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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 1, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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ming from techies who pull in six-figure incomes. >> this is our home and we love it here. >> reporter: by most standards brandon jones and his family have it all. he is a software engineer at google lives 10 minutes from work and makes six figures. the problem is he has to move and being a google employee doesn't guarantee a place to stay in mountain view. >> it is a long running joke at google that none of the employees can afford to live near the office because things are so astronomically high. >> reporter: and he is feeling that now. the new owners of the townhouse complex he lives in are kicking them out in a year to make renovations and relist the property. brandon already pays around $2,800 a month for his three- bedroom home. he and neighbors fear rents could go into the $4,000 a month range once renovations are complete. brandon says six figures doesn't look so impressive with that price tag. >> anywhere else in the world,
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it would be great. here in the bay area, it's barely enough to provide a home for your family. >> reporter: his neighbor john a nasa engineer says he will likely have to move out of mountain view to find housing he can afford. he sits on the city's environmental planning commission but not for long if he can't find another place in town. >> i love mountain view and it's just -- i'd hate to leave. but i guess i have to realize that it is a possibility there's nothing that says we have to be here or it has to be affordable. >> reporter: the company that owns the property is prometheus real estate group giving some neighbors more time than others to find a new place. brandon just received a letter in the mail recently that said he has about a year. live in mountain view christian hartnett, kpix 5. >> the condition doing the renovations says it needs to remove asbestos to repair the roof and install new fixtures. a question tonight of stole land valor and now an apology from a marin county man who has
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been passing himself off as a decorated marine. ryan takeo on why some people are still sticking up for him. >> reporter: the house of steel gym is where gregory allen trains wannabe recruits. >> he has a stellar person in the community gets kids ready for boot camp. >> reporter: inside you see how many kids he helped. allen claims 110 recruits. but the problem is he has lon identified himself as a retired marine lieutenant. even wearing a purple heart at times. but now the marines say they have no record of allen being a marine at all, let alone a medal for being wounded. this upset former marine says allen is a friend but if he has stole land valor. >> wearing uniforms and medals but not having served or earned them it's an affront to veterans. >> reporter: off camera allen says he is sorry if he hurt
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anyone but wouldn't directly answer questions if he was ever a marine. >> i'm going to stick up for him. >> reporter: his friends are coming to his defense. a man accused of stolen valor but on a selfless mission. in san rafael, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> the marines have no control over whether allen faces any criminal charges for possibly imitating a marine officer. that's up to the federal or local prosecutors. hundreds of people are marching through san francisco's mission district right now. it's one of several may day demonstrations here in the bay area. with signs in hand, flags and drums, the group is stopping traffic on mission street. chopper 5 has been following the group as they made their way from city hall to the bart station on 24th street. these are live pictures. they are picking up supporters along the way and protestors say they are emphasizing movements for workers and migrants' rights. in oakland the port has been closed because of may day marches this morning. longshoremen walked off the job
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and were joined by hundreds of others of protestors. their message was mixed. part immigrant and labor rights, part demonstration against police brutality. >> working people's lives have been destroyed by a system that does not care about the working person. >> the planned protest had a heavy police presence standing by to be sure nothing got out of hand. the port of oakland will re- open tonight. tonight starbucks is the latest company under fire for shipping california water out of state. reporter derek shore on how the politics of the drought could catch up with the coffee giant. >> reporter: a multi-billion- dollar corporation that serves you a $5 latte but tonight starbucks is under fire for its ethos bottled water line. >> yeah. that's not good. >> reporter: first brought to light by mother jones magazine but also right on the label, ethos water comes from private springs in placer county in an
