to have a huge advantage in the general election. >> glor: nancy cordes, thank you very much. for more let's bring in cbs political commentary john dickerson whose title is being adjusted first congratulations okay been named bob schieffer's replacement on face the nation, we are so happy for you. >> thank you very jeff. >> glor: busy political day in more ways than one.
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in your estimation what is her biggest challenge. her biggest challenge is the why are you running challenge? which is giving an answer that is a rationale for her campaign that's a challenge for any candidate but for her in particular because all of her opponent and pundits in history have been trying to write that answer in for her. so they will say it is the third term of barack obama or just doing it because she thinks she is the inevitable next choice. and also she has to answer that question because regular voters need to know why they want to connect with her and how they can connect with her. so she has to give them an answer to that question. >> glor: and john, if she is to win the nomination and eventually the presidency you are talking about maintaining some sort of very strong clip of momentum for 18 months. >> that is a big challenge for the campaign and it's a challenge both to not get started too fast. they want it to be kind of a slow rollout, not something that is full of massive crowds and kind of an overwhelming blast at the beginning, so can they modulate that at the outset?
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but then once the campaign gets going, how to sustain momentum? how to sustain passion with voters, all the way through that long period of time, because hillary clinton will be facing all kinds of distractions in just trying to keep the campaign on the rails when she is being attacked from so many different quarters would be a a big challenge she will pace more than any other candidate. >> glor: on to the republican side, it is a wide and deep field. different candidate are going to say different things but is there one sort of universal attack point that is has emerged so far we are going to hear more against hillary clinton? >> i think one of the words you will hear and being the, reince priebus said this on "face the nation" today, hillary clinton has this has this air of inevitability about her, what they are trying to hang on hillary clinton is this idea that she thinks it is just hers for the asking. and that is why the entire clinton thrust of this announcement will be to show he is going to work hard for the nomination, she takes nothing for granted, she is going to sweat it out because of how she runs her campaign can be a proxy
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for the kind of effort and passion she will put into the presidency. that's what they hope, anyway. >> glor: john dickerson thank you so much and 15 congratulations will. >> thanks so much, jeff. >> glor: republican senator marco rubio is expected to announce in miami tomorrow that he is running for president the 43-year-old freshman senator from florida joined fellow senators ted cruz of texas and rand paul of kentucky as the first republicans officially in this race. >> there has been a another fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a white police officer, and this case happened in tulsa and don dahler has the video. it is a luger, it is a luger. >> convicted felon courtney harris was the target of an undercover drug and gun sting operation last thursday when he saw police vehicles pull up he ran. >> stop right there stop right there. >> a pursuing officer wearing a body camera chased down and tackled harris.
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as other officers joined the struggle the sheriff's department says one of them yelled a warning that he was about to use a taser. >> that was 73-year-old reserve deputy robert bates an insurance executive and former police officer. he then pulled out what he said he thought was his taser. >> immediately afterward, a gun hot is heard on the video. as is an apology from bates. >> oh, i shot him! i am sorry. >> maria haberfeld is a professor of police science at john jay college. >> how unusual is it to have a a 73-year-old reserve officer involved in such a dangerous police operation. >> it is extremely unusual to have them but there are men who are in their sixties and seventies around the country, so he happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> you shot me! >> as he lay bleeding officers continued to cuff harris. he complained of losing his breath. >> i am losing my breath. >> somebody replied (bleep) your
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breath. >> harris was taken to a hospital where he died. bates is not allowed to perform any police activities while an investigation is ongoing. >> the tulsa county sheriff's office blames bates's mistake on a phenomenon calls slips and capture. the police sergeant leading the investigation says that's when a person's behavior slips off the intended course of action because it is captured by a stronger response. jeff prosecutors are now reviewing the case. >> glor: don dahler, thank you very much. >> one student is dead at a kenyan university after an explosion was miss 16 for a mistaken for a terror activity, the university of the student in a university in nairobi heard allowed dawn right before dawn. >> 141 people were injured in the stampede to escape, the student who died reportedly jumped from a fifth floor window, the noise turned out to be an electrical explosion. >> turkey has taken offense to remarks made by pope francis today. speaking at st. peter's basilica the pope called the massacre of
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over a million and a half armen wants in mean 15 the quote first genocide of the 20th century. the u can i does not officially acknowledge those events took place. they have now recalled their ambassador to the vatican. >> here in the u.s. the masters golf tournament played out largely as a four day, one man show. with 21-year-old jordan speith in the starring role. >> some of this competition included tiger woods, phil mickelson and justin rose who between them have 20 wins in golf majors. >> but the tournament belonged to speith, who shot a record opening round 64 and set the all-time 54 score hole at six under he waste nod time collecting birdies on two of his first three holes sunday. >> >> he remained aggressive hitting key shots birdied on the tenth and 13th. >> on the 15th he made history with this birdie.
