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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 11, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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here ever since. >> hi, son. good morning. >> reporter: every day for the last two weeks shameka thomas travels from vallejo to be by her son's side. this is tommy clayton today. this was him just a few days ago. >> it's hard. it's really, really hard. >> reporter: doctors saved tommy's life after being shot in the head but they couldn't save his eyesight. shameka says her 19-year-old son is now blind in his right eye. >> every time i'm in the room with him he's like mom he didn't even know me. why did he shoot me? i can't explain. this world is crazy. >> reporter: he just had gotten hired to look after elementary school kids. he was on his way home asleep on the muni train when a man who harassed a female passenger allegedly chose tommy as his next target. the stranger rammed in to tommy who then took a swing at him.
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that's when the shooter fired one shot. >> he didn't even know my son. that's why i'm really angry. >> reporter: day s later police arrested an 18-year-old for attempted murder and found the.40-caliber gun used in the shooting that will haunt them the rest of their lives. >> when the police arrested the guy they said did you know this guy? he said no, i never met him and i didn't know him. just take me to jail. why did you have to pull out a gun and shoot my son? why? you didn't even know him. >> and it will be months before tommy can leave this hospital. doctors had to remove a part of his skull because of swelling to his brain and when he finally does get home he'll need care 24 hours a day. that suspect is expected in court this friday. live in san francisco maria medina kpix 5. san jose is the latest big city to ban filling of outdoor swimming pools. some local businesses are already feeling drained. pool companies tell our len ramirez if this keeps up they will go under.
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>> water has almost always been as good as gold in california and now that may be more true than ever, especially for the people in the pool and spa industry where they say that this water crisis may turn in to an economic crisis for them. >> reporter: the hot tub business has suddenly gone cold. the drought and now a new city ordinance forbidding people from filling up new pools and spas with water are blamed for drying up sales at hot springs spas in west san jose. >> from the day the drought was declared and the city council declared their restrictions on filling of hot tubs, it literally has closed our doors. they're open and waiting for people to come in but they're not coming in. >> reporter: no one came in the whole time we were here, forcing sales people to take on busy work and layoffs may not be far behind. >> we can't see how we're going to even be able to survive this. >> in a crisis we've all got to make some sacrifices. >> reporter: last month the san
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jose city council sent a message it was serious about the drought as california struggles to cut total water usage by 25%. >> if you're building a pool today, you can fill it with recycled water or you can have your kids skate in it with their skateboards but you can't fill it with potable drinkable water. >> reporter: under the new ordinance, 350-gallon spas were lumped in with 20,000-gallon swimming pools. spa owners say they're unfairly targeted since most people get them for health reasons. >> it's keeping people from getting medical relief. >> reporter: aside from the first fill-ups, he said spas can save water over the long-term since they often replace thirsty backyard lawns and gardens. >> it's a very small amount of water that we can reuse and reuse and reuse. >> reporter: mayor liccardo indicated the city council may be open to taking a second look at this ordinance especially as it relates to people who may need to fill a new spa for
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medical purposes. a question tonight over whether some b.a.r.t. workers crossed the line. new photographs show them taking sides in a heated bay area political campaign. the pictures were taken on b.a.r.t. property. kpix 5's phil matier on how mixing business and politics could cost these workers. >> that's right. it's a risky business but the steaks are high in this election for the unions and the politicians but this time it might be even higher for the workers. here's the story. >> reporter: at issue, photos of workers at a half dozen b.a.r.t. facilities clearly showing their support for state assembly woman susan bonilla. >> if there's any action that's warranted, we'll take that action. >> reporter: that action could be anything from doing nothing to a slap on the wrist to even being fired. mayor steve glazer who's in a neck and neck race
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against bonilla said he came across the photos on the internet over the weekend. >> this campaign organizing was going on at the same time b.a.r.t. was having huge maintenance problems. >> reporter: the workers may also have broken state law as well as b.a.r.t.'s own code of conduct. >> you can put bumper stickers on your car you can wear political buttons but you can't take a position or do an activity that implies that b.a.r.t. has a particular position on a political issue. >> reporter: service union president who's actually in some of the photos himself told us that the workers were just on break and were, quote within their rights to discuss politics. >> can workers have political meetings? >> they cannot have political meetings on b.a.r.t. property during working hours. if they're working getting paid by b.a.r.t. you're not to be engaged in political activity. >> reporter: whatever the case, the photos show how serious the unions are about defeating glazer and defeating his call for a ban on b.a.r.t.
