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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 18, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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see if they can catch this mountain lion. this is not typical for this area. this follows two sightings in one day of a mountain lion. the first one came in at 4:30 this morning. officers responded to the area of avila and el camino real. one saw a 60 to 80-pound mountain lion wandering the area. another resident reported seeing a large brown cat in the area of 9th avenue, and since then officers have been roaming this very residential area with rifles going through backyards looking for this mountain lion. at one point we heard that it was in a tree, but san mateo pd has not been able to confirm that sighting. so several hours later now still looking for this mountain lion. we're told they've told people in this immediate area to stay inside for the time being. we're also told that fish and wildlife just
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arrived here on the scene. now they will get together with san mateo pd to figure out how to best track this animal. we'll bring you more developments as soon as we learn them. new at 6:00, an alleged drug scheme operated through a bay area airport. feds say 14 workers at oakland international were handling more than just the luggage. phil matier says they're accused of using their special security access to move drugs all over the country. >> that's right. it's interesting. since 9/11 how much tech has gone in to airport security but in this case they used tech to their advantage. here's the story. >> reporter: as drug smuggling operations go, it was both simple and bold. according to the u.s. attorney, three baggage handlers at oakland international airport used their security clearance to bring bags filled with marijuana in to the air operations area. that's a secure part of the airport that they can access with no
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pre-screening. the workers then used their own electronic security badges to open a door and go in to the part of the terminal where passengers who have already passed through the tsa security screening wait to board their flight. the baggage handlers then handed over the drug-filled bags to the fellow ring members who then took them on as carry-on luggage to flights all over the country. the drugs were distributed sold and the money deposited back in to bank accounts around the bay area. >> they can compromise the safety of an airline by doing something like that. >> there should be more screening so that doesn't happen. but it would seem that they're doing it for money. >> that doesn't surprise me. >> why not? >> because it's the bay area. that's all every one does out here is smoke pot. >> reporter: the feds say the ring has been operating for the past three years. nine period -- nine people have been arrested so far and others are still being sought. >> they use tech to their advantage with their cell phones. once they got in to the
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secure part of the airport with the marijuana they would text the person they'd hand it off to. they'd meet in the bathroom and exchange it. also double irony. sometimes they used their employee discount to ship the marijuana on cargo freight as well. phil matier, kpix 5. back >> back in march two security screeners at sfo were allegedly caught for sneaking meth. it's a bay area hot spot for vacation rentals but some residents from sonoma county are getting sick of the out of towners. mike sugerman with a look at why some people say their neighborhoods are turning in to nightmares. >> this is something going on all over the place where there's a lot of vacationers. people bought houses. they didn't figure they were going to live next door to tourists all the time but in this disrupted economy, that's what's
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happening. sonoma county is among the first in the country to try to deal with this. >> reporter: is there a better place in the country for a rustic romantic, relaxing vacation than sonoma county? vacation rentals are exploding. >> it's hot ever where. >> reporter: here's how it is in guerneville along the russian river. he was offered $5,000 to put his home on a rental site. >> it indicated to me there's a lot of money involved. >> reporter: quaint towns in the wine country and along the russian river are seeing a flood of weekend vacationers and that's leading to headaches literally. >> they've had weddings and big three-day drumming parties. >> reporter: 83-year-old mickey cook watches every weekend the steady stream of overnighters from her glen allen home. >> bring in dogs and smoking and making a lot of noise. sometimes we can have as many as 43 people on the road on the weekend that don't live here.