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area called baxter. california water shipped to western states during an unprecedented california drought. >> it shouldn't be coming out of a place that has a major drought that's prone to drought. >> reporter: bob saunders is a water activist recess license todayicking aim at sacramento's nestle water bottling operation e says starbucks should be ashamed. >> the thing about it is at what point do they decide who gets water and who doesn't? how much do you pay for water and how much you don't? this is essentially why we have elected officials to act as agents actually to protect our resources. >> reporter: but starbucks water comes from private springs not public water sources. so does that mean there's no effect on others' water supply? this geologist with the department of water resources says no. >> if there's too much water being pulled out upstream, it won't make it down to the wells or springs that would end up flowing downhill. >> reporter: she says it depends on how much water is being taken. >> we don't need bottles water anymore. >> reporter: saunders wants a moratorium on bottling water in
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the state. at least one lawmaker assembly member eduardo garcia is listening. >> we should be looking at all these issues that are being raised. >> i have asked a couple of colleagues in the state assembly who directly deal with water to begin brainstorming, you know, what the state's role can be and asking the federal government to do some review and oversight of this matter. >> reporter: starbucks customers we spoke to may think twice before grabbing an ethos. >> definitely could be getting it somewhere else. >> starbucks says it is now looking at alternative sources for ethos water outside of the state. tesla has tapped a local winery to test its new batteries. they sold several of the several new batteries systems at jackson family wine in santa rosa. the winery released this video of how it works. the batteries store solar energy that can be used at a later time. the winery says it will save $2 million a year in electric cost. manny pacquiao and floyd
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mayweather weighed in this afternoon in vegas. the fighters looked more than ready for their megafight. fans had to pay to watch them just step on the scales! that has never happened before in the history of boxing. here's a quick look at the tale of the tape. mayweather brings a perfect record 47-0 into this fight. pacquiao has fought 64 times as a pro winning 57 of those matches. pacquiao might have an edge in power. he has knocked out 38 of his opponents compared to mayweather's 26 knockouts. should be a good one. kpix 5's maria medina says the bay area's filipino population is treating the fight like it's a national holiday. maria. >> reporter: yeah, you know, millions will be watching but as you said, filipinos will be treating tomorrow like it's a holiday. >> i think pacquiao is going to win. he has the speed, the power, and the heart. fighting hard. >> reporter: filipinos all over the world are preparing for the
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fight years in the making. >> pacquiao, he's, um, just like, um, our national hero. >> reporter: working filipinos plan to either call in sick or leave work early like this person. >> i'm working half day only. >> reporter: half day only just for this fight? >> just for this fight. >> just one moment, please. >> reporter: this restaurant in daly city they are selling a filipino staple finger food lumpia like it's a holiday. patrick reagan who owns west side boxing including in san mateo says he has never seen this much hype over a fight. >> we have one person representing the whole country. >> reporter: but while filipinos are rooting for pacquiao, his money is on mayweather. >> he is a good champion. people are saying i don't believe it's 100%. i know him personally. he has done some wonderful things in the community. >> a good fight. >> reporter: gary ryan and amateur boxer says no matter what, he hopes pacquiao and mayweather will give the world a good show. >> they're both champions. so let the best man win. >> reporter: and so the owner
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of west side boxing club says because manny is so aggressive he thinks that he could take on mayweather in the beginning and if he doesn't, then he thinks mayweather will win the fight. live in san mateo, maria medina, kpix 5. >> the fight will be good for many bay area businesses. 4th street pizza company in san jose says all 150 seats it has are reserved tomorrow. it's charging $30 apiece for people to get in and watch the fight. one of the managers says that this is by far one of the biggest sporting events of the year. >> it's like the super bowl. even though your team isn't it, a local team isn't in it, so many people want to be here. it's more of a reason to get out or a party. >> yeah. well, it's pay per view an if you would rather watch the fight from your house, be prepared to pay $100. that is a pay-per-view record price. or you could fly down to vegas tonight and, you know, pay 6