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strikes like the one that repeatedly crippled the system in 2013. >> glazer, he's definitely positioning himself as more moderate or conservative and business interests are supporting him. for susan bonilla, she's definitely more traditional democrat. >> that includes strong ties to labor. it's no secret they've been after each other for months now and he's made it a cornerstone of his campaign. so naturally they're shooting back as well. it should be a very interesting race and also one of the most xirfb. this thing could wind up costing $7 million by the time it's said and done come tuesday. police records show officers in san jose are stopping minority drivers at a far higher rate than others. that's according to an analysis by the mercury news. the paper found blacks and latinos make up just a third of the city's population but those groups account for nearly 2/3rds of its
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traffic stop. those drivers were also significantly more likely to be detained or searched. >> what we're seeing in the data and what we're hearing in the community it's clear that we've got some work to do. i think we've got a great department. i think we're the most professional department in the country but we can do better. >> the city's independent police auditor is now reviewing the data. in the meantime the mayor is hoping to outfit officers with body cameras as soon as possible. a group of car burglars stabbed a santa rosa man when he caught them in the middle of their crime. 50-year-old homeowner woke up early yesterday morning to loud noise outside. he thought the group was illegally dumping. so he went outside to confront them. police say the men were actually stealing from five different cars on boredenvilla driver. one of the suspects got behind the victim with a knife. >> they stabbed him twice. >> in the back? >> in the back of the neck. >> the victim was pretty seriously wounded but he is
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expected to survive. police are still searching for those suspects. other bay area headlines. a fremont bice -- bicyclist was killed after falling under a semi this morning. this happened near 880. police tell us the truck hauling gravel went past the woman who was riding on the shoulder. police say she wobbled, hit the curb, then fell back underneath the truck. the driver is cooperating with police. daly city police are looking for this cigarette smoking thief. they say he walked in to the sprint store and stole a box of cell phones. he then drove away with a woman in a black nissan pathfinder. if you do recognize this man you're asked to call police. firefighters in san martin got a 10-acre grass fire before it could damage a couple of homes. fire started just after 2:00 this afternoon. it was out an hour later. one firefighter sprained an ankle but nobody else was hurt. san francisco mayor ed lee wants to spend billions to tear
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down part of 280. he's looking in to a plan that would cut the freeway off at the mariposa exit. that would make room to move the current cal trains station closer to the warriors' new arena. it would also make way for a lot of new developments. >> the entire 4th and king street station tracks and all could be bulldozed if the mayor's plan goes through and what could be built here might help pay for the whole thing. >> reporter: it's a familiar sound up and down the peninsula cal train roaring to and from san francisco. san francisco mayor ed lee's radical plan is turning heads. the plan would reroute it under the proposed stadium, under at&t park, all the way up to the transbay terminal at 1st and mission streets. how much money are we
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talking about? the proposed cal trains extension here to the terminal on 1st and mission streets runs about 1.3 miles and would cost $2.6 billion. the proposed route runs 2.8 miles. if 1.3 miles costs $2.6 billion the cost from here to the transbay terminal from 22nd street $5.5 billion. erickson has built housing all over san francisco. he says the city is essentially sitting on a gold mine. if the mayor is successful at pulling off both parts of his plan, not only rerouting cal train toward the waterfront but also tearing down interstate 280 coming in to san francisco, it would free up a lot of land for development. >> you probably could quite comfortably get 10,000 units of housing. about $150,000 per housing site which would be about $1.5 billion. >> reporter: in addition to finding the money to do all this erickson warns messing
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with such an important transit route is not to be taken lightly. >> it totally depends on an efficient, well-organized transportation system, public transportation system. >> cal transtells us about 100,000 cars travel on this section of 280 every single day so if it were shortened some of those cars would go to 101 making that traffic even worse. simon perez kpix 5. >> that's all we need, more traffic. the nfl drops the hammer on deflate gate. at the center of the punishment, bay area native tom brady. >> plus your driving information out there for the public to know. how a police tool could be helping the public find it. >> takes a pretty strong onshore flow to get full sunshine in the afternoon in may with that high sun angle and many of you not even hitting 65 degrees. such was the case in berkeley san jose not hitting 70 today.