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so that's a little hard to take. >> this one right here and the one next door to it. >> reporter: tom lowry has problems almost every weekend. >> sounds like they're having some sort of award ceremony where suddenly people go outside clapping. it's 11:00 at night. >> reporter: it's a problem anywhere there are vacation rentals, especially now with airbnb and aggressive out of state rental agencies. how to sauvlg -- solve it? >> tax more people. of course the vacation people are going to pay for those taxes so that might slow the process down a little bit. >> every one of the vacation rentals should have an onsite owner. that would keep people quiet. that would keep people in order. >> reporter: they don't do that at russian river escapes but they do drive around to dozens of rentals every night to make sure it's not too noisy. >> been doing that for years checking on the rental and making sure they're not disturbing neighbors. they're our neighbors too. >> there's going to be a
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meeting here at the veterans memorial auditorium in santa rosa to try to hash all this stuff out tonight. in santa rosa mike sugerman, kpix 5. today the u.s. supreme court ruled two san francisco police officers who arrested and shot a mentally ill woman in 2008 cannot be sued. the justices say the officers did not violate the rights of theresa shen when they barged in to her group home. they shot her five times after she came after them with a knife. here's what her attorney said today. >> we filed a lawsuit on the grounds that the city had violated the ada americans disabilities act by failing to give reasonable accommodations to her under circumstances where they knew she was mentally impaired. >> reporter: other justices said they wouldn't take up the question over whether she should have been treated differently because the lower courts had not fully considered it. searchers are scouring the pacific tonight for missing bay
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area flight instructor who loingdly stole a plane and vanished without a trace. that was 10 days ago. police say security cameras at the palo alto airport caught 24-year-old william mcadams boarding the plane just after midnight on may 8th. investigators say he didn't have permission to take the plane never filed a flight plan and made no contact with air traffic controllers. >> we haven't discovered a crash site. we don't know if the plane landed somewhere. we have no records of that, no refueling that anyone has notified us about. there's absolutely been nothing. so yeah there are many theories that are out there, been asked about a lot of them. at this point i'd say we're obviously going to evaluate all of them. >> investigators say there have been no phone calls social media posts or financial activity to give them any clues as to where mcadams might be. they think the plane could have traveled as far south as mexico. police got a surprising 911 call during a high speed chase through the east bay. it was the suspect saying he's not
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going back to jail. he led police on a a chaotic chase. that's when the suspect took off on foot. the driver of that suv suffered minor injuries. the chase started in concord when the man got on highway 4 driving the wrong way. chp helicopter followed the suspect as he continued in the wrong direction on i-80 and in to berkeley. he is still on the run tonight. it's the latest casualty of california's endless drought. homeowners are pulling the plug on their backyard pools. len ramirez shows us the trend has given rise to a whole new industry. >> reporter: the built-in backyard swimming pool was once the epitome of suburban luxury. but now because of the drought and other factors, they are quickly becoming a thing of the
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past. >> the drought definitely played a part in it. >> reporter: jerry casey of walnut creek is one of a growing number of bay area pool owners who are pulling the plug. the time and cost of maintenance new restrictions on refilling pools, and the guilt of topping it off with drinking water were all factors. >> everything needs to move to a less water demanding landscape design. this is just one step in that direction. >> reporter: the turning point may have come from his real estate agent. >> having a pool does not add value to a house. >> reporter: it may seem count counterintuitive but it's the basis of a new thriving business. >> we hate pools. we take them out. >> reporter: a brother-sister team whose company specializes in pool removals. they demolish about 120 pools a day. >> the glory days of the pool are gone. >> reporter: he says removals can cost about $15,000. most were built in the 50s 60s and
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70s and instead of repair owners would rather fill them in. >> we do a lot of pool removals in that time where people are getting ready to sell their house or they just bought a house and want to get it removed. >> reporter: casey says this was the scene of many a high school pool party but his girls are grown and moved away and the backyard now belongs to madison his dog, who will love all the new running room. >> we'll do a different type of backyard party in the future. >> reporter: in walnut creek len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the average backyard pool holds between 10 and 20,000 gallons of water. he was know to take risks and test the limits. we take a look at the legacy left behind by this well known base jumper who died in yosemite. >> ripping out their own trees. why some california growers say they have no choice. >> no choice but to wear a scarf or maybe a jacket in the morning. it's been pretty chilly. 17 straight days of this the onshore flow, the chilly air the lack of
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sunshine. any end in sight as we head toward memorial day? the answer coming up. >> we continue to follow breaking news. the search still on for a mountain lion in a san mateo neighborhood. we're looking at live pictures here from chopper 5. we'll have more details coming up in the show.