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figures to sit in an auditorium about a half mile away. [ laughter ] >> ridiculous. >> watch it on closed circuit. >> crazy. still ahead a computer meltdown affecting thousands of students. the timing couldn't be worse. was it a glitch or something more sinister? it's a story you will only see on 5. >> file this one in the only in the bay area category. it is sweater weather right now in parts of the bay area. it is shorts weather in other parts of the bay area. is it the 50s or the 90s? depends where your. >> but everybody is cooling down for the weekend. we'll talk about how much coming up. >> and spreading its wings for the first time in weeks. what this golden eagle went through before final
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we are learning details on
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a cyber attack on school computer systems statewide. and it couldn't have come at a worse time. kpix 5's da lin says thousands of students had to stop taking a crucial test! da? >> reporter: that's right. fremont high here in east oakland is one of the thousands of schools across the state affected by the computer glitches. the state says it was due to a computer software upgrade. but oakland unified says, well, it was actually due to a cyber attack that caused the computerized test to go down. the new test is supposed to be more efficient and simple but when 8 million california students tried to log on to the "common core" test yesterday morning, many got a blank screen. >> it was saying that there was a denial of service message. >> reporter: about 120 juniors at fremont high couldn't take the test for a couple of hours. >> we want to give assessments that matter and to not have the
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kind of support we needed, that kicks you when you're down. >> reporter: this oakland teacher of the year is the "common core" testing coordinator at fremont high. she says a waste of value instructional time. >> so it's not just the days of the test. it's the before and after. i feel like we just lost two weeks. >> reporter: other districts all over the state faced the same problems. oakland unified says the state told him it was a cyber attack on the school's server system. >> it was a deliberate attack not just a malfunction so as far as we know, it was intentional. >> reporter: some educators say combined with 8 million students logging on at the same time, it's a recipe for problems. >> i don't know what to make of it. it's either way it is frustrating and i wish that all the kinks could have been worked out so we wouldn't have to get a message like that. >> reporter: state educators say their school servers were not hacked. we asked them why they would upgrade their sort software in
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the middle of a testing week. no answer. i'm da lin in oakland, kpix 5. livermore police say two reports of sexual assaults on a popular hiking trade were lies. two women said they were attacked on arroyo trail one on tuesday one last night. both women admitted to police their stories were fake. it is not clear why the women made up the stories. they could face charges. fresh fallout from the napa earthquake. a damaged safeway store will not be re-opening. the august quake caused serious damage to the downtown napa safeway, part of the store's roof collapsed and closed ever since. after evaluating the building, the company decided it would close the doors for good. about 50 people worked at the store. safeway says they have already been transferred to other stores. the bay area's biggest city has hit a population milestone. san jose has pushed past the 1 million mark. the city grew by 1.4% last
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year. one of the largest gains among california's major cities. only san diego grew faster. san francisco is the fourth largest city in the state now. 845,000 people call it home. a comeback weeks in the making in the east bay. an eagle found badly injured and stumbling outside a fair station has taken flight once again. kpix 5's don ford on the raptor as remarkable recovery. >> reporter: she is a 12-pound golden eagle. a serious bird that can do some serious damage. she must be handle carefully and she is about to be released back into the wild first a final exam. >> 54.8. >> reporter: and a special gps tracking device is attached, too. researchers and veterinarians from the lindsey wildlife hospital will keep tabs on her. she was brought to the hospital in march with a head wound and blind in one eye. >> right side of the head when the bird came in was really super bruised. >> reporter: it all started when someone knocked on the
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door at this san ramon fire station for help with a giant brown bird down on the sidewalk. >> probably looked like a turkey and it was a golden eagle. >> reporter: firefighters did what firefighters do. they went into rescue mode. >> it took two nets the bird was so big and then immediately we covered it with a blanket. >> reporter: now the eyesight is recovered and the appetite is good. >> doing really well, feisty. we want him to be as feisty as possible. >> reporter: a short hike up and folks gathered around. the vets, the firemen and finally -- >> one, two, three! whoo! [ applause ] >> wahoo! >> emotional? >> um, yeah. i would say so. i have something in my eye. i'm not crying. [ laughter ] >> reporter: firefighters are of course trained in first aid and rescue but a golden eagle? even they say that's a first for them. in san ramon, don ford, kpix 5. >> well, it is not clear what
