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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. charred tiles and a burned roof. fire rips through a san jose restaurant causing major damage and heartbreak. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank is off today.
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kiet do is live at jimmy's restaurant in san jose with the latest. >> reporter: yes, we're live here outside the restaurant. as you can see it is close the because there is significant damage to the roof and the interior. we are being told there were four employees inside the restaurant at the time. they tried to battle the flames. it became too much and they ran out and called for help. watching the firefighters battle the flames was hard enough for customers and employees of jimmy's restaurant. but for one man, well, there are no words. jimmy didn't want to talk on camera. smoke poured out of the restaurant he opened decades ago. the fire department says it was a grease fire inside the wall. the automatic fire extinguishers went off three times. >> that fire however was isolated behind the hood and duct area, so the fire extinguishers there were unable to put it out. >> reporter: half the kitchen
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is gone. dining area, however, was saved. employee gigi green says jimmy is a great boss. >> i feel bad for jimmy. everybody loves him. it hurts to see it. can't deal with this. a driver was killed in a crash in san francisco this morning. the chp says the accident happened just after 10:00 on the off-ramp of southbound highway 280. the john daly boulevard. this is the scene from chopper 5 a short time ago. it appears the driver struck one of the concrete pillars. investigators highway patrol to have the off-ramp reopened by 12:30. an unprecedented move from within the catholic church. more than 100 want the pope to remove the current archbishop in san francisco. kpix 5's anne makovec is at st. mary's cathedral with the unusual method they are using to get their point across. anne. >> reporter: they took out an ad, a full-page ad, in the "san francisco chronicle" among the 100 names listed the former
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head of catholic charities, a former chair of the usf board of trustees, even tom brady's father. they are all calling on the pope to get rid of archbishop salvatore cordileone. this full-page ad calls on pope francis to replace the archbishop of san francisco for fostering a "atmosphere of division and intolerance." they say he has isolated himself from the local catholic community. >> we are interested and we demand to be permitted to use our conscience consistent with what pope francis has preached and continues to preach. >> reporter: the group behind the letter points to archbishop salvatore cordileone's proposed morality clause for catholic school employees. students, parents and teachers have been protesting it since february. the clause would reclassify teachers as ministers who must live up to strict catholic doctrine in and out of the classroom. >> you can't suppress the truth
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forever. the truth will come back. >> reporter: i sat down with the archbishop a few months after he was installed in 2012 facing another great controversy, same-sex marriage. speaking out against it in a city known for acceptance. he vowed to continue the fight even after the courts had ruled. >> the longer this society against goes those principles, the more harm will be done. but the issue will never die. >> reporter: those whose name are on this ad say it's the morality clause that concerns them most as the letter invokes the pope's own words, "who am i to judge?" >> faculty is given the take it or leave it proposition to my way or the highway which is wholly inconsistent with both the history of our diocese, where we have been and where we want our children to go. >> reporter: we did reach out to the archdiocese. nobody was available to comment. they did send out a statement saying, quote, in part, the greatest misrepresentation of all is that the signers presume
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to speak for the catholic community of san francisco. they do not. end quote. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the archbishop was arrested for dui in 2012 just weeks before being installed in san francisco. it happened in san diego as he was driving his mother home from a dinner with friends. new at noon an arrest in a deadly south bay crash. christian clennan is behind bars this afternoon. he is charged with two counts of vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving. san jose police say clennan was driving an suv on north capitol avenue late last night lost control hit the median and caused the suv to flip over landing on its roof. [ pause ] >> well, obviously we are not going to have sound on that but two people in the suv died at the scene. clennan and the other two people in the vehicle were not seriously injured. the contra costa county water district joins a long list of agencies cracking down on water wasters. the board approved tough new
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restrictions last night. they include no watering outdoors more than twice a week. caught once and you get a warning. caught twice and you will have to pay a $250 fine. third time offenders will have to pay $500 and could have their water shut off. the board also voted on higher water rates starting in june. in sacramento county, more than 100,000 gallons of water were wasted early this morning. a fire hydrant is the culprit. sean bennett is in antelope where the clean-up continues. >> reporter: a major mess left over here in antelope. take a look at all the mud that was kicked out into the middle of the street. and then you can see the fire hydrant on its side sheared off here earlier this morning. want to go right to the video as it was pretty dramatic seeing that water shootout of the hydrant. not only was it higher than the light pole next to it,the water was shooting higher than the walmart building right behind this hydrant. and the american water company tells us 1,000 gallons a minute for more than two hours was shooting out of that hydrant.
