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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 16, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> san leandro police go after a woman tonight and she fights back with her car. it all started when police spotted a stolen car. >> andria borba picks up the story from there. >> there is only one way in. one way out. >> reporter: at the dead end of 105th avenue in oakland, a scene of crime scene tape and san leandro police cruisers. >> agencies come into oakland and they often do. >> reporter: officers were in oakland on a different case when they saw this gray sedan. it had been reported stolen earlier today. they tried to make a traffic
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stop. that is when the female driver rammed the plain clothed officer driving this white pickup truck. the officer opened fire, hitting the drive. students and parents at the high school nearby, lionel wilson college prep sheltered in place. >> it can be a very big distraction. and you know, it affects our kids' lives but we also try to handle it with grace and really assess the situation and make sure that we don't overreact. >> reporter: people who live in the neighborhood say the gunfire is nearly constant. >> i am sleeping and all you hear is pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: jose was not exaggerating. these five bullet holes in his vehicle are less than six weeks old. >> i just covered with a sticker. >> reporter: an officer involved shooting wasn't enough to get jose outside to check out what was going on. in oakland, andria borba, kpix5. >> the driver of that vehicle is in the hospital tonight. she is expected to survive.
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her passenger was also arrested. no officers were hurt. right now, investigators were looking into a deadly house fire in san jose. it broke out just after 7:00 tonight on gene avenue. two people were home at the time. one made it out safely and called 911. the second person was not able to escape. firefighters found the body at a bedroom. it is unclear how the fire started. tonight, san francisco police are taking a good hard look at video of the latest smash and grab heist. joe vasquez sayings these crooks knew exactly what they were doing. >> reporter: they break in with a slingshot. watch the surveillance video and you see a guy pick up a rock, sling it back and crash into this large front door pane. here it is from a different angle. the glass breaks and a handful of men run through and begin stealing . it happened at 4:30 in the morning at a store called stuff on valencia street. they all appeared to be wearing
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masks as they grabbed all the loot they can. they are only in for two minutes and escape back out the shattered door onto valencia street. they got away only four blocks away from the san francisco police department's mission station. at one of the burglar's masks appears to have fallen away. his facial features exposed. >> police will be reviewing it all. some of the faces can be seen. >> reporter: james panelo is the owner of stuff. a beloved vintage art and knickknack store. he says the thieves got $5,000 worth of merchandise. >> we provide a place for small businesses to sell out of and it affects them. that is their livelihood. >> reporter: it appears the burglars may have outside help that. a guy on a bike and several others served as lookouts. >> i hope they connect and find these people. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix5. >> this is just the latest of a series of smash and grabs.
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in january, some thieves backed a u-haul van into a store. audio stores were targeted. the crooks rammed their way in. a child randomly attacked and choked on a san francisco street. tonight, this guy is under arrest. he is andras kosdi. he is homeless. the attack happened in the marina at union and octavia. the victim just a five-year-old girl. >> the girl was walking with her mother when this man came up to the child unprovoked, grabbed her by the neck, lifted her off the ground and placed her on the side of a building. >> several people witnessed the attack. called the police. he was caught within minutes. the girl has a scrape on her neck. otherwise, she is okay. in berkeley tonight, thousands of people took to the streets in protest. juliette goodrich on their message for one of the biggest corporations in america. >> reporter: liz, that big corporation is mcdonalds.
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and employees didn't go to work today. they hit the streets in protests in a nationwide fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage. the fight for $15 considered one of the biggest mobilizations of workers in the u.s. and this afternoon in the east bay, another organized protest moving through the streets of downtown berkeley ending up at this mcdonalds on shadack and university. >> very misleading for workers to work and try to live the american dream hen they are not even paid enough to survive. >> reporter: the nationwide strikes and protests comes two weeks after mcdonalds announced it was going to increase salaries for a fraction of its work force by one dollar. noesha mcgee works at mcdonalds to pay for her college education. >> my books are at least two of my paychecks. >> reporter: it was not just fast food workers protesting.
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they were joined by employees from wal-mart, child providers, even a nurse. >> how are you going to provide on only $8 an hour? >> reporter: workers hope to send a message to corporate headquarters. if not, the fight for $15 will continue. in berkeley, juliette goodrich, kpix5. >> there were similar demonstrations in san francisco, san jose, oakland, and san rafael. prominent bay area catholics want the pope to oust san francisco's archbishop. this ad will appear in tomorrow's chronicle calling on pope francis to replace salvatore cordileone. they point to morality clauses and teacher contracts. in part, the archdiocese say
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they presume to speak for san francisco, but they do not. tonight, scientists are weighing in on why a dead sperm whale washed up in pacificaful deaf deaf devin fehely has the story. >> reporter: this is the 18th while that washed up in the last 40 years. their goal is to figure out how and why the animal died. the rare and sad sight of an adult mail sperm whale that washed up drew onlookers by the dozen. >> it is always sad to see a large beautiful animal like that dead. but you know, it is also just part of the cycling of life. >> reporter: she wasn't alone. a team of scientists with the marine mammal center performed a necropsy on the mammal. the whale was likely sick, possibly even starving when it washed ashore. >> he looked very thin.