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the nfl has handed down its punishment for deflate gate and the biggest star tom brady is paying a price. the super bowl mvp has been suspended for the first four games next season. he's accused of being at least generally aware about deflated footballs used in the afc championship last january. the league came down hard on brady partly because he didn't cooperate with their investigation. kpix 5's allen martin with more on the story including a look at the letter the nfl sent to brady. >> no break for the nfl's biggest star. brady has roots here in the bay area. grew up in san mateo played football for serra high school before
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hitting it big in the nfl. the league sent brady a letter saying in part each player, no matter how accomplished or otherwise respected, has an obligation to comply with the rules and must be held accountable for his actions. in addition to brady's suspension, the nfl is fining the patriots $1 million. the team also lost two draft picks including a first rounder in next year's draft. two of the equipment staffers believed to have deflated the footballs are suspended indefinitely. brady's agent already said he's going to appeal the suspension. he called it ridiculous and without legitimate basis. dennis o'donnell will have more on the punishment and the possible fallout coming up later in sports. >> you better believe they'll be checking every ball in every game next year. governor brown and state lawmakers getting a pay raise. 3% hike was approved by a panel appointed by the governor.
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state legislatures will now earn $110,000 a year. brown will make $179,000. california's lawmakers are the highest paid in the country. the raise takes effect in december. today a state senate committee shelled a bill to give foster children more help in making the transition to adult hood. it's pretty devastating news to some young people trying to get on their own feet. >> reporter: 20-year-old angel russell describes life with her drug addicted mother. >> she was physically abusive. she would also ground me from food. she'd ground me from clothes. she threw me outside naked. >> reporter: at age 15 angel stood up for herself but police took her in to custody for breaking her mother's bedroom door. for years angel bounced between her grandmother's house juvenile hall, and group homes.
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she couch surfed but a recent landlord came on to her. >> i was living my life in a state of terror. >> reporter: she hopes senate bill 12 will give young people like her critical support to get on their feet. danielle hinepoll of foster media connections. >> sb12 would offer more extended foster care benefits for probation involved youth. >> reporter: they began extending benefits three years ago but sb12 would close the gap for some young people who have fallen through the cracks. those who were locked up on their 18th birthday. >> the importance of the law is to focus the attention on the kids who need the help the most. >> reporter: the bill doesn't list numbers but the youth law center estimates probation supervises 4,000 california foster youth and a senate committee estimates if the
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measure passes, each young person would cost 80,000 to $100,000 a year. >> sometimes it's impossible to get to work if you have to worry about where i am going to sleep tonight? what am i going to eat? >> reporter: angel a city college student who aspires to be a social worker, says the cost would be worth it. >> senate bill 12 is sponsored by south bay senator jim bell. it passed unanimously through the senate judiciary committee but today the appropriations committee sent it to the sus december suspense file -- suspense file. it may or may not be heard later. river advocates made their way up the sacramento river before marching to the capitol building. they say a current push to build more dams is not the answer. >> dams don't actually create water. there's a big push for dams because people want more water but the problem is lack of
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rain not lack of dams. we have lots of dams. >> the activists say building new dams will endanger local fish and wildlife. they also claim lawmakers are putting too much focus on sustaining agri-business. >> he's partially correct. we need more water. all this gets solved with a regular or above average year. >> where is it? >> it's somewhere else. there's flood g ing in many places in the country but we can't get it here. >> it's frustrating to see. >> but it's going to rain this week. rained last week a little bit. a little bit bigger of a bit coming up this week. thursday that's your day. circle on the calendar. mother nature will water your lawn for you. look at the highs today. man, was it chilly and breezy. didn't feel like 68 in santa clara because the 35-mile-per-hour wind gusting. dub pln 67. martinez 67. san leandro hit 60. 58 for a high in san francisco. 3 degrees