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a total of 120,000 gallons wasted for more than the 2.5- hour period that water was shooting up. could give you perspective, that would be the equivalent of 10 swimming pools at 20 by 20 by 4 wasted during this drought. not only was the water wasted but it actually flooded the roadway and it also made its way down the hill and into the first american self-storage unit where multiple rows were flooded. reaction now from the manager who runs the storage facility. >> i thought it would have been turned off fairly quickly because the police and water people were here early. it took them a long time to get it turned off. >> there's a lip on all of them and so i don't think everybody got wet. >> sofa, washer, dryer, everything i have is in there. >> reporter: this is a known spot for people racing their vehicles here in antelope. they said they wouldn't be surprised if someone actually hit that fire hydrant and fled
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the scene. back to you. about two dozen world war ii veterans from the bay area are on their way to washington. they are making a trip to see firsthand how the nation's capital has honored their service. the group left from sfo this morning for the three-day trip. >> there's some memorials we haven't seen and i think that's the main object is the world war ii monument. >> the vet trip is being paid for by the honor flight bay area foundation that sends groups of world war ii vets to washington so they can see the monuments to their efforts in person. today relatives of people who died in a ferry disaster snubbed south korea's president. multiple ceremonies marked the one-year anniversary. but when the president went to one event to offer condolences, the relatives left early. most of the hundreds of people who died were teens and the family says the president is blocking an independent investigation. the search is far from over for a missing malaysian airline
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flight. flight 370. china, australia and malaysia will double the search area if the plane isn't found by may. rescuers have combed 61% of the 23,000-square-mile search area. 239 people were on board the flight headed to beijing from kuala lumpur when it disappeared from radar last march. police in boston it looking for those who stole a dozen pair of tennis shoes. they were going to be donated by two survivors of the boston marathon bombing. they told police they wanted to surprise a team of survivors running next week with the gift but they were stolen from their car during yesterday's one boston day ceremonies. former rap mogul suge knight will go on trial. a los angeles county judge ruled today that knight will face charges of murder, attempted murder and hit-and- run. knight is accused of plowing his truck into two people in a restaurant parking lot back in january. one of those men died. in the meantime, the judge also
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reduced his bail from $25 million to $10 million. san francisco rents are pushing business offices out of the city and into the east bay. the vacancy rate for office space in berkeley, emeryville and downtown oakland dropped from 11% to 8% last year. there's demand for more than two million square feet of office space or enough space for more than 7,000 full-time employees. and still ahead, winds are picking up across california. firefighters are gearing up for the season. the serious warning in southern california. >> helping people in need all over the world. how one bay area couple channeled their grief into help for those who need it most. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, we have near and record warmth. we have a beach hazardous statement. and we have april showers all in the forecast as the news cont
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the dow up is this morning about 21 and change bringing the dow to over 18,000. firefighters in the southland are on alert this afternoon. most of southern california is under a red flag warning and will be until 8:00 tonight. these pictures are from whittier this morning where fire has already burned a couple of acres. a second day of gusty santa ana winds combined with low humidity is increasing the fire danger. roberta has our forecast. good afternoon, everyone. this is what you need to know on this thursday. first off, we have had the abundance of clear skies, visibilities unlimited. now we're looking at a north- northwest breeze today up to 15
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miles per hour as the afternoon progresses sunshine, warm conditions and dry conditions with the humidity down in the low teens. the coast is cleared out now. we have this huge dome of high pressure, it has been building in over the eastern pacific and settling in over the western states. that's producing our offshore winds but by friday evening as this high begins to move due east, we see more of an onshore flow. and this results in a marine layer. thus, some fog and cooler air. across the state today into the 80s throughout the interior section of the state of california. 60 in the high sierra. a pair of 7s at mendocino and 7s at monterey bay. if you have allergies, the count is medium to high today. and it's going to be off the charts over the weekend with a stronger breeze. so mulberry, ash, oak trees counts are on the high side.
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by sundown we'll have been talking about near or record warmth a repeat performance on friday and then marine layer layer moves in over the weekend. partly cloudy on monday and we have a good chance of april showers on tuesday and wednesday. make it a great day, everyone. bryan stow's recovery from a life-threatening injury takes a big step forward. he will throw out the first pitch at a baseball game. >> it happens tonight in san jose. >> that's stow warming up for tonight's minor league game between the san jose giants and the bakersfield blaze. the catcher is his father. four years ago, stow was beaten in the parking lot outside dodger stadium and was left with a traumatic brain injury. doctors were not sure he would survive but as you can see, he has come a long way. and this is brian working out at the gym.