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his bones were protruding and it appears he has not been eating. there is not a lot of stomach contents. >> scientists say they won't know for a while why the whale died or if it is relate today the death of other marine mammals washing on shore. the big question is what happens to the whale? the marine mammal center says they want to leave it where it is an simply allow nature to take its course. but they say they are also communicating with the city of pacifica who may want to bury the body. in pacifica, devin fehely, kpix5. >> the whale also showed signs of trauma, but scientists say it doesn't look like it was hit bay boat. tonight, more proof san francisco real estate prices are out of this world. here is a 291 square foot condo. it is in the city soma neighborhood. it features a bay window. full sized murphy style fold away bed. it sold for $415,000 in cash.
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sound like a lot? that is actually 39% over asking. >> they received about nine officers. almost half of those were all cash. often, though, the all cash offers are not always the best offers, all things considered. in this case, it was. >> yeah. 291 square feet. did i mention that? and get this. the micro condo comes with $289 monthly hoa dues. >> unbelievable. well speaking of unbelievable, the warriors have been one of the best teams in the nba all season. but tonight, they had a shot at making history. >> they have been making history all season long. the warriors had nothing to play for in terms of playoff seeding. but tonight, one more win could put them in an elite nba club. steph curry and the warriors sat out in the second half against denver, but they picked up a win with a 133-126 win
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over the denver nuggets. they become just the 10th team in the nba to win 67 games and of the previous nine, seven have won the nba title. the warriors will begin the playoffs saturday at home against new orleans. we will have more on that coming up in sport. >> should be a good playoff. >> should be good. more than the western conference finals. nba champs maybe? i love it. >> thank you. coming up, $7,000 stolen from the hayward little league team. tonight, who would do such a thing? >> a scare at the u.s. capitol. what is this thing? and how did the pilot make it all this way before he was caught? >> and 40 years after the fall of saigon. tonight, a look back at the mission to save thousands of vietnamese children. some of whom
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>> well, it was a mailman in a mini copter that caused a major scare at the u.s. capitol. >> this is not good people. >> cell phone video captured 61- year-old doug hughes landing his one man gyrocoptor on the capitol lawn. he had a letter for each member of congress demanding campaign finance reform. he had been planning this stunt for months and chronicling his quest with the tampa bay times. >> i had carefully planned it so nobody will get hurt.
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i'm not suicidal. >> he also realized he needed to do something big in order to again turn the attention of the american public to this very boring subject. >> after checking the copter for explosives, capitol police toted away. hughes could face civil and criminal penalties for this stunt. some thieves in the east bay hit a new low. mark sayre says they pulled off a heartless steal on a bunch of young baseball players. >> reporter: as the as take on the orioles of the little league in hayward, it is hard not to think about what happened here at the clubhouse late on sunday night. >> if you can see right here, you can see where it is bent. that somebody tried to pry it open. >> reporter: league president christina matthewson shows where someone broke through a side panel and stole a safe which contained $7,000 from a weekend fundraiser. >> it is such a disappointing disgusting feeling. >> reporter: the money stolen was intended to directly
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benefit the players to pay for things like rent to play on these fields and uniforms. >> it probably is going to be used for the all-star jerseys. >> how important is that to you? does that matter? >> yeah, it matters, you know, you try so hard. we don't deserve a lot of money to just go away like that. >> reporter: one question nobody can answer, who would steal from kids? >> it affects all the children. all the people, the parents, friends, worked hard to get up the money. >> reporter: hayward police are now investigating. in hayward, mark sayre, kpix5. >> this month marks the 40th anniversary of the fall of saigon. the end of the vietnam war. thousands escaped to the united states leaving behind chaos and the risk of death to build new futures in a new land. many settled right here in the bay area. veronica de la cruz with the story of operation baby lift. >> reporter: part of this
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exodus included 3,000 vietnamese children brought over for adoption. the event also played an important role in bay area television history. >> okay, thank you very much. let's check right back in with andy park. >> reporter: 40 years ago, a historic event unfolded late at night at oakland international airport. kpix5 was the only station to broadcast it live. >> thank god they arrived back here in this country. >> reporter: on board this cargo plane, 57 orphans air lifted out of war torn vietnam. >> i remember people telling me that it was a big event landing in the bay area. >> reporter: with saigon about to fall, orphanages were desperate to get the kids to safety. >> we couldn't abandon them. we had to bring the kids with us. >> reporter: in a mass evacuation involving dozens of flights, 2600 children flew to the united states.