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pg&e crews scrambling to restore power along fisherman's wharf in san francisco. a metallic balloon knocked out service to about 9,000 customers just before 4:00 this afternoon. the outage forced several shops and restaurants in the busy tourist area to close their doors early. >> we're trying to get in to restaurants and we can't get in to eat. so it's not good. not good at all. we've been in to five restaurants and they're all closed. >> big city, lots of places to
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eat. about 1500 customers are still in the dark at this hour. pg&e expects to have service fully restored in about 30 minutes. a pair of b.a.s.e. jumpers died jumping off yosemite park. dean potter was considered a legend in the community. >> reporter: they are images that might get the hair on the back of your neck standing. a man doing things that gravity never intended. >> i would describe myself as just a normal guy that maybe does abnormal things. >> reporter: abnormal doesn't even describe the things dean potter has done. he started out climbing scaling the unforgiving granite faces of yosemite without a safety line to save him from death earning him worldwide fame. >> dean is like larger than life figure. he's been a hero of the climbing community for 20 years. >> reporter: that means a lot coming from sacramento native
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alex hunl, considered one of the best climbers in the world. he watched dean as a kid in wonder, eventually following in his footsteps. >> he had so much confidence and so much competence. he was so experienced. i'm like a little surprised that something happened. >> reporter: in the past decade potter got away from climbing and in to something more extreme, b.a.s.e. jumping, going thousands of feet off a cliff and jumping off with a parachute. potter was known for using his wing suit, a full body suit with fabric that forms wings that allows the jumper to glide through air at speeds of 100 miles per hour. it was a winged suit jump in yosemite over the weekend that killed 43-year-old potter and his climbing partner graham hunt. >> at this time we don't have any evidence that the parachutes were deployed, but clearly something didn't go right and both of them had impacted the rock. >> reporter: he was busy practicing at the rock gym monday not focusing so much on potter's death but what potter
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did in the past 20 years that helped inspire him and many extreme sport athletes to reach great heights. >> there's a segment of him soaring half dome and when i saw it was like the most impressive thing. that is amazing. i couldn't even imagine doing something like that. in other news tonight berkeley is celebrating its first haul from the city's new soda tax. it brought in about $116,000 in the month of march. the tax is projected to generate about $1.2 million in just the first year. the tax adds a penny per ounce on sugar sweetened drinks. the revenue is intended for public health programs but the city is still working out exactly how it will be spent. most of us are scrambling to save water. california almond growers are taking heat for planting more and more trees. but we found one who's actually ripping part of an orchard out. he told kpix 5's
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allen martin it's the only way to keep his business from drying up. >> reporter: on jake winger's farm you can hear the drought. >> if we had enough water we wouldn't be tearing this orchard. >> reporter: 10% of his trees are coming out to save water for the younger ones. >> a normal alotment of water is 42 inches per acre. we're looking at 16 this year. >> reporter: not enough to produce a crop. as long as it took to grow these trees some of them 30 years. when it's time for them to come out it doesn't take too much time at all. farming this lawn since 1910 the family is well aware that growers particularly almond growers have become the prime target during the drought. almonds make money. lots of it. in 10 years the crop's value has quadrupled to $5 billion. worldwide demand has skyrocketed, led by shipments to china. not only are long-time growers swinge from crops to trees, investment groups have
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moved in, looking for a piece of the profit. to grow one almond it requires more than a gallon of water. >> are too many trees going in? >> i think there's too parts to it. one, there's trees going in areas that probably should not have trees in them. when you look at the foothill ground, they're putting almonds in, sinking wells in to the ground when they don't have alternate source of water. >> reporter: because there's more money in almonds than corn and cotton, farmers are planting more and more trees to get the biggest return on what water they do have. wingard says there's a lot riding on what grows here. it's what makes california one of the largest agriculture economies in the world. >> the globe depends on what we do here. >> reporter: in modesto allen martin kpix 5. >> could be a whole different situation next year. things can turn like that. >> the drum beat is getting
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louder for a moderate to strong el nino this winter. shouldn't change our water policy one bit. but if you're looking for hope, pray for rain, if you're looking for hope, there may be hope on the horizon. we'll have more in the next couple days on the building consensus an el nino will be coming and that would possibly mean more rain than normal for the state of california. let's go outside. pittsburg, scaiths. -- 68. calistoga, the rare warm spot. san rafael, 64. daly city 56. mother nature is very very confused. june gloom is called that because of the month. it's may. she's early. a little bit of action on kpix 5 high def doppler radar. we're seeing something along interstate 505 go about 25 miles north of vacaville pretty much where it meets up with i-5 around esparto. we're getting a heavy shower and rumble of thunder. it's been chilly. you have need ed a jacket but that's wonderful news.
