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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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at over 100 miles an hour. >> live from the cbs bay area pseudoowes, this is kpix5 news. >> speeding towards disaster at over 100 miles an hour. tonight, we know the engineer behind the controls once worked here for cal train. >> reporter: veronica de la cruz has some new information about the amtrak disaster in philadelphia. >> reporter: the engineer's name is brandon bostian. a few years ago, he was driving trains here in the bay area. here he is at san francisco's ferry building holding a sign reading free hugs. they have interviewed the 32- year-old an taken a blood sample to look for drugs and alcohol. they are also looking at his phone records to see if he was texting or on the phone at the time of the crash. they are taking the wreckage from the crash site to a safe
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location for inspection. bostian hit the brakes moments before the train flew off the rails. watch the top right corner of your screen. a surveillance camera shows the train speeding by, then a series of flashes. the train was traveling more than twice as fast as it should have been. >> maximum authorized speed through this curve was 50 miles an hour. when the engineer induced brake application was applied, the train was traveling at approximately 106 miles an hour. >> that was at 9:21 p.m. eastern time. the locomotive and all seven cars tumbled off the rails killing at least seven people and injuring hundreds more. tonight, investigators are now reviewing information from the train's data recorder and footage from its four facing cameras. ken? >> thank you for that. meanwhile, in palo alto, a group of guys in a jeep smashes
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into bloomingdales. then they got out and got busy. mark kelly shows us these guys knew what they were doing. >> reporter: this was at least a four-person job. all the suspects in black hoodies so it was difficult to see their face. but the crime they did, that was caught on video. a burglary bold as brass. wee hours of the morning, 4:00 a.m. the criminals flooring it, reversed this jeep right through bloomingdale's glass door sending it crumbling. then in the darkness, they beelined for the jewelry. >> yeah. this is realnice neighborhood. you wouldn't think this is happening here. i'm shocked a little bit. >> reporter: once inside, police think they used ... the crime committed. the thieves made a quick exit to the get away car that was reported stolen last night. the suspects abandoned the jeep on this quiet residential
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street a half mile from the mall. bloomingdales immediately covered the doors and swept up the glass. the neighbors couldn't believe it happened here in this posh neighborhood. >> it is horrible. >> they knew what they were doing. they were probably here before checking everything out. >> reporter: unfortunately, it is the second smash and grab in palo alto. back in february, similar mo. burglarrers in this photography store. bloomingdales is counting up how much everything was worth. mark kelly, kpix5. a 17-year-old just admitted to police he is one of the guys involved in this scary home invasion. he turned himself in today. the suspect was shown heading
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upstairs with knives. they tried to break down the door to a room where two adults were hiding with a child. they ran out when they heard the victims calling 911. the suspect is still on the loose tonight. here is a live look at san jose. we didn't get much rain this winter, but now that it is may, there is a chance of thunderstorms. the rain is going to move in overnight. here is a live look at kpix5 high-def doppler radar. paul will have the full forecast coming up. but first, juliette goodrich says here is our chance to save a few gallons of water. >> reporter: well liz, this isn't a storm where you run to the hardware store to get sandbags but you can get items like mulch or rain barrels to conserve and save water during this latest rainstorm. it may not rain buckets but expert robert says it is good to have one ready. tell me how this works. >> so the way this works, it comes with a kit that will actually hook up to your down spout or your gutter and it will take the water that is
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normally nowing off the roof down the street straight into the barrel. >> reporter: buying water saving pots are also key. >> the way they work, as you water the pot, it conserves the excess water at the bottom. almost like a reservoir so it keeps the soil moist. >> reporter: speaking of soil, there are water saving and absorbing crystals you can mix in with your soil. >> just really mix it in with the soil. and those are going to retain the water, the crystals, to use it sparingly and keep the soil moist. >> reporter: a slow drip water system helps conserve water. last but not least, specific plants can help. >> a lot of people are bying lavender, flax is really popular. any type of fern, any type of hardy plant in that sense. >> reporter: now this rain barrel actually comes with an attachment you can attach to your rain gutter or down spout