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cooler than our january average. chopper 5 up earlier today giving us beautiful aerial pictures. there's the coastline. a little bit of a bit of fog. we got sunshine almost everywhere this afternoon but we did not have any warm air because the onshore flow is there. the wind surfers absolutely positively loved it but it was quite chilly because that flow from the ocean. you look at the entire bay area, this has been the coldest month since february. pick the town closest to you. livermore, may has been colder than every month, colder than march and april. san jose, same story. santa rosa, cold est month since february and san francisco you have to go back to december of last year, the last time we were this chilly. just absolutely crazy. we're getting the opposite of what we should. what's the opposite of what we should have? rather than a big sprawling ridge of high pressure we have a broad area of low pressure. no rain with this. it will actually be a couple degrees cooler tomorrow. cooler still on wednesday.
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the next low dives down closer to us. this guy gives us the onshore flow. by thursday, pretty good dose of rainfall. i'm talking a quarter to a half inch of rainfall. strange weather continues. this will be our second decent rain maker in the month of may. tomorrow tuesday, fremont chilly. san jose 67. concord, 68. the cool weather continues. is it going to get warmer or colder? colder. barely in the 60s on thursday and friday with rain likely. then we'll scratch and claw our way up near 70 on saturday and sunday. what we did not receive in the middle of winter we will now receive in the middle of spring. >> that's fine. >> so i have no clue what june is going to bring because this is acting like january. 20 miles doesn't sound like a very long commute unless you're on a bike the whole way. why this woman says she doesn't
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mind making that trek on two wheels. >> plus packing up shop. how long it's going to take crews to respond now that some bay area
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technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. next stop, bay area for the amgen tour of california. hundreds of cycling fans lined the streets at the stage 2 finish line in lodi today. british rider mark havenish was today's winner. tomorrow it's on to san jose. stage 3 will head north toward livermore before circling back over mount hamilton. it's the only bay area stop for this year's race. the tour wraps up in downtown los angeles on may 17th. this thursday is bike to work day in the bay area and it's a chance for one commuter to finally get some company on
6:25 pm
the road. kpix 5's mike sugerman on the 20-mile trip she does every day. >> reporter: it's 5:00 at the marin agricultural land trust. >> time to get out of here. i'm julia and i am the marin county bicycle commuter of the year for 2015. >> reporter: huh. how did you get that title? >> i ride 20 miles one way from my office and point race station to my home in fairfax. >> reporter: that's a lot of miles. but what's even more impressive is the terrain she rides over. >> this is what it looks like. check it out. >> reporter: up and down hills that climb 900 feet. at the end of the day that's when she rides, her morning commute is on the bus. >> because i spend a lot of time inside, kind of alone, working in front of a computer
6:26 pm
during the day so it's a really good chance to get out have some time to talk to myself and see what's going on. this is my first ever bike selfie. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it usually takes about an hour and a half on her canon dale synapse 54 center meter aluminum frame bike. she shares the road with narrow curvy streets with people often in a hurry to get home and not happy to see her. >> when people yell something out the window, i just imagine they're yelling "you're awesome" rather than bikers suck or whatever. just missed the 12-year-old kid blowing me a kiss out of his jeep. dang it. [ laughter ] and i'm home. >> reporter: tired but content biking to work isn't just a day in the life of julia. it's a way of life. mike sugerman,
6:27 pm
kpix 5. >> wow. bike to work day is this thursday here in the bay area. head to for more information on how you can join in. i couldn't do it. >> you know she had a helmet on. >> she did. very important. coming up in our next half hour there goes your privacy again. >> we've learned just about anyone can find out where you drive and when all with a click
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now at 6:30, information about where you go and when in the hands of just about anyone who asks for it. it's all thanks to a tool police are using. welcome back. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm veronica de la cruz. many bay area law enforcement agencies use license plate readers to record where people drive. police said they need to do this to arrest the bad guys. but our cate cauguiran learned the public can get their hands on the sam data. >> i think it's essentially mass surveillance at the local level. >> reporter: when mike of san leandro learned his police department got a license plate reader he wanted to see what pictures it was taking.