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in the middle of the drought you're not watering your yard as much. what you want is to lose less of that water to evaporation. cloudy and cool conditions do exactly that. colder temperatures mean higher humidity. that keeps the fire danger down. that's also good news. as you're shivering walking around walnut creek or antioch or san jose, remember, we're in a drought and all of this is good news when it comes to our weather pattern. huge trough of low pressure. look at all the storms bubbling up south to north. in new mexico same system going east to west in oregon right now. what we'll continue to see is this locked pattern, a big trough of low pressure continuing to feed that fetch from the ocean. the water is chilly, the air is chilly because the wind is coming from there. you are chilly as well. the marine air is not going anywhere any time soon. 63 in fremont but the most selling nowhere close to 70 degrees from the water and that's rare. we'll stay in this pattern until at least friday.
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a little bit milder. not much. but maybe we'll hit the low 70s inland. this is a pattern that is very abnormal for us. the marine air, san francisco yes. pushing all the way inland for 17 straight days. that is different. >> i can't believe it's already memorial day. when you said that i was like, really? it was alive years ago today when mt. st. helens erupted in washington. here's a look back at the explosion. the volcanic eruption sent ash in a massive cloud that covered the region. the north base of the mountain collapsed in the explosion and started an avalanche. 57 people died making it the deadliest volcanic explosion in u.s. history. more than 200 homes were destroyed. still ahead upset with the upgrades. why some people at this apartment complex say the changes are making t
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tonight the unusual reason people living at an apartment complex in palo alto are upset with the management. >> john ramos with a paint job that's left them a shade angry. >> reporter: many of the apartment buildings on sheridan street share a neutral cream colored paint. but the people who live in this senior complex are anything but neutral about the color it's been painted. >> feels like it kind of emphasizes the age of the residence a little bit like a jail almost. >> reporter: at issue is the dark blue-ish gray paint that dominates the color scheme. building managers got a designer to recommend some trendy color combinations. >> they think this is modern and very urban but for seniors it's gray and drab. >> reporter: chris gaither used to manage the complex and says elderly people are affected a
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great deal by small changes to their environment. >> their apartment is the center of their life. and they want to be able to wake up and enjoy what they see because they're home a lot. >> reporter: but the dark colors have most people here seeing red. they say the community room feels gloomy. natural wood on the patio is turning gray. even their front doors are a dark color. they've taken up a petition and peter dunning says the feeling seems pretty unanimous. >> everybody that's spoken to me has only spoken to tell me they thought the colors were unattractive. >> reporter: to be fair, management did hold a meeting with residents to help select the color pallet. the elders say they didn't realize the gray accent color would be used so liberally. management is doing what it can to lighten up some wall areas but repainting this moderately priced complex seems unlikely. the residents here are probably stuck with it. >> it's a subsidized building
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but they still pay to live here and it should have been taken in to consideration what this should do. >> is it just me -- it's kind of nice, right? >> yeah, just contrasting colors but some people obviously don't find it attractive. we tried repeatedly to contact the building's managers today. we got no response. coming up in our next half hour targeted when she was most vulnerable. thieves steal from a woman after her mom's funeral. the detective work she did to try to find them. >> we continue to follow breaking news in san mateo this afternoon. the search for a mountain lion in this neighborhood. chopper 5 is overhead. we'll have a live update coming up. >> plus, he was a bay area music legend. now we have uncovered a lost interview with the grateful dead's jerry garcia.