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caused the bird to become disoriented and injure itself. like we just showed you, scientists can now track that eagle with a gps unit. >> even wave to him when he comes over my house. time for a look at our weekend forecast and paul deanno is live in pittsburg in the mobile weather lab. hey, paul. >> reporter: and we're here with the mobile weather lab because 90s on monday, pittsburg hit 90s yesterday and unofficially 93 degrees in pittsburg today. we are just now beginning to feel the breeze which is already enveloped the coast and most of the city of san francisco. that said, it's still 87 in pittsburg right now. contrast that with san francisco and south city and daly city and pacifica and half moon bay. it's all about the clouds and the cooler weather. it's already moving in. we had a 40-degree temperature spread today from the 50s at the coast to the 90s inland. livermore officially 90 for a high today. morgan hill 88. san jose 84h cooler in hayward
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78 degrees. oakland made it to 70. cooler this evening. giants angels the same angels who just wrapped up a series with the a's now they commuted all of six miles taking on the giants for the weekend mainly clear cool 7:15 first pitch 57- degree. your microclimate forecast for pittsburg, 80 tomorrow sunny skies. sunny sunday with a high of 75. lots going on this weekend. the world golf championship harding park. it is certainly not going to be warm, cloudy, cold, mid-50s. the "tour de cure" up and down the spine of the napa sunday mainly sunny skies, in the low 70s for that biking events going on in napa valley this weekend. high pressure is on the way out which limited the flow from the ocean. with that moving out, a stronger sea breeze will move in. that will drop the temperatures down this weekend. so tomorrow, markedly cooler and we are going to be even cooler still as we head into next week. high temperatures tomorrow
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livermore you're down to 80. concord 75. vallejo 70. napa 77. san jose 79 degrees. your extended forecast, we drop a few more degrees on sunday. a few more still on monday through thursday of next week. by the time we hit the next school week and workweek we're talking temperatures only in the low 60s near the bay. and low to mid-70s inland. right now, it's a satellite dish there's our weather instruments. we have mainly sunny skies that are still mild but the winds of change are now beginning to envelope the bay area. region by region, the city gone. cooler marine layer is back. places like pittsburg it will be cooler tomorrow and by sunday we are only going to be in the mid-70s out here which will be a big change. back to you to you in the studio. >> only the mid-70s. >> we'll take it. >> only. >> we'll take it. >> reporter: yeah, only, right? [ laughter ] >> perfect. thanks, paul. still ahead severe pain and side effects, could a common antibiotic be a prescription for danger? >> plus, they sell for hundreds of dollars apiece. the math on what it really
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tonight there is a push to get the fda to put the strongest warning possible on some popular antibiotics. doctors often overprescribe antibiotics leading to resistance. but as elizabeth cook tells you the question could these drugs be causing serious harm? >> reporter: the reports of pain and suffering are popping up everywhere in massachusetts, colorado -- >> after the first pill i couldn't follow conversations with coworkers. >> reporter: -- even california. >> felt like a bomb went off in my body. >> reporter: what they have in common? they all say they got a prescription to treat an infection. but they say that medicine actually harmed them instead. the pills in question a powerful class of antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones. they include drugs like cipro and levaquin. >> it's the only medication i
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was on. >> reporter: the drugs already carry a black box warning. the strongest and most serious that the fda can require. fluoroquinolones can cause tendinitis even tendon rupture. now there's a push in part by patient groups to add more. >> people's lives are being destroyed by these drugs! and it's not okay. >> reporter: dr. charles bennett has find two petitions with the fda. he wants the agency to add new boxed warnings to fluoroquinolones saying they may cause psychiatric problems as well as mitochondrial damage to cells and that, he says, can lead to diseases like parkinson's and alzheimer's. >> doctors are not aware of the full range of toxicity that are associated with them. >> i believe petitions are worth considering but only when the preponderance of evidence there's science behind it.
