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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 12, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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kelsey was found dead in san francisco. homicide investigation. my beautiful daughter is lost to us. i can't talk. kelsey was 31 years old lived in oakland. police say they got the call before noon sunday that her body was inside the great star theater in chinatown. the theater owner rosenblum, called police. >> they found their friend unconscious then called 911 for help. >> reporter: this is rosenblum in a recent promotional video. it's not clear what his relationship was with kelsey. investigators are not yet saying how she died. >> when the medical examiner went to the scene he said the death was suspicious. based on totality of circumstances and everything they found at the scene, they determined mr. rosen blum was the one responsible for the crime. >> mr. rosenblum is behind
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bars no bail. he's expected to face the judge tomorrow. reporting live, joe vazquez kpix 5. new at 5:00, it's a plot fit for a home alone sequel. a 4-year-old girl shows no fear when a burglar bursts in to her home. she leads police right to his hiding spot in the closet. girl's mother saw the burglar break in to the house in ridge view drive and antioch. she ran out the door. kpix 5's simon perez tells us her young daughter was still inside. >> i just spoke to the girl a few minutes ago and i asked her were you scared? she said no, i'm brave. here's what happened in that story. so a burglar broke in to the house last night, then the mom ran out of the house with her baby but the 4-year-old was still left inside. so when the police finally showed up after the mom had called, the 4-year-old was standing at the top of the stairs. the police coaxed her down but not before she pointed to her bedroom closet and indeed that's where they found the
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burglar. that brave little girl's older brother explains what happened next. >> i was told he didn't say anything to my sister. he was just in the room and he looked outside and saw the police come in and after that he hid in the closet in my sister's room. >> apparently there was a little bit of a struggle when they finally were able to get the burglar out of the house. in the end no one was hurt. coming up at 6:00, we're going to show you some video that the mom shot of the burglar being led out of the house by simon perez, kpix 5. new at 5:00 an alleged sexual predator who tried to assault a 13-year-old girl faced a judge today. muhammad kaliki tried to hide from cameras. len ramirez learned surveillance camera played a key role in getting that suspect arrested. >> we found out today it was
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the suspect's landlord who turned him in to police after recognizing him from that surveillance video after the attack on the 13-year-old girl last week in west san jose. today the suspect muhammad kaliki never entered the courtroom. he stayed in the jail hallway. he's charged with two counts of assault to commit rain and two counts of false imprisonment. he's accused of attacking a 13-year-old girl in her house on may 5th after following her home from school. he's charged in a similar attack of a 28-year-old woman on april 2nd. that attack happened in a grocery store bathroom. if convicted the charges could put him in prison for the rest of his life according to the santa clara county da. >> it's scary. you all saw the video. this is a terrifying case. these are the actions of a brazen predator. >> kaliki is being held without bail. he'll be back in court next week here in santa clara county to enter his plea. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. a boy rushing to school was
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hit and killed by a mooney train in san francisco. a memorial is growing at san jose and lake view avenues in the ingleside neighborhood. he was just 11 years old. lisa chan with the unusual sequence of events that led to this tragic accident. >> reporter: at east 27, san francisco police responded to the intersection. they say two cars were traveling southbound on san jose avenue when an 11-year-old boy ran down lakeview in front of the cars. one stopped. the other slammed on its brakes. >> the boy did a pivot move off the vehicle landing where the train was traveling northbound at the time. that train did strike the 11-year-old boy. that boy was dragged about 40 feet. >> now this is being treated as a crime scene. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. >> this is a tragic situation. we have to
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do everything we can to make sure we're working with the family, working with the police and work with the fire department to find out what happened here. >> reporter: police say the boy's parents are devastated and they're doing everything they can to support them. >> there's no words to describe this tragedy. it's hard for officers. it's hard for the family. it's hard for everyone involved to see a young boy taken so violently and so tragically. there's no words. >> reporter: investigators are also talking with witnesses who say this busy area is dangerous. >> train coming this way touched the brakes really hard. >> reporter: there are 12 cameras on the muni light rail. all that footage is being reviewed by investigators to figure out exactly what happened. developing news tonight. a powerful earthquake a couple hours ago off the coast of japan. 6.8 magnitude quake struck the same region that was
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devastated by a major quake and tsunami in 2011. no tsunami warning has been issued. tokyo shook miles away. no serious damage has been reported. a second massive earthquake shook nepal today. officials say it's an aftershock to the devastating quake in april. 7.3 magnitude quake struck in a remote mountain region. at least 42 people are dead. more than 1200 injured. a u.s. marine helicopter that was providing aid in the country is also missing at this hour. hundreds more homes and buildings reduced to rubble. kpix 5's veronica de la cruz joins us from the news room with a look at today's devastation. >> search and rescue teams are scrambling to pull survivors from collapsed buildings. it's a similar scene to what we just saw three weeks ago when a 7.8 magnitude quake hit the country.