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a mountain lion on the loose down the peninsula. we're looking at some live pictures right here, police searching high and low for the animal that's been spotted several times today. >> one neighbor told me he's never seen this much police activity in his neighborhood. as you can see behind me, police have this one square block blocked off right now and they have narrowed down this search perimeter in the last 20 minutes or so to the intersection of hayward avenue and palm avenue to 9th avenue. we've seen police officers go in to an apartment complex with rifles searching for this mountain lion all afternoon. right now from the ground i can hear the chopper above us and a police officer told me this may actually be scaring this
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mountain lion. if you take a look at what it looks like from up above, the search has been very extensive. earlier it was reported as being in a tree. this follows three sightings within just 14 hours for this area. very unusual for this area. now police point out that when this animal has been sighted it's not been reported as aggressive. one officer today said he spotted it and it was about 60 to 80 pounds, a midsize mountain lion. residents out here are very curious but also very concerned. we've seen all sorts of cameras out here. people trying to figure out what's going on but they tell me they really want to make sure fish and wildlife take great care in tracking this animal. they want to make sure that it is safe. i just saw them arrive here on the scene in the last few minutes. san mateo police are telling residents to stay inside. don't go outside and don't try to confront this animal.
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they're working together as best they can to enjoy the safety of this community and taking every reasonable precaution. we'll bring you more developments as soon as we get them. for now live in san mateo betty yu, kpix 5. thieves target a woman just as she's coming home from her mother's funeral then she decides to do her own detective work. the san jose woman found herself the victim of a heartless crime. thieves steal her purse and some precious memories. maria medina with her plea to the thieves tonight. >> the suspect used the victim's credit card several times including this 7-eleven behind me. the victim wants to tell them she doesn't care about the money. she wants everything else in her purse. >> reporter: instead of grieving over her mother's sudden death helen orzel is busy trying to track down the thieves who stole her purse. >> it wasn't just taking my purse, it was like you took a
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piece of my life and what was left of my mother. >> reporter: inside her purse were gifts her mother made her. gifts that can never be replaced. >> she had made with her own hands, was taken from me. >> reporter: helen found she would need to find the thieves on her own. police say they're too short staffed to put manpower on a stolen purse case. helen and a friend went to the jack in the box and 7-eleven where the thieves used her credit card and kept bugging the owners unit till one of them handed over surveillance video. >> it's definitely these three people. >> reporter: we're blurring their faces because san jose police haven't named the suspects in the case. but helen says they know who they are and wants them to know their petty crime was over in a few transactions, but she lives with it every day. >> they're buying jack in the box, they're just having a good time. >> this is something i'll remember for the rest of my life that this happened on that day under these circumstances. and it will remain with me.
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>> what makes matters worse is that helen believes the suspects knew her mother died. what else was in the purse? her mother's death certificate and her will. maria medina, kpix 5. a new plan to keep traffic moving on city streets in san francisco. kpix 5's lisa chan with the crackdown on the people creating the gridlock. >> reporter: if you had to briefly describe san francisco traffic -- >> it's messed up. bad. >> awful. >> reporter: after hearing complaints like this -- >> lots of construction going on. the traffic is worse and worse. something needs to be done. >> reporter: the city announced a new strategy that started today. >> it's meant to reduce congestion for all motor transportation whether it's surrounding muni, driving a car riding in a taxi or walking. >> reporter: it focuses in the major traffic areas and four things that seem to grind traffic to a halt.
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they'll be targeting construction projects, double parking delivery trucks, and drivers who block the walks. >> you'll see additional officers at key corridors. they won't be at specific intersections but they'll be throughout the corridor to ensure we're moving traffic. >> today parking enforcement focused on the corridor from the presidio to union square. violators will get tickets which are around $100. the goal is to eliminate pedestrian fatalities by 2024. lisa chan, kpix 5. >> the increase in parking control officers is going on in the evenings, especially from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. and in the mornings from 7:00 to 9:00. still ahead no glowing review for tesla's fastest model. the malfunction that keeps testers from taking a spin. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the 49ers cowboy rides off in to the sunset. after going 0-4 against the
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warriors maybe it's the rockets that need luck. and another wild ride in indianapolis lands this driver in the hospital.