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>> reporter: dr. joe guillermo is the dean of the school of pharmacy at ucsf. he says there's no good science to back up these petitions. but that there is overwhelming evidence these drugs are inappropriately prescribed. >> ear infections, sinus infections, throat infections. >> reporter: not to mention urinary tract infections. experts say using them alone for minor infections is like using a sledgehammer to kill a fly. >> when any drug is being prescribed, be clear, ask the question, what do i really gain from this drug? >> reporter: as well as what may be at risk. some believe that still is not enough. >> they haven't done a good enough job warning the public about how dangerous this drug is. >> reporter: elizabeth cook, kpix 5. >> american doctors write 25 million prescriptions for this class of antibiotics every year. it should come as no surprise the apple watch is a lot cheaper to make than what they are selling it for. the cheapest model on the
6:26 pm
market goes for about $349. analysts say it costs apple a little more than 83 bucks to make it. that number does not include any advertising costs. the most expensive part is the touchscreen display. that costs $20.50. >> that's it. 349. but anybody who has an apple watch would probably say it's worth it. coming up in the next half- hour the news many have been calling for. police now facing charges in the death of freddie gray. why the family says this is only the first step to justice. >> charges dropped against the suspect in a massive california wildfire. the unusual reason that he is getting off the hook. >> and manny mania hits the
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now at 6:30, celebrations in the streets of baltimore after charges are filed against police in the death of freddie gray. welcome back, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. tonight the man's family and a lot of others are speaking out about the news from baltimore's top prosecutor. allen martin with the charges that those officers are now facing. >> reporter: the family of 25- year-old freddie gray says they are relieved the charges have been filed against the six officers involved in his death. >> these charges are an important step in getting justice for freddie. >> reporter: drivers beeped and crowds cheered in the streets after charges were announced. >> i think they got just what they deserve. >> reporter: baltimore's top prosecutor says gray's arrest was illegal and his pleas for medical attention were ignored. >> mr. gray suffered a severe and critical neck injury as a result of being handcuffed, shackled by his feet and unrestrained inside of the bpd wagon. >> reporter: the charges
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against the officers include second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, and second-degree assault. baltimore's mayor says she is exited to changing the culture of the police department. >> no one in our city is above the law. >> reporter: the six officers turned themselves in. their unions called the charges appalling. >> we are disappointed in the apparent rush to judgment given the fact that the investigation into this matter harris not been concluded. >> reporter: and just in, those six officers have posted bond tonight. now, five of them have been released. more protests of course planned throughout the weekend. ken, back to you. >> allen martin in the newsroom, thank you. a san francisco may day protest that's stopped traffic for the last several hours is winding down this evening. earlier hundreds of people were on the move from city hall to 24th and mission. the signs in hand flags and drums, the group crowded mission street causing major traffic backups. demonstrators say they are emphasizing movements for
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workers and migrants' rights. this is one of several may day protests throughout the bay. criminal charges have been dropped against the hunter accused of starting a massive yosemite fire. the reason: two key witnesses died unexpectedly. prosecutors say without them, they can't make their case that 33-year-old matthew emerald started the fire. he was indicted last year for the "rim" fire that burned for two months in 2013 causing $125 million in damage. some new safety rules approved today for trains that carry potentially explosive bakken crude. the train cars will need to have a thermal shell with thicker steel walls. this would help prevent them from rupturing in an accident. the train also also need to have electronically controlled brakes. as we have been reporting several bay area cities have been fighting to keep crude by rail out of their communities because of safety concerns. so we're on the eve of one of the biggest sporting events in years. manny pacquiao and floyd