6:31 pm
one stood out. >> me and my daughters getting out of the car in the driveway of my house. >> reporter: these license plate readers or lprs are all over the bay area. you see them on police cars mounted by roadways constantly collecting information by the second about you and where you go. >> it's a special type camera to capture at high speed license plate numbers as they pass a given patrol car. >> reporter: it's a new tool for law enforcement to help catch the bad guys. >> if you have a sexual predator a sex offender, i frankly want to know that they come in to my community. >> reporter: we're now learning there's a darker side and in some cases anyone who requests it get the information collected by these readers. he's been researching lprs for years. just by asking oakland police handed him 4.6 million license plate reads over a four-year period and he put them in a
6:32 pm
visual database. >> it allows us to punch in a certain license plate number and like on google maps it will drop pin drops across the city. >> reporter: pins that could give law enforcement or anyone with this information a snapshot in to someone's life. where they work, live, go to church. we put it to the test and gave him a kpix employee's license plate number. >> there's a bunch of reads over here all within one city block. >> reporter: sure enough he was able to pinpoint where this person lived based on a cluster of scans in one area. he says this information in the wrong hands -- >> you can imagine somebody building a much more sophisticated tool that would allow them to determine associative relationship, patterns of behavior associated with certain locations. >> reporter: not to mention he saysalize no set time limit on how long each agency holds on to the data. tiburon police department deletes data after 30 days. the dea after six months. oakland police department doesn't delete it. >> oakland has taken the policy
6:33 pm
if you request this data, you can get the entire database as i did. >> reporter: the aclu is pushing the government to regulate the information collected and give it an expiration date. until then it's up to city council to set the rule and let people know the cameras exist in the first place. >> for me this is about transparency. >> reporter: so that the pictures taken of you are the ones you know about. cate cauguiran, kpix 5. an auto mechanic is recovering after being run over about an angry customer. they argued about the bill in hayward on saturday. the customer got in to his car, mad tried to leave. the mechanic stood in front of the car to stop him. that's when police say the driver ran the mechanic down dragged him for a few feet. a witness followed the driver and then called police. 26-year-old is held on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and probation violation. the drought has brought an early fire season so you'd think
6:34 pm
all hands on deck, right? not so in eastern contra costa county where two fire stations closed today. a look at the stations left to answer emergency calls. >> station 94 out of service. permanent. >> reporter: the captain had a hard time saying those words but he knew this day was coming. >> i have a great bunch of guys i work with. >> reporter: firefighters spent the morning packing up. the district closed the station and one in brentwood permanently. that means there are only 27 firefighters to protect over 100,000 people over a huge area of 250 square miles. >> they're placed in a tough position. they're being asked to do twice as much work now with half the amount of guys and very little support from the public, the community out here. >> reporter: voters said no to a special parcel tax that would
6:35 pm