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>> setting the all-time record for strokes under par, 19 under. >> this putt sealed the victory, only the fifth wire to wire winner at augusta national, along the way he broke the record for most birdies at the masters, only woods won the green jacket at an earlier age. while rewriting the record books, speith also pockets a $1.8 million prize. >> college students are arrested after cellphone video reveals a shocking attack on a crowded beach. and a boy who gained game seeking adoption finds a new home. when the cbs evening news continues.
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>> glor: five people are dead in texas after a horrific early morning crash, it happened on interstate 30 in fort worth. while 11 vehicles were involved in the wreck including an 18-wheeler, authorities are still investigating the cause. >> police in panama city beach
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florida say spring break this year has been out of control and dangerous. they are now investigating an alleged gang rape captured on cellphone video, here is jericka duncan. >> this cellphone video is so graphic blurring out the disturbing images makes it hard to tell exactly what is going on. but bay county sheriff frank mckeithen saw the entire video unedited. >> probably one of the most disgusting repulsive, sickening things that i have seen this year in panama city beach and i have seen a lot of it. within ten feet of where this is happening, there are hundreds of, hundreds of people standing there, watching looking seeing hearing what's going on and yet our culture and our society and our young people have got to a point to where obviously this is acceptable. >> two troy university students, 22-year-old delonte martistee of georgia and 23-year-old ryan
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calhoun of alabama were charged with sexual battery by multiple perpetrators, law enforcement is looking for a third suspect for the same assault officials say occurred in mid march. >> this latest violent incident comes three weeks after seven people were shot at a house party. according to the sheriff's office, arrests have more than tripled compared to last year. suspects considered armed and dangerous have increased six times, and sexual assaults have nearly doubled. >> after the, as for the 19-year-old alleged victim in the blurred cellphone video, sheriff's deputies say she did not report the alleged rape and told deputies she believed she was drugged because she does not remember what happened. >> the video was discovered by the troy police department in alabama, while investigating a shooting there jeff, police say they recovered a phone containing that graphic video. >> thank you jericka, very much. a mother is facing questions after accidentally dropping her
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two-year-old into a cheetah pit at the cleveland zoo. officials say she was dangling him over a railing when he fell. the child escaped with only minor injuries after his parents jumped in to rescue him. the cheetahs never approached the boy or his parents. >> up next, new video of isis bragging about destroying ancient relics. >>
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>> glor: isis has released a new video showing what appears to be the terror group's destruction of an ancient city in iraq. >> here is charlie d'agata. >> a city that stood for 3,000 years. reduced to dust in a matter of seconds. that's what this new video from isis purports to show. it can not be inly verified. but if legitimate, this crater is all that remains of the ancient as syrian city of nimrud, one of iraq's greatest
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archaeological treasures. >> it appears to confirm reports that isis destroyed the site south of mosul weeks ago. the video shows militants dismantling alabaster artifacts block by block. >> the men used sledge hammers and jack hammers to take down walls and power tools to cut through stone. >> god has honored us to remove all of these idols and statues worshipped instead of allah one jihadist says. >> in february, isis showed similar scenes of destruction in mosul's main museum, part of an offensive to obliterate ancient works of art and history in regions under its control. in today's video they brought in the bulldozers for the takedown of nimrud before militants are seen rigging barrels full of explosives. >> once the jewel in a region known as the cradle of
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civilization -- now blown into oblivion by an extremist group that has proven is anything but civilized. charlie d'agata, cbs news london. >> glor: still ahead, boomerang buyers thousands who lost their homes to foreclosure are returning to the housing market. >>
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>> glor: this spring, the housing market could see a surge of so-called boomerang buyers, those who lost their homes to foreclosure, but are ready to buy again. here to explain is cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. jill, why are these boomerang buyers coming back? >> well, so far, there have been about 7.3 million people that lost their homes to either foreclosure or short sales between 2007 and 2014, now those things those events caused a black mark on your credit for up to seven years so coming up in the seven year anniversary people are going to roll off this year realty track says they are expecting between 250,000 and 500,000 of those people to come back into the housing