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and it will funnel the water into this barrel. just how much rainwater will fill the barrel? well, we will let paul deanno fill us in lateener the newscast. juliette goodrich, kpix5. >> and she was talking about drought resistant plants there. palm trees would certainly fall into that category, but wait until you see what we discovered tonight on the bay bridge. andria borba is there tonight. andria? >> reporter: it was one of our producers who spotted it on her drive in to work. those $10,000 palm trees that have been in the ground about a year to a year-and-a-half are getting plucked out because they were dying. the reasons why just might surprise you. greeting the entrance to san francisco westbound on the bay bridge are canary palm trees. but as you can see from chopper 5, a few of the trees are not fit enough to stand sentry to the city anymore. before you say i told you so or say it is not hot enough, the
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icon of southern california is not a terrible choice says an arborist. >> they are tolerant of soil conditions, high winds, salt spray. >> reporter: there are other problems like disease. >> reporter: some of the trees on the embarcadero had an illness. >> reporter: while that trouble may seem like a bay away, scott says not so fast. >> reporter: is it possible they made it all the way across to the bay bridge? >> it is possible. not unlikely. >> reporter: another reason for the palm dieoff, unlike organs, trees don't transplant well. >> any damage in transport is likely to kill off a tree. >> reporter: also, palm trees done make good antiques. >> the older the tree, the more issues. they wanted to install large developed trees and it can take 60 years for they can reach maturity and maximum height. they can live 100 years so they are not necessarily in old age,
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but not as vigorous as young trees. >> reporter: we called caltrans tonight to see what the problem was with these trees but have not heard back at this point. what the arborist told us, you can expect 25 to 35% of them to just die. andria borba, kpix5. >> this is what is left of a ford mustang after a horrible crash. a crash that took the lives of four people including three best friends. it happened in gilroy late last night. not too far from the gilroy outlet. betty yu is at the scene. >> reporter: as the crash happened across the street, where you see the posters, only one person survived. the 23-year-old driver who is a man from gilroy who was arrested for drunk driving. they were best friends. all 18 years old and looking forward to high school graduation. last night at 10:30, their
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lives ended here inside this mangled banged up mustang. >> i didn't believe it was all of them. i was hoping they were still alive. i knew every single one of them. >> reporter: madison grew up with the three 18-year-olds. >> from our last conversation, she wanted to be a cosmotologist. someone along that line. >> reporter: friends and family stopped by the crash site all day laying flowers and thank to broken glass and busted car parts. >> she was a loving girl. super fun disaster. and yolanda was shy. >> reporter: all three were in the backseat when a driver came up on a curb. the car slid off the road and hit the concrete drainage ditch. >> there was an open container of alcoholic beverage in the car. there was odor of alcohol on
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the driver's person. there were drugs in the vehicle. >> reporter: for students from christopher high were sarah went to school, news of the death came at an already tough time. saturday, another student died in a one-car nonalcohol related crash. >> i cried several times this morning. and i'm not embarrassed about that. this is just, you know, overwhelming to have four students pass away in a week. >> reporter: the passenger in the car, 24-year-old man also died here on the scene. now the driver right now is in the hospital. he is dealing with head injuries but he is expected to survive. he could also face vehicular manslaughter charges in addition to felony dui charges. live in gilroy, betty yu, kpix5. also tonight, a mountain view police officer responding to a call of criminal activity was hit by a suspect's car. police say the suspects were trying to get away. it happened in a parking lot on grant road. police tweeted out this
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picture. chopper 5 gave us an aerial view. it happened near the marshall's department store. the officer suffered only minor injuries. some shocking new surveillance video tonight. two teenagers sitting in a holding area at a police department in illinois handcuffed. now watch as an officer enters the room, says something, then takes out what looks like pepper spray and starts letting them have it. you can see, one of the teens immediately starts twitching and shaking. the incident happened in january but it has taken months to write up a report. tonight, the department says it is investigating. the owner of the mcdonalds says she had no idea people were doing drugs there. as we told you late last night, the city of san francisco is threatening to shut the place down calling it a magnet for crime. franchisee claims the city never told her about the drug problem. but the city and police department say they have tried for some time to get her to
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clean it up. a fedex package covered in acid showed up at the apple store in monterrey this afternoon. workers picked it up and felt dizzy and nauseous. four people had to be taken to the hospital. police evacuated the store and discovered what the mystery substance was. >> it is a corrosive acid. it can lead to corrosion and it can also lead to burns on your skin and any time there is liquid acid, inhalation can cause a burning and damage to your lungs. so, clearly, we are talking all the appropriate precautions. >> the package came from san bernadino. a daring rescue from the oregon boarder. two coast guard choppers were in the crescent city when they got a call of a hiker clinging to a cliff. she got stuck there overnight.