have generated $4.2 million a year for five years and kept the stations open. >> it's going to mean longer response time, bigger fires people not getting the medical help that they need in a timely manner. >> reporter: that's because the district gets about 9,000 calls a year. now there are only three fire stations to respond to all those calls. >> in my opinion east county fire today is at a dangerous level. >> it's a scary time for everybody. we had no idea what's going to happen. >> reporter: these firefighters are already the lowest paid in the county. now some are going to be demoted or possibly laid off. >> it's sad for us. it's sad for the public. we're here to help them but with the resources we have, we're going to be limited on what we can actually do. >> reporter: over the last year 14 firefighters saw the writing on the wall and left the east contra costa fire district. now on thursday the fire chief and the board of directors will discuss laying off four
6:36 pm
firefighters. lisa chan, kpix 5. >> the fire chief expects a 3-minute delay getting the calls in the area. the average response time will likely be around 10 minutes. passengers had to brace for an emergency landing this morning. sky west left monterey after 7 a.m. 43 people aboard. as it was approach ing l.a.x. the pilot realized part of the landing gear failed to extend. the pilot took the flight in for a belly landing. its left wing scraping along the runway with smoke and sparks trailing behind. firefighters were immediately on scene helping people safely evacuate. the passengers caught the aftermath on cell phone video. there was no fire, nobody got hurt. mechanics are now investigating that plane. still ahead who's to blame when no one is at the wheel? new numbers on self-driving cars getting in to accidents. >> plus, he recognized stranger danger and acted fast. how this little guy got away
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more than a thousand people attended a memorial service today for two mississippi police officers killed over the weekend. officers benjamin deen and liquori tate were shot in a traffic stop. four people were arrested after an hours-long manhunt. deen and tate were the first hattiesburg officers to be killed in the line of duty in 30 years. the defense rested its case today in the boston marathon bombing trial. they're trying to save dzhokhar tsarnaev from execution. one death penalty opponent testified tsarnaev has expressed general sorrow for the bombing victims. at least five people were killed when a series of tornados tore through parts of texas and arkansas. one twister destroyed about a third of the home in the small town southeast of dallas. three people are still missing tonight. the companies behind those self-driving cars are starting to come clean about the
6:40 pm
accidents. the new dmv report shows four self-driving vehicles have been in crashes since they were allowed on california roads since september. now google admits its cars have been in 11 minor accidents over six years of test driving. but google says other drivers were at fault in each case. if your last flight was a major hassle, you're not alone. a new report by the department of transportation shows service complaints have shot up. they've increased 55% this march compared to the same time last year. lost luggage flight delays, and canceled trips. the bay area could get a brand new neighborhood. imagine hundreds of apartments, townhouses, condos. it's all up for a vote tonight. but how much is it going to cost? we'll have that story and much more tonight on bay area night beat 10:00 on our sister station kbcw. join us on channel 44, cable 12.
6:41 pm
still ahead proof kids can be fearless a. 4-year-old's daring escape from a carjacking in progress. >> kids outside this morning and even this afternoon needed a jacket. a little bit chilly out there. your high only 67 degrees and if you thought today was chilly, it gets colder in the 7-day forecast.
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top stories tonight san francisco mayor ed lee exploring a plan to tear down a part of interstate 280. he wants to cut the freeway off at the mariposa exit move the current cal train station closer to the new warriors arena then build a new neighborhood in its place. voters would likely need to approve all of this.