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our top stories tonight the feds say they've dismantled a drug smuggling ring that's been operate ing -- operating out of the oakland airport for three years. they'd hand the bags over to runners who boarded flights all over the country to make deliveries. investigators think a missing bay area pilot may have flown as far south as mexico. mcadams was last seen boarding a small plane in palo alto 10 days ago. investigators say he didn't have permission to take the aircraft and never filed a flight plan. consumer reports spent big money to review a new tesla model and that cash went down the drain when the car's
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electric doors wouldn't open up. the high tech handles should have popped out when the right key was nearby. instead they did nothing. so tesla had to send a technician to the scene. consumer reports gave tesla its highest rating ever, 99 out of 100. president obama is limiting the transfer of military style weapons to law enforcement. the goal improve relations between the police and public. oakland is trying alternative policing programs but is it working? we'll take a closer look tonight on bay area night beat, 10:00 on kbcw 44 cable 12. still ahead here at 6:00, a hidden treasure inside this crumpled bag. the lost interview with the legend jerry garcia. >> this camera sitting about 2400 feet. clouds coming right at you. we have chilly temperatures throughout had bay area but there are changes
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coming up for the holiday weekend. memorial day next monday.
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50 years ago a long strange trip began in palo alto. >> a group of young men became the grateful death. we uncovered footage that adds to their history. kate kelly has the lost interview with jerry garcia. >> reporter: inside the crumpled bag two old tapes that should have been tossed out years ago. what's on them? the clue is in the name. that garcia. in 1988 i sat down with jerry garcia for a rare interview. the entire conversation was captured on these two video cassettes. most of it never broadcast until now.
6:44 pm
we met at the dead studio. jerry was relaxed and in good humor. >> you've been doing this on the road for a long time. >> for as long as i can remember. >> reporter: he told me about their first music video for the hit single "touch of gray." >> a modest success in the big world of grown up records. >> reporter: it was made after a dead concert at laguna seca in monterey county with real dead heads as the extras. >> everybody was excited about it. it was extremely cold. >> reporter: part of jerry's virtuosity, his ability to jam for hours. >> some people can play the same music every night and maybe not get bored by it, but for me, i hate to play anything the same twice ever. in fact i'm almost constitutionally unable to do it. >> reporter: the dead had a history of drug busts dating
6:45 pm
back to when they were living on ash bury. in 1967 several band members were arrested on marijuana charges. >> the real danger from society comes from a law so out of touch with reality. >> reporter: in the 70s jerry began using cocaine and heroin. in the 80s the drug use escalated. he made several attempts at rehab. during our interview he had been clean for two years and had this advice. >> the experimentation has been done. i think a lot of news is in. certain things are going to burn your brain out. pcp, crack is not good. a lot of drugs will kill you. there's a lot of bodies back there. if you want to go check and see what happened it's there for anybody who has eyes to see. >> reporter: jerry already had a near-death experience. >> i laid down one day and didn't get up. >> reporter: in 1986 he fell in to a diabetic coma and ended up
6:46 pm
at marin general. >> i lost about four or five days there. they're gone. >> reporter: the musician had to relearn how to play the guitar. >> i had to start everything over again. >> reporter: garcia struggled with addiction for the rest of his life. in 1995 while at a treatment center in marin county he died. a heart attack at age 53. during our interview i asked him how he wanted to be remembered. >> geez, i don't know. i've never thought about it. i think i'd like to be known as the guy who had a pretty good time while he was here. you never know. you can go at any moment. you might as well try to crowd as much as you can possibly get in to your life. >> reporter: in san francisco kate kelly, kpix 5. >> to celebrate their 50th anniversary, the remaining original members of the grateful dead will tour together one last time in july. they'll play three nights in chicago before returning home for two shows at levis stadium.
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if you want the kids to live life to the fullest make sure they get outside put a jacket on. it's chilly out there. temperatures shy of 60 degrees everywhere. lindsey patton in pacifica, 55. suzanne johnson in los gatos 72. these are all our weather watchers. dana in novato, 60. 17 consecutive days with temperatures running below average. livermore, only 60. that's almost as chilly as san francisco. san jose, only 60. the exception to the rule would be portions of marin sonoma county, a little bit of a north wind is keeping you near average when it comes to temperature. nowhere near average when it comes to concord. 66 running 11 degrees below normal and that will be the case once again tomorrow. how much out of whack are we for the month of may?