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>> reporter: aide workers in nepal captured this landslide north of kathmandu. it's not clear if anyone was hurt by the rocks tumbling down the mountains. it was triggered by the massive 7.3 quake. the shaking brought down buildings and sent people running in to already damaged streets. >> the shaking just seemed to go on and on and on. >> reporter: video of nepal's parliament shows the moment the tremor hit, sending lawmakers fleeing the room. the quake was centered halfway between kathmandu and mount everest. it's the largest after shock that left more than 8,000 people dead. search and rescue teams are searching for survivors. officials say many people have been rescued alive from the rubble. six marines and two nepalese soldiers are missing. their helicopter went down while taking part in disaster relief operations. the crew had
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reported fuel problems. workers are providing shelter and supplies. many people are staying in the streets out of fear their homes are not safe. but that may cause more problems. >> if everyone stays in the streets for a long time, it's going to be very concerning because the rains are coming soon. >> this is what the missing u.s. military chopper looks like. authorities say it dropped off in one location and was heading to another when contact was lost. so far there are no signs of a crash. the u.s. military has called off the search tonight but the nepalese army will continue its ground search throughout the evening. live in the news room veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. it's like golf meets frisbee, but this popular sport isn't fine with everyone. the neighborhood battle over a disk golf course. >> a bay area dad busted. the wild es cape from police with his 1-year-old in the back seat. >> another sunny day another chilly day with temperatures not hitting 70 degrees throughout most of the bay area. there's a change coming.
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it is going to rain again in may.
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the drought emergency really hitting home. san jose is the first big city in california to institute water rationing. here's how it's going to work. businesses and homeowners will be given a month to month allocation. it will be calculated from the average of all users in 2013. based on that number, people will have to cut usage by 30%. if not they'll pay a fine. this affects san jose water company's 1 million companies living in los gatos campbell, and parts of cupertino. it's expected to approve the plan. customers will be getting a letter spelling out the details the
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get tough rules would start next month. seems like we just did this but another major road closure is coming up here in the bay area. this time it's to finish off the new presidio parkway. new video shows the project is nearly finished. most of the roadway has been paved now but to wrap up the job doyle drive will have to be closed over a long weekend from may 28th to june 1st. you'll only be able to access the golden gate bridge from 19th visit off highway 1. people are being warned to expect major delays. north bay man will probably not be named father of the year. he led police on a chase all with his baby in the back seat of his car. anthony was wanted on a parole violation. he was spotted by police yesterday then sped away. the chase started at valentine and murphy streets. police say robleto blew through school zones ran in to curbs
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while hitting speeds of 65 miles per hour. it ended with him running away on foot, ditching the car and his 1-year-old son. police were surprised to find the baby in the back seat. he was not hurt. dad was found hiding in a backyard hours later. he's facing a slew of charges including child endangerment. a bay area city wants to get in your face about the dangers of cell phone radiation. the first of its kind warning. >> and a battle brewing over disk golf. the bay area neighbors fighting t
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a battle is taking place in the east bay over plan for a disk golf course. the can -- designer wants to build it on sugar hill. why some neighbors are a little teed off. >> this golf is like golf except instead of hitting a ball you throw a disk, a frisbee. the idea is to get it in to a basket with as few throws as possible. scott anders built one in his work, plays every day and lost 30 pounds and he credits disk golf. >> because of activity, exercise. coming outside. getting fresh air and just the attitude adjustment that happens and you go back in to work again and you're ready to go.
