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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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bridge open before the morning commute. . take a look at this. not a single car on the san mateo bridge. caltrans is racing to get the bridge open before the morning commute. good evening. when the bridge does reopen drivers will notice something different, maria? >> reporter: guys, a rare sight behind me. no cars on the bridge. crews say it is well worth the wait. they are expected to wrap up on time at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> we are on time. >> reporter: those are the four words everyone in the bay area want to hear. they started this, bumper to bumper on the bay bridge for hours and hours. city streets jam-packed with drivers. >> the work has to be done.
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has not been repaved since 1967. that is the original pavement. >> reporter: 1967, the year "the jungle book" hits theater and jimi hendrix released his album. >> we got our money's worth. >> reporter: the old pavement lasted decades but the new pavement should last longer than 50 years, designed to handle the bay area weather and drivers should notice a difference right away. >> polyester concrete, smoother ride, quieter ride, softer ride and last longer. >> reporter: this is phase one. the next one will happen on memorial day weekend. open on friday and open again at 5:00 a.m. on monday. the crews hope to get a lot of work done this weekend so they can open early memorial day
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weekend. we are live, back to you. >> all right. let's take a look at how the bay bridge looks like right now. cars are still moving at a snail's pace even after 11:00. moving that slow isly all day long. >> reporter: speaking of roads k -- slowly all day long. >> speaking of roads, ed lee will soon go public with a plan to tear down 280. the idea is to take out one exit and move the caltrans station to 3rd street opposite pier 50 near the pro posed warriors a rein and a new neighborhood at the old rail yard. yes it would cost billions, there is talk of a ballot measure to get voters to approve it. ue nighted airplane had to make an emergency landing after one -- united airplane had to make an emergency landing after
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one of their engines went out. they diverted. the plane, airbus a-320, landed safely. a close call, a fire erupted. only burned 3 acres but firefighters say had it been sum terit could have been a lot worse. and in south san fran, a grass fire burned 11 acres on san bruno mountain before firefighters put it out. no word how either fire starteddism the drought has brought an early fire season. you would think all hands on deck, right? not so in -- started. the droughts his brought an early fire season, you would think all hands on deck, right? not so. two fire stations are being closed down. we saw what it will mean for a lot of people. >> reporter: brian, two stations gone. starting tomorrow there will only be three stations in the entire district. firefighters inside of the station here are packing up their things and getting ready
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to be out before 8:00 tomorrow morning. >> reporter: it is the last night at station 94. firefighters say their jobs are going to get a lot harder. >> the response times will be longer. the crews are going to run more calls than they would on an average day. >> reporter: closures come after voters said no to a special parcel tax. now, 27 firefighters will protect over 100,000 people and a massive area about 250 square miles. >> someone has a heart attack or anything it will take them forever to come. so, who knows what will happen after this. [sirens] >> reporter: firecrews at the station raced off to an emergency call earlier this evening. they arrived at a nursing home in a few minutes to tonight a person who suffered a seizure. starting tomorrow, things will be different. crews from the next chose closest station will have to
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answer the -- next closest station will have to answer the next call. >> seconds count for us. >> reporter: there are a lot of things these firefighters will need to take into account when responding to calls starting tomorrow. among many things traffic can be harder now that they will drive further to calls. a 74-year-old woman, out for a hike, fell had&had it to be rescued. a chp helicopter airlifted her from east side. crews said they bundled her tight, took her to a landing where an ambulance took her to the hospital. chp will only say she has unspecified injuries. in texas a rescuer himself got into a little trouble. this national guardsman dropped from a helicopttory help two men stuck on a pick up you -- helicopter to help two men
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stuck on a pick up truck. he eventually made it to the truck and all three guys are fine. in colorado a flood there carried away this ambulance. 3emts were inside with a patient but they made it out aebg. storms are expected in much of the midsection mid-- made it out okay. storms are expected in much of the middle united states. tonight, businesses are still cleaning up. tonight, there is a message for the mayor and for the police chief. >> reporter: this auto shop, putting its frustingeration towards city hall on full display. the sign reads riot tourism, visit oakland, show up and we will show you which block to trash -- frustration towards city hall on full display. the sign reads "riot tourism, visit oakland, show up and we will show you which block to
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trash." that is directed to the mayor. >> they keep getting their windows smashed in, having to pay more for insurance, they will leave and take jobs with them. >> reporter: the mayor has a big task in front of her. she campaigned on preventing it this sort of vandalism but still it happened. weeks later the mess still around, too. >> what is it doing to the businesses here? >> slowing them down a little bit. >> reporter: the mayor's office says they are working as quickly as possible to get the businesses looking good again. that includes every business having an assigned person in city hall to answer questions. putting off permit fees and securing grant money to help shops fix windows. the mayor admits money is limited. a week after the protest, so is people's patience. >> mark kelly, kpix5. the city is looking into creating a business restoration fund that will offer low interest loans for repairs. a routine traffic stop
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ended with 2 mississippi police officers dead. 34-year-old dean and tate were killed last night. they pulled over a cadillac escalate for speeding. as they called for back up, shots were fired. >> they worked to try to save both. it just was not so. too much blood was lost. and to much damage done internal. united airlines divertedda a plane to kick a woman off. the family caught -- diverted a plane to kick a woman off. the family calls calls it too much. >> reporter: a family and their autistic daughter were taken off of the plane. the mother was shocked.