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mayweather finally going to meet in a boxing ring of all places. who could have guessed ? >> the hype and excitement around this fight is so big, it hasn't needed any promotion at all. teri okita is live in las vegas where hundreds of thousands of people have come to the desert for what's being billed as the fight of the century. teri. >> reporter: yeah, what fight, veronica? [ laughter ] >> reporter: not only is it the fight of the century, it is called the class for all the cash. floyd mayweather is guaranteed $120 million, manny pacquiao $80 million before gate sales and pay per view which are all supposed to go through the roof. the weigh-in was earlier today here at the mgm grand. the arena was sold out. 10,000 people just for the weigh-in. this is as close the fans will get to actually being at the fight because tickets for the fight on the resale market are going for between $3,500 which
6:34 pm
is in the rafters to as much as $250,000 on the floor seats. now, those could change because there's still hundreds of tickets left before the fight. maybe that price will go down. but at this point this fight is going to be the most lucrative in boxing histories. >> amazing. what's weird, teri, is this is sauve gas because you know -- this is so vegas because you know the who's who will be there paying six figures. where's the media going to be? you guys are going to be in another room watching it on closed circuit. you're not even be at ringside. >> reporter: ken, we're going to be in this room. we're not the lucky ones that get in there. there are a few that will. but you're going to see celebrities as you mentioned, ringside clint eastwood, um, will smith, we have seen evander holyfield walk through making his rounds here. michael j. fox is going to be
6:35 pm
ringside. >> wo. >> robert deniro. it's going to be like hollywood east. >> what has the city done to prepare for this? it sounds like there are a lot of people in town right now. >> reporter: they are saying that about 100,000 fans are coming in for the fight who don't even have tickets. so you're going to see a lot of money being bet. 80% of the fans who won't go to the fight will be betting and they will just want their part of the fight, um, they will be first time wagers. and then you're going to have your experienced whales, so to speak, who are going to be here some betting as much as 7 figures. >> amazing. >> teri okita live in vegas for us on the big fight coming up. thank you, teri. >> what are they doing to prepare? you know what they're doing. gouging people on hotel rooms and raising the price of drinks. there's no question who is the favorite in manny pacquiao's home country. the philippines. he is everywhere! you can find him on stamps,
6:36 pm
billboards, you name it. anticipation is so high an electric company is telling people to unplug their appliances just to make sure that everyone has enough more to watch the bout. >> go, pacman. still ahead, a popular mattress brand under fire. how some people claim when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 0'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta!
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reports that a popular brand of mattress is making people sick. julie watts on what some claim is behind the trouble. >> why not talk to someone who is sleeping on the most highly recommended bed in america. >> reporter: they may come highly recommended by some but other customers claim the mattress may them sick. they claim their $3,200 mattress led to a variety of symptoms.
6:39 pm
>> thevated respiration, pulse race, dry eyes a heaviness in my lungs. >> reporter: and there are dozens of similar complaints online. one even claims an allergic reacts to the tempurpedic mattress sent them to the hospital. a class action lawsuit filed in california says the company is aware of the issues but doesn't warn potential customers that numerous have complained about the odor and allergic symptoms and when cbs producers went undercover -- >> it's hypoallergenic. >> reporter: -- they were assured they shouldn't be concerned. in a statement, tell tempurpedic says for those who notice a odor they usually find it dissipates in a week or so. but many complain the smell and health effects from the odor can last for months. so what's in that mattress that's causing the owe gloria we don't know. this is the problem. >> reporter: this environmentalist says manufacturers are not required to disclose the chemicals used in mattresses but lawyers in the suit claim testing of the
6:40 pm
products consistently shows the mattresses contain harmful chemicals including formaldehyde. >> it's a major concern. it's a carcinogen. >> you can sell a product like this with such serious issues. >> reporter: tempurpedic has agreed to refund his money. the company claims less than 1% of customers complain about the smell. julie watts, kpix 5. tonight we have learned vandals are smashing cars with bricks and rocks in one bay area neighborhood over and over again. one car got hit five times in two weeks. i'll tell you about that and much more tonight on bay area nightbeat. join us on channel 44 cable 12. at 10:00. coming up, caring for the smallest of patients. when they are the most vulnerable. the new bay area resource that is the first of its kind in the country. >> after a high of 93 degrees in pittsburg today it is finally cooling down as the
6:41 pm
leading edge of some marine air is moving in. we are down to 83. we are not done cooling down yet. find out how chilly we get in our seven-day forecast. that's coming up next. and ahead, draft day on display. big shots by the big shots. and mayweather-pacquiao. who you got?