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the vast mayorty of them were processed here at the precidio army base in this building known as harmon hall and thousands of volunteers came to help. lonnie iceman was one of them. he came with a group of vietnam vets. >> whether they were our children or not. we had a responsibility to get them out of there. >> reporter: among the babies he likely cradled, this woman. musician and singer laura price. >> these veterans who were broken from the war and all they have been through, they were there to help us. >> i honestly believe it made it possible for more healing to happen for me than anything i have done since. >> reporter: but the baby lift was not without controversy. >> many of the children lifted were not orphans. >> especially the older ones who could speak. they had parents and families. >> reporter: oakland attorney miller filed a lawsuit to determine who was eligible for adoption. some parents put their kids on
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planes to save them. hoping to join them later. >> the district court judge said it was too complicated and sealed the records. >> reporter: today, many orphans are finding new ways to discover their roots. >> i want to know the missing pieces. >> reporter: in order to do so, schoolteacher trisha houston took a dna test that connect her with her biological father in vietnam. regardless, she still regards her adopted mother her true parents. >> i'm alive and i have been loved because of my mom. >> reporter: while some still think the baby lift was a band aid put on an unpopular war ... >> it was one of the greatest humanitarian efforts of the 20th century. >> reporter: veronica de la cruz, kpix5. >> we have a lot more on the end of the vietnam war, the refugees, the lives of vietnamese americans here in the bay area coming up in our special, the fall of saigon. 40 years later. this will air thursday, april 30, 7:00 p.m.
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right here on kpix5. >> there are some incredible stories in that special. really unbelievable. amazing to see that footage. >> right here this oakland. switching gears, weather, a beautiful weekend coming up. >> it will be a fantastic weekend to go outside. we will go up with some temperatures, then cool down saturday and sunday. peek outside shows the golden gate bridge. we look to that one particular spot for fog. is the fog working its way? the answer is absolutely not. there will be no fog tonight. there will be a low of 53 in san francisco. fremont, 48. concord, nap pa in the 40s . if you are headed to the beach over the next few days, lit be warm and look really inviting but watch out for sneaker waves and rip currents. they are likely tomorrow and also friday because of a storm way up in the gulf of alaska sending rough surf to us. if you are headed to watch the
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giants soon win a baseball game at home, 77-degree ins san francisco tomorrow. cooler friday with a high of 70 but well above average because of that. a building bridge of high pressure. the rainfall we got about 48 hours ago is now a major female announcer:
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pitch. four years ago, brian was beaten in the parking lot at dodger stadium. as you all know, he was left with a traumatic brain injury. as you know, he has come a long way. >> this is bryan working out at the gym, his goal is to use his crutches more often. right now, he depends on a wheelchair to get around. he takes a big step forward tomorrow night when he gets to throw out the first pitch at the game. and coming up in sports t warriors wrap up the regular season. we now know when and who they will play in the first round of the playoffs an the giants do something they haven't done in 15 years. i'm telling you, it's
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>> the warriors didn't have no such play for in their regular season finale. they would move into an elite nba club to become only the tenth team in league history to have wins in the season. golden state looking for their 39th home win. three ball here. makes it. 18-10 warriors. thompson scored 25. golden state finished the game on a huge run. james mcadoo with a huge dunk. anthony davis in new orleans needed a win tonight to clinch a final playoff spot in the west. under two seconds to go.
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davis hits the jumper as the shot clock expires. unibrow scores 31 and new orleans wins 108-103 clinches a playoff spot in a first round series versus the warriors. the warriors and pelicans begin their first round on saturday. anthony davis averages over 24 points, 10 rebounds, and nearly three blocks a game. well the giants opening series at home has not gone the way they have hoped in the midst of a five game losing streak, they rick being swept in their first three games at home for the first time in 15 years. the giants and the rockies just like all of major league baseball honoring jackie robinson. not a great start for tim lincecum. nolan arenado takes him deep. and just like that it is 3-0, colorado. bottom of the 8th inning, now down 4-2. hector sanchez
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grounds into an inning ending fielders choice. rockies win 4-2 and san francisco has its sixth straight loss. hall of famer nolan ryan checking out the astros and the as . a two run homer making it 2-0. houston went onto win 6-1. and the sharks cleaned out their lockers today. but coach todd wasn't cleaning out his office just yet. san jose has not decided whether or not he will return as head coach next season. the coach said he wanted to discuss his future with his family, but joe thornton thought that wasn't the only family he should talk with. >> todd has to talk to his family. maybe he should talk to this family as well. we will see what happens. yeah. >> they will be sure to be some changes. we don't know what exactly will be going on. but most likely, a decision will be made on mclellen's
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future before he head to europe with team canada. >> when does hunter pence get back? >> hopefully soon. he is running around the bases and he is getting some work in. but they don't think he is ready to swing the bat yet with his forearm. so they are going to give that about a
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>> david letterman is next with michael j. fox. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. see
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