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watch as the officer swoops down and plucks her right off the cliff hoisting her to safety. tonight, the hometown crowd in oracle must have helped a bit, because the warriors beat up the grizzlies. christin ayers says many east bay fans got news they are not too happy about. christin? >> reporter: you might call it the best of times and the worst of times for east bay warriors fans. on the one hand, their teem is leading in the playoffs. a big 20 point win tonight. on the other, the prospect of the team moving to san francisco is looking all but inevitable. ask a warrior's fan what the outcome of the game would be, and there is no hesitation. >> we expect a win. win big. >> reporter: big blow-out. warriors are going to win. >> reporter: but ask about the team's future in oakland and it is a different story. >> i wish they would stay. i think that is my point of view. but yeah, i think it is inevitable. >> reporter: inevitable the team will uproot from oakland and build a new stadium in san
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francisco. jerry brown said he would fast track the environmental review for the san francisco stadium. some warriors fans are not happy. >> we think that oakland is the best place. >> reporter: chris dobbins had hoped that a drawn out environmental process would snarl the san francisco plan. but he is still optimistic that a san francisco stadium is still just a pipe dream. >> there are plenty of challenges to get something built. they have nothing built there now. there are no shovel ins the ground. nothing definite as of yet. >> reporter: meanwhile, a coliseum city here is still going forward with the hopes the warriors would still play here. dobbins tellstous warriors have a lease until 2017 here. that san francisco stadium wouldn't be complete until 2018. reporting live, christin ayers, kpix5. and it was an amazing warriors win. dennis o'donnell will have all the highlights, locker room reaction coming up in sports. renters in san jose showed up at city hall saying they need some help.
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they want the city to create stronger tenant protection policies similar to those in other bay area cities. right now, san jose landlords with increase rent 8%. protesters want it capped at 4%. the mayor has expressed support. mine wheel in san francisco, the median home price has soared to another record high. 1.225million. in april, according to paragon real estate. we all know it is a seller's market. tonight, we will are going to show you how red hot it really is. allen martin followed a couple who puts their house on the market and cashed out big time in less than a week. >> we know there is a twin doe of opportunity here. >> reporter: this is jan. and this is jan's house. three bedrooms, three baths, 1800 square feet. bought in 2007 for $915,000. >> you know, this is a great house. somebody wonderful is going to enjoy it. >> reporter: it is a sale that will happen in the blink of an
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eye. >> it happens very quickly. >> reporter: so quickly, that she is already handing it over to the bug inspector. the roof inspector. the real estate agents and the stager. as fast as jan can move out, the stager moves in with paintings that match the pillows, that match the books. that match the flowers. >> my house had been transformed into somebody else's house. >> reporter: now it is time to talk strategy. >> in a target market are the googlers. >> reporter: this is part of the tech explosion. so using two comparable home sales in the same neighborhood, the agents set a price. >> we chose 1.399. and, we are hoping we are going to get much, much more than that. >> reporter: how much more? that is the one thing realtors can't really predict. but the answer will come in a
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hurry. the house lists on thursday. and potential buyers grab every available parking spot an hour before the open house starts on saturday. some even use the fire lane. after less than a week on the market, picking the best offer only takes a few minutes. 13% over asking price. >> it was sold in four days. it pretty much went exactly according to script. >> reporter: allen martin, kpix5. >> she saw that final sale price 1.58 million. according to trulia, the median home price in mountain view has shot up 10% in the past year. if you needed another reason to make a starbucks run, soon they will be selling booze. that's right. reports they will roll out their new evening menu in san francisco starting next month. beer, wine, and small plates will be available after 4:00. at the 9th and irving location.