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critical care is now minutes instead of potentially hours away for sick children in contra costa. john muir hospital has opened the first pediatric intensive care unit in the county. new at 6:00 ann notarangelo shows us what makes this unit so crucial. >> outside honking her horn for help when she drove up. >> reporter: the emergency center was a refuge for a mother whose 8-year-old son barely had a pulse because of asthma. >> he turned blue. was unresponsive. what the family didn't know is
6:45 pm
just days before the hospital's walnut creek campus had opened a pediatric intensive care unit and instead of having to drive to children's hospital in oakland or palo alto, specialize the care could start immediately. >> we have the absolute state- of-the-art. >> reporter: the union opened mid-april with computer program medicine sensors to ensure precise dosage and the option of 24/7 monitoring. ceiling mounted cameras can zoom into the pupil of an eye and microphones can pick up the faintest sounds. specialists at stanford are just a click away as these two doctors demonstrate. >> i'm going to give you a screen shot of the patient. >> sounds good. >> reporter: dr. franzen talked to us from stanford. >> actually there and feel like you're stand there is to help share in the care. >> reporter: they are will go goes high-tech on how they train doctors and nurses used
6:46 pm
child-sized mannequins that can be computer programmed. in this simulation, the team gets a child breathing again. >> there are scenarios you can download like itunes into a computer. >> reporter: you're getting hands on emergency training without any risk. >> this little boy is on the road to recovery. >> reporter: as for the 8-year- old, who nearly died from an asthma attack? the next day, he was perfectly fine. saved by the latest technology so close to home. in walnut creek, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> the icu cost $10 million and took a year and a half to build. time now for a look at the weather. paul deanno is live in pittsburg. hey, paul. >> reporter: hey, we're talking about a hot day out here for the third time this week. 90s. we did it monday. did it yesterday. doing it again today. but finally the onshore flow has made it out to the delta and we're now down to 83
6:47 pm
degrees according to the kpix 5 mobile weather lab. kids enjoying the park in pittsburg. it's been a hot week but changes are coming very soon. you can already see the changes over the city of san francisco. here comes the fog and san francisco now down to 58 degrees. some of the cool spots now also include oakland down to 62. san bruno down to 62. but livermore you're still 82. and san jose 57 degrees. overnight tonight, fog returns. san francisco 51 for a low. san jose 55. concord 52. and oakland 54 degrees. the deal in the sky is this. the ridge of high pressure which eliminated the ocean influence for two days that is now moving. it's going elsewhere. so that will allow a low pressure area to build in from the north. that will kick up a stronger sea breeze and once that gets here, it will be staying here for a while. temperatures will be taking a tumble starting this weekend. low clouds and fog returning tonight. it will be milder tomorrow with sunny skies continuing inland but it won't be as warm because we'll have more ocean flu every influence and the cooling
6:48 pm
continues into next week. high temperatures tomorrow still around 80 degrees in some select spots away from the water including morgan hill. but you were 90 today so much cooler for you. union city 73 degrees benicia high 70 tomorrow. dublin 74. pittsburg 80. alameda only 67 with the foggy start. novato 72. san francisco 60. lakeport 85. rohnert park 72 degrees. your extended forecast: next week very consistent weather: >> sun is dropping and so are temperatures as that on show flow which hit the city and the coast first has now made it out to the delta but not after another day of 93 degrees in pittsburg. a 40 degrees temperature spread in the bay area today. we have
6:49 pm
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how long does the nfl draft last? or is it, you know, couple of days? >> it goes on and on. >> a week, a month?