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>> he said, well, the captain does not feel comfortable flying to portland with your daughter on the flight. >> reporter: her 15-year-old daughter was hungry. when she acts up this is how she expresses frustration. >> i know her. when she gets over hungry or over thirsty she really struggles. >> reporter: her mother says she say picky eater. after asking a night attendant to punch a hot meal from 1st class she was told no. >> i said well, -- purchase a hot meal from first class and she was told no. i said well why don't we wait until she gets upset and scratches. she got the meal and she calmed down. then came the announcement. >> we were shocked hearing we are going to make an emergency landing. we have a passenger in the back of the plane that his behavior issues. >> in a statement united airlines said the crew made the best decision for the safety of all of our customers and
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elected to divert to salt lake city. another passenger said it was the right decision. >> she was not put off of the plane because she had autism. she was put off of the plane because she was maybe proposing some kind of a threat at 36,000 feet. which, you know ,does not make anyone feel safe -- >> reporter: as they were removed from the flight other passengers seemed surprised. >> that is going to be a lawsuit. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: that lawsuit is already in the works. >> cbs news, los angeles. former president jimmy carter is back home in georgia after getting sick. he was in the south american country to monitor elections there. the staff member said the 90- year-old was not feeling well. staffers are staying behind to watch the vote that is set for tomorrow. at the vatican, pope francis met with cuban president, castro. the pope got castro to think about god again. the cuban president said he is
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so impressed with the pontiff he is thinking of returning to the church. at first they did not allow religion but has been relaxing the policy. mr.castro thanked the pope for helping broker the better relations between cuba and the united states. there goes your privacy, again. tonight, we have learned that just about anybody can find out where you drive and when. all with a click of a mouse. the drought is not stopping hollywood celebrities from keeping up appearances. here is what some of their lawns look like tonight. and on this mother's day, what made this bay area mom
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the drought has not stopped bottle water companies from tapping california. crystal geyser is about to set up base at the bottom of mount shasta. it the pump out water. if case you are wondering how it could be, bottled water companies are exempt from the state cutbacks. in the middle of this drought. the grass is greener in hollywood. the celebrities who are turning up their noses. >> reporter: you may feel jealous of their estates but more and more people are getting angry over some of their manicured and very
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greenland scapes in the midst of california's drought. from jennifer lopez green and priest aoep property to jessica simpson's lush lawn. does not appear they are helping hidden hills reach new restrictions. >> everyone needs to do their part. >> reporter: husband and wife kim and kayne are not cutting back and that goes for kim's sister khloe, too. this at a time when the state ordered the area to reduce water usage by a whopping 36% or pay steep fines. >> i think they need to cutback like everybody else. i think they use a lot of recycled water here, too. so, i mean they are trying to do their part, also. >> reporter: even if these celebrities like barbara streisand are violating new rules they are likely to pay the fines up to $500 easily. >> i don't see there is a reason why they could water as much as they want because they have the money or the means. >> do the right thing because
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you can not police it. >> reporter: i reached out to these celebrities publicists. barbara streisand spokes person said she cut her water usage by 50% it in recent months and kim kardashian says kim takes the drought seriously. on the other hand there are some taking action to conserve. lady gaga took part in this esa. >> do your part to save water. >> reporter: jennifer aniston lawn looks lush she ripped out her vineyard. >> a $500 fine is the drop in the bucket to some people who live there. not all-stars are behaving badly. cher and julia roberts ripped out their lawns in favor of drought resistant landscaping. all right, your morning cup of coffee may contain more than caffeine. how about germs? our sister station in chicago tested 10 single-serve machines in several areas and sent the swab to a lab.