6:45 pm
b.a.r.t. workers could be in big trouble for mixing business with politics. the issue, photos of workers at b.a.r.t. facilities showing support for east bay assembly woman susan bonilla in upcoming senate race. the photos could cost the workers their jobs. san jose the latest big city in the state to outlaw filling up a swimming pool and spas new ones. california is struggling to meet the governor's demand for 25% across the board water cuts. but pool and spa companies tell us it's already sinking their business. a 4-year-old stockton boy saved himself from a stranger by jumping out of a fast moving car. >> leigh martinez tells us the boy was in a back seat when the thief jumped in the car and took off. >> reporter: a mother left her honda civic running while she ran up to her relative's house to say goodbye. her children were playing near the car. but it was 4-year-old peyton who climbed inside. in a moment, an
6:46 pm
older hispanic man jumped in to the driver's seat and sped off. >> 911 what is your emergency? >> i'm a taxi driver and a woman just hollered me down. they just stole her kids. she came running around the corner saying they took her son. >> reporter: neighbor lawrence collins was cleaning out his car at the time. >> i see a car come flying down the road real fast and another truck chasing him. he's going like 60, 70 miles per hour. >> reporter: paint was in the the -- peyton was in the back seat unbuckled. he decided to jump out of the car. he rolled on to the sidewalk and family members picked him up. >> the little boy did get injured. he jumped out of a moving vehicle because he didn't know who the man was and fearing for his safety, he did do the right thing. >> reporter: peyton's mom says his injuries were minor mostly scratched legs. she says when she asked peyton why he jumped from the car he told her because he wasn't you mommy. she said peyton is still very emotional about being in the car
6:47 pm
with a stranger. >> that was leigh martinez reporting there. police are still looking for that car jacker. sunshine today throughout the bay area but it was not warm which is perfectly normal for san francisco in daily city and half moon bay but not as much as you go inland. temperatures kept down by the pesky onshore flow. brian in san ramon 67 for a high. brentwood, 72. that's out in the delta. santa rosa only 69 degrees. and a few spots are even cooler than that. mendocino, 55 degrees. that was the afternoon high today. take a look at the current temperatures outside. it is chilly. livermore only 62. a wind ae y 62. we're down to 55 off of a high of 58 in san francisco. san jose, 60. san bruno 57 . it's kind of chilly. we're not going to cool down that much because the atmosphere does carry a decent amount of humidity around here with the
6:48 pm
onshore flow. napa, you'll drop down to 45. oakland, 51. san jose, 48 degrees. sunrise nearly as early as 6:00. we have to talk about the flipping of this weather pattern. all winter long there was a huge trough of low pressure over the east coast. boston had 110 inches of snowfall this winter and it was just winter after winter after winter. snowstorms down to texas. we have the ridge of high pressure. the pattern has officially flipped. it's the exact opposite of what it was in the winter. now the big ridge of high pressure is way off screen right here. we're dealing with system after system after system. areas of low pressure. the system stayed to our north which this one will the next couple days we'll continue to have an onshore flow. it will be cold, breezy, but won't be wet. that's the story for you tomorrow. story for us on wednesday as we stay chilly but the rain stays to the north. all we have to do is carve that jet stream down a little bit more to the south which we will later this week. the low pressure areas will get us wet. rain in may. that did
6:49 pm
not hit us in january. we will have a decent dose of rainfall coming up on thursday and more mountain snowfall. above 5,000 feet perhaps another foot of snow. couldn't get a flake of snow in january. now we're getting it about 6 weeks away from summer. chilly and breezy for the next several days. afternoon sunshine. it's going to be breezy and brisk and rain is now likely with mountain snowfall. highs tomorrow well below average. san jose, 67. fremont, 63. upper 50s cloudy at the coast. breezy in berkeley 62. morning fog. san francisco, not hitting 60. and clover dale only 68 degrees tomorrow. we are just chilly tuesday and wednesday. thursday we will be wet. rain may linger in to friday morning and even when we warm up over the weekend, only going to be to 70 degrees. abnormally chilly for each of the next seven days.