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his goal is to start using his crutches more often. right now he depends heavily on a wheelchair to get around. well, you might be thinking about lunch right around now and you can go to lunch with the ceo of one of the world's largest companies. but sitting down for a midday deal with tim cook is going to take a significant bite out your life savings. cook is taking part in a charity auction to raise money for the robert f. kennedy center for justice and human rights and bids for that lunch have -- that's for a good cause -- have climbed to $160,000. the lucky winner also gets two vip passes to an apple keynote. the auction will close on may 6. even senators have embarrassing ring tones on their phones. >> mm-hm. >> preferences? >> ah come on. ♪[ music ]♪ >> just let it go, mister. >> senator pat roberts cell
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phone interrupted agricultural secretary tom vilsack while he was speaking. and the ring tone, of course, is disney's hit song "let it go" from the movie "frozen." senator roberts laughed it off and apologized. still ahead, a bay area couple honors their daughter's legacy with acts of kindness. how they turned grief into giving. >> and a reminder, if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline at 888-5-helps- u. volunteers are there right now. we'll be right back.
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this is a live from sub noel sunol regional wilderness. they are looking for a hiker. 70-year-old don meyers left palo alto yesterday morning planning to hike the maguire peak trail but when he didn't show up last night, the alert was raised. his vehicle was found in the area. tony and stephanie tantillo make spinach tortellini. >> reporter: spinach tortellini i love it. >> there's cheese but it's nice to have the spinach once in a while. >> and the color to when you pair it up with some beautiful canellini beans and tomatoes and some chicken which we already grilled and put back in the pan. doesn't that look beautiful?
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>> we caramelized onions so they are sweet. about 10, 20 minutes to get them nice and soft. we added in pasta water to thicken it up and tomatoes to smooth it out create a nice broth and, of course, the canellini beans and grilled chicken. the tortellini cooks until they bubble to the top like little pillows and then they're done. pasta water and pepper, a touch of nice sea salt. i think red pepper flakes. oh, stephanie, look at this! >> that's -- that's a plate of pasta. >> i like it! >> ciao, everybody. people in need from oakland all the way to angola have the support of this week's jefferson award winners. elizabeth cook explains it isn't exactly how they hoped live would turn out. >> now as we move on -- >> she was bright. she was fun and sunny. >> just the word kindness.
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when people sort of regale us with stories about julia, they don't talk about her successes that much, but they really talk about the kindness. >> reporter: marilyn and jerry burke are talking about their only child, julia. >> very concerned about people left behind by their political and economic systems. >> she just always reached out to those who were struggling. >> reporter: they dreamed of starting a foundation to help disadvantaged people with the hopes that, one day, julia would take it over. but in october of 1998, julia was killed in a car accident. she was just 16 years old. in the midst of the worst tragedy a parent can face, marilyn and jerry found a way to keep julia's spirit alive. >> there's a lot to be done. >> reporter: one month after her death, they started the julia burke foundation and began supporting groups that were important to their daughter, everything from helping underprivileged students to helping to raise awareness about organ donation. >> she said, if somebody has
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something they don't need and it could save the life of their father, mother, sister, brother, friend, why would they not give that gift? >> reporter: julia also loved music; and in fact, after a long day, she would often play the flute just to relax. and it was in this very room where she fostered that passion. >> ready, clarinets -- >> reporter: bob athayde was julia's music teacher at stanley middle school in lafayette. >> they'd just say, bob, what do you want do? how do you want to do that? okay, we'll fund that, if it's funding for our complete recording studio, stereo systems, instruments. >> reporter: jerry and marilyn have donated money and time to over 30 organizations around the world, all while staying true to their daughter's values. >> they took that which most people would have just pushed them over the edge and made a foundation to help people. >> here's another one. >> reporter: for turning their grief into giving, this week's
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jefferson award in the bay area goes to jerry and marilyn burke. elizabeth cook, kpix 5. you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award at
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coming up at 5:00 how a small gap between pregnancies may put your baby's health at risk. that story and more at 5:00. just like that it seems like it was just noon when we goon this. that's it for the kpix 5 news at noon. have a great afternoon. enjoy that weather out there. >> it's going to be near record highs today. it's going to rain next week. enjoy. captions by: caption colorado comments@caption
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>> brooke: you're not marrying quinn. i won't let you do that to yourself. >> deacon: brooke, i -- >> brooke: deacon, please. listen to me. this is for the rest of your life. and you're not in the right frame of mind to be making that kind of commitment. >> deacon: wait, stop, stop. look, i-i really appreciate your concern. and i get that you can't stand my fiancée, but, brooke -- >> brooke: no, that's it, okay? that is it. you are not marrying quinn. >> quinn: i'm not worried. i'll find a way to make it happen. i always do. >> rick: easier said than done. ivy's not exactly a team pla


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