6:48 pm
not so much in the north bay. only 2.3 degrees below average. look at san jose. the afternoon highs are running 6 degrees cooler than average. that's significant when you're talking about the entire month. san francisco at 51. san jose, 52. napa 48 degrees . sunrise is now before 6:00. kids get up for school they're probably getting up early unless you have the blackout shades. big trough of pressure from lubbock texas to spokane, washington. that's a big trough of low pressure. it's raining or thunderstorming just about everywhere between those two points. one exception would be the central valley, southern california and the bay area but we're under that general theme of low pressure. winds go counterclockwise around low pressure. until the low moves, we'll continue to grab that. this year 52 degrees. the onshore flow has a little bit of a punch this year.
6:49 pm
so clouds in the morning yes. drizzle and fog yes. inland chilly again tomorrow, absolutely. 8 to 12 degrees cooler than average. a little bit of warming for the holiday weekend. san jose tomorrow. 67 degrees for a high. san mutt ai-- mateo, 63. dublin 65. fairfield, only 67 . berkeley, only 59 tomorrow. san rafael mill valley mid 60s and 69 tomorrow in cloverdale. when will any change come? not till saturday. a couple degrees milder in to the low 70s away from the water. that onshore flow will be persistent
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life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed.
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life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed. 49ers' signing of justin smith in 2008 turned out to be one of the best moves in franchise history. he was known as the cowboy and really got off his horse. missing just two games to injury in 14 years. today justin smith officially retired. >> good ride. [ inaudible ]
6:53 pm
>> retired on the phone because he didn't want to do it in person for fear he might cry. he signed with the 49ers way back in 2008. five pro bowls in in seven seasons. get ready for the warriors and rockets in game 1 tomorrow night. both teams love to shoot threes. their two big guns finished 1-2 in mvp voting. >> reporter: harden lost his fight with curry for the league's most valuable player award earlier this month. curry received 100 of the 130 first place votes despite rockets general manager daryl maurice best efforts to sway the media. >> mvp. the man who means the most to his team's success. james harden. >> he wants to run his own one-man campaign for james
6:54 pm
harden he can do that. that's fine. we're focused on other stuff. >> reporter: curry and harden being linked together is nothing new. harden was picked four spots ahead of curry in the 2009 draft and were teammates with team usa last summer. >> we have a lot of history but obviously on the court you know a person well and turn that off when you start to play. >> while there's no bad blood between the two don't expect harden to take curry out for dinner to celebrate the winning mvp any time soon. >> it comes off strong but that's how he thinks and he should think that way. he should be proud of that. it's not like he's talking crazy. another day another scary wreck. hinchcliffe's car sent
6:55 pm
in to the wall. he reportedly had to have a piece of the car removed from his leg. he's in stable condition tonight. it is time for the plays of the weekend. >> he threw it back at him. this is one of the greatest things i've seen on the baseball field. do it, johnny. [ laughter ] >> john o'sullivan made the right decision to become a pitcher because he's certainly not much of a catcher. that looked like it hurt. lob city is done for the summer. deandre jordan blew the dunk. the clippers became only the ninth team to blow a series after being up three games to one. insult to injury. and down goes frazier. australian soccer chair man frank lowry fell off the stage during the trophy presentation but look at that. 84-year-old picked himself up and got back on stage.
6:56 pm
obama may finally be on twitter but wake me up when he scores eight goals like my good buddy vlad putin. >> who's going to try to save it? >> you'll end up on the russian front. although no one will confuse the russian president with wayne gretzky any time soon. i'm sporting my colors. >> i saw that. >> i'm not an objective journalist tonight. >> warriors tie for those of you wearing classes. outside really quick check in with that mountain lion hunt that's going on in san mateo. last word is the lion might have climbed up a tree. we'll have another update tonight you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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