6:52 pm
>> relax? the most insignificant man or -- >> mr. irrelevant. [ laughter ] >> yeah, we got a long way to go before we get to that. nfl up top and the league's early holiday party known as the nfl draft. day 2 of the three-day gala. and the raiders beefed up their defensive line drafting mario edwards junior out of florida state. ken, i hope you know this. his dad was drafted in the year 2000 by the cowboys. >> wow. >> while everybody does the math there, one of the top recruits coming out of high school in 2012? >> the junior had 8 sack this is three seasons for the florida state seminoles. >> so here is wideout amari cooper. the raiders' first rounder flanked by owner mark davis, jack del rio the alabama crimson tide star at his press conference today and let me see he is paid to catch balls not dazzle you with one-liners. he did say he was happy to be the first wideout taken in the
6:53 pm
draft. >> of course i wanted to be the first to be taken just because [ indiscernible ] so long but, you know, i also understand that it really doesn't matter because what matters is what you do once you get picked. >> all right. the 49ers made a little noise stacking its defense. here's the gift the 49ers unwrapped today. they selected [ non-english language ] a safety from stanford. tart was a two-time all american in the football championship subdivision. tart has only played football since his senior year in high school also good friends with last year's first round pick jimmy ward. >> arik armstead the 49ers first round pick paid santa clara a visit today for the meet and greet with the bay area press. 6'7" almost 300 pounds. the defensive end out of oregon is a whole lot of man! grabbed 2.5 sacks for the ducks last season. sacramento native. he did want to dispel one rumor today that he is too nice. >> are you a nice young man?
6:54 pm
[ laughter ] uhm -- [ laughter ] >> i would say ask the teams i played against if i'm nice. i don't think they will say i'm nice. [ laughter ] >> 6'7", he can do what he wants. >> center of the men's golf world at harding park. more match play rolled on friday. breezy today by lake merced. final day of the group play. 60th seeded mark profiled here this week needed his par save on 17. he eliminated lahiri and moves to the round of 61. lee westwood great shot here. that's at 16. world's number 2 ranked jordan spieth, spieth is out, westy will play the weekend while billy horschel up two with two to play on rory mcilroy and he couldn't close here at 18. that would have won t mcilroy from the cat box a near hole- out. he birdied three straits holes and won it to play the round of
6:55 pm
16. some other notables moving on: jim furyk, ricky fowler, john sendit who is receivedded 65th moves on with a win over todd. the national praise rolls on for the warriors. today, the general manager bob myers was named nba's executive of the year. received 13 of 30 first place votes. the danville native has been the team's good morning since 2012. and in boxing, a weigh-in day. while many experts back floyd mayweather the vegas money is on manny pacquiao to win this epic battle tomorrow night over 11,000 seeing pacquiao come in at 145 pounds, mayweather at 146 for what's being called the biggest money making fight ever! >> i know they weigh the same
6:56 pm
but he looks bigger. >> he is taller. >> to the untrade eye -- >> he looks bigger than pacquiao. >> they do this weigh-in because they have to be relatively close. as soon as the weigh-in is over they just gorge all night. they just pack it all back in. [ laughter ] >> wow. >> so tomorrow night, big weekend. >> boxing, nba play-offs. >> kentucky derby! >> kentucky derby. >> the horses. >> overlooked by -- overshadowed by all of this stuff. >> the derby. >> so what are you going to be doing? >> i'll be shooting with my little mmj camera trying to find little local stories so i can get up here and put on the coat, tie, makeup, say 5-4, 3- 2, and that's the local highlights. >> stay away from
6:57 pm
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [theme music playing] steve: all right. thank you very much, everybody. i appreciate you. thank y'all. i appreciate it, i do. thank you much now. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day already with a total of $20,000. from edina, mississippi-- minnesota, wherever they're from... we don't know where they're from! they're from minnesota. it's the aslesen family! they're the champs! [cheering and applause] and from plainfield, n.j., it's the stokley family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win
7:00 pm
themself a lot of cash and a shot of driving out of here in a fuel-efficient ford fusion hybrid right there. [cheering and applause] hey, let's go meet our families. it's the champs! it's the aslesen family! [cheering and applause] barb, first let me get this. where are you from? barb: edina, minnesota. steve: edina. barb: edina. steve: minnesota. barb: yeah. e-d-i-n. every day i need attention. [laughter] barb: just saying. steve: oh, you're really going to confuse me now. no, i don't do good with that, barb. uh-uh. now you're trying to trick me. barb: no. i would never do that! i would never do that. nope. steve: here's the big news. you all got $20,000, baby. barb: how about that?!? [cheering and applause] steve: those girls down on the end...they went in there smoking! barb: yes, they did. it's


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