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starbucks has alcohol applications pends for more than a dozen other bay area stores. well, there are just six shows left for david letterman. last week, we showed you highlights of dave's visit to san francisco back in 1996. well, we just found one of the locals featured in that show. a guy who literally took it all off on national television. >> what is your name? >> john. >> on the one hand, i was startled, neverrous, not knowing what came next. on the other hand, it was sort of by design to get some attention of some sort. >> you know, we have seen my 49ers shower curtain. have any interest? just in the spirit of fun. it all goes to charity. go back there and take a shower. you don't have to. but it might be fun, you know? that a boy! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> uh, well, we aging jaded hippies just go with the flow obviously. >> it occurs to me now, i can't for the life of me think why that might be fun. why? why would this be fun? okay. well, yeah. [ laughter ] >> this is the third time i have worn this shirt now. once when my girlfriend gave tout me. once for the show. and today. >> i thought it was a lovely idea. now i done know. [ cheers and applause ] >> it was fun. i had no idea it would come back to haunt me 20 years later. >> where is the guy from the shower? is he here? there he is. thank you very much, goodnight everybody. [ laughter ] >> that's right. john is still wearing that jacket today. john worked at intel. he used a math theorem to get a
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spot in line that would land him an aisle seat and it worked. >> tonight on letterman, julia roberts, paul schaffer and ryan adams. some parts of the bay area, you might hear a little rain on the roof. >> tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night perhaps. not just us too. the entire state of california getting soggy. we are off the bat tomorrow morning as the rain is billing to our north. the sierra. how about this winter storm warning in effect. four to six inches of snow widespread. up to a foot of snowfall. it is happening. two low pressure areas. one that missed us. really gave us the on shore flow. struggling to hit 60 year the water. that missed us but this guy will hit on its way to southern california where they will receive two or three inches of rainfall in the higher
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elevations there. this guy will make a close path to us tomorrow. destabilizing the atmosphere. future cast say it is rain may hold off until sunrise. showers begin to bubble up at 1 2:00 in the afternoon. it will not be raining everywhere at one time. some of you will be getting heavy showers while some may be getting sunshine. check this out. first time i have seen this in a while. the entire state of california from san diego all the way up to eureka. showers beginning around sunrise. there is the chance of a few isolated thunderstorms tomorrow. watch out for that. and the rainfall totals will be all over the place. consider yourself lucky if you get more than a quarter inch of rainfall. concord, very chilly. 63. that is it. santa clara, 66. showers likely in san ramon,
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fair field. 59, 58 in san francisco. novato, 62. and 63 for lake port. showers on and off throughout the day. slight chance of a thunderstorm. that rain chance for next week likely will not happen so it is all about tomorrow. more may rainfall. >> i can hear my allergies clearing up already. >> breathe clearly tomorrow. >> i cannot wait. thanks paul. here is the kind of stuff we come up with at night. who do you think has a longer attention span? you or a
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>> all right, welcome to the science portion of the program. we are going to take a test. now, you think you have a longer attention span than a goldfish? >> we are serious. just bear with us. let's put it to the test.
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>> okay. >> all right. >> well microsoft monitored the brain activity of 2,000 people. they wanted to see how long people could part with their digital devices. turns out it is eight seconds. >> guess what? goldfish on the other hand can pay attention for nine seconds. >> oh no. >> they beat you. [ laughter ] i'm dennis o'donnell live at oracle where the warriors dug themselves a pretty big hole. could they climb out
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my name is jose lopez. i'm a troubleman in san francisco. i've been with the company for 29 years. a troubleman restores and troubleshoots electrical issues, getting customers' power back on. we're 24/7, 365 days a year. i love my job. going up in the bucket and seeing all of san francisco, it's an exhilarating feeling. i was born and raised in san francisco. this is where i live and there's a sense of pride in providing great power to our customers. when i go out there and get their power back on, there's a great sense of satisfaction. together, we're building a better california.
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>> and dennis o'donnell has tonight's sports report from oracle arena. dennis? >> reporter: thanks ken. i think this basketball series has played out a little like a chess match. for both coaches and the win tore night would put the opposing coach in check. here is how it came down. memphis, tony allen out with a injured hand. the warriors close the first on
11:30 pm
a 16-2 thank to ma than. steph curry gave the warriors their first lead as time expired. harrison barnes hits from downtown. warriors up nine in the third quarter. don't sleep on andrew bogut. makes the 11-point advantage. they led by as many as 24. they win 98-78. now it is back to memphis where the road is never easy. >> you go get it done. it is going to be tough. we are on the road against an excellent team. but, you know, if we can continue to play the type of defense that we have shown in the last couple of games, then we will have a chance to do so. >> reporter: astros executive nolan ryan hoping they could avoid the short two-game sweep against the giants.
11:31 pm
jeremy affeldt shot one to springer and houston beats the giants 4-3. sonny gray, the deaf fission of a hard-look loser against boston. he allowed one run in seven innings. but the as offense went 0-14 against red sox pitching and lose 2-0. well say good-bye on this note
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>> david letterman is ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from a regional distribution centre, it's the late show with david letterman! (applause) tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now jumper cables to your humdrum life david letterman! (cheers and applause)


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