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market, because their credit is cleared. >> 7.3 million americans lost their thoams foreclosure but not all 7 million come back into this market in this way. >> yes probably not. maybe about half over the next eight years, and why only half? well, by the way many of them are just scared they don't want to be in the housing market anymore, some haven't recovered their credit scores from other events, also a lot of people don't have down payments so they don't have the income necessary but of those that come back it is going to be a shot in the arm for markets especially those that saw the most severe downturns, they were talking about places like phoenix her sed and stockton, california, fort myers, florida. >> some can come back and will come back but there are still millions of america because of their credit history do not qualify and will not be buying homes. >> it is, what is interesting is happening, fair isaac that created the famous fico score is test agnew score and that score is not based on traditional methods, they are looking at other measures do you pay the utility bills on time? do you move a lot? fair isaac says
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they believe there are 53 million americans right now who either don't have credit or have shaky credit and of those about 15 million would qualify to borrow with their new score. they are going to probably roll it out by the end of this year. this could be another opportunity for people to get back into the borrowing market could help the economy and could help individuals. >> glor: very interesting. jill, thanks. >> thank you. >> glor: seattle's so-called up house is up for sale. nicknamed for its resemblance to the house that went up in the pixar movie, it became pa symbol of defines after its elderly owner edith macefield reportedly turned down a million dollars develops wanted to tear it down she died in 2008 and tourists have been placing balloons out of the house. current owners are accepting bids until april 20th. >> the boy has a new home. he gained game two years ago when he stood up in church and asked if anyone would be willing to take him in after an adoption didn't turn out he turned to his former caseworker
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who he always thought of as his mother, she will officially become his mom on april 22nd. >> coming up muslim women renew their faith inside the first female only mosque in the united states. >>
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lekovic. >> glor: finally here tonight, omwenga reports on the first went only mosque in the united states. omar villafranca. >> when the women who have been silenced in their souls. >> this is something rarely seen within a mosque. >> a friday service conducted by women for women. 0 and especially important to edina lekovic is hearing a female voice. give the call to prayer. >> it a maid they emotional, i know for many women they have a similar kind of experience. >> >> my eyes filled up with tears because there was something that spoke to my heart in a different way. >> what is it like seeing all of those women's faces out there?
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>> it has been really beautiful and inspiring. >> edina lekovic she cofounded the women's mosque of america. >> no one would ever point a women's gym or women's college and say hey you are discriminating but we are doing what this mosque is for women we are speaking for ourselves. >> before we started, i was really prepared for some sort of backlash or pushback. >> if it is new you know, it is satanic and evil and should be condemned and done away with immediately. >> but attorney says he got that reaction when he got, wrote a blog supporting the mosque. >> there are some mosques that are very separated and if you are coming to a mosque and you are not getting the same spiritual experience you will stop coming to the mosque which is the case to are a lot of women in the community. >> we realized they were carrying that sense of not having equal space in the mosque so they came here and filled a catharsis that happened there. >> lekovic says these prayer services were never intended to replace the traditional mosque, nor are they reinterpreting the
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koran. >> never let us become jaded, disheartened overwhelmed. >> obviously we feel deeply misunderstood because when you turn on the tv you see these women as being objectified or oppressed or silenced or liberated if they leave the faith and the truth is that the women's mosque accepted what american women are all about. >> it feels like a special sisterhood. >> it is a place to neat woman to womaned renew their faith. >> omar villafranca, cbs news, los angeles. >> glor: that is the cbs evening news tonight, later on cbs "60 minutes". i am jeff glor, cbs news in new york. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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