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they found bacteria, strep and e.coli in the areas where you put the coffee packs and where the brewed coffee coming out. >> we need to clean that more often. >> so, what can you do to help minimize the germs? wash your hands before using the machine, flush the system with vinegar and let the pieces dry after cleaning them. many bay area law enforcement agencies use license plate readers to record where people drive. the police said they need to do it to arrest bad guise, we have known -- bad guys, we have known about that, but, now, the information is not just available to the police. the public can easily get their hands on the same data. >> i think it is frightening. it is mass surveillance. >> reporter: when it was learned thatta his police department got a license plate -- that his police department got a license plate reader he wanted to know the stphaobgt me and my daughters getting out of
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the car -- know about the pictures. >> this is me and my daughters getting out of the car. >> it is designed to do one thing and one thing only. catch license plate numbers as they pass a given patrol car. >> reporter: a new tool for law enforcement to catch the bad guys. >>if you have a sexual predator, a sex offender i frankly want to know if they come into my community. >> reporter: we are learning there is a darker side. some cases anyone who requests it can get the information collected by these readers. a senior business editor of art technica. he has been researching them for years. just by asking oakland police to look at them and he put them in a visual data base. >> you punch in a number and like on google maps it will
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drop pin drops across the city. >> reporter: pins that could give law enforcement or anyone with this information a snapshot into someone's life, work, live or go to church. we put it to the test and gave him a kpix employee's number. >> there are a bunch of reads over here. all within one city block. >> reporter: sure enough he was able to pinpoint where this person lived based on a cluster of scans in one area. and, he says this information in the wrong hands -- >> you can imagine someone building a tool to allow them to determine a relationship, patterns of behavior with locations. >> reporter: not to mention there is no set time limit each agency holds on to the data. for example, one delites it it after 30 days. dea after six months, oakland police department does not delete it. >> oakland taken a policy that if you request this data you can get it as i did. >> reporter: right now the
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aclu is pushing the government to regulate the information collected and give it a expiration date. until then it is up you to city attorneys and councils to set the rules and to let neighbors know these cameras exist in the first place. >> for me it is transparency, making sure people know about it. >> reporter: so the pictures taken of you are the ones you know about. kpix5. >> a very special mother's day for a mom in oakland. marilyn started a nonprofit group when her son was shot to death in 2000. does community out reach and supports survivors of murder victims. she start today because she does not want parents and families to go through what her family went through. the city of oakland has named her mother of the year. >> for the city of oakland to recognize that we have been do handwriting this for 15 years. it means a lot to us. because we don't get a lot. i am not the one that likes to be recognized but it is good.
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to be known for what you are doing. that you have been out there serving people all these years. >> she received our jefferson award in 2012. recognizes people for their community service. >> good for them. as we look tonight at what was when the original span was built in 1929. the longest bridge on earth. the san mateo bridge, now rebuilt in 1967 and hosting no traffic at this hour. it is scheduled to reopen within six hours. of course, the morning news will be all over that beginning at 4:30 in the morning. concord, 55 degrees, oakland, 54. livermore, 54 right now. santa rosa, 50 degrees. fog, low clouds packing in along the shoreline but tomorrow, after a couple fairly, you know, bleak days, but there are people who like the overcast. if you like that you will like the morning but not as much as this morning. we will get more sunshine later in the day on monday and on tuesday for that matter. even as things remain cool.
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low pressure off of the pacific northwest as gusty winds and cool temperatures. gusts up to 20 miles an hour today and tomorrow afternoon. but, low pressure will drop like a rock over california. it will keep the temperatures cool. in if terms of moisture, the only day it looks like we will get a little bit is on thursday. then this low will track south and then east into the southlands. so, los angeles can get more rain than us out of this. does not look like much. the biggest probability comes in on thursday. in the meantime, future cast you can see the low clouds tomorrow morning. northerly winds pull the clouds away. what to expect overnight tonight. the low clouds, marine layer, 2,000 feet deep today. tomorrow, the same start. cheering out earlier, slight chance of showers on thursday. overnight lows tonight, mostly in the 40s in the bay area, low clouds near the shoreline, concord, 48, overnight low, 44 in santa rosa. day time highs continuing below
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average, san francisco tomorrow, 4 degrees cooler than usual. 64 in oakland and 68 san jose. how about down in the south bay? 72 in campbell, 61 degrees in san mateo. over on the east bay, sunshine tomorrow, 73 in brentwood. cooler as you get closer to the bay shoreline, up to the north bay tomorrow, cool. but nevato, richmond, 61. not bad. 60. and it will be warm, 77 degrees. standard forecast will go with stratus quo. the low clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon. the temperatures, mild to cool side. near 70 degrees inland. next weekend it will be more of the same. low 70s for the most part. maybe a few sprinkles on thursday. [ laughter ] >> we shall see. >> all right, thank you. all right, whatever you do, coming up next, taking your love of heights to a new level. who pulled the plug.
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the story behind a disappearing lake. i'm dennis o'donell, coming up on "game day" get ready for sensational sunday in san francisco. >> this one is over! >> in chicago. >> for the win, it is gone. >> in sawgrass. sensational is what the warriors are not. >> we are a very young team. >> we will head to memphis for
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if you are afraid of heights you might want to look away. a pair of daredevils had their go-pro camera going when they were climbing the skyscraper. the video took place in february. unclear if they will face and charges. an oregon lake looks more like a giant bathtub tonight with the plug bulls. -- plug pulled. every year the lake goes down tubes. where it goes, nobody knows. soon it will be a meadow. when it starts to rain and snow the lake fills back up again, going on for as long as people remember.
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all right, still to come, the mother's day surprise straight from the oval office >> this is barack obama. >> yea
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peel -- people all over the world picked up the phone and called their mom. >> a few got a call they were
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not expecting. >> this is barack obama your president. >> hi, pat stphe. >> hi, yes. >> hi, this is barack obama. >> no. >> yes, it is. >> no way. >> way! >> president barack obama surprised three mothers with personal phone calls from the oval office. the women had all written letters to the president in the past year. a florida mother of four was one of the recipients. she said the call lasted for only a few minutes but felt like an eternity. he was just chatting it up. >> no


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