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>> reporter: now he wants to build a park over a 5th of the area. many neighbors don't want it. there's a lot of opposition. >> if they're going to have frisbees flying around, that's not a good thing in my opinion. >> can i get hit by a flying disk? >> i spent two years designing the disk golf course so no one outside of play or in play can be hit or struck by disks. >> reporter: but that's a hard sell and this is a popular dog park so dog people are howling. >> for them to add frisbees, going to be harder for us to get parking. >> reporter: disk golfers say that's not a worry. they'd park other places. the dog park isn't even near the disk course. tonight they'll meet with city officials, though a decision certainly won't come for a long time. >> and that was mike sugerman reporting. some of the world's best cyclists pedaled through the city today for stage 3 of the amgen tour.
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they took off this morning, biked over hamilton and circled back to san jose. the 105-mile route is considered one of the hardest parts of the 8-stage race. the amgen tour wraps up on may 17th in los angeles. tomorrow is bike to work day in the bay area. go to for more information. verizon is buying aol for $4.5 billion. verizon has seen sales of cell phones slow down so it's tapping in to the money coming in from the streaming video market. one analyst says the deal could possibly create the largest mobile and video business in the united states. another bay area city is jumping in to the cell phone wars. tonight berkeley could make history by becoming the first city to warn people about cell phone radiation. julie watts explains. >> where do you carry your cell
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phone? >> in my pocket. >> my pocket. >> somebody calls you how do you answer your phone? >> i swipe and i hold it. >> reporter: my -- like many, these berkeley gals had no idea guidelines recommend keeping your phone as much as an inch away from your body. they've also never seen the warning from their cell phone manufacturer. something the berkeley city council hopes to change with a new ordinance requiring cell phone retailers to post a warning stating in part if you carry or use your phone in a pocket or tucked in to a bra you may exceed the guidelines for exposure to radiation which research is linked to breast cancer infertility tumors in children. >> there's a range of risks from cancer to neurodegenerative effects to effects on fertility. >> reporter: director at uc berkeley school of public health is one of 190 international scientists who signed a letter this week asking the united nations world health organization and others to warn
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the public about the risks of cell phone radiation. >> this is the first step and there are many cities around the country that are looking to berkeley to set a pres dependent here. >> -- a precedent here. >> reporter: cell phones should be held an inch away from the body though many argue those protect people from lawsuits than consumers from radiation. >> many people don't read the dangers about cell phone safety. >> reporter: the cell phone industry has vehemently denied the risk, but many believe berkeley may be about to change that. >> the cell phone industry is calling berkeley's move irresponsible and says the city is sending an alarmist message that is unsupported by the quote, best available science. the city council is expected to vote on the measure tonight and it is expected to pass. >> got to wonder with all these devices we have, what effect they're having on us health-wise.
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>> scientists says there's definitely an effect, the industry says it's not good enough yet. windy weather blowing through the bay area today. flags waving. san francisco along the waterfront. temperatures cool enough for people to zip up their jackets and buy those tourist sweatshirts. that's a good thing. the windy weather caused serious damage in burlingame. it blew down scaffolding on to several parked cars today. four of them were dented up pretty badly. the back windshield of one car was completely blown out. luckily nobody was hurt. >> wind is really scary because you don't know how hard it's going to be blowing but maybe there's a silver lining. could be bringing rain with it. >> it's going to rain not only this week but looks like next week we may have rain as well. welcome to january in may. it's not just the chill. it will be the precipitation as well. once again sunshine but not really that warm.