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6:52 pm
oakland as have lost five straight and have their worst record after 33 days in oakland history. it won't be green and gold they're talking about tonight. >> the panda is back. >> the panda is in my arms. it can't get away if it's in my arms. [ laughter ] >> the panda is coming to town for the first time since leaving the giants to sign with the red sox. he's doing pretty good, hitting .306. that's the highest average of any boston starter and last night sandoval
6:53 pm
had some special visitors. you don't see brian in that picture but general manager was there larry behr and bruce bochy presenting him with his world series ring. >> we talked for 30 minutes. we text back and forth during the season. every time i needed advice i ask him for advice. i'm there and he's there for you. >> this is not cooperstown but barry bonds headlines the latest clasp for the hall of fame. also being inducted, dusty baker who literally sees the impact that bonds had on baseball everywhere he goes. >> the guy that i'm here with today, i go in to the bathroom and he got this window in there
6:54 pm
of barry bonds. i'm like dang, i go to the bathroom, barry bonds in my friend's bathroom. but they were kids that love baseball because of barry. >> barry bonds and tom brady are two of the most famous serra high grads in that school's history. bonds is in the bay area hall of fame. brady is in the nfl doghouse. >> i have no knowledge of anything. >> are you comfortable saying nobody did anything wrong? >> i'm very comfortable saying that. as far as i know. i don't know everything. >> the nfl saw it differently and suspended brady for four games next season for his role in deflategate and not cooperating with the investigation. they basically said that he cheated and then he lied about it. new england will forfeit two draft picks including its first rounder in 2016 former serra high star will appeal the punishment.
6:55 pm
new jersey governor chris christie was a regular at cowboy seasons last season. christie reportedly spent over $82,000 of taxpayer money on concessions at metlife stadium in 2010 and 2011. $82,000. that's worth at least a case of beer at most ballparks. steph curry might have stolen lebron's mvp crown but it's still hard to find a better finisher than the king. here's the plays of the weekend. lebron wins it for the cavs to even the series with the bulls at two games a piece. the rockets have a failure to launch. cory brewer blocked by the rim. houston, we have a problem. they trail the clippers three games to one. yesterday may have been mother's day but it was a father who stole the show in philadelphia. the bare handed catch while holding his son and of course the cell phone was in his other hand.
6:56 pm
that's impressive. royal 2nd baseman omar infante won't be joining the globetrotters any time soon. the behind the back throw is just a bit outside. rickie fowler played the famous island green at saw grass three times in the final round of the players championship and he'd get closer each time. fowler would birdie the hole all three times to out last sergio garcia. went from five shots back with six holes to play, winning for the second time on tour. you know what's amazing is before this tournament he was voted by his peers as the most overrated player and oh, that's his girlfriend, by the way. >> better be. [ laughter ] >> most overrated and then he wins what's considered to be the fifth major in golf. >> i'm clapping for the girlfriend not this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [applause and cheering] steve: how you doing? welcome to the show. how are y'all? all right. thank you very much, everybody. i appreciate it. thank y'all. thank you very much. i appreciate it. all right. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, already with a total of $20,000, from barnesville, minnesota, it's the champs-- it's the cossalter family. [applause and cheering] and from san diego, california it's the carson family. [applause and cheering] >> whoo! steve: everybody's here to win theirself a lot of cash and a shot at driving out of here in a
7:00 pm
head-turning ford fusion hybrid. [applause] let's go meet the carson family. >> how are you? steve: aquell? >> aqel. steve: aqel. aqel: yes. steve: before you mess it up he corrects you. aqel. what do you do for a living, aqel? aqel: well, i just graduated olympian high school. go, eagles. [applause] ha ha ha! steve: high school? aqel: yes. [laughter] yes. steve: that's pretty good. so, you--what's--you gonna go to college? you got plans? aqel: yes. right now, i'm working on a scholarship to go to uc-davis for track. [applause] steve: well, let's do it. y'all a singing group or something? aqel: no. what our family does we have a praise dance ministry. steve: oh, ok. aqel: so we go around praise dancing to different churches, different community events. steve: yeah, yeah, yeah. y'all got one? aqel: yes, we do. steve: let me see one. [applause]


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