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santa rosa, 66. livermore, 65. that's about 10 degrees cooler than average. san francisco only 55 degrees right now. chopper 5 out and about, giving you beautiful pictures throughout the bay area. bay bridge looking good as well. clear skies but we'll see the clouds increase tonight and tomorrow. as rain approaches kpix 5 high def doppler tracking showers. north of redding up to ash land, oregon. that's heading our way. tonight it will get cloudier. not as chill y with sunrise at 6:02. so what the heck is going on? remember there was a ridge anchored over us for like three straight months? that was so two weeks ago. this is low pressure number 1 and number 2 over my shoulder. it's like a train aimed right toward the
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west coast of the u.s., a series of low pressure areas which will give us rainfall here. the second one will dive down to our south and to our west, that will give us rainfall on thursday. it will be cold, breezy, soggy with a tiny chance of a thunderstorm as well. some of you may get more than a half inch of rain thursday. on the top of next week we have another low pressure area which will likely scoot by to our north. we did not see a drop of rainfall for the entire month of january but may is trending very wet. the rain will not begin by tomorrow evening at 11:00 but thursday we're soggy and it's going to be spotty but look at that it's saying hayward you may receive up to one inch of rainfall. that's more than you averaged for the entire month. watch out for rain for both commutes coming up on thursday. slight chance of a thunderstorm. tomorrow is transition day where we get cloudy.
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san jose, 68. 67 for con cord. 67 for sunnyvale. san ramon 67 tomorrow. vallejo only 64. increasing clouds for berkeley alameda. san rafael, 64. san francisco, 59 and st. helena 66 degrees. a soggy day on thursday. you want to dry out? weekend. good timing mother nature. but another rain chance next monday. mother nature reminding us she's in full and total control. now that it's not supposed to rain, it is going to rain. >> basically we know nothing. >> that's what it boils down to. i know a little bit more than nothing. i was going to say less than nothing. that would be bad. >> just roll with it. tom brady benched over deflate gate but the quarterback is enjoying an unexpected boost. how fans are rallying in support. >> and the countdown is on. just seven shows
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okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ updating our top story this afternoon, we're getting more information on the shooting in san francisco. police say no officers were involved in the incident that happened on petraro hill. one man was taken to the hospital apparently with a leg wound. no word on how all of it got started. the nfl is basically calling tom brady a cheater but none of that appears bad for business. brady merchandise sales have spiked 100% since yesterday when the nfl handed down a four-game suspension. brady's jerseys are a hot seller and looks like patriots fans are rallying around the team. a crowd funding site has been set up to help pay the $1 million fine the team is facing. most
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people are donating in increments of $12 brady's jersey number. tonight a look at the growing demand for nurses. >> it's national nurses week. an opportunity to highlight this rapidly growing field. with chronic conditions on the ride and an increased focus on preventative care, the need for registered nurses has jumped. employment of rns is projected to grow by 19% in the next seven years, faster than the average for all occupations. salaries are also expected to rise. nurses here in the bay area earn a median wage of $125,000. many employers also often flexible work schedules about 20% of rns work part-time as well as childcare, educational benefits, and bonuses. there are three education paths you can take toward becoming a nurse. a bachelor's degree in nursing an associate's degree in nursing or a diploma from an approved nursing program. students take
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plenty of hardcore science classes and must have supervised clinical experience after meeting state licensing requirements. after all that education, at least nurses can find jobs quickly and job
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coming up tonight at 6:00, a brazen home invasion just the latest example of a two-year crime wave. the new lengths neighbors are going to to keep themselves safe. >> thank you for watching. the cbs evening news with scott pelley is next. the latest news and weather always on
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o >> pelley: a u.s. rescue helicopter with eight on board vanishes, just as dozens more are killed in another earthquake in nepal. also tonight, in god we trust? or do we? a new study finds americans losing faith in religion. how do mid-sized s.u.v.s do in crashes? the test results are in. and two sisters on a nationwide search for people willing to take a test to save a life. >> they could be the cure for all these patients. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. it's hard to imagine the catastrophe in nepal could get worse, but it just did. the country